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LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD Jan.& Feb.2015 ~ Such is America 2015, the choice is at your door.

the terrorist threats, Their goal is New York, Does no one see the demonic intelligence behind all these events?


★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 1/1,2/15 ★ When the door is open, I bless everyone in the house.

1. The New Year Promise


Believe, so that this will be a year of faith.  I will be with you guiding you with my words.  When I give you promises, believe.  When I give you directions, obey.  When I teach you, remember.  Natural light will not suffice.  Supernatural light must show you the path.  Now, let us begin a new year with a promise.

I will be closer to you than ever before.  You will know that your love for me has never been greater.  All of this is a gift, poured out right now before this year unfolds.

Walk into this year with faith.  Do not look at your material blessings and think, “I am secure.  Nothing is at risk.  The year will be filled with abundance”.  Rather, say, “I have Mary with me.  She will accompany me.  She will never leave my side.  She will show me where to walk and what to avoid.  I am safe in her arms”.  This must be the theme of this year, which holds so many surprises, in which what seems powerful crumbles and what seems weak grows strong in faith.  The new year is upon us.  We have no choice except to let it unfold.

2. Inviting Mary To Come


I want peace and I will work until the world has peace.  I have already laid the foundation for peace.  Within the Catholic Church, these forces for peace are already present in the clear teachings of my role as Mother of the Church and in all of my revelations that are approved or are still taking place.  These are reservoirs of peace which are waiting to be released.

Look at what I have already accomplished.  I have given many promises, released many powers, converted many hearts, given many signs and stirred much devotion.  Most important, I have pointed out the path to peace.  I have asked people to live by God’s laws, to say the rosary, to use the sacrament of Penance, to fast and to keep the First Saturdays of the month.

If people would just believe me, I would come close to them.  This is the secret I now want to reveal.  What power is contained in these little acts of devotion?  They are invitations, not my invitation to you but your invitation to me, to come, to be close, to protect, to bless, to calm and as always, to spread peace.  Using these devotions opens doors that I can easily enter.  Setting aside the rosary, keeps the doors closed and when totally rejected even locks the door.

I want to come but I wait until my children invite me.  When the door is open, I bless everyone in the house.

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 1/3-6/15 ★ Events Affecting America - Faith will be the only power which can help you to survive the future events.

3. Like a Trapped Army

Jan 3rd, 2015

Mankind has a path, a choice, a decision.  However, a time comes when he finds no paths, has no choices and decisions are taken from his hands.  Events overtake mankind and he has few choices.  Unlimited opportunities suddenly narrow, and few remain.

 Currently, people feel unrestrained.  Many options are at their fingertips.  More and more choices are made available.  The time is coming when all of this will be reversed.  Options taken away.  Opportunities no longer available.  Human life reduced to the necessities.

Opportunities have been squandered.  Calls to repentance have been scorned.  Mankind has chosen the wide road instead of the true one.  Like an army that has foolishly allowed itself to be drawn into a trap, mankind has chosen the wrong road and has arrived at the wrong place.  Nothing can be done because the darkness which guided man still has power.  No one listens to me.

So, the events will come.  The illusions will be destroyed.  When freed from that false light, mankind will have a second chance.  The events of darkness can become a door into light.  The dark events hold a hidden blessing.

 Comment:  At this moment, mankind seemingly has endless options that promise happiness.  When these are taken away people will be more responsive to Our Lady’s voice. 

4. True Paths To Light

Jan 4th, 2015

 Amid all the darkness, many paths to light will suddenly appear.  Those who have faith will see them and those who believe will walk them.  How important will be these locutions, the words of your mother.  They will describe everything.

 In the midst of the difficulties, my words will point out the false roads and the false leaders.  Indeed, many, in their great anxieties, will throw away caution and will follow those leaders.  They will choose roads that, in more normal times, they would have easily rejected.  Such will be the anxiety that grips so many.

 Those who listen, believe and walk in my words, will experience a peace, even amid great difficulties.  Those with even a mustard seed of faith, will find great strength.  How many hearts I will stir to great devotion.  Many will help others.  Families will be united because they so need one another.  Those who have abandoned the faith, will see how important it is to return. These are the true paths to light.  Reject quick and easy solutions which have no power to touch the heart.  My new paths to light will take place within.  Amid the greatest difficulties, I will pour out my greatest lights.  I must speak through these locutions so all know where to look for my gifts.

 Comment:  Amid anxieties, people choose solutions that they would otherwise reject.  Our Lady offers true help through inner graces. 

 5. Events Affecting America

Jan 5th, 2015

 The path is so dangerous that only those who take my hand will walk safely.  They will know that a special guidance is coming from the words that I speak.

Right now, all is light. Life continues as usual.  The problems seem so far away, just reports of news in other parts of the world.  Fear does not grip America.  Its eyes are on the stock markets, the drop in gas prices and on all the playoff games.  These absorb people’s hearts.

 But I speak deep within, of events which will deeply disturb this way of life, events which begin slowly. At first, they will not be seen as serious.  However, they will continue and grow.  I speak of moments when the news is not just about far away events which affect the lives of others, but of national events, that pierce America’s lifestyle.

 When these happen, will you turn away from your games?  Will the seed of faith still be alive in your hearts?  For some, yes.  For many, no.  When I promise to take you safely by my hand, I am speaking about your life of faith.  That will be the only power which can help you to survive the future events.  My words will keep that faith alive.

 Comment:  Americans read of destructive events but their lives go on as usual.  The new events will change that. 

6. Stars in the Darkest Night

Jan 6th, 2015

I want you to see and to understand.  When the events take place, people will react.  One darkness will lead to another.  Human decisions will cause greater darkness and suffering.  When events take place, they affect everyone, the good and the bad, those who caused the events and the innocent ones.  Everyone’s life is changed.

 What can I do?  I can give light.  I can give the words of a mother.  My children will see.  They will understand.  First, they will know that I have spoken ahead of time.  They have already experienced my words.  They have hungered and looked forward to my words.  Their hearts are already open and they have already learned how to receive.

 I will not hold back my words, and with the words come my greatest helps.  My words will have a strange power.  They will pierce the heart.  I will bring my words to their minds again and again.  My children will cling to my words.  They will look to my words as stars in the darkest night.  They will be like Columbus of years ago who made his way across the ocean by the light of the stars.  Such will be my words in the darkness.

Comment:  Those who read these locutions have come to love them.  How important the words will be during the events. 

October 13, 2017 (Special Locution) 

2015 will be different because it is the beginning year of the events of darkness.  Unless my light comes, these events will come more quickly and grow stronger until a fullness of darkness is reached on October 13, 2017.  Would this not be the great tragedy?  What was meant to be 100 years of Fatima light, culminating in the greatest light becomes instead a 100 years of darkness, culminating in the greatest darkness.

Satan would steal my  day.  He would turn my feast into his feast.  Instead of the great heavenly sign of the Woman Clothed With the Sun, the world would see the dragon instead. (Rev. C 12).

Comment:  On October 13, 1917, Our Lady of Fatima fulfilled her promise to the three children that she would give a sign for all the world to see. On that rainy day, the 50,000 – 70,00 people witnessed for about 10 -15 minutes what is called “The Dance of the Sun”.   After “dancing” in the sky for many moments, the sun, seemingly left its orbit and hurtled toward earth.  The people felt that this was the end of the world.  Then, the sun went back to the heavens.  The sign was complete.  However, all the people and their clothes were totally dry.  The many big puddles in the field were gone.  This was a tremendous public experience.  All the Portuguese newspapers published the story, complete with photographs, the next day.  This locution points to the 100th anniversary of the “Dance of the Sun” as Satan’s target date for the culmination of the events of darkness.  This is a very important locution.

7. God’s Great Promise


I want you to see all my thoughts.  I lay before you all of my understanding and my plans.  Let us begin.

From the very beginning, mankind chose the darkness.  After welcoming Eve as his partner, Adam joined with her in their sinful choice.  Mankind set out on a road that took it farther away from God.  The only light was God’s promise of a Woman, who God knew would bring forth His Son.

This has been the story of all of history.  Left on his own, mankind walks away from God.  When guided by the Woman and enriched by her Son’s Holy Spirit, mankind turns back to God and gains a season of blessings.

At this very moment, to a degree never experienced since Jesus’ victory on the cross, mankind has been led into the greatest darkness.  What will the heavenly Father do?  He will use the same plan, what He promised at the beginning of history and what He fulfilled in Jesus.  He will bring forth the Woman, who will offer her Son to world.  Right now, mankind plunges into the darkness and is like Adam and Eve without the help of the Woman. After great powers and forces of sin were released, they feared God’s presence and knew that they were naked.  Their relationship became distorted.  God’s plan for them was ripped apart.

This is the present road of mankind.  Powerful sinful forces have been released and more are waiting in the wings.  Go back to the promise.  “I will put an enmity between you and the Woman, between your offspring and hers”. (Gen.3:15)  The salvation of the human race at this moment of history is contained in that promise.

Comment:  Human decisions are affected by two forces, the power of sin and the power of God’s promise.  Each person and each nation decides which power they want to follow.

8. All – From Least to Greatest Can Enter


I will open up all the doors and turn on all the lights.  These are the doors of my heart so people of every walk of life, of every class and nation can have entrance.  I will turn on all the lights, in every possible language and at every level of human understanding.  All, from the least to the greatest, will know that I have not forsaken the human race.

I share with you now my plan.  I have spoken so often of events which will disturb human life, will cause suffering, and will grow and affect everyone in the world.

I will use these events.  They are breakthroughs of darkness, but I will use them as special moments of my light.  When the normal order is shattered, people will no longer place their trust in their little gods of money and possessions.  They can no longer count upon their usual lifestyle.  They are shaken.  Satan will use these events to instill fear, which allows him greater entrance.

I will use the very events that he brings about as my special moments.  When people are shaken, I will pour out the religious spirit, the gift of devotion.  This is my promise.  When the events begin (and they are already happening on a small and limited scale) you must not fear.  You must recall my words, “I will open all the doors of my heart so people of every walk of life, of every class and nation, can have entrance.”

Comment:  As these events happen, people will come to a crossroads.  Will they be entrapped by Satan’s fear or will they accept Our Lady’s invitation? 

9. Gifts for October 13, 2017


Be strong.  Fear not.  At every moment I am at your side.  Following me, you shall not fall or perish.  For four years, I have spoken to you.  Now that the events are to begin (slowly at first but a true beginning) my words will change.  They will be more decisive, bolder and easier to understand.

Again I say it.  Do not fear.  Also, do not trust in your own strength or upon your own resources.  Still, do not fear.  I understand the flood waters perfectly and I will teach you how to survive.  I understand the destructive fires and I will teach you how to overcome them.

I must draw you closer to me than ever before.  I must fill every part of you with the greatest confidence in my protection.  I must turn your eyes totally to me and have your ears hear only my words.

Everything must be total – a total trust, a total hope, a total fidelity, a total receiving.  You must be all mine and I must be all yours.  Total.  Complete.  Nothing left out.  Nothing held back.  A new oneness that you never thought was possible.  These are my gifts for these years before the 100th anniversary of Fatima.

Comments:  Our Lady takes complete command.  Nothing is held back.

10. The Fatima Messenger


Can I not lift up this little voice of locutions and make it my voice of Fatima?  That is exactly what I must do because the voice of Fatima has been silenced.  I will find other ears and other hearts, which cherish this message and look to this voice of the locutions with the greatest desires.  Let me begin.

Nearly 100 years ago, when the Great War was at its height, I came with a sorrowful heart, but one filled with hope.  The heavenly Father had sent me to announce great promises.  I had chosen three perfect messengers to receive the gift, knowing that their child-like faith would overcome all the difficulties.  The messages would be received and proclaimed.

The great gift was sealed on October 13, 1917, a public sign, recorded in all its aspect and proclaimed by even the secular press.  What a history since then!  The great treasure has been in a perilous stream, looked at, examined, set aside, and limited, but never opened.  Speculation, controversy, books written and debates, but the gift never opened.

I say all this because I want to reveal my actions.  I have taken the Fatima gift and I have placed it in the heart of my priest son.  He knows his call fully.  Long ago he accepted the gift and ever since then has dedicated himself to it.  Now, a great urgency arises in his heart.  He can see the events happening which he knew would come first.  He knows the time is short.  Pray for him.  He is my Fatima messenger.

Comment:  As this year 2015 unfolds, the locutions become very specific about the Fatima gift.

11. Walls That Are Not Firm


The foundations of society are weakened.   What was once a strong fortress has become a mere shell of itself, ready to fall to the enemy and no longer a bulwark of faith.  Everything looks the same.  For a while, life goes on as if nothing has changed.  Yet, the walls are not firm and people’s trust in them is misplaced.

No one speaks of this dilemma, pretending that it does not exist, but I must open my lips and proclaim to all the world.  Your world can crumble tomorrow.  You are vulnerable on every side.  How you arrived at this point is not as important as how you survive.  I am no longer speaking about a problem here and a problem there.  I am speaking about the survival of human life; or conversely, the annihilation of nations.  Which will it be?  All will be determined in the next years leading up to October 13, 2017.  That is my clear message.

These are not years to wait, or to sleep, or to merely watch the events.  This is what you must do.  Take all my words into your heart.  I speak of the future, so you can act in the present.  Take my warnings seriously but do not fear.  Instead, act.  Examine your life.  My words contain power.  They will move you from one lifestyle into another.  Think of me.  Invite me.  Speak to me.  I will come.  I will fill your life.  When I permeate your whole being, then your walls will be firm and you will stand in the day of trial.

Comment:  Our Lady has spoken often of events that seem beyond us.  Today, she teaches each person how to prepare – a lifestyle filled with Our Lady’s presence.

12. Stretched Resources Until the Breakthrough


At first, the road is narrow and affects just a few.  Then it widens and more are drawn into the evil.  Not encountering any resistance, evil gladly widens its scope, enjoying victories that it never thought possible.

Such is the wave of terrorism that now sweeps across the earth.  The tiny cells have multiplied and learned how to thrive.  They have mastered new techniques to avoid detection.  They are no longer the unsophisticated terror groups raised up by Bin Laden.  Instead, they pose a serious threat even to the sophisticated Western intelligence systems.

The war will be a long one.  They will not be easily defeated nor even detected until, at times, it is too late.  Casualties will mount and the costs of security will skyrocket, placing new strains upon the economies.  Everything is being stretched, just as I have said.  Stretched and stretched and stretched until the breakthroughs occur.  The leaks begin, followed by the floods.

Does no one see the demonic intelligence behind all these events?  Human solutions will fail.  Walls of human protection will fall.  As the events take place, the words of these locutions will be exalted as a true light, dawning slowly but soon becoming like the noonday sun.  When the whole world is bathed in my light, people will see the decisions they must take, slowly at first but then quickly.  The time is short.  The Fatima anniversary is not far away.

Comment:  Our Lady describes the future path of terrorism and the economic costs to fight its spread.

1. New York and Washington


 When the events begin and the darkness grows, the way will not be clear. Many voices will be raised, all claiming wisdom. However, they will be no match for the intelligence of the Evil One who has orchestrated his symphony of destruction and cruelty. This is mankind’s future. Even now, the future can be detected in its growing outlines.

 Before that happens, I must establish my voice as a true source of light. I cannot come onto the scene at the last moment and expect people to believe instantly. That is why I began these locutions years ago. Gradually, their light has gone forth and found hearts to accept them. Therefore, I can speak simply to hearts that believe. Let us begin.

 At this very hour, the world is awakening to the terrorist threats. They have not receded. They have not been destroyed (as some claimed). They have grown. In their sophisticated approaches, they have become equals to the West. They know what is still lacking and what they need to totally disrupt life. They see new and great victories on the horizon. I have spoken earlier and clearly that it was already too late to stop them. The American withdrawal has allowed them to survive. I spoke quite clearly of Syria and its fires that would not be quickly extinguished and would be the fuse that would ignite explosions elsewhere.

 Now that everyone can see the wisdom in my words, what can I say? I can only speak the truth, as difficult as that is. I did not cause this situation but I must faithfully describe it.

The events will move quickly. The road contains no obstacles. The West will put up a 100 obstacles, but the terrorists will just take another road (as they laugh at the West’s futility). They have studied you. They know your defenses. They have plotted well. Their master plan is in place. Their goal is New York (the great symbol of American life) and bringing Washington to its knees. They will skip other goals, feeling they always can return to them. They know that when they show their power in America, all the Muslim terrorist world will rejoice and they will enjoy the spoils of victory.

 Comment: How sad Our Lady must be to describe these events. Our Lady seems to be saying that the terrorist’s goal is to attack New York. Washington will be humbled by its inability to protect this country. Satan has already weakened the spirit of the New York police force.

  2. The Faithful Messenger


The world is entering into the white heat of the fire. Unfortunately, it is not my white heat which would set the world free. By these terrorist actions a new slavery is being released. Limits will be placed on freedoms. Security walls will be raised. Terrorists strike one part of society but the tremors go everywhere. O humanity, this is the road of your future. How I weep. So much destruction lay ahead. The great sorrows of my heart. Consuming fires everywhere. Total confusion and helplessness. All that I can do now is speak, before all of this occurs, so that when the events happen people will know that I have been on the scene from the beginning.

 I must attract the whole world to these locutions. I must win everyone’s heart. In the midst of the darkness, this tiny light will open out to another fire and the greatest of protections. So, let me speak quite clearly.

 Each day the messenger of these locutions comes before me and allows me to share the secrets of my heart. How I welcome this messenger, so ever faithful, and this opportunity to speak to the world. These locutions are not just words. They contain the power of my Immaculate Heart. I promise that there will be a different white heat, coming from a different fire, far more powerful that the fires of destruction which you now experience. The powerful sun at Fatima (October 13, 1917) is meant as a symbol and a sign. The sign and wonder of that sun is still alive and effective. Read the story. Let it be a sign to the whole world. What other creature could tell the sun to dance?

What other creature could tell the sun to hurtle toward earth so that everything would dry up immediately? I promised this sign to the three children because they were faithful messengers. The messenger of these locutions is also faithful and I will not hold back other divine signs.  

Comment: Our Lady wants us to know that Fatima is a powerful force, today more than ever before.

Dancing Sun Miracle - Divine Mercy Hills, Philippines


LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 1/15-18/15 ★ No longer will I speak of future events because the events have begun, just as I so accurately predicted. 2015 is the year of the beginning events.



3. The Day of Notre Dame


Just as no one can prevent the sun from rising, so no one can prevent these events from spilling forth.  The evil is too deeply imbedded, the hatred is too extensive and man retains his free will.  Yet, I speak with great hope even in the face of the inevitable outpouring of evil.  What has been the response to these events which have already begun in Europe?

Various emotions are expressed, but are voices raised which point out that these countries have turned away from me?  Are the people saying, “Let us turn to Our Lady, our Notre Dame (French for Our Lady), for she will protect us?  This is what is missing.

In the Ages of Faith, there would be processions, not marches.  The Churches, not the streets, would be filled.  I promise that, as the events go on, the people will look for me and find the true source of living water which is needed to extinguish these fires and to deal with their consequences.

The answers to these coming events do not lie in the heart of man but in the heart of the Woman.  This is why I speak now and why my words must go forth to all the world.  A new enlightenment will dawn.  A new day will begin, a day of Notre Dame, when evil events cause the Churches to be filled and all find refuge in my heart.

Comment: Our Lady foresees a great good coming from terrorist attacks.  People will realize that they must return to religious faith.

4. The Terrorist Attacks


The road ahead will be very dark and many voices will be raised that will only bring about confusion.  Such is the darkness of which I have spoken so often.

The greatest problem of terrorism is the fear and panic which it causes. People’s lives are jolted.  Hundreds of changes are introduced.  A mentality of siege sets in.  Vast resources are spent on security.  Trust breaks down.  Sources of revenue dry up.  Economies shrink.  Investment capital no longer sustains growth.  All of these effects will be seen quickly.

Because I foresaw these moments so clearly, I began to speak four years ago.  I had to become a trusted voice, a familiar voice.  People had to grow accustomed to this new and important help from heaven.  Yes, I am speaking from heaven through this faithful messenger.

The words will change now.  No longer will I speak of future events because the events have begun, just as I so accurately predicted.  2015 is the year of the beginning events.  The year had just about opened, when suddenly all of these surprise attacks.  What I foresaw, was recorded for all to see.  The Middle East fires of terrorism have leaped over into Europe where they will find so much more fuel.

The course of these events is not at all determined.  They are not imposed by heaven.  They come from below, from human hearts and human decisions.  The events are the harvest of evil seeds, planted and nourished.  Heaven wants to help, to guide, to enlighten, and to calm down these fires.  But who turns to me?  The religious spirit of Europe has been sacrificed on the altar of secularism.  You are like the Prodigal who took his money and left his Father’s house.  Return to me.  I have never abandoned you.

Comment:  Read the past locutions.  Our Lady has spoken clearly about these 2015 events in Europe.

5. Avoiding the Annihilations of the Nations


How will all of these events conclude?  What lies at the end of the road?  Who will win the victory?  What suffering will be exacted?  The answers will unfold only as man lives out each day, month and year.  Human history can only record what has been experienced.  However, my voice can pierce deeply into the unforeseen night of the future.  My words are light, given before the events happen so that the events themselves can be changed.

If I left humanity to itself, there would be no hope.  Mankind would stumble from one calamity to the next until there would be an annihilation of the nations and a complete collapse of human life.  That is one possible end of the road that lies ahead.

My constant message, however, is that I do not want to leave humanity alone.  I want to come upon the world scene.  I am the Woman, who from the very beginning of history was charged with defeating the Evil One.  This has always been the heavenly Father’s plan and He will not change it because it is quite effective.  It need only be followed.  So, what will I do and what must mankind do?

I will take new initiatives.  For decades, I have planned for this combat.  I have appeared to many.  I have awakened the Church to declare me Immaculate (February 11, 1854).  I have left my clearest messages at Fatima.  Even now, I am appearing throughout the world.

However, this is not enough.  I have raised up this little voice of locutions which allows me to speak to so many each day.  There will be even clearer words, because as the events grow greater, people will need greater signs to give them hope.

This is my promise.  New Marian lights will come upon the scene, never known before.  I will also ready your hearts by new inner graces.  They begin right now.

Comment:  Our Lady’s words are all too clear about what lies ahead if she does not intervene.  That is why she is giving these special graces right now.

1. No Time For Delays


The darkness grows.  I lead you step by step into my light, so the darkness does not overwhelm you.  As the world’s lights are extinguished, people will see the false confidence they placed in the world’s power to save them.  Only one true light and only one path to world peace will exist.  Long before the darkness descends, people must know of my special light.  Few, very few, will be able to discover this light at the last minute because fear and confusion will grip their hearts and cloud their minds.

Right now, I speak.  Right now, I teach.  Right now, I reveal.   You also must listen, learn and accept my words in faith.  If you have abandoned your religious practices, return to them.  If you have wandered into sin, repent and go to confession.  If you have made wrong decisions and have taken the wrong road, turn around and go back.  Regain what you have lost.  Claim again what you have set aside.

This is not the work of one day but the task must be completed as quickly as possible.  Do not delay.  Your steps will prepare you for greater gifts of inner peace that will serve you well when the darkness comes.

On this path of conversion, I will send people who will help you.  Join your heart with them.  You will need one another.  I will provide all you need at every step, but I cannot make your decision.  You alone can decide.

Comment:  Our Lady’s words bring hope.  No one need sit idle and wait for the inevitable darkness.  Steps can be taken to find the light.

2. A Chosen Son


No chance.  The world has no chance without my path.  The world will stumble and fall.  Even worse, they will find no direction and enter into a pit of no return.  The present moment is a period of time like none other.  Everyone begins to catch a glimpse and to see this on the horizon.

Yet, I do not preach gloom and doom. I preach about light and a safe path.  I speak of the darkness so that when the events happen, you will believe my voice that a safe path does exist.

Do not place your trust in false leaders.  Do not trust leaders who claim to know the path.  As the darkness grows, I will raise up my leader, stamped with all my credentials, anointed with the Holy Spirit, totally one with me as a special son, always faithful to my name, always anxious for my glory.  He will deliver my words.  Even now, I am doing a special work in his heart.  I am clothing him in the sun.  This is the special son of Fatima.  I have stamped Fatima on his heart and this will be the sign by which you know that this is my son whom I have chosen so the whole world will find my path.

All will be clear.  All will be external.  The guidance will be given every day.  I will teach him all the strategies of the Evil One.  I will make his voice ring out over the whole world.  You will know him by this one sign.  He will be my priest son who has Fatima engraved on his heart and whose name is engraved on my heart.  The path will be safe.  Just listen to him.

Comment:  Our Lady makes this path so easy to find.  The light will come from a leader whom she raises up.

3. Steps Toward the Path


Great anxieties will grow as the problems increase.  New leaders are elected but little changes.  While the forces of darkness seem inevitable I speak about a tiny path.  All must search for this path and when they find it, they will have hope.

This path is revealed through faith.  Yet, many have abandoned their faith, leaving the church that nourished their parents.  They must return.  This is the first step.

Secondly, they must allow my light to pierce their hearts.  Their lifestyles are not in accord with my desires.  I promise to help everyone who makes the least efforts.

Finally, they must nourish this spirit.  They must feed upon the Eucharist, confession, the rosary and some time each day for prayer.

I have presented a full schedule, able to be adapted by everyone who reads these locutions.

Comment:  Our Lady accurately describes our growing anxieties and steps we can take.

4. The Messenger of Light


I foresee everything.  I see the goals of the Evil One and the path upon which he has led the world.  I see the great darkness that he plans and the steps he will lead everyone to take.  This includes the terrorists, the world leaders, the rich who control the world’s wealth and all who will shape the events.  All of his darkness and hiddenness is as clear as day.  Nothing is hidden from my eyes.

The Father has placed heavenly wisdom in my heart, just as He placed His Son in my womb.  He has revealed to me His plan of light for the coming darkness.  However, he has allowed me to choose my messenger  of light, and about this priest son I must speak so that my words are not vague or uncertain.

In this extreme moment of darkness, I would not leave this indispensable light to come about in a confused way, nor to even be questioned.  I must give humanity two gifts so everyone receives the light.  The first gift is a definite person, someone who is gentle and can be trusted, upon whom the Spirit of the Lord will rest.  I will leave no doubt.  I will send signs.  These will be Fatima signs that this is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased.

I will give him the strength of King David, the wisdom of Solomon and the light of the great prophets.  I will share with him my own task as the second John the Baptist.

I will reveal everything to him and he will reveal all to the world.  All that the Evil One does and plans to do I will make known to him.  He will be my constant and daily voice.  I will give him power to work signs and wonders but especially I will make him a light to the nations.  In him, my Church will shine forth to the world and all will see what I have done.

Comment:  Our Lady has so often promised light in the great darkness that lies ahead, but never has she been so specific about how she will give the light.

5. The Breath of God and a New Creation


A speaker can only imagine the effects of his words upon his listeners, but I see every heart and I know exactly what is happening through my words.  I speak of events and of roads that lead to darkness.   I do not speak to multiply anxieties but to light up my road of peace.

By my words, I breathe upon the world just as Jesus breathed upon his apostles when he said, “Receive the Holy Spirit” (Jn.20:22).   My words are the breath of God (This is the Father’s gift to me) being poured forth like a new creation, restoring what is broken and encouraging those who are discouraged.

As the events continue (for they have already begun) I will constantly breathe upon the whole world.  Wherever I breathe, life will begin anew.  Wherever I breathe, light will overcome the darkness.  All must believe.  The darkness is new.  The evil is new.  The destructive forces are new.  Should not God’s powers also be new?  This is the new breath of God which the Father has placed in my heart.  I will breathe everywhere, but I must be invited.

If I am not invited, 2015 will hold only these events of destruction.  If I am invited, there will be a fresh and powerful breath of new life.

Comment:  Our Lady loves to use varied and simple images to teach the same themes.  The world will experience great and destructive events with no solution except for the gifts contained in her Immaculate Heart.

6. The 21st Century Opportunity


When dark clouds gather, all know that rain will soon fall.  There are certainly dark clouds on the horizon which all can see.  What rain will fall and when will the sun shine?  I will speak clearly

There will be two great clouds – terrorism and economic collapses.  The rain of terrorism has already begun but this is just the beginning rain.  Much larger and still darker clouds will release their rains.  This will be the scene as 2016 begins.
The economic clouds are present but not seen by all.  They will begin to pour out their rain later in the year.   However, the economic collapses, small at first, will touch many more lives than the acts of terrorism.  These evils will not come from outside forces.  They have been built into the economic systems by world leaders.  As such, they will be more systemic, closer to the mainstream and less vulnerable to possible solutions.

My words only reveal the beginnings.  If these are the 2015 events, what will happen in 2016 and 2017, leading up to the 100th anniversary of October 13,  1917?   Before that date of October 13, 2017, I will have lifted up my beloved priest son.  Through him, I will offer the people of the 21st century a second opportunity to accept the Fatima gift.

Even though I sent my three little children, especially Lucy, as the 20th century messengers, the people of that century did not open the Fatima gift and the graces were withheld.  I promise the world, so very soon, a second opportunity.

Although I must speak of the clouds of terrorism and economic collapses, I also speak of the Fatima gift.  I would not leave my children without hope.

Comment:  Our Lady says that the fullness of the Fatima gift should have been received in the 20th century.  Fortunately, the 21st century will be given a second opportunity.

7. Heaven’s New Snowfall


My blessings are like snow falling on the ground, covering every part with a heavenly beauty.  Snow is a two-fold image – of heaven, because it falls from the sky and of blessings, because it covers everything in a strange beauty, pleasing to the eye.  No one can command the snow.  No one cay say to the snow “Come” and no one can command, “Stop”.  All is beyond man’s powers, even his most sophisticated inventions.

So it will be when I raise up my priest son to whom I have given the Fatima gift.  No power in heaven or earth will stop the blessings.  No one will be able to cover them over.  Just as everyone sees the snow falling, so all will see the heavenly blessings of Fatima.

Thousands witnessed the sun dancing in the sky, but millions will see the new snow of Fatima falling.  That is why the consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart must be public, known to all the world and to the Church.

Let it be made with the greatest of faith, by everyone.  All must believe.  All must be taught the promises.  The whole Church, with one mind and heart, filled with the greatest hope in the midst of the great darkness, must turn to heaven.  After that, the snow will begin to fall and new hope will begin to live in people’s hearts.

Comment:  Our Lady uses many images – fire, water, light, darkness.  However, this is the first time she has likened her actions to falling snow.

 8. The Watchman on the Mountain


Events unfold, one leading to another.   Only looking back can the series of events be understood, seen as either important or unimportant.  I see quite differently.  I see the future and the events which lie ahead, one opening out into the next.

Like a watchman stationed high upon the mountain, I can see what no one else sees.   From this wisdom, I speak as no one else can speak.  Yet, who turns to me?  Who comes to the Queen of the universe and seeks my wisdom?  I do not wait for an invitation.  I boldly speak.  Let my words convince you.

The time of difficulties has begun.  At first, it will seem as if they are conquered.  New steps are taken to counter the terrorists.  New steps are taken to ease the economic difficulties.  People believe that these responses will turn the tide, but the evils are too deeply imbedded and the economic systems are too weak in too many places.

The West has neither the resources nor the will to adequately respond because the fire of faith has been extinguished.  The great zeal for God and for others has been lost.  The great leaders who could preach across Europe like St. Bernard, St. Francis, St. Dominic and St. Ignatius are no more.  The words that go forth are political and cunning, unable to raise man’s heart to the heavenly Father who alone can reverse the future series of events.  Tell me.  What world leader speaks of God?  Who seriously invokes Jesus?  These names are never heard, as if they were relics of the past.

Mankind will just continue this hopeless path until I raise up him to whom all the nations will listen.

Comment:  World leaders act as if they can solve the problems, refusing to proclaim their need for God’s help.

9. Raising Up Her Priest Son


In my heart, I hold my priest son whom I have mentioned many times.  He will be the great sign, so easy to see.  I will raise him up in extraordinary ways.  This will be an even greater sign.  I will clothe him with the sun of Fatima and give great power and wisdom to his words.

He will bless the nations with my Fatima gift.  He will teach and explain, so the whole world knows exactly what I want to do.  The powers of darkness have already come against him, but, as the Mother of God, I kept him safe and delivered him from the trial.

Now, I prepare him.   He knows that the time is very close for him to come on to the world scene.  He will not hesitate because he will be totally prepared, as if he had been there for years.  For him, these destructive events are signs which I had revealed to him years ago.  All of these events had to take place and the world had to be cast into darkness before I could raise him up.  At the moment of great despair, suddenly I will raise him up so all will know that I have not abandoned the world but have prepared for this dark moment.

How quickly I bring him on the scene depends upon the course of events.  Each person is free.  All make their decisions, world leaders and popes, terrorists and economists.  Although world events are shaped by many hands, I, alone, will choose exactly when and how I will raise up my priest son.  I speak these words so clearly now so that when this happens, the great sign of my love in doing this is full and abundant.

Comment:  Our Lady reveals slowly.  Now she comes to the full revelation. Many times she has mentioned her special priest son.  This locution reveals the mystery fully.

10. The Person With the Key


All the world has become a battlefield, where the story of humanity is played out.  No longer a time of peace or even a place of peace.  All are drawn into the conflict.  All is interconnected.  Nothing stands alone and self-sufficient.  Such has been the plan of the Evil One who wants to snatch the whole world.  All the events are connected.  All have their place in his scheme.  He plants his people in high places and in seemingly lowly positions.  He stirs hearts to disrupt and then uses their actions to prepare for those who will follow.

He can use only sinful hearts.  His plans always  depend on one foundation – the selfishness imbedded in the human heart.  World leaders overlook this.  They have no plans to deal with human anger or human greed.  Their paper solutions soon are in shreds.  The walls they build crumble before the powers of human selfishness which destroys human life.  The battle rages everywhere and man is completely helpless to restore peace or to avoid calamities.

All evil begins in the human heart and flows out from within, going forth like a mighty river to flood the nations.  Another river exists which could swallow up all of these evils in a single moment.  The river has a name, Jesus, and He dwells in my Immaculate Heart.  Oh, when will this river be released?  When will I be able to raise up the one to whom I have given the key?  This is the only hope for humanity in this 21st century.

Comment:  Jesus told the apostles not to worry what they ate because evils come out of the human heart.  Looking at the world, we understand Our Lady’s words.  All the evils come from human selfishness.

1. A Secular Age That Has Rejected the Supernatural


No one can see the future because all of the events have not yet converged and come to a culmination.  Difficulties are everywhere.  Some places have become explosive.  Everyone is conscious of terrorism, but other evils are kept hidden from view, especially the weaknesses in the economic systems.  Those trying to resist and confront these evils use only human means, totally unaware of the supernatural powers that are the true forces behind the evils.

Such is the secular age which has rejected belief both in the kingdom of God and the kingdom of Darkness.  Modern man cannot grasp the true source of these evils because he does not even believe that they exist.  He cannot reach the only power that can save him because he has long ago set his religious faith aside, and proclaimed his world as “secular”.  I stand on the world’s battlefield and watch this tide of destruction and collapse.  I know exactly where it is going to happen next and what will be evil’s newest victories.

I will once again speak of what is to happen.  My previous words have already been fulfilled.  The American withdrawal has speeded up the timetable of terrorism.  The weak response in the Ukraine has emboldened Putin.  The failure to confront deficits has weakened economic systems.  China sees its opportunity for new aggressions.  I call all of these external problems.  The real difficulty is secularism.  Modern man has cut himself off from God’s help.

This is my moment.   As the Woman Clothed With the Sun, I will come upon the world stage, just as the heavenly Father has decided.  I will move up my timetable also.  Then the battle will begin.

Comment:  When faith is lost so is the true understanding of human events.

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 1/29-2/2/15 ★ Such is America 2015, the choice is at your door. Your great decline is imminent, The destructive events will begin this year

“…I will help you on your way. My love will envelop you like a mantle…” Our Lady, Queen of Peace of Medjugorje, July 2, 2014 A.D.

2. The Powerlessness of the Secular Spirit


The evils of the human heart elude the secular mind.  It does not take into account those sinful disorders which constantly distort society and turn it away from the good.  Failure after failure.  What begins with the highest aspirations, gradually turns upon itself and is degraded.

I speak now about America itself, a city set upon a hill, deliberately brought forth from my Immaculate Heart, founded upon religious faith, with a constitution based upon God-given rights.  I brought you forth in your revolution and preserved the union in your civil war.  Now, I face my greatest crisis.  You want to declare yourself “secular”.  How many foolish steps you have taken to remove religion from your schools and your public life.  Go back and trace the history of these two parallel roads.

The more you chose to be secular, the more you declined.  How far you are along both paths!  I must speak so your eyes are opened because you must choose and the choice is at your door.  Your great decline is imminent, far closer than you realize.

Do not be surprised.  Do not ask, “Why have these events happened?”  I am telling you why.  You have accepted the secular spirit.  Secularism cannot overcome the evils in the human heart.  These evils weaken a society, remove truths and proclaim lies – like a woman’s right to kill her child.  Millions and millions of your children are dead.  Human evil saturates every part of America because you have extinguished the purifying fire of God’s Holy Spirit, replacing Jesus’ gift with your powerless secular spirit.  How close!  How close is your decline.  The destructive events will begin this year but will not culminate this year.

Comment:  The secular spirit removes all restraints upon the person’s heart and cannot curtail human selfishness.

3. Removing the Blindness of Secularism


America, you must open your hearts to religious faith.  Instead, you close the doors and even the windows.  Time moves quickly and I cannot allow you to reach the point of being totally walled in, like Jerusalem surrounded by the Roman army.  Otherwise, nothing will be left of you, not one stone upon another.  All your walls will crumble and your city devastated.

Every day, this light of secularism grows, destroying all the harvest of faith.  For your children, faith belongs to an earlier generation.  You have so successfully inoculated them that faith cannot enter their bloodstream nor have any effect on their decisions.

Such is America 2015.  You do not even know what a perilous state you are in.  In 1929, came your stock market collapse and the decade of the depression.  However, your people had faith and the family structure was strong.  America was tested in the economic furnace and came forth purified and strong.

What faith will you have at the coming economic collapse?  Where is the strength of your family structure?  You have only government programs that themselves are in debt.  Let my words strip you naked.  In these events, your secular clothes will fall like tattered rags that can no longer cover the poverty of your faith.

Yet, some flames of faith burn brightly, guarded against the secular ice age by the family and the churches.  They are relegated, for now, to the sidelines.  Their voices stilled and quieted, removed from the marketplace and given a hearing only in the sacred assembly.

What will happen to the secular person when life is changed by the future events?  Although many will go into darkness and despair, some will hear my voice and regain their faith.  How many?  I must awaken the churches to prepare by prayer and fasting. The future events will offer you new opportunities.  The scales of secularism will fall from the eyes of many.

Comment:  Secularism flourishes when times are good but has no answers in times of trial.  Only faith can help people to survive and move on.

4. What Secularism Leaves Behind


The secular person deliberately chooses a road without God.  What is the great attraction?  Freedom.  The person seeks a freedom to form his own world and to follow his own will.  No restraints.  No commands which say, “Thou shalt not”.
Having freedom is a powerful attraction, especially for the young who have their whole life ahead of them.  When they reach the height of their youthful powers, they see only an open field for whatever they choose.  Such is the powerful secular attraction.

But what has it left behind?  What high price does the secular person pay for this freedom?  These are the unexamined aspects of their choice.  They leave behind the world of faith, a God who loves them and Jesus who died for them.  They leave behind those powers which can control the evil in their heart.  (Yes, every heart has evil tendencies.)  They leave behind both the power to overcome sin and the power to be forgiven when they do sin.  They leave behind the whole concept of sin.  The secular world must repress guilt because it denies a God who alone can take away our guilt.

Secular man sets out on the great sea of life without a compass.  He destroys all of God’s maps because he wants to discover his own reality.  He is a child without a father and a wise man without a teacher.  He is bereft, alone, forsaken, lost and hopeless – all from his own free choice (or because his secular society, bereft of divine faith, gave him no other option).

Secular society is like a beautiful rose cut off from its roots, free to be placed anywhere, but inevitably dead.  This is Western society which has chosen to remove itself (for the sake of freedom) from its religious soil.

Now, the truth has become stark.  False hope is fading.  Who would dare to say that the secular beliefs have constructed a better and safer world?  Look at your society, filled with unbridled selfishness.  In a secular society only the ego rules supreme because God has been toppled.

Comment:  Our Lady gives a piercing analysis of the bad fruits of secularism.

5. Secularism Destroys Religious Faith 


Bereft of faith in a living God who created him and calls him to live forever, the secular man must create his own goals and walk his own path.  When he joins with others in the work of forming a society, they must begin by destroying a society of faith that already exists and is an obstacle.

So, they began to dismantle religious practices, tear down religious symbols and point out all the faults of religion, all for their hidden agenda of establishing a secular state.  They convince people that the world they are building will be free of what they call religious prejudice.

As they accomplish their goals, especially among the young, a truly new society emerges.  New gods appear.  New lifestyles.  New freedoms.  Everyone congratulates themselves.  They have successfully rejected a faith that they claimed belonged to an unenlightened age.

They set out a new path, totally oblivious to the problems built into the human heart.  When the human heart does not serve the living God, it serves itself.  When it rejects a life after death, it seeks to make earth into a self-serving paradise.

All goes well as long as society fulfills all the person’s needs.  When all is prosperity, the secular society flourishes, totally unaware that it cannot cope with economic collapse.

O secular America, how will you survive the events that I am speaking about so clearly?  Many will not.  They have been cheated of religious faith.  They do not serve any God and do not believe in a God who will help them in a time of crisis.  So, I speak to those who do believe.  Treasure your faith. Nourish and grow in your faith.  Hold tight to it.  If you have set it aside, find it again.  Return.  The time is short.  When the events come, you will thank me for these words.

Comment:  Today is the high point of the secular society – Super Bowl Sunday.

6. Returning to the Father’s House 


No one asks, “Where does this road lead?”  The secular religion sees only the freedom and the removal of restraints, which allow the person to set aside obligations to God and the many moral demands required by the gospels.

So, mankind sets out like the Prodigal Son, its pockets filled with money and away from the father’s authority.  But, where does that road lead?  Fortunately, in his squalor, the son remembered his father’s house.  He realized that even his father’s servants lived better than he.  This led to his decision, “I will return to my father’s house”.

Today, however, many of the young born into a secular society have never experienced the heavenly Father’s home.  They do not know the Father’s table where the fatted lamb is served.  They know only the husks meant for pigs.  When the events come and when the prosperity of the secular world collapses, they will be totally lost, unaware of their Father’s house.

I must raise my voice and I must act.  I will use these little locutions to preach everywhere.  My voice will not be limited to the Churches.  I will go and seek out my prodigal children.  I will carry them back to the Father’s house.  Many, for the first time, will understand what the secular world has stolen from them.  Even though they did not grow up in the Church, they will know that they have come home.

O reader, if you are away from the Father’s house, I will lead you back.  The heavenly Father, will embrace you and clothe you with peace.

Comment:  The secularized world deliberately sets aside the Father so it need not accept His authority.

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 2/5-10/15 ★ This is the genius of Satan who will continue to use this diversity to bring about more gaping wounds. After the death of the pope, the forces of evil will be spent. 


2. The Endless Fuel for the Fires


The very depths of hell are now opening up, endless depths that will continue to pour forth its fire, enveloping all.  The world sees but does not understand.  The fires have no reason.   They follow no logical path.  They are diabolical fires, guided by hell’s evil intelligence, kept hidden so they could grow, but now manifested so they can strike fear.  Nations rush in, only to be burned by the fire, and later enveloped by it.

Mankind has never seen the like of this because the fire has endless fuel, the oil of hatred present in the hearts of millions of young Muslims who always nourished hope of a different life.  Now, this life is seemingly offered to them through the radical groups that had been so marginal.

The events have caused these young people to face a decision.  Their own societies are being split in two and they must decide.  Destabilization of their cultures, a tearing away of existing structures, all of this I prophesied long ago.

Now, these endless fires, burning for so long beneath the surface, are seen by all, Muslim and non-Muslim.  For many, these are fires burning in far away lands.  For young Muslims, the fires have already entered their lives and are shaping their future.  “Should I join the radicals?  What other options are left to me?”  These are the burning questions which every young Muslim must face.  They are the constant fuel for these new fires.

Comment:  Terrorism has roots in a Muslim culture and draws its constant fuel from the young.

3. Terrorist Groups United for Satan’s Goals


The wounds have festered.  Now there is just one, gaping wound that has spread everywhere.    All are being drawn in.  Nothing remains as it used to be.  New wounds, new deaths, new violence every single day.  How much can the body take and sustain life?  Never has anything been seen like this.

I speak today of the linking up of the terrorist groups and their joining forces.  They do not need to have political unity to fulfill Satan’s commands.  All act in the spirit of Sharia Law.  All speak of Allah, of Jihad, of death to the infidel.

Many point out that rivalries exist between the groups but they miss the deepest unity. Although they vie among themselves, and at times destroy one another, they share the same evil intent.  By their very diversity, they spread more quickly, each with their own plan and goals, each with their own inner structure.  This is the genius of Satan who will continue to use this diversity, and even this enmity between the groups, to bring about more gaping wounds.

Suffering is Satan’s goal.  Inflicting pain is his only choice.  Who inflicts it or how it is administered is of little importance.  He wants pain and suffering inflicted upon friend and foe alike.

Who can heal the wounds and quiet the anger?  Can bullets and drones and airstrikes bring this about or, is the whole world caught up in an endless inflicting of pain, even in efforts to be of help?  Until the West turns to heaven, there can be no solutions, but only a continuing downward spiral into hell’s sufferings.  This is my view which I have spoken of so many times and in so many words.

Comment:  Understanding the events demands an understanding of Satan’s true goals.

4. The Twisted Faith of the Terrorists


Let the whole picture come together so the face of terrorism can be seen by all. The evil is placed so deeply in the heart of their culture and has been nourished for so long a time, that superficial solutions cannot be effective.

The evil is rooted in their beliefs about Allah and what pleases him, in their faith that violence is Allah’s will, and that self-inflicted martyrdom gains eternal life.  Who can erase these beliefs from their hearts?  Who can turn them to the heavenly Father of Jesus, who preached just the opposite – non-violence, forgiveness and a martyrdom that was freely accepted at the hands of persecutors?  The West has its weapons but has forgotten, lost, set aside, and, has often ridiculed its own faith.  Now, it faces a foe who gathers its zeal from its beliefs, as distorted as they are.

Is it too late?  Do we have any chance at all?  These should be your questions.  Instead you fight over policies and discuss strategies, when you should be talking about a return to faith.  Do you even see the connection between the millions of your own unborn children whose blood you have shed and the blight of terrorism that now sheds your blood??  Do you at least see that you are trying to defeat a foe blinded by a false faith when you place no importance on clinging to your own true faith?

I say this now because as the face of terrorism becomes clearer and the extent of terrorism touches everyone, these questions will grow much more important.

Comment:  The terrorists have faith, albeit a twisted one.  The West has set aside its faith.

5. The Culmination of the Drama


Bombs, explosions, deaths on every side, peace talks, and failed negotiations – a constant cycle which now takes center stage.  But what has not been seen in this unfolding drama?  What waits in the wings?  You can see what is present.  The future is hidden from your eyes.

I have said that the events would begin in 2015 and that all previous events were just a preparation.  The events would then speed up, one after another, each one linked, each one the next act of the drama, until all comes to a conclusion.

These are the present moments.  The curtain has opened.  The drama has begun.  Satan has written his script, prepared his actors, placed them in their positions and now actively guides their steps.  He knows the story he has written, quite a different script from God’s original plan.  He has the stage all to himself, having removed all those who would be able to oppose him.  Only the Church remains, the one light that still shines, set aside by world leaders and rejected by so many.
This is my message.  This drama of death, wars, terror, destruction, the division of countries, the millions who must flee their homes, the intense and useless sufferings, the failed plans, the weak initiatives, and the quick spread of evil will continue and become even more serious.  If allowed to go to its conclusion and end according to Satan’s script, nothing would be left.

The only hope lies in the Church because there I will begin my intervention.  I will enter this drama only through one door, the Roman Catholic Church.  This will be evident to all.  There will be signs from the very beginning, as clear as the sun rising.   In the beginning, the world will only know that the Woman has begun to act.  What I will do and how I will accomplish this will still be hidden.  By that time, the darkness will be so great, that all will receive and welcome this rising sun.  This hope and welcoming is extremely important.  Then, I can accomplish all that I intend.

The vision has its time.  The Fatima vision will be the culmination of the drama. The death of the pope, the bishops, priests, religious and laity in Jerusalem will be like a new Calvary, the greatest moment of darkness before the light of the resurrection.  After the death of the pope, the forces of evil will be spent.  The tides will be reversed and will flow in the opposite direction.   I will have gained the victory, the purification of the human race in the most merciful way of all.  The pope will take upon himself the sins of the world and relive the great mystery of the Lamb of God.

Comment:  This locution is a very deep revealing of both the events and their meaning in God’s plan.  Our Lady alludes to the saying in Habakkuk, “The vision still has its time, presses on to fulfillment and will not disappoint.  If it delays, wait for it.  It will surely come, it will not be late” (2:3).

6. Satan’s Many Weapons


In this war, what will be held back?  Nothing.  This is the final battle, the culmination of centuries.  When total victory is in sight, no need to plan for tomorrow.  Everything and everyone goes into the war.  Everything will be drawn in, like wooden houses in an enormous fire.

The focus is upon the Middle East, Russia, the Ukraine and Africa, but the sparks of the blaze have fallen also in Europe.  With very few operatives, the terrorists have forced these nations to spend millions on security.  This is money which they do not really have, money which they just print.

Satan does not fight his war with just weapons.  A building can be destroyed by fire or by a collapse.  It really doesn’t matter, because the building is useless.  The economic collapse of the West is closer than anyone believes.  The structures already shake.  The burden of debt grows. The price of fighting terrorism increases.  Satan links all of his evils.

He holds many different cards in his hands and he knows when and where to play them.  His important ploy is surprise.  He attacks whatever is not protected.  He always has his enemies looking in the wrong direction.

Where terrorism works, he uses that.  Where economic instability works, he uses that.  Where fear and confusion work, he uses that.  Where poverty dominates people’s lives, he uses that.  How many cards he holds and how well he knows to play them.

Only heavenly wisdom understands him and only heavenly power can defeat him.  That is why I must reveal Satan’s works.  More and more battles will be lost until mankind learns to call upon heaven.

Comment:  The world’s focus is upon the terrorists and Russia, but Our Lady warns that Satan uses many evils to gain his victory

7. The Day of Accounting


The costs are high and resources are stretched beyond the breaking point.  Yet, this is only the beginning.  There will be more and more money dedicated to weapons and security, and new walls that are meant to protect but will also limit freedom. Satan builds his pressure and extends his power.  It has become impossible for leaders to keep their eyes on every aspect.  The power to govern correctly slips from their hands with too many issues to confront at once.

These are the hidden problems which seep into a nation’s bloodstream and wear down the system.  Who can take these into account?  All just assume that a nation can absorb all of these burdens and not collapse.

Satan has many approaches.  He knows well the weak links, the parts that cannot handle the coming burdens.  He knows that the economies of the West operate on money that does not exist.  In the Middle East he uses the fires of terrorism to quicken his victory.  In the West, he uses spending to arrive more quickly to the day of accounting.

The days of accounting will soon come for the West.  No country is an island.  When the day of accounting arrives for one, it affects all.  No country can divorce itself from the global economy.

O West, Satan turns his eyes to your economies.  His terrorism has cost you millions, but that is not his most powerful weapon.  Nations have become tired of austerity programs.  They have rejected leaders who took them on that path.  They have chosen others who, like true politicians, have promised what they cannot deliver.  A confrontation, a tremendous clash, will cause a splintering and attempts to patch things together.  The great economic weakness of the West will takes center stage.

Comment:  While some terrorism attacks in Europe have gained the headlines, the greater problems lie in the weakened economies.

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 2/11-15/15 ★ All is falling apart. 

8. The One Who Wields the Key


How great the nations must struggle to maintain life and the security of their citizens.  Strains appear everywhere.  Violence within and violence from without.  All is falling apart.  Where are the rays of hope?  Who even dreams of a brighter future, indeed if there is to be a future?  Pain, panic, violence, fear, destruction, and a great uneasiness prevail.  Darkness grows and hope dwindles.

Who appears on the scene as s savior?  Who can be raised up?  Many people will arise, trying to claim the mantle of savior, attempting to show that they are the one called to restore peace.  I have reserved that role to the one who wields the key.  I have not given it to another.

No one will rise up in his/her own powers.  No one will climb the mountain and claim the fire of life.  No one will be able to disperse the coming darkness.  I will allow all the world leaders to fail.  All will see that even those who have great nations at their command cannot quell the destructive fires.  As these events, of every kind, spread their evil, world leaders will become helpless. The whole world will see the futility of their efforts.

Then, and only then, I will raise up my priest son who will wield the key; placed by me in his hands, my special son whom I have prepared for decades.  I will bring him on the scene at the darkest moment.  In him, the nations will place their hope and he will not disappoint because he is a child of Fatima.

When he assumes the Chair of Peter, the Fatima graces will be released and the great battle will begin.  Until then, human responses will be of little avail.

Comment:  Our Lady explains that there will be a total failure of world leaders to limit the present evil.  Having seen their hopelessness, the world will rejoice when she raises up her priest son.

9. The Only Light in the Darkness


So, where does this road end?  One day leads to another and one era opens out to the next, but where does this time of terror and destruction lead?  That is still not determined.  This year is still being lived out.  Its legacy is far from final.  Nothing is settled.  The battle still rages.  The forces are still being brought forth.  Much is still hidden.  In fact, most of what will happen still lies in the background.  I have said this clearly.  The events before 2015 have prepared for this year.   From now until October 13, 2017, will be the decisive years.  By then, the world will see either the great destruction or the great victory of the Woman Clothed With the Sun.

Clearly, not much time is left.  During these years, the world leaders will walk in great darkness because their own hearts are not purified.  They see no need to turn to heaven and they do not call upon the people to seek heaven’s aid.  The people also are to blame for they have chosen sinful lifestyles, rejected religious faith, deliberately chosen secular goals, killed the unborn and walked in their own personal darkness.

America is to blame.  The nation that I chose to be a light to the world and to bless the world by its abundance cannot even pay its own bills.  I say all of this to convince everyone that the world leaders walk in their own darkness and are totally helpless to bring about the light.

Now, I come to the last remaining hope for the world, my Church, my Roman Catholic Church, with its pope and its Fatima powers.  Catholics are so unaware that they, who have suffered so much and have been set aside by so many, hold within their Church the only light and power that can overcome the darkness.  My message is so clear.  Go back to Fatima.  All the events, especially the darkest and more destructive events are meant to have one tremendous blessing.   The Fatima light which has been hidden under the bushel basket of denial will finally be freed and set upon the lampstand.

Go to Fatima.  Read the story.  Believe the promises.  Live the messages.  Go to Medjugorje, for it shares in the great Fatima gift.  As all the lights of the world go out, everyone will see that one candle remains that alone can light up the whole world.  The proud and the mighty cannot understand the wisdom of God.  This is only revealed to the little ones.

Comment:  Our Lady provides a clear summary of her basic messages.

1. The Beginning Instructions


The way to light is not arduous or filled with great suffering because I will be with you.  It is when you walk away from me that the path becomes destructive and dangerous.  At times, people even lose their immortal souls.  Such is the sorrow of my heart.

The way to light is not a journey of one day or of one decision.  It is a path that requires both fidelity and great understanding.  I will provide everything.  At this moment, I invite the whole world to walk with me.  I have not yet come upon the world stage.  That moment has been blocked and delayed.  The circumstances are not yet right.  Mankind has not yet turned and sought heavenly help.  All of that will come later.  We cannot wait.  We must set out on the road of light.  Surprisingly, we can make great progress even while the world plunges into darkness.

This will be my personal miracle to each person who hears my words in these locutions.  While the world goes one way, into darkness, you will go the other way, into light, not into the false light that has too often guided you, but into Jesus’ special light that I have reserved just for you and your loved ones.  All will be blessed.  I will begin immediately.  Listen and see and walk.  Do not be just a hearer of my word but a doer.

First, I must assure you that this gift is true.  You have read my locutions.  You know that 2015 is the beginning year of the events.  You already see and learn daily about these events.  If Satan has decided to unleash his darkness, why should I hold back my light?  These are my beginning words.  As you read and hear of all the events of destruction and turmoil, let your faith increase.  Just say to yourself, “If Satan is releasing his darkness, Our Lady must be sending forth her light”.   In this way, what was meant to cause you fear, will increase your faith and draw you closer to me.

Comment:  Only reluctantly does Our Lady speak of darkness. She rejoices to teach us her path to light.

2. The First Step Into Light


The Way of Light is filled with blessings.  However, the person must leave go of darkness so their hands are free to receive.  This is the first, and the most difficult step, because the person sees only what they are giving up and does not yet experience the gift.  Let my words teach you.

I will not delay.  As soon as you let go of sin, I will come with light.  As soon as you turn your back on the darkness, the light will envelop you.  The purging will not be all at once, but in gradual steps that you can easily walk.  The first step is to overcome your fears, “What will life be like without my sinful attachments?”

Let us begin with those sinful attachments.  What in your life is obviously from darkness?  What do you do that, in the goodness of your heart, you do not want to do?  What steps do you take that you always regret?  What leads you into sin and darkness?  As you hear these questions, what comes immediately to your mind?  That is where your path to light begins.

Now, do not say, “I will wait until tomorrow” or “Some other time” or “I am not ready just yet”.  The same grace might not be yours tomorrow.  If you are not ready now, then how will you be ready if you delay?

This path to light has many steps that lead to the greatest freedom.  You cannot take the others, until you take the first.  Just resolve within yourself. I need only your permission to act.  Just pray, “I will throw away the darkness and walk as a child of the light”.  It is done.  Your will is resolved and your feet have chosen a different path.  Now, I can explain all the blessings.

Comment:  Our Lady will do everything for us.  However, she needs our free will.

3. The First Three Steps


I must teach this way of light quickly because the darkness can already be seen.  This path has only little steps, but it has great gifts.  These I pour out on all who walk.  This is the first truth.  You do the little things and I do the great things.  At every step, huge blessings await.  This is why I must teach.

People think that they must do great things, especially as the darkness comes.  Really, they must do only little things, but these acts are so important.  They dispose and prepare the person for my acts.

The first little act is always faith, and faith comes from hearing.  I speak.  You listen.  What happens to the word?  You either accept it or reject it.  If you accept it, then it enters your heart and you set out on the path of light.  If you reject it, my word sits by the wayside, and you choose other roads, roads of darkness.

The second step is hope.  “I am on a journey.  Mary is with me.  I will not go astray.  She will protect me.  If I fall, she will pick me up.  If I fear, she will calm me.  Even if I sin, she will lead me to forgiveness.  It is different now.  I am not alone.  The Virgin is with me and she is my mother”.  Such are the thoughts of hope, always casting out the darkness of doubts.

The third step is a choice, a choice of love, when your will embraces me.  How many times and with such great tenderness, I have embraced you.  But that is not enough.  You must embrace me.  Do this now.  This great act of love seals everything.  Once you embrace me, I will never let you go.  I will always show up.  I will intervene.  When you embrace me, you give me permission to act as your mother.

You can see that this path is very easy but you would never have found it unless I revealed it to you.

Comment:  Our Lady gives a beautiful teaching on the three inner acts that begin the path.

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 2/16-19/15 ★ ظهور السيدة العذراء مريم فوق كنيستها في الزيتون، القاهرة، مصر You are absorbed by a darkness that you do not even perceive.

photo from the Knights of St. Mary

4. The Flame and the Candle


The path of light is my gift to those who accept me.  Many set me aside, as if I were not important in the Father’s plan.  Others see no need to call upon my help.  If you are one of these, it is specifically for you that I speak today.  Without me, you can certainly walk a road to the Father through Jesus, but that road is hard to find and difficult to walk.

The heavenly Father foresaw this present time of darkness brought about by the cleverness of Satan’s plan.  For this moment of history, God reserved a new and special light, a candle burning brightly which each person can hold.  Is that not what you yourselves do?  When the lights go out, you use candles, because there is no central light.  So each person carries their own lit candle and all feel safe.

Picture me as the Heavenly Father’s candle and Jesus as the flame.  Can you have the flame without the candle?  I am not the flame.  Jesus is the flame, but I am the candle, easily available to all who accept me.  The candle comes first, then the flame.  Who would try to take the flame into their own hands?  That is foolishness. Only harm would result.

How long will the candle burn?  How bright will be its flame?  I am the Father’s candle and I will burn as long and as brightly as each one needs.  I am Immaculate.  The light will be pure, piercing and totally able to lead you.   When the night grows darker, I will burn more brightly.  When the wind comes, I, myself, will protect the flame.  Even if the flame goes out, I will ask the heavenly Father and He will light your candle again.

The time is now because you must get your candle before the darkness comes.

Comment:  So many object to or do not see the need for devotion to Mary.  Here, Our lady lowers herself, calls herself  just a candle.  But how needed, so each person can have the flame!

5. Let There Be Light

Those who seek the light need only allow themselves to be drawn and led by it.  The Father has created you for light.  He, Himself, is eternal light, shining from all ages.  His first words were, “Let there be light”.  He has formed in His only Son, Jesus, the new kingdom of light, the only hope for a world plunged into darkness.

I preach this kingdom and open its doors right now.  Where are these doors?  Just follow my voice.  My words will lead you.  Right now, you cannot see, so let your ears be open to my words.  They will bring you to the doors of sight.  Let me begin.

You are absorbed by a darkness that you do not even perceive.  The daily cares, the anxieties, and the attempts to gain security absorb the heart.  Every hour is filled, so little time, sometimes none, given to the light.

Now, you hear my voice saying, “Come over here.  Stay a moment.  Do not rush headlong”.  What do I ask of you?  Just a moment, a time to invoke me, to call on me with faith.  I ask some quiet moments, some stillness, an absorption into the light of prayer which has greater power to absorb you than the darkness.  Only I can bring you this light, Jesus, my Son.   The Father has placed Jesus in my heart, where all are called to receive.  You only escape darkness by coming into light and you cast out darkness only by grasping the light.   All other efforts will completely fail.

Now, I speak the most precious words of all.  In the beginning, all was darkness until God said “Let there be light”.   As the new darkness comes, the Father has given me the privilege, the task, the call, even the command, to use His words, “Let there be light”.   Through these locutions, I am saying those words day after day, in numerous images and teachings.  Now, I say it to you, “Let there be light”.  I will always say those words.  They are my daily, constant blessing.  “Let there be light”.

Comment:    In this Marian Age, the Father has given Our Lady many special privileges to help us in our darkness.

6. A Path Revealed to the Little Ones


The path of light is a road filled with blessings which are hidden from the proud but revealed quickly to the little ones who want to walk my ways.

First, they see that I am with them in every danger, always protecting them from the harm which is caused by others or by their own foolish decisions.

Second, they experience my constant encouragement.  They know that when the great problems come upon them, that I will be there to help carry them.  Third, they often experience my presence, as warmth or a peace comes over them.  This quiets their fears and allows them to choose the right road.

Thirdly, they know that I will be with them until the end.  I will never abandon them until that moment when I embrace them forever and ever.  This is the path of light which is open to all the little ones.  How do your become “a little one”?  This is the great secret.  A person must decide to be a “little one” (and everyone in the world can make that decision).

First, they must see that their own strength and their own intellect are unable to overcome all their difficulties.

Second, they must be filled with hope, that I hear their every cry.

Third, they must walk in my ways, according to my truths.  This is the great illumination that takes place in the heart, when the person allows me to place my new light within them.

Now, they are my little one, able to walk my path of light.

Comment:  Our Lady gives a very simple teaching that anyone can follow.

 ظهور السيدة العذراء مريم فوق كنيستها في الزيتون، القاهرة، مصر


7. Light For the Hour of Darkness


The path of light is open to all, but it is found most easily by those who walk with others, their hearts joined as one in the most important journey of all.  How many gather for other purposes, joined by the hopes of profits or delights.  They constantly move along those roads which the world points out to them.  How few join their hearts to walk the path of light.  This is the great secret that I am trying to reveal to the whole world.

In ordinary times, people do not need my special path of light.  The times are normal.  The problems can be overcome and the faith sustained.  However, these are not the usual times.  This is the hour, as Jesus called it.

In the hour of His passion, He told the apostles to stay awake, to pray that they might overcome the trial.  They failed and scattered, not grasping the darkness that they would face.

People might ask, “Why do I need this path of light?”  Because the darkness and the trial of the “hour” is at hand.  You must seek out others whose hearts are also seeking the path of light.  Join together and I will join with you.  The more you are joined, the greater will be the light.  When the darkness comes, just remain as one and you will have your light, your little candles burning brightly able to enkindle each other if your flame goes out.

Comment:  Find others who seek the light and pray together regularly.  Our Lady’s plan is not complicated.


8. External Signs That Invite All


I come to my final teaching. I invite all, from every faith and every nation to walk my path of light. I do not limit this path to Catholics or even to the baptized Christians. The time is so urgent and the darkness is so great, that I must open my path of light to everyone. I say this by way of preparation.

At Fatima, thousands gathered. Some believed and some were skeptical. Yet, all saw the dance of the sun. All experienced its power to dry their clothes and to dry up the ground. All could photograph the phenomena and give excellent reports to the press. I did not limit the grace of Fatima to just the fervent believers. I reached out that day to all of Portugal and to all the world. So, it will be in the future. I have spoken in these locutions about the path of light that is available right now and should be walked immediately. This path involves inner steps and personal decisions. It asks people to join with others in faith. In that way, their candles will not go out. To whomever takes these inner steps, I promise that they will find their path to light.

But, now, I am speaking of external signs, invitations to all people of all faiths to walk my path of light. If they just knMary ow about me and about the path of light which I offer, they will be able to respond adequately to the signs.

Believers must help unbelievers. Prepare now to be missionaries of light. I am speaking to you. Who else? Have you not faithfully read these locutions? Do you not love my words? You must learn to be missionaries of the light.

The external signs, which are my invitation to the whole world, will open many hearts but you must be there with your nets, mended and readied, to receive the great catch of fish.

Comment: Up to now, Our Lady has spoken only of interior graces. Today, she promises external signs, as happened at Fatima.

6. The Future of Europe


In the Ukraine, only two options remain, to allow Russia to take the land or to make war. There is a brink. For now, it will remain unsettled but that cannot last for long. Soon, there will be a definite settling. The land will be gone. No one is willing to totally confront. The risk is too great.

But the deeper problem is Europe itself and even NATO. All is being questioned. At this point, everything is shaking and there is no final settling. This will not be postponed indefinitely. The factors are too powerful and they are at hand. There is certainly the problem of Russia and the Ukraine but this problem has opened wide the deeper problems about the future of Europe.

Comment: As problems multiply, the urgency becomes more evident

1. The Secrets of Terrorism


The time is short. So much stands in the path of the coming destruction. I must speak about urgency. Do not put off until tomorrow. My messages will take on this new note of great immediacy. The themes will be familiar but the new tone will be evident.

The steps to crush ISIS will be of no avail. The terrorist groups just adapt. Seeing what the West hurls at them, they go in a different direction. The stream is always the same. They recruit and recruit and recruit. This is the source of their great strength. When they recruit, they train and train, all with the one goal of destroying, conquering and leaving nothing behind. Even they do not understand the demonic forces that encourage them and teach them what to do. All they see is that they are successful – a success that leaves behind only destruction of what previously existed.

What have they built? Nothing but groups, ever-expanding groups that spread terror. They feed off of what previously had been built up. They are like children who enjoy demolishing their sand castles. But they are demolishing cities and nations, with an ever-increasing hunger and power to destroy more.

Such is the urgency of the war on terrorism. But where does it fit in? What is its role in Satan’s plan and how can God use it for His purposes? These are the important questions.

Terrorism is an evil that flows from poverty and hatred which Satan has used for his goals. Great masses of people have been exploited, forced to live in inhuman conditions. They are born into poverty, live in poverty, die in poverty. Give them a gun and they feel rich and powerful. That is Satan’s tactic.

The important question concern’s God’s plan. Can there be any divine goal? This is my message. Terrorism is a new evil, rooted in false religious beliefs, deeply planted in their heart. With these locutions, and through the events that I will bring about, I am inviting all to return to religious belief. Terrorism fought merely by political strategies and weapons will totally fail. Terrorism is revealing the religious superficiality of the West. Only my plan of the West regaining its faith will end terrorism. But that is path which few want to walk.

Comment: Our Lady teaches what no one wants to hear. The faith of the Crusaders no longer exists in the West.

2. Europe’s Multiple Problems


There are too many factors and too many forces for anyone to bring about security. The resources are not available nor is the will of Europe rooted in a faith that motivates and guides. So, the current situation will continue to deteriorate. More and more parts of the world will fall into darkness.

Yet, the central problem lies within the crumbling structures and the inner decay. A resilient and faith-filled Europe could adequately respond but this is not the case. So, I must turn my eyes to the inner urgencies that Europe refuses to face.

Europe has constantly postponed the obvious solutions and has foolishly bought what it could not pay for. It has joyfully thrown off restraints of every kind, believing that they belonged to another era. Now, the external difficulties of constant Middle East wars and the new rising up of Russian nationalism, coupled with the internal problems of financial insolvency and the need to respond to constant crises have brought Europe to a breaking point that will soon erupt, causing a severe shift, a downgrading of life, and somber reflections on what has gone wrong.

In Satan’s plan, one problem worsens all the others, as they cleverly interact. Pressures are everywhere until something burst wide open. Resources are moved from one sector to another, only to discover greater problems somewhere else. All of these are the events that I said would begin in this year 2015, leading up to that special day of October 13, 2017.

You, my readers, do not stand idly by. Gather your loved ones for family prayer. I will meet you there and show you what steps you must take now. This is my message of urgency. The whole Church must be prepared so that when I raise up my priest, the full blessings can be received.

Comment: The problems are multiple and the faith needed to respond is lacking.

3. The Urgency of Fatima


There is seemingly no limit to the problems, as one connects with the other, and all are intertwined, as if brought about by some mind that is far above a human intellect. All of this is true. The problems, although planted in human hearts, have their true roots in the demonic intelligence who inspires everything, big and small, personal or collective. All fits together and easily responds to human solutions, that only exacerbate the problems and multiply them. Such is the force that now confronts mankind.

This power has always been operative, always destroying, killing, confusing and disturbing. This moment, however, is the hour which Jesus spoke about so often. The hour took place in Jerusalem and was seemingly Satan’s hour when he killed the Lord of Glory.

So, all the events will again lead up to Jerusalem, and another confrontation. This time between Satan and the Holy Father. In this hour, death again will result, the death of the Holy Father and many others. The Fatima vision will be fulfilled. This hour of seeming defeat will release the greatest blessings, just as did Jesus’ death.

What about the time until that hour? All the blessings for the world and the Church are contained in the Fatima gift. In 1917, I foresaw the next hundred years. I foresaw the two roads – the road of Fatima and the road without Fatima. The Church has chosen to walk away from Fatima and to choose its own road. How urgent to return. The Fatima blessings do not wait until the Consecration of Russia. Every Catholic must go to Fatima now – in their hearts, in their reading, and some should travel there. The more the people go to Fatima, the quicker the consecration will take place. All is urgency.

Comment: Learn the story of Fatima and live its messages.

4. Terrorism and the Social Media


The dire consequences which lie ahead can now be seen by everyone. No longer does Satan try to hide his works because it serves his goals that what he is doing now should be seen. The growth of terrorism and the constant videos of their cruelty are meant to strike fear and to raise the level of security, so more money is spent to safeguard the population.

All of this converges into a powerful central force. The evil forces that for so long operated on the fringe, have become mainstream, their names known by all and on every tongue.

What will be Satan’s next steps? He will use the very responses of the leaders who try to stamp out his fires to spread them even further. The recruiting will intensify. The radicalization will deepen. All will be drawn into his fires, on one side or the other. Populations who seemed far away from his conflagration will suddenly see themselves on the edge. People who felt they did not need to make a choice, will suddenly be confronted by terrorism at their front door.

This spreads quickly because Satan so cleverly uses the social media of communications. The names of his terrorists are spread to the ends of the earth, like a new gospel of destruction. Once that word goes forth, he touches some hearts everywhere. Then, he just waits for the right moment to recruit. The seeds of this new harvest are planted everywhere. No place is exempt.

All will intensify. Radical Islam on every side, guided by the demonic intelligence. It would be bad enough if this were the only problem, but Europe is weak and divided, with its economies burdened by debts, its religious faith long ago abandoned, and the Ukraine being dismembered. All of these pressures will multiply and the future of Europe will be in the balance.

Such is my plea, the plea of the virgin mother of Jesus.
“O Europe, accept me again.
 Claim me once more as ‘Our Lady’. 
I will embrace you and save you from the fires.”

Comment: Our Lady describes clearly the future of terrorism.

5. Europe’s Historical Decisions


The time is coming when Europe will have very few options and will be forced into decisions that it does not want to make. Inevitability looms. This is happening now in the Ukraine. Step by step, what was once possible is taken off the table. The constant pressure of Putin and his resolve have forced Europe to abandon many of its hopes.

The problems (in so many areas) lie not just with Putin. They are constant pressures. Always many deadlines to meet and bills to be paid.

This is my message. The decisions of the centuries are coming to their full flowering, the decisions of the enlightenment when reason was exalted and faith was dismissed, the haughtiness of secular rulers who wanted to reunite the map of Europe, the pride of Hitler and Mussolini, and then of the European Union that refused to accept its Christian foundation. Even now, there is a belief that a truly vibrant Europe can be formed upon secular ideas and economic unions.

Everything is coming apart. What you have so recently constructed will not stand. You will be forced into decisions that you never wanted to make. The options are coming off the table. Your life will narrow as your economies are shaken.

Will you ever say those words, “We have walked away from Our Lady. We have set aside the mother of Europe”?

In your pain and your sufferings, I will come to you through my priest son. He will consecrate Russia and offer you the only chance you have to be restored.

Comment: Our Lady recalls Europe’s many decisions since the French Revolution that took the continent away from her protection. She invites a return.

1. Disillusioned With Man’s Road


Wave after wave. Fires, large and small, on all sides. Constant threats and warnings. The world is being introduced into a new existence that I have spoken about often. Resources are stretched thin. More money must be borrowed. Weapons are distributed which soon find their way into the wrong hands.

Constant conferences and strategies. The news media cannot even begin to describe all that is happening and the news itself becomes the battlefield used to recruit and to stir fresh debate.

The world has entered a new process that will control its destiny. The tables have been shifted. The initiatives lie now with others. “What will they do next?” The world has to wait for the answer.

Meanwhile, life goes on. So much time is spent on the inane. Constant entertainment, endless movies. Complete absorption in the present delight. A society devoid of the mystical, with no anchor in heavenly gifts.

The heavens are closed and God has not closed them. Mankind has made the decision. “Let us rip out our religious roots. Let us claim earth for ourselves. Let us still the voice of God and stamp out any belief that would limit what we want to do. After all, earth belongs to mankind”.

Having walked that road for so long, you have come to this moment. Is there not another road? Is heaven closed forever? The human person is still the same. No one can remove his heart, his soul, his spirit. All are made for God. That is what I will do now. I will awaken you. Now that you are disillusioned with the false promises, now that you see where this road has led, you are willing to listen to the voice of heaven, the words of your mother, teaching you a deeper road.

Comment: God made the human heart and, no matter what takes place, it can still respond to the spiritual and mystical.


★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 2/27,28/15 ★ I cannot wait for political leaders. I cannot even wait for the Church to act.  There must be two great responses to these destructive events.


2. Man’s Search For God


These times and circumstances call forth heaven’s new gifts, which have been reserved for these moments of human history.

God creates every human heart for Himself, placing in man’s spirit a stirring for unending happiness.  These inner desires bring about man’s ceaseless activity, from morning until night.  In every action, man is really seeking heaven.  Even in his sins, man seeks this eternal good.

When the human heart finds God, peace comes.  The person has a goal and has found the road of his divine call.  He is changed and remakes his world according to God’s plan.  Although heaven offers this gift to everyone, much depends upon whether the culture is immersed in this faith and constantly invites its citizens to find God.

Modern culture obscures heaven, substitutes earth and pretends that the human person will be satisfied with the toys of today.

As these destructive events begin, man sees even these earthly pleasures being taken away.  There must be two great responses to these destructive events.  Heaven will do its part, making available graces that have never been poured forth.  Man must do his part.  He must set aside all that fascinates him, all the glitter and the mirrors, all the dazzling lights and the instant gratifications.  He must resolve right now, “I will allow my heart to seek the living God”.  I will guide your search.

Comment:  As these destructive events remove mankind’s illusions, he will be more receptive to God’s inner stirrings.

3. The Great River Within

As the fires of hell come to the surface in destructive events, cannot the saving waters of heaven also come forth?  When and where will this happen?  Right now, within the heart of everyone who calls on me.

I cannot wait for political leaders.  I cannot even wait for the Church to act.  I must begin now to pour out the living waters of the Holy Spirit, who has been placed in the souls of all the baptized.

Satan cannot touch this impenetrable castle of the human spirit, made for God alone.  How he would like to invade there and cast his ultimate fire, removing man’s free will and absorbing the human spirit into his spirit.  This will never take place on earth.  Until man’s final moment, no matter what sins have occurred, no matter what decisions have been made or evil brought about, God will always be able, in surprising and astonishing ways, to suddenly flood the human spirit with the refreshing waters of conversion.

These fresh and new graces I pour out right now, o reader, into your heart.  This is where I begin.  In your heart.  In your spirit.  Within your consciousness, your feelings, your hopes, your desires.  A fresh river begins to flow, the river of life.

Take it in.  Do not let it flow by.  The river is for you, no matter what has happened in your past life, no matter what your situation is right now.  In fact, I begin right there, exactly where you are.

My rivers are flowing, into hearts that have always sought me, into hearts that once knew me and into hearts that have never experienced my motherly love.  The rivers are flowing.  No one can stop these rivers because they begin within your heart.  Can you not hear them flow?  They are ready to take you in a totally new direction. They are my inner gift, my first answer to the new destructive fires causing these events.

Comments – What a great surprise!  O reader, in your heart right now is a new river of life.

The Virgin Mary’s message given on March 2nd 2014

“Dear children! You are my strength. You, my apostles, who with your love, humility and silence of prayer are making it possible for one to come to know my Son. You live in me. You carry me in your heart. You know that you have a mother who loves you and who has come to bring love. I am looking at you in the Heavenly Father - your thoughts, your pains, your sufferings - and I offer them to my Son. Do not be afraid and do not lose hope, because my Son listens to his mother. Since He was born He loves and I desire for all of my children to come to know that love. I desire that all those who left Him because of their pain and misunderstanding may return to Him and that all those who have never known Him may come to know Him. That is why you are here, my apostles, and I as a mother am with you. Pray for the firmness of faith, because love and mercy come from firm faith. Through love and mercy you will help all those who are not aware that they are choosing darkness instead of light. Pray for your shepherds because they are the strength of the Church which My Son left to you. Through my Son, they are the shepherds of souls. Thank you.”

MARCH 2015