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Locutions to the World ~ Mar. 7 - April 30, 2014 God Must Intervene: I will suddenly remove the children of darkness from their thrones, Putin – Satan’s Perfect Instrument, President Obama’s Ideology

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 3/ 7-13 /14 ★ The future of the world will be removed from the hands of mankind. When will the consecration of Russia take place?

1. Mother of Hope 3/7/14  


I will speak of hope. I will begin afresh and begin anew to stir the hearts of those who believe in me.  They see the darkness and they grow disheartened.  They see the forces of evil sweeping the world as nation after nations is drawn into turmoil.  They see the many dangers, for I have described them so clearly.  They also know that I wait and wait.  The picture is so clear to them.

I am the Mother of Hope. A mother is in the home.  She is not associated with world events.  She rocks the cradle, changes the diapers and prepares the meals.  Yet, how powerful is her influence!  She is the heart of the home, the life blood which flows within her children.

She softens the hurts inflicted by the world and assures all her children that they can always turn to her in their sorrows.  She never inflicts unnecessary pain and consoles all her children in their times of distress.

As the heavenly mother, I bring even greater blessings.  These I freely distribute now.  I need not wait, except for each person to ask and seek.  These blessings I will begin to reveal.

Comment:  Mary’s heart holds many gifts that are still unknown, like a fountain waiting to be poured forth.

2. Mary’s First Embrace 3/8/14 


O reader, how many burdens have come upon you.  What seemed secure is now threatened and what you used to have has been taken away.  Satan has removed so much from your culture and has replaced the heavenly Father’s security with his sufferings.

In your trials, where do you turn?  Faith has also been weakened.  Doubts have been sown.  The simple beliefs of past years are rejected.  For this reason, I, the Mother of Hope, will give you my words.  Listen.  Write them on your heart.  In the coming days I will repeat and explain them, so my words constantly refresh you.

I am the Mother of Hope.  I always want to embrace you, more than any earthly mother.  When I embrace you, the pain will leave, the sufferings will grow less, the light will scatter your hopelessness.  You will experience my presence.   After my embrace do not quickly return to your world.  Do not, at first, even try to learn the solutions to your problems.  ( I will give these later).  In these opening moments of my motherly embrace, be still.  Allow the difficulties to drain off.  I will remove the power which these conflicts have over you.  After this first embrace, I will begin to instill hope.
Comment:  Mary invites all of us to important moments of stillness in her presence.

3. The Oil of Hope 3/9/14 


The time to gain hope is now, today, at this very moment.  When all the events begin (and the convulsing events have no yet started) it will be too late to gain hope.  Hope is oil for your lamp and it cannot be bought at the last minute.

Hope demands a faith in God’s power and a belief that he loves you.  All believers know that God is almighty but he seems distant, living in heaven but not acting upon earth.

You ask, “Will God act for me?”  You say, “I have little faith.  I frequently fail.  I am not strong.  I quickly grow afraid.”  These are your fears.  Cast them away.  In the presence of the mother, the child does not think of itself because his mother is on the scene.

I will prepare you for the events but you must store up the oil of my hope now.

Comment:  All of us fear that we will fall away in time of trial.  Mary promises to be our Mother.

4. The Book of Blessings 3/10/14 


To stir up hope, I open wide the book of my blessings.  The words are written large and on every page.  However, only the eyes of faith can see and read what is written.  The first page contains a description of the loving Father, who has brought all creation into existence and has placed man at the pinnacle of material creation, deliberately choosing that he would share in God’s powers to know and to love.

The second page contains the mystery of God becoming man and living among us, a mystery brought about by my willingness to be God’s mother.

The third page contains the mystery of the Holy Spirit whom Jesus sent upon those whom he had taught and had appeared to after his rising.

All the other pages contain the story of Jesus’ kingdom, all that the Holy Spirit has accomplished in the hearts of the believers.

Now, I turn the pages to today.  The words are not yet written because the blessings are pouring down from heaven.  Only those gifts that are welcomed, received and acted upon are recorded in this book of blessings.  Reading the book will fill you with hope  You will see all that the Holy Spirit has done.  Your name is in the book, because He has done his works in you.  Be filled with hope.  He wants to do great deeds in your heart.

Comment:  All the deeds we do today under the guidance of the Spirit are recorded in this book of blessings.

5. The Tottering Kingdoms 3/11/14


All is built upon hope.  When man is filled with hope, man builds his homes and his kingdoms.  When these are threatened, he must cling to hope.  When all is destroyed, he has only hope that he can rebuild.  Without hope, he accepts defeat and plans no future.

These are my words. Listen carefully.  Mankind has built his homes and constructed his kingdoms.  Before his very eyes, these kingdoms are tottering.  The winds are blowing and the rains are falling.  The floods that will sweep away these kingdoms will soon follow.  Hopes will be shattered.  Without hope, no future is rebuilt because all your human hopes are taken away.

I, alone, am the Mother of Hope and in those days, only those who have heard my word will have hope.  The future of the world will be removed from the hands of mankind.  I will hold that future in my hands.  I will invite all to come.  O reader, come now, right now.  There is no hope for the future except with the Woman Clothed With the Sun.

Comment:  Now we see only the tottering.  Mary alone will give hope after the collapse.

6. Fire and Water 3/12/14


The fires of hell, with their suffering and confusion, will claim more and more of earth.  As they do, they will extinguish hope.  When hope dies, the victory of hell is assured.   There will be no opposition to these fires, no responding.

I am the Mother of Hope and these waters of hope can flow powerfully from my heart.  No fire will overcome them.  Their victory is assured.  Right now, they wait, like a mighty ocean which casts no waves upon the shore.

O mankind, your earth is ablaze with fires everywhere.  Your water of secular hopes can never extinguish these fires because they come from hell and they share in the eternal fires of hell.  These fires share in the demonic intelligence, planned by Satan since he was defeated at the cross.  He is ready to thwart any plan you might have to restore peace, order and security.

Only the waters stored in my heart can extinguish his fires.  Someday, these waters will flow and all will see that I am the Woman.  How much will be consumed and destroyed in the meantime?  When will the consecration of Russia take place?

Comment:  Mary correctly describes our world of 2014 – fires everywhere.  She also speaks of God’s gift – the ocean of hope in her heart.

7. Hope Has No End 3/13/14


Hope never speaks of the end because where hope lives there is no end.  People without hope often say, “This is the end”.  What they sought, what they have built and what they have lived for has collapsed.  Their dreams are broken into a thousand pieces.

Where there is true hope, no end exists.  Hope will move on and willingly leave behind what cannot be regained.  Hope transcends, rises above, is never conquered and cannot be killed.

Hope even conquers death and the grave itself.  Death does not have the final word, even when the stone is rolled across the tomb.  Hope never, never ends because true hope always seeks God and God never ends.  True hope seeks eternal life and eternal life never ends.

Everything on earth, all of earth’s important goals must be lifted up.  If you live only for earth, then your hope will die, sometimes a thousand deaths.  But if your hope lies in heavenly riches, then your hope will never die

Satan is multiplying his sufferings.  If he can kill your hopes, his victory is insured.  I am the Mother of Hope, which flows endlessly from my heart.  Come and drink every moment of every day.  It is an endless stream that always refreshes.

Comment:  A world filled with suffering can only survive by the power of hope.

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 3/14 - 3/21/14 ★ Satan’s prize is to destroy Israel, that Holy Land where he suffered his great defeat and that city which still contains the redeeming Blood of Jesus. the great protector, America, has thrown down its arms & surrendered. the world totters on the brink. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

July 11, 2011 - 51. Leaders For A New America - Mary

All of this comes about because of my special care for the world. Only because the world is buried deeply within my heart, does the human race exist in its present form. I say present form, meaning that there are so many people are spread out all over the world. I am the one who led Christopher Columbus and my name was on his ship. I am the one who sent the missionaries and people of good will to these new lands, bringing the faith and the civilization of Europe. I am the one who has kept at bay the atomic power unleashed for the first time so many years ago, but never used since. I am the one who has limited natural disasters. I am the one standing between the Father and the Divine Chastisements.

I have worked through others but now I must intervene directly, openly taking the initiatives which I foretell with these words.

First, I must raise up new leaders, leaders of faith whom I form in my Immaculate Heart. These leaders will have lives of integrity. I will bond them together because if they stand alone they will be ineffective and vulnerable to the world’s darkness. Let these leaders arise. I am calling them forth. Let them be aware. Your mother is calling you. Be stouthearted.

You, who are reading these words, you know I am right now calling you to lead my people. You must gather with others, who could help you in this leadership. Servants of Mary you will call yourselves. Deeply religious in your hearts but totally competent in the secular world, for that is where I need you.

Come close to me. Bond with others. Prepare your skills. Go forth into your culture. I will guide your steps. I am talking now to thousands, leaders of every kind. I need you to be in place, to be accepted by others as just and fair, as a preserver of peace and a force for justice. The gifts come down from heaven but they must be used on earth. Only with holy leaders, consecrated to me, can I fashion a new nation of America.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

World Events (March 14-21, 2014)

March 14, 2014: 1. The Invasion of Ukraine  

Treasure my words.  Hold onto my light.  These are all that you will have in the days ahead.  I must turn my heart to those world events that are suffocating and destroying.  These actions are putting the whole world on notice that the foundations of peace are very shaky.

Even though events are happening in the Ukraine, these are not the final or central events.  However, this invasion reveals the frailty of the West and its inability to stand firm and repress the forces of evil.

This helplessness is evident everywhere, in Iran where atomic weapons are being built, in Iraq where order has collapsed, and in Syria where the dictator strengthens his stranglehold upon the country.

The leaders will speak at the United Nations.  Words will flow abundantly but few will be the actions that can turn back this invasion.  Another piece of the world will fall into darkness. Only those who listen to my teachings, really understand what is happening.

Comment:  The invasion of the Ukraine reveals the helplessness of the West but the great events will happen elsewhere.

March 15, 2014: 2. The Blindness of the World

World leaders think that they walk in light when, in truth, their hearts and minds are filled with the greatest darkness.  They have no faith and the words they speak do not come from a love of God.  They are like Old Testament Israel which foolishly entered into foreign alliances instead of trusting God.  So, I must be like the Old Testament prophets, speaking God’s words to leaders filled only with secular light.

You attack the wrong places and protect only your own interests.  Having no faith, you do not form alliances based on faith.  Your foreign policies have become like your political policies, based on fragmented visions and selfish goals.

You are leading the West down the wrong road.  Your vision is blurred.  Your goals are selfish.  Your means are inadequate.  Your oneness is broken and your hearts are in the wrong place.

I want to turn your hearts.  I want to explain why I have lifted my protective hand from you.  Although you will not listen, although you will say this is not important, that it does not even deal with foreign policies, I must say it anyway, “You, selfish leaders and blind guides, how can you protect those who are born, when you foolishly refuse to protect the unborn.  Protect your unborn, and I will protect you.  Continue to sacrifice them to political expediency and I will sacrifice you on the altars of war.”

Comment:  Mary uses the fiery words of the Old Testament prophet.

March 16, 2014: 3. A Special Leader

There is a leader whom I hold in my heart and whose ascendancy to office I want to bring about.  I have given him all the qualifications needed to lead the free world.  I have advanced him according to my plan and he, himself, is willing to make the sacrifices needed to seek election.

I ask of him only one thing.  He must protect human life, all human life, no matter how it is conceived.  He must stand clear and firm that human life begins at the moment of conception.  Let him put his name to the Life At Conception Act.  Let him not fear.  This is the step I want him to take.  If he commits himself to protect every unborn life, I will protect him in his bid for the highest office.

To all world leaders I say clearly that there can be no compromise in this matter.  None of you are allowed to sacrifice the unborn for the sake of your political lives.  God cannot bless America while America kills its unborn.  This is the cause of your decline, a decline that will happen even more quickly if you do not change your laws.

Comment:  Hopefully, the person who Mary speaks about will read this!

March 17, 2014: 4. Collapse of American Protection

My words will take on new meaning and greater clarity.  I will not just speak of past events or of events too far in the future.  I will speak of all that is unfolding before your very eyes.  I want you to trust these words because, when the events begin, they will guide you and help you to understand.

Today, I will speak of America and the problems that are erupting all over the world.  America has withdrawn.  It has sheathed its sword and its voice no longer has power.  Because America has chosen this path, the timetable has moved up.  Evil moves more quickly.

In the past, America has made serious blunders because its foreign policies were directed by big business.  To help or not to help, to invade or not to invade was decided by its money people, not by those who wanted the best interests of the people.

America’s money interests have devastated countries, removed true leaders, established puppet governments and ruined social structures that could have served well.   So much of this business- driven foreign policy has been hidden from the people.

Now, a new policy is in place that refuses to accept the role that I have given to America.  I have blessed this nation so that freedom and truth might reign everywhere.  America has withdrawn.  It refuses to step forward, like a timid dog that only barks loudly and is quickly seen as harmless.

The result will be a total loss of the Ukraine and a Putin who will soon look for other places to devour.  These policies were impossible just a few years ago.  Now, all seems possible.

China will quickly read the evidence and know that it can move forward with aggression.  Iran will realize that the terms of its agreement are meaningless and will never be enforced by a cowed America.

America’s allies also see the change and no longer count upon its strength.  All of this inevitably happens when the great protector, America, whom I have blessed and chosen, throws down its arms and surrenders.

Comment:  Mary has often spoken of the timetable of destruction being moved up by American withdrawal.  Now, she speaks of very concrete events which are soon to happen.

March 18, 2014: 5. An Earthly Michael

All the cards are on the table.  Satan has all the kingdoms of earth in his sight.  How he covets these and wants them for his own.  Even though they are passing away, earthly kingdoms are all he can possess.  Heaven is denied to him.  Its gates are closed.  Michael and his angels have cast him out.  So, he roams the world, fighting against my children.

Gradually, his plan unfolds.  His strategies change according to the acceptance or rejection given to him.  He moves where he can easily conquer.  He waits where he finds no acceptance.  Like any general, he consolidates his victories and plans his next attack.

In this world, where faith is so weak, he seldom suffers any defeat and almost never is made to withdraw.  So it is in the Crimea.  He has gobbled it up quickly.  It is already in his stomach and what power can make him vomit it up.  His hunger grows with each victory.  His pride increases.

It is his pride which will be is downfall, as it was in the beginning.  I will raise up another Michael, a Michael of earth who will defeat his pride because I will clothe him in my humility.

Comment:  Mary promises to raise up a special person as her instrument against Satan.

March 19, 2014: 6. Israel

All the events are culminating.  The seeds of destruction, planted so carefully by Satan centuries ago, are coming to a full harvest.  I will remove the veil that covers over his plan.

All the world sees the events.  They are known to everyone – the destabilizing revolutions in northern Africa, the long-lasting revolt in Syria that has touched the neighboring counties, the ravaging of Iraq, the nuclear plans of Iran, the destabilizing of Afghanistan and now the invasion of the Crimea with more to follow.

In the middle of all these events lies Israel, seemingly small and unimportant.  As far as the West is concerned, Israel is an appendage, an anomaly.  It exists but its existence does not seem vital to the West.  If it were suddenly gobbled up, it would mean no more than the Crimea.  This is the great deception.  Satan’s prize is to destroy Israel, that Holy Land where he suffered his great defeat and that city which still contains the redeeming Blood of Jesus.

Comment:  Mary has spoken of the importance of Israel throughout these locutions.

March 21, 2014: 7. The Global Economy

The fire is all-consuming and the plans of evil involve the whole world.  No one is left out.  When all of these events begin and the established order begins to shatter, you, O reader, must already have my word planted in your heart.

The world’s economies are built on very shaky foundations.  Many nations have debts that they will never repay.  Even established nations have growing debts.  The money flows into the most dangerous nations.  Economies no longer stand alone.  All are entangled in what is called “the global economy”.

The backbone of world order was the diversity of the nations, so clearly willed by God.  Powerful forces are destroying this diversity, calling all into a one world order.  Do you not see that this repeats the pride and foolishness of Babel?  In this area, also, the world totters on the brink.

As the wars spread, the economies will be pushed further and further, until some are broken.  All the world’s problems are interrelated.  They are not happenstance.  They come from the intelligent design of the Evil One.  Mankind, with its limited intelligence is no match.

Comment:  Even without the wars, the world economics are in trouble.  The wars only compound the world’s problems of economic weakness.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

February 18, 2011: 6. The Problem of Russia - Jesus

The problem is Russia. She is the mother of iniquity. She loves neither America nor Israel. That is why my mother asked that Russia be consecrated to her Immaculate Heart. When Russia is consecrated all will be drawn together. For now she spreads her iniquity. All the other evil is nourished by her, for she still wants to be the first among the nations. She uses others for her goals, finding partners in evils. 

July 3, 2011: 44. Bringing Mankind to Its Knees - Mary

Everything spins around with little direction, subject to the whims and desires of the human heart, yet, beyond the control of mankind, which is caught up in forces that he does not understand, and cannot control. Yet, man thinks that events are in his control and that he can turn everything to his advantage.

As a result, nations struggle against other nations, trying to be superior in the world markets and in political affairs. Meanwhile the average person is overlooked. The poor are set aside. A new class is always emerging. The “rising class” they are called, but they leave the world no better and even far worse than before they emerged.

Will it never end? The Spirit of God has been replaced by the spirit of man. Man has been set loose, unrestrained by God’s word, following his own inner light (which is no light at all).

When will this era of “reason and enlightenment” come to a halt? It will come to a screeching halt. Two world wars and two atomic bombs could not bring man to ask, “Where have we gone wrong?” What will it take to have an age of faith replace this age of reason?

I see what it will take. Too horrible to describe. Yet, that is where mankind is headed. People ask, “Why does God not prevent this?” I answer simply, “How can God prevent this when mankind does not listen to God”?

So, I come as God’s messenger, heralding a new age of faith, when mankind again will call upon God and live according to God’s word. The new age of faith will come – but how it comes depends on mankind itself. This is why I am sent and this is why I am speaking so clearly.

This new age of faith will certainly come. It will come either by way of destruction, a destruction never before witnessed by mankind which will bring the world to its knees. Or, it will come by my word. My word also will lead mankind to its knees. Mankind will end up on its knees before a living Father and the age of faith will begin. There are two paths – of destruction or of my word. That is why I speak. Man must choose

Comment: Mary describes the present – a world out of control because man has followed reason not faith.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

★URGENT PROPHECY ~ Locutions to the World March 22-31, 2014 ★ The Russian Bear, the Secret of FATIMA, the Army of the Immaculata

March 22, 2014: 
1. The Joining of Hearts 
There are more things that I must say so the world will know that I want to embrace it and save it.  What are the hidden elements of my plan?  I have spoken so clearly of Satan’s evil designs.  I must also reveal what I am doing.

This plan centers on the joining of my Immaculate Heart to Jesus’ Sacred Heart.  The two hearts are the beginning of the Father’s plan to save the world.
The revelation of the Sacred Heart, centuries ago, released a gigantic flood of blessings and saved the Church from darkness.  Unfortunately, the kings of France refused to listen and the full power within Jesus’ heart was not released.  The Church is facing the same situation.  How history repeats itself.  God provides his blessings but man refuses to listen.  This is why I must speak so clearly.  Not only speak, but act.
Comment:  Jesus told St. Margaret Mary (1647-1690) that he wanted the king of France to consecrate his country to the Sacred Heart.  All of the kings refused this request.  One hundred years later, to the day, the king of France was stripped of his powers and eventually was executed.  The bloody revolution and the destroying of the French Church should have been avoided.

March 23, 2014: 2. The Beginning Response

Much of God’s plan is still hidden and unknown.  However, when the events of destruction begin, his plan will emerge.  This will happen as people whom he has prepared will come forth.  In a time of war is there not a call to arms?  Are not other pursuits set aside?  So it will be with my army.

When the events begin, do not be overwhelmed by fears.  Do not withdraw and do not surrender.  All must stand their ground.   Those whom I have chosen and prepared must come forth.  Do not listen to the voices of fear and especially do not listen to the voice of anger.  Fear and anger destroy my plans.

I will raise up people of good will whose hearts belong to me.  Others will put their trust in them.  They will lead the world and the Church.  Voices that had been set aside until now will suddenly be listened to.  The foolishness of today’s world will be set aside.  The Church, itself, will realize that false solutions and superficial responses will no longer hold sway.

It will be a time of repentance, of profound changes and of deep and sustained prayer.  This will be the beginning response.  Although this invitation will be rejected by many, it will be big enough to make it a viable movement within the Church.  Then will come my great surprises.
Comment:  God’s response to evil will begin within the hearts of many good people.

March 24, 2014: 3. Very Special People

At the right time, those whom I have prepared will come forth.  One by one, I will place them.  I will put some into positions of authority.  To others, I will give gifts of speaking that will stir hearts.  To others, I will give powers of organization, so that thousands of people join together in the causes of light.
I will suddenly remove the children of darkness from their thrones.  This will be a sign to all that I am the Woman and I wield the authority given to me by the Father.

I will raise up my special sons.  One, I want to lead to the presidency of the United States.  The other, I will place upon the Chair of Peter.  Each will take place at the right time.  They will be signs to everyone that I have not forsaken the world.

In the meantime, I will comfort those who sorrow and guide those who seek my light.  I am working even now in the hearts of all who love me.  So, awaken, O reader.  Do not just wait until my words are fulfilled.  God’s plan demands your cooperation today, right now.  Let us not wait for some tomorrow which never arrives.
Comment:  Mary reveals those parts of her plan which involves people who love her.

March 24, 2014: 4. The Russian Bear
Jesus (Reader, these are very special locutions, given in an extraordinary way.)

The Russian bear has swallowed up his first territory (Crimea).  He is still hungry and will continue to swallow people and territories.  He only understands one thing – a force that will not allow him to do this.  The West sits at its tables and discusses, while Russia gobbles up its territories.

The West does not see the importance of the coming months., nor the extent to which Russia is ready to go, to add more people and more land to its empire.  When these months are over and Russia has reached the full extent of its aggression (for now), the West will have lost much of its prestige and will never regain the position that it holds now.

What is happening in these months will not be reversible.  These events will be like the amputation of an arm or a leg.

There will be a new world reality.  Everything will be tilted.  The ramifications will touch every country in Europe and America.  These leaders will have foolishly delayed, while Russia moved ahead with firm purpose.  All of this is the fruit of policies that have not taken the evil of Russia seriously, as if the collapse of the Iron Curtain or the removal of the Berlin Wall really changed the soul of the nation of Russia.

When these months are completed and the people and the land have been given to Russia without a single shot being fired by the West, then the next series of events will take place.  The West will be much weaker.  It has no leader and no goals.  Especially, it has no faith.
Comment:  Jesus  speaks about the next few months and the results of the Russian aggression.

March 24, 2014: 5. Using These Locutions
Mary (Again a special locution)

I will no longer be silent.  For decades, I have been telling the Church that Russia is the problem and it must be consecrated to my Immaculate Heart.  The Church has chosen not to listen to my voice.  It has even silenced those voices, especially Sr. Lucy’s, which carried my message.  Now, you are reaping the harvest which you have sown.

I will wait no longer.  You, O Church, have buried my messages.  You have hidden them.  You have refused to reveal them.  You have even twisted them.  Because your voice does not send forth to the world the secrets of Fatima, nor do you obey the commands that I made at Fatima, I will bypass you.

I will begin to use these special locutions in a new and more powerful way.  I will hold back nothing.  I will reveal through these locutions what should have been revealed by the Church.  I will do this slowly, piece by piece, truth by truth.  I will do this in a consistent way so each person can easily follow my words and be led to the correct conclusions.

I must do this because you have not done this.   You have turned aside from Fatima and the Fatima prophecies about Russia spreading its errors.  You have not been a faithful watchman, warning my people and the world.  Because you have not used your worldwide voice, I will use this little voice of my locutions.
Comment:  For some reason, the Church has kept the Fatima secrets hidden.  Mary promises to use these locutions to reveal what the people need to know.


March 26, 2014: 6. Events Followed By Delays

In the time ahead, the events will unfold which will convince the world that serious changes have happened.  People will settle down, convinced that their lives will not be seriously changed.  These, however, are only the beginning events.  I have often said that the events will come in series, in groups of related happenings.  Everything will not happen at once.  God wishes to give mankind constant opportunities to repent and to turn to him.

Many will not read these signs correctly, thinking that these events are of human origin and that human solutions will avail.

The truth is this.  That these events do not suddenly crash upon the world is due to God’s mercy.    Some events are held back.  Other events are delayed.  Some events are not allowed to happen.  Some events are softened and not as destructive as Satan intended.  Even in destructive events, God’s mercy is at work.

Understand this delay, the putting off and the postponement for a later time.  Understand everything about God’s mercy.  The delays allow mankind to turn to God and to ponder what is happening.  If mankind and the Church use these delays to respond wholeheartedly, God’s mercy can triumph.  Even more events can be softened.  It is certain that earth must be purified.  That truth cannot be changed.  How earth is purified (by mercy or by justice) depends on mankind using the delays to listen.  This is why I pour forth these locutions.
Comment:  The first series of events was the revolutions in various countries.  Now, Russia initiates its aggressions.  When these aggressions are finished, a new series of events will happen.  Each series of events invites the world to seek God and his mercy.

March 27, 2014: 7. When Blessings Are Delayed 

When all of these events have happened, the world will be even more vulnerable.  When it seems that all is sliding into a hopeless oblivion, I will finally come upon the world stage in the fullness of the gifts placed by the heavenly Father in my Immaculate Heart.  At this point, I can only speak about these gifts, trying to describe these special helps which will be totally accommodated to the world’s needs and completely able to reverse what everyone thought was irreversible.

However, accepting my gifts will demand a great level of faith and devotion.  These extraordinary gifts will need an extraordinary response.
Unfortunately, this pouring out of blessings will happen late, after much suffering occurs that was not meant to happen.  The earlier my blessings pour forth, the easier to receive them.  The earlier my blessings pour forth, the less damage inflicted by Satan.

O reader, see the importance of today.  Do not waste today.  Do not say, “Someday, Mary will solve all these problems”, as if you can sit back and watch. You must intercede.  You must fast.  You must ask with expectant faith.  The whole world needs your daily prayers, especially the rosary.
Comment:  Mary wants our day to be filled with spiritual activity and deep trust.

March 28, 2014: 8. The Two Realities 

No one can see the end of the road, that moment when I defeat the Evil One.  Yes, the end of the road results in a victory, a final victory.  Satan is cast out.  The world returns to a simplicity.  Peace reigns for a while.   God’s presence covers the earth because people, having experienced the events, have turned their hearts to God.  That is the end of the road, but so much to travel before then and it is to these pilgrims that I must speak.

The time ahead will be filled with the greatest trials and the greatest helps which God has ever bestowed upon mankind.  You must see two realities to make the right choices and to not lose hope.

The first reality is that world history will be filled with catastrophes (that is the only word I can use) many of them caused by man himself, and in particular by Russia.  However, do not let fear fill your hearts because there is a second reality, a world filled with the greatest gifts ever given to mankind by God.  You must know that these extraordinary helps are available.  You must gather with others so your faith multiplies and is not stolen.  You must firmly believe in and seek the powers.  My words must always guide you.  Do not fear.  I am always with you.
Comment: Mankind will face moments of catastrophes.  In those moments, can it believe in God’s extraordinary helps?

March 29, 2014: 9. Unrest in the Ukraine 

When danger is far away, a mother speaks in a general way, trying to prepare her children.  She gives them no specifics so they are not filled with fear.  As the trials come closer, she can tell them how to prepare.  When the trials are upon them, she gives very specific words, so they know exactly what is happening.  In this way, she lessens their fears and takes away their confusion.  A mother’s words console and give peace.

My words are specific and will grow even more so.  Amid your many fears, you can fully trust that I will speak to you.  Trust my words.  I will not lead you astray.  Now I must speak of the growing evil.

These months will focus on the Ukraine and the great desires of Putin.   Now that he has Crimea, where will he stop?  Is there some magic line that he will draw to say “this far and no farther”?  Will the West draw a line and be willing to back up their words with military force?

These questions and answers are obvious.  Unfortunately, devouring Crimea will not satisfy Putin’s appetite nor end his aggressions.  These months of the Russian bear are just beginning.
Comment:  Putin’s aggressions will lead him wherever he finds an opening.

March 30, 2014: 10. The Moment of Mystery 

Now, what are we coming to?   I do not say a crossroads because mankind long ago came to that point and began to walk this present road.  We do not come to a dead end, because with human history, there is no dead end.  Time always moves along and new births are always happening.
We are coming to the moment of mystery, a great mystery far beyond the ability of man to even imagine.

In the face of this mystery, man will be totally helpless.  All the powers that he has taken into his hands will avail nothing.  All his human wisdom will be as foolishness.  In this moment of mystery, man will be confronted with supernatural powers.

How difficult to describe these supernatural powers to a world that is still stable and operating in its own power.  All I can say is that one event will follow another.  Gradually, mankind will see that its powers are of no avail.  Some will despair.  However, those with faith and all who want to receive my help (I will multiply their numbers) will call upon me and I will more and more manifest my power as the Woman Clothed With the Sun.
Comment:  Begin now.   Do not wait.  Give Mary power over your daily life.  Say the rosary.  That is the chain that bonds you to her.

March 31, 2014: 11. The Faith That Leads To Greatness 

When the dust settles and the new realignment of Europe is completed, those countries associated with the West will have shrunk.  New dangers will arise because the borders of Putin’s powers will directly touch more of the West.  It will be a new reality, totally unforeseen by the West which was unprepared for these moves.

All of this will add much more quickly to the economic pressures which already plague the European nations.  One problem is added to another, all done very cleverly by a Satanic intellect that far outstrips human plans.  I have explained the forces that have quickly risen to the surface.  Many more are ready to come forth in other places and in other areas of human life.

When will these events drive man to his knees and to a return to the Catholic faith that so many have abandoned.  Faith formed the West.  Faith led to the greatness of the West.  Faith sent forth missionaries and found new lands.  The source of the West’s greatness is the only source of the West’s salvation.  Return, O West, to your heavenly Mother.  I await you.  My arms are outstretched.  You still hold a special place in my heart.
Comment:  In spite of all these problems, Mary always ends on a note of hope.

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 4/1-9/14 ★ God Must Intervene - So soon! The events will happen soon.

1. The Locution’s First Word – The Family 
Apr 1st, 2014 

The world must struggle with so many problems. It has overreached and stretched itself too thin, believing that it can accomplish far more than its resources will permit. Its plans have gone beyond its true powers. I will now speak about these issues and what has happened.

From the beginning, God wanted the family as the central foundation of the nation. The child was to be born from the mutual love of a man and a woman, totally committed to their marital union and willing to accept this responsibility for a new life. From the parents, the child would learn its language, its name and its place in the wider community. This was God’s plan and the community was to foster this and keep the family as its primary goal, realizing that its strength and vitality came from family life.

The family is in shreds. Outside forces have destroyed it, placing pressures that so few can withstand. What can be done? The problem began with over-reaching and wanting too much. The families must scale back, placing their focus on intimacy and relationships, rather than on things and income. I will help every family who calls on me. The rosary is the means to accomplish this goal.

2. The Locutions Speak About Human History 
Apr 2nd 


Mankind always stumbles and falls, never reaching the heights to which God calls it. Human history is filled with frustrations. Goals are gained for a moment and then lost. Eras of greatness are soon followed by decline. The highest altruism gives way, in time, to selfishness and venality. Some make great sacrifices to gain peace followed by others who squander the victory.

I do not speak of just one moment of human history, or of just one era. In all of history, growth turns into decline. What was built soon falls apart. Such is the human condition.

However, what is happening today flows not just from the selfishness of mankind but from the intelligence and hatred of hell itself. The very linchpins of civilizations are loosened. The structures themselves will collapse. What is happening is not just a cycle of human history which will correct itself, but a complete collapse from which there will be no return.

I must awaken the whole world. I must enlighten every intellect and stir every heart. Only the gifts placed in my Immaculate Heart can prevent and save. O reader, do not wait for others. Come and bring others to me. The rosary is the door of entrance.

3. The Locutions Speak of Satan’s Plan 
Apr 3rd, 2014 


In the great light given to me by the heavenly Father, I see all of reality. I see the causes of illness, of strife and of war. I also see all that sin destroys. I want to speak of these realities (which mankind takes for granted) and how they change the original plan of the Father.

All of human history is not what God intended. From the very beginning, human life was stolen from the Father’s hands, pulled away from the orbit of his love and set upon this path which mankind calls inevitable, namely the rise and fall of nations, the collapse of family life, the constant wars, and violence. These are inevitable only because mankind, from the beginning, walked away from heaven’s blessings. From the beginning, the Father also promised a Woman whose Son would offer mankind a new moment of life, a way of reversing that original moment of sin, and a chance to be freed from what seems to be the inevitable cycles that plague human life.

However, this has happened only infrequently, when in eras of great faith, a new civilization was born, with ideals born from His words and His Spirit. The world has put away this gift and instead, has plunged ahead into unimaginable darkness.

The world has not just come into a destructive moment in the cycle of history. Mankind comes to a moment of unbelievable destruction, carefully plotted out by the Evil One. He wants to tilt the whole world in his favor, so that all of mankind slides to him and only the few are able to gain God’s life.

He sees this moment on the horizon. He is not interested in just a particular nation. He wants the whole world. He wants to complete the result of that original sin. He wants to destroy those helps which God promised immediately to Adam and Eve, specifically the promise of the Woman and her Son.

We are in a war, and sides must be chosen.

4. God Must Intervene 
Apr 4th, 2014 


The human person and human history are blessed when God comes first. This is the order of creation. When God is not given his rightful place, human life unravels and mankind falls into many unforeseen dangers. God himself is the very core of human life. When he is rejected, nothing fits together. All is subjected to destructive forces that inevitably bring about confusion and decay. At each of these moments, God must intervene to correct human life and restore balance.

This is what I have been describing so clearly. Because God no longer comes first, destructive forces have torn apart human life, which is constantly more vulnerable to even greater evils. Evil upon evil. Destruction and violence. Do you not see this every day?

However, I do not come to emphasize what you know, but to speak of what is hidden. As always, God wishes to intervene, to gather mankind, and to bring order out of chaos. Was this not his original intention in creation? When his creation was ruined by sin, did he not promise a Woman whom he would use to intervene? The Woman is ready. When she is invoked and when Russia is consecrated to her heart, order will begin to return to creation.

5. The Locutions – Mary’s Stream of Light 
Apr 5th, 2014


When man does not know or believe in God, the lights go out. Although walking in darkness, man believes that he sees. With great love, the heavenly Father pierced these clouds of darkness and sent his only Son, Jesus, who offers light to the world. However, time and again, mankind rejects this light and casts itself back into the darkness.

At this moment, fateful and irreversible choices are being made. Human history is different. The stakes are higher and the consequences are stark. So, the Father has sent me, the Woman Clothed With the Sun, to release a great light, never before given to the human race. At a moment when all could become total darkness, man will be able to choose the light.

I say this again and again. The hour of Jesus’ death was a moment of darkness. This present era is a similar moment of darkness and only heaven’s light can save the world. Do not be surprised that I speak every day. The darkness will be so complete that the whole world will depend on these locutions. They will be my stream of light.

6. Speaking Every Day 
Apr 6th, 2014 


“No one knows the day and the hour. Stay awake”. So many sleep! They are taken up with the daily cares and engrossed in their own pursuits. “The heavenly Father knows all that you need. Seek first the kingdom of God, and all these things will be given you besides.” This was Jesus’ teaching.

I must speak every day because modern man hears so many voices. These voices penetrate his heart and bombard him. He cannot escape their constant knocking. They always vie for his attention.

I speak a different word, which contradicts the world’s daily message. My word is about a kingdom that is coming in great power. God will come to save man in the day and hour unknown to everyone. Stay awake! Do not let your spirits be bloated. My word is daily calling you every day. Whoever stays awake will see. Whoever is asleep will miss out.

7. Roar Like A Lion 
Apr 7th, 2014


The days grow fewer. The time runs out when other solutions would have been possible. Soon, the only option that will exist is war, the final battle between heaven and hell which will take place on earth and within human history.

Yet, the world goes along as if all is well. The battle cry that issues form my heart is heard only by a few. I have raised up many voices but these are quieted and put in their place. “This is only private revelation” says the Church. “It can be accepted or rejected. It does not belong to the Deposit of Revelation”. Such is the reply that I so often hear. Why do I speak, if people are not to listen? What good is a warning, if no one heeds my words?

This is my promise. I will raise up my special son and no one will quiet him. He will roar like a lion even thought his heart is like a tender lamb. He will speak my words to the nations and all will hear. No one shall “put him in his place” because, suddenly and without consulting anyone, I will put him in my place and all will know that he speaks in my name. Such is the gift that still remains hidden in my Immaculate Heart.

8. Locutions That Save 
Apr 8th, 2014


Mankind is like a child lost in a forest, who long ago left the road to chase after the butterflies of momentary pleasures. Although the child realizes that he is lost, he knows nothing else but to continue seeking the passing delights. As the pleasures increase and as the way of satisfying his cravings grow, then the sense of loss is assuaged. He begins to enjoy the forest and forgets that he is lost.

However, a moment comes when truth forces itself upon him. Who will be there for him in that moment of his despair? Who will say, “All is not lost. A path exists to bring you back to the road of your childhood faith. Then, you can take up your journey to God as you did before”.

I am that voice and these locutions are my words They resound right now in your heart. O child of God, you are lost. You have set aside the goals of your faith. You have abandoned your religious pursuits for passing delights. But I have a new life for you. Do not believe that your past wanderings condemn you to remain forever in the forest of sin. Come, take my hand. I will lead you back.

9. The Surprising Light of the Locutions 
Apr 9th, 2014 


So soon! The events will happen soon. Many will be unprepared. Therefore, I must speak and speak and speak until the Church understands that this voice must be listened to, and even exalted, so that more can listen.

These locutions began as a tiny voice, heard only in the heart of the one I chose. “How long will they continue? What topics will they explain?” These were the early questions. It is clear that I will speak each day and I will speak on every topic that is important to the trials that face mankind today.

These locutions are a surprising light which Satan never planned for. They are sent forth under obedience and made available immediately to the whole world. The locutions go step by step. They are bold, but not reckless. They speak of terrible events, but always with hope. They are my means of speaking quickly and accurately to the whole world.

These locutions are signs of my care and concern. They will continually pour forth and, in the moments of great darkness, their light will grow stronger. No one will put out this light because no one can stop me from speaking to the one whom I love and have chosen.

Satan will attempt to destroy this website but those whom I have chosen will constantly find ways to communicate the messages.

ABSOLUTELY URGENT: The Wars of Heaven & Hell ★LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 4/ 10-18 /14 ★ Putin - The Hammer of Satan - The Western leaders are not his equal, The world is in darkness & the Church is silent. ...When will the Church understand.? Stand alone. Refuse to accept unworthy leaders, no matter what they promise or no matter how desperate is the situation.

'the Gates of hell He will surprise!'

1. Putin – Satan’s Perfect Instrument
Apr 10th, 2014 - Mary

There is so much to explain. I will not stop. Because the world and the Church are entering into darkness, I will continually speak . Already, the events unfold which will only be understood later.

The evil in Russia, planted in its soil by the slain bodies of millions, has refashioned itself. It has survived the perestroika (restructuring) of Gorbachav and has been modernized by Putin. Putin is the important figure, fashioned by Satan as his perfect instrument.

He has surprisingly risen to the top. First, there was his training. When he was ready, door after door opened to him. He was planted early in Satan’s heart and now comes forth, ready to release Russia’s evils on the whole world.

He has absolute power and has surrounded himself with those who are faithful to him alone. He knows that he has built both the country and his political machine well, having removed whomever he could not trust. His years of conquest lie ahead. He has no restraints.

Satan feeds him his ideas and stokes his ambitions. Nothing will stop him. The West is in disarray and has no plan except to react in the moments of crisis. I was not mistaken in asking that Russia be consecrated to my Immaculate Heart. I am the only one who can stop Putin. No one else is his match.

2. Middle East Events (Special Locution)
Apr 10th, 2014 - Jesus

When the withdrawal of troops is completed, the very bowels of Afghanistan will be rent asunder, spilling out everywhere in the Middle East. Iraq will continue to sink into its civil wars. The fires in Syria will burn and burn. Neither side will withdraw from the conflict. Pakistan is a nuclear powder keg that waits to be lit after the government topples. Iran constantly rises, assuring its place in the Middle East by destabilizing its neighbors and fomenting unrest.

Iran is now surrounded by protecting treaties that have been negotiated in complete foolishness. These guarantees only embolden its plans. As Iran continues to satisfy the West (and it will make sure to do that), it is free to engage in all its undercover activities.

Putin is actively setting the agenda. He knows the path he has set for the Middle East. He stands in great contrast to the West, which stumbles along with no understanding of these events. These events are not just shaping the world. They are preparing the world for even greater, unimaginable events. I speak so clearly because time is running out and no one is listening.

3. The Supernatural Forces
Apr 11th, 2014 - Mary

Because so many forces are at work, no one can see the many events that will happen. People are unaware of these forces because they reject the supernatural world of heaven and hell.

Heaven loves earth. The heavenly Father has already intervened in Jesus who sent his Holy Spirit upon the disciples. The Spirit is constantly intervening in every heart that allows him to work.

These locutions reveal another, very special intervention of the Father. This is the new age of my Immaculate Heart and my coming forth upon the world stage as the Woman Clothed With the Sun.

Hell also intervenes. (Is this not evident to everyone?) People give themselves to darkness. They are rewarded with earthly titles and earthly powers. Through these people, the darkness grows. I have pointed this out quite specifically many times. Even these people of darkness are kept in the dark, having no idea of how Satan is using them (and will soon discard them as he fashions greater instruments of his darkness).

All of this is frightening. Therefore, I must use these locutions to form the minds and hearts of those whom I will use in the great battle. For now, just remain close to me and keep your hearts away from every darkness.

4. The Wars of Heaven and Hell (Special Locution)
Apr 11th, 2014 - Jesus

There will seemingly be no end to these events. One will follow another, like waves of the ocean which have an inexhaustible source. Do not fear. Hell is limited. Heaven is not.

If my people call upon me, I will unleash the waves of heaven, blessings after blessings, which no one can imagine. I will raise up those of good heart, empowering them and sending them forth. I will place faith in some people’s hearts which will move mountains and words on the lips of others that will turn many back to me. It will be a time of signs and wonders.

This war between the two forces, heaven and hell, will break out into open warfare with great tides of evil and destruction. At the same time, the greatest powers that heaven has ever unleashed upon the world will come forth.

Man cannot save himself. He will either turn to heaven and be rescued or be carried away by the waves of hell. I speak because that time is near at hand.

5. Sending Forth the Locutions (Special Locution)
Apr 11th, 2014 - Jesus

The locutions are a small but tested stream, given now for three years. They speak of political events and worldwide events but they do so only within this little stream of faithful readers.

It is time to take new action. The seeds of these locutions must be planted in the great field of the world itself. Many will be surprised as the prophetic words are verified by world events. People will understand that heaven is giving forth its light.

I want to march against the darkness that surrounds the world and dispel it. Let everyone who reads these locutions become messengers of the locutions. Take them everywhere – to the television stations, to the radio stations, to the newspapers and magazines. These locutions must be known everywhere.

I want these locutions to go forth first of all to the world, not to the Church. The Church has many streams of private revelations and these locutions seem to be just one of many. However, if the locutions go forth to the world and the world shows great interest, then the Church itself will begin to investigate and see that these locutions are not just one among many.

As these locutions go to the world, I will increase their power and clarity so the world is convinced that heaven is speaking. I will begin with Russia and the Ukraine.

Russia will surround the Ukraine with its darkness and its fire. The pressure will be intense. As the time goes on, cracks will appear in the Ukraine and divisions will take place. The Ukraine has various cultures, with ethnic groups and sub-divisions, almost too numerous to describe (due to the centuries of its history).

Russia will apply its darkness by surrounding the Ukraine and keeping out the West. It will also apply its fire by the internal pressures that cause divisions. Very soon, many parts will appear and separate, all in different ways and in different degrees. Political unity will be shattered and its restoration will be impossible. New forms of political life will emerge. All will evolve into something new and all will be to Putin’s gain. How much he will gain, no one can foresee now, but he does not need a crystal ball. He needs only to apply the Russian darkness and the Russian fire.

The Ukraine will self-divide because its political ties are already weak. Some regions will divide quickly and move politically out from under Kiev. Others will form a different relationship with Kiev. These first steps will not be the final steps.

Larger sections of the Ukraine will move more slowly but their movement will shake the Ukraine even more. The final stage of the Ukraine will be hard to recognize, far removed from the political arrangement that formerly existed.

6. Our Lady’s Strategy
Apr 12th, 2014 - Mary

So many sorrows, always mounting higher! When will it end? Satan’s desires are never quenched. Suffering only feeds his hunger. Suffering, suffering, suffering. His kingdom knows only suffering. Victories for him must be filled to the top with suffering. Look out over the world. Sufferings are everywhere, a sure sign that the world is falling quickly into his hands.

I stand atop another mountain from which flows only light and consolations. Satan has covered over this mountain. He has turned people’s eyes away from me. When I speak, he whispers, “This is only private revelation”.

By these locutions, I descend from this mountain and adopt a new, surprising strategy. I knock on every door. I plead with every heart. People even ask, “Would Mary speak this way? Would she speak about world events? Would her words be so down to earth? She speaks so clearly, so easily, in teachings that all can understand.”

Yes, I have left my mountaintop of light and have entered the valley of darkness only so I might lead the whole world back to my mountain. Only then will they overcome the mounting sufferings which Satan has planned.

7. Messengers of the Locutions
Apr 13th, 2014 - Mary

I cannot wait any longer. The gifts in my Immaculate Heart must go forth. I will no longer use the established ways. I will go into the marketplace. I will cry out in the city square. I will walk the streets. My voice will be everywhere. I will use the messengers of the locutions. Armed with my words, fervent in their zeal, and using every means possible, they must take these locutions everywhere. The whole world must know about these locutions.

For years now, I have spoken and have gathered a large and faithful audience. They cherish my words and often discuss “the locutions”. These faithful bearers of the word must now multiply their power and their presence. They must send these locutions everywhere. Let the media, the television stations, the radio stations, the newspapers and magazines know about these locutions.

I speak often about political realities and politicians. Let the mass media be aware. I want the whole world to listen. I will begin a new stage of the locutions. Names and places and events will be put into the open. All will be revealed. I can wait no longer. As these locutions go to the world, I will increase their power and clarity so the world is convinced that heaven is speaking.

8. The Flood Waters of Immorality
Apr 14th, 2014 - Mary

The events flow on but they are not like waves hitting upon rocks that easily turn them back and surrender nothing. These events are like floods that come and stay, ruining all that was so carefully built.

Mankind has welcomed these new moral evils that did not happen in earlier societies. After the original waves, came the deluge, the effects that man could not foresee. His city crumbles before his very eyes. The beauty is marred and human life descends to a lower level.

I speak now of all the moral ills to which society has opened its doors. These visitors will not leave. They have captured the day and are ingrained into society. There are always new visitors, and others that are soon to come. These enemies are not at the door. They are inside, like the flood waters, and they will not leave. Society welcomes them, even votes to accept them.

Laws are ineffective and politicians are no match for their power. I must offer society a powerful light so that it sees what it has done. Only when there is a divine enlightenment will society turn back and begin to clean out these flood waters.

9. (Special Locution)
Apr 14th, 2014 - Jesus

Pope Francis wants only blessings for the Church, and desires to make the Church a place where everyone is welcome. He wants to study the needs of the Church and has begun this process by calling a Synod, which will face the issues of family life.

There will be three stages. First, the time leading up to the Synod. Second, the Synod itself and third, the Church after the Synod. The Synod will be a watershed. The desire to accommodate and to be open will come at a high price. People will speak up. Some guided by heaven and others guided by hell.

Before the Synod, survey results will be revealed by those who want to influence the outcome. At the Synod itself, some bishops will say things that will break with traditional morality. Others will make suggestions that cannot be followed. All of that will lead to the time after the Synod.

Some, to the far right, will have difficulty in accepting the tone of the Synod. The vast majority of Catholics will wonder what took place and just what was determined. There is a third group which has advocated serious changes in the Church’s teachings concerning family life issues. They will see the Synod as the vindication, at long last, of their positions (even though this was not explicitly said).

After the Synod, the Church will be known as the Church of Pope Francis. More than anything else, the Synod will put its stamp on this pontificate, just as Vatican II did for Pope John XXIII.

The Church, however, will not be ready for the fierce battles that lie ahead. It will not be a Church formed by the Woman Clothed With the Sun, nor will it be able to confront the great forces that are shaping the world. The Church of Pope Francis will not be ready. It will be a popular, accepting and open Church but will not be ready for the future events.

10. A New Role
Apr 15th, 2014 - Mary

I must force the world (and the Church) to face certain realities. Even though these realities lie in the future, their time is at hand. They are not far away. The first waves have already lashed at the shore and more will inevitably come.

The world is in darkness and the Church is silent. So, I must take the initiative. My voice will ring out. My words will be heard by all. I will become the prophet of this age. Has this ever happened before? Has the virgin mother of God ever assumed such a role? No. Never. Previously, I have spoken in remote places and allowed my words to be carried by messengers. I have tried this, but the faithful messengers were not heeded. I can no longer use a messenger who is set aside.

I must come into the heart of the world and of the Church. I will come to both at once. My words will not be placed in the hearts of my messengers. They will be placed before the whole world. No one will keep my messages hidden. They will be given to the whole world in a minute, in the twinkling of an eye. There will be no coverups. No one can change or interpret my words away. All the world will know my exact words from the beginning.

11. Putin and Western Europe (Special Locution)
Apr 15th, 2014 - Jesus

Destruction is everywhere in the Ukraine. The very ground of stability is being pulled away, not just from the Ukraine but from all of Western Europe. No natural wall exists that will protect it.

Western Europe is not dealing with an old Russia, based upon a corrupt Communist Party and a closed economy. Putin’s Russia is different. It has infiltrated Western economies and welcomed Western businesses. Putin has removed anyone who was against him and has changed the political system. He has complete command.

In the Ukraine, he feels completely confident. Russia is geographically close and the Ukrainian economy compares poorly with Russia’s. Many people are of Russian descent and seek to be reunited with Russia. The Kiev government is both new and weak. Putin knows that the Ukraine is his and he has various ways of gaining it.

More important, these same factors hold true in other, nearby nations. Already, some peoples who sought independence a few decades ago, are unhappy with the results and believe that they would do better to return. Putin’s formula has appeal in many places. All of this will shake Europe, and even America. All will be shifted. Putin is Satan’s perfect instrument.

There is also the Muslim world of Iran, Syria and others whom he has befriended. All share a hatred for the West and a desire for world domination. They will see themselves as more and more united in this hatred, especially as the West appears so defenseless and an easy prey. I have spoken before of international groupings that pay no attention to national boundaries.

Even the West will no longer have a stability. All will be destabilized. There will be many events, one greater than another.

12. Putin-The Hammer of Satan
Apr 16th, 2014 - Mary

The story unfolds in a surprising way. What was thought to be stable and decided, namely, the allegiance of the nations after the collapse of Communism, is suddenly making a different choice. The tide is being reversed. Voices that clamored for independence now want to be united again with Russia.

Where does this force come from? What has turned the people around so quickly? Have they forgotten so soon what their former life was like? Do they know what awaits them?

What is taking place rests totally and completely in the soul of one man – Vladimir Putin. For years, Satan guided and protected him, keeping him out of the limelight and always fostering his career. At the right moment, he lifted him up. No one expected him to last long but he moved quickly to grab, to consolidate, and then to cling to his power.

Putin sits in the very center of Satan’s plans. He has kept alive the dictator in Syria and has provided scientists to Iran. He has fostered relationships with all who hate the West and has clearly made them dependent upon himself. He grabs wealth that is not his and fashions everything according to Satan’s plans. The Western leaders are not his equal, even though their resources are much greater.

Putin will be the hammer which Satan uses again and again to weaken the West and cause unforeseen troubles. His stealing the Ukraine rips a massive hole in the protection surrounding Europe. At this point, nothing in Europe is safe. The European leaders thought they had built a strong city. Now, they do not even have a wall protecting their interests.

13. Against the One World Order
Apr 17th, 2014 - Mary

When did this begin, the moment when the course of world events no longer lies in the hands of mankind? Man has never been able to decide his own history. Unforeseen events have always happened but these did not affect what man could decide. Parts of the world remained in his control and the human race would reestablish a center of order and culture.

Before this century, there never existed a truly world-wide power. Various empires rose up that conquered parts of the world but much of human life was beyond their control. How the heavenly Father loves the diversity of nations and peoples! These guarantee the future of the human race. He wanted man to spread out, over the entire globe so no one person or one power could ever gain complete control. He guaranteed this at the tower of Babel with the multiplicity of languages.

Now, a one world order is emerging. Nations give up their uniqueness to enjoy a greater share in the world’s goods. The growing crisis will only hasten this process which Satan is ready to use. As the one world order begins, the heavenly Father’s plan for the diversity of the nations will be reversed. All will come together but not to celebrate the banquet of the Lamb. The world will become like an army, trapped with nowhere to go, an easy prey for its enemies.

These are powerful forces that already are causing profound changes. Satan’s crises will be used as proof and excuses that mankind must hurry ____ this path of one world order, one government, one currency. “Nations can no longer survive on their own”, they will say. “National currencies and natural interests must be sacrificed”.

I say all of this so the Church understands that these worldwide forces will sweep the Church itself into its stream. When will the Church understand.? Only the Woman Clothed With the Sun can stop the creation of a one world order and bring about God’s original plan of diversity. Nations will flourish in their diversity as they truly help one another and allow each nation to retain its sovereignty.

God’s plan and the world’s plan are totally at odds. The world’s plan is Satan’s ploy. He wants a total, worldwide destruction which he can accomplish in one swoop if only he destroys God’s diversity. Only the Woman can thwart his plans.

14. Satan’s Leaders
Apr 18th, 2014 - Mary

A tunnel of darkness lies ahead which mankind must not enter. Oh, how Satan wants the world to enter his tunnel. It will seem like the perfect solution to all the crises and events. The tunnel will be a leader whom Satan will raise up. I will explain his methods, which he is now using in the Ukraine and elsewhere.

First, he destabilizes a region. He causes unrest and protests. He causes sufferings and shortages that cause people to grow dissatisfied. When he brings a group or a people to this point, he leads on to the scene a leader whom he has prepared. Even though people have many reservations, they willingly accept this leader, believing that he will end their hardships. The is the formula he used in Russia to raise up Putin and the formula which Putin uses to gain the Ukraine and other placed.

Right now, the West does not experience hardships like the Ukraine. Satan’s powerful destabilizing action has not yet been fully released. However, events will begin, one after another, that will shake the West. Be assured, that Satan already has his leaders prepared to come forth. They are hidden now but, at the right moment, they will begin to proclaim themselves as the saviors. Each one in a different place on a different situation.

People will surrender their freedoms and will accept a leadership that they would easily have rejected in more stable moments. This was the path taken by Hitler and many others. People forfeited their independence and their human rights to gin a stability. Instead they entered Satan’s tunnel and could not turn back. Only in the future, will Satan’s greatest leader arise. He will not be national or regional. He will be international and worldwide. It will always be the same formula. Worldwide unrest and a leader who promises to be the solution, but is really Satan’s tunnel.

I want to avoid all of this. I spell this out so the whole world is enlightened. Do not give up your God-given rights. Do not be drawn into false alliances. Foster diversity. Stand alone. Refuse to accept unworthy leaders, no matter what they promise or no matter how desperate is the situation.

People rightly ask, “How can we resist? How can we not go along?” You need the Woman Clothed With the Sun to help you. I can change world events and I will do so for those who call on my name. It is easy to surrender and difficult to resist but a moment of victory comes when the battle has been won.

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 4/ 19-24 /14 ★ Russia will continue to pour out Satan’s sufferings. It is late. It is so late.

3. Against Satan’s Sufferings
Apr 19th, 2014 - Mary

Suffering causes man to set aside important values, even much of what he treasured and believed. Satan’s plans always include much suffering so he can shake a person away from their beliefs.

In the twentieth century, he used the two great wars to tear Europe away from the church. The foundations of the people’s faith were shaken because the established order was overturned. Instead of heaven, they saw hell on earth. Satan’s plans for the future will be the same. He will fill the world with suffering. He will shake the established order so he can steal faith in God from people’s hearts.

I hate Satan’s suffering and I will raise up people who will protect the human race. Through them, I will cast my mantle over the whole world. I want the whole world to know that I am the Woman and my great interventions will come through people whom I place in high positions.

All must begin now in the West because until Russia is consecrated to my Immaculate Heart, my powers over that country are limited. She will continue to pour out Satan’s sufferings.

4. Staying Free
Apr 20th, 2014 - Mary

The time is coming when people will be willing to trade their freedoms for security. Then, the great doors of danger open and changes can be introduced that no one ever conceived. The human race becomes like cattle, all herded into a common field. Diversity is stripped away. All are branded as if owned by others. How I want to avoid those moments and destroy the forces that bring them about.

Each person is unique, made in God’s image. All creation exists so the human person can come to a fullness of God’s image in a complete and individual way. Only the religious spirit resists the state. Only the religious spirit clings to God’s plan. Those who want a one world order know what they must do. The must first kill the religious spirit of God in man.

I have come to awaken that spirit and to stir the hearts of all. If you want your freedoms then worship God. Keep holy his day. Without God, no one is free, no matter how much they might claim their selfish freedoms.

5. Opposing A One World Government
Apr 21st, 2014 - Mary

I must begin again, always raising my voice to protest what is happening and to direct my children before it is too late. In some parts of the world, human freedoms do not exist. They have already been stolen. In the West, these freedoms are supposedly guarded by constitutions and laws. However, all of these are endangered by the crises that have happened and, especially, those that will happen.

There is an inevitable march to a one world order, in a future that is not too distant. I must speak clearly because God formed nations, giving each a particular culture and a distinct geography. Each nation is meant to prosper and all are meant to help one another. Each people must be allowed to grow according to its own unique life. All governments must respect this individuality of each nation, fostering it and helping it to prosper.

Instead, people want to destroy these rights of nations and have them sacrificed for the sake of a new world order. This only plays into Satan’s hands, gathering all the nations into a false unity and directly opposing God’s plan. Why did God split the continents? Why did God create mountains? Why did he bring about various diverse languages? Because he wanted nations to evolve. The safety of the human race lies in its diversity.

When Jesus returns, he will gather the nations. Until then, any attempt to gather the nations into a one world order comes from Satan. It is a false gathering of the nations, a counterfeit, and must be totally opposed.

6. A Song of Hope
Apr 22nd, 2014 - Mary

I will place everything before your eyes so the world will see. Mankind marches to Satan’s tune. He plays his sweet music and attracts the hearts of many, like a pied piper. Mankind only hears the music and pays no attention to his path.

So, I put forth these locutions. They have their own attraction. They resonate deeply in the heart. People say, “These words are true. I must listen more and more”. The more I speak, the greater are the numbers who listen. They find in my words new lyrics and truths that give peace.

Come, my children, just listen and I will sing you a song of hope. My songs are of a new life that comes only by faith in Jesus. I will be the new pied piper and soon the world will hear two songs, Satan’s song of death and my song of hope.

You will dance to my music and your hearts will be light. You will say, “Yes, it can be done. Mankind can turn away from selfish pursuits. He can live in harmony. Individual freedoms can flourish and goals be accomplished without surrendering our freedoms.” The secret lies in the music. I am a different drummer, playing a new song. Listen for my music in your heart. It is already playing, the band has begun.

7. Preserving Human Freedom
Apr 23rd, 2014 - Mary

Before all else, the heavenly Father desires the good of human persons. He created the whole universe for the human person and brought human persons forth as his final accomplishment. When sin had so destroyed his plan, he sent his only Son, Jesus, to restore the human person to freedom and dignity.

The human person does not exist for the government. The state must serve the good of the person, the full good of his body and soul. However, all of creation has been twisted and distorted and the Father’s plan set aside. Now mankind has enormous powers to form society against the human person and to take away his freedoms.

No one has the power to resist these forces or to turn them aside. All leads to centralization, to gathering of information and, ultimately, to total control by those who avidly seek this worldwide power. The human person is caught up in a powerful force that removes any choices.

Does not a mother love each of her children according to their individual personalities? Does she not delight in their differences? She does not force them all to be the same. As the Woman Clothed With the Sun, I want to prevent the forming of a one world order and to establish the uniqueness of nations, allowing each to flourish to their own genius. I must come quickly onto the world scene and pour out a new flame. It is late. It is so late. Only the gifts placed by God in my Immaculate Heart can save the world.

8. Special Locution
Apr 23rd, 2014 - Jesus

Kiev is like a raw nerve. The main question in the Ukraine is how close will the fighting come to Kiev? What will happen as it approaches? The West has never declared its intentions concerning the Ukraine.
The Kiev government is new and weak. Many people still feel a loyalty to the ousted president and are now questioning that decision which Putin used as his excuse to seize the Crimea.

The new government and the West are totally unprepared for these surprising events. Who will broker any truce when Putin claims that this is a civil uprising due to discontent with the new government?

My message is this. Kiev is a great flash point that could easily burst open. Putin works with a demonic intelligence which mocks the West and grabs all that is left unprotected.

9. Closing Words
Apr 24th, 2014 - Mary

Events do not just unfold. Forces behind the events bring them about. I reveal these forces and their goals so that they do not unfold. Once a road is taken and once changes are introduced, they obtain a force that is difficult to dislodge.

Rich and powerful people want a one world order. They seek to control the world so that even sovereign nations are subjected to them (even though these nations still exist and seemingly are autonomous). When a one world order is established, all nations must feed into a higher, supra-national order and follow its dictates. Very little room is left for natural sovereignty.

Crises will be used to foster this one world government. There will be pleas that humanity will be better served if nations submit their particular goals to the greater one world goal and to these superstructures.

I have spoken clearly enough. Leaders must be elected who cling strongly to national sovereignty and foster close ties among nations that respect individual nationalities and refuse to erase the boundaries created by God’s plan. Any other path is a road to Satan’s goals of a counterfeit gathering of the nations.

★ URGENT APPEAL TO POLAND FOR UKRAINE - LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 4/ 25-28 /14 ★ the fatal mistake - He is on more dangerous ground that he can ever imagine. The fires are at the door

Our Lady of Czestochowa

1. Begin from the Grassroots
Apr 25th, 2014 - Mary

I will describe the future events clearly and the forces that will shape them. I will pull back all the veils so that the whole world knows how deeply I love the human race and all that I want to do for mankind. I must reveal the very depths of my Immaculate Heart so that everyone says, “Why should we not go there? What is holding us back from such treasures?”

In this way, many will see my love because they know my secrets. They will join with others in this search, like companions on a journey. In this way, they will not lose their way nor grow discouraged. Also, they will discover so much more. What one finds, all will possess and their joys will multiply.

I will begin from the grassroots and, with the new means of social media, this can spread like wildfire. Come, I invite all of you. Listen to my song. Read my locutions. Let them claim your heart. I will speak every day to the whole world. Share these locutions with others. They will join your hearts. As your hearts are joined in my words, I will inspire you as to what steps you must take to increase this treasure. The beginnings will seem small but, after a few months, you will realize the great gifts contained in your small steps of faith.

2. President Obama’s Ideology
Apr 25th, 2014 - Jesus

All of these destructive events should not be happening this quickly. The timetable has been moved up because America has withdrawn from the world scene. All of this is due to the ideology placed deeply in the heart of President Obama. He rejects my plan for America. I blessed America so it would be strong and dominant and be a light to the nations and assume the role of a watchman.

He rejects my plans because of an ideology placed in his heart as a youth. For him, American dominance is the problem. For him, America has to be lowered in stature and become just an equal among other nations. This totally contradicts my plans for world peace. His actions show that American withdrawal allows the seeds of violence to grow unchecked.

America has elected a president whose heart is totally against all that I raised up America to be. So, I will not protect him, I will not support him. Except when America’s good is at stake, I will allow him to walk his own path. He will not have my blessings or my protections. He is on more dangerous ground that he can ever imagine.

4. Fires at the Door
Apr 27th, 2014 - Mary

The fires burn everywhere, always more brightly and with greater destruction. What was considered safe, becomes endangered. O West, you think you are far from the fires. You think that they can be contained in the Middle East or in the Ukraine. Really, they are ready to consume your houses also. First, they will surround you on every side. As they continue to burn (because you have forsaken the only means to extinguish them), they will weaken your foundations, cut you off and isolate you. Your resources will grow smaller and you will even begin to say, “Let us begin to cooperate with this fire of Russia”. This will be the fatal mistake, when you lose all your courage to expel the fire and you invite it to enter. At first, it will enter with its ingratiating smile, but then, the hatred and danger will appear. Your house is divided and a divided house soon topples.

As the Woman Clothed With the Sun I, alone, offer the waters needed to repel and, if totally obeyed, to extinguish the fires and restore world peace. Who even speaks of world peace these days? That is my promise, my total and complete promise. I will give to the world a time of peace. Who believes me? Who listens? Who acts? That is why I am raising up messengers of these locutions. The fires are at the door and the West has forsaken the only means which can extinguish the

5. The Fires of Darkness
Apr 28th, 2014 - Mary

Everything will happen so quickly. There are not just fires burning in so many places but winds that will spread Satan’s fires. Walls of protection will prove to be useless. The fires will leap over these walls. There will be fires in front and fires to the back. With so many fires in so many places, how will they be extinguished?

I am not describing what is far distant. Look around. All can see the fires everywhere. (Even in Latin America which I love so dearly.) What is not consumed? There are some places where I am venerated in a special way. They will be a sign to you. I protected Portugal in World War II and Medjugorje in the Bosnian War. Let them be clear signs to you.

Only the Woman Clothed With the Sun can protect the world from the fires that will spread so quickly. Seemingly, they will be out of control. Really, they will be very controlled by Satan and by those whose intellects he darkens with his evil. The fires of darkness. These are the future forces being released. Can no one see or grasp? Human responses are like foolishness, child’s play. The human race needs the Woman and I am ready to help all who invoke me.

6. Putin’s Method (Special Locution)
Apr 28th, 2014 - Jesus

Putin is rejoicing because he is inflicting suffering upon the Ukraine. Suffering is the key which he uses to steal what is not his. He inflicts more and more suffering until those in possession of the land and of the goods are willing to let go, so that the suffering stops.

Who is ready to stop him in his tracks? No one. The West, too, applies sufferings but compared to Putin’s sufferings and the great gains that he is acquiring, they are as no suffering at all. So, he is rejoicing and he will continue to use this method. He will cause sufferings everywhere and will increase them until he gains what is not his.

7. An Appeal to the Polish People (Special Locution)
Apr 28th, 2014 - Mary

I give these locutions because I love the Ukrainian people and they love me. How they suffered under Stalin and Communism, more than any other group. Yet, their love for me did not waver. I hold them in a special place in my heart and I use these locutions to tell them, “I love you and I have not forgotten you”.

The problem is that the West sees the Ukraine from a political point of view and that of the mass media. For the people of the Ukraine, this is not a mass media event. This is an event of blood, blood on their streets, blood in their towns and cities. This is about the sufferings of their young people and the total uprooting of their country. For the West, it is a matter of policy issues. For the people it is a matter of life and death, of darkness, of untold sufferings and of total despair.

The West will not help. The sanctions are not the answer. I must look around. To whom will I appeal? Poland loves me. They know that I have miraculously saved this nation on many occasions (as at the Vistula).

To you, O people of Poland, I appeal. You know the true stories. You see the blood. Many of you have relatives. Do all you can. Reach out to the Ukrainian people. You are not powerless. Your hearts are strong and wide open. Reach out to the Ukraine. I will be with you and you will be surprisingly successful.

A Totalitarian Russia ★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 4/29,30/14 ★ & ★ 1968 Prophecy by a 90 Year Old Norwegian Woman ★

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~ Moscow blames Kiev
~ 1968 Prophecy by a 90 Year Old Norwegian Woman
'All that I have seen of war before is only child’s play compared to this one,"

8. A Totalitarian Russia
Apr 29th, 2014 - Mary

There is no time to waste. The supposed walls of protection around the West are like paper in the presence of fire. The destruction in the Ukraine will move much more quickly and decisively than anyone can imagine. What has been set in place (supposedly dedicated to Western-style democracy) will crash and a totalitarian regime will be quickly established.

Right before the eyes of the West, Russia has suddenly become once again a totalitarian regime under the control of one person whom Satan has led to the top.

I have promised the conversion of Russia when that nation is consecrated to me. Let all the world, not just the Church, know of my promise and what is still lacking. If the Holy Father and all the bishops of the world in union with him would consecrate Russia to my Immaculate Heart, I have promised that Russia would be converted and a great period of peace would follow.

There has been no such consecration and no conversion of Russia. There has only been the removal of a wall and economic intertwining. Satan still holds the country in his grasp. He will continue to use Russia as his instrument, just as he did in the past century.

Poland, Baltic Countries & European Union 
(SPECIAL LOCUTION) Apr 30th, 2014 - Jesus


Poland is weak, no longer the militant, aggressive Poland that existed under Communism and under Pope John Paul II. It has traded it militancy for the goods of Western society, becoming soft, penetrable and ready to go along. It is no longer resistant and ready to destroy any foe that would compromise its principles. With the events in the Ukraine, Putin now turns his glance to Poland. He enjoys a new window of opportunity in Poland. He knows the former Poland (the staunch ally of the Pope) and he knows the present Poland, no long rooted in an iron-willed determination.

He knows how to plan his attack, which will be a mixture of threats, policies and enticements. He wants to change Poland’s current status. He cannot do in Poland what he is doing militarily in the Ukraine. However, he will develop other plans to draw Poland closer to Russia. This will affect all of Poland, as people realize that their status quo is being challenged by a force that NATO cannot fight because it is not primarily a military force. This force will be even more real, a relentless force that cannot be destroyed and which always has access to people’s hearts. Putin always manipulates the events so they serve Russia’s purpose. Putin will be seen as a new force within Poland itself, a pernicious force that will not withdraw, like a wolf always seeking its prey.

Baltic States

A similar, but greater influence will extend to the smaller nations along the Baltic. They are more vulnerable because their population and their resources are smaller. These nations will experience Putin’s newly revealed aggressiveness even more than Poland.

Destabilizing the European Union

Putin has his eyes set on destabilizing the European Union. Cracks have appeared in this European house because it is not well-built, or founded upon rock. This Union has never been built upon the Catholic faith. European unity is based upon self-interest. For many, self-interest in the European Union is fading quickly.

Putin knows that the European Union is a house filled with many cracks. He will apply every sort of pressure. He has one goal, to exploit those cracks and to increase their power so that the whole European Union faces serious threats to its future viability. This is almost within his reach. Putin has a wrecking ball and wants to use it to tear down the European house. He wants to fulfill the dreams of Stalin, the collapse of Western Europe and the emergence of Russia as the world power.

All of this is possible and its fulfillment can happen much more quickly than any European or American leader can conceive. The timetable is moved way ahead and Putin, as Satan’s perfect instrument, will not hesitate one moment.

I am putting the European leaders on notice of what can happen. In their foolishness, they have abandoned the faith and have built their secular union. They have no defenses against Putin, Satan’s instrument. America will be deeply shaken by this destabilizing of the European Union

9. Choosing the Wrong Woman
Apr 30th, 2014 - Mary

Before moving on, I must explain what has brought the human race to this point so that everyone understands my teachings.

Centuries ago, beginning with the French revolution, people walked away from the great faith that formed Europe. This revolution lifted up the false goddess of reason. The effects of this choice were like a knife in my Immaculate Heart. People would seek from the goddess of reason what she could never give. They would come away thirsty. Even worse, they would drink of her poisoned waters. Such has been the fruits of these 200 years in which man has chosen the wrong woman.

I quickly began to regain my place in men’s hearts. The great age of the apparitions began, leading up to the phenomena of Fatima (1917). At Fatima, the heavenly Father himself, by the great miracle, proclaimed me as the Woman Clothed With the Sun.

Since Fatima, the West has continued to exalt the goddess of reason and to walk away from faith. What has happened? Look around. Untold destruction. Millions of people dead by violence. Now, the present situation.

The West must understand the decisions made in the past. It has forsaken the Woman Clothed With the Sun for the false goddess of reason. Such is the foolishness of a child who has already destroyed so much.

You have chosen the wrong Woman, but it is not too late. I await your decision. These locutions will prepare many hearts and when I begin to reveal myself more fully, all will understand that I am the Woman Clothed With the Sun who is coming to save everyone.