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Locutions to the World ~ January 1 - Feb. 4, 2014 The Inevitable Triumph, The whole history of the world hangs in the balance.

January 01, 2014: 5. The Year 2014

The door opens, the New Year begins. Who knows what the 12 months ahead hold in store for mankind? I will speak of the world that is hidden from view.

During this year, many forces will be released that will move mankind closer and closer to the darkness. These forces are already in place. The problems will not be new but their manifestations and powers will be greater, and, in some moments, very surprising to the whole world.

The shifting from light into darkness will accelerate. Places that now claim stability will suffer violence. The economic foundations will be shaken but will not yet collapse. The turmoil will grow, yet 2014 is not the year of the great chastisements.

Although I bring a warning, I also bring hope. There is still time. However, until the great powers placed in my Immaculate Heart are released, the tide toward evil is inevitable. The forces of darkness have the field all to themselves.

The consecration of Russia will not happen in 2014. Even so, I will do all in my power to limit the darkness and to hold back the inevitable. You, O reader, cherish my love for you and seek my blessings. I do not hold these favors back from anyone who invokes me.

Comment: Mary’s description of 2014 is very clear. Neither the chastisements nor the consecration of Russia will take place.

January 02, 2014: 6. Mary's Chosen Leaders

I will open up my heart. I do not need to wait to reveal these secrets. There are many people whom I hold in my heart. These are my chosen men and women, coming from all areas of life. I chose them and I want them to be a blessing to many.

I must awaken them. They must know my plans. They must realize that I want to lift them up. First, they must come to know me and to know my ways.

I will lead some into the highest levels of leadership. I would lead one to the presidency. I would place others in positions of power so that America returns to the light. People must learn to support my choices. They must decide according to quite different values. They must ask, “Who is telling us the truth? Who will lead us into the light, even though the road is difficult? Who will insure a future America that has a solid foundation.

Pray. Ask me for these leaders and I will raise them up. The only hope for America lies in those whom I have chosen.

Comment: We get some idea of Mary’s intense activity to help America.

January 03, 2014: 7. The Paradise Built By Man

Technology has opened up new frontiers and mankind can take many different roads. He can go to the moon or to the depths of the sea. In the beginning of all these discoveries, mankind dreamed of a new world, like a new Eden, a new paradise. This time the world would be created by his own hands. This would be a world of man come of age. The need for God and for religious faith would be put far away, a relic of the past.

Now, mankind is confronted by his own world. He sees what he has built. Look carefully, mankind; you are getting a glimpse of a world without the heavenly Father. You see the road that you have chosen. Not only do you see, but you fear. Not only do you fear, but you realize that you cannot turn back.

You must inevitably move along. New discoveries. New inventions. New entanglements. New opportunities for terrorism, destruction and chaos. Satan has entrapped you in your own discoveries. He has encouraged you to build your own world, independent of religious belief.

I cannot allow the final parts to be set in place. I cannot allow the great weapons of destruction to be rolled out. I want the whole world to realize, “If we but go to Mary, she will remove us from this path”. This is my promise.

Comment: When man builds a world without God, he inevitably traps himself.

January 04, 2014: 8. My Deepest Secrets

I open wide the door of my heart and allow the whole world to see my deepest secrets. Only in this way can everyone be prepared. How can people understand the current events? How will they grasp what will happen, unless I spoke about those things? More than speak, I must instruct and teach time and again so they understand

These locutions are so important. All who read them will gain the needed wisdom. They will not be caught by surprise. They will know exactly what is happening and how to respond.

My powers are still held back but my words go forth. I will not be silent. Even though I am on the sidelines, I can speak about what is happening. So, let these words go forth. Blessed are those who hear them. Even more blessed are those who speak of them to others.

To all who read these words, I will give a special light of hope. To all who live these words, I will dwell with you, abide with you, and pour out my greatest love because you allow me to be your heavenly mother.

Comment: Although her role is limited by human decisions, Mary is doing all she can to protect the world. She will not be silent.

January 05, 2014: 9. The Pulpit of These Locutions

During the coming year, much will pour forth from my heart and the words will be recorded for all. I want the whole world to know my thoughts so that they become the thoughts of everyone.

By accepting my thoughts as their thoughts, the whole world can come to a new level of faith. When filled with faith, people choose roads of light. They conquer. They overcome. They do not tire out. They build new worlds and preserve the good that they already have. Nothing can overcome a person of faith.

But how can they believe, unless someone preaches? How many faithful preachers speak my words! Even this is not enough. I must become the world’s preacher. I must ascend this little pulpit of locutions.

Listen to your priests and to all who teach God’s word. Learn from them every day. Yet, in these extraordinary times, their word is not enough. In 2014, I promise that my word will go forth, like a surprising light in the great darkness. All who hear my word and act on it will have nothing to fear. All is safe. By these little locutions, I am able to be with my suffering children.

Comment: Mary promises to continue these locutions.

January 06, 2014: 10. Mary's Advice

I have tried to speak of the events that are ahead. Many do not listen. This is a warning to all. They have no interest. Others listen but do not act. They are not doers of the word. When the events pour forth, it will be too late. I speak now so my children will be prepared. This is what you must do.

First, stay close to the Church because only the Church can offer to you all the helps that you need.

Second, stay close to confession. Do not abandon that sacrament which has the power to cleanse and purge you.

Third, say the rosary. When you do, I will be with you. It is my special prayer.

Fourth, gather with others in small groups of prayer. You will encourage one another and offer each other protection. Does not the world tear down your faith? These groups will be a wall that isolates you from that influence.

Fifth, read my words, not only these locutions but all the words I have spoken at Fatima and Medjugorje. Study them slowly. Digest them and put them into practice.

Finally, always trust me. I never leave your side. I am always with you, not far away but close. My joy is to guide you as a mother leads her smallest child.

Comment: What Mary asks is easy to do. We must make the effort.

January 07, 2014: 11. Mary Will Be Everywhere

Man searches and searches, always seeking new ways and new inventions, always hoping that the next new discovery will finally bring the unending happiness for which he yearns. Yet, he never finds and continues to search.

He needs a new wisdom which will show him where and how to search. He must understand his own inner desires which are made for God. He avoids these truths. He shoves the Almighty to the sidelines. He even outlaws him and restricts his name from being mentioned. He removes God from public life because so many have already removed him from their private life.

So, God will send a woman to entrap man’s hearts. God has appealed to man through his Son. Now, he will seek man through the woman. This is the Father’s secret plan.

I will be everywhere. Already, I am appearing in many places. I will take on new forms. There will be new devotions, new books, new understanding. I repeat. I will be everywhere. No one will think to exclude me. And when I come, I will always bring Jesus.

January 08, 2014: 12. Changing the Future

I speak because I want everyone to see as I see and to understand the powers that are leading mankind into the darkness. Many will not care because they do not worry about the future. Others will ask, “What can we do anyway? The world lies in the hands of the important people.”

I speak clearly because every single person is important. The most important are those whom I love and whom I choose as my instruments.

Come, all you who believe, all who daily read these locutions, we will change the course of world events. We will prevent disasters, overcome evil, and remove destructive leaders. All is possible.

I do not speak to discourage. I do not reveal a future that cannot be changed. I speak now so that the future will be quite different than if we did nothing.

Take up the task. The year is still young. Commit yourself to my cause and let the blessings flow from my heart. We will work together.

Comment: Mary has so often revealed future problems but these can be changed.

January 09, 2014: 13. The Two Fires

The fires are already lit. These are the fires of war, terrorism and destruction. All the world watches. The news comes daily of more deaths, suicide bombers and of civil wars. Those who could put out these fires have withdrawn. Those still on the scene are inadequate.

The result is inevitable. The fires will grow. The West says, “They are not in my backyard”. O foolish West, as if this fire could be contained. Does it belong to just one country or to one people? Does it have limited geographical boundaries? Who can even draw the boundaries of terrorism? It has struck many countries. All feel its presence.

You need another fire, the fire of peace that burns so brightly in my heart. Yes, the two fires are already lit but only the fire of evil has gone forth. My fire is still captive, unable to go forth in battle.

This is my promise. Even though my fire has not yet been released on the world stage, I will gladly place this fire in any heart that asks. So ask and ask and ask. Every request will be granted. My fire of love is lit and wants to pour out.

Comment: Just ask, “Mary, please give me your fire”. The prayer will always be answered.

O Immaculate Heart of Mary, ardent with goodness,
show Your Love towards us.
May the flame of Your Heart, O Mary,
descend on all people.
We love You so.
Impress true love in our hearts
so that we have a continuous desire for You.
O Mary, humble and meek of heart,
remember us when we are in sin.
You know that all people sin.
Give us, by means of Your Immaculate Heart,
spiritual health.
Let us always see the goodness of Your Maternal Heart
and may we be converted
by means of the flame of Your Heart. Amen.
(Dictated by Our Lady to Jelena Vasilj of Medurgorje, 18 November 1983.)

January 10, 2014: 14. The 2014 Issues

As the bells ring out to announce a New Year, everything is not cleared away. It is not like turning to a new page. It is more like someone awakening in the morning. Soon, the good and the bad, the problems and the opportunities, come rushing back into consciousness.

I have already spoken partially of this year 2014, but I want to state clearly what lies ahead. First, terrorism will spread. No resisting force is present. The terrorists will be international. They will totally disregard national borders to create their own country, so to speak. There, they will operate free of any interference, focused totally on their goal of disrupting everything, of destabilizing governments and of throwing all into confusion, and even death.

Second, America will awaken, startled by the sharp discontinuity in its healthcare and wanting desperately to reverse the situation. But, it must awaken to much more. It must awaken to the moral evils in its midst, especially to the killing of the unborn. I say this again and again, as long as a woman, her husband, her boyfriend, her doctor are given by America, the right to kill the unborn child, then I must withhold my full blessings.

Those who seek public office are the most responsible. They cannot use the healthcare reform as a political tool and not stand fully with the unborn. I warn every politician. Do not cut off the rights of the unborn or I will cut you off from my blessings. I will reject you and raise up another. You are forewarned.

Third, I must speak of the Church and of Pope Francis. I rejoice that he is acclaimed and the papacy is seen by the world in a good light. Yes, let the Church remove whatever draws it away from simplicity. Yes, let the Church reach out, evangelize and be close to the disadvantaged. I want to draw all humanity to my motherly embrace.

However, the biggest problems do not lie within the Church but in the growing power of the kingdom of darkness. This is not a usual time in history. This is the culmination of two centuries. Satan has regrouped from his defeat at the cross and the surprise victory of Jesus at the tomb. The Holy Father must realize this.

Who can destroy this darkness? Who can avoid the disasters which inevitably lie ahead? The heavenly Father has placed this power in my Immaculate Heart and, Holy Father, only you can release that power by deciding to consecrate Russia, in union with all the bishops, to my Immaculate Heart.

I have spoken plainly of the issues that will confront the world and the Church in 2014.

Comment: Our Lady highlights the three important issues.

★ LOCUTIONS to the WORLD ~ January 11 - 17, 2014 ★ “When did this begin & how did it come about? Those who see & understand must not delay.”

January 11, 2014 
Something New Is Happening 

Let us begin to plan ahead because I do not want this year, 2014, to be sacrificed totally to the kingdom of Darkness. They will have their day and they will enjoy their victories which will bring suffering, death and destruction. However, I will begin to build my own army, hidden at first but then slowly appearing on the horizon. “Something new is happening” people will say. “When did this begin and how did it come about?”

I speak now on a new mode and I need every heart, every day and every minute. I need people of total dedication who understand my plan and put it into practice, even when they feel all is hopeless and the forces of evil are overwhelming.

O reader, I know that you are discouraged to see the darkness envelop every aspect of life.

But we must begin even in the darkness, so that, when the enemy brings out his greatest weapon, we are surprisingly ready. Will you continue to read my words, tell them to others and act on them? I await your reply.

Comment: Darkness certainly seems to be winning all the victories. Mary encourages us to believe and to follow her lead. Although you are discouraged to see darkness envelop every aspect of life, we must begin even in the darkness. Continue to read my words and act on them.

January 12, 2014 
An Overview of the Human Drama 

Where will all of this end? Where does the road lead? That is still undecided. The heavenly Father has his plan for world history. He invites. He enlightens but he does not impose his plan. Man is free, able to accept God’s invitation or to walk a different path.

History is not a drama in which each person is forced to play a role, good or bad. Human history is God’s plan and it will end up with the great victory of his Son, Jesus Christ. He will be triumphant, with all the angels and saints. That part is unchangeable. How and when that moment arrives, who will be counted among the elect, how each person will share or not share in Jesus’ victory is not predetermined. This drama plays out every single day in the choices and actions of every living human person.

Behind the scene, are two forces – divine and demonic, good and bad. They are not equal forces. Satan, in the end, will be destroyed and cast forever into hell. As yet, he is still able to greatly influence human history, mainly through people whom he controls or has some power over. This is what I constantly teach. His activity is planned and is now coming to a culmination. The great war, described in Revelation, Chapter 12, is beginning. I am the Woman Clothed With the Sun, Satan’s great adversary, hidden until this age but now being revealed. Everyone, but especially the Church, must listen to me and do as I say. Otherwise, Satan will continue to enjoy more victories.

Comment: In this lengthy locution, Mary outlines completely what she has mentioned in little parts previously. History is not a drama in which each person is forced to play a role (good or bad). Human history will end with the great victory of Jesus Christ. That part is unchangeable. How and when that moment arrives and who will be counted among the elect is not predetermined. The drama plays out every single day in the choices of every human person. In the end, Satan will be destroyed. Right now, he can influence human history through people who he controls.

January 13, 2014 
The Reader’s Daily Life 

Where do I begin in trying to pour out the feelings and thoughts that my heart contains? In the presence of a friend, words flow freely, because they will be treasured as gifts. Words reveal the heart, the deep things that are so important. These are the locutions that flow so freely. Each one gives you, reader, a glimpse. I want you to see all of my heart. Only then, can your heart belong to me. Heart to heart. This is the secret of friendship.

When Jesus was growing up, I often pondered the great mysteries that had already happened. I also pondered the future. How will his life end? Will I be there for him? I realized that all of these questions and answers were in the Father’s hands and I left them in his heart. I would just be faithful each day and allow the mystery to unfold.

This is true of your life also. So many questions. What will happen? How will my life unfold? What does the future hold?

I will speak to these issues. The heavenly Father intends for your life to be blessed and to bless others. He does not want you to fail or to walk in darkness. He has led you to these locutions. Yes, they speak about world events, but, much more important, I speak to you, to guide you along the way. Listen to me each day.

Comment: Many read the locutions to learn about future happenings. Mary’s greater purpose is to help your daily life. These locutions reveal my heart. Each locution gives a glimpse.

January 14, 2014 
The Gigantic Waves 

The full force of the evils has not yet hit. They are like gigantic waves that can be seen, still far out in the ocean, gathering strength and inevitably coming to the shoreline, threatening to sweep away all that man has built.

Yet, no one believes. No cry for repentance rings out. No widespread turning to God and conversions of life take place. It is as if mankind sits next to the calmest of oceans on a sunny day.

Is there not another force, rising ever so slowly? Seen by only a few. Yes, hidden from the eyes of the world, unknown to the mass media. I am preparing a counter force. But I must move quickly. Those who see and understand must not delay. I will speak ever so simply.

Every effort to gather in prayer in my Immaculate Heart will be blessed. Every time a heart reaches out to my heart, a blessing will go forth. Every time my heart is spoken about, blessings will fall from the heavens. Bring the whole world into my heart. It alone is the new Ark of Noah, the only safe place amid these enormous waves.

Comment:  The enormous waves are evident. How destructive they will be is still unknown. Mary constantly reveals God’s plan – to enter the Noah’s Ark of her Immaculate Heart. The full forces of evil have not yet hit. They are like enormous waves, seen far out in the ocean. Her Immaculate Heart is the new Ark of Noah, the only safe place amid these enormous waves.

January 15, 2014 
The New Ark 

I want the whole world to know the mystery of my Immaculate Heart as the new Ark of Noah. In the original ark, only a few could enter to be saved from a flood that no one could foresee.

In the new ark, the whole world can enter. In the flood, only Noah’s Ark prevailed. In the coming floods, only those in my heart will prevail. That is how important is my teaching. So, listen carefully.

The world will continue as it has been. Its sins will continue to pile up. (Need I recount what everyone can see?) There will be no large-scale repentance or millions of people suddenly turning to God. (This will come only much later, when the blessings of my heart are fully released.) Right now, entering my heart will happen one by one, or in little groups.

Do not despise these small beginnings. For even one more person to know about the new Ark and to decide to enter, is a pearl of a great price.

My hopes are clear. Enter my heart quickly and tell others to enter. Like Noah’s Ark, the door will remain open until the floods begin. After that, the doors must close. Do not delay. Do not delay.

Comment: We enter Mary’s heart by surrendering to her and following her motherly guidance. The world will continue as it is. There will be no large-scale repentance. (This will come only much later.) Right now entering Her heart (the new Ark) will happen one by one, or in little groups.

January 16, 2014 
Why the Delay? 

Why wait? Why hold back? Why do the gifts not pour forth? Why the delay? Should I not just pour out my blessings? Should I not force them upon mankind for his own good?

This approach would forget the whole purpose in creating the human race. Man is called to know and love God and live with him forever. Man can rejoice in God only if he freely chooses God.

The heavenly Father gave man all the blessings of creation. Man took these to himself and forgot the Father. Jesus poured out his blood of redemption. Man has set him aside also.

It is the human heart, the soul, the person that is important. All humanity must come to faith. They must see the works of God, know that these blessings came from God and, then, the most important step, give glory to God so they can live forever.

Selfish humanity claims God’s gifts and forgets the Giver. Humanity ruins itself and walks its present, destructive path. A time will come when I will pour out unimaginable blessings.

Right now, man’s heart must be made ready to receive.

Comment: In these locutions, Mary has often explained her plan. Today, she explains that she must hold back the gifts until man is made ready to receive them.

January 17, 2014 
Evil People in Power 

I want to reveal many secrets. To do so, I will use easy to understand words. The heavenly Father wants only to bless mankind. His first gift was creation. His second gift was Israel, the Chosen People. His ultimate gift was Jesus, his Only Begotten Son. Now, he has placed all of Jesus’ gifts in my Immaculate Heart. This is the great mystery. The heavenly Father is doing everything possible to place his blessings within mankind.

Only one thing that the Father cannot do. He cannot force man to receive. His gifts must be received in the heart (otherwise they will be lost). The heart must freely seek, ask and receive.

Some hearts are evil. They not only resist the Father’s gifts but they turn others away. This is a great mystery. When evil people come to power, they turn whole nations away. This is what is happening today. So many evil people who resist God and even hate him, are in powerful positions. Groups, large and small, whole nations, companies, governments are in the hands of those who would exclude Jesus. There must be a turning. Mankind destroys itself without the Father’s blessings and receiving the blessings demands hearts that want the blessings.

Comment: No one can understand world history without knowing the forces that lie behind that history.

★ LOCUTIONS to the WORLD ~ January 18 - 24, 2014 ★ The whole history of the world hangs in the balance.

1. Light For the Nations ~ Jan 18th, 2014

Everything comes to an end.   Evil forces rise up, are poured out and are gone.  However, the evil they leave behind in people’s hearts remains.  This happens constantly.  Every day, the waves pour out and human hearts are darkened, like a child slowly wandering off the path, not sensing its wrong direction.  Only the blinding light of my heart can light up this darkness.

I speak now to my Church.  You do not have within yourself the light that you need to illumine the nations and call all the world to my Son, Jesus.  The current evils are too powerful and the present darkness is too overwhelming.

You desperately need me and the light that comes only from my Immaculate Heart.  No other solution exists.  This is the heavenly Father’s plan.

Search where you will.  Consult your theologians.  Try your new programs.  Begin new initiatives.  They will all fail in the face of the many oceans of evil that pour out so powerfully.  Come into my heart and all will be easy and fruitful.  There are so many more secrets to reveal.

Comment:  The Church tries valiantly.  The problems lie not in the Church but in the all-encompassing darkness that penetrates human life.

2. Your Guardian Angel ~ Jan 19th, 2014

I will reveal the secrets of heaven, pulling back the veil, so all can see.  No one need be in darkness or in ignorance about the glories and the powers of the heavenly kingdom.  So often, the powers of darkness overwhelm the world and the forces of evil take center stage.  This discourages and disheartens.  People fear and doubt.  They lose faith in God and they turn off the path and get lost.

I will shine the light of heaven and will say to each soul, “Over here.  This is where you will regain the path”.  I will do this by revealing heavenly secrets, all the helps which the Father offers to his children.  This light will scatter the darkness.

I begin with your guardian angel.  At the moment of your conception, God chose an angel to guide you.  The angel is always at your side, meaning that he uses all of his powers to lead you and protect you.  Sometimes, these angels must even act physically, which gives rise to the many angel stories so common nowadays.

There is no need to list all that your angel does for you.  It is enough to say that when you die, he will accompany you and stand with you before Jesus.  His task will be complete.  You will be the only human person that he will ever guide.  You are very special to your angel.  Ask him constantly for his help.  He rejoices that you are aware of his presence.
Comment:  We were taught the Guardian Angel prayer.  “Angel of God, my guardian dear, to whom God’s love commits me here.  Ever this day be at my side, to light, to guard, to rule and guide. Amen”
{ Call On Your Angels To Lead You Into Battle ~ message to Jabez 1/28/14 }

3. The Permanent Fire of God ~ Jan 20th, 2014

Heaven has already sent God’s Spirit upon the earth, first in fragmentary and partial ways and then, in the fullness of the Pentecost fire that came upon all of us in the Upper Room.  This sending was definitive.  God completed the covenant with mankind that began with Noah and then with Abraham.

This fire of the Spirit hovers over the earth, remains always close to mankind and always desires to form human history.  This fire lives in my Immaculate Heart and from my heart I send forth its warmth.

God comes closer and closer to mankind, always finding new ways and new doors.  This Spirit of Jesus will never leave earth and will never be withdrawn.  His sending means that, he, too, has left the bosom of the Father to dwell among us.

O mankind, I speak of this divine fire so often and in so many varied images!  How often I speak of the need for man to open his heart to this fire.  The Spirit’s fire dwells in the new Ark which can be found in my heart.
Comment:  Mary speaks of a permanent fire which God has given and will not withdraw from us.

4. God’s Stunning Decision ~ Jan 21st, 2014

God is love and the first truth is that God loves.  His love is an eternal, inextinguishable and inexhaustible fire which contains every possible blessing.  His love is life itself.

From this fire comes all of creation, especially the pinnacles of creation, angels and mankind, meant to live with God forever.  To live forever, they must freely enter God’s fire, believing that this fire will not destroy but protect, not harm but bless.

God’s fire became flesh in Jesus.  Men could actually see and touch this fire.  All who chose that fire received life.  All who rejected Jesus could not receive this eternal fire.  In Jesus, was life.

The Father has made a further decision.  He has placed Jesus’ fire in my Immaculate Heart.  This is a stunning decision which many will say cannot take place.  They do not know the power of God or the love of God that leads the heavenly Father to work mysteries beyond the knowledge of man’s limited intellect.  There are two hearts, Jesus’ and mine, and we are more closely united than the sun with its rays.
Comment:  All of Mary’s capacity to help us is based on this stunning decision.

5. God’s Touches ~ Jan 22nd, 2014

I want to explain God’s touches, the inspirations of grace, the awakening of the soul.  God creates each soul for his glory.  He has a plan for every single person.  In his plan, the person finds perfect happiness and plays his role in the divine drama of human history.

How does a person discover this plan?  God touches them.  He places holy desires.  He whispers.  He speaks.  Sometimes, he even shouts and His voice is heard above every other voice.

Slowly the soul awakens.  Like the young boy, Samuel, or the blind man, Bartimaeus, the soul realizes the great truth, “The Lord is calling you”.  What a sacred and holy moment.  How decisive.  The turning point.  The moment of opportunity.  God invites the soul into a friendship with eternal consequences.  The whole history of the world hangs in the balance.  Every soul’s “yes” to God changes the world.  The drama takes place in the secret recesses of the human heart where God touches the soul, inspires it to surrender and awakens it to a glory it had never perceived before.

How can the soul respond correctly?  This is my secret.  At that moment, I am always there.  Call on my name and you will not miss out.
Comment:  Every saint and every work of God begins with God’s inner inspirations, which Mary calls “God’s touches”.

6. The Secrets of the Saints ~ Jan 23rd, 2014

Too many hold back, afraid to seek God’s favors.  So, I myself bring you into God’s presence.  I present you to him as my special child and I plead for your every need.

Among heaven’s greatest gifts is the intercession of the saints, all the saints, both known and unknown.  They plead every minute for you.  They, who now see God, want you to see God.  They, who live forever, want you to live forever.  How incessant this pleading.  How fruitful.  It gains so many helps for you.

You are not alone.  All of heaven accompanies you on your journey.  When you turn aside, and go off the road, the saints intercede even more.   When you are fervent, they rejoice.

Enter into this cloud of witnesses.  Hide yourself in their company until the day that Jesus comes for you.  Blessed are those whom he finds united with his friends.  All will enter as one.

Do not think of yourself as an individual walking a lonely path to the kingdom.  You are in the middle of all the saints who accompany you.  Just remain with them.
Comment:  As Mary reveals the secrets of heaven, we grow more and more encouraged.

7. Revealing the King’s Secrets ~ Jan 24th, 2014

The secrets of heaven are endless and they are revealed to the soul all at once as it enters into eternal life.  Here, I can only speak of them one by one, because the human mind is so limited.

For now, bathe yourself in this light that comes from my heart.  Do not seek the darkness of the world which entangles your soul in so many diversions.  I invite you to come with me on a journey.  I will lead you and God will gladly reveal all of his secrets.

The journey is a road of prayer.  I call you away from the world to walk on my path.  By these words, I invite you.  When you are still and quiet in prayer, I will come to you.  Then, you will need no words for I will flood your soul.  You will experience by grace what I have tried to explain by my feeble words.

The human heart was made to know the secrets of the King of heaven.  As his Queen, I have come to reveal them.
Comment:  Human life is filled with the mysteries of friendship, love and purpose.  The divine life of our Baptism is filled with greater mysteries.  Mary invites us to a prayerful life that makes these mysteries come alive.

This series has been remarkable in its beauty ★LOCUTIONS to the WORLD ~ Jan. 25 - Feb.4, 2014 ★ the road of divine hope “In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph” ★ Mary’s Promise


1. The Inevitable Triumph ~ 1/25/14

Let me take you in a new direction of hope.  You must see beyond the clouds that are gathering and beyond all the difficulties that beset modern life.  Dare I speak of light, even before the darkness has descended?  Should I speak of victory, even before the war has begun?  Such is the triumph of my Immaculate Heart.

At Fatima, I have promised, “In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph”.  That promise has no conditions.  No matter how little man responds, it will take place.

How many, however, will enjoy that victory?  How soon will it come?  When will the forces of love be released from my heart?  These questions have no sure answer.  Concerning these issues, much depends on mankind responding to my call.

Be filled with a hope that leads to zeal.  The inevitable victory must come as soon as possible so that millions can share its fruits.

Comment:  Mary wants zeal and action.  She wants people praying and speaking.  Every person needs Mary’s words, so tell others of these locutions.

2. A Mother’s Promptings ~ 1/26/14

No one else can show mankind the road to hope. The world is filled with false promises and easy solutions that solve nothing and lead to greater difficulties.

I point out a different road. The goal is not gained overnight, nor are the rewards quickly seen, but slowly the person realizes the deep inner changes that happen.

The road of hope leads man into his own heart where I speak and act every day. He meets me there, in the quiet of prayer. Hope grows in stillness where ideas are conceived. These ideas come from me, a mother’s promptings. They flow from my heart to every human heart. They are flowing right now, O reader, into your heart. Be still. Listen and you will hear my voice, always, always filled with hope, always offering you some solution for your greatest burdens.

Continue to read each day and you will want to walk no other road. I must get you to the end of the road where eternal life begins.

Comment: Mary’s road of hope is very real. She speaks every minute. Listen to her voice in your heart.

3. Mary’s Road ~ 1/27/14

The road to victory is not an easy road, filled with pleasures and delights.  That is why many do not walk this road even though it brings great peace.  Only faith reveals this road.  So, I say to you, “Come, let us follow this path together”.

To those who come to me, I reveal my ways.  They are so surprising and filled with my delights.  I want so much to describe this way.  Whoever walks my path is not alone.  I am always with them.  They have given themselves to me and I give myself to them.

This is the great prize.  They know that I am always with them.  Even when they fall, or wander off the path, I accompany them and bring them back.

They do not trust themselves or their own strength.  No need for that.  They trust me for everything.  Even when they bring me what is little, I add my portion and it is enough.

They never worry about their weaknesses or their failures, or the many times they do not measure up.  When they have done their best, they say, “Mary will supply the rest”.

I protect them (a thousand times a day).  I console them, providing for their needs, and they constantly give thanks, knowing that, without me, they would fail.  This is my road and all are invited to walk with me.

Comment: Just pray, “Mary, I want to walk with you”.

4. Mary’s Promise ~ 1/28/14

Even when all is dark and clouds gather on every side, when doors are shut and roads are closed, when it seems as if nothing can be done, I am still present and offer hope to the whole world.

This is my promise, the word that I have firmly given and will never, never withdraw. I am with you always.  I never abandon my children.  Even when the darkness grows and, seemingly, conquers, when all other hope is lost, I am still near, offering other paths.

This is why I must speak so often about the road of hope.  There will always be a road of hope.  When no solution seems possible there will always be a road of hope.

I must train all of my children.  They must always hear these words in their hearts.  O reader, engrave these words on your heart, “Mary will always provide a road of hope”.  I will guide your search.

Comment:  A very strong word.

5. Freedom Through Hope ~ 1/29/14

I must teach every person the road of divine hope because mankind tends to trust only its own powers.

Hope begins with a faith that believes in a benevolent Father who cares for his children in every way, who sees his children in all their needs and who desperately wants to help them.

Hope opens the mind and allows the divine light to shine in the deepest and darkest recesses, where fears have taken hold.  These fears have existed for years and the person clings tightly to them.

Hope leads the person to let go of their and to receive a freedom gained by Jesus.  When they are free, they see other choices that are much better.  They are able to walk a new road.

Hope always leads higher and to greater freedom, which the person never dreamed they could attain.  Hope prepares for future choices and prevents downward spirals.  When hope is strong, the person enjoys a protection, even against the greatest evils.  This is my road of divine hope and I invite all to walk it with me.

Comment:  Amid all the problems, how much we need these words.

6. Power of Hope ~ 1/30/14

Do not doubt the winds of hope.  They can bellow forth with great power from the hidden recesses of my heart.  Tell me.  Is this a time of hope?  Do people speak of a hope-filled future?  Do the hearts of people rejoice that so much good is taking place?

Not at all.  Fear breathes its darkness.   Hatred brings about death.  “What are we to hope in?” people ask.  “What signs portend a brighter future?”  I alone speak of hope. That word will continually be upon my lips until hope is engraved into your hearts.

Hope does nothing rash.  It quietly believes and firmly acts.  Hope fills up the vacuum left by despair and bursts the balloons floated by presumption.  Hope stands in God’s will and refuses to be moved to the left or to the right.

When the time has not yet come, hope waits.   When it does come, hope acts.  It will not hesitate when it sees what to do.  Hope protects everything from the decay of discouragement, always pushing on until gaining the goal.

Come let me pour hope into your hearts.  It carries so many blessings.

Comment:  Mary is like a poet on describing hope’s blessings.

7. The Torchlight of Hope ~ 1/31/14

I will fill the whole world with hope.  It will flow like a mighty river into every nation, every home and every heart.  My hope will go even where evil has not been able to penetrate, getting there ahead of time and capturing the position like a mighty fortress.

All must drink deeply of these waters of hope, especially in their darkest moments.  When they see no signs of success, they will drink more deeply.  When a solution becomes clear, they will move forward in hope, not holding back or waiting for a better opportunity.

Hope is the virtue of now, seizing every chance to gain the far-off goal.

When hope has conquered and when the goal, no matter how small, has been gained, the heart is ready for more hope and for greater goals.  This is my road of hope.  No looking back.  No thinking of what might have been.  Not even sorrowing over missed opportunities.

The future holds much darkness.  So, I must prepare a people of hope.  Hope is a torch-light that I place in your hands.  Never let it go out and you will always find my path.

Comment:  Mary’s strong words lift up everyone’s heart.

8. The Milk of Hope ~ 2/1/14

No need to wait for hope.  It is always present.  Take courage.  Be stouthearted.  Hope is always available.  You can grasp it at any time, like a lifeline thrown to a drowning person.

Do not look elsewhere for a better opportunity.  Accept the ray of hope that I give you every moment.  When you do, I will send more and more rays.  Hope will grow and expand in your heart.  Your feet will begin to walk, the paralysis overcome.

No more will you say, “I cannot succeed.  I cannot make the goal”.  Hope crushes discouragement beneath its feet.

“Where will I go?” you ask.  The rays of hope will provide all the light you need.  Do not walk away from them.  Do not set out on your own, trying to gain what is not in your power.

Can you not see?  Hope is a seed that contains all that you need.  It feeds you when you need strength, protects you when discouragement invades.  Gives you light in your darkness.   Stops you when you are going too far.

I am the mother of holy hope.  Come to me and I will nourish you on this saving milk.

Comment:  We need so much hope.  Mary says she is always providing it.

9. Hope Goes Everywhere ~ 2/2/14

Whenever and wherever I come, I always bring hope.  I am the mother of holy hope, and my children are without number.  I bring fearlessness in the face of great odds.  I bring patience when suffering seems interminable.  I bring peace when the person is discouraged.

I am the light on the horizon and the dawn that scatters the night.  Let everyone invoke my name and hope will settle upon them.

My hope goes everywhere, even into the crevices of fear and the hidden recesses of anxiety.  No one can stop my river of hope.  It flows endlessly and without limit.

My hope pushes back the barriers that limit human freedom.  My hope says to darkness, “You shall not enter” and to evil, “You have no place in this human heart”.

Hope is a river that brings all who live in it to the shores of heaven and deposits them there forever.

In these locutions I have revealed my secrets of hope.  I want all my children to bathe in this stream and to be carried along by its strong tide.

Comment:  This series has been remarkable in its beauty.  Like an ode to hope.

★10. Hope For the Middle East 2/3/14

I must turn my eyes to the Middle East.  Dare I speak of hope for those forsaken countries where Satan has purposely destroyed every source of hope?  The structures necessary for life have been demolished and the normal securities destroyed.  What is left?  How will these nations ever rebuild?  How can the people enjoy any level of normal human life?  With every bullet fired, hope is killed again and again.

The solution does not lie in treaties which only paper over the truth.  The deep forces of Satan must be rebuked and cast out, just as Jesus confronted Satan at every meeting.  How will this happen?  Only my pope, together with the whole Church, is able to bring about such a deliverance.  Only the Woman Clothed with the Sun holds in her hands the divine power to bring about peace in the Middle East.

This freedom from Satanic hatred and death is not the work of one day or of one year.  It will result only from a long series of events, mainly within the Church itself, that will bring about the consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart.  Russia is the key to peace in the Middle East.

Comment:  Mary wants hope to have power everywhere, even in the seemingly hopeless Middle East situation.

11. The Queen of Hope 2/4/14

Today, I have a request.  I ask my children to walk only one road – my road of hope.  There are many different t roads – roads of pleasure, of power, of discouragement and of hatred.  There are also many roads of hope.  People place hope in their own strength, or in their money, or in their position.  Reject all of those roads.

I ask you to walk only on my road of hope.  In these locutions, I have revealed this road.  Read them again.  Let the words enter your heart.  I also will enter and reign as queen of your heart.

Choose me every day as your queen.  How I love to reign.  My kingdom pours out hope.  Let me enter every room and crevice of your heart.  Wherever I go, I fill with hope.

Hope is my gift and I leave it everywhere.  I will place hope so deeply into your heart, that no matter what problems besiege you, they will never capture your inner fortress.  Hope conquers because it outlasts every difficulty.  Even if the problems last until the moment of your death, hope will be there, always the victor.  I will be there and you will have arrived at the shores of heaven.

Comment:  In your darkest moments, always choose Mary’s road of hope.