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Locutions to the World ~ March 17 to April 30, 2013

The Secrets of Two Hearts (March 17 to March 27, 2013)

 March 17, 2013 A Place of Safety 

I reveal the secrets of my heart so all can appreciate the divine fire that burns so deeply within me. I call everyone into my Sacred Heart so they are protected and kept safe. I want no harm to touch those whom I love but they need to choose to dwell where they are safe.

Why do so many not accept this invitation given at Baptism? Why do so many hide the mark of their Baptism, as if they are ashamed of me? Now I reveal my heart so all can understand what can be accomplished by bringing everything into the fire of self-giving.


I, too, will reveal the secrets of my fire, the flame of the Holy Spirit who has chosen to dwell in my Immaculate Heart. He is the Spirit of Jesus who forms every heart according to the heart of my Son. Nothing escapes him. He sees every aspect of personality, every opportunity to respond to the Father’s invitation and every danger that must be avoided. I will speak of this divine fire of the Spirit.

March 25, 2013 God’s Constant Help

How helpless is mankind, especially when he exalts himself and trusts in his own powers. Then, his foolishness is evident to all. Only one approach to God is successful – when hearts are humbled yet confident in God’s goodness.

The Father constantly holds back the evils that one nation could inflict on another. He is always destroying the plans of those who would ruin other nations. The world does not see what would have happened without the constant intervention of God. This is what I want to reveal.

Long ago, your civilizations would have been destroyed and your people reduced to untold poverty, except that the Father has not allowed this. Time and again, mercy has triumphed over justice and forgiveness over retribution. Still, man does not see the need to come to God. All is becoming secular. Man’s religious spirit is drowned in all the inventions that vie for his time and all the concerns that consume his heart. When will his heart turn back?


No one knows the secrets of human history – the wars that could have been avoided and the sufferings that did not need to happen. Mankind is again at an important moment. Wars are everywhere. However, they are little wars, regional wars fought by people against their governments or one group trying to gain an advantage over another.

The great powers are not included and the powerful destructive weapons still sit unused. How long will this continue? How long will Satan be satisfied with these little fires? “No need to turn to God. No need to invoke him” are the thoughts of many. Only a few are on their knees.

Only a few see the urgency of turning to God. When will the hearts be touched and the eyes of the nations be opened? When will a people cry out with all their hearts, day and night, seeking heaven’s help? You, who understand and see, begin now to call out. Gather as with one heart. Lift up your voices, together and continuously. These are the prayers that heaven hears.

March 25, 2013 Refusing Their Role 

Each person has a role to play, a little part in the divine drama. Yet, each is free to say “yes” or “no”. They can reject that part and assume another. When this happens, then the divine drama of human history also shifts. The Father must introduce new elements. Although each person is free to accept or to reject their role, human history must be fulfilled for the glory of the Father and for the happiness of mankind.

So much shifting has happened. So many have assumed roles that were not given to them from heaven. Human history is now a confusing picture, filled with every kind of evil. Yet, day by day, the Father’s purposes are being fulfilled.


I speak now to my little ones, those who want to hear my voice and put all into practice. You live in a world of great confusion. How can you fulfill your role when all around you is a rebellious world? When all was in order and society lived in God’s favor, all could see and understand. They could easily fulfill the role given them by God. Now, it is difficult in the darkness. That is why I speak, why I give such extraordinary helps. I who perfectly fulfilled my role in God’s plan will help everyone else to fulfill theirs. All must say with me, “Let it be done according to my word.”

March 26, 2013 The Person’s Eternal Destiny

Do not look at the surface of human events because this does not reveal the deep and hidden forces that are at work. There are two kingdoms, locked in an eternal conflict that unfolds every minute in every person’s life and in all of history. The prize is the human person himself and his eternal destiny. This prize is so great that nothing must be spared to win.

So, the Father sent me into the world and I was obedient even to the cross. Such is the value of each human person.

If I am so interested in the eternal destiny of each one, can I not ask that each person also be interested in their eternal destiny. So much is at stake but this eternal goal is set aside, ignored and endangered. O reader, I died for your eternal destiny. Do not throw away the prize of victory.


So many souls are lost. I say this so that those who still live on earth will use the means that my Son has provided. O reader, when was the last time you confessed your sins? When was the last time you even examined your conscience? Or, the last time you assisted at mass?

These are the usual steps, the normal means to save your soul. Use them and I will show you the other steps that you can easily take to gain your eternal salvation.

March 27, 2013 America – No Longer Safe 

The burned out city and the rubble of destruction are not the blessings of the heavenly Father but the power of the Evil One unleashed where he has gained control. Look at the effects.

Everything is destroyed and life cannot continue. All is suffering and hardship where few survive. Can this be? Can this happen to America, which seems to sit so safely between two oceans? Your oceans no longer protect you. They are no longer unscaleable walls that keep your enemies at bay. They can be overcome by the technology of your enemies, a technology that has fallen into their hands.


America, you have abandoned me. I guided the early explorers and led them to this new land.

It was my gift to those who believed in my Son. You have turned away from him. The divine protection that kept you like a light shining on the mountain, has been slowly stripped away.

Now your Supreme Court will consider the challenges to the defense of marriage. They will ponder the constitutional arguments, but will they consider that God made them male and female and told them to increase and multiply? If this defense of marriage falls, then untold difficulties will beset you until you return to your senses and to the God who would exalt you.

Easter Season (March 28 to April 1, 2013)

March 28, 2013 The Modern Prophets 

When I call, my disciples come. When I speak, they listen. When I send them forth, they go.

This is the heart of the true disciple who seeks only to know and to do my will.

I will gather them from every nation. They will begin to hear my call in their hearts. Already my words have gone forth, so many words, spoken by the prophets of this modern age. The words are multiplied by the means of communication. No one can stop these words. They give light to my disciples and are preparing them for the days of darkness and struggle. Let them read these words and prepare. They are my gift.


The whole world needs these words. They are offered to all, hidden from no one’s eyes, printed publicly for the whole world. They are seeds scattered to the four corners of the world, landing on strange soil and bringing forth fruit, even in the cold and the wilderness.

These words are special seeds. They need no special climate. They grow even when the sun cannot shine or where water does not reach. These words need only hearts that are open to them. It is the soil that is important, those who have good will to God and seek his life.

These souls are found everywhere even if they do not have an established Church or even if they have never heard the gospel. “Make disciples of all nations”. I am doing that through my words.

March 29, 2013 The Road to Peace

When all the forces collide and war breaks out, it is too late. The efforts at peace have broken down. At present, there is conflict. The voices that seek peace are drowned out by the violence that captures the imagination. After violence erupts, men think only of how to gain the upper hand and destroy the enemy.

Can large scale war be avoided? Is not mankind coming closer and closer to that point when the final walls of peace will be torn down?

O mankind, look at your political solutions. They are literally paper walls that easily succumb to the fires of hatred. They are non-solutions that allow mankind to stay off the true path. I am the path of peace. On this day (Good Friday), I walked the path to my death.

I laid down my life for the world. Now, I invite the world to come to me. Only my forgiveness can put out the fires of hatred that have burned so long in so many hearts. Who will listen? Who will take this road that so many despise? Let the voices of peace be lifted up again, the voices of repentance and of turning to me. O mankind, I await you in Jerusalem, at the place called Calvary.


When the bombs drop and the shots are fired, the hopes of peace go up in flames. It only takes one person to destroy and ravage, just one decision to take the final step to war. How many are ready to act! How many powerful world leaders does the Evil One control? O mankind, do you truly believe that, in this maze of destructive powers gathered in every part of the world, you can find the road to peace? You can only do one thing, that is, stumble into world conflict.

The heart, the heart of man must be touched. The hatred, greed and anger must be taken away.

Who is able to say, “Father forgive them”? Who can teach the world that working for peace is always fruitful and war is always, always destructive. Nothing good comes from war, even for the victors. Late, Oh so late and so few listen to Jesus’ words.

March 30, 2013 Are Not The Nations Filled With Confusion? 

Are not the nations filled with confusion? And when they meet, whether as friend or foe, does not the confusion multiply? They do not turn to me. They have rejected me as the light of the world. Only darkness can be their state. The light has been rejected.

Error after error. Mistake after mistake. One follows the other. Mankind is always descending, descending into greater darkness. They enter a tomb, but it is not my tomb. They have chosen a demonic tomb. What can I do? I have entered into a tomb. I have destroyed death and restored life. I offer to the world this great mystery. Choose my path. Walk in my steps. Otherwise, I can do nothing for you.


Always spiraling downwards. The safety nets have been broken. The barricades that prevented disasters have been removed. Truth has been set aside. A new philosophy reigns. The Age of Faith has been despoiled and robbed of its influence. How I weep over mankind. There is no resurrection from this demonic darkness.

I will save all whom I can save. Listen now to my words, “The world that you live in is hurtling into darkness but I give you the only chance that you have. Give your heart to my Son, Jesus. Give your time to prayer. Cultivate the inner light of faith. Search for the books that encourage and teach this path. Search. Search. Search. I will guide you.”

March 31, 2013 God Will Act 

Can a spinning top move in a straight line or find a clear direction? It is too busy turning again and again upon itself. It resists any hand that tries to send it in a clear direction. It exists and acts only for itself, with no heed of anything else.

This is the world, spinning relentlessly out of control, caught up in forces which only propel it more quickly. Nothing gives purpose or meaning. Nothing else is allowed to guide mankind’s course which is now caught up in powers far beyond its strength.

Will I act? I must act. I must take steps to stop mankind’s selfishness. These will be merciful acts that will prevent far greater destruction. However, the acts themselves will not be seen as merciful. I will explain all this ahead of time so that my people, at least, will understand.


Mankind is weighed down with past decisions, often made by others. Some are no longer living but their sins and the power of their sins live after them, perpetuated by those who follow in their footsteps. Their sinful decisions have become “the law of the land” (as they say). America is weighed down by its history and it refuses to repent. It refuses to repent of its history and go in a different direction. What else can the heavenly Father do? He must stop America in its tracks so it cannot pursue its destructive path. This is an act of mercy.

April 1, 2013 A Delay of Mercy 

Why do I wait? Why do I delay? Why do I not allow the full justice of the heavenly Father to fall upon the earth? It would be too much. Even the just would perish. Did not the farmer allow the weeds to grow along with the wheat? He refused to accept the advice of his servants. He did not want the wheat destroyed. Did not the Father agree to save Sodom if Abraham could find just ten just men? But even these could not be found, so the Father saved Lot and his family.

Such is the dealings of God with man. Punishment and justice are deferred for the sake of the elect. I keep my eyes on the just. The good man attracts my kindness and even wins mercy for others. Such are the secrets of my heart.


So we come to the end of these secrets of our hearts. We have spoken quickly and revealed what needed to be said. Ponder the words. They are secrets, the most hidden feelings. They are of the heart, the most important thoughts. We will gladly open our hearts to all who sincerely wish to know and to put into practice. Remember my words. They carry all the light you need in the coming darkness.

The Heart of Man (April 2 to April 4, 2013)

April 2, 2013 Light for the Heart

Each person must look into their heart and see their inner desires because a world of desires resides in each one’s heart. About this world, I will begin to speak. O reader, some words will reveal your own heart. Realize the gift that is being given. Do not turn away from this light, even if it is painful at first. The light contains a gift, and the gift contains my call. How else can I raise you to greatness unless I reveal what is in your heart, the good and the bad, the selfish and the self-sacrificing. Then, I can lead you to my gifts.


As the light comes, the darkness of the human heart will be removed. By my words great light will be given, the light of both heaven and earth. By faith, the human heart can learn every mystery. By faith, it must stand in awe of God, its creator. By faith, the heart can learn the mysteries of human life. It can learn the great mysteries of love, self-giving and service and the gentle mysteries, like friendship and kindness. It can learn the evil mysteries of death, hatred and violence that have entered creation by sin. All will be explained to those whom I love. Just read the messages.

April 3, 2013 The Searching of the Human Heart 

Just as the physical heart constantly beats, so the human heart constantly searches. The human person can never say, “I will search no more”. He must search. He will always search.

But where does he search when there is no light? Where does he look, when he cannot see? He turns to goals that are unworthy of human dignity or he searches for goals that will never satisfy. His heart is made for God, for heaven, for eternity. His is the eternal search for all that is beyond the human and beyond all that he can see.


Mankind suffers from tremendous illusions. It believes that the searching of the heart can be satisfied and fulfilled here on earth. He makes earth his kingdom as if his heart contained a capacity only for what he can see or taste or feel.

During these messages, I will explain the human heart with a great clarity, in all of its powers and in all of its problems. I am the Mother of the human heart and all hearts find their direction in my heart.

April 4, 2013 An Infinite Thirst 

How complex is the human heart. It seeks something and then soon finds that it must seek again. It turns in upon itself and causes its own pain. It lives in darkness but believes that it sees light. It goes from one thing to another, always seeking to have its thirst satisfied, only to discover that the thirst has grown worse.

O human heart, I have made you for myself and I invite you to come to me. I will teach you how to search. I will place spiritual desires in your heart. Yield to them, and they will lift you up to me. Quietly, ever so quietly, I speak in your heart. Listen in the quiet and you will hear my voice and we will begin the road.


So many hearts wonder why they are empty. I will explain. Your heart is infinite and is meant to hold God someday. Trying to fill it up with earthly goods will always, always leave it empty. I have given to you my Son, Jesus. He alone can fill your heart.

When you seek him, he comes to you. When you open your heart to him, he satisfies you. To seek my Son and to obey his will is your purpose in life. Do not seek any other. All will be revealed to you when you place first things, first. When you seek first his kingdom, all else is given you beside. Listen to his voice, speaking in your heart and do what he says.

Dark Secrets (April 5 to April 8, 2013)

April 5, 2013 Dark Secrets 

Some hearts have secrets, dark secrets. These are memories of the past which they dare not face, moments when they acted in darkness. Now, shame fills their hearts and they must continually relive those moments.

They are never free. Even though years have gone by and they have established themselves in a new way of life, the guilt of that moment continually pours out and poisons what would otherwise be blessed.

I speak to you who have a dark secret and have never been able to resolve your pain. Your heart and your life are in my hands. I have never abandoned you. Listen to the words of my mother.


Believe that your path of darkness can become a path of light and that what has been a dark secret can become a source of joy. What is impossible to men (and how many ways you have tried) is possible to God.

First, you cannot free yourself. No matter how hard you try, all of your solutions turn in upon themselves. They are defeated by the dark secret. Second, you cannot repress the dark secret. It still lives in you (and how long have the years been).

Listen to my words. Resume a deep practice of your faith, pressing your head to my heart. Stay there. Do not leave, no matter what happens. Believe and trust. Do not even think of the secret. Little by little, I will take it away from you. Then a moment will come when I will snatch it out of your heart and from that point on, it will remain in my hands. Trust me. Let us begin.

April 6, 2013 The Heart That Has Lost Its Dreams

I speak now to a person who has lost their hope. How clear this hope had been! The goal was so present and the means seemed so easy to use. Yet the time went by. The dream was postponed. The obstacles grew and covered over the dream. How many live their lives with an unfulfilled hope, always thinking about what might have been.

Set aside such foolish thinking. Let us begin again. For some, the dream is still possible. Start out again on that road. For others, the dream as initially fashioned, cannot be fulfilled but embers still burn in your heart. Examine them. Fan them into a full flame and in that light you will see what to do.


A thousand lives which never accomplished the purpose for which they were created! I must rescue my children from their wasted lives. I will stir them up. Place new hopes. Rekindle the original desires. Nothing will stop me until I bring the dream to its fulfillment. Come, child of God, take my hand. We will begin again. The road still beckons. There is still time. I will show you my shortcuts and plant my heart within you. You have a work for Jesus’ kingdom and we must get it done before the darkness comes.

April 7, 2013 When the Road Ends 

Many hearts come to a point where the road seems to end and they do not see where to walk next. For these souls, the darkness has come. It is like night, yet their heart keeps beating and their heart keeps searching. At this point, many mistakes are made. The person turns back, giving up their hopes and turning to momentary pleasures. They despair and grow despondent.

I speak now to the person who seemingly has come to the end of the road, for whatever reason.

Do not continue to pursue this road. Read the signs carefully. This road leads no further. The end of the road is an invitation to seek another road that you have constantly put off.

Come, I will give you new life on another road which you have always avoided until now. Your own road has come to an end. Now, you will walk my road.


A great mystery is contained in those words. The death of your desires is the new life of other desires. One road ends. A better road begins. You are not a failure. Nor are you without hope. You have a call of God which you do not yet see and mystery which you still must fulfill. So much is still ahead. Let us search together for your new road.

April 8, 2013 Striving and Restlessness 

Yearning drives the human heart, not allowing it to rest. Mankind is always striving, never satisfied and always searching. Restlessness has become his burden and he carries this burden so poorly, always complaining under its yoke.

So, I repeat my invitation, “Come to me all you who are burdened and find life difficult. You shall find rest for your souls, for my yoke is easy and my burden is light”.

Each day has its goal. Each moment has its task but this should fulfill man not burden him.

This is the secret of my teachings.


Mankind rushes ahead in a thousand different directions, never stopping, never turning to God for light. Mankind plunges into a darkness that makes all its efforts so futile. Its powers are wasted on the frivolous and its heart is consumed by what passes away. The real goals of life are set aside and false idols are worshipped.

O Mankind, come to me. Pause. Stop. Pray. Be still. Do this and I will come. I will speak and you will learn to listen to my quiet voice within. You will be my child and I shall be your mother. So many frustrations and so much confusion need not happen.

Words to the World (April 9 to April 13, 2013)

April 9, 2013 They Are to Blame 

What happened to this world which now goes from one crises to the next? I will speak now to world leaders.

On you I must place the blame, the burden and the guilt. You have risen to power by your own cunning. You have assumed the reins without having a true heart. The way you climbed to power is the same way you have used your power, always looking to your own status and your own future. A nation should not be guided by cutting deals and serving the lowest interests? I will hold all of you responsible. You have snatched power that I never wanted you to have.


The people! The poor people are helpless. They can only watch as forces far beyond them take control of their lives. Look at the leaders who have risen to power. Look at their self-interests. Who among them invokes the laws and teachings of the Creator? All is cut loose.

All is adrift. Where are the nations headed? I speak clearly. They are caught up in a powerful whirlpool, while no leader speaks about God’s laws and a nation’s duty to live “under God”.

April 10, 2013 Defining Society’s Ills 

I will not be silent. I will not hold back my words. The world’s leaders are to blame. They have not spoken my words nor led the people in my ways. They do not invoke my name nor call me to guide their decisions. They have compromised the truth and taught others to do so. Why has this happened?

Those nations that formerly invoked my name have cast me aside. “We will not walk the ways of the Lord”. You have chosen your own paths, sacrificing truth on the altar of your pleasures and offering incense to your gods of prosperity.

You have released forces that were always forbidden and you have removed walls that gave you protection. “Why do we need to keep these laws?” you asked. Then you proceeded to change what I had established. These are the ills that I will speak to.


A wall crumbles because it was supposed to be built of cement but other materials were used. A house collapses because the true and solid foundation was never set in place. These are the true difficulties. For so long, the foundations of society have been poorly constructed.

One by one the restraining walls of God’s law have been torn down. “Why do we need these limits?” you say. O world leaders, you have taken powers into your own hands that are illicit. You have forged laws that contradict God’s laws. You have brought forth a people who can only walk in darkness.

April 11, 2013 Nations Brought to Their Knees

When decisions are made, a course is chosen which often cannot be reversed. Future generations are forced to live with those decisions and are burdened with a path that leads to destruction and death.

Look at what has been done, all that has been inflicted upon the world. Weapons, even weapons of great destruction, have been unleashed. Burdens of debt have been accumulated. Corruption is blatant. Leaders feed themselves while their people starve.

What lies ahead? Can mankind solve what it has brought about? Can mankind suddenly swerve, avoid the tragedies that lie ahead, and take a new course? What voice is raised? What nation bears my name and acts in my light? The nations have banished me, even those whom I have raised up from their infancy.

Am I to allow nation to war against nation until both are brought to their knees? Am I to allow the forces of evil to be unleashed so they are all spent? These are not the solutions.

They only open the world to still greater evils. I must come in a breath. I must breathe upon the nations. I cannot allow the universal destruction that the Evil One wants so much to occur.


Many leaders do not know the seriousness of the situation and close their eyes to the reality that is taking place. They do not know what to do or how to handle the gigantic problems which lie on the horizon. All is in disarray, like a people waiting for a hurricane, so great is the confusion.

What will happen when the events begin? Who will be ready? All I can do is to save those who listen to me. That is why I speak. There is only one way to prepare. Cleanse your hearts of all sin. Gather your loved ones in prayer. Move away from all that the world holds dear.

Let your hearts go out to the poor. These are the basic preparations. Do not omit them and, when the events break forth, I will enlighten you.

April 12, 2013 Leaders of Darkness 

The world leaders do not see what passions and desires fuel their decisions. They do not grasp the evil forces that swirl around them nor the traps which the Evil One easily draws them into. The world leaders never examine their own hearts nor do they seek to purify them according to the light of the gospel teachings.

They are people who live in darkness, surrounded by darkness. They can only lead their nations into greater darkness, step by step according to the plan of the Evil One.

What more can I say? Who invokes me? Who seeks my light? Who understand the present evil?

Who grasps the mighty forces that have captured hearts? Without my light what other road can be taken except the road of darkness?


Why must this be so? When the lights offered by my Son, Jesus, are rejected, when they are systematically put out, only darkness remains. Decisions are made by a human wisdom which is deeply flawed by the selfishness of the nations and by the egos of their leaders.

Principles are sacrificed and the people are forgotten. Inevitably, this harvest of evil, sown by all these daily decisions, springs up. Evil and iniquity have been sown for decades and for centuries. Now is the harvest time. Now the evil is coming to fruition, a fruition of destruction that inevitably must come. We will continue to speak to these issues.

April 13, 2013 Weapons Everywhere 

This is the great dilemma. Nations have been allowed to create weapons of massive destruction. Weapons of all kinds have been spread all over the earth. This should never have taken place. The Holy Spirit of peace was rejected and the evil spirit of war and violence was welcomed by the leaders of the world.

Constant steps have been taken to arm the whole world, friend and foe. Then, once they possessed the weapons, friends became foes. Divisions, enmities, disputes (large and small) have all fueled this buildup that continues at an even greater pace.

Is this the work of the heavenly Father? Is all of this happening under the guidance of the Holy Spirit? Nothing is further from the truth. Mankind alone has chosen this path, a path devoid of divine light. He is entrapped in the constant diabolical attraction to power and to violence.

This is the dilemma and everyone sees the picture all too clearly. This is not the road to world peace nor is it a road to sanity. Yet, every nation and every people walk this road.

“What else can we do?” they ask. I will speak to this dilemma.


I touch hearts. When hearts are touched, new paths are envisioned. When hearts are touched new people emerge, emboldened by the Holy Spirit and ready to make any sacrifice, even of their own lives. This is what is needed. Holy leaders must take command. They must seek new ways, not even spoken of now. I will be with them. Peace. They must be leaders of peace, even when voices of war try to shout them down. They must stand firm and resist the generals who want war and the industries that want only to profit from the weapons they sell. My Pope will lead them to Fatima.

April 14, 2013 The New Darkness

Each world leader has his own sins and faults. I am not talking about the failures that come to every human being. I speak now about the darkness that envelopes all the leaders of the world and permeates their hearts.

This darkness is a new reality which the leaders do not even recognize because they, themselves are so immersed in it. This darkness is a cycle of evil that turns seemingly good decisions into foiled ones. Efforts at peace become the building blocks of new wars.

Attempts to put out fires only enkindle new ones that were totally unforeseen.

These leaders are confronting a demonic intelligence with their own intellects. They do not see in faith. They do not recognize the supernatural nature of the current darkness. This is what I have against you. You have cast aside the Holy Spirit. You have acted on your own.

You have devised your own policies. All of your hearts are so uprooted. You no longer look to your faith. Now the darkness is upon you and you have no light. Call upon me. Have your people invoke my name and the light will break through. Any other course only multiplies the darkness.


The teaching comes to an end. The picture is drawn. World leaders are helpless because the evil has been allowed to flourish for so long and because no one seeks a divine light or divine help.

All is beyond the power of any world leader. The night advances. The lights are extinguished. Mistakes multiply. All are entangled in a web that no one will see until it suddenly entraps and the cleverness of the diabolical plan can been seen by all.

Turn to me. Invoke my name night and day and some of his plans, although carefully worked out, will collapse. What nation lifts up its voice and praises me? Who knows the mysteries contained in my Immaculate Heart? In my heart lies world peace. Seek it nowhere else.

Revealing the Great Hidden and Saving Mysteries (April 15 to April 21, 2013)

April 15, 2013 The Great Mysteries 

I want to take you into the great mysteries (of my heart) which still lie concealed, waiting to be revealed. These are saving mysteries which can lift mankind, and everyone who believes, out of the darkness which I have just described.

In these mysteries are contained the power and the wisdom of the Father who has placed in me his entire saving action. This is what I mean when I invite all to come to me. They will discover all the saving actions that the Father has given to the world through the mystery of my becoming a man.


How hidden and yet how saving are these mysteries which I have fully received and now make known for all my children. Yes, it is time to reveal them, to pull back the veil that until now has kept them from sight.

The world, plunged in such great darkness, so desperately needs this light. Will it choose the darkness, again? I must give everyone another chance, another moment when fresh light is poured out. This is why revelation is sometimes withheld. God has a precise moment for all his actions. Only when the world is ready or when the situation is so dire, does he revel a fresh burst of light so that hearts, in such desperate need, open wide to receive.

April 16, 2013 The Unlocked Mystery 

The greatest mysteries lie in my heart, the mystery of each human person and the mystery of all human history. These mysteries have great power to bring about the plan of the Father.

However, many of these mysteries remain in my heart. They do not go forth and bring about God’s will that would sanctify the person, bring him happiness and also fulfill in him the reason why he was created.

Because these powers are locked in my heart and never sought by human beings, the person can only use his human powers to discover God’s plan and to fulfill it. These human powers are feeble. The light they provide is inadequate. Man stumbles, falls, walks the path of darkness and, often, never recovers because his mystery is still in my heart and not in his.


Why does mankind not allow my Son to help, to enlighten and to empower? Why are these mysteries still accepted and received? This is also the mystery of my heart, filled with all of God’s blessings and ready to pour them out upon anyone who comes. This is why we speak.

The darkness and the sufferings of the world can only be overcome when the mysteries in our hearts are released, when the heavens open and the gifts rain down. This can happen. It is already happening to those who understand the plan of the heavenly Father to bless the world through my Immaculate Heart.

April 17, 2013 Revealing the Great Secret

So many do not understand these mysteries, the great powers that the heavenly Father has placed in my Sacred Heart so I might distribute them to all mankind. The human race must come to me. I am the Beloved Son in whom the Father has placed all blessings. This is the mystery which I am trying to explain.

When someone turns away from me, I cannot pour out these blessings. When someone renounces their faith, the blessings must stop. The mystery of God’s plan is thwarted. What should have been easily accomplished in the light is lost in the darkness.

Now I come to the heart of my teaching, my mother. I have placed all these mysteries in her heart. As the Father has given them to me, so I have given them to her. She, a creature like everyone else, is certainly not too high to reach. Go to her Immaculate Heart and you will find all these mysteries. As I have poured them into her heart, she will pour them into your heart. This is the great secret of the Immaculate Heart and why the heavenly Father wants this to be the Age of Mary. I cannot speak any clearer.


Who am I? I am the mother of the Church. All are born in me. This is the great mystery, concealed until now, but being made known through the worldwide revelations, appearances and locutions. The voices come from everywhere, from every continent and in many different tongues. The song they sing and the message they bring forth are always the same.

Why is this? So all the world can hear the new song arising from the hearts of those who love Jesus, the lamb who was slain. What is this new song, held in reserve for centuries? What are they singing? This is their song, “Mary is the mother of the lamb who was slain. She is at his side as he opens the scrolls and as God’s plan unfolds. Blessed is he who hears what the Spirit is saying to the Churches”.

April 18, 2013 Receiving the Mysteries

When our hearts come together, my heart with the person’s heart, then the gifts flow out and the person receives the mysteries. These persons are filled with wisdom to know the Father’s plan and the power to fulfill it. The gifts are transmitted according to the person’s capacity. Some are adept and zealous, not wanting to lose any gift. Others are negligent. Some do not care or are totally ignorant of heavenly favors. That is why I cry out “If anyone thirsts, let him come to me”. The thirst is the person’s capacity. By coming to me, I can quench that thirst.


The teaching is so simple. I am the first one to thirst. In the perfection of my being and in my total union with the divine will, Jesus poured out every gift that every person in the world would ever need to gain eternal life. As a mother, I received for myself and for all my children. These gifts remain in my heart, like milk in a mother’s breast, until they are poured out into the children. How I suffer because so many do not drink of the milk of God’s favors.

April 19, 2013 The Father’s Masterpiece

Mankind walks in darkness, totally unaware of the heavenly Father’s plan for each person. To overcome this darkness, the Father sent light. I am the light of the world, but the world rejects me. People do not understand the call of the Father, the plan of the Father, or how the Father would lead each person into a glorious life of inner fulfillment and exterior accomplishments.

Each person is meant to be the Father’s masterpiece, formed in my image. Instead, lives are wasted and false goals are chosen.


I search for those who are lost in this darkness. When I find them and they are willing to respond, I pull them out of this darkness and bring them into the light. They awaken. They see the Father’s call. They respond. Their faculties open to the light. They never want to return to the darkness. O reader, by these words, I have searched for you. You have stumbled upon them (not by chance). You are in darkness. You do not understand. Let me lead you. Take my hand. Call on me, “Mary, lead me out of my darkness. Take me into the light”. Use that prayer often and suddenly we will be there – in the light of Jesus.

April 20, 2013 Explaining the Mysteries

When the nations begin wars and when the human person follows selfish interests, then the heavenly Father’s plans are shredded, torn apart and destroyed. His will is trampled on.

Yet, he always works toward the goal. He cannot change the mysteries or set them aside, as if they never existed. The mysteries of God’s plan are always active. No matter what mankind does, or what the human person does, the Father is always, always bringing about the mysteries decreed from the beginning of time. Unless man understands this, he will never come into the light.


God’s mysteries contain all the power needed to bring them about. The person need only say “yes”, and accept God’s power. The angel said to me, “The power of the Most High will overshadow you and the child to be born will be called holy, the Son of God”. (Lk. 1:35) In that moment, I understood the Father’s mystery in my regard. I also understood that every person born into the world could be blessed by this child. The mysteries of God are the power of the Most High and God has mysteries for everyone. All are included and everything is contained in these mysteries which God wants to pour forth. However, because people do not accept his Son, Jesus, he cannot pour them out.

April 21, 2013 Powers in Jesus’ Heart

When will mankind learn these mysteries of the Father’s divine will? When will they say, “Let us seek the mysteries. In them, alone, can we find peace?” When will the person ask, “Why do I not seek the mystery of God’s will? Then I will find my way”. This is why I have spoken and revealed these powers that lie in my heart, waiting for each person. They are the salvation of all mankind. They still abide in my heart because so many have no interest in these powers. They are limitless. They extend to everyone. They are not meant only for a few. To all the world, I say “Come into my heart and find your destiny before it is too late and the darkness overtakes you.


The mysteries are powerful and complex but I must bring these words to a conclusion. All are invited. Your mysteries also, are with the others. When you find them, they will fill you with a light that you have never enjoyed before. You will also receive power to do what is required. Then, the gift will be complete. When the mysteries of your life go from my heart (where Jesus has placed them) into your heart, we can begin a new life together. How different everything will be as you act in God’s light and power.

The Mystery of the Individual Person (April 22 to April 24, 2013)

April 22, 2013 The Trinity’s Decision at Your Conception 

Let me remove the veil that covers over the heavenly realities so that all people can see. As they see, they are free to choose. They remain free and can still reject heaven. However, these revelations are my call, my invitation to open their heart and to come to me.

Let us begin in the very bosom of the Trinity where a decision was made to create you, O reader. The moment of conception arrived. Whenever that happens, the three persons of the Trinity decide just whom they will create. At the moment of your conception, you were chosen, a free and deliberate choice of Almighty God. We wanted you to exist for our glory and for your eternal happiness.


Creation at conception is the beginning moment. From then on, the Trinity is always present, deeply interested in the full development of the person they have created. All their plans lay ahead, all the hopes which they have in their new creation. So much is at stake – eternal life or eternal darkness. Never are you out of the mind and heart of the Trinity, even though you can choose what they would not choose. From the moment of your conception, the divine, eternal drama has begun.

April 22, 2013 A Word to Pregnant Women

Each day, the Trinity makes this decision to create many human persons according to its own image and likeness. Each person is unique, formed totally by God and united with a human nature. Then, the great mystery begins. What will the person become? How will others care for him? What decisions will he make? A new life begins, sacred from the very beginning and destined to live forever. What has begun will never cease to be. The human person, directly created by God at the moment of conception, can never be destroyed or annihilated. This leads us into the greatest mysteries.


Human conception begins the great story of each person, conceived but still not free to act and to choose. That will come soon enough, if the mother allows the pregnancy to go to term.

Here, I must delay a moment and speak to women about their own bodies. You are a woman, able to conceive and nourish human life. When you are pregnant, you do not carry in your womb just some living material. You carry a person, created by God at the moment of conception. For these months, this person depends upon your body and your cooperation. If you withdraw your help, and destroy the child by abortion, he/she will continue to exist but without any chance of living or of giving new life to others. God decided to create this person but it is your decision to give birth.

April 23, 2013 The Darkness That Covers Earth

How deep are the mysteries of the human person, created to live forever in the heavenly realm yet beginning its existence on the earth. This mystery is complicated by the separation of heaven from earth which is caused by sin. Now, darkness covers the earth. The human person, created in the bosom of the Trinity and destined to return there forever, must search in this darkness to recover what was originally a gift, namely, a clear vision of the road each person was to walk.

That is why the Father sent me. I am the way and anyone who walks with me, walks in light.

All else is darkness and futile searching. Paths constructed by man can never lead to the Father.


When will mankind realize the darkness? When will it cry out for the light? This darkness is growing. More and more are enveloped. The lights of faith are being extinguished. Will the world return to the darkness that existed before I gave birth to Jesus, the light of the world? My words are light, casting out the darkness and freeing you, O reader. The world is always extinguishing the light but I find new ways to ignite it. There will always be light.

I will always speak. I will not be silent. I will not allow the darkness to win the victory.

April 24, 2013 The Great Battle

O reader, you were created by the heavenly Father in your mother’s womb. You were created in his image and likeness. You looked like your heavenly Father. Quickly, however, sin surrounded you and the image was tarnished. You were born, and sin continued to form you according to its image. I reached out to you in the moment of your Baptism and gave you the life of grace. Now the two forces war within you, sin and grace. One destroys the image.

The other restores it. Who will win this battle? Will you be a child of sin or a child of grace? This is the great war that is fought every day. How I battle for you, always calling you to my side. Yet, so many forces call you away. The victory is always in doubt until the final moment.


O child of God, how much you need my protection. You act as if you can run the race alone and gain the victory. Open your eyes. See all the forces that come against you. See the darkness in your own heart and the darkness of the world. Without me, you are lost. That is why I come in search of you and why I give you these words. The Most High has formed me into his image and likeness. All who find me are formed in the same image. He created me to safeguard you from a destruction that was inevitable. Now, the victory can easily be yours if you come to me.

The Middle East (April 25 to April 29, 2013)

April 25, 2013 Is There A Future? 

The world does not travel a steady path because the road has twists and turns which no one can foresee or prepare for. What will happen when suddenly the road itself disappears? When mankind can see no future? Can this happen? Can mankind be so uprooted that no future can be envisioned? These are the serious problems that can easily erupt. The weapons are available and some would be glad to use them. Others are waiting to get their hands on them, only to increase their powers of terrorism.

These are the possibilities which I see and from which I want to protect mankind. Open your eyes. You are on the brink and only my divine intervention can save you. Heaven must act soon if earth is to be rescued.


Many do not believe. They think that everything can continue and that nothing will change.

They go about each day as if peace is in the air and harmony reigns, as if world leaders have the answers and as if nations have the resources to respond. The problems are everywhere but they have not yet begun.

I must awaken the whole world. I must speak now with the strongest and clearest of words. I must also send my messengers whom I have prepared. Each must find their place. Each must be put on the lampstand so all the house is filled with light. Those outside the house must come in to share the light.

April 26, 2013 A Fertile Field of Evil 

There are too many roads of destruction, too many ways in which the human race is open to tragedies. How did all of this occur? How did mankind move into this situation where there are troubles on every side? For decades, they have walked the road of darkness, conveniently putting out any light of faith which would block their evil designs. One leader after another has played the role, each one leading mankind into a greater level of iniquity. Now, all the past decisions, like seeds sown in the ground, have come to a gigantic harvest. Mankind is a fertile field, unfortunately the harvest is a diversity of all evils, intermingled and cross fertilized, each supporting the other. What does the heavenly Father do with such an evil harvest?


Sprinkled among the evil are his good seeds, but these are choked by the weeds and find little soil. They struggle to survive. For these, the Father will take care. How great is this struggle. Yet, I will not allow even the smallest good to be crushed. No matter how great is the darkness or how encompassing is the power of evil, I will protect every seed planted by the heavenly Father. O reader, if you choose the good, I will make sure that this seed will become a harvest that will not be destroyed, even if the rest of the field is filled with weeds.

April 28, 2013 The Fires of Syria 

How long can the fires of Syria simmer and still be contained? Already these questions are being raised. How long do the other nations allow this to continue? What must he do to draw some response? How many people must die? How many weapons must he unveil? He is demonic, willing to cause others to suffer so he retains power. He will understand nothing except force. Yet, to use force is to provoke others who have an interest in his remaining. Syria is the door to the deeper problems, the greater unraveling of the Middle East, far beyond what anyone suspects.


Open your eyes. Steps should have been taken but politics held back the correct response.

Now Satan has twisted the whole situation for his own benefit. Syria is a hotbed of evils. Many more powerful nations are in the background. Terrorists have exploited this vacuum of power. The people suffer beyond all imagination. The leader still stands, against all odds, cleverly playing one nation off against another and choosing his friends wisely. Syria is very explosive, more than world leaders imagine. Even if the leader is removed, the seeds of greater evils have been planted.

April 29, 2013 Can Israel Survive?

Evil comes from every side, unchecked and allowed to flourish, always growing and even mutating into new evils that go unnoticed for a while. Then, they suddenly appear in full vigor.

Such is the state of the Middle East, where the inevitable explosion will take place and only the pieces and fragments of stability will remain. In the middle of all this, can Israel survive and can Jerusalem be protected? Or, will the Holy City once more fall back into the hands of those who only want its destruction. What is the future of Jerusalem and Israel? So much now hangs in the balance.

Israel, itself, is so keenly aware that its situation has become precarious. It has taken steps but many events are out of its hands. Evil has found a home in so many of its neighbors who have used these years of American indifference to strengthen their weapons and prepare for the onslaught. Never has the evil been so strong and Israel so exposed to danger.


I bring these little talks on the Middle East to a close. The warnings have been sent forth.

Evil continues to establish itself. One by one the safeguards that were in place, the stability of the surrounding nations, have been removed. Israel stands alone.

The place of Jesus’ birth and death, the sacred and holy ground, is the demonic target. He knows the biblical prophecies about Jerusalem, that light for all the world must go forth from that sacred city of David. He knows that the prophecies still have their time and press on to fulfillment. He sees what others do not see, what I have been alerting the world to. Peace will come to the whole world when there is peace in Jerusalem. Light will shine upon the whole world when the light goes forth from Jerusalem. This is God’s word recorded in the sacred texts and this word has never been removed. It still has its power and its time.

 Mary’s Deepest Sorrows (April 30 to May 6, 2013)

 April 30, 2013 The Age of Mary

The world must come to know me. Even many Catholics do not know all that the heavenly Father has placed within me. So, I must reveal these riches. I must pull back the veil so all can see. This time will be called “The Age of Mary”. This is not just a fancy title but a new reality in the relationship of heaven and earth.

This new age began with the miraculous medal revealed to St. Catherine Laboure which highlighted my Immaculate Conception by the prayer, “O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee”. Then Blessed Pope Pius IX officially declared that I was conceived without sin. This dogma is the foundation for this Age of Mary.

Quickly I appeared in many places, always bringing protections and blessings. Finally, I appeared to the three children at Fatima with the startling revelations that are still to unfold in modern times. All of this is just the beginning. Each day, I will open for you the treasures which the heavenly Father has given me to disperse to all the world.

 Note: The beginning of the Age of Mary took place when Our Lady appeared to St. Catherine Laboure (1806-1876). The apparitions took place in her convent of the Sisters of Charity (of St. Vincent at Rue de Bac, Paris) where she had entered in 1830. In the principal and visions, Our Lady showed her the design for the miraculous medal, containing the prayer “O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee”.

The medal and the accompanying miracles led to great popular devotion to Mary’s Immaculate Conception. Blessed Pope Pius IX declared the dogma on February 11, 1854. (At Lourdes in 1858, Our Lady told St. Bernadette Soubirous, “I am the Immaculate Conception”.) After that, all of Mary’s appearances have stressed her Immaculate Heart.

The Fires of Syria, The Annihilation of Nations, The Light of the Truth