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Locutions to the World ~ September 2011

People in the Political Field 
September 1, 2011 

Who realizes what is taking place? Who can see deeply enough into the true causes of things? Men are just pawns in Satan’s hands, doing what he wants and moved into place because he desires. These men say “I have gained this high place. I have come into this position of power”. Really, they have been moved there by the Evil One to fulfill his purposes. They are given power over 10’s, 100’s and 1000’s, and even more, because he knows when and why he will need them. It is like a game of chess in which he plots his strategy, waiting to pounce on his goal, the destruction of Israel and Jerusalem. I constantly repeat this theme but this is the goal and nothing can be understood away from this.

There are also gentle stirrings, people feeling in their hearts a call. This is my strategy and quite different from the Evil One’s. I do not put people in place for evil purposes, to destroy or to ruin. I put people in place to build up and to protect. This is the role of my Church but it is also the role of others in key places. I will put in very special positions, those who are closest to my heart.

I know who they are and I am right now stirring their hearts. I must re-establish the moral order. I must build again an America that accepts moral values. I must have people in place whose hearts I won. How will I block Satan’s evil schemes? I must have my people in place so, when he tries to pounce upon the prize, he will be surprised by those I raise up to confront him.

This time is so precious, the time before the conflict begins.

 The elections. I always speak of the elections but what other time is so important for putting people in places of power? Blessed are those who work in the political field for truth.

 Comment: Mary is clear. Satan has people in high places but Mary also has her people.

 Seeking Heaven’s Help 
September 2, 2011 

How long a road this has been – this road into darkness that mankind has walked. Now, the darkness surrounds the earth on every side and it seems as if there is no escape. The Evil One, for centuries, has enticed man to come into his house, a house of evil and suffering.

 He always knew what was needed to entice mankind, what would get world leaders to take his path and what would get the people to follow. There has been one step after another, but always along his road.

 Now the pace quickens. He believes that mankind has passed the point of no return, that it is locked into his path. He has convinced man that there is only one way to solve its problems – to look at their own resources and their human solutions. He has cut off the access to heaven, knowing that if he battles an isolated mankind that he will win. He can easily trick men and use them for his own designs.

Are there no heavenly solutions? Indeed there are. Heavenly solutions abound but they lie useless because man does not seek heavenly solutions. “We can figure this out on our own”, they say. “We have the technology. We have everything we need.” O mankind, you do not realize who your adversary is and how he will use the very solutions that you put forth so as to entangle you. You will die by your own swords unless you seek the help of heaven.

Yes, right now, you must seek the help of heaven. Let the cry go up, “We must seek the help of heaven”. Let it be placed in every heart, “We must seek the help of heaven”. Let it become part of the nations’ consciousness. Let it be ingrained in the nation’s soul. Let large crowds gather. Let stadiums be filled. The ones you built for all your entertainments and for the gods that you worship on your sports fields.

Let the crowds gather to worship my Son and to seek the help of heaven. Then, you will find heaven’s help in the midst of all your darkness.

 Comment: Satan loves it when mankind does not seek God’s help. He is the inevitable winner.

Room in the Ark for Everyone 
September 3, 2011 

 I will open my heart wide and allow all the streams to pour forth from the heart of a mother. Yes, I am the mother, the mother of God and the mother of the Church. However, for so many, I cannot act as a mother because they do not know me and those who do know me do not come to me. So, on this first Saturday, I open up my whole heart. I share all my treasures, so I can truly be mother to all.

Some of my children are close to my heart. How I treasure them and protect them. I keep them safe from the Evil One and he cannot harm them. Now, I call out to all my other children. There are many empty spaces close to my heart. There is a place for you. I, personally, am inviting you to take the place I have for you. It is yours. I have reserved it for you. There, you will be freed from all you anxieties. You will find a place of refuge and, especially, you will no longer be alone. You will realize, “My mother is with me. I cannot fail.”

I will go before you in all of your enterprises. I will keep your enemies far away and unable to hurt you. I will teach you how to love and to build up your family relationships. I will send you on great missions, to accomplish great works for my Son, Jesus. I will make you stouthearted. Others will find in your heart what you find in mine. This is my plan. Many will see in you what you see in me and all will be drawn into my heart.

 I always speak of my heart. It alone is the Ark of the New Covenant, established by the heavenly Father when he placed his Son in my womb. He knew what he was creating, not just a place for his Son but a place for all the world.

Let this word go forth. I am the Ark of the New Covenant and all are welcome. Within this Ark, all are safe (like Noah and his family). Outside of the Ark, all will perish. For in the days of Noah, they were eating and drinking, buying and selling. Does that not sound familiar! You know what happened next and you saw their foolishness. The floods will come but the world need not perish. My Ark has room for everyone. Come. Come. My motherly heart does not want you to perish.

Comment: We do not know what is ahead but Mary says there will be a flood and we must be in the ark.

When the Woman Spoke to George Washington 
September 4, 2011 

So many do not see or understand. That is why I must speak so clearly. Like a wall that is built slowly, so has the wall of evil been put in place. When the wall is finished, Satan will believe that he has an inevitable victory, but it will not be so. There will be a way out of his wall for all who follow me. Now listen, so the divine light will show you the way.

These themes I repeat often but they must be learned well. There are unimaginable problems ahead. The world has seen only a few, the previews of what is to come. There will be a great shift of power away from those nations that used to call upon me. Yes, I must say it, “that used to call upon me”. Long ago, they left the Church. They left the side of my Son. They adopted different values and put on a different garment. Now, they are Christian in name only. Their building still stands but they have no foundation. Their people are not united in faith. They have nothing holding them together. The secular spirit only responds in prosperity and abundance. It dissolves when faced with catastrophe. “Every man for himself”. This is the cry of the secular man. “How can I preserve what is mine?” are the thoughts of his heart. Where does that leave a nation in the time of crisis? To whom can they turn, when all are seeking their own interests?

America still breathes. It still has life. It still remains my hope. If only I can cure it of its sickness, it will regain its strength. Even more, it will regain its purpose, the noble purpose for which I brought it forth. Let me define the purpose of America.

 O America, I appeared to your first president when he was still a general at Valley Forge. I told him of three moments in the history of the republic – the present moment in which he found himself, a future moment when brother would kill brother, and a moment yet to come. Go back and read those words. They are recorded by your historians. See what I said about the first two moments that have already happened. Then, you will believe my words about the third moment which is about to happen. More important, you will understand that this republic came about through my hands and that your nation has always been in my hands. Then, you will turn to me.

Comment: Mary is speaking of her appearance to George Washington at Valley Forge, which has been publicized widely.

 The Greatness of Medjugorje 
September 5, 2011 

I will open up doors that have been closed from all eternity, special doors of saving graces that have never been seen before. At first, many will not believe. They will question, “Can these graces really be from heaven?” This has already begun at Medjugorje but many still question. How can I appear every day for years and still the world does not believe or listen to my messages? Even when people know ahead of time the very hours of my coming. Even when the visions are filmed for all to see. Even when the seers lead perfect lives of sacrifice and service, still the world does not believe.

Possibly the village is too remote. Oh, it is a village close to my heart, a perfect village dedicated to me and fervent in spirit. That is why I chose it. Even in its remoteness, millions have made their way there and have climbed the mountain of the cross and the mountain of apparitions. Miracles have flowed, especially the graces of conversion. Yes, the village is remote but the effort needed to get there and the determination to go prepare the soul. The remoteness of the village and its distance from large cities makes it the perfect setting for the soul to enjoy the quiet needed to hear my voice. And how many have heard my saving voice in that village among the mountains, mountains which encircle the village in my love and kept it far from what would destroy its innocence.

Now, let me continue. Medjugorje is my light, a light set on the mountain for all to see. From there will come forth a saving stream. Yes, let all eyes and ears be upon that little village because from it will come those words that are important for all the world to hear. Let the village become even more known and loved. The streams of grace which I have planted there are deep and only the beginning waters of grace have, as yet, gone forth. Do not say “We have tasted of the waters of Medjugorje and they have not provided all that we need.” Go back to those waters, read my messages. Pray and repent. Above all, prepare. Soon, so very soon, Medjugorje will no longer be just a stream. It will be a mighty ocean covering the world with a knowledge of God and of events which come from his hands. Do not wait. If you prepare your hearts, you will receive much. If you do not prepare, you will have broken cisterns that hold no water.

Comment: Medjugorje has been a source of religious conversions since Mary began to appear to six children in 1981. She still appears daily. Millions have gone there and have been touched. Some have experienced the deepest conversions. Yet, all of that, is as nothing compared to the graces that will flow from Medjugorje in the future.

 Simple Truth Overcomes the Complicated Lie 
September 6, 2011 

Mankind does not understand how complicated they have made everything. Once a person tells a lie, they must tell another one to cover up, to make the story seem true. Lies are always complicated, needing many words to explain what is not true. Much also happens within the person when sin is committed. The person lies to himself. He rationalizes and marshals arguments to defend what he has done.

The way to simplicity, to straighten out the complications of modern life is truth – to tell the truth to one another and to live the truth in your personal life.

Truth is the only way and I lead my children by the way of truth. If you wish to live in truth, then read on. If not, then you are wasting your time.

Truth begins by believing in God, that he created you and sustains you, providing the earth with all its resources, even the very air which you breathe this moment.

Truth continues as you thank God. Stop for a moment and give thanks to him for whatever comes to your mind.

Truth grows when you accept your responsibilities to God and to others. Where have you failed? Whom have you not served? These are questions of truth.

Truth continues as you realize that God has given you a task to fulfill, a portion of his garden to cultivate. Look into your heart. What stirrings do you find there? Have you responded to your call? Where is truth leading you?

Truth clears away all that is not true and when you break God’s commandments you are living a lie and your garden is filled with weeds.

These truths are simple but they must be placed firmly in your heart, otherwise you will have no foundation.

 Do not compromise truth, especially your inner truth, the person whom God is calling you to be.

Comment: Mary speaks about society which has become complicated by lies.  This brings about simplicity.

Wisdom From on High 
September 7, 2011 

All around there are pieces of evidence to show the existence and nature of God. The mighty oceans show his power and the sun shows his love. The plants and animals show that he brings forth life. But, especially in human beings can you see the evidence of God. Human life is saturated with a spirit that can easily be missed. There is a spirit of love, of sacrifice and of service. There is a spirit of bonding, helping, forgiving and of repaying favors received and of giving favors without being asked. There is a spirit of helping the weak and going the extra mile with those in need. We call this the human spirit and man frequently takes credit for this human spirit. But just as human life comes forth from God, so, too, does this human spirit which bonds man to man and makes an unknown person your brother or sister, even for the short period of their need. This is a great mystery, a proof of God, which people overlook.

 Often, there is a great spirit among brothers and sisters. Do not the parents deserve credit for installing the spirit of thoughtfulness?

In spite of all this evidence, man could not come to know the fullness of God without the teaching of my Son. Man’s intellect could not climb into the bosom of God, so my Son came down from heaven to teach the hidden truths in the clearest of images. Pick up the gospel stories. In a few minutes you will learn more than your years of trying to gain wisdom.

 Comment:  A person with faith understands much more than a person with a gigantic intellect. The gospel stories can be read by all.

 Birthday of Mary, the Mother of God 
September 8, 2011 

All creation rejoices today, the creation that came forth from the Father’s hand but then was tainted by sin, its vast order interrupted and the darkness beginning to cover the earth.

Today, with my birth, the Father began his plan for a new creation, a complete reestablishing of divine order by the sending of his only begotten Son. This is my teaching today.

What has happened to the Father’s plan? Did not everything come forth perfectly from his hand? Did not the first creature come forth perfectly? Did not I come forth perfectly.? Did not his only Son come forth perfectly? What happened to these gifts? When they leave the Father’s hands, they are perfect but when they fall into the hands of men, they become marred. Mankind does not understand this truth. Everything placed in the hands of men becomes tainted, twisted, manipulated, misused, and sometimes totally destroyed, worthy only to be rejected.

What began with a noble purpose is used for an ignoble one. What was meant to bless all, blesses only those who selfishly control it. This is the stream of human history and the Father had to begin another stream, a new creation. Now the two streams flow side by side and mankind has a new opportunity. It can say to the heavenly stream “Flow within me. Let us flow together. Bring your power. Purify me. Make me go in the right direction. Straighten out my twists and turns. Send me to the fields that need my water and will be fruitful.” This is what the Father intended when he began this heavenly stream, through his Son.

But, what took place. Mankind rejected the Son. The stream of man did not want the stream of God to cleanse and direct it. “I will flow in my own direction and gain my own goals.” What has resulted? Look at the mess! Who can save mankind? I weep over what I see about to happen. I come so that it does not happen. This heavenly stream has great power and can act quickly. The catastrophes can be averted, but man must act quickly. Yes, man must act. The Father has already acted. His stream is already flowing. Man must act. He must accept the new stream. Will he do this when for so long he has rejected it? Can there be a new day envisioned by the Father when he created me to give birth to his Son? That is the question which faces mankind. All the other questions will be answered when man opens himself to the new heavenly stream.

Comment:  Through Mary, has come the riches in Jesus Christ but man must accept these riches.

A Surprising Outpouring of Repentance 
September 9, 2011 

Suddenly, before all these events happen, there will be a gift from heaven, given without man’s earning it and even without his asking, decreed by the heavenly Father. The stream of heaven will overflow into the stream of mankind. Divine power, divine cleansing and divine light will suddenly invade the mind and heart of man. Yes, I say “invade”, because man makes no efforts to save himself, no efforts to cry out to God. Yet, the heavenly Father sees what is ahead. He sees the events stirred up by the Evil One. He sees the destructive powers that his minions have acquired. .

So, he will decree that the blessings of heaven be poured out, that the heavenly stream begin to mingle with the stream of mankind. He will not even wait for man to ask or to invite. He will do it. Heaven will mingle with her. People will receive heavenly gifts without asking. What is important is that man accept these gifts and see them for what they are – the Father’s final helps, the last chance to survive what is to come.

How difficult to describe these gifts to a world that understands so little of heavenly life and powers. However, I will try to explain in simple words.

First, there will be a spirit of repentance, wide scale repentance coming from heavenly light arising within each person. People will see what they have done. How they have walked away from the faith of their childhood, how they have walked into the darkness and chosen earth over heaven. In this light, they will repent, saying, “I must return to the faith of my childhood. I must take up what I have cast aside.” It will be like the miraculous catch of fish. The boat of the Church will be overflowing and the pastors will need to call for other boats to hold the crowds.

All will be amazed. No great preacher arose to stir the people. No great event happened to bring them to their knees. This is a gentle, hidden light placed in the hearts of those who still retain the basic elements of belief. This is where I will begin. When the Churches notice a spirit of repentance among their fallen away members and a return to active practice, they will know that greater graces are about to be unleashed.

Comment:  Many retain some aspects of faith.  These are the ones who are somewhat prepared to receive the spirit of repentance.

 An Unswerving Will 
September 10, 2011 

Why do I speak and why do I ask you to record my words? Because my words offer life and an opportunity for those who listen to them and act upon them to be saved.

 O Reader, do not just read these messages from curiosity, to discern the future events. If you read them with your heart, they will be like a seed planted within you that offers new life. Let us begin.

I was conceived by the heavenly Father as the Woman clothed with the sun. This was his goal and why he poured out such precious graces into my soul from the very beginning. I was to belong to him as no other human person, totally his. Yes, from the very beginning, I was his.

 There was a path which I was to walk, a clear path, always doing his will. Amid all the possible decisions in every single moment, I saw his will and I chose his will, like a compass which always points to the north.

 My life was filled with sorrows, yet I never swerved. Whatever the heavenly Father wanted, I wanted. What he did not want, I did not want. My free will never swerved. Yet, it remained free because that alone gave glory to God. My will never swerved because he surrounded me with so many graces. These same graces are stored in my Immaculate Heart. They were placed there by the Father and since I always accepted every grace, absolutely none was lost.

I stored them up for you and I am ready to pour them out on whomever asks for them. They have only one purpose – to unite your will to the Father’s will, just as my will was so united. This is the greatest gift. It will last forever. In heaven, the will of every angel and every saint is perfectly in tune with the divine will. By pouring out these graces, I give you two gifts. On earth, you will fulfill your call, the reason God created you. In heaven, you will be perfectly united to God, to me, to all the angels and saints.

Let me teach you a simple prayer that will be so effective because it seeks these graces.
O Mary, in your Immaculate Heart, 
are stored up all the graces of divine union.
If you place these in my heart, 
I will always do God’s will. Amen.

Comment:  Each person would like many blessings from Mary.  Her greatest gift is to have a free will like hers, always united with God’s will.

The Coming Election 
September 10, 2011 

I told you that America chose the darkness. In the bible, when Israel went against the voices of the prophets, they chose their path of darkness. I let them walk their path until they repented and turned back to me. The same thing is happening in America. The economic scourge is like the Babylonian invasion of Jerusalem, the result of their sins.

The economic weakness results from their choosing the darkness of abortion. They elected a leader and a political party that sacrifices the unborn children for their political life. I must bring the Democratic Party to repentance. The few pro-life Democrats have no great effect upon the party. This year there will be a ground-swell against the Democratic Party. It will be motivated by the economy and will sweep the Democrats out of office. It will decrease their numbers so they might listen to the pro-life voices in their midst, that these would gain a greater voice. Then, there will be signs of new life.

The Republicans are trying to ride the horse of the economy to the victory line. My interest is not in the economy but in the life of my people. These are the candidates I will bring to the foreground, some of them surprisingly. Even though the electorate will see them as candidates who create jobs, I will see them as candidates who protect lives.

Comment:  God has an intense interest in who leads America but God’s goals are often different than the people’s goals.

The Spirit Comes Upon the Virgin 
September 11, 2011 

 I gather your heart into my heart and there I reveal my secrets so all the world can understand. Nothing will be hidden from you so you can reveal all to the world.

When a person begins to be touched by these words, they will hunger for more. Then they, too, will be on the same path into my heart. I want the whole world to come into my heart. Only there, will all be safe. Facing the world are years ahead of destruction and disruption of normal life. All the world will be affected. Some parts will directly experience the destruction. Other parts will experience disruption. Normal life, so to speak, will not exist. It will be a time unknown to the human race, of which the destruction of the twin towers is an image and an

Long before this, people must have learned of my Immaculate Heart and the truth that I always put forward. I say it over and again. The only place of refuge will be my motherly Immaculate Heart. There is a place there for everyone, of any faith and of any denomination. The urgency is so great, that my heart will remain open until the last minute but no one should wait. If they do wait they might find themselves far away and unable to arrive on time. At some point my heart must close, like the doors of the Ark. Otherwise, the flood waters would enter and destroy those who are within. What do I mean by all these images? What does it mean to enter my heart? I will explain.

 First, you must know me. I am the virgin mother of Jesus. I say virgin, so you know that the Holy Spirit came upon me. He prepared not just a place for Jesus but a place for all the holy ones. All are conceived in my womb. This was proven at Pentecost, when the Spirit came and began the Final Age. All the disciples were gathered with me in that upper room.

You enter my heart by faith. You say “Mary can save me. Mary is the Ark of the Covenant” (Rev.11:19). If you wish to know what is happening, if you wish to interpret these events, then read the Book of Revelations, chapter 12. I am the Woman clothed with the sun. Even in the greatest darkness, I will be clothed with the sun but you must know who I am and how urgent it is to enter my heart.

 Comment:  On this 10th anniversary of the destruction of the Twin Towers, Mary uses that event as an example of future trials.

 Preparing for a Journey 
September 12, 2011 

All must begin now to prepare. “Prepare for what?” you will ask. This is the great question. “How can we prepare when we do not know what we will face?” Parents see what is ahead but they do not tell the children every detail. Would this not fill them with fear and would it not be useless? No, they tell the children little parts. They give them small hints, just enough to alert them. It is the parents who prepare. The children just trust that the parents will keep them safe.

 So, there is no need for me to reveal all that is ahead. I must just reveal little parts and give little hints. I will prepare. You must trust and listen. Let us begin.

 When there is a journey, you take only what is needed. Otherwise, the baggage you carry will be too heavy for you and you will never complete the journey. So, you must grow detached. Many will mourn their losses saying, “I used to have this. I used to have that.” They will spend valuable time in trying to salvage what is useless. Think of yourselves on a journey and prepare for a journey, taking all that is needed but only what is needed. I will give you the wisdom. Do not live as those settling in, providing yourselves with every possible luxury. See yourselves like those on a journey and you will survive.

Second, draw close to one another. Do not wander. Do not separate. To spread out and to go your own way is a luxury of settled existence. On a journey, all must stay close because nothing is settled. There are always new questions and last minute decisions that must be communicated to all. Many have chosen individual life styles, having the luxury of independent living. They go off. They isolate themselves and immerse themselves in things. On a journey, things are a burden. People are an asset. Having others to help you is what gets you to the end. Recapture the family relationships. Recapture the extended family. Come back home. Gather again. This will prepare you for the trials ahead.

Comment:  The image of a journey is easy to understand.  Some will be prepared by close relationships to set out together.  Others will be isolated.  Everyone can begin to prepare by believing these easy to understand words.  The “family” can also be the Church family.

 A Summary of Her Teachings 
September 13, 2011 

 Do not just read these words. Inscribe them in your heart and live them in your life. They are words of light for the darkness that is coming. I will summarize my teaching so you can easily recall the light I have given.

1. The time is short. Many disasters will befall mankind. Some are already evident, the problems which are seen and felt by all. Other problems will be new and unexpected. Together, they will squeeze the heart of mankind, which will feel sorely oppressed, unable to respond and be filled with hopelessness.

 2. By these words, I am preparing my children (and all can be my children. They need only to accept me as their mother). This is not a preparation of one day nor can it be done at the last minute. The time is short. Prepare now.

 3. To prepare, you need to begin with the ancient truths, the basic truths that are already in your heart. These are the saving truths. There are no others.

4. Take these truths and make then the foundation of your life. Begin now. In this way, when the trials begin, they will be your foundation.

5. Gather with others. You cannot stand alone.

 6. Observe the Lord’s Day. This is the foundation of the foundation. By observing that day, you will find all the riches that you need. There are many hidden riches, buried in that precept. Only those who seriously try to keep the Lord’s Day, will discover those riches. How clear can I be?

7. In all decisions and in all events, think of my Immaculate Heart. If you do this, you will realize the truth I have been teaching. Go to my heart and find every solution for your problems. Go to my heart and find every consolation in your suffering. Go to my heart and find protection in every difficulty. This truth means nothing unless you act upon it. Once you act, you will experience the reality of my Immaculate Heart and the help which is always available.

Comment:  Mary sums up the main themes of her teachings.

 Look into Your Heart 
September 14, 2011 

 Why look around for answers when the answers lie within each person’s heart. Yes, the heart must be true. If the heart is true, the person can see what is in their heart? This is where, O reader, you must begin.

Look into your heart. What do you see? Do you see the basic elements of faith? Do you see a belief that God exists? That you have responsibilities to God? What are these responsibilities? Can you list them, or at least, some of them? Do you fulfill these responsibilities? Where do you fail?

 Look again into your heart. What have you accomplished in life? What were your dreams and your talents? How have you fulfilled your dreams? How have you used your talents?

Look again into your own heart. Who are the important people in your life? What are your responsibilities toward them? Have you fulfilled them?

 Look again into your own heart! What is sinful? What destroys you? What lowers you? What do you want, crave and seek, even if you must break God’s law to get it? What is your hidden secret? What would you not want anyone to know about you?

Look again into your heart. Do you find any hope? Do you see any stirring of your heart that says, “I will arise from here and return to my Father’s house”?

 Look again into your heart! Do you find me there? Does my presence fill your heart? This is the easiest part. If you do not find me, then invite me. Use your own words. I will listen. As soon as you use my name, “Mary”, I will come. If you ask me to stay, I will stay. If you invite me to go deeper into your heart, I will go deeper.

 Recapture your own heart. Get it firmly into your grasp. Then you will be free to enjoy my words.

Comment:  Mary offers so much but a person who cannot control the desires of their heart, cannot profit from Mary’s help.

Dangers to Israel 
September 14, 2011 

There is a small group, tightly knit, which stays hidden. They gather money and resources and plot against Israel. Someday, they will inflict damage upon Israel as they did against the Israeli embassy in Egypt. As they draw closer, Israel will have no power to push them back because the buffers of protection have been taken away. It is a difficult and perilous time for Israel. Few know how close the destructive forces are to breaking through the Israeli defenses.

Comment:  Each day the news reveals less protection for Israel.

 A Future Full of Hope 
September 15, 2011 

Why do I come in this way? Why do I speak? Because my children are about to be covered in darkness. This is not a darkness of the individual but a dark state of the world. All will be covered in darkness.

What do I mean by the phrase, “covered in darkness”? It will not be a physical darkness, at least in this hour, but a social darkness, an inability of the structures of society to provide for its people. What people took for granted will no longer be there. Institutions will be washed away in the floods of bankruptcy and mismanagement. People will search for other alternatives but nothing will be ready. No one has prepared adequately. Life for many will be very different. Parents will worry about their children and how they will provide for the future. Anxieties will increase and, in some places, even panic and breakdowns of social life will occur. What do I have to say about this darkness? What advice can I give?

 There will be a time of testing. Those who survive will not be the strongest or the richest. Riches will only allow them to avoid some of the difficulties. They do not insure survival. Survival will come only from faith that life still has a purpose, from hope that the heavenly Father will provide sufficiently as Jesus promised, and from love which binds people together, each one looking out for the other.

 As institutions fall and as the other sources of help are ineffective, faith, hope and love will bind people together. There will arise a new, living set of relationships composed of people who refuse to give up and are determined to help each other, just as Jesus taught his disciples.

This will be a time akin to the deportation of the workers in Jerusalem to Babylon (597 BC). They did not give up and they forged new lives, just as Jeremiah urged them to do.

To these faithful souls who will endure the darkness, I speak the words from Jeremiah which they must always remember, “I know well the plans I have in mind for you, says the Lord, plans for your welfare, not for woe! Plans to give you a future full of hope.” (Jer. 29:11)

Yes, in the darkness, I have plans for a future full of hope and my children must believe that those plans exist.

Comment:  What can be said in the face of worldwide unrest.  Mary gives as clear an answer as possible.

 Preparing for the Floods 
September 16, 2011 

The evidence is everywhere. Look around. What is in order? What is stable? What will continue to exist? Everything is in question. What is not in question is the instability of the world and the frightful consequences that are so very near. These will burst upon mankind like a dam suddenly unable to hold back the flood waters.

So often I use this figure of a flood but the image is an apt one. Before a flood, life goes on as usual. No one is aware. Then the rains come. The waters rise. People are on edge. They do all they can to protect their city, hoping that this will be enough. However, the ultimate outcome is beyond their power. They cannot control nature. They cannot determine the amount of rain or how it will gather. When the floods come, everything in its wake is destroyed. Nothing is spared. Whatever is present is swept away. Only those who looked forward, who heeded the warnings, who removed their possessions, are spared from the devastating power of the flood.

This is what I teach my children. You cannot determine the place or the scope of the flood, so seek the high ground, that special relationship that I offer you. Let faith, hope and love lift you high. Only these will save you and, if you ask, I will pour them all into your heart. These are not powers received at the last minute. They must be stored up now.

 This is my invitation, rejected so often. In these troubled times, when all can see that unforeseen difficulties lie directly ahead, many will be open to this invitation.

 “How should we prepare,” they ask, “when we have no idea of what we will face?” Faith, hope and love prepare for every trial. They bind you to me. In the flood, I will be your mother. Regain your religious spirit and you will be prepared. When the floods come, your heart will be able to receive the helps I will pour out.

Comment:  Even though the future problems are unknown, the preparation is clear.  You must regain your religious spirit.

 Describing the Present Moment 
September 17, 2011 

 I give you little pieces that fit together into a clear picture of all that will take place. I also tell you underlying causes and what man needs to do. Although my word goes forth, few heed it. I make the teachings simple and the advice easy to fulfill, but so many ignore it and turn away. Let me try again in easier words and clearer statements.

1. The world is in a special moment, a precarious moment. All the economies of the world are closely tied together. A nation cannot withdraw. They cannot say, “We will save ourselves”. All are interconnected. The fall of one will damage the others.

 2. There are weapons of mass destruction that will fall into the hands of those who want only death and destruction. They seek to build no nation or to protect no vital interest. Their goal is satanic – to inflict death and suffering upon as many as possible.

 3. Add to all of this, the political unrest, the feelings of the people that their leaders do not serve the national interests but their own. The toppling of dictators is not the only political unrest because leaders have no solutions to the problems.

 Where does all of this lead? What should be mankind’s conclusion? They should awaken to these worldwide problems. Their eyes should be open. Instead, they put their political solutions on the table, knowing full well that they are as useless as putting paper over a fire. Quickly, the fire will devour the solutions and even feed on them.

Who can debate me? Who cares to contest my statements? Who can say that all of this is not true? This is the state of mankind, but no one listens to me. My saving word goes unheard. It is put aside until it is too late.

 Return to my Son. Return to the Prince of Peace. Return to him who alone can reconcile you to one another. He will pour out a different Spirit upon you. Yes, he will pour the Holy Spirit upon you. Yes, he will pour the Holy Spirit upon the whole world. He will again pour out that holy fire. Which fire do you want, the holy fire of love or the satanic fire of destruction? Take your pick. You have no other alternative. Secularism has no fire.

Comment:  The locutions come to a new clarity and a new moment of decision.  Which fire does the world want?

Three Unwanted Gifts 
September 18, 2011 

 I open up my heart to you for you to distribute the riches contained there. Distribute these riches to all who are worthy. If the unworthy want the riches, give it to them, also. The riches will make them worthy.

Unfortunately, the riches I want to give mankind, man does not want. Let me list theses riches which are scorned and rejected.

1. I would give purity of heart and freedom from lusts but man turns aside. He wants his lusts. He enjoys the fires of passions even though they control him and destroy him, even though they lead him into destructive relationships and ruin his family. Yet, I will give purity to whomever asks.

2. I would give truth, but man wants to retain his power to lie, to turn to his advantage what would not be so. He wants to tilt the table, to gain the upper hand even if he needs to lie to do so. Yet, I will give truth to whomever asks.

 3. My greatest gift is the desire to sacrifice yourself for others, to lay down your life in service. How I like to distribute that gift and how I love those who want to receive it. These I bless more than any other because they are like my Son who gave his life for many. I give them every blessing because I know they will bless others.

 I give them money because they will use the money for others. I give them strength so they can continually give of themselves. I give them wisdom so all they do is exactly what needs to be done.

 And when they grow tired and discouraged, I draw them close to myself so I can send them out again. These are my messengers, my servants, the carriers of the life that I want for the whole world.

So, I ask, “Who wants these gifts?” Just ask and you will receive. Seek and you will find, knock and it will be open to you”. These are my Son’s words, but mankind so often turns away from the gifts of my heart.

Comment:  God’s plan is to give divine favors to all his children to make then holy, but man’s free will must want them.

Receiving the Fullness 
September 19, 2011 

I rejoice to see those who have my gifts but I sorrow that I cannot give them even more. I will explain what causes this sorrow. I give great gifts, but people accept only a portion. I want to give even greater gifts but only a portion of what I have already given is used. Does a mother put more food on a child’s plate when he has not eaten what is already there? This is the problem which I will address. Let us begin.

My children come to me with divided hearts. Oh yes, they are my children. They are even religious and priests. They are good and they desire eternal life. They want my gifts and would never want to be counted among those who reject me. They even join religious orders or participate with religious groups. How I would bless them! How I would use them as great instruments in the coming darkness! Yet, I cannot use them for the great tasks that lie ahead because of their divided hearts. They want me but they also want their personal life. They want the kingdom but they also want the world. They are satisfied with a portion of my gifts.

If only they accepted the whole gift, the full gift, I want to give them new and greater gifts, but they do not seek the fullness. When a person wants the fullness, their heart expands. Their capacity grows. They bulge at the seams, like Peter’s boat in the miraculous catch of fish. Peter had to summon another boat. Peter never said, “Lord, you are sending too many fish”. No, he accepted all the fish and made provision that all the fish would be taken. After that, Jesus gave him the great task. He would be the “fisher of men”.

Notice that the task came only because he received the full gift. He opened his heart to all that Jesus wanted.

 Oh, devout soul, come to me. Leave behind your other desires. Empty your hands of what you grasp. Empty your heart of what you desire. I will fill you with divine favors, fill you to overflowing. Your capacity to receive will multiply. Then I can use you for the great tasks. Otherwise, you will be limited to smaller and unimportant works. If you want to do great works, open your heart fully to my favors, turning away from everything else.

Comment:  Mary’s desires for all of us are unlimited.  We limit everything.  Enter into her idea for you.

The Road the King Will Use to Come Again 
September 20, 2011 

I begin where I always begin – in my Immaculate Heart. This is the heavenly Father’s secret, his plan for the salvation of the world. He has placed his Son in my heart. His Holy Spirit has come to abide in my heart. These are the secrets that I am trying to reveal so all might know of this treasury. Some misinterpret this doctrine. They think I am speaking of my own powers and my own prerogatives. Rather, I am speaking of God’s powers and where to find them.

Am I not the Mother of God? Did not Jesus, true God and Lord of all, dwell in me? Did not the Holy Spirit overshadow me? These are the realities that I speak about when I proclaim the importance of my Immaculate Heart. “He who is mighty has done great things in me”. I am revealing what God has done by his own free decision. Just as he decided to abide in the human nature of Jesus, so he has decided to make my Immaculate Heart a place of his abiding and a place where all can find him.

People search for Jesus. They look, but so many times they do not find. He is in my heart. He abides there. He dwells there. For this reason, the Father wants all the world to honor my Immaculate Heart. This is the easiest place to find his Son, Jesus.

He came the first time through me and he will come the second time through me. If a king is coming by a certain road, cannot the citizens go out to meet him? Surely, they can stay home. Yes, the king will certainly come. Yet, the wise citizens say, “We need not wait. We can go out to meet the king”. They only need to know the road that he will use to come to their city.

Everyone knows the road that Jesus used to come the first time. This is without dispute. My revelation is so simple, “The road he used the first time, he will use the second time” and those who understand it can go out to meet him. They can find him before the others, who have no interest in meeting the king or do not know which road he will use. Now you see the importance of these revelations of my Immaculate Heart. The king is coming and you can be the first to greet him.

Comment:  This clear truth is taught by St. Louis de Montfort.  Jesus will come the second time exactly as he came the first time.  Why would he confuse his people?

 To the Disillusioned Person 
September 21, 2011 

You have taken the wrong road. Oh, how many paths lead astray and so many walk them, delighted by what they see at the beginning but disillusioned by what they discover along the way. If only you had listened, you would have been spared the suffering of walking a fruitless path for which you have nothing to show.

 The paths of the world are filled with promises and the human heart feels itself drawn. The sights are set and they begin. Soon, their hearts feel entrapped because they were not made for this road.

Do not be afraid of this moment of your disillusionment. It is a grace to see that you have taken the wrong road. It is a time of opportunity.

My path is different. It is entered by faith. As the person walks, they experience a joy, a realization that I will not disappoint them. Can you not begin again?

Will I not reveal my path for you? You will surely find it. Let me teach you what to do.

Find a place, possibly a church, where you can be quiet. Go there often, because it is not in one day or one moment that light is given. The light will come slowly. Be faithful to these visits. I will be there. Call upon me.

Gradually, I will turn your heart to what is of value. I will cut away the false hopes and empty promises. You will see what is of lasting value which you set aside as unimportant. You will pick it up again. You will say “What I have spurned is really what I should have chosen.” Take it up again. This is the path I have for you.

 Comment:  Many make wrong decisions.  Yet, Mary always holds out hope of finding the right path.

 Listening to the Prophets 
September 22, 2011 

 The stars, the sun and the moon are all on course. It is only mankind who has lost its way. How far off course is the human race and how serious are the results? I cannot stop everything because man will always remain free, the ultimate chooser of his destiny, but I can offer light, and those who walk by my light will be safe. Let us begin.

No one knows all that will happen in the future. Much is hidden. However, to some whom I have chosen, I have revealed enough that, if people listen and heed the messages, I can prepare them and bless them. Why do I choose this method?

This is the method chosen by the heavenly Father. He sends the prophets with their messages. Blessed is that community which has prophets in their midst. Blessed especially is that community which listens to the prophets.

The prophet does not say everything. The prophet points out a road of blessings, a road of light. As the people walk that road they find the blessings and the helps which God had in store for them. The prophet does not provide the blessings. He only points them out. Many are disappointed with the prophet’s words. They want signs and wonders. The prophet is not God. He is only sent by God. He can only say what God wants him to say.

 Many are disappointed. The prophet’s words are true but they do not act on his words. Other people find light. They act on his words and find the blessings that God provides. They know the words are true because they have found God’s help through the words.

 Let me bring forth one prophetic word. If you act on this, you will find God’s blessings. “Do not trouble yourselves with future events, like ‘What is to happen this year? What will happen next year?’” Focus instead on the daily reception of the Eucharist. The daily Eucharist will give you the light that you need. You will see your whole word in a different way and you will be prepared for this year and for next year.

Comment:  Mary tells us how to make good use of God’s helps.

 Light Entering Your Heart 
September 23, 2011 

I lead you along this path so that others can know that there is a way of salvation. Mankind must be given a ray of hope. Otherwise, all would be darkness. A ray of hope does not cast out the darkness but is given even during the darkness. It is timely. Available at the urgent moment. This ray of light cannot wait. It must arrive when the need is greatest. That is why I give these words now. They are urgent and must be delivered as saving hope to all who will listen. Let us begin.

 I draw near. I am close but man does not realize this. So, I must speak, “Here I am. I am at the door of your heart. I am not far away. Just open the door a little bit and I will come in and bring my light with me.

If there is light in your heart, even if you are surrounded by darkness, you will be safe. Now it is just the opposite. The light surrounds you but darkness is in your heart. I must reverse this. If the darkness comes and there is also darkness in your heart, then all will be dark. You will have no light to walk by. So, this is an urgent task.

How does light enter your heart? Is it hard to find? Must you search diligently? Not at all. I am at the door, knocking hard with all my might. I speak boldly to you. “Open the door and let me come in. I am your mother and I have come to save you. I know what is ahead and I know that you are not prepared. You have no spiritual thoughts. Your will is weak. You have even set aside some religious practices. You are entangled in the world. You are confused and anxiety has begun to enter. This is your inner state. Your outer state is shaky. You do not know what the future (which once was quite rosy) holds in store. You are frightened and you do not know where to turn for help. That is why I have come to you. Yes, through these words, I have come. I am at your door, knocking at your heart. Call upon my name, ‘Mary’. Let my name be always on your lips. You will see its power and what I will do for you.”

Comment:  This is simple.  Let “Mary” be on your lips and you will witness her help.  She is at the door.

A Help in Sorrows 
September 24, 2011 

 I do not try to pierce the great mysteries because many would not understand. Instead, I speak of simple truths which all can grasp. In this way, people can take these easy steps and move into the Divine Will without even knowing where I am leading. Let us begin.

I speak today of sorrow. How many sorrows burden human hearts. If only they could throw off these sorrows or gain some relief from them, then they would thank God. So, this is where I will begin. I am the Mother of Sorrows, so I am well acquainted with sorrowful burdens and how to carry them.

I carried sorrows all of my life, beginning with the prophesy of Simeon that a sword would pierce my heart. Even after Jesus rose from the dead, I carried the sorrows of the Early Church as I saw his disciples martyred in his name. Violence was everywhere in my life even though I am the Queen of Peace.

I suffered disruptions. The trip to Bethlehem because of the census. The flight into Egypt because of King Herod’s anger. So, I am filled with sorrows and what words can I offer to you who are also afflicted? Listen carefully.

Some of your sorrows come from your own free will. You have chosen the wrong road. You have acted selfishly. You have turned your back on the good and have chosen the evil. Examine your present state. Go back to that fatal decision that set you on this path of sorrows. There is always the door of repentance, of going back to where you made your mistake and righting the wrong. Go back. I will help you.

Others sorrows are beyond your free will. They come from the circumstances of life – the death of a love one, the loss of a job, the breakup of a relationship, the many things that go wrong. To you I say look to me. I am the Star of the Sea. I see your little boat on the ocean of life. Call upon me. I will come to you in your sorrow. I will guide you through the waves until you come upon calmer waters. Do not despair. I am the mother of hope. That is why I speak to you.

Comment:  Some sorrows are in our hands.  Others are not.  Mary offers words to both.

 Nuclear Proliferation 
September 25, 2011 

You do not know where I lead you until the door opens and you enter. Behind each door is a gift which awaits you and which you receive in faith. Let us begin.

 The reason I come to you is because of the perilous state of the world which I constantly point out. I also come because mankind is not prepared. It has walked away from the Age of Faith. So, there are two problems – the perilous sate of mankind and the lack of any faith in God’s Providence. All of this is a dangerous mixture for despair. Even now, this despair has begun to grip people’s hearts and brings about a paralysis.

 The forces of destruction will continue to multiply as atomic weapons proliferate and fall into the hands of terrorists who are committed to the destruction of the West and the rise of the Muslim faith. This will present new and more dangerous situations. The resources of the West will be stretched thin, easily able to be penetrated. So, what can be done in the face of these mounting problems?

If my people but ask me, heaven will respond, but their crying out to me cannot be sporadic. They must set aside their endless hours spent on entertainment and gather in intercession as never before. The time is urgent and the stakes are higher. The weapons are more powerful and more proliferated than ever before. So, the intercession that reaches my heart must be louder and more extensive.

 During World War II, did not my people gather in the churches? Did they not fervently pray for the safe return of their loved ones? Did I not bring the war to a conclusion on my feast day? Did I not guide America?

So it will be. What happened in the past can happen again! I repeat. There is no need for mankind to go down the road of nuclear war but the time is short and people must realize the urgency.

Do not wait! Do not wait! Gather now in intercession. Begin in the home. Move to the parish and then spread everywhere. Hands must be lifted in intercession.

Comment:  Prayer can change everything but people must have the faith to pray.

 The Need for Just Systems 
September 26, 2011 

The forces continue to grow like yeast placed in the dough.  They are hidden but show their power in their effects.  The evil is like a fungus that spreads everywhere.  Who can stop its growth?  Men use their human means.  They believe that if they kill a few of the enemy, that they will limit the problems.

Yet, the death of one leads to others taking his place.  The victory is not won by force.  How many times mankind has gone down this road, a road of the multiplication of weapons and their distribution to others (seemingly friends) who later become enemies?  Is this the only road?

Is there not some other solution which man should try?  Let us begin.

I will teach man a new road, the path to true peace.  This path has not been hidden but man has shown no interest.  Man claims, “I will bring about peace”. Then, what does he do?  He takes up weapons of war, not realizing that he is contributing, not to peace but to violence.

Man says, “What else are we to do?  We must respond.  We must confront the adversary.”  Yes, at times, the innocent must be protected and kept safe.  However, you have neglected the more important aspects of peace.  Peace is the fruit of justice and justice has for such a long time been ignored.

Go back.  Build just systems.  Begin now.  Do not say, “It is too late.  We should have done this years ago”.  Certainly that is true but if you begin, if you change your priorities, if you begin to shift, I will be with you.

You will claim the hearts only of those people whom you have treated fairly.  Do not think that the secret pacts are secret to me.  I see the just man.  I see the uprightness of his heart and his attempts to be fair to all.  I bless the just man.  I bless his labors.  This is what is needed.  The just person sitting at the bargaining tables.  The just person setting the nation’s priorities.  The just person trying to bring peace.  This is my promise.  I will bless just men and women.  Go forth now in justice.

Comment:  God sees the secret negotiations.  He sees every decision of man.  All must be done in justice.

 Jerusalem – The Center of World Peace 
September 26, 2011 

 At the center of my heart is Jerusalem. This was always true but even more so now, because my blood sanctifies its soil. Anywhere that a martyr has been slain, the blood sanctifies that soil. The heavenly Father notes all of those places. Rome is holy because of the blood of Peter and Paul and so many other Christians.

In some places the blood of martyrs still flows. There are pilgrimages and devotions on that ground and even miracles. In other places, no devotion occurs and the blood, so to speak, does not flow.

My blood was not just shed at Jerusalem but it was meant to flow continuously. Yet, look at the history, all that has happened there. Indeed, some pilgrimages take place, but in so many ways my blood does not flow from Jerusalem as it should. Today, Jerusalem is seen as a political place, controlled by Israel. That is not its importance. My blood anoints its soil and I want my blood to flow out to all the world – to Jews, and Christians and Arabs. They must gather in Jerusalem and there will be peace in the flowing of my blood. Jerusalem is at the center of my heart because there I will gather the nations for world peace.

Comment:  Few see Jerusalem as Jesus sees it.

 Closing the Doors of Death 
September 27, 2011 

The ways of God and the ways of men are quite different. God’s way is a way of life, where true life flourishes and the instruments of death are set aside. Man’s way is a way of selfishness, of seeking what can please himself. Man does not intend death, but if something gets in his way, he does not exclude it. For him, the death of another is an alternative. He never shuts the door. He never says, “I cannot take that road”. So, in the back of his mind, there always lies the alternative of death.

This brings uncertainty. Those who are weak and dependent are never sure what those who are powerful will do. They are helpless. They know that death is always an option.

There can only be a culture of life when man obeys God who has said so clearly “Thou shalt not kill”. The direct killing of another is a door that must be kept forever closed. It was first opened by Cain and, since then, it has introduced untold miseries to the human race.

Who will be the first to close that door forever? Who will be the first to renounce violence and choose the way to peace? These will be the peacemakers of the New Age. This was the path which my Son chose when he told Peter to put away his sword (Mt.26:52). This has been the path of everyone who truly followed my Son. They always closed the door of death, even if it meant their own death.

The world will cry out, “We cannot do this. There is violence everywhere”. Begin where there is no violence. Is the child within the womb violent? Does he attack anyone? Why is the door of death so open to him? Close that door first and a new gentleness will settle upon America. Your eyes will be opened to other doors of death that can be closed. Most important, you will not be opening new doors of death that have, until this moment, never been opened before. You cannot open one door to death and think that you can keep the others closed.

Comment:  Mary is so right.  Opening the door of death of the unborn leads to uncertainty and ultimately to opening all the doors of death.

 Living in Truth 
September 28, 2011 

 The way of truth lies open for everyone. All can walk it, but man covers it over. He pretends that he does not see what should be evident. He wants to walk his own path, the directions that he chooses. He does not realize that truth is God’s invitation. Even if a person does not believe in God, they still understand truth and if a person would just walk the way of truth (which they understand) they will arrive at a personal God and Savior (whom right now they do not understand).

No one can say that they cannot find God. Let them live in truth and they will quickly come to him. That is where he awaits them. Even if they have never heard the gospel of my Son, they will come to know him in the truth of their lives. He will be there, although still hidden because they do not yet believe his story. If they continue in truth, they will begin to ask questions. These questions always lie deep in the human heart, not surfacing because too many other concerns are piled on top.

 But a person who seeks the truth begins to go deeper. He asks, “What is true? What is firm? Upon what foundation can I build my life? Does not everything shift? What I thought was important in my earlier years has disappeared from the scene. What I thought was important even last year, is no longer my goal. He grasps that all human life changes and he seeks what is lasting and true. The surface things can no longer hold his affections. He is restless within, but it is a good restlessness of searching for the truth.

O reader, if this describes you, then pick up the gospel stories. Read about my Son. He is the truth. In your searching, you have really been looking for him. Now you know where to look. You are thirsty and he is the living water. When you will drink of this water, you will not be disappointed.
Comment:  Where does secular man begin his search for God?  God has placed a desire for truth inside every heart.  Begin there.

 How to Gain the End of the Road 
September 29, 2011 

 I want my children to persevere until the end. Then, I can greet them and welcome them into their heavenly home. What good is it to begin a journey, to make all the preparations and all the effort (even for years) and not arrive where joy and celebrating take place? This is why I speak, why I give these daily words. My children need daily words so they persevere until the end. Yes, I will speak every day and they must look for my words. Let us begin.

The burdens are too great. That is the problem. The commitments and the entanglements are too complicated. To persevere to the end modern man must simplify his life and cut the many strings that bind him.

Let each of my children look at their life and ask this one question, “How did I get entangled in all of these obligations? Let them go from there. Let them cut away what is so evidently useless. Regain your life.

 Mankind has heard too many voices. Gone down too many roads. Reached for too many pleasures. Yes, life is filled with so many pleasures, so many things to distract and entertain. Each of these entails time and money and more complications.

Man must say “Enough! I must stop. I must slow down. I must gain control of my life. I have a long way to go. I cannot keep up this pace.” How happy he will be when those decisions are made and he has chosen a different course. Then he can feed his inner life, his spirit that is thirsting within. He can deepen his relationships with those who accompany him on his journey.

This is the secret to persevere to the end – carry little baggage and walk with others in deep love.

Comment:  Modern life presents multiple opportunities to persevere.  Man must reject many, retain his inner freedom and deepen relationships.

 Mary is Always Seeking You 
September 30, 2011 

These words come like a little stream of life. They do not overwhelm but invite people to drink of their waters. They are a gentle invitation so even the most fearful will not be afraid to come and drink. Yes, I want all, saint and sinner, to come. Let us begin.

In the beginning, I invite. To those who do not come to me, I continue to invite. What other words can I say? First, they must choose to be with me. This choice is very important. I cannot force myself upon them. Yet, I will never, never leave them. I will not go away. I will not withdraw. Even to the last moment, at the hour of their death, I will still be there, inviting them to come to me, asking and pleading that they would accept what I have to give – eternal life.

If they had heard my voice earlier, I could have given them greater blessings. They would have had time to receive. The seeds of life would have grown within them. But that is not important. There is still time for the important seed of eternal life.

This is what I want to say to everyone in the whole world. I am the Mother of God and I am your mother. My name is Mary and I conceived by the power of God’s Spirit. I have been chosen by God so he could enter this world by becoming flesh and dwelling among us. I was the woman chosen as God’s path to man. I am also the woman chosen as man’s path to God. That is why I will always be with you. I will always stay close.

Wherever you go, even if you take the paths of sin, I will follow you. Even if years pass by and you never call on God, I will still be close to you. No matter what you do, what sins you commit, what refusals you make, I will be there. You can never go anywhere that I will not seek you out. This is called the Secret of Mary and it must be revealed.

I need only one thing from you. I need you to say the words, “Mary, help me”. Say them now. Say them from your heart. I am waiting to hear them. After that, all will change.

Comment:  This is a great secret.  Many think of themselves as abandoned by God (which is not true) but they are never abandoned by Mary. 

 The Coming Hour of God’s Intervention & Mary's Secret
October ~ 2011