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Locutions to the World ~ July 2011

July 1, 2011
 42. The Fires of Destruction

Why is the world so troubled, so agitated and filled with such turmoil? Look around. All is in disarray. Armies line up, trying to preserve peace and there is no peace.

 All turmoil comes from the heart of man and it goes forth from there. Yet, no one speaks about man’s heart and no one claims power to quiet the heart of man.

They have rejected my Son. His heart was gentle and he was able to make the hearts of his disciples gentle. Having rejected him, the world has no power to quell the inner fires of destruction. Only Jesus’ gentle heart is able to say “Father, forgive them”. Only his gentle heart can say “Love your enemies. Do good to those who hate you.”

Even those who profess his name do not possess his gentle heart and do not live according to his words. That is the state of the world.

Fire after fire breaks out but these are the fires of destruction, not the fires of love. Love is found in only one place – the Sacred Heart of my Son. When will mankind learn to seek this new fire. Instead, it holds on to the human fires. It launches its destroying fire, claiming that this is how peace comes about.

O foolish man, your hearts bring forth every possible evil and yet you believe that you can restore creation to its original goodness. Can fools being forth wisdom? Can what destroys bring about restoration?

You need a hew heart. Yes, that is what mankind needs – a new heart – a heart transplant. That is what I offer you. Come into my heart and I will give you the heart of my Son. Otherwise, your intellects will create greater weapons and your hearts will try to solve your problems by destroying the earth. This does not have to happen, but it will, if you do not enter my Immaculate Heart.

Comment: Can the human heart be changed? Can the destruction cease? It looks impossible. The two hearts of Jesus and Mary are the only door of escape from worldwide devastation. 

 July 2, 2011
 43. Self Love Destroys A True Relationship 

Because love is a fire which consumes, my children must be concerned about what they love. Too often their hearts go in the wrong direction and the fire of desires burns them.

That is why I invite every human heart to enter into my Immaculate Heart where I place a true divine and human love. Without divine love, human love is weak, fickle, unable to be sustained and subject to the scourge of self-love. When self-love is present, a hundred becomes fifty and fifty becomes twenty. Self-love steals and robs, taking for itself what was meant for the other. It is like a tax, selfishly draining off true love. As self-love grows, true love grows less. A relationship which began with great generosity soon becomes a test of wills.

The relationship which began with great promise finds itself burdened with self-love. The relationship limps along, a caricature of what could have been. Sometimes, the relationship is broken and the couple separates.

None of this need happen, if only the couple would realize that self-love destroys true love. Their love must always be purified and they cannot do this by themselves. How many couples have asked, “What can we do to regain our original love?”

On this feast, I speak to husbands and wives, to young people who are in a serious relationship, even to all the world. Every day, place your heart in my heart and I will place you in the divine fire. Your love will be purified and your relationship will be free of the burdens of self-love.

 July 3, 2011
 44. Bringing Mankind to Its Knees 

 Everything spins around with little direction, subject to the whims and desires of the human heart, yet, beyond the control of mankind, which is caught up in forces that he does not understand, and cannot control. Yet, man thinks that events are in his control and that he can turn everything to his advantage.

 As a result, nations struggle against other nations, trying to be superior in the world markets and in political affairs. Meanwhile the average person is overlooked. The poor are set aside. A new class is always emerging. The “rising class” they are called, but they leave the world no better and even far worse than before they emerged.

Will it never end? The Spirit of God has been replaced by the spirit of man. Man has been set loose, unrestrained by God’s word, following his own inner light (which is no light at all).

 When will this era of “reason and enlightenment” come to a halt? It will come to a screeching halt. Two world wars and two atomic bombs could not bring man to ask, “Where have we gone wrong?” What will it take to have an age of faith replace this age of reason?

I see what it will take. Too horrible to describe. Yet, that is where mankind is headed. People ask, “Why does God not prevent this?” I answer simply, “How can God prevent this when mankind does not listen to God”?

So, I come as God’s messenger, heralding a new age of faith, when mankind again will call upon God and live according to God’s word. The new age of faith will come – but how it comes depends on mankind itself. This is why I am sent and this is why I am speaking so clearly.

This new age of faith will certainly come. It will come either by way of destruction, a destruction never before witnessed by mankind which will bring the world to its knees. Or, it will come by my word. My word also will lead mankind to its knees. Mankind will end up on its knees before a living Father and the age of faith will begin. There are two paths – of destruction or of my word. That is why I speak. Man must choose.

Comment: Mary describes the present – a world out of control because man has followed reason not faith. 

 July 5, 2011
 45. A Purified Earth

 Divine love is like a single drop in the gigantic ocean of man’s sins. Yet this single drop has the power to cleanse the entire ocean.

Now the ocean is dirty, polluted by man’s selfishness. People drink from it because that is all they know. This water enters into every heart and from it comes all the ills of society.

Who can cleanse these waters? When will the Age of Faith be restored? The task looks hopeless. The little ones scurry to form their little groups to resist the onslaught. Many see the problem clearly and try to respond so faith is not lost. I bless all these efforts and want them multiplied so that, in this time of cultural darkness, there are little places of light. But this is not what I am talking about now.

I am talking about a new Age of Faith, when the air is purified and the water is cleansed, when faith is the air that everyone breathes and peace is the water that everyone drinks. Who can even imagine these moments. Yet, this is my goal, brought about by a special action of the heavenly Father and which I will announce ahead of time.

When this divine action begins, I do not want the little ones to despair. The Father does not want the destruction of the earth or the end of the human race. He wants a purified earth and a new mankind to come forth.

 These are the great mysteries hidden in my Immaculate Heart – great mysteries, mysteries which hold the future of all mankind in their light. But who seeks this light? Who come into my Immaculate Heart. All are invited and I will reveal these mysteries to all who seek with a pure intention, that is, with a desire to live according to God’s commandments. Come, let us begin. All of good faith are welcome.

 July 5, 2011
 46. The Powerless Age of Reason 

All the world is in an upheaval, far beyond the powers of man to quell. Forces are released that overflow all the protective walls established by God to safeguard the human race.

 This ocean was released centuries ago. It began as a tiny stream, a few voices of dissent which clothed their message in terms of human freedoms. In truth, it was a hidden revolt against God for these voices wanted to throw off what they saw as the divine restraints upon their human freedoms.

Quickly, they convinced others. “The earth belongs to man”, they said. “Man, not God, should rule human life. We are people of reason. We can order our lives by the gift of reason”. So, reason was exalted and faith was put aside. When faith was put aside, God was put aside. Man wanted a world of man, a world free from divine constraints.

O man, now you have your world. You have had it now for a few centuries. Look at your world. Look at what you have done to it. Look at the rivers of destruction that have been unleashed. You never foresaw all of this. You are powerless. You cannot restrain the rivers of destruction. When will you learn? How high must these waters get before you finally say, “Let us turn back to God because we have taken the wrong path?” When will leaders arise who will preach this new faith? They must begin now. Their voices will be few and weak, but others will hear and these younger hearts will re-echo the message.

My heart turns to the young. You are the hope. Do not listen to your elders who have destroyed the world. Their message is discredited. Go back to the earlier eras. Go back and find the voices of faith, the saints of the past. Listen to them and become a new voice.

 Comment: Mary wants action now. She wants voices of faith to prepare for the future Age of Faith.

 July 6, 2011
 47. The Spreading World Wide Problems

 No one knows the future events which will shape the world, nor do they know how to prepare for them. However, those who listen to my words will be made ready. Although the forces of destruction will be great, they will not destroy my little ones. So, listen carefully.

It will seem as if everything will be swept away – all the structures of society and all the safeguards to human life. There will be breakdowns because many will be selfishly stirred, thinking that they can better their lot by toppling those in power. Really, Satan just uses these uprisings to serve his own goals and to inflict even graver hardships upon the people. This has already begun and the end is not yet in sight. The turmoil increases. The wars drag on. Both sides dig in their heels. This is what delights Satan – constant, daily, ongoing death and suffering.

The problems will spread. They will not be of the same nature because circumstances vary but they will have the same essential qualities. When some conditions are not right, Satan will stir up protests. He will raise up those who will cleverly lead the people down Satan’s path. Many will follow, duped by the clever rhetoric but also hoping that their condition can be improved. This will always be his bait – the hopes of people to improve their condition.

I would gladly improve the economic condition of my peoples. I would show them how to call upon me, how to join together in ways that would truly benefit them. But they do not call upon me or learn from me. Instead, they listen to other voices that lead them down destructive paths, which center upon overthrowing what they see as evil. There are other means and other ways. I would gladly point these out. People can build a new world, not one based upon destruction. Do you build by destroying? Do you gain peace by stirring up unrest? What power to stir unrest exists in today’s world! A click of the Internet, a careful use of the electronic media, and thousands are stirred to unrest. The modern world is not prepared for these new stirrings. Man thought he had all the answers!

Comment: Mary comments on the new phenomena of the Internet fostering revolution .

July 7, 2011
 48. God’s Final Preacher

Why does God wait? Why does he not intervene? Do you not see? He is always trying to lead man away from self-destruction. He sends his preachers. He sends his teachers. But these are snuffed out. Their words are not listened to and their invitations are rejected.

 So, finally, he has sent me. I am his final teacher, his final prophet. I am his last opportunity to change the course of history. There is no one behind me, no other message, no other signs than the ones that I will give. When I tell the world that it must listen to me, I am not speaking from a selfish and arrogant spirit. I am speaking as one who sees the destruction, the hopelessness of mankind if my words are not heeded.

What are my words? They are clear. They are the same as my Son’s. My message is the gospel message. Repent. Believe that the kingdom of God is at hand. Do penance and you shall find eternal life. This is a message of hope.

You see the demands of the gospel. I will help you with these demands. I will be at your side. I will lessen the difficulties. I am a Mother, not a taskmaster. I will take much of the burden on myself. It will be much easier than you think.

The Father has said to me, “Go, and help them to live the gospel, and I will be able to turn away from my wrath”. That is why I am here, why I have come. Will you accept my invitation? Right now, ask me to come. I will help you and we will begin.

Comment: What a message of hope! Yet, also a message of warning. Mary is God’s final preacher.

July 8, 2011
 49. Where Mankind is Headed 

All of history is before me – all that is past and all that is to come until the final days of the human race when my Son will come in glory, escorted by all his angels. What will happen from now until then is known to me but it is not yet decided by me. It all depends on the free will of man.

My Son came to Jerusalem on a donkey, an animal of peace. He was not a military Savior but a Man of Peace. He preached peace and accepted the violence done to his own body in peace and forgiveness. He would lead the world into the ways of peace, but the world does not listen to him. Therefore, the Father has sent me. I see where mankind is headed and I come with an urgent message. Do not look for my message only in these words. More important words are spoken in your own heart. Listen to them. The Spirit is speaking to you. They are words of life. Follow them and you will live.

 July 10, 2011
 50. A World Receiving Divine Glory 

The whole world can receive the divine glory. This is what I am preparing for, a gift come down from heaven that will touch every heart, a divine illumination, in the interior part of every human being.

But that event must be prepared for. The Church must be aware. The people must be told. But who will tell them? What preacher is adequate for this task? That is why it has become my task to prepare the world through these teachings.

 I will be very specific, even though I speak of future events. I will give exact teachings, even though I am speaking of experiences that are familiar to few. Let us begin.

First, there will be a period of signs and wonders. This should alert people to the coming manifestation. Unfortunately, the world will remain in darkness. However, because of worldwide communications, individuals will have access, both to my words and to the news about these manifestations (which have already begun, especially at Medjugorje). At least, part of the world will be prepared. Even some secular media will note these events, not from a religious purpose but merely because they are newsworthy. This, too, will further my purposes.

Now, I will describe some of the forthcoming phenomena. I will appear to many of my little ones. People will hear these reports and wonder how this could be true. Each of these will be a little spring of devotion, some larger and more known than others. This, too, has already begun to happen.

 I will also begin to touch the hearts of secular people. These will be good people but not known for their religious faith. Their stories will be told. People will learn of their religious conversion and of the sincere, Christian lifestyle which they have adopted. This, too, will be a special witness of the events to come.

Finally, the graces will be even more widespread. There will be religious stirrings in the hearts of many who have set aside their faith. They will be led back to devotions.

I say all this for two reasons. First, the Church must be prepared to respond. Second, as each of these graces is given, all must be ready to believe.

 July 11, 2011
 51. Leaders For A New America

 All of this comes about because of my special care for the world. Only because the world is buried deeply within my heart, does the human race exist in its present form. I say present form, meaning that there are so many people are spread out all over the world. I am the one who led Christopher Columbus and my name was on his ship. I am the one who sent the missionaries and people of good will to these new lands, bringing the faith and the civilization of Europe. I am the one who has kept at bay the atomic power unleashed for the first time so many years ago, but never used since. I am the one who has limited natural disasters. I am the one standing between the Father and the Divine Chastisements.

 I have worked through others but now I must intervene directly, openly taking the initiatives which I foretell with these words.

First, I must raise up new leaders, leaders of faith whom I form in my Immaculate Heart. These leaders will have lives of integrity. I will bond them together because if they stand alone they will be ineffective and vulnerable to the world’s darkness. Let these leaders arise. I am calling them forth. Let them be aware. Your mother is calling you. Be stouthearted.

You, who are reading these words, you know I am right now calling you to lead my people. You must gather with others, who could help you in this leadership. Servants of Mary you will call yourselves. Deeply religious in your hearts but totally competent in the secular world, for that is where I need you.

 Come close to me. Bond with others. Prepare your skills. Go forth into your culture. I will guide your steps. I am talking now to thousands, leaders of every kind. I need you to be in place, to be accepted by others as just and fair, as a preserver of peace and a force for justice. The gifts come down from heaven but they must be used on earth. Only with holy leaders, consecrated to me, can I fashion a new nation of America.

 July 12, 2011
 52. I Will Walk With God 

There is a certain road that the world must walk. By these messages, I will lead. All must follow. Do not swerve to the left or the right, because the road is narrow. I am speaking about the road of life – found by few and walked by even fewer. Now, all can find the road because I will reveal it. All can walk this road because I will walk with you as your mother.

 Many will say, “This is impossible. Mankind is too selfish”. But, I say, “Come, let us believe. Let us trust that mankind can change, that men will respond to the light”.

Why will they respond now, when they have not responded before? Because my light is new. It is different. It is not a blinding light that causes men to fear. It is an attractive light that invites them, like a mother inviting her child to take his first steps. Are not a child’s first steps followed by a lifetime of walking? If only I can get mankind to take these first steps, soon they will delight in this new power that they have. “I can walk with God” they will say. “Why did I reject him?” Why did I set God aside?”

These will be the feelings inside the human person. Who does not want to walk with God? This is the greatest call of the human heart. “I will walk with God” is the greatest decision of mankind. This is my goal. Do you see how gigantic it is? I want all of mankind to proclaim “I will walk with God”. I want every heart to make that decision, ‘I will walk with God”. My voice goes out to the whole world. I am your heavenly mother. Your earthly mother invited you to walk. I will invite you to walk with God. Let my voice reach your ears. You are walking away. You are walking to your destruction, but it need not be so. My voice will grow louder. My words will be more appealing. If you continue to listen, you will come to a moment when you will say. “I can walk with God. I will talk with God”. Do you not hear my voice right now? Why not say those words, “I will walk with God”. Walk with God and soon you will be accompanied by others – your friends, your family. They, too, will walk with God.

Comment: Mary has gigantic hopes. She believes there can be a total conversion of all mankind.

 July 13, 2011
 53. A Release of the Heart 

 I will make these messages so attractive that many will come to believe. I shape the truths of the gospel, putting them in a form that all will say, “I now see Jesus’ teaching in a new light”. I do this because this is the final preaching, the Father’s final attempt to have the world accept His Son. So, let us begin.

 The heart of man must be released. All is now pent up. He holds so many things in his heart. These he must let go. He has his sins (infections which poison his whole life). He has his memories of failures, of selfishness, even of cruelty and hatred. There have been moments when he was not himself, when temptation caught him unaware, conceived sin and gave birth to evil.

 The person did what they thought they would never do. My Son preached repentance. What does this mean? I will use a mother’s words. Repentance means “to release your heart”.

 Yes, repentance is a release. You no longer need to hold it in. You can allow it to flow out. You can confess your guilt. Like a dam that has burst. Where will it go? Into my Immaculate Heart where the fires of divine mercy will consume it forever.

You will have a free heart, a heart that can begin again. That is what I offer to mankind. That is what I offer to you who read these words. My Immaculate Heart offers you a freedom that you have not experienced for years. It is not too late. Let everything pour out. Let the tears comes. There is so much to pour out.

Afterwards comes the freedom and with the freedom comes new responsibilities, but only after you are free. I have come to set mankind free. How can I build a new world unless man is free again?

Comment: As sin multiplies we forget the effects on the human heart. Mary knows exactly where to begin. 

 July 14, 2011
 54. A Gift for the Secular Person 

The heavens will burst open and it will be a time of unprecedented grace, available to all – to the religious spirit and to the secular man. Those who know me will be more sensitive. Those who do not know me will be puzzled at first, not understanding what I will call “the first stirrings of faith”. It is to the secular man, the person who has no religious faith, that I speak today. Let us begin.

 This modern age has stolen from you the greatest power and privilege of man – to be a child of God. The world has given you every possible convenience and pleasure, hoping that you are content with its earthly gifts and will call yourself a “child of this world”. In this way, the world can number you among its members and be sure that you would oppose any intrusion of my Son into the world.

 My Son came into the world. I brought him into human life, but the world did not want him. The same story that happened in Israel, happens every day. My Son, risen from the dead, wants to come into each culture, but the world will not allow it. The world makes sure that its members resist the intrusion. This is called the secular spirit, the spirit which now controls you to whom I speak.

The world can only hope that you are satisfied with what it can offer you, that you never examine the treasures put in your heart by my Son. If you do examine your heart, you will discover a special gift that you have not opened as yet. (This is what the world fears.) You are made new when your eyes are opened and you say, “I am meant for God”.

O secular man, I love you. My Son died for you. I do not come to give you a gift. The gift is already within you. You are born with a desire for God. Do not be afraid to open the gift. The only danger is if you never open it, and go through all your life without understanding that you were made for God.

What will happen when you do open it? I will be there with you. I will show you how to open it without destroying anything in your life that is of God.

 A voice speaks now in your heart. It is my voice saying, “Do not be afraid. Do not put aside the religious stirrings that I have planted within you. Open the gift. Open the gift. I can nothing for you until you open the gift. But after that, I can flood you with life.

Comment: Mary invites the secular person to become a child of God. 

July 15, 2011
 55. A Love Waiting for You

My heart overflows with love for all mankind. No human heart is excluded from my love. This is why I ascend this pulpit of the world. So, I can reach out to all men. Today I reach out to the neglected, to those persons who have received so little love in their life. You do not believe in a God of love because you have experienced so little love. To you I speak. Let us begin.

How different you were from the other children. You experienced a life of constant emptiness. You did not realize this until you were old enough to understand. Your home was different, empty of human affection, sometimes filled with gigantic disorders (which I will not list). Then came false love, the love you sought from those of your own age. You always met with constant failures. Then, you chose a marriage partner and found yourself inadequate. How could you respond in love, when you had never experienced love? And so it has been. Love, love, love. It has never been there and you have never been able to receive love or to give love, even though you tried so hard to do so.

Now the years go by and your life narrows. You foresee a future in which true love is impossible. The world has cast you aside. You are no longer young (at least as the world defines young). What do I say to you?

First, my heart goes out to you. You have truly been deprived of life’s greatest gift – love. You have searched – oh how you have searched for love – but so many times in the wrong places. Now, I will turn your heart with these words. “It is not too late because my Son has planted a river of love within you called the Holy Spirit, a veritable fire of every kind of love. You will be able to experience his love as so many others have. His is a redeeming love. His first task is to wash away all your sins, quickly and immediately, so that you experience a freedom. The past will have no control over you. Then, this Holy Spirit will release the heavenly Father’s love for you, and you will know you are his child. Jesus will take you into his arms, for you are truly a straying sheep. Then I will grasp you and offer you the warm love of a mother.” All I can do is to tell you that this love is waiting for you. Take my hand and I will lead you there.

 Comment: Many are deprived of human love. No one needs to be deprived of Mary’s love. 

 July 16, 2011
 56. Sin Destroys the Marital Relationship

People are pulling in all different directions and the oneness of mankind is being shattered. Who can unite mankind? All is divided and the forces of division multiply each day. This is not the Father’s plan. He dreamed of a united human family but this sin destroyed this unity. Dividing man from woman, made them almost enemies in their own relationship. Yet, they had a continual urge for each other and man had a loneliness for a companion in his trials. This is the problem I will address because all other problems flow from this sexual war, the inability of man and woman to fully enjoy a loving relationship. If man and woman were at peace, then there would be peace in the world. But, there is no peace. So, let us begin.

Every man and woman is selfish but they do not understand this. They enter into marriage believing that they can be a good husband and a good wife. Soon, however, the realities of their relationship become apparent. The sinfulness of the husband encounters the sinfulness of the wife and problems emerge. They try to resolve these problems, even in a sincere way, but they are not totally successful. Then, they distance themselves. Their sexual contact becomes less frequent. They even question their original attractions. They function together but the full intimacy is missing, not just of body but even of friendship. Something important is missing in the family. This is transmitted to the children. The fullness of God is not present.

I must reveal the problem and offer the true solution. The problem is the universal presence of sin which lies hidden and unseen in every human heart. The solution is to see this selfishness and by repentance to remove it. This, however, is beyond the power of the husband and wife. Forgiving and removing sin belongs to God. So, every marriage without God is doomed to some level of failure because of sin in the human heart. Let every husband and wife explore my words. Use them to open your eyes. You will see your sins, but also you will see a God who will free you. Mutually accept your need for my Son and a new road will open before you.

 July 17, 2011
 57. The Effects of a Home Without Love 

So many parts of human life are bent and twisted that the human person finds it very difficult to turn to God and to seek Him. That is why I am his messenger. Like John the Baptist I am called to “make straight his paths”. Where will I begin? As always in the human heart.

 When the person grows up in an atmosphere of loving parents and a home that is in order, free from strife and turmoil, he can easily perceive the goodness of God because he sees life, love and happiness all around. However, when the original plan of the Father for the family becomes far removed from the original model, then a darkness covers the mind and a heaviness comes upon the feelings. The person is not free to choose the light or to respond to love. Everything is bottled up within, the result of years of an unsatisfying home.

What can be done when this is so widespread? The normal, loving home has become the exception, not the rule. Especially, I address you who are reading my words right now. Your lack of faith is not rooted in the lack of goodness in my Son. It has its roots in your family where so many disorders entered and where faith was dim. I have not come to blame anyone but to offer you a very special gift.

I will be your mother. For many reasons, your own mother was not able to provide and nourish you, could not pour out the warmth and protection that you needed. I will wash away those memories that still hurt within you. I will help you to see everything in a different light. I will open up those feelings that have been closed for so long. Believe me. Everything can be changed. Let us begin right away. Know that I am your mother, loving, powerful, always with my eyes upon you. Always saying to you “Come and feel my warm love. Come and listen to different words. Come, there is another world that you have never experienced. Come because everything can change. It is a warm, motherly love that you need and a warm love is what I have for you. Come and you will receive.”

Comment: Mary says the cause of little faith in the world is due to disordered family life and a lack of love which she will supply. 

 July 18, 2010
 58. Declaring Endless Wars 

There are disorders everywhere – in the family, in society, in governments and in international relationship. Nowhere is there peace. Cannot men discern that this universal unrest comes from the Evil One who stirs everywhere? Wherever there is turmoil, he is there, exploiting it to his own purposes.

I am here on the scene to actively engage in battle. I am the woman. The evil one and I are foes, eternal foes. The battle will be fought to the end. Let no one doubt that I will win and that he will be vanquished. Let no one doubt that peace will be restored, that human life will again gain a tranquility of order. Yet, let no one doubt that until that special moment brought about by my Son’s blood happens, there will be endless wars.

 I will fight him everywhere. I will raise up my army, with new skills and greater powers of the Holy Spirit. I will give new signs and wonders to encourage them. I will hold them close to my heart so that they will never be deceived. I will give them the greatest of comforts for the trials they must go through. I will prepare them, send them forth, give them a definite task and bring their work to a completion, even if this sometimes means their own death.

First, I must call them into my Immaculate Heart. Many times they are deceived. They do not see the newness of this situation. They go forth as they usually do but encounter only failure, sometimes falling into the very evils which they are trying to overcome.

Let these words go forth. This is a new and more dangerous situation. Destructive powers have long been at work that have changed the very landscape, not just the individual heart. There is no longer peace. War has broken out and so many of my children are unaware. Many have fallen in battle, not even knowing that a battle is raging.

That is why I say that before going forth, they must come into my Immaculate Heart. I must train them in the new ways of warfare. Otherwise, the enemy will easily destroy them.

Comment: Devotion to Mary does not mean withdrawal. Her army will attack but first they need to be trained.

July 19, 2011
 59. The Flow of Blessings

I come only to bring blessings, blessings of every kind. When man withdraws from God, he withdraws from the source of all blessings. First, one blessing is gone and then another. Man grows jealous. He sees his neighbor with blessings of which he is deprived and then he steals his blessings. Strife and discord begin and from these come open conflicts that escalate. The evil in one man’s heart spreads to a nation. One nation sees what it can steal from another. The darkness grows. What can be done? Let us begin.

I must take mankind back to the source of all its problems. To exist, mankind needs God’s blessings, the blessings of food, of land, of water – all the material things which God has given plentifully to the earth. Mankind also needs God’s blessings upon his heart – the blessings of peace and especially the blessings of mutual love and respect. With these spiritual blessings, mankind can regulate correctly the flow of earthly goods, making sure that even the poorest nation is supplied with enough. When man receives the blessings of God, especially the blessings on his heart, then man wants to bless others. By their very nature, blessings flow out. They are never contained and they are never selfishly hoarded. If they are, they cease to be blessings.

So it is with the blessings of wealth. These are meant to flow out to others. God will replenish them. When they are selfishly stored up in barns, they burn the heart and destroy the rich. Blessings are like a river. They are meant to flow, always enriching the places which they pass through.

The problems begin when God gives these blessings but man forgets their source. They think that they have generated the blessings and that the blessings belong to them. “This is mine”, they say. O fool, the blessings are given to you to pass them on. Then, you will have greater blessings.

 All evils come from this one source. Man does not acknowledge God as the source of all blessings and does not see the great privilege of being a source of blessing to others. Yes, I will say this clearly “Man can be like God. He can share in God’s powers and be a source of God’s blessing to all.

 July 20, 2011
 60. The Power of the Evil One 

Where do I begin when everything is in disarray? I must stay with the essentials. What is the heart of these problems? What is behind the scenes? What is causing this universal disorder, a disorder that extends to every aspect of human life? I must speak about the Evil One and his minions, what is called the kingdom of darkness. His kingdom is vast and his resources are gigantic.

 He entraps people. Some seek him out and make pacts with him. He gives them whatever the desire. He blesses them. Protects them. Leads them to high places. He waits for that day when he will need them. He knows that he owns them.

There are others over whom he also has power. These have made no pacts with him. They might not even know or believe that he exists. However, they, too, are in his power. These people have cravings, desires, ambitions that totally absorb them. They would do anything to gain their goal. This suits the Evil One very well. He just shows them what to do to gain their ambition or to satisfy their craving. He enlightens their intellects in the ways of evil. So, even if they do not believe he exists, they are one of his minions. They build selfish systems, destroy everyone who stands in their way and they release a gigantic stream of evil. Look at Hugh Hefner.

Finally, there is everyone in the world. All, at some time and in some way, can be an instrument of the Evil One. In a moment of weakness or a moment of passion or in a moment of ambition, the person acts not according to their usual manner. They are just caught up, in that single moment. This can be repented and with my help, the damage can be reversed. I just say this so everyone is aware that they can be one of his helpers in a given moment.

Comment: Mary wants us all to realize how Satan uses people as his workers.

July 21, 2011 

“Wait. Wait. Wait.” That is what the Evil One is always saying to those who love me. “Wait, there is time. Wait, there is no hurry. Wait, it can always be done tomorrow”. His voice lulls them to sleep. So, I speak to awaken them. Let us begin. The time is short. Oh, you have heard this before. Preachers have used these words. Popes have used these words, but you never listened. Now, your mother will use these words, but with a new power and a different message. I will speak with full knowledge. I know what is ahead and I know the time for each event. I say “each event” meaning what will happen if nothing is done, because the forces have been put in place and they will erupt if nothing is done.

I do not want these events to occur. They are destructive events that will tear down what I have put up and destroy what I have built. Let me repeat, “I do not want these destructive events to occur”. Some would see the need for these events, so that people will repent and see the error of their ways. This will not happen. The destructive events, for many, will be the removal of their last hope. No. It is far better if these events are avoided by prayer and sacrifice.

 July 22, 2011

The power of evil and the forces of good are drawing up the battle lines, but this is not seen by many. A war is about to break out, but so many do not see the obvious signs. So, I must teach my children. Let us begin.

 In the beginning, the forces of good were in control, and the Evil One could do little. A morality governed the world, a sense of right and wrong. The powers of evil were restrained. These bonds were broken by the two world wars, especially with the creation and use of the atomic bomb.

 After it was dropped, the Arms Race began, together with the Cold War, the partitioning of Europe, and the forming of the Iron Curtain. For decades now, vast sums have been given to developing and maintaining vast supplies of arms. Meanwhile conditions declined. Hunger grew. Problems that could have been solved were allowed to fester. Drugs increased, as did every other type of immorality that degraded the human person. All of this was a fertile field for the growth of the powers of evil.

Now the sins of the past, unrepented and even unknown, have destroyed the human spirit. No one believes that the world of the future will be brighter. All are waiting for the next outbreak of terror, or the next economic collapse. There is defeatism everywhere. In this atmosphere, the powers of evil thrive because no one hopes. The Evil One has stolen hope from the heart of man. No one proclaims a better and brighter world. No one except myself.

This is what I preach. These are the words that must go forth now, while the darkness grows and midnight approaches. I preach light. I preach hope. If no one else’s words stir the human heart, my words will. So, listen carefully.

The greatest light that has ever shone upon mankind will come to it as a gift of the heavenly Father. This moment must be prepared for by hope. Yes, you must hope when there seems to be no reason to hope for the future. Hope, that is what I preach. I will explain later. For now, let all my children begin to hope. Your mother sees what you cannot see.

 July 23, 2011
 61. Scattering the Powers of Darkness 

As time goes on, the power of darkness grow and increase. Greater powers of destruction are created every day. Those who do the works of darkness have greater powers to bring about their designs. All of this is cleverly intertwined. These forces are linked together by an intelligence given over to the works of darkness. I am eternally opposed to these intelligent creatures, but I am a mother to those who are entrapped in these powers of darkness. I must free them, even though it is difficult for those who are deeply initiated into the darkness to respond to my light, but let us begin.

My first task is to separate those who are in the forces of darkness so they do not encourage one another. I must turn them against each other. I must divide Satan’s household, setting father against son and daughter against mother. I must sow discord among those who are under his powers. I will sow these seeds of discord in the Taliban, in Al-Qaeda and in all the terrorist groups. Let my people pray for this. Let them lift up their voices, asking me. This is the simple prayer they are to say,

 “O Blessed Virgin, Mother of the Savior, 
scatter the forces of evil 
so they are not engrossed in darkness 
but can come to light”

Notice the prayer. I do not want these people’s destruction, but their scattering. If they are scattered, then I can surround them in light and they can believe and turn to me.

 There are legitimate efforts to destroy their influence, but this only unites them in their darkness and consolidates the hold of the Evil One over them. I will take a different approach, scattering them and making them vulnerable to the light. Yes, I say “vulnerable to the light” because their hearts are made for the light, just as is every human heart.

What is important is that millions of my children begin to pray that I scatter the forces of darkness. Say the prayer right now.

 Comment: Mary outlines a non-violent way of destroying Satan’s power.

 July 24, 2011
 62. The Way to the Way

The world no longer believes. Without belief, it cannot call upon God and cannot use the heavenly stream that is always flowing from God’s throne. The stream must bypass those whose hearts are closed. My task is to bring the world to a beginning faith. So let us begin. Why would the world turn away from God? What are the basic teachings? He is a Father who loves all his children. Seeing the helplessness of man, and even the cruelty of man against man, he sent Jesus to save the world and to bring about a new opportunity, for man to live at peace. My Son did not preach violence or hatred. He preached forgiveness. He preached works of charity. He took up no sword and told his followers to accept persecution and to pray for those who persecuted them. What is offensive about those teachings?

He sent the Holy Spirit, who is the Consoler, the Friend, the Advocate for everyone who receives Him. Are not all of these truths attractive? Why are they rejected? This is my point. All of these truths show a God who gives, who pours out himself, who blesses, who understands the sorrows of man and wants to be of help. Why does man not believe and seek God? This is the contradiction.

 Man is lost. He is wandering. This is why I come. Even though my Son has come to earth, man does not know the way. Jesus alone is the Way to the Father, but man does not know the way to the Way. This is why I come. I am the way to the Way. In Jesus, the Father will embrace you and give you eternal life, but the modern world has hidden Jesus. He is set aside. He can no longer be found. His voice is lost in the many strange voices that are now claiming men’s attention.

You who read these words, take my hand and I will lead you to Jesus. Once you find him, your heart will open wide and the stream of heaven can enter you forever.

July 25, 2011
 63. A Surprising River of Heaven 

When I open up the treasures of my heart, I want everyone to be prepared. Otherwise the treasures will pour out uselessly and fall to the ground, not into people’s hearts. How can I prepare them? I can only speak of what is to come so their eyes are opened. I am not speaking of future trials but spiritual and even earthly gifts. The heavens will open, slowly at first. A continuous stream of blessings will descend. Then, as the whole world is gradually awakened and as many hearts begin to receive, the heavens will open even more, and a gigantic river of blessings will descend. This will be a continuous river, flowing into every heart that is open. The Church will never have seen such a river since the early days of Pentecost with its signs and wonders.

Theologians will wonder what is taking place. They will examine it and be unable to discredit it. They will be forced to say that these are valid blessings, extraordinary in nature but seemingly ordinary, that is, abundant to all. In this way, they will put their seal upon these phenomena.

 The Church will be reluctant to speak at first, but it must not hold back, as if silence is the most prudent course. For too long it has tried to take this road but the modern world moves too quickly. The Church is left behind, arriving with its blessing after everyone else has already passed judgment. No, the Church must be bold and speak out early, so the faithful will not be filled with doubts. Otherwise, many will hesitate and the waters of grace will fall uselessly to the earth.

What are the rivers? Every type of blessings, beginning with repentance and sorrow for sin but leading quickly to a personal relationship with my Son through my intercession.

That is enough for now. There is too much to explain. I will teach this later.

 July 25, 2011
 64. The Surprising Door to Economic Recovery 

Everyone is in confusion. All are running around to find a solution but the seeds have been sown for too long. These are seeds of waste and extravagance, an America which has been out of control for decades. O America, how could this have happened to you whom I have blessed from the beginning? You took my title away from your largest river. (The Mississippi was originally called the River of the Immaculate Conception.) Now, you further strip yourself of your religious clothing. Well, continue. Continue your secular course and I will have you stand naked before the nations, an economic laughing stock. You have put aside your traditions. You have set aside the accounting procedures that made you a model for the world. You are no longer a model. You are a scandal and you are about to take the whole world down with you in your economic collapse.

You will not listen to those who would strengthen you. You are sick and you refuse to take your medicine. You refuse to see how deep is your illness.

You talk of recovery, an economic turn around. There will be no recovery because you lie to yourself. A true recovery is based on truth. You hide the reality and your people want to be lied to. Leaders and people, you are tied together by unhealthy bonds, the profligacy of your lifestyles, the unchecked spending and the lack of any discipline. You have had it all for so many decades. Now you will surrender nothing.

No need to surrender. It will all be taken away from you by your creditors. They will close your doors and shut down your excesses. Must it come to this? Is there no solution? I can offer you solutions, but you will not listen. I can point out a road, but you will not follow. Still, I must try. I cannot give up on America, the nation I have taken as my own.

I give you another chance because you have been generous in the past. This is also your future hope. To save your economy, turn your eyes abroad. See the starving of the world and feed them as you have never fed them before. As your food enters the stomachs of the world’s hungry, then my economic blessings will flow into your financial systems. That is my promise. The hungry of the world are the doors to your economic recovery.

July 26, 2011
 65. The Causes of World Problems 

Debt Limit Crisis 

As everything continues to swirl and events happen with no one (not even those with the greatest powers) able to set a direction, I want to explain what is behind the confusion. The leaders believe that they can use human reasoning to find a common ground and set a direction. However, these forces have a mind of their own. They go off in any direction, heedless of the consequences and unable to be brought into control. This is not one force, but multiple forces. It is not a question of bringing one force into line. None of the forces are aligned. There is no line. It is always shifting. But this is what inevitably occurs when economic selfishness has been fed for so long. Even reasonable restraints are seen as draconian. Everything is amiss and this is a stage of affairs which America has brought upon itself.

For so long they have not listened to me. They have gone their own way, throwing off the restraints upon their selfishness which is demanded by my Son in his gospel teaching.

The great divide began with abortion. That issue set up the walls. Go back. Look at the political process before the legalization of abortion. Was there not a bipartisan approach, a trying to work things out? Abortion changed all that. Those who followed God’s law suddenly saw an issue where there could be no compromise. Many had to withdraw. Others compromised their beliefs. Abortion is the great divide and abortion will always be the great divide. I will not compromise. I will not forsake the unborn, even if America has forsaken these smallest of her citizens.

I will divide you and divide you and divide you. I will let your economy collapse. I will tear your congress apart. I will rip up your constitution. As long as America says that every woman has a constitutional right to kill the child in her womb, I will hold your constitution as unconstitutional. It is no longer a valid document. America, you only think you have a constitution. The Debt Crisis just reveals what I have been doing to you since your Supreme Court made its 1973 decision. Now, I will strip you naked in the streets, for all to see.

You cannot solve your crises because you cannot solve your divisions. Will I allow a house to stand which kills its unborn, millions and millions of these, and all done legally? Legally? By whose law – yours or my Son’s? America, your debt crises is rooted in your divisions and your divisions are rooted in your Supreme Court abortion decision. Find a middle ground! Find a middle ground! This is your cry: Yes, I want you to find a middle ground but your middle ground is not my middle ground. My middle ground is life. Your middle ground is death. A country can only be united to preserve life. How can you be unified when you protect those who cause death?

 Comment: Look at the history of America since 1973. Have we even been truly united since Roe vs. Wade? Look at the large number of states which are automatically in the blue or the red column. This is a new phenomenon in America. 

The Cause of the Explosions 

There are explosions everywhere. Money markets are shaking. Wars break out. Revolutions take place on the streets. Dictators kill their own people and America is shaking (in the breakdown of unity). Should not mankind ponder the deeper causes? What causes these explosions? Are they linked together? Why are so many explosions happening at the same time? Should not mankind ask these questions? I will ask them. I will put these questions before the nations. They must answer these questions before it is too late. I speak of too late. It is already late and my words are a final effort to bring light. Let us begin.

Look beneath the explosions. Study the qualities and you will see a pattern. Man is meant to help his fellow man because some are strong and some are weak. Some have more resources than others. Some have more political powers. Some nations are better trained and organized politically. The strong are meant to help the weak. But what has happened? The strong always think of consolidating, of firming up their position, of gaining more of the marketplace. The poor are excluded from the table. They are taken for granted. Their needs are never factored in.

They are seen as how they can be exploited and how they can feed the stronger nations. Is this not all backward? When will the rich nations think of the poor? When will they shift their policies so the poor are blessed and fed at the table?

All of these explosions have resulted because mankind does not see others as their brothers and sisters. What happens within a family? Is there exploitation? Do they charge one another interest? Do they keep accounts of favors? Or, do they seek the good of all? Are not the family relationships quite different? That is the reason for all those explosions. Mankind does not live as a family.

Only my Son can bring you together. He has restored the family of mankind. Reject him and your family is destroyed. Then you have explosions.

 Comment: If God is our Father, then we are a family. All are brothers and sisters. To reject God is to destroy the idea of a family and to make mankind into strangers to each other. 

July 27, 2011
The Economic Disasters 

Your eyes see only what happens now. I see what will happen two to three months from now. You see the shaking of the American economic system and the default crisis. There will be no default. At the last minute an extraordinary emergency measure will rescue America from this problem. However, the economic system will be weakened, especially in the eyes of the world.

This will send forth waves of uncertainty. Money supplies will tighten, as will credit advances. The effects of this will be felt in all the nations. There will be greater pressures and higher expectancies. The result will be felt most in those countries that are already weak and already have trouble in keeping up with the others. It is like a man with a weak heart. If the pace is slow enough, he can keep up but with a struggle. However, if the pace picks up, then he cannot keep pace. He falls behind and eventually drops out of the race. He sees the writing on the wall and loses hope. This will happen to some countries who are on the fringe of the world economy, who already have problems and cannot respond. In these countries there will be major economic disasters.

Comment: Even though there will be no default, the political problems will send shock waves through the world economy.

 July 28, 2011
 66. When God Withdraws 

No one understands. No one grasps the destructive forces that will soon be unleashed. They will be unleashed by men themselves. No one should blame God. Yet, when these forces are released, many will ask, “Why did God let this happen? So, I must explain the deeper truths, the greater realities.

 Although man lives on earth, he does not understand earth and he refuses to listen to my Son, who would teach him about these destructive forces. The power of sin is rampant. It infiltrates every aspect of human life because it resides in the heart of man. Wherever man is, there is a power to do evil and, at times, to do enormous evil. Only God keeps these forces in check. He does this by his protecting hand, quelling the evil in men’s hearts and preventing the enormous evils that these hearts can bring about.

When men blaspheme God and when they reject God (and who would dare to say that this is not the case in America), then God must show his power. He cannot be silent in the face of this rejection. He cannot continue to act as if no rejection is taking place. What do you do when you are rejected? You withdraw. You leave the place. You shake the dust from your feet. This happened at Nazareth and my Son withdrew. This happened to the apostles in some villages, and they withdrew.

 Now, all is clear. What is happening in the world? The world rejects God and he withdraws. When he withdraws, there is no force/power present to restrain the destructive forces that men carry in their own hearts. There are destructive forces everywhere and the divine presence has withdrawn.

What are you to do? Invite God back. Ask him to return. He will come. He listens to his children. Invite him into every part of your lives, your homes and your communities. Restore the statues that remind people of God. Let hearts join in public prayer. Especially, invite him into your own heart. You will see the forces of evil withdraw, because a greater power confronts them.

When these destructive forces break out, make the right conclusion. Do not ask “Why did God allow this?” Say rather, “This happened because we have rejected God’s presence and protection”.

Comment: Man does not realize that destructive powers are present in every heart. Without God, these powers will always break out.

 July 29, 2011
 67. Rich Nations Must Repent .

When the nations gather, they do so in their own interests, mapping out their strategies and plotting their ways. They come to agreements that satisfy themselves. They shift the agenda, speaking always of what they want accomplished. Never, never do they ask, “What does God want to accomplish? What does the heavenly Father want done? Why has he given us the goods of the earth?”

Everything is shifted to the powerful nations. Each nation moves off in its own direction, speaking of its “national interests”. I must address this problem.

 The heavenly Father loves mankind. He has foreseen all that is needed. He has placed on the earth unimaginable blessings. These blessings are stored in elements of the earth that man has not yet explored. The earth is rich, able to sustain human life. There are blessings that have not yet been discovered and remain untapped.

Yet, what will man do when they are discovered? He will do the same thing. Each nation will act selfishly. The powerful will shift everything. The places where the riches are discovered will be exploited. There will be no fairness because men do not ask the central question, “How would God want us to use these blessings? After all, He is the one who has provided.”

You have built a world that is out of balance. It is tilted, shaken off its axis. All the blessings flow in one direction. How far down this road you have traveled! And you wonder why God will release his chastisements? What will get the nations to repent? How many forces hold them prisoners to their own foolishness? “This is the way it has always been”, they say. “It is too difficult to change.”

 Is repentance possible? Let us begin. I will help you. Do not delay because you have a long way to go. Take the first step and the bonds that hold you will quickly unravel.

Comment: Mary condemns the exploitation of earth’s blessings by the powerful nations.

 July 30, 2011
 68. America’s Great Sins 

Why are the chastisements delayed? Because the little ones stand before God with their arms upraised in intercession. Their prayers rise as sweet incense and the heavenly Father’s justice is blinded to the sins of men. How long can this continue? How long can the intercession of the few cover over the sins of the many? This is why I speak. The world is enjoying a time of reprieve, yet it does not understand this. The world feels that it has many years of future blessings. The world believes that God will not act. Oh, he will always act as a Father, always tempering his justice, always seeking another way to correct the situation. But a time comes when the children have decided the issue.

That is my teaching. The children of this world decide the issue. They are the ones whose hearts are free. They refuse to turn back. They continue to move ahead. They lead the world astray. When some children lead others astray, can the Father do nothing? Must he not act for those who are being led astray? This is how you must see the issues. For the good of those who can be saved, the Father must act.

Before that moment (Oh, that terrible moment when I see what must happen if men do not repent), the Father has sent me. He has told me, “You will be my final preacher. If they do not listen to you, then I have no one else to send. If I send my Son, Jesus, it will be the end.”

 In the midst of all man’s sins, what will I preach? If I condemn all that needs to be condemned, the list will be too long. Men will be confused and lose hope. So, as a good preacher, I will pick out one sin, the most heinous of sins, the one that most arouses the anger of God. I will preach against that sin. My message will be easily understood and this is my promise. “If the world repents of this one sin, I will hold back the chastisements of God and there will be a springtime without a winter. Otherwise, the deadliest of winters will settle upon the earth.

The sin that stirs the anger of the Father is the killing of the unborn. Repent of this sin and turn back to life. I will protect you, if you protect these little ones. Do not say this is impossible and that the political forces are too great. Let us begin. I will bless your efforts, stirring the hearts of others to join you.

Comment: Mankind has many sins, too numerous and too confusing to even list. Mary picks out the great sin of abortion and promises that the Father’s anger will abate if mankind repents of this. 

 July 31, 2011
 69. Cutting Samson’s Hair

Slowly, ever so slowly things grind to a halt. Where is the former power of America? Where is the former greatness, the ability to accomplish and to do great things? First, one power is gone and then another. America is becoming like a Samson whose hair is being cut. Let me explain what is happening.

 Your greatness came from your religious roots. From these flowed your vitality. You, however, misjudged yourself. You thought the power was your own and you said, “What need have I of these religious roots? They are from another century. They hold back our progress. They offend the sensibilities of some of our members. We will cut them out. We will limit their growth. We will impede their influence.”

Yes, America, that is what you have done. You are becoming like Europe. You are removing the title religious and substituting secular. Like Samson, you have fallen into the hands of Delilah and she is taking away your strength. Wake up before she cuts off all you hair and delivers you over to your most hated enemies. That is exactly what will happen. Your enemies look on. They watch and wait. It is not yet the moment. You still have some strength but soon, yes very soon, you will be their prey.

 Wake up. Wake up. The word religious is fading. When it is totally erased, you will fall. This does not have to happen.

Comment: Mary clearly explains the waning power of America.

A Prophecy of Future Events
August ~ 2011