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Locutions to the World ~ July 1st - 25th 2014 A New Day for America, Events in Iraq, Israel & Ukraine, worldwide terrorism & The Few Who Control the World

8. A New Day for America Jul 1st, 2014
- Mary

 Many do not see it, but the first rays are appearing on the horizon. I am speaking of a new day for America, a surprising gift coming from my Immaculate Heart. This moment has already begun as I strip President Obama of his power and the darkness which he has cast over America. But there is much, much more.

As the hold of darkness is loosened, a new light will arise in America, a surprising return to its religious stream. Already the beginning waters have come and the beginning light has dawned. I speak so that the signs of this new day will be understood. People must know and respond. The churches must be ready. I will speak quickly to each group.

I want political leaders who totally protect the lives of the unborn. If this is not on your agenda, then I will not use you for the new light.

I want priests to pray with their people. Why are your churches closed all day? Should you not be there with your people, adoring the Blessed Sacrament?

I want people who respond to my initiatives. I am pushing back the darkness so you have a freedom but you must use this freedom to bring about a new day when the purified Church is again exalted in people’s hearts. There is much more to say.

★ LOCUTIONS to the WORLD 7/2-5/14 ★ the future dismemberment of nations, Europe will be the next major target, All of this evil is satanic

9. Baghdad – Caught in the Crossfires Jul 2nd, 2014 
- Mary

President Obama seeks a political solution to the problems besetting Baghdad. However, the President of Iraq will not go along and the two presidents are at odds. Meanwhile Iran, and even Russia, enter the scene while the invading armies try to strengthen their hold and decide upon their approach to Baghdad.

The people see these multiple forces, the invading armies and the division among the political leaders. They find it impossible to decide whom they should trust. The only know that they are in the middle of forces which they cannot control.

Such is the continual state of Baghdad, a situation that cannot be resolved. Who can bring stability and peace when there is fighting even among the leaders?

Baghdad is caught in both military and political crossfire. It also sits as a great prize, easily able to be stolen because not controlled by any one group. Its fortunes will continue to sink and its power to defend itself will slowly dissolve. Its final fate will not be decided quickly. 

10. Finger in the Dike Jul 3rd, 2014 
- Mary

President Obama will send some troops, but this is like putting his finger in the dike, a woefully inadequate solution. His actions will have little effect on the final outcome.

The region itself will suffer from constant dismemberment. Powerful groups will carve out their own spheres of control. Nations will break up and a new map of the Middle East will be drawn. All of this will strengthen the terrorist groups, who will act like governing bodies over a definite geographical region. This will prepare for a new level of terrorism all around the world.

I have many purposes in speaking these words. All of this evil is satanic and the Evil One has these powers because the world has rejected my Son, Jesus. The tide will turn as the world returns to the heavenly Father. World leaders so seldom talk about God.

11. Terrorism and Europe Jul 4th, 2014 
- Mary

Where are the European leaders? I must speak to a Europe that has left its Father’s house, abandoning faith and placing all its confidence in economic progress. I must say this with loud words.

You are in the direct line of fire, totally unprotected, a continent waiting to be destroyed and engulfed in the fires of terrorism.

When the terrorists settle into their new home in Iraq, after they have quelled any insurrection, after they have established themselves firmly, they will immediately cast their covetous eyes upon your riches, knowing that you will be an easy prey, ready for the plucking.

First, they will destabilize by violence and cast fear by their atrocities. The new birth pangs of death will grip your countries. Foolish children, why did you leave the heavenly Father’s house? There is still time to return and enjoy a protection that will save you from the greatest sufferings.

12. Satan’s Perfect Storm Jul 5th, 2014 
- Mary

Satan has created a perfect storm. He has moved the most powerful destructive forces into a perfect place and he has removed all those forces which in any way would mitigate the evil that will now begin to pour out. The world has not as yet seen the explosion of terrorism in the Middle East. It is only witnessing the gathering of the fuel and the growing capacity to launch the fires everywhere in the world.

How clearly I have spoken in these locutions of those forces that are still hidden, but soon to be revealed. Therefore, my words must go forth to all the nations. People must understand quickly, even instantly, the hidden powers behind the events. This clear and worldwide knowledge will be the best antidote against the destructive fires that will soon be lit in every corner of the globe. Human intellects cannot cope with this perfect storm, which will happen in many situations.

★ LOCUTIONS to the WORLD 7/6-9/14 ★ These few people who control the finances of the world are the main obstacle to world peace, a new reality has emerged – worldwide terrorism,

1. The Beginning Words Jul 6th, 2014 
- Mary

Is there no path to peace? All the exits from war and terrorism seem to be blocked. No safe haven exists. All can be set ablaze. Some would say, “The heavenly Father would never allow this to happen”, as if relief comes without any efforts or that the sins of mankind which have created this situation can be instantly removed.

Certainly, a path to peace exists and I will explain the steps which must be taken. However, I warn you that many will ignore my words (as if they are not from heaven). Others will not think they need my words (as if the world will just continue to be safe). Others will believe that mankind can find its own way to peace (as if mankind has no responsibility for what has happened). Others will hear my words and postpone taking these steps (as if the dangers are far away and will not happen in their lifetime).

Only some will rejoice, knowing that there is a path to peace and the beginning steps (Yes, I will reveal only the beginning steps.) are within their reach. I speak for the benefit of these good people whose hearts are already fixed upon me.

2. A Blocked Path to Peace Jul 7th, 2014 
- Mary

The path to peace is hidden from your eyes and the words that I will speak will seem like foolishness to many. Even those who love me will not understand them fully. Yet, I must speak now so that the words are recorded. Later, as the events begin, people can return to these words as firm guidelines to peace.

The problems of gaining world peace are quite new and different because a new reality has emerged – worldwide terrorism. Formerly, the various groups could be brought together to resolve a conflict peacefully, in the interest of both sides. Terrorists have absolutely no interest in peace. Their very name reveals their goals – to spread terror. They exist for war and destruction. Therefore, the usual path to peace is blocked and, really, does not exist.

Formerly, an aggressor was met with force and, as the force increased, the aggressor could be led to the bargaining table. But this method is not effective with terrorists. They are not a nation with national interests. They have no citizens to feed, and no children to protect. Their eyes are always upon what they can destroy, not what they need to protect. These are the difficulties in finding a path to peace. 

3. Understanding the Evil of Terrorism Jul 8th, 2014
 - Mary

Regarding terrorism, world leaders are in great confusion about the path to peace. They do not understand the way the terrorists are joined together or the internal forces that suddenly explode into external acts.

Terrorism is like cancer. The number of cells is so few compared to the entire body, but the cells are so joined in their evil power that they can destroy the body.

Terrorists are not joined in seeking good for their members. They look outward at what exists and they plot to destroy. They are willing to postpone satisfaction and even, in some cases, to offer their own lives to destroy.

In these circumstances, the path to peace is not clear. I must outline the steps because they are not self-evident. My steps are different. They speak of a different world. They speak of faith, of God’s help, and of a new charity. Many will say that these steps are ineffective, but remember that I am outlining only the beginning steps to peace, the foundations that need to be restored. Terrorism feeds upon sins especially the sins of those who are fighting terrorism.

I ask the world leaders, “Are you ready to begin with your own sins?” If not, you cannot walk any path to peace. 

4. The Few Who Control the World Jul 9th, 2014 
- Mary

In seeking their own interests, people act immediately, but when thinking of others, action is postponed. Tomorrow seems acceptable. However, the time is short and the first step to peace is to pay attention to the great discrepancies between rich and poor.

I now cast my eyes to the greatest and to the most powerful evil in the world of economics. The entire world financial markets lie in the hands of a powerful few. For decades, they have tilted the world. Their money always increases because they control the rules and the regulations. Even elected leaders of great nations come under their control, unable to act without their consent.

From these few people come every kind of evil. They control world events for their own financial interests. They begin wars, destabilize legitimate governments and fund countless hidden, covert operations. These few people who control the finances of the world are the main obstacle to world peace. They want to bring about a one world order where their power is supreme. However, their fortress is not impregnable. There is a path to removing them from power.

★ LOCUTIONS to the WORLD 7/10-22/14 ★ Your greed, America, has fueled the fires & your weapons that are used everywhere. You sell weapons & then send your diplomats to play their chess games.

5. The Terrorism of Abortion Jul 10th, 2014 
- Mary

I take you quickly into the very center of the darkness which has come over America, the great darkness of abortion. O foolish America, you build walls against terrorism while your own terrorists kill the unborn.

A darkness has been forced upon America, a darkness accepted and even canonized by your Supreme Court. A darkness that says a mother can kill her unborn son or daughter. I will say this clearly, “As long as you do not protect the unborn from your own terrorism, I will not protect you”. You have brought this evil upon yourself. You have opened the heart of America to the greatest darkness.

There is a path to peace but you have no desire to walk it. Even so, I will raise up a new stream of life. I want political leaders to protect all the unborn without any compromise (as if some unborn are less worthy of life than others). I make this truth so clear. Protect all of your unborn and I will protect you. Abandon the unborn and I will abandon you. Why should I protect you from terrorism when you allow terrorism to go unchecked in your abortion clinics? I outline the path to peace but who wants to walk that path?

6. The Personal Road to Peace Jul 11th, 2014
 - Mary

The more the world tries to find the path to peace the more confused it becomes. Its efforts bring forth few results and the darkness grows even greater. The heavenly Father has decreed that the path to peace must pass through my Immaculate Heart. He wants to exalt my Immaculate Heart and he wants all the world to understand the prerogatives and powers which he has placed there.

Although the path to peace cannot be walked overnight I must explain the beginning steps. First, the world must understand how helpless it is, that it cannot even find the path to peace, let alone walk that road. Second, it must believe that there is a path to peace and it can befound in my Immaculate Heart.

Peace begins with repentance. Each person must realize that they have caused division. Let each person examine their own conscience. Let them remove anger and dissension within their own heart. Let them always seek peace in their home and in their relationships. This seems such a small a step, compared to the long road to world peace, but the person who chooses to walk this road of peace, will be constantly lifted higher, be given greater power and authority and will become a great instrument of peace to many. These are the beginning steps. 

7. The Long Difficult Path to Peace Jul 14th, 2014 
- Mary

Many set out on the path to peace but are quickly diverted by selfish interests. Seeing advantages that they can gain, they forget the goal. This only hinders peace. When one nation or group takes advantage over another, this becomes an issue, an obstacle to peace.

No, you cannot take your eyes away from the goal. You cannot allow short-term gains to divert you. You must sacrifice all that is selfish to bring others to the vision of peace. All selfish interests which jeopardize peace must be set aside.

You can see the road to peace is not of one day or of one year. It might not even be of one lifetime. It is a long and arduous road, walked only by those whose hearts are firmly set upon peace. This is a path of sacrifice, of thinking of others and of seeking their good.

In this light, look at your weapons. This has been the false path to peace. Weapons, weapons, weapons. They are everywhere, even in the hands of children. This is my promise. If even just a handful take up this road of peace, if they do not abandon it, if they truly try to bless others, if they seek no self-interest, I will bless their work. All will see the great results. Even if only a small portion of the world walks this path to peace, I will keep them safe.

Some might even lay down their lives for peace. 

8. American Arms Sales Jul 15th, 2014 
- Mary

The diplomats get on planes. They travel here and they travel there. They talk and discuss. However, how many nations are ready to change their own hearts? To them, peace is like a chessboard.

Is world peace a series of moves and countermoves? This is called a manipulative peace, as if peace could be engineered or manufactured.

The path to peace is much deeper than diplomatic travels because the causes of war lie in a nation’s decisions. World peace cannot be pulled out of a hat like a magician’s rabbit and it cannot be brokered by astute diplomacy and clever moves.

People have memories. The sins of the past remain alive, powerful and uncontrollable forces which constantly boil over.

The world is now faced with intelligent, powerful, coordinated and growing forces. Satan has placed these in the hearts of millions. The fires you have witnessed are as nothing compared with the fires that are still hidden and these fires cannot be extinguished by flying diplomats. They are only fought by a complete turning back to my Son Jesus, the Prince of Peace. But nations do not want to hear these words. They do not want to hear about their own sins, their own fires and their own dishonesty.

Let me end with one single question. I ask everyone who reads these locutions to demand an answer. In the past 40 years, “How many billions of dollars has accrued to America by selling weapons to other nations?” Your greed, America, has fueled the fires and your weapons that are used everywhere. You sell weapons and then send your diplomats to play their chess games. 

9. The Path to War Jul 16th, 2014 
- Mary

It is too late when the fires of war break out. The task of peace is when there are no wars. This demands vigilant hearts, nations that are sensitive to justice, and leaders who are filled with charity.

If human life is always a clash of interests, a domination of rich over poor and control by the powerful, then wars are inevitable. These wars destroy valuable resources. The victor claims what he wants. The vanquished are worse off and the seeds of future wars are sown deeper into people’s memories. Such is the cycle of war.

When I propose a different path to peace, people and nations cry out “unrealistic”. As they reject my path of peace, only the path to war remains. The world travels this path so quickly these days. 

1. Receive Without Cost Jul 17th, 2014 
- Mary

In my heart are many treasures and I invite the whole world to come, seek and find. Even if a person searches for their own selfish interest, this is not important. I will grant their requests and will use this gift to attract them to my more important treasures.

Some will come to my heart, receive their gift and walk away. Others will come and receive their blessing. However, they will notice that my heart contains many other gifts. They will stay in my heart and seek my deeper gifts. In this way, I will attract every heart.

There will be a third stage when my heart reveals its deepest gift, a sacrificing love that serves others. This love is the treasure placed in the field, the pearl of a great price (which no one can really pay for but was already purchased by Jesus’ blood). What a gift, the ultimate and greatest gift, to love God with all one’s heart.

I will begin to explain the gifts in my heart and invite the whole world to come and receive. Do not forget. Jesus has already paid for them by his death on the cross. As the prophet Isaiah wrote “Come, without paying and without cost, drink wine and milk”. (55:1) 

2. On Shooting Down the Plane – Special Locution Jul 17th, 2014 
- Jesus

You see Satan’s evil, his plan always unfolding, always surprises, always much suffering, and always unforeseen ramifications. Some say that Putin has made a mistake but Satan has not. All is according to Satan’s plan.

Putin will withdraw more and more from the West. As this happens, he will become more dangerous. These events show that the time is short and the timetable has again been moved ahead.

Putin will rely more and more on the spirit of nationalism that is sweeping Russia. He must show results to his people because they suffer from the sanctions. He must enter new alliances. Because the West is closed, he will turn East to China.

The downing of the plane will radicalize the Ukrainian situation. He is forced back to the table because the pro-Russians will be attacked and he cannot let them be beaten. They are his constituency. 

3. The Trinity’s Gifts Jul 18th, 2014 
- Mary

When you seek the treasures in my heart you will find gifts from the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The Father, who created, has placed the fullness of life. This fullness was meant to be given to everyone by Adam, the first father of the human race, but he lost these treasures by sin. So, the heavenly Father has placed the fullness of life in the safety of my heart, knowing that I would never commit sin and lose this life.

The Son has placed all of his virtues in my heart. In these gifts, each person can live as Jesus did, in perfect union to the Father’s commands.

Finally, the Holy Spirit has placed his gifts of fecundity. By his power I was able to conceive. By the Spirit, new blessings will burst forth in surprising ways.

For many people, the Three Divine Persons are a hidden mystery, but if they enter my heart and receive my gifts, I will share with them the greatest gift. They will come to know and experience the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

4. A “Yes” to God Jul 19th, 2014 
- Mary

How do you get to my heart so you can discover my treasures? You are already there because I hold the whole world, and every human person, in my heart. I carry all your sins and failures. I carry all your hopes and desires. Most important, I carry God’s will for you. When I said to the Angel Gabriel, “Let it be done according to your word”, I said those words for you. I accepted fully God’s will for myself and for the whole world.

When Eve, and her husband Adam, said “no” to God, human history became a vast and resounding “no”. Then, the light of revelation began, a beginning “yes” in Noah and Abraham and the prophets. Divine revelation came to its greatest moment when Gabriel revealed that God would become a man and I was chosen to say “yes” for the whole human race.

At that moment, you were placed in my heart. More important, your “yes” to all that God wants for you was placed there. That is my gift for you today. Do you always want to say “yes” to God?

Here, take your gift. I place it right now in your heart. Quickly, you will experience its divine power. You will be attracted to the light. You will want to forsake the attractions of evil.

Just say “yes” to this new gift in your heart. That is what I did all my life – a constant stream of “yes”. 

5. Past and Future Secrets Jul 20th, 2014 
- Mary

In my heart you will find all of God’s secrets. The Father has placed your secrets in my heart and wants you to find them there. These secrets are his plan for your life.

These secrets are both past and future. Concerning the past, they will reveal to you why certain things have happened to you. Some were blessings from God. Others were the results of your own decisions, good and bad. You will see your life as God sees it. This is a moment of great light.

Once you have opened and received this gift, the secrets of your future are easy to discover. In this light, you can see the path to walk. You must accept this full light about your past and, in this light, choose the correct future path.

After this beginning gift, there will be many more secrets, all that God has planned for you. These cannot be revealed until the conversion light is received and accepted. When Jesus said to Peter

“Come, follow me”, he was revealing a secret that was important for Peter. Only because Peter accepted that secret and followed Jesus, could he receive all the other secrets that were in Jesus’ heart, that he was to be the rock on which Jesus would build his Church.

All that God intends you to be, all the many blessings for your whole life, are secrets hidden in my heart but so quickly revealed if you but search. 

6. Revealing God’s Plan Jul 21st, 2014 
- Mary

God’s plan for your life is hidden in my heart, kept safe and waiting to be revealed. As you enter my heart, I will share with you my greatest gift, a deep desire to know and to do only God’s will.

Before I reveal God’s will, I must purify your heart of all your other desires, for if you cling to them you will not treasure God’s plan. When you want only God’s plan for your life, then I will reveal the first step.

You will see what you should have been doing all along. You will understand who should be in your life and who should not be with you. You will see the enormous amounts of time that you have wasted on useless pursuits. You will see the decisions you must take and those who can guide you.

As this light comes, you must act. Do not delay because I want to reveal the next steps in God’s plans for you. As your mother, I do not want you to get lost on this road of life. 

7. Every Needed Gift Jul 22nd, 2014 
- Mary

My heart holds innumerable gifts for you. These are very personal gifts, designed by God himself to bring you to as full and complete happiness as is possible on this earth, and to eternal happiness in heaven.

You must search, not from time to time, but every day. Seeking your gifts in my heart must be your daily task. Why do I say this? All that you can become and all that you must accomplish on this earth is already contained (and paid for) in my heart.

Why purchase by fruitless labor what I provide as a gift? Why try to bring about in an imperfect way, what has already been perfectly fashioned for you and is waiting in my heart?

This is the mystery that I am revealing. People take charge of their own lives. They set their goals. They choose their paths. They give themselves totally. Then, they are disillusioned.

Years go by and they cannot understand why they feel so empty. They have constructed their own image of themselves while the true gift lay ready for them in my heart.

Seek everything in my heart. I will reveal to you what you should do, how to accomplish it, who will help you and how you can avoid failures. Come, it is not too late. Before you make any decision or take any action, ask me and I will give you the gift for that moment. 

★ LOCUTIONS to the WORLD 7/22,23/14 ★ For every person in the world, Then, & only then, will I act. All the world will know that peace came only from heaven. 

Events in Iraq and Israel (Special Locution) Jul 22nd, 2014 
- Jesus

The path to peace will continue to narrow. Doors will close. Options will be taken off the table until mankind realizes that no path to peace exists. Even at that moment, I will not act. I will delay and delay until the whole world realizes that mankind is powerless and that no human force can restore peace. Then, and only then, will I act. All the world will know that peace came only from heaven.

The Iraq terrorists are cleansing the cities of all who do not hold their faith. They are gaining much ground. Even more important is what is happening in the hearts of the people who are not terrorists and have no sympathy for terrorism. They see the flow of the tide. They see what happens to those who do not agree with the terrorists. They see that America has withdrawn and will not come to anyone’s aid, no matter how valiantly they resist.

An inevitability sets in. The people lose all hope and any will to resist. In this way, the terrorists gain far greater victories over the people’s hearts.

Also, the impact of the temporary closing of Israel’s airport cannot be overestimated. For the first time, the West has withdrawn. A message has gone forth and the Hamas have won a signal victory. They have accomplished by their offensive what had not been done before. People’s eyes are open. Israel, with all its military might, cannot fully protect its citizens and its interests. The wound is not deep but Hamas has drawn blood which all can see.

Israel is rightly upset by this decision of the West. Satan has cleverly used the shooting down of the plane over the Ukraine to get the West to close down air traffic to Israel. 

8. An All Encompassing Gift Jul 23rd, 2014 
- Mary

For every person in the world, I have a surprise gift, which is not revealed at first. This gift lies deep within my heart and is given only at the moment when the person is ready to receive. This gift is God’s most important secret for each person, the whole reason why God created them. This gift encompasses everything and carries with it the greatest of blessings.

This gift is the person’s divine call in which God can totally bless them and bless many others, even thousands.

Many people never receive this gift. They have not searched in my heart nor have they cooperated with the earlier gifts. A few discover the gift but, surprisingly, they reject it (like the rich young man who did not sell all his possessions).

Some embrace their gift totally. They aid many others. Even generation after generation are blessed. You can see how important is this gift. My promise is this. Such a gift exists for every person in the world. If you just seek the beginning gifts, accept them and do what they require, I will lead you to this special gift that contains your identity, your fulfilment, your life’s work and your eternal happiness. I want you to find it. I want you to accept it. I will then help you to bring the gift to fruition. 

★ LOCUTIONS to the WORLD 7/24,25/14 ★ to a Church which has failed me, to world leaders who have deceived their people, to the rich whose gold has made them an abomination, to the powerful who have manipulated the structures of power, to the average Catholic who has been swept along by the world, to the little ones who need my encouragement & to you, 

9. Treasures of the Kingdom Jul 24th, 2014 
- Mary

I bring forth these gifts for everyone. All are included. My arms embrace the whole world and my heart has gifts for everyone, a secret that I am constantly revealing.

The heavenly Father created a world in which man had gifts that precluded suffering. Suffering was brought into the world by sin which caused the first parents to lose God’s grace and these special gifts. Thus began the sinful and suffering-filled stage of human history.

The heavenly Father held on to his dream of the original creation. Jesus spoke of the kingdom of heaven and proclaimed that the kingdom was at hand. This is the secret which I proclaim. God has placed all the gifts of the kingdom of heaven, all the gifts that Jesus brought to this earth, in my Immaculate Heart. These gifts will do everything. They will protect, guide, purge sin, and lift to greatness. All of God’s treasures are present in the kingdom proclaimed by Jesus and all of these treasures are in my heart, waiting to be given away. Unfortunately, many of these gifts will not be claimed even by those who love me. 

1. An Even Clearer Word Jul 25th, 2014 
- Mary

Many who read these locutions are surprised that I would think about and express my thoughts on so many issues. Am I just a heavenly figure? Did I not live on earth? Did I not conceive and give birth? Did I not share in all the sufferings? I am a mother, who takes everything into her heart and brings forth a wisdom. That is what I am doing and people should not be surprised. I know that so many delight in my words and anxiously await the daily locution. Those who read them all are formed by my thinking and I bless them.

Now, I will embark on an even clearer road. Up to now, I have revealed my heart. Now, I will speak my mind. No one will have to read between the lines or conjecture what I mean. The words will be both pointed and true. They will cut through the darkness and give light. They will chastise but always offer the grace of conversion. When I finish, no doubts will remain about where I stand and what I think. Let no one interpret away the clarity of my words.

I will speak to a Church which has failed me, to world leaders who have deceived their people, to the rich whose gold has made them an abomination, to the powerful who have manipulated the structures of power, to the average Catholic who has been swept along by the world, to the little ones who need my encouragement and to you, the reader, who are so anxious to find your way. To the whole world, I will speak my mind.