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Locutions to the World ~ Oct.28 - Nov.30, 2013 All the destructive forces of hell are ready to break forth, the true nature of the agreement signed by Secretary of State, Kerry.


October 28, 2013: 1. A Worldwide Conversion 

I must return again to the problems that plague the world and even endanger its very existence. There can be no progress into the light until mankind deliberately seeks the help of heaven. All other solutions are no solutions at all. Because new inventions can be used by good and bad alike, what mankind calls progress, leads really to destruction. Evil people take advantage of all that is new.

The current problems can be solved only by a conversion of man’s spirit. These are the true and deep secrets that I will begin to reveal. Do not say that there cannot be a worldwide conversion of hearts. That will happen when Russia is consecrated to my Immaculate Heart. Before that happens, the whole world must prepare for those blessings.

Comment: Serious problems abound and people look for solutions according to man’s wisdom. True worldwide change comes only with worldwide conversions.

October 29, 2013: 2. To the Non-religious Reader 

So many close their hearts to the kingdom of heaven. They have made their decision not to be open to any religious influence. Their lives are over. They are playing out the string. The decision has been made. This is what I see more and more. Because the culture has chosen to exclude religious life, many have no faith.

Shall I let them all go to hell? Should I allow them to be the victims of their own choices? I will not give up. I will knock at their heart, even if they want me to go away. even though they want to remain locked in their disbelief, I will invite them to open up to the kingdom. That is why I speak each day in these locutions. Many who read them are already open to the Holy Spirit, but some have been tricked and fooled by a society that does not know this light.

To some readers, I say this. Because you have not enjoyed a strong religious upbringing, your heart turned to earthly goals. Religious practice has no place in your life. Now, you are hearing a different drummer, who plays the songs of God’s kingdom. Keep listening. Someday, my song will capture your heart and you will open your life to me. I pray so earnestly for that day.

Comment: This locution, although given for all, has specific persons in mind. Mary invites people raised in a non-religious atmosphere to receive her special graces. 

October 30, 2013: 3. Inner Decisions 

Is it too much to ask a person to set aside Sunday for the Lord? Is it too much to ask that they join with others on Sunday in communal worship? Is it too much to ask that they keep the commandments and abide by God’s laws? These are the fundamental duties of the believer and they are the first steps on the road to heaven.

To anyone who commits themselves to this road, I promise new life which no one can take away. How important are the decisions made in the secrecy of the human heart. O reader, I work so intensely in your heart and I do not want you to miss out. Look into your own heart. See where I am leading you and follow me.

Comment: Each person must read their own heart, see Mary’s guidance and follow her. 

October 31, 2013: 4. The Unpredictable Future 

People used to feel that their life was in their own hands. If they were wise and made the right decisions, then God would bless them and they would enjoy a life of happiness. Now everything has changed. The future is no longer predictable. Change and uncertainty fill the air. Everyone feels robbed of control over their own lives, no matter how good their decisions.

I speak now because this uncertainty will grow and grow. It will not go away. It cannot be solved by human powers. In the midst of this darkness, I whisper in your soul, “Follow me. I will show you the way of hope.” O reader, if you walk on your own and you will be immersed in an overwhelming darkness that will overpower all your resources.

This is my clear message in these uncertain times. Seek to live with God as intensely and fully as you can. You will find a way of peace only in your heart (where I await you). There you will find me and I will not let go of you.

Comment: This is true. An unsettled world means that none of us can plot our future. Mary invites us to develop a life of prayer, “finding a way of peace” in our hearts. She will be there. 

November 01, 2013: 5. Why the Daily Locution? 

I speak daily because people make decisions every day. These decisions are not made in a vacuum. People are pulled in every direction by powerful forces that entrap and addict them. I speak so the person can experience a different attraction. My voice calls each person to a special road that the world refuses to believe in, does not advocate and preaches violently against.

O reader, let my words entice your heart. Let there be new inner stirrings. Do not ignore or stifle these new desires. Decide to serve God, not man. Follow these new longings and live for God. Long for heaven and for eternal life”.

When these hopes fill you, when you rejoice to see the inner changes, when you see yourself becoming my new creation, then you know that my daily words have accomplished their task. These locutions are my gift to you. I have come and found you.

Comment: The powerful modern world attracts to darkness. So, Mary offers a new different attraction. Her voice and her words call us to a surprising path.

November 02, 2013: 7. Speaking to Everyone 

I want the whole world to look for my signs. I do not ask you to look up into the clouds, as if you would see me standing there. I want you to be still, to look into your own heart. Find there new stirrings, and new desires. They were not there yesterday. You find a new desire for God and for his friendship. Suddenly, you want to take up new religious practices.

Secondly, you will begin to hear my voice. By reading my locutions, you realize that I speak in a quite human way. If you remain at peace and search your own heart, I will begin to speak to you in the same way. These will be little words. You will even write some down. You will say, “Mary is speaking to me”. The daily locutions will guide you. You will not go off course. By reading these locutions, you know my interests and the helps that I offer. Especially, you have learned to hear my voice.

Comment: Mary wants you to hear her voice within you. Find a quiet place and listen. Each day, her voice will grow stronger. 

November 03, 2013: 8. Mary's Promise to Act 

I will not spare any gift. The time is too short and too urgent. Everyone in the world must be given a special, personal invitation to turn to Jesus and to be saved. How will I bring about this worldwide phenomenon? When will it happen? Many speculate about this but, as always, speculation is fruitless.

I want to speak about the gifts which I offer at this moment, special favors for everyone who reads these locutions (and for others who hear about them). Dear reader, call upon me. Invoke my name. Speak to me in your own words (how I love hearing you). When you do, I will be able to act upon the events of your life. I will mitigate your sufferings and bring relief more quickly than expected. I will open doors that have been closed to you, even for a long time. I will bring peace to your marriage and blessings upon your work. Your life is too filled with sufferings, burdens and even chaos, which hinder Jesus’ kingdom in your life.

Call upon me and I will act. You will see my kindness and my power. This will be my sign to you.

Comment: Mary promises to help everyone as she helped the young couple at the Cana wedding feast. 

November 05, 2013: 9. The Woman of Cana 

Those who know and love me speak often of how close I am to them and of the many favors that I give to them. They know that I lead them by easy paths and that they arrive at far away goals with little effort. They know that I console them in every sorrow and often, turn their sorrows into joys.

I am the Woman of Cana for whom Jesus worked his first miracle and, for whom, he works every miracle. I am always at his side as an intercessor for the whole human race.

To you, O reader, I want to reveal this title, The Woman of Cana, so you can invoke me and come to me with all of your needs. I will take your needs immediately to Jesus and, right before your eyes, time and again, you will see the water of your sorrows and trials, turn into the wine of peace and victory.

I am the Woman of Cana for everyone in the whole world. How much I want everyone to invoke me under that title which has such a strong biblical basis. Some ask, “Where is Mary in the bible?” Go to Cana and you will find me there. Then, go to the cross, and you will find me there. I am at the beginning and the end of Jesus’ public ministry.

 May Mary's Plan for America O Lord 
be accomplished in the Fullness of God's Glory.

November 05, 2013: I Will Speak of Pain 

No one knows the pain in my heart when a soul goes to hell. No one knows my sorrow when an unborn child is not allowed to live. No one knows my sufferings when Satan’s kingdom claims the hearts of evil persons and uses them as his instruments of destruction. All of this is a great mystery of which I will speak. In the days that follow, I will reveal these secrets.

You will know the depths of my heart. I will speak of pain, pain, pain. This is my pain, explained to you so you can see the world as I see it. These are a mother’s sorrows, a mother who gave birth to all the world at the foot of the cross, a mother who gained, in union with Jesus, the salvation of everyone in the world.

I am the Mother of Life, holding in my hands every gift of life, human and divine. That is my sorrow. I still hold these gifts because so many have chosen not to receive them.

What is the sorrow of a mother who wants to give life to her child and sees the child walk away, doomed forever to death? Is there any sorrow like unto my sorrow?

Comment: Visionaries speak often of the sorrows they see in Mary’s countenance. Now, Mary will speak here of her sorrows. 

November 06, 2013: 2. Terrorist Groups and Proliferation of Weapons 

No one thinks that anything will change. ?they believe that the whole world will just go on as usual. After all, the world has faced greater problems in the past and has survived. Will this not happen again? Besides, there is no Cold War when two countries were poised to use atomic bombs. Some even believe that the world is safer now that the walls of Communism have fallen.

How mistaken everyone is. Their eyes are closed to the realities that are shaping the world Weapons exist that have never existed before. These weapons have proliferated and will soon be in the hands of the most destructive groups, groups without any allegiances to any people or any nation, groups deliberately formed to terrorize and to cause destruction, groups which can only come to power by violence and disruption. These are the groups which are proliferating, growing stronger, joining together, sharing intelligence and plotting the destruction of everything that is stable. How can anyone believe that the world is safer now?

Comment: Mary removes the blinders that the world likes to wear. 

November 08, 2013: 4. The Twentieth Century World Leaders 

I have revealed these same sorrows to the great mystics and visionaries but in such a way that they could not adequately explain them to the world. Here, I use easy words. The purpose is not a mystical experience uniting the person to my heart, but a clear explanation for all the world to understand my sorrows.

Today, I speak of world leaders who arose in the twentieth century, the century that threw the world onto its present course. The two world wars and the atomic bomb are the most evident signs of a world led down a false path.

Foreseeing all that would take place, I intervened at Fatima, early in the century. My hope was to avoid this path of destruction. However, once these decisions were made, the path became inevitable.

It is now almost a century later. How many times in these 100 years, I have intervened. If I had not held them back, the world would have already experienced the great disasters. My great sorrow is two-fold. So many of these disasters would never have happened if the Fatima gift had been fully opened. Second, as the Fatima gift continues to be limited, greater disasters loom on the horizon. These are my sorrows.

Comment: Mary is ready to help the world. Her greatest sorrow is to see the disasters that should have been avoided. 

November 09, 2013: 5. Drawing the Sinner Even Closer 

I sorrow so greatly when I see a person whom I love fall from grace. I send great helps, calling to repentance , but these fail to pierce the evil that has captured the heart. I send people who try to point out what is happening. Still the heart is occupied with the evil. Finally, I allow misfortunes to happen. These are the inevitable results of the sinful patterns. Still, no response, no turning away from the evil that has led in this direction.

What do I do? I press this person even closer to my heart. I allow the sinful decisions to cause me even greater suffering. This is the greatest mystery. The person with the greater sins is deeper in my heart, immersed the most in my love, set in the middle of the fire of my love. I send even more messengers . I use these locutions. I speak directly.

O reader, if you have been entrapped by sin, I am speaking directly to you. I have not rejected you. I have drawn you closer so I can withdraw you from the evil. Do not wait because tomorrow you will be even more deeply entrapped. Say this prayer, “Mary, I am a sinner and I need your help”. Know one thing. You have already lightened my sorrow.

Comment: Mary certainly sorrows over the catastrophic world events but even more, she sorrows over hearts entrapped by evil. 

November 10, 2013 The Evil of Pornography 

Come deeper into my heart where I reveal my great sorrows over centers of evil, which pour out their evil into the stream of society. I sorrow over the pornography industry. This evil takes the physical beauty meant to join couples in the intimacy of marriage and spreads this divine creation into the open for all eyes to see.

How many quickly become addicted. Some struggle to be free. Others immerse themselves in the evil. Some even fall into disgrace when their addiction is discovered.

The sign goes up “adults only” but who gave permission for adults to seek out this pleasure independent from the marriage partner. God’s greatest gift of beauty is distorted, made to serve selfish lusts and not the marriage relationship.

My great sorrow is that this evil is so widespread and enslaves so many. O reader, never accept pornography as a normal outlet of the sexual desire. Walk a narrow road. Use confession often. Start over. Even if your eyes go in one direction let your heart come to me. A day of victory will come. I will help you to secure your hard won freedom. Read these words often.

Comment: Pornography was always a problem but with the internet, it has become an evil of epidemic proportions. Mary wants to lead everyone away from its enslaving power. 

November 11, 2013: 7. The Stream That Ends in Death

Human history is a stream. People are born into the stream, spend some years in its flow and then die. The stream itself goes on, always acquiring new members who, themselves stay in the stream only for a few short years.

However, what happened to those billions of people who have passed out of the stream, who lived on earth but are no longer here? They have lived their brief moment in life’s stream.

Unfortunately, many lived only for the stream. They gave themselves to the stream, believing that the stream could give them life. Really, the stream would reject them as it had rejected so many. “You, can no longer live in this stream”. That is the sentence heard by everyone born into this world.

The Father had a plan. He sent his Son, Jesus, into the stream. Jesus brought life, eternal life to all who believed in him. My great sorrow is that eternal life, offered to billions of people, is so often seen as unimportant. Instead, they choose the stream that ends in death. Billions, while still in the stream, do not choose the life offered by Jesus.

I speak in these locutions so all the world will know ahead of time. In the events to come, my Son, Jesus, will again come into the center of the stream and all will again have a chance to choose his eternal life, not the stream’s inevitable death.

Comment: Mary shows us that earthly life is only a stream that inevitably ends.

November 12, 2013: 8. Mary's Deepest Sorrow

The gospel accounts of Jesus’ passion and death reveal his greatest sorrow. He could not hold back the words, “One of your will betray me. Better if that man had never been born”. Today, I reveal my deepest sorrow. As you enter into the recesses of my heart, you will see empty places. Yes, at the very center of my being, an emptiness exists.

Throughout human history, I have chosen some to enter my heart’s center. These were my chosen ones, my very elect. I gave them my choicest graces, surrounded them with every blessing. How I looked forward to receiving their love and blessing them forever.

But they walked away and rejected my gift. They rejected my stirrings and abandoned my call. They are my deepest sorrow.

O reader, I have revealed my heart to you. I have many gifts to distribute. They were meant for others, but they did not want them. They are yours if but ask.

Comment: Mary speaks of a great mystery. God’s graces, rejected by some, are offered to others.

~ 1. Seed Planted in a Field Nov 14th, 2013 

Human history is like seed planted in a field, containing many powerful forces which can bring forth an abundant and beneficent harvest. However, other seeds have also been planted in history. These strangle the good and bring forth a harvest of corruption. The heavenly Father has wisely decided that, until the end of history, the good and the bad seeds will grow side by side, lest in ripping out the evil, the good is also destroyed.

This decision, so wise and prudent, leads to confusion. People say, “Why does God allow this?” Please know that it is only for a time. The complete separation of the good and the bad will inevitably take place when the good are safe in the kingdom. Until then, O reader, you need the wisdom that you will receive from my lips.

Comment: Mary sets the stage for her teachings that will describe the forces (good and bad) that form human history and shape our world.

~ 2. Examining Your Own Heart Nov 15th, 2013

The wheat and the weeds are planted in every human heart. They live in the feelings, the hopes and especially in the choices and decisions. Every day, the person experiences an inner stream of happiness or sadness, of peace or of turmoil. They look to outside forces as the cause of their inner emotions, but they seldom look within. They do not ask, “What forces are within me that cause these problems?”

To look within and to see these evil weeds is the beginning of conversion, the great grace of turning fully to God. O reader, will you have the courage to travel with me into the recesses of your own heart and to honestly see the evil seeds that Satan’s work has placed there? If so, great inner changes can take place. Do not worry about the locutions changing the world. It is much more important that they change you.

Comment: A disciple once said to St. Francis of Assisi. “We must change the world”. St. Francis answered, “That is an excellent idea. Let us begin with ourselves”. Mary wants us to begin with ourselves.

~ 3. Guarding the Tongue Nov 16th, 2013 

If the person’s inner stream is a mixture of good and evil, then the words that flow from his lips will also be good or bad. When someone speaks, they feel justified. They have spoken from their heart, but they do not realize that their heart contains evil as well as good.

After evil words are spoken, the evil holds an even more secure position. The person is amazed at the clarity of his own words and the evil becomes entwined within him.

O reader, guard your tongue for it releases into the world the evil within your own heart. How difficult to take your words back. They are planted in the hearts of the listeners where they bring forth another evil harvest. “If anyone does not sin by the tongue, he is perfect.” (James 3:2)

Comment: Both good and evil fill the world. Mary begins these teachings with our inner world. Unfortunately evil does not remain within. Human speech can give it a new existence outside of us. 

~ 4. The Inner World of Darkness Nov 17th, 2013 

Before explaining the good and the evil in the world today, I must continue to speak first of the human heart. Later, I will speak of the world events that flow from human decisions.

The great problem is inner darkness. Man cannot see the evil within that pushes him to false goals. One darkness leads to another. Eventually, they plunge the person into the greatest darkness.

At some point, the person no longer desires the light and no longer wants to be awakened from his sleep. But, O reader, I cannot let you sleep in your darkness. I will flood you with the greatest light. I will even plunge you into my light. Do not doubt that I have this gift for you.

Comment: Human beings think that they are smart, that they are “in the light” in making decisions. Really, we are filled with much darkness. If we had Mary’s light, we would make quite different decisions.

~ 5. Purifying the Heart Nov 18th, 2013 

I see people battling within themselves, confused about so many things that happen to them. They do not understand that evil is sown in their hearts. These hidden seeds constantly try to ruin all that God has planted. No solutions are possible until this root problem is faced.

O reader, the way to do this is quite easy. That is why I speak. First, you must realize that this power of evil is planted deeply within you and is constantly covered over. Second, you must uncover the evil and let it be revealed. This is called a good confession. Third, you must ask God for his power to overcome these evil seeds.

Do this frequently, because the weeds are always growing. Do not forget that you must not try to pull them out by yourself. God, who created the field and planted good seed within you, knows the weeds that need to be removed.

Comment: Many human enterprises like marriage, friendship or career, are destroyed by our own inner sinfulness. Purifying our hearts gives new possibilities for success.

~ 6.The Cause of Failures Nov 19th, 2013 

Even though I speak of the evil placed by Satan in every heart, no one needs to be afraid. My words are warnings that protect. However, if my words are set aside, then the evil grows. People set out on their own. Even nations set great goals. They embark on grand enterprises. The dreams are great and hopes are high. Then comes the moment of reality, when the dream becomes a nightmare and the hopes come crashing down.

They forget the evil called original sin, that universal power which corrupts everything that is human. They forget the basic teaching. Man always needs divine help. Alone, man cannot overcome the evil within himself.

O reader, do not waste any more time. The forces of evil within you are too great. They grow unaware, like weeds that always spring up. Come to me and I, the sinless Mother of God, will crush the evil and set you free.

Comment: Mary teaches that so much fails because of selfishness planted in man’s heart. Ask her to remove this evil and you will not fail. 

~ 7. Evil on the World Stage Nov 20th, 2013 

So great was the evil in men’s hearts and so deep was their ignorance of God’s law that the heavenly Father revealed his commandments. Yet, even these were not enough because man was powerless and unable to keep these laws.

So, in the fullness of time, God sent his only begotten Son, Jesus, whom I conceived in my womb by the power of the Holy Spirit. In Jesus, dwells the fullness of God’s help. Evil cannot exist in his presence. In Jesus, all is purified.

This is the mystery, revealed in the gospel. Without Jesus, man cannot overcome the evil that grows and grows within. He is helpless in the face of these forces which claim everyone’s heart.

These forces will shape the history of the world and lead mankind to the greatest means of destruction. These evils will twist everything. They will cover over God’s laws. They will subvert everything good. They will manipulate the political system. From these evil forces come forth lies, deceptions, untruths. Without Jesus, the whole world returns to chaos.

Can I be any clearer? Can I speak more boldly? In this modern world, these evils have greater outlets, weapons fashioned by man’s mind, weapons that should never have been invented and never allowed to spread. Now I weep. I see exactly where mankind is, perched at the edge of the precipice with the forces of evil ready to push him over.

Comment: Mary shows that the evil forces inside each person affect world history and the events that all of us experience. 

~ 8. Mary’s Help in Extraordinary Times Nov 21st, 2013 

Now the forces of evil are breaking through on every side like a swarming army of locusts. How can the world respond? A crisis here, a crisis there. Problems on every side. Will the defenses be secure? Will the enemy break through this time?

O mankind, my Son has saved you so many times. So often you were on the brink. You take your safety for granted. “It will never happen to us”, you say. “Life will continue as usual”. What I have constantly said is that life will not continue as usual. These times are different, the forces are extraordinary and growing. Agreements are made that remove obstacles and push ahead the timetable. People walk in ignorance, not knowing that they are on the precipice. What will I do?

First, I give these locutions. Read them and spread them. Second, I send new and extraordinary devotions with great promises. These are fresh invitations. Third, I stir in your heart, O reader, to undertake a life of reparation. I invite you to deeper devotion and abandonment to my cause. Fourth, I will not allow the events to crash suddenly upon the world. There will be beginning events, obvious breakthroughs of evil. These will be warnings. At this point, I will flood the world with special graces. I will raise up a special person to speak in my name. This will be a moment of great graces, offering to the world an opportunity of turning to God. Those who turn will be saved. The needed graces will be poured into their hearts so they do not despair. How extraordinary will be these times and how precious will each person be to me.

Come, let us begin. Do not wait. Enter now the Ark of my Immaculate heart.

Comment: Mary describes the present world crisis and promises her helps so we know to take advantage of them. 

~ 9. Understanding Middle East Events Nov 22nd, 2013

So, the stage is set. The forces of evil have taken their place. The obstacles are removed due to the policies of the Obama administration. The timetable is moved forward. What was unthinkable is now coming forth, a nuclear Iran.

Look, at the events. Are they not all intertwined, like a clever artist who slowly unveils his master plan? I will be very specific. First, there was the Egyptian revolution. In this way, a protective ring around Israel was removed. Then came the Syrian revolt which continues to this day and has destabilized the region closer to Israel.

Iran is the final stage. When nuclear weapons are in place, Satan will have completed his preparation. Only heaven stands between these plans and their execution.

When will the Holy Father consecrate Russia to my Immaculate Heart? If this happens, I will reverse these plans and dismantle these weapons and there will be peace. That is my promise. Can no one see that Russia is the problem?

Comment: Mary shows us the evil that has been behind these worldwide events.

~ 10. Avoiding the Great Destruction Nov 23rd, 2013

All the destructive forces of hell are ready to break forth. They wait and continually gather strength. If the fire breaks forth, it will be too late. There will be widespread destruction that will never be reversed and the forces of evil will claim parts of the world for centuries.

Now is the turning point. I have appeared at Fatima and now appear at Medjugorje. I have spoken in many places but only a few have truly listened. My word is like a light, hidden under a bushel basket. I must take this light and place it on the lampstand. Only when the light of my words floods the Church, only when the Holy Father consecrates Russia to my Immaculate Heart, only when the whole Church knows the full secret of Fatima, will God’s power be released to avoid the great destruction.

Comment: Mary outlines the two forces at their greatest strength. We all must act now.


November 24, 2013: 11. The Iran Agreement

The deal is done. The signatures are affixed to the document that makes Israel a living sacrifice upon the altar of false negotiations. Iran walks away with all that it needs. The money will again flow in to fuel its economy. Russia walks away, vindicated by these events. Israel, and other nations, walk in a new darkness, a darkness now perfectly secure by an agreement, made from false hopes and political motives.

Just as I have predicted, the evil is now secure and able to grow. The agreement is a lie, a pretext, a cover, a shield for the nuclear program which will continue. Satan rejoices. He sees his plan moving ahead.

When will the Church move ahead with my plan? The time grows shorter and the window of opportunity narrows so much more. Holy Father, consecrate Russia. Reveal the full secret. Then, my plan will also be secure.

Comment: Mary reveals the true nature of the agreement signed by Secretary of State, Kerry. 

November 25, 2013: 12. Legitimating Iran's Leaders 

The effects of this agreement will not go away. They are set for good in the stream of the future. The legitimacy of the Iran government has been accepted, even though it builds nuclear weapons and has threatened to use them against Israel. The ink is not even dried and already there are disagreements about the accord. Iran sits in a new place, a co-signer of a treaty with the West. The regime now has status and acceptance. It has been vindicated, set above any possible attack, even from its own people.

A protective wall has been placed around the evil. Iran will assess its new position, rejoicing in what has been accomplished and plot new ways to gain its goal. Do you think that it has suffered all these years and now will give up its goal of having nuclear weapons? Such is the foolishness of America.

Comment: Iran now has a wall of protection around its nuclear facilities.

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD ~ 11/26 - 12/7 ★ The watchmen have fallen asleep. The enemy is within the gates ...The Pope can say many, many words, but until he says my words, the Church will sleep on & the time of safety will come crashing to an end. 

1. An Awakening From the Darkness - Nov 26th 

Just as a mother draws her sick child closer to herself, so I draw the world even closer to my bosom. In this powerful embrace, I will begin to cleanse the infection by rejecting those who lead the world down such dangerous paths.

I will stir up new hopes in those whose hearts are set on the good. They will see that the political landscape of America is changing and that people are awakening from the darkness.

Now is the time for them to act. There is a small window of opportunity to turn once again to the light. They must seize the moment or all will be lost.

Comment: On other occasions, Mary has spoken about these next few years when there is still a chance for America. 

2. Mary’s Embrace - Nov 27th, 2013

I try to hold the human race close to my heart but mankind acts like a rebellious child, always pulling away. “Where will you go, little one? Who else will free you from the current darkness that grows even more dangerous?”

Without my embrace, you will run straight into the waiting arms of the Evil One who already plots your destruction. The time is very serious. The forces of evil are already in place. Very few obstacles still block the release of destruction.

The Heavenly Father has made my Immaculate Heart the new Ark of the Covenant. O reader, you can enter my heart, even if mankind will not. Also, I will make provisions for people of good will. They, too, will have an opportunity to enter my heart.

Comment: To every reader of these locutions, Mary is right now giving you an individual invitation to the closest intimacy with her. 

3. Mary’s Embrace - Nov 28th, 2013

The more I embrace the world, the more Satan multiplies his attractions. He appeals to man’s desire for money, for power and for pleasure. Look around. See his growing attractions, always spreading, finding new outlets and discovering more victims.

What do I offer? How do I embrace people? You must learn and seek my greater powers. Once you taste of my sweetness, earthly attractions will lose their power. I will give you freedom from all the disorders in your heart? I will draw you away from this darkness until you begin to see clearly what truly matters. I set your feet on a new path that will bring inner joy. Finally, I will flood you with a peace which you have not known for years.

Once I embrace you, I will never let you go. Once I call you back, I never let you return to the darkness. How does this happen? Just let me embrace you.

Comment: Reader, say this prayer often, “Mary, please embrace me. I am safe only in your arms.” 

4. Safe in Mary’s Embrace - Nov 29th, 2013 

The human race is coming to the point where it must choose its embrace. It will either be embraced by destructive fires or embraced by the warmth of my heart. Let all that is happening be a sign for you.

See the growing destructive fires that now rage in so many countries. No one can put them out. No waters are cooling them down. They feed upon one another. They ignite and re-ignite each other. They are spread over nations, not contained with the walls of boundaries.

My love is even greater, poured out instantly anywhere in the world, into any heart that turns to me. O Reader, let me embrace you. I will turn your eyes to new paths. If you walk these paths, the destructive fires will have no power over you who will be safe in my embrace.

Comment: Mary speaks about the constant violence of the Middle East which she has often called Satan’s boiling pot. We cannot say that the Middle East is far away. All the world is now a single house.

 5. The Light of Mary’s Embrace - Nov 30th, 2013

As I embrace the world, I bring God’s light. The darkness is cast out and everyone can see the way God intends for them to live. God’s light is the great invitation and I say to each person, “Come out of your darkness. Come into my light. I will embrace you and you will be safe forever”.

With that step, the person passes over from a merely earthly life, which contains only the passing pleasures of the world, into my life where the treasures do not pass away. The person discovers a new way of life, an inner light that was never experienced before.

My embrace contains every gift. O Reader, my embrace is all that you need. It is a mother’s embrace and I wish to embrace the whole world.

Comment: As the world’s darkness grows, Mary increases her graces. She wants to embrace you.