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Locutions to the World ~ May 2014 - in these years of Satanic darkness: Putin’s Russia & the Ukraine, Fatima, The Obama Darkness,

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 5/1,2/14 ★ Darkness Over the President - I will cast a darkness over the Obama administration so it cannot further harm America

 10. Russia’s River of Acid May 1st, 2014
- Mary

Putin’s Russia is like an enormous river of acid that can flow in many directions and change course at a moment’s notice. This river has no fixed agenda, only the goal of Russian supremacy brought about by a great intermingling of nations that share its darkness. This flexibility presents the greatest hazards for the Western strategies. 

The river of acid can flow anywhere, choosing its most susceptible targets. Once its corrupting power has sufficiently drawn them into the Russian mold, the river can flow out into other, less accessible places. This acid is filled with power and refuses to be diluted. It is corrosive and destroying, leaving death, destruction and evil of every kind in its wake. This acid has been flowing for almost a century and has taken many forms, sometimes assuming a militaristic confrontation and, at other times, a face that welcomes all visitors (as if it had changed). 

A hundred years ago, I warned the Church about this destructive power of Russia and nothing was done. So, I now speak to the world. The source of your problems is not some unknown secret. Nor is the solution hidden from your eyes. These locutions will reveal everything. 

Let everyone listen. This river does not yet have access to the very center of human history. However, if and when it does, then there will be an annihilation of nations. Only the Woman Clothed With the Sun can prevent this moment from happening.

Darkness Over the President May 2nd, 2014
- Jesus

 Just as I surrounded Pharaoh and his army with darkness so they could not destroy the Israelites, so I will cast a darkness over the Obama administration so it cannot further harm America. For these remaining years, his administration will be covered by greater and greater darkness, by questions which will come from every side. This darkness will come wave after wave, halting all his efforts that would hurt America. Only when America’s safety is endangered will I grant a moment of light. 

Among his opponents, there must be a reshuffling. Those who seek only political solutions must be moved to the sidelines while those who focus on the true good of America come to the center. 

America needs strong medicine to restore its health and leaders must prescribe this medicine even if they suffer politically. This will be only a short-term loss.

11. When the Events Conclude May 2nd, 2014
- Mary

When this series of events concludes, a rearrangement of Europe will have taken place. The European Union will be diminished in power and size and the new reality will dawn upon everyone. Russia will once again emerge as an evil force, set upon its own path. How naïve was the West. It saw in Russia what it wanted to see and never made the effort to grasp reality. 

It will not be a renewed Cold War because Putin has other means to gain his goals. The world is quite different than decades ago. The Muslim world, with its great hatred against the West, has come forth. Putin has friends in the Middle East whom he has cleverly gathered. He has multiple spheres in which to increase Russia’s influence. 

Such will be the state of the world when these events in the Ukraine and in Western Europe come to a cooling point, when what is gained or lost is finally settled. For now, all is still to be decided. Much depends on the determination of the West which is so compromised and vulnerable. 

In this current battle, I still sit on the side lines. My only hope is to send these locutions far and wide. “O Church, you must awaken. Only you hold within your grasp the ability to have the Woman Clothed With the Sun come powerfully upon the world stage and call everyone to repentance and conversion.”

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 5/3-5/14 ★... on the verge of evils that no one can imagine. The whole earth is off balance. All is shifted.

 1. Rebuilding the World May 3rd, 2014
- Mary

I want to rebuild the whole world but I cannot do it upon sinful structures. Nor can I use those whose hearts are taken up in darkness. Darkness and confusion permeate the West and the Church. Even believers cannot understand. 

I begin with these locutions to cut away that darkness. Those who resist my words, claiming that my sword is too sharp, have no idea of the precariousness of the Western civilization. They do not realize the tremendous darkness which the West has embraced. I will use the sword of my words to cut away. I will cut deeply and surely. Those who accept my words, I will use to rebuild the whole world. Do not be surprised. All great movements begin with just a few hearts completely dedicated to a seemingly impossible goal. 

My first concern is the unborn. Complete legal protection must be restored to them. No compromises. No clever political arrangements will do. They are persons and have their right to life, just as everyone else. Let us stop this flow of death that has poisoned the waters of life for everyone.

2. Wake Up To Fatima May 4th, 2014
- Mary

At Fatima, I gave my important messages. All the apparitions of the nineteenth century led up to the Fatima revelations and all of my appearances since then have only extended the Fatima message concerning the great mysteries contained in my Immaculate Heart. 

Now, all the events that I spoke about at Fatima are unfolding before your very eyes. People can hardly believe what is happening. They speak as if all of these events are new, unknown and little understood. They see the destabilizing of the world brought about by Russia. 

I spoke about Russia nearly 100 years ago. Russia’s destructive power and its central role in all the problems that have afflicted the world are no surprise to those who know the Fatima messages. 

Wake up, O world. I have revealed much. Read the story of Fatima. Wake up, O Church, obey my Fatima commands. The secrets, the messages, my saving word are available to the whole world. Why act as if the Woman Clothed With the Sun had never spoken? 

3. Who Can Halt the Events? (Special Locution) May 4th, 2014
- Jesus

Pope Francis opens the Church to study the issues and many rejoice that what formerly could not be discussed is now on the table. But, they do not see. The important question is all of the world events that are taking place. The events that have begun will lead to the annihilation of nations. The Egyptian revolution, the war on Syria and now the turmoil in the Ukraine are not just isolated events. They are the beginning of a long series of events that will culminate in the annihilation of nations. 

The important questions do not regard self-study of the Church but who will stop these events? Who has the power to bring these events to a halt before the nations are annihilated? Only the Woman Clothed With the Sun can do this and only the Church can bring my mother onto the center of the world stage. No one seems interested in doing this. So, the timetable of destructive events moves along at a furious pace. She has already promised world peace if Russia is consecrated to her Immaculate Heart.

4. Dropping the Atomic Bomb May 5th, 2014
- Mary

How can I get the world to face all that is happening? The mountain of sins grows higher each day – personal sins, sins against the unborn and sins against humanity itself. Widespread starvation is caused by the constant state of war on so many continents. There are untold human sufferings in an age that could wipe these sufferings off the face of the earth. 

What is going wrong? The whole earth is off balance. All is shifted. Mankind falls into this darkness because he does not realize the past decisions that have put him on this path. He does not realize the forces that have been released. 

When mankind used the atomic bomb to kill thousands of innocent people a shift took place that has never been addressed. There was no need for that action. The war was already winding down. The surrender of Japan was imminent. Satan saw, at the very moment when peace was to be restored to the world, that he had an opportunity to open an even greater door to violence. He lost his world war and peace was restored. However, he rejoiced that he had opened human history to nuclear arms and to the untold evils of the nuclear arms race. 

Ever since that moment, the world has lived in the atomic era, filled with so many evils. Now it remains on the verge of atomic proliferation and evils that no one can imagine.

Uncontainable Evil May 7th, 2014
- Mary

All must come to a conclusion. One event leads to another. Everything builds up. Human hearts, filled with so many desires, do not stop short. They continue on until they reach their goal, even if it is evil and destructive.

Only then are they satisfied. After this, they turn and seek some new evil.
Such is the current path of the human race. Evil hearts are rushing from one goal to the next, always seeking new ways to destroy what exists, filled with every kind of envy and rage. Anger, based upon centuries of memories, now boils over into acts of destruction that have captured great momentum and pour out everywhere, almost uncontainable and seemingly unstoppable. 

Bullets cannot change hearts and bombs cannot erase memories. The inner person must be changed. However, in the current situation, all of that is impossible. There must be a new day, when God’s love is poured forth upon the world, a day which no one can even imagine in the present situation. However, that is my promise. God has placed this love, this flame, in my Immaculate Heart and I am ready to pour out what cannot even be conceived. This is my promise and I am true to my word. 

The History of Atomic Weapons May 8th, 2014
- Mary

What began when that atomic mushroom cloud rose over Japan? Man had unleashed the ultimate weapons of war, the power to destroy earth and all of its inhabitants. After mankind had spread to every part of the globe, no power could destroy the human race. 

Yes, the heavenly Father led the human race to constantly explore, to go forth to new regions and to populate every continent. In this way, mankind was safe. Even if wars or calamities claimed many lives in one part of the globe, the human race would survive in another. 

With the atomic bomb, man now held in his hands the power to reverse God’s plan, to destroy all the continents and all peoples and to wipe mankind off the face of the earth. 

For decades, man has had this ultimate weapon but has not used it. Only the Woman Clothed With the Sun has held this back. Now, these weapons have fallen into hands that are more ready to use them. These weapons will be available to more and more. Can no one see the great precipice that mankind teeters upon?
I needed a strong and vigilant America. Instead, Russia stole the secrets and quickly joined the club. Other nations wanted to share these powers. Soon, there was a group of nuclear nations – the haves and the have nots. 

Did they not think that others would want to join the club? 

Now, many nations cling to their nuclear weapons, as if they could guarantee safety. Others look forward to the day when they, too, will have these powers. Is not this picture true? Look what has happened since August, 1945. Do you not need the Woman Clothed With the Sun? 

The Two Streams May 8th, 2014
- Mary

Events flow like a continual stream, but where do they flow? History is not determined by the heavenly Father. From the very beginning, he has placed human history in the hands of mankind and has allowed him to write the story.
Oh, what a story he wrote – a story of wars and selfishness. Then, the Father, because he so loved the world, took pity on mankind and sent Jesus, his only Son, into the world. Now, there could be a different history, and a stream that flowed back to its heavenly source. 

Again, mankind made its free choice and today, two streams exist, flowing side by side. The one stream brings hell and the other stream beings heaven. 

In these locutions, I try to widen the stream of heaven and bring it close to every person. These locutions have no limits. They are not just heard in the churches but flow out to all the world. 

via Winter Woman

★LOCUTIONS to the WORLD 5/9,10 'This will happen but it will be late.'★

8. A Child With A Loaded Gun May 9th, 2014 
- Mary 

The world moves more and more into a darkness which it does not understand, unleashing forces that it cannot control. It is a world filled with unbelief, not realizing that heaven would gladly change its course. But the world is unaware of its need for my intervention. 

Without faith, mankind can only look to its own powers and to its own leaders. O mankind, you do not have within yourselves the ability needed to change this fateful course of world events. You hurtle down this road, unable to stop what you see as the ultimate culmination of all the evils that currently afflict you. You are helpless and you hold in your hands the ultimate weapons that can destroy you. 

I take pity on your plight. You are like a child holding a loaded gun in your hands, not knowing that what seems like a toy, can totally destroy you. Yes, mankind, this is the true state of the world. You have discovered the ultimate weapons and these now proliferate, falling into the hands of those who would delight in destroying the earth. 

“To whom can we turn? Who is able to help us? Who will save us from these cosmic events?” All is not hopeless. The heavenly Father has foreseen this moment of history. He does not want his creation to go up in flames. He has prepared my Immaculate Heart. He has clothed me with cosmic symbols, the sun, the moon and the stars. (Rev.12:1) These are signs of the role that he has given (assigned) to me. Take hope. Call upon me. “O Woman Clothed With the Sun”. 

9. Avoiding the Destructive Harvest May 10th, 2014 
- Mary 

Will there ever be a springtime, when the darkness of this winter is over, when the road ahead is filled with light instead of the growing darkness? 

Evil is buried deeply into the present age and what you see is just the first evil fruits of what has been planted. This age is a time of a destructive harvest. The question remains. Will these seeds, sown for so many centuries, come to their full fruition of a devastating harvest or will heaven intervene so that only a small portion of the evil comes forth? 

Mankind faces this choice, either to reap what it has sown or to be delivered from its past and present decisions by a merciful act of the heavenly Father. This is my constant message. The path to peace, the gift of avoiding what inevitably lies ahead, has been placed in my Immaculate Heart. The heavenly Father has prepared for this moment. He has no desire to see mankind destroyed. I have revealed his loving plan and await only to be invoked by all the Church and by all mankind as the Woman Clothed With the Sun. This will happen but it will be late. Meanwhile, the destructive harvest grows each day. 

★ LOCUTIONS to the WORLD 5/11,12 ★ 'He has surprised Satan, who had no idea that he would be conquered by a Woman. Against my Immaculate Heart, he has no defenses. He has not been able to plan for this surprise.'

1. Your Sufferings - May 11th, 2014
- Mary

Can a tired, weary world, beset with every evil, become once more vibrant and living, filled with every faith and abounding in hope? Can I not speak a word to the weary? Yes, that is what I will begin to do. I will point out the plan of heaven, the helps that the heavenly Father will provide and the steps that each and every person can take.

Turn your eyes away, for these moments, from all of the world events that you cannot control. Look to the Woman, who would be your heavenly Mother. Realize that I have a plan for you, to save you and to bring you to a moment of great faith. Let us begin with all your sufferings.

Fill your mind with the memories of all that you have suffered. Are these memories not also in my heart? I remember every moment when you were disappointed, treated unjustly, and set aside. I remember every moment when you failed in your endeavors and you painfully saw all your limitations. I saw the relationships that did not last and those who even today take advantage. All of these are collected in my heart. I see you as wounded, frail, hurt, set aside, misunderstood. I see the pain in your heart and the failure of your hopes. All of this calls forth my greatest tenderness. That is where we must begin on this Mother’s day.

2. Surprising Satan - May 12th, 2014 
- Mary

God is love, an infinite love that always pours forth blessings, like the sun that gives only light. If there is darkness, no one blames the sun. So, if there is evil, no one should blame God.

Somehow, his love has been blocked, kept out, and unable to enter.

In his secret plan, the heavenly Father has placed this love in my Immaculate Heart. He has told me, “Mary, go to the world. You will be more than just my messenger. Your heart will carry my love. I have so united your heart with Jesus’ heart, that the two hearts are as one. You are so united that it would be more difficult to separate your hearts than to separate the sun from its rays”.

So, I go everywhere with this great secret of my Immaculate Heart, a mystery kept hidden for centuries but now revealed to a world that is plunging into darkness. O mankind, the heavenly Father has united my heart with Jesus’ heart. He has surprised Satan, who had no idea that he would be conquered by a Woman. Against my Immaculate Heart, he has no defenses. He has not been able to plan for this surprise. He wants my words to be hidden but, by these locutions, I speak openly to the whole world. All is new!

★LOCUTIONS to the WORLD 5/15-17/14★ Satan will hurl his darkness over the whole world but I will cast my light into hearts.

3. The New Lights May 15th, 2014 
- Mary

My heart will sing of this heavenly glory which can restore man to the lofty existence which he once had. No tongue can describe what the Father will do right now within your heart. However, he will give me a few words that will give light.

When mankind sinned, he lost so much. The great lights fell from his heart because he had chosen the darkness. Now, at the very moment when darkness begins to cover the whole world (that is what is happening in these world events) the Father wants to place the lights that were given to our first parents into everyone’s heart.

Do not be surprised by this because the Father already accomplished this great miracle in my heart and I share my light with you. All is new. I must constantly repeat those words. All is new. What did not exist before, exists now, a door into my Immaculate Heart and a total sharing in my light. Satan will hurl his darkness over the whole world but I will cast my light into hearts. The victory will be ours only because all is new. What a moment you live in. The Woman Clothed With the Sun is ready to place her greatest rays within you. Read on. My words will flow constantly, always telling of these new mysteries of God’s love for man. 

4. Using More Than Words May 16th, 2014 
- Mary

When the infinite God poured his blessings into my heart, I watched in astonishment, seeing so many gifts of the greatest variety. This abundance never ceased but has continued to this day and I must distribute these blessings to the whole world. How I weep when these blessings are unknown and rejected and false blessings fill the human heart.

Words, can I only use words? What frail instruments to describe these blessings. I must use other means, which penetrate the human heart more deeply. I am not limited to words. I can touch the human mind directly. I can even capture the human heart so that all its desires center on these blessings. I can even speak within, in ways unknown to human teachers. This is what I must do because it is the time of blessings never before seen upon the earth.

O mankind, you have chosen the darkness and walk a path of your own choosing, but I will meet you there. When you think you are hopelessly lost, I will come and find you. 

5. An Emergency Light May 17th, 2014 
- Mary

I will be pouring out these blessings until the end of time. Each year the blessings will get greater. Never has mankind experienced such an outpouring.

This began with the moment when I conceived Jesus, true God and true man. All can understand the blessing that his coming to earth has been. However, the continued blessings that the Father places in my heart are unknown.

During the months that he dwelt within me, Jesus left these blessings. They are Jesus’ gifts. They belong to me only because I am called to distribute them. These are the mysteries that I am revealing.

Satan was surprised by the Resurrection of Jesus. He suffered his greatest defeat. He has regrouped his forces. He cannot remove the Resurrection, so he has decided to cover over its light, just as the clouds cover the sun, or better, how the night comes.

In this special time, when Satanic darkness begins to cover the earth, the heavenly Father suddenly brings onto the world stage a new light, all of the gifts which Jesus left in my heart, like an emergency light when the usual lights fail. I repeat. I am the Woman Clothed With the Sun and this is my moment in world history to become known to all. As this happens, I will bring forth a surprising light and all the world will know and rejoice.

★ LOCUTIONS to the WORLD 5/18,19/14 ★ in these years of Satanic darkness

6. The Two Suns May 18th, 2014 
- Mary

So many streams of new blessings flow down from heaven! I must awaken even those who believe. They must know what the heavenly Father has provided in these years of Satanic darkness.

I am the new Dawn. I do not arise in the East (where Satan has his forces of darkness ready to cover over the light). I arise in the West, for I am a reflection of Jesus’ light, a shining mirror which perfectly reflects his rays. Satan is confused because he sees two suns, East and West. He will become a divided house that cannot stand.

Do not limit your heart to one Sun. Choose both the Son and the Mother, the true light and the faithful mirror. Let there be two suns, a fullness of light, both East and West. In these two suns, you will conquer and overcome. I am the Woman Clothed With the Sun. Jesus rises in the East and I am placed in the West. There is no room for night, even here on earth. A new reality comes forth. This is the great mystery. Words cannot describe. Only images can.

7. A Shaky Economic Foundation (Special Locution) May 18th, 2014 
- Jesus

I must raise up this little voice of locutions to explain what is happening and to warn America. Otherwise, the events will take place and no one will see how they should respond. Even with this warning, many will pay no attention to this voice until after the events. Then, they will see the clarity of these words and take them to heart.

In America, there were always pockets of immorality. However, the nation held itself to a high level of goodness. My law was respected and life was ordered. One by one, these moral ties were loosened, slowly at first and, then, more quickly. At this point, there is no moral restraint. All the laws have been set aside. Immorality reigns supreme. Every kind of life style is praised. All has been torn asunder.

So, I must bring America to its knees. I must use the economy, because America only hears one tune, the song of money. I will stop the music.

America’s economy is not strong. There are many weaknesses resulting from the 2008 collapse. In many ways, America does not hold its economy’s future in its own hands. It is interdependent and is not ready for the next jolt. America, when your next economic collapse comes, will you finally listen to this little voice? Your economy will be in shreds because your morality is in shreds. You rebuilt your walls but you forgot about your foundations, as if you could have a strong economy and no moral base. O foolish children, you reject the wisdom of your eternal Father and have built a sand castle.

8. Heaven’s Answer May 19th, 2014 
- Mary

Who can tell the secrets of the King of Kings? Who knows what lies in the Sacred Heart of Jesus? For nine months, that heart, already filled with the divine nature and already possessing the Infinite love poured out by his Father beat within my womb. This is the mystery I am portraying. Jesus left behind in my Immaculate Heart, the infinite love of the Father and the Holy Spirit’s greatest gifts.

He knew that Satan would again lead the world into its darkest moments, when seemingly even heaven had no answer. Then, when Satan’s darkness would cover over the Sun that rose from the East, suddenly another sun would arise in the West. All the gifts hidden for centuries in my Immaculate Heart, placed there by the yet unborn Jesus, could shine forth. The whole world will see that heaven had not abandoned mankind and that heaven had its answer ready when the new man-made darknesses were unleashed.

When will the Church exalt my Immaculate Heart? When will the faithful be taught that I am the Woman Clothed With the Sun? I speak in these little locutions, but these words must be magnified. Messengers of the locution, take my teachings everywhere and darkness will not have the field to itself.

29 octobre 1917 de l’Ilustração Portugueza

★ LOCUTIONS to the WORLD 5/20-22/14 ★ Pope Francis to the Holy Land to pray for peace on an Earth that suffers so much

1. Seeds Planted in the Field of History May 20th, 2014
- Mary

All the events are bursting forth, but these are only the earliest beginning events. More and more events will follow.

The heavenly Father planted all the seeds for man’s happiness deeply in the field of human history. These are the greatest glories which no one can imagine. At night, and in secret, Satan entered this field and planted the weeds. Since that moment, all history has seen both a good and evil harvest. Mankind has come to expect this.

As mankind gained greater control over creation, euphoria grew, as if mankind could build a perfect world and banish all evil. The euphoria has quickly evaporated because mankind has no power over the evil seeds. The world’s field is now filled with the greatest weeds of war, suffering, terrorism and global insecurity.

This is my message. You have only seen the beginning weeds. Still hidden, in the bowels of the field, are seeds of destruction never before witnessed by man. These seeds, planted in the beginning, are making their way to the surface and are about to come forth. Some beginning seeds of destruction have already come to the surface. Many more will follow.

Oh, how the earth needs the great seeds of God’s powers. These are also planted in the field of history. When will they come forth? I will use these locutions to speak of these seeds, waiting to burst forth. In this way, the greatest mysteries will be understood.

2. The Bountiful Harvest of Evil May 21st, 2014 
- Mary

The buried seeds do not all come forth. Many seeds of God’s blessings bring forth no harvest. They are not accepted. Instead, they are rejected and ridiculed. This is the world’s wisdom, which spurns God’s true blessings.

In contrast, the seeds of evil find many hearts ready to accept their weeds. They appeal to all that is selfish and self-centered. They promise great delights and power. They entice and constantly force themselves upon mankind. They bring forth great harvests and a history filled with wars.

Children are born into this evil. People live and die in the darkness of poverty and squalor. Money flows to the rich. Power is concentrated in the hands of a few. Weapons are stockpiled.

Mankind has cooperated with these seeds of evil. You were totally unaware of these evil seeds O world. Because you set aside the revealed word of God, I must use these locutions to educate you. I cannot ask you to change until I can get you to understand.

3. A Church Which Is Not Ready May 22nd, 2014 
- Mary

I do not want to allow this evil harvest to continue. However, the Church is not ready for the good seeds to come forth. It would be like an early Spring, when the harvest comes forth too early, only to die and bear no fruit. This is my message. Buried deeply in the field are the greatest seeds. Before I allow them to bud forth, I must send other graces upon the Church.

First, there is my special son, whom I keep hidden and closest to my heart, always preparing him. He will awaken the Church, releasing an expectancy so the blessings will be received.

Second, I must stir up movements, new and old. Some have served the Church well. These I will refresh and invigorate. New movements must also come forth, filled with greater gifts.

Third, I must lift up the whole Church. I will use these locutions to call every Catholic to return to the springs of living water. Years have been wasted but it is not too late.

Although these gifts are buried like powerful seeds, ready to change the face of the earth and to turn human history away from the great darkness, the Church is not ready for the great gifts. Will they come forth? Will they bloom and flourish? All depends on the Church being made ready.

★ LOCUTIONS to the WORLD 5/23-31/14 ★ The Obama Darkness, The enemy is at the gate, The moment of the victory of the Woman

4. The Winds of History May 23rd, 2014 
- Mary

How quickly the winds of change blow. Suddenly, history moves in a different direction. Who is wise enough or clever enough to understand the wind? Who can chart its course or predict its path? Only the heavenly Father, who so much wants to protect his children. This is why I speak now. I will describe the winds that have blown mankind off course, and what is needed to regain the true path.

The first wind is the new technology and man’s total absorption into that false world. How dangerous this is. It has already sparked upheavals and removed much of man’s free will. This is a powerful new wind and mankind is herded like cattle that have no choice.

The second wind is the destruction of faith, the only power that frees man and allows him to stand firm while the mighty winds blow against him.

The final, and greatest wind, is the Satanic intelligence that cleverly has led mankind to this moment, where vast numbers of evil groups, equipped with devastating weapons plot the overthrow of governments and the destruction of nations.

These are winds that blow so fiercely. Who can stand against them? Does mankind even see, or understand? You are children whose only hope is your heavenly Mother. I will never abandon you. In my Immaculate Heart are other winds, surprising and more powerful, ready to be released at a moment’s notice. In the twinkling of an eye, I can change the entire course of human history. 

However, the Church must prepare. It is not ready for these new winds. It is a boat that does not have its sails in place. These sails of faith have been replaced by reason. Even in the Church, reason has replaced faith. O Church, regain your faith in your heavenly Mother and your will experience fresh winds.

5. Events Leading to Other Events May 25th, 2014 
- Mary

Nothing in human history stands alone and isolated. All events converge. One event leads to another, setting the stage for a new good or new evil. All the events of these centuries have led up to the present age, in which a culmination will take place. These years are an extremely important moment in human history.

The events which you see – the revolutions in Libya and Egypt, the continuous civil war in Syria, the breakup of the Ukraine, and soon, the emergence of a more aggressive China, are the beginning. They are not just historical events. They are the door to unthinkable events, culminating moments. At least, that is Satan’s plan. There will be an ever-more aggressive Russia and a Putin who enjoys the world’s spotlight. There will be the hidden works of Iran, which has every reason to continue its nuclear program.

These forces now control the world scene. America is nowhere in sight. Europe is fearful and unsure. No human force exists to change this course of events.

My children understand this history. They see the events in their true perspective. They are not fooled. They will not compromise. They will not turn away. Their faces are turned totally to me and their hearts are completely mine. These will be my instruments. I must move quickly. I must raise them up and put them in high positions. I cannot wait any longer. I must have Church leaders who understand that I am the Woman Clothed With the Sun.

I will multiply the power of these locutions. I will use them to cry out in the loudest possible voice. Mankind is headed into indescribable darkness unless the Woman Clothed With the Sun is given her place chosen by the heavenly Father.

6. The Obama Darkness (Special Locution) May 25th, 2014 
- Jesus

In his decisions, President Obama chooses the darkness. He exalts evil, protects evil, proclaims the goodness of evil and makes sure that evil spreads. Because he continually chooses darkness, he will remain in darkness. His final years in the presidency will be clouded over by constant scandals. As these final years go on, the darkness will grow greater and greater. No light will come forth. No great blessings for the American people will result. All will just be darkness for him and for those around him.

All efforts to remove the scandals will be fruitless. I will not allow him to emerge from this darkness into light. In these first five years of his presidency he has made his choices. His heart belongs to darkness. This comes from his own free will. 

7. Centers of Evil May 26th, 2014 
- Mary

Events twist and turn, as if no one is in control. They often involve many people, at times even thousands and millions. Yet, there is always a center to each event, good or evil. This is my theme.

An event whose center is evil will bring about evil. How great that the evil is will be determined by its own inner resources and by all the subsequent events that follow. Look at the so-called Arab Spring. Are the people better off? Has there not been constant turmoil? Did not the Egyptian army have to reject this Spring and take control, so as to limit the evil?

The inner resources of evil are still powerful in Syria, where the death and destruction continue, bringing great social evils to neighboring countries like Lebanon and Jordan. In the Ukraine, the evil center will continue its work. In spite of the presidential election, peace will not return.

This is my message. In the years ahead, greater centers of evil will arise, especially China which will come more and more onto the world scene. As Russia sees China as a willing partner, these two centers of evil will cooperate and pool their inner resources to protect their interests and to insure that outside forces cannot turn them away from their goals. The constant rising of new centers of evil and, especially, their joining together, will cause the events that will shape the world’s future. 

8. After the Ukrainian Elections (Special Locution) May 26th, 2014 
- Jesus

Even after the presidential election, the Ukraine will not enjoy peace. As the dust settles, Putin will see the true state of the Ukraine. He sees those parts which are firmly his, those parts which want to belong to Russia and those parts that lean toward Russia. He also sees the weaknesses and divisions in those parts that choose the Ukraine.

His method will be constant disturbances. A government and its president must provide security or else they are seen as weak. By continuing to cause problems, Putin will constantly weaken these already shaky foundations. The Ukrainian government does not have great resources and would have difficulties even in times of peace.

Putin’s method will be to constantly cause turmoil. He needs only to continue to disrupt in order to claim more and more of the Ukraine.

The election will not end these disturbances nor bring peace. The election is on the surface while the divisions are deeply engrained into the Ukrainian culture.

9. The Shooting of the Pope May 27th, 2014 
- Mary

I can place my hands upon these evil centers, even though they might bring forth the event, the effects are limited. Look at the shooting of Pope John Paul II. This was an evil of the greatest magnitude. All the good that he was to accomplish in his pontificate would have been wiped away in one minute.

The event took place because I respected the free will of Ali Agca. However, I placed my hand on the event. Two things happened. The pope suddenly bent over to greet a little girl and the first two bullets missed his head. Then, I actually moved Ali Agca off course, so the other shots were not fatal. The evil took place but the full effects were limited and repairable.

This was an act of the Woman Clothed With the Sun, the Woman of Fatima. Let this be a sign to all the world that I will protect all my children even in the face of the greatest threats.

It is my prerogative to limit the effects, even when the evil event takes place. I reveal this so all know to constantly invoke my help.

" Let this be a sign to all the world that I will protect all my children even in the face of the greatest threats."

10. The Unseen Forces May 28th, 2014 - Mary

The forces that bring about these historical events are not irrational. However, they are hidden and easily escape the light of man’s understanding. Often, people are surprised and wonder how an event happened, but the seeds of good or evil were planted, sometimes years or even centuries before. I want to enlighten everyone.

God’s kingdom of light offers man every possible help. Satan’s kingdom of darkness wants only man’s destruction. The two kingdoms battle over every single person. Some persons are more important, meant to play a greater role in history.

However, every person is a battlefield. Every person makes a decision for light or for darkness. According to this decision, they enlist in God’s army or in Satan’s, able to be used to bring about God’s plan or Satan’s destruction.

Each person is aligned with other persons, sometimes at the highest levels. Forces are released in history, like waves upon the shore. Each force leaves its mark. Human life is changed, for good or evil. More important, history is tilted one way or another, to good or to evil.

It is quite easy to see the present tide of history. Whole nations fall into chaos. Wars, revolutions and uprisings happen in so many places. Countries that were strong and in the light, grow weak and move into darkness.

Remember one event leads to another. An evil event prepares for another, sometimes for far greater evil. History is never quiet and still. These forces, good and evil, never rest. The battle is always raging. Human history is a constant battlefield.

Mankind considers itself the author of its own history but the clarity of my vision reveals the helplessness of man. Left alone, he cannot survive.

12. Wake Up! May 30th, 2014 
- Mary

I have given you a sweep, a quick overview of history. Do not forget or put aside what I have said. As you realize the forces that form human history, you will not remain passive.

I want to wake you up. While you sleep, the forces of evil claim more and more. Only as you awaken and take action does the power of Jesus turn mankind away from darkness.

Just listen carefully to my words. You need light because you do not even know the way. You need others because alone and unaided you cannot persevere. You need the Church with all of its sacraments. You need my words in these locutions. Most of all you need me as your Mother. Come to me and I will provide all the rest.

I speak so clearly because the time is short and when the events begin, no one can prepare. Remember the ten virgins. Only half were ready to meet the bridegroom. Did Noah build his ark when the rain started to fall? Not at all.

Begin now, at whatever stage you are. Return to mass. Pick up your rosary beads. Wear my scapular. Especially, find others who also realize the need to prepare. I will be there as you gather. I will bless even your smallest efforts. Every step is a victory. Not to prepare is to accept defeat as inevitable. The enemy is at the gate, but I am at your side.

13. The Woman in World History May 31st, 2014

Before the world began, the heavenly Father thought of me. He dreamed of the moment when he would create me, and bring me forth from the hiddenness of his own heart. How many centuries he waited and waited!

He had promised my coming from the beginning. I was the Woman who would conquer the Evil One by bringing forth Jesus. (Gen.3:15) The centuries passed. The sins of the world increased. The powers of Satan spread. Finally the moment had come – the moment of my Immaculate Conception. At last, he had created the Woman. Still, all was hidden. Even while Jesus lived on earth, I was still hidden, present but always in the background.

So, it has been for the centuries of the Church. Now, all is changing. How the Father has looked forward to this moment in history, the moment of the Woman, the moment of the battle, and, yes, the moment of the victory of the Woman. 

There will be my victory. The heavenly Father has ordered this and will bring it about. When? When? When? That is the question and why I speak in these locutions. I speak to hasten the victory, to prepare the way, to awaken the Church and to prepare for the moment when I will bring my priest son on to the scene. He will know exactly what to do.


Thursday, November 17, 2016

Locutions to the World ~ July 26 - Sept. 1, 2014 Putin As Satan’s Instrument, the Annihilation of Nations, The Great Battle will be played out in the sight of all, The Holy Father must consecrate Russia.

 Do not fear. Your angels stand by your side, and await your instructions. Invite them to chase away all forms of evil from your lives. They await your orders. They also fight with you. Call on your guardian angels to enter into battle each day. They will swiftly remove all dangers from your path. Be vigilant in this. Do not let your soul vulnerable to attacks. Pray. Pick up your rosaries, and ask for the graces you need. Persevere in prayer. I bless you now. message to Jabez 8/18/14

★ LOCUTIONS to the WORLD 7/26 - 8/6/14 ★ the road has become far too dark. The Holy Father must consecrate Russia. The rain will fall there first. From Russia, peace will go out to the whole world. 

2. A Place With Mary in the Desert
Jul 26th, 2014 - Mary

I speak first to my Church, born when the heart of Jesus was pierced by a sword and filled with the Spirit on the day of Pentecost. I was there at your beginnings and I will be present at the grand culmination when the angels gather all the elect.

What a history you have had, filled with sinners and saints, moments of divine greatness and moments of the most shameful behavior. Yet, you are mine, the child of my womb and I will always clasp you to my breasts and give you life.

Now, I must speak my mind in words only a mother could say, “You must repent and turn back to reclaim your former glory, the glory of serving the world by being its light. Once you were small, persecuted, trodden under foot by the power of the world but I loved you for your fervor and your fidelity.

I say to you what Jesus said to the Church of Ephesus, ‘I hold this against you. You have lost the love that you had at first’” (Rev.2:4). That is where we must begin. Like Israel, I must lead you back into the desert where you can again recover your first love.

“What about my worldly power?” you ask. I say, “What good is your worldly power? Soon, you will see all the power of the world collapse. Will you be caught up in that destruction or will you have escaped with me into the desert of your first love?”

God prepared a place for me in the desert (Rev.12:6). That is where I will take you. Do not delay in the city where you think you are so needed. If you come into the desert with me, I will prepare you. In the moment of the world’s great darkness, you will be its light. This is my message of hope?

3. Mother of the Church
Jul 27th, 2014 - Mary

The Church must learn the wisdom of my heart. So often, the Church seeks wisdom from its learned men and women. It seeks wisdom from all the human sciences. It studies the wisdom that the world uses in its business enterprises. Why does the Church reject the wisdom of my heart? It chooses broken cisterns that cannot bring forth living water.

The Church has a great strength. It has openly proclaimed me as the Mother of the Church. Well, come back to your mother. The mother gathers the family and embraces all the children. The mother keeps the household together, always inviting her children to return.

Do not reject me. Do not set me aside. God’s plan began with me (I was with him in the beginning of his days) and God’s plan will end with me, the Woman Clothed With the Sun.

O Church, I will heal your divisions. I will bring back your children. I will purge you of your sins. I will make of you the new Jerusalem, the light on the mountain.

The heavenly Father has declared these times as the Age of Mary but you have not yet understood or even believed the words of your own prophets and saints.

4. The Age of Mary
Jul 28th, 2014 - Mary

Return to your first love. When you were a child and held no possessions, when you were small and had only your faith, when you were persecuted, and loved one another, I watched over you. I saw you spread to all the nations. I watched you cling to my Son and proclaim him even when this brought sufferings and death.

I saw your acts of charity. You were revered even among those who did not understand your beliefs. You were truly a light to the nations waiting to be put upon the lampstand.

Now, I have put you on that lampstand. You are known throughout the world, the largest of all the churches but your light has dimmed. It is now mixed with darkness. Many know you but they scorn you and reject you. Even your own sons and daughters, born into your bosom, walk away from you. You watch them leave with great sorrow. You are quite aware of your state. You know the reality, like a parent disappointed in the decisions of their children. I know your failures and how distraught you are.

I have a question for you. Are you ready? Are you willing to take my hand, to walk my road? Are you ready to trust your mother and to do what I tell you? Are you ready to inscribe me on your heart and to decide firmly, “I will walk the road of Mary?” I challenge you at this grave moment in human history, when the world will need the Church more than ever. Do you truly believe that this is the Age of Mary? If you do, I can make you the light of the nations. If not, your own resources will prove too little and too late.

5. The New Flame
Jul 29th, 2014 - Mary

I go now to the depth of my heart to find the most consoling words for my Church. Among your members, I find the little ones, those whose hearts are firmly set upon me. I find your missionaries who have left their native lands to preach the gospel in difficult circumstances. I find mothers and fathers who fulfill their sacred duties and I find ministers of the word who live out their commitment. At every level and in every situation I find these people of good will.

This is my promise. I am ready to take all of them into the most sacred fire that burns in my Immaculate Heart. They will be the first ones to whom I reveal the gift. I am not asking them to do more. I am asking them to receive more, to take this new flame into their hearts. I know their hearts and if they take the new flame it will burn brightly. That is why I invite them first.

However, they must accept the invitation or they will be left behind, not ready for the difficulties that lie ahead

6. The Less-Traveled Road
Jul 30th, 2014 - Mary

I will speak gently to world leaders, because if I fully exposed all of your sins, you would cover your ears and shut your eyes. Instead, I will speak about what you are able to do. All I ask is good will.

First, look at your heart. Why have you sought this high position? What led you to public office? Only you can examine your own heart and be honest. Expose your own selfishness, your own pride and ego. I am not asking you to step down. I am only asking you to change.

You have made many decisions in darkness which you would never want to come to the light of publicity. You have two lives – your public life and your private life. One for the people to see and one which only you can see. Right now you are entangled. I do not say hopelessly entangled because I will help you.

I must ask you “Are you willing to walk a different path, one that is less-traveled?” If so, I will do two favors for you. I will free you from your entanglements and I will lift you up to a much higher position. If not, I can only leave you mired in your world that will inevitably destroy you. Such is the nature of worldly power.

7. A New World Order
Jul 31st, 2014 - Mary

To lead the world is a matter of the heart and you leaders of the world have hearts that are too small. So, I offer you the gift of my heart. I have a plan for every person. I know what they need so their life can fulfill all that God intends.

I dream of a new world order, where weapons are put aside, and where nations cooperate. I dream of a new economic system where all share in the goods of society.

I must raise up new world leaders whose hearts are quite different, leaders who dream of blessing others. I need a veritable army, fashioned in a different mold, claiming a different vision, and refusing to set aside their firm beliefs that every person in the world must have the necessities of life.

Where are these people? I will go and look for them. When I find those who are committed to my dream, I will open doors for them. They shall rise quickly in every field of human endeavor. Only those formed in my heart can truly bring about a new world order.

8. Lazarus, the Beggar At Our Door

Aug 1st, 2014 - Mary

Let us stop for a moment and remember that getting to heaven is the purpose of earth. At the moment of death, the human person leaves this temporary human existence and enters into an eternal state. Jesus never exalted earth or human life but constantly reminded all that earthly life ends. “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?” “If anyone should save his life in this world, he will lose it in the next”. “Thou, fool, what good is it to have stored up all these treasures, when tonight you will die?”

Yet, Jesus was sensitive to earthly needs. He fed the hungry and healed the sick. He promised that if a person seeks first the kingdom of God, the heavenly Father would care for the necessities.

Do you not see Satan’s plan? He wants only sufferings so that people cannot find their way to heaven. Taken up in the trials of earth they lose faith in their heavenly home. So, I speak to every Catholic, to every believer, to every person of good will. You all have a Lazarus, a beggar, at your door, a needy person. Care for them and you will both arrive safely in heaven.

To the rich and the powerful, to those who control great amounts of earthly resources, I have placed all these in your hands so you can help many on their road to heaven.

Many voices of the poor cry out to me and I search for those who can answer their needs. I will come soon and ask for your help. Blessed are you if you hear my voice, open your heart, change your ways and give of yourself by helping the needy.

9. Promising A New Light
Aug 2nd, 2014 - Mary

I will speak from my heart, bringing forth the deepest feelings. I weep abundantly. I see my children walk away from all that Jesus taught. I see them cast aside their baptismal gift and to think nothing of their loss of faith. I see them enter deeply into the immoral ways of modern culture and be swept up in its mighty current.

Those who have been called to a deep Catholic faith and to the highest of Catholic values are never even taught the basic truths. Their rich heritage has been stole from them. They were never shown the path to goodness. The darkness of the culture has obscured everything.

I must provide another light because the lights of the powerful Catholic culture have become too weak to light the way, and the road has become far too dark.

This is my message. I will provide extra lights which you must freely choose. Seek these lights. Look for my new lights. Do not be content with your current light. Seek for yourselves and your children. Write this on your heart, “Mary has told me that I need more light. She has promised to provide this light. I must search for this new light, like the Wise Men searched for Jesus, the light of the world”.

You will find. I promise that you will find the new light I have prepared for you.

10. Rain Clouds of Hope
Aug 3rd, 2014 - Mary

I see the world in such anguish. Never before have I so desired to pour out my gifts. I must always repeat the message. The heavenly Father has placed all of his treasures for the world in my Immaculate Heart because he foresaw this moment in human history when the fires of hell would break forth from beneath the earth.

He placed them there because my heart is so easily broken open and his gifts can fall like raindrops upon the fires. When fires are burning out of control, are not rainclouds a joyous sight? Do they not hold out hope that soon the fires will be overcome?

The Church must see my heart in this way, filled with heavenly rain, waiting to quench these demonic forces that are evident everywhere and to everyone. Is there not a demonic source to all the wars, to all the diseases, to all the acts of terrorism, to all the hopelessness?

The Holy Father must consecrate Russia. The rain will fall there first. From Russia, peace will go out to the whole world.

11. Special Surprising Lights

Aug 4th, 2014 - Mary

Usually, I pour out my gifts in great order, the small ones first and later the greater ones. Now, however, a greater need exists to which I must respond. I must take people who are not fully prepared and give them gifts far greater than usual. Like children in an emergency, who are pressed into action and asked to do works usually reserved to adults.

What a special time this will be! Many will wonder. People of good will who have just begun to live devoutly will be given great powers, usually reserved for the perfect. Those who are spiritual children will lead many to great faith. Others, who have just begun themselves to love my Immaculate Heart, will be foundation stones of strong communities.

New movements, filled with the greatest lights will arise. Fresh spiritual leadership will emerge. These are the fruits of the new lights that will suddenly begin to push back the world’s darkness. As always, these secrets lie in my Immaculate Heart.

12. Being Set Aside By the Church
Aug 5th, 2014 - Mary

Who can know the sorrows of my heart unless I speak openly and reveal what is hidden? I see the many difficulties of the Church. A Church that was strong and flourishing has now been set aside, and often is the object of ridicule. The young are no longer formed by its teachings and many of the older generation have abandoned its truths. The Church cries out in the marketplace but its voice is not heard. Its teachings have no impact upon the modern mind. How has all of this happened?

I must speak honestly. I have been set aside. The Church flourished when I was exalted. Many gave themselves to the priesthood and religious life when the Church rejoiced to be my child. Then, new waves of thought washed upon the shore. The new agenda erased the deeply ingrained devotions. My appearances, my visitations and my words no longer occupied the Catholic mind. How different would these decades have been if I had not been moved to the sidelines!

I must speak honestly. It is late. The weapons of war explode. Some roads of peace narrow and even end. The world’s resources turn to destruction not to life. At this point, no one can perceive the power of the coming darkness, nor how close it is at hand.

I will try again. I will send out greater invitations. I will use more messengers, in even higher places. They must be faithful to the message, “There is only one path to peace, the road that leads into the center of my Immaculate Heart”. There will be new movements, new beginnings, new fires. I have not abandoned my Church and I refuse to sit on the sidelines while Satan claims his victories.

Those who heed me, I will use. Those who believe they have a better plan will waste their time.


1. Casting Light Upon Cultures of Darkness
Aug 6th, 2014 - Mary

Through these locutions I want the whole world to see the sufferings of my Immaculate Heart. These sufferings result from the complete failure of the world to gain the true goal of human existence which is eternal life in heaven.

To see poor people without food, to see sick people without medicine and to see lonely people without spouse or friends is a deep sorrow. But my greatest sorrow is to see an immortal soul be lost forever in the pains of hell. The atoning death of Jesus, on the cross was of no avail. They spurned this gift. They chose the darkness. They gave their hearts to their own selfishness.

These are the decisions made every day in a world that rejects the path of faith. Because the darkness of the culture brings this about, I must cast new light. So, I begin anew. Read my words.

They will cast out this terrible darkness that has come upon the modern person, so given to only what reason can reveal. I will cast a great light of bold faith. Take my hand and we will walk. You will see as I see and believe as I believe. Then your hearts will easily choose the light.

Aug 7th, 2014 - Putin As Satan’s Instrument (Special locution) - a satanic power, possesses him, just as it possessed Hitler & Stalin.

2. The Good Samaritan
Aug 7th, 2014 - Mary

I search for you, wounded soul, who are not yet dead but bleeding profusely. If I do not find you soon, your enemies will claim you forever and I will have lost another child. Yes, yet another. This need not happen but you must cry out and place my name on your lips, with words spoken from the heart. That will open the great door. Just a little opening is enough.

Such is my search. Where do I go? To the bars, to the houses of prostitution, to the places of greatest darkness, to homes torn asunder by evil. This is where I search. Do not say that I am far away. Do not think that you must find a church. I need hear only your cry for help. I will be your Good Samaritan bending over your bleeding soul, pouring out the medicine of grace.

Then I will take you to the Inn and place you with those who will care for you until you are spiritually strong.

3. Putin As Satan’s Instrument (Special locution)
Aug 7th, 2014 - Mary

I must speak quickly and urgently so the world understands. Even more, my Church must understand because only the Church has the keys of the kingdom to release a flood of peace and to bathe the world in light.

I must speak of Putin who has placed himself on the world stage, using all of his resources to reposition Russia as a world power. The West does not understand his actions because reason does not guide him. Another force, a satanic power, possesses him, just as it possessed Hitler and Stalin.

Often he will make decisions that seem to harm his own people or work against his own interests. This does not matter to Satan, who ultimately desires that everyone be destroyed, including Putin. Satan has one goal and he will use many instruments. His goal is the annihilation of nations. See the world events as a road to this ultimate moment of annihilation. Then you will understand these events as steps along the road.

4. Avoiding the Annihilation of the Nations

Aug 8th, 2014 - Mary

I must take up the same theme, but this time I must speak to the Church, to the Holy Father and to the bishops of the world.

I do not expect the world to discern the Evil One because the world has not been given that light, but I do expect the Church, the Holy Father and the bishops, to see clearly the satanic powers which lay behind the terrible destruction taking place before your eyes.

I have a question for all of you who guide my Church. Did not Jesus establish his Church as the Rock that will prevail over the gates of hell? In these wars, is the Church to step aside, to stand on the sidelines, and to think that the world powers can establish peace? The Church has been formed for this moment. Only the Church can avoid the annihilation of the nations. Only the Church can release the fires of peace that are stored in my Immaculate Heart.

You know what to do, yet you refuse to take the steps. What will I do with you? Do I allow the nations to be annihilated? Why do you set aside the pleas I made at Fatima?

★ LOCUTIONS to the WORLD August 9-11, 2014 ★ The Hypocrisy & Charade of America’s Political Leadership 

6. The Hypocrisy and Charade of America’s Political Leadership 
Aug 9th, 2014 - Mary

How gaping are the wounds and how small are the consolations. Amid these events, who is able to have hope? Violence spreads everywhere. Multiple wars. Steps toward peace that are of no avail. I must speak to this problem.

Efforts toward peace will multiply. Meetings will be convened. Diplomats will make every effort. However, no one sees or grasps all that I have tried to explain. The forces of violence and destruction are a mighty river flowing from the inner circles of hell. Man’s sins, especially the killing of the unborn, prepare the way. They open the door. They invite hell’s powers to enter human history.

Look at the hypocrisy. America decries violence and speaks out against the killing of innocent civilians. Tell me, who is more innocent than an unborn child? Yet, America refuses to protect them. What a charade. To send your diplomats all over the world to protect the innocent, while at home you sacrifice thousands each day. America, I established you so you would receive the poor and helpless. Now you allow them to be killed.

My words are solemn and as these events continue to sweep the whole world, I hope that they get an attentive ear, especially from political leadership. You must protect the life of every unborn American. The moment that you make that decision, the tide will turn.

7. A Demonic West

I see hearts that are shut tight and minds that refuse to give up their ideas. People will not change. Terrorists cling to their violence. The West clings to its lifestyles. There is no room for God and no willingness to submit the heart to the fullness of love that would lead in a different direction.

The West sees the violence of the terrorists but does not see its own hardness of heart. Who is saying, “Let us repent of our sins”? Who calls out, “Let us turn back to the Lord. He will save us”?

I say this to the West. You have buildings with no foundations and paths with no light. You have built your city without God’s law. When you banished Jesus, you invited the demonic. Now the demon springs his traps. When he pours forth his violence, you have no light. You lack all understanding. I must come to rescue you with greater light and stronger fire. Yet, even with these signs, will you give up your ideas and open your hearts? The future will tell the story.

8. Almost 100 Years Ago 
Aug 11th, 2014 - Mary 

With the gaping wounds in my heart come individual sorrows. I see particular people whom I have called to high places in the Church, but they are ashamed of me and do not proclaim me to the world as they should. My greatest sorrow comes from those who do not believe my promises and do not understand the truth I am trying to proclaim. So, I will say it again.

From the very beginning, the heavenly Father foresaw a constant war between the Evil One and the Woman. He promised that the Woman would defeat the Evil One and crush his head. The heavenly Father foresaw this moment of human history and prepared a victory (even against these powerful forces) in my Immaculate Heart. As these events began nearly 100 years ago, I announced my victory, openly and publicly for all the Church to hear. My messages were increased and multiplied. The more they multiplied, the more they were set aside,

But I will not be set aside. The battle is far too serious and the victory is guaranteed if my Immaculate Heart is honored. So, I will begin to pull down those who do not believe. I will remove those who are obstacles to the consecration of Russia. What am I to do, allow the annihilation of the Nations?

★LOCUTIONS to the WORLD August 12-17, 2014★ The great battle will be played out in the sight of all

A New Text Related to the Third Secret of Fatima

9. A New Joan of Arc

I pour out my sorrows. I want all the world to understand. I see where each event leads. I see the path that Satan has chosen. I know his mind. I know his plans. I know those who help him. I watch as he cleverly moves each person, every step of the way.

I see the foolishness and the mistakes of those who seek peace. Only when they look back do they see the wrong decisions they have made, allowing the violence to spread.

Sadly, it will all continue, at an ever-increasing pace, one clever move after another by the terrorists and one foolish move after another by those who are trying to resist. So many mistakes in the past and so many political decisions in the present!

Should I be like Joan of Arc, guiding your armies to victory? What kind of intervention is needed? I am ready to lead. Do not look to the heavens but at your own hearts. Am I totally unprepared for this moment of crisis? Indeed, I am the only creature whom the heavenly Father has prepared. I am his plan of action.

I want my light to pour forth out of the Church and into the marketplace. I want all to know that the Catholic Church is the repository of God’s special light at this moment of world crisis.

My greatest sorrow is that the Church herself does not understand the light that I want to pour forth. At this moment, the Church needs someone like Joan of Arc, led by a divine voice to take the bold steps needed for the victory of peace.

10. An Ocean To Put Out the Fire

There are many paths, leading in different directions which mankind chooses. Often, he feels that he has chosen the best path when really he has chosen his own destruction. Such is life upon earth, a veritable landmine of darkness, filled with false lights that attract powerfully and lead to the first steps that doom many.

Never before has this been so true. The world is filled with the greatest weapons, with powers never before available. The darkness settles and abides, one darkness leading to another.

Mankind is in an endless tunnel with no doors, caught and enmeshed in webs he himself has constructed, like a fisherman caught in his own net. Really, words cannot even describe the present state of the world.

In some places, life goes on as usual, seemingly immune to the darkness. Other places find themselves at the very center of the boiling pot. The world is like a house which is partially on fire. Does it give comfort that one part of the house is not yet ablaze? Or is the fire an alarm signal for all in the house?

My words are that signal, trying to awaken the whole world before the house burns down. “Awaken! I say to my Church. Awaken to me so you can pour out a fresh light upon this darkness. Awaken so the fires of hell can be extinguished before they consume more and more of human life.”

In you, my Church, I have placed powers which reside deeply in your soul, a mighty ocean which alone can put out these fires. I have placed them nowhere else. They do not abide in any other church. They do not rest in any world organization or in the hands of any world leader.

I want to exalt my Church. At the moment of the greatest fires, I want these waters to be freely released, so the whole world can see the divine prerogative of the Catholic Church. I wait for you to act. Someday, that ocean will be released but how much of the house will be burned down before it happens?

1. When Russia Is Consecrated

When I speak, I want the whole world to hear my words. So, I must raise up a special son who hears my words and proclaims my words to all mankind. This will be a special time when my words pour out like a mighty ocean, flowing directly from my Immaculate Heart.

Only these words will save the world. They will cast out the darkness, point out the failures of those who lead the world, encourage the good in all their efforts and, most important, reveal the paths to peace.

What a time that will be! By then, the war between myself and Satan will have broken out for all to see. I will no longer be on the sidelines. He, in his daring, will set aside his disguises and allow himself to be seen by all (what foolish pride).

The great battle will be played out in the sight of all, but with this difference. My powers will no longer be restricted. Russia will have been consecrated to my Immaculate Heart, just in time for the victory that I have promised.

All my words and all my promises will become clear. All the gifts that I have promised will flow forth, able to be received if the person’s heart so desires. Not all will take advantage of my gifts but every person will be able to receive. I will speak more about this consecration.

2. Waiting For the Consecration

Even though I speak as clearly as possible, it is only when all the events culminate, that the world will see what I have been trying to describe. Present in the world today is the great evil planted in the soul of Russia in 1917 with the Communist Revolution. This evil has gone out to the whole world, resulting in the horrible deaths of millions. That evil continues, in a new but unabated form. Russia fuels the revolutions and the unrests. It arms many of the terrorists and does everything possible to destabilize the world.

In October 1917, at the little cove in Fatima, I planted the great seed of peace which was to come forth as the antidote to the Russian poison. There was to be a great victory and an exultation of the Catholic Church which would provide such a great power. None of this has happened because my request for the Consecration of Russia has not been fulfilled.

Now, I must speak of the future. The Russian evil will continue to spread through all of its friends. As these events culminate, Catholics will see before their eyes what I have been describing. They will also remember that my words always carried a message of hope. There was always time, always a way, because of the mystery of my Immaculate Heart. So, the clamor will grow. Prayers for the consecration will increase. More important, I will hear these cries. I will use the evil events themselves to open the door. Finally, the Consecration will take place according to my request.

In all things, a timetable exists. These are not fixed hours or days, but rather the goal that will be reached as the forces of good or evil are released. The timetable depends on the free will of every single person. When many hearts deeply desire and pray for the Consecration, the time of its fulfillment grows closer and comes sooner. To pray and sacrifice for that moment is everyone’s task.

3. A New Culture of Peace

After the Consecration of Russia, the beginning gift will be a conversion of hearts of those who control the nations. New ideas of peace initiatives will surface. World leaders will see that peace is in their self-interest. They should have seen this earlier but were blinded by Satan. Nations will move to true peace agreements, not the false pieces of paper they now call treaties.

The hearts of the people will move in the same directions. The hunger for war and the use of weapons to gain natural interests will be seen as outmoded ideas, the products of the past, foolish concepts that have no life in this new thinking.
The wisdom of true peace that was set aside in the selfish pursuits will regain its rightful place. Peace will be a constant, powerful light, set upon the lampstand. Even those whose hearts are not touched will be forced to walk on this new path by the power of the new culture of peace.

★ LOCUTIONS to the WORLD August 18-20, 2014 ★ Mankind has passed the point of no return.

5. The Overcoming of Separation
Aug 18th, 2014 - Mary

I will place such great gifts in the hearts of the Russian people that they will not be satisfied with superficial changes. Instead, they will wipe away the divisions of the centuries.

They will realize that I have released an ocean of graces which have changed their darkness into light. They will realize that they have been freed from the past century of diabolical control. They will also know that this great gift has come through the consecration of Russia made by the Holy Father in communion with all the bishops in the world.

They will begin to question why they are separated from the Holy Father. Would all of this darkness have fallen if there had been no division? They will cry out for unity with Rome. This ocean will be so deep and so powerful that it will sweep away all opposition. The Russian people will overturn the centuries of division that have been forced upon them.

That is why the Holy Father and all the bishops must make this Consecration in a public way and must specifically mention Russia. The Russian people must know the source of the gift. This is also why I wait and wait, even though the Holy Father delays. I must have the Holy Father act in the name of the Catholic Church so the Russian people know that the Catholic Church has released this gift. In this way, they will desire and bring about union with the Catholic Church.

I unfold these revelations so all the world, especially the Church, can see what I intend and why I ask what I do.

6. Better To Wait
Aug 19th, 2014 - Mary

Before the consecration of Russia takes place, many events will happen that will change the earth. Why do I wait? Why not act immediately? If these powers for the good of mankind lie in my heart, why not pour them forth now?

When seen from earth’s perspective, the ways of heaven are often difficult to understand. Why did the human race lie in darkness for so many centuries before the Father sent his only begotten Son? Jesus came in “the fullness of time”, the earliest moment that the human race could receive. Heaven waited because earth was unable to receive.

Before Jesus began his ministry, Israel needed John the Baptist to prepare the way. Otherwise, Israel would not have been ready for the gift of Jesus. Only heaven fully understands what must be done. Earth gains only glimpses of the full reality. By my words, I pull back this veil. Yet, even when I reveal heaven’s secrets, who believes? Who accepts the messages? Who acts? Who responds?

I speak clearly. Heaven has a plan. That plan has been revealed. Promises have been made that will be fully kept once the conditions are fulfilled. Heaven does not change its plan just because earth does not accept it. Why do

I wait? Certainly, it would be much better if the Consecration of Russia had already been made and the gift released. However, to release the gifts before the Holy Father and the bishops consecrate Russia would ruin the fruitfulness of the promises. It is better to wait.

7. Our Lady’s Hidden Actions
Aug 20th, 2014 - Mary

I speak, I act. I lead those who would do my will. I enter into every conversation. I touch every heart in the world. I act everywhere and every moment. Yet, man remains free and this freedom is greatly limited by the darkness of his own selfishness and of his culture.

Violent forces have now been released, flowing from one heart to another. Tremendous pressures exist. Man is free but he is not free. He is pulled and forced to go along. He is intimidated. He is not shown all of his options. He is hurried and harassed. Event follows event, cleverly leading him to countless decisions that allow no turning back.

I see a mankind subjected to powers that want his destruction, that cleverly force him to choose their path. If he hesitates at all, new pressures are brought upon him. I watch this happen in one place after another. I see this same pattern in every area of man’s life. The stranglehold is pulled tighter and tighter.

It is no longer a matter of mankind needing to respond to God’s grace because mankind has been robbed of his freedom. Can a family live at peace when war is all around them? Can a person walk in light when all is midnight? Mankind has passed the point of no return. Mankind cannot save itself. Too many evil forces have been released. They are now imbedded in human life. Some are seen. Others, especially the most powerful, are still hidden. They have not yet come on the scene. They lie in wait, looking for the appropriate moment. This moment is different from any other moment in human history, filled with unimaginable and uncontrollable evils.

I wait, yet I refuse to wait. Oh, I must wait until the Holy Father acts, but until then, I will act. First, I must breathe upon the whole Catholic Church (whose teachings exalt me) and call forth fresh devotions to my Immaculate Heart. I must stir the bishops. They have a role in the Consecration of Russia. They must raise their voices and speak out. Finally, I will continue to prepare those who will actually make the Consecration.

In the middle of all the evils, in the face of all the delays, no one should lose heart. I am actually bringing about what I have asked to be done.

★LOCUTIONS to the WORLD August 21-26, 2014★ Man, without God, is helpless to bring about the purpose of human history. The future generation, how mankind will exist for centuries to come, will be decided in this generation. 

1. Man’s Helplessness 
Aug 21st, 2014 - Mary
Human history is a powerful stream which is difficult to understand and, even more difficult to control. Yet, some have risen up, hoping to control history and turn the stream totally in their direction. In this they have failed, but they did leave their mark.

God wants human persons to help, to cooperate and to participate in the shaping of human history. Even with this heavenly decision, it would be wrong to see history as the product of human labor. Other forces come into play which very much shape all human events. As the Church grasps this total picture, it will see its own role. As the world understands, it will not be entrapped by its foolish decisions.

So, let me try to explain the factors that make up human history and the forces which shape it, for good or evil. This enlightenment is absolutely needed so that the Church and the world can walk in light. Let us begin.

By himself, man cannot accomplish the good. He can do some good but, without God’s help, that good will be corrupted, lose its power and even turn to evil. Such is the nature of the human heart and of human society. Man, without God, is helpless to bring about the purpose of human history.

2. Who Shapes Human History?

At the opening of the story of mankind all was sinless. All was a “yes” to the decision of the heavenly Father to bring forth persons made in his image and likeness, a startling decision that flesh and blood would share in God’s powers of knowing and willing. It was the grand experiment, and even the angels were amazed at this next step in God’s unfolding plan.

They rejoiced to have man as their friend, knowing that man’s destiny was to join them forever in heaven. The fallen angels did not see this creation of man in the same way. Their places were now vacant and God had chosen to fill these places with creatures much more lowly in stature than the mighty, but fallen, angels.

Thus, the contest began, a struggle that will continue to the end of time when, finally, Jesus will put all creation under his power and will wipe out death and sin forever. These are the shapers of human history. Although many shape the course of human history, man, of course, is at the center, the main actor, the one who ultimately must make the decision. However, these other forces are powerful. They, too, shape human history. I will unfold this story to enlighten all because many are quite unaware of the powers they face every day and of the helps that the heavenly Father wants to provide.

3. Reading Human History Correctly

I am speaking now of the course of human history, the path that it takes and the goals that it chooses to accomplish. This is the vision I want to implant in your hearts.

Many speak of human history as if they could judge its failures and its successes. That is not true. Human history has one Judge, Jesus Christ. He, alone, will draw all to a close, whenever He so chooses. It is only when Jesus Christ returns, when all gather before him, when all is revealed, when the human race is separated forever, some on his right and others on his left, with some entering into eternal glory and others trooping off to hell, that everyone, in that instant, will see the purpose of human history.

These are the mysteries I am trying to reveal now. I must do this through locutions because mankind has turned a deaf ear to the preaching of these mysteries.

These truths used to fill the culture. They were the very pillars upon which society built its daily life. Now these pillars are destroyed.

4. All Future Generations

Human history has many years to go. We are not at all near its end. However, the current generation will decide an important question. Will the future family of man be a tree filled with life or will it become a branch that lives in a withered form?

In human history, the future generation does not decide what it receives. The previous generations make those decisions and then they bequeath earth to others. What will be left? What will be handed on? These are the modern questions. What world will we leave to future generations?

The answers to these questions are not many years away. Earth will continue. Human life will continue. There are years and years to go before history ends. But answering the question of the future of the human race is not far away. I will say this with all of my strength, “The future generation, how mankind will exist for centuries to come, will be decided in this generation”. That is how serious are the conflicts now arising in every part of the globe. The level of human life that is bequeathed for generations to come will be decided by this generation. Can I say it any more starkly?

This generation is the hinge upon which all future generations will swing – to life or to death, to light or to darkness.

Although all of these questions are far beyond the powers of mankind, mankind still believes in its own powers, trusts its own judgments and refuses to listen to heaven. That is why I speak and why these little locutions are of such grave importance.

5. Casting New Fire Upon the Church

Human history continues on its path until some Movement arises, which points out a new direction. How many times such movements have saved the world and rescued human history before it succumbed to the evil of its own decisions. At the center of these movements were strong personalities surrounded by devout disciples.

They knew how to spread their ideas so that many others joined in their fervor. The greater their numbers and the greater their devotion to their cause, the more powerful would be their impact.

Such was the vision of Jesus, as he gathered his disciples and taught them how to gather others. Released into human history was the great movement called Christianity which turned the world away from destruction and formed a new way of thinking and acting.

What has happened to this Movement? It now embraces the whole world. Christians live everywhere in almost every culture. In some places and among some groups, the original fervor remains. However, in so many places and in the hearts of those who call themselves Christian, the fervor of Jesus has cooled down. Even the understanding of his goals have been lost. The Movement has been swallowed up. The light no longer goes forth. The fire has been extinguished. Many claim the name of Jesus but the throbbing power of his life does not flow in their hearts.

This is why I act. This is my goal. More than any other disciple, I received the divine fire. It never grew cold in my heart. It always blazed with its initial fervor. Now I want to pour out this fire upon the whole Church. I take for myself, the words that Jesus used, “I have come to cast fire upon the earth”. If I do not cast this fire of divine love, rousing all believes to a new life in Christ, the human race will be unable to turn aside from its rush into a fire that will destroy all.

6. History‘s Final Scene

When human history ends, and all of mankind is gathered before my Son, Jesus, only then will the full revelation of the heavenly Father’s plan be revealed.

At that moment, each person and each generation will see what they have done. All will see human history before their very eyes, like a movie in which they themselves are the actors, choosing to act according to the script of God or choosing to play a different role and become a discordant note.

Such will be that great moment. Every person will have played some part. Those who added to the story will be lifted up onto the heavenly stage. Those who rejected their God-given place will be left behind. They refused to be saved by the Lamb of God. Such is the final scene of human history.

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 8/27,28/14 ★ According to the Biblical prophecy, world history is about to change dramatically. Blessed is that person who cherishes my words.

7. The True God of History

When all human history comes to a close in the presence of Jesus, every person will look into their own heart. They will find the all of their decisions, all the people who influenced them (for good or evil) and all the forces which shaped their lives. They will see themselves as they truly are, ready for heaven or worthy only of hell. What a frightful moment that is. The decisions, the choices, all have been made. The die is cast. What is can never be changed.

Contrast this final moment with human history, where decisions are made every day and nothing is final and all can be changed. That is my message to the world. While living in human history, you can change. On earth, none of your decisions are final until that final moment. No matter what darkness you have accepted, no matter what evil you have committed, nothing is final while you are still on earth. Human history exists so the human person might live forever. Such is the true goal. Seek this and you shall live.

8. The Only Important Question

When all history ends with its final culmination, there is only one question, “O reader, will you be with me, forever?” Mankind thinks of the millions of people, but as a Mother, I think only of you. I want you to be with me forever. I want to share the joys of heaven with you. I want to be your mother and have you as my son or daughter.

You are mine. Yes, my child, I gave birth to you in the pain of the cross when I offered Jesus to the Father and accepted the beloved disciple. “Woman, behold your son”, Jesus said. At that moment, I saw you and became your mother.
Nothing else is important. The joys and the sufferings of earth pass away. History culminates. Jesus returns. All gather. The Book of Life is opened. I have written your name in this book. I have written it in large and prominent letters. You are precious to me. I cherish you. I want to hold you forever and ever in my Immaculate Heart. I want no one to steal you from me. That is why I speak each day. For you! Blessed is that person who cherishes my words.

"The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the LORD comes," Joel 2:31 

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 8/29-9/1/14 ★ Evil is in the very blood stream of mankind, Look into your heart. You believe. You know that God exists.

1. The Syrian Revolution
Aug 29th, 2014 - Mary

The world finds itself caught up in sweeping events that seemingly have no answer. Leaders are confused by the quick rise of ISIS and by Putin’s activities in the Ukraine. Rockets have been flying into Israel and the destruction of Gaza has been brutal. China has begun to emerge as a nation on the move, emboldened and aggressive.

In the past, I have spoken about the timetable of events and how that timetable has been moved ahead because America has withdrawn. Now, the whole world can see the truth of my words. So, I will begin to speak again and to comment on all that is taking place. As the events continue, more and more will become students of my words which pour forth divine wisdom.

I will begin with Syria. I said clearly that the revolution in Syria was quite different from the revolutions in Egypt and Libya. Those revolutions burned themselves out quickly as the dictators were overturned. I prophesied that Syria would be different. That the dictator would not be quickly deposed, that the revolution would drag on and on, that the region would be destabilized and that larger terrorist groups, more unified, would emerge. All of this has now happened and the world is confronted with a totally new reality, a terrorist group that claims its own country, with all of its resources, a group that does not overturn governments but itself governs.

Listen carefully again to my words. I am the Woman Clothed With the Sun. Only my armies can overcome the Evil One. Where are my armies? I must gather them quickly. I must spread devotion to my Immaculate Heart throughout the whole world, in unprecedented ways. When you see these signs and events, know they are a call into my army.

2. The Mystery of Syrian Evil
Aug 30th, 2014 - Mary

Syria will continue to be the problem, the great mystery which continually sends forth evil. Syria is not just one evil, the evil of Assad. It has become a collection of evils. Because the revolution was not quickly ended by the overthrow of the regime, it became an attraction for evil. Various terrorists groups saw an opportunity to topple the regime and claim control of an entire country. It did not happen that way. Instead, the fires within Syria burned and eventually spread to other parts of the Middle East, just as I had said.

Now, Syria is a greater mystery. The West cannot figure out a strategy, how to use its weapons. This is the enigma that exists and the source is Russia, which saw Assad as an ally and continually strengthens his role, giving him the needed support to survive when so many predicted his quick downfall. Go back and read my locutions for I spoke of all these events in great detail even before they took place.

3. Putin and the Ukraine
Aug 30th, 2014 - Mary

“Why wait” says Putin, “when all of the Ukraine waits for me to take what I can hold? I can redraw the map and gain what I have coveted for many years.”

So, the Ukraine waits for the reaper who comes not just to take its harvest but also to claim its soil. Once these parts are swallowed up, they will not be returned in Putin’s lifetime.

I have said before that he is Satan’s perfect instrument. No need to look for another. No need to seek another source of evil. The evil flows from Russia, as it did throughout the twentieth century.

This is not a replay. Putin’s Russia is quite different. He has many new alliances and has shaped a modern Russia that can withstand the obvious actions that the West will take. He has seen them all. Nothing surprises him. He has fashioned many other sources that can help him. He will remain on the scene, directing the evil wherever he sees weaknesses.

I have spoken of him before and my words were true. He is an adversary who will not go away. For years, he has plotted his course and has had no qualms about the means he needs to employ. The West has been deceived.

4. Infection in the Blood Stream
Sept. 1st, 2014 - Mary

Let the entire stream of events flow out so that all can see the evils contained in human history. They have been planted there for years by past decisions and wars. They have been fed by the fires of anger and injustice. They have grown, hidden from the eyes of all. Now, this stream begins to come to the surface, all that I have been speaking about. All see these events happening everywhere. The evil is not limited to one country or to one region. Evil is in the very blood stream of mankind, flowing to every part of the body, and growing more powerful.

The body is too weak, daily losing its battle to overcome the infection. Mankind tries to stir itself to battle. Leaders call for solutions. Yet, the evil grows and spreads. The body seems helpless. No aid in sight.

This is why I speak. You can see the truth of my words before your very eyes. Let my words be your comfort, and also your guide. Act upon my words. Look into your heart. You believe. You know that God exists. You have faith. Treasure that faith. Stir that faith into action. As all the events pour forth, you will wonder how you can be saved. Suddenly, your faith will take on a much greater value.