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Locutions to the World ~ Nov. 2014 ★Mary’s Promises to Beginners★, Preparing for the Consecration of Russia, Satan’s Smoke in the Vatican

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 11/1 ★ Indeed, a great flood is coming that will cover the whole earth, not with water but with collapses, especially economic collapses that will trigger widespread breakdowns. 

 2. The Weakness of the Economic System Nov 1st, 2014 

 Whatever is in my heart will be saved. Whatever is not in my heart will be lost. It will be like the days of Noah when only those in the ark did survive.

People will say that this is not fair. Why should they be swept away? But it is fair. God has spoken. His word goes forth. The word tells everyone to repent and to seek the kingdom of God. Yet, the world sets aside that word, having no interest in responding to Jesus’ pleas. That is why I must speak out about this need to repent and to do so now.

O reader, in the following locutions, I will put before you every possible teaching, filled with images, with words of warnings and of encouragement. If you open your heart to these words, I will fill you with light to see what you can do to prepare for the future events. I speak these words because I foresee what is ahead, just as the heavenly Father instructed Noah because He foresaw the great flood.

Indeed, a great flood is coming that will cover the whole earth, not with water but with collapses, especially economic collapses that will trigger widespread breakdowns. These economic systems have been built on the shakiest of foundations. Many are quite aware that everything could topple triggering world-wide events. I want to prepare you for these events just as the Father prepared Noah.

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 11/2-4/14 ★ It is not the wealthy who will survive nor those who hold power. Only the man of faith, The world has built an economic system which will not stand the test of its sins, of its margins of profit, of its false foundation & of the burden it has put upon the poor nations. 

3. Loss of Confidence Nov 2nd, 2014 

I will not hold back any of my sorrows, because I see the afflictions that will soon come upon the face of the world. Mankind plunges ahead, totally unaware of the path it has chosen.

For decades, countries have lived beyond their means with an ever expanding use of credit. The money supply has increased to feed the appetites, but with no foundation in reality. All is based upon a false confidence that this will just continue and that life will not be interrupted. The system is weak and as the money flows, leaks will appear. Nothing will be done and the leaks will be papered over – yes papered over by false money, guaranteed by absolutely nothing.

All of this can only go on for a limited time. Inevitably, somewhere the gigantic leak happens and the false confidence in the economic system is destroyed. As the system collapses, everything comes to a halt and efforts to revive the economy are of no avail.

Many see this scenario on the horizon, but, they have no answers because governments cannot respond politically to what is needed. This is the present road of mankind and no one can tell when or where the collapse will take place.

The collapse will inevitably come but if a person, a family, a community, even a nation accepts my gifts they will survive. It is not the wealthy who will survive nor those who hold power. Only the man of faith, the family of faith, the community or nation of faith will make the long term commitment needed to ride out the storm. 

4. The Steps to Collapse Nov 3rd, 2014 

The events will begin with a jolt, a partial collapse from economic difficulties in one part of the world. All will view this with alarm but no one will see this as the beginning of a series of events.

In the beginning, there will be enough resources to paper over the damage so that confidence is restored. Many however, will see this as a sign to move their assets. This will hasten the events as other parts of the economic structure are exposed as weak and unstable. The economic world is volatile, based so much on trust and confidence in the system itself. As these weaknesses are exposed, the confidence will slowly evaporate and even the strongest structures will come under assault.

The world has built an economic system which will not stand the test of its sins, of its margins of profit, of its false foundation and of the burden it has put upon the poor nations. Fairness and equity have long since been discarded. Systems have been built around conference tables making decisions that favor those who sit at those tables.

Now comes the time of reckoning. The bills are long overdue. The economic system cannot continue. It does not need God’s chastising hand. It will collapse from its own frailty.

A time of a complete reassessment will begin. Many will focus on economics. Few will focus on a change of heart, of repentance, of a return to God and religious practice. I speak now for those who will listen to my voice. These days are precious. Do not waste them. Return now to God. Reorder your day. Pray from your heart. I will help you with extraordinary graces. Much will be prepared. New beginnings. Deeper peace. Fresh faith and hope. Deeper love for your family. All must share my new gifts. Do not wait. Do not wait. 

5. We Will Begin Again Nov 4th, 2014 

When all the events culminate and the economic systems are in ruins, man will see what he has brought about. Almighty God created the universe, but mankind constructed his economies. When mankind sees what has happened, he will remember the former glory when he bought and sold and traded with great glee. Man will say, “Let us rebuild”. What fools! You know only how to rebuild a system that has collapsed. You know only how to build on the backs of the poor. You know only how to rebuild for your own advantage. But I have stripped you and exposed you to public view. Your sins are evident to all.

Repentance must set in, accompanied by a turning to God. “We will rebuild” is the wrong approach. You must say, “We will worship God and he will help us”. The economic collapse will allow the religious spirit to be released upon the world. Many will be in despair, not knowing what they must do. However, those whom I have trained, who read these words and put them into practice will survive these events because their lives are built on faith and not on the “almighty” dollar. Such will be the state of the world after the economic collapse.

For many, it will be too late. Long ago they set aside their faith, and will be unable to find any inner strength to survive these events. Others will be confused, not knowing what to do. They will cling to their families and loves ones to survive. But others will discover new powers in their Catholic faith. They will find others who also are returned to faith.

We will begin again. This is my promise. We will not seek to rebuild. We will seek rather to begin again. Even in the midst of destruction, I will give new life. I promise, “We will begin again” and the religious spirit will once more call America back to life.

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 11/5,6/14 ★ The Next President & the Four Difficulties of the Coming Year 

6. The Next President Nov 5th, 2014 

 The washing, the cleansing, the purifying, and the stripping away come only with great pain and hardship. All of this is needed for an economic system that is built on poor foundations. The market forces will be violent and unforgiving. No one will be able to chart the correct course. How important is the choice of the next president. So, let me speak to this choice that lies two years ahead.

The problem with America lies not primarily in its economy but in it morality and loss of faith. Its economy runs like a wild horse with a government paying no attention to the realities. However, this is just a symptom of an America run wild, with no restraints upon its desires and instincts, and little relationship to Almighty God. The economic collapse is tied directly to its secularism. Moving away from God has deceived America into moving away from economic restraints.

Everything is coming to a head and nothing can prevent the economic collapse. So, who will lead America through these troubled times? That will be the task of the next president. How important is this choice. The next president will need the greatest skills and the trust of everyone, on both sides of the aisle. The person must be a believer, with a heart rooted deeply in faith and a life that is exemplary. The next president must do what is right and make the difficult decisions. The American people must not look at superficial qualities, like oratorical skills. They must look to the heart of the candidates, to their truth and their goodness because the next president must inspire a country that will be going through devastating times.

1. The Four Difficulties of the Coming Year Nov 6th, 2014

The year ahead will be filled with difficulties and dangers. Difficulties will come from events. Dangers will involve human decisions. The difficulties cannot be avoided. They will happen. The dangers will come about from the wrong human responses.

I speak now about this year to come for many reasons. I am not appealing to man’s curiosity to know future events. I speak to console my children and to give them direction. I speak now of this coming year from a distant perspective. As this year goes on, I will speak more particularly. In this way, your minds are somewhat prepared and can better understand. Let us begin.

Many explosive forces lie right beneath the surface of world events. They are difficulties waiting to burst forth. In the coming year some, but not all, of these difficulties will surface. They will cause many difficulties and some aspects of human life will be changed forever.

More dangerous, however, will be the world’s response to these difficulties. People will want to regain what they formerly had. World leaders will feel pressured to find quick solutions when really none exist. I will outline specific areas of these difficulties and decisions.

Putin will continue his aggressive strikes to gain lands and to destabilize Europe. The West has no wisdom or capability to encircle him and keep him contained. Muslim terrorists will grow much stronger. The West has been disengaged from the fight and, as the threat grows, will grow even weaker in its resolve.

The biggest difficulties lie in the economies which are too bloated and long ago have cut themselves off from reality. All is pretend. Trillions of dollars are just shifted around, a paper network that feeds upon itself.

The Ebola crisis will not be solved. Thousands will die. This is the effect of widespread poverty inflicted upon the people by corrupt African governments and worldwide economic policies.

 ★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 11/7-10/14 ★ All will be swept up in these financial collapses, from the richest financier to the poorest citizen. Satan will use all of these disasters to cast the world into darkness & despair.

 2. The Downward Spiral Nov 7th, 2014 

The events will rush in from every side, far beyond the capacity of the world to respond. A cycle will be created, one event feeding the other and leading to the next in a downward spiral.

The world will have no firm footing. Anxiety will be everywhere. Man will look to his own strengths and find them greatly wanting. They will then reevaluate all of their leaders. A sobering process will set in.

Into this setting, I will raise up people of integrity, whose hearts seek the good of the people and who walk in truth. A complete shift in thinking will occur and those who brought about these conditions will be in disgrace. Their foolishness will be unveiled for all to see.

But the response to these problems must go far deeper than choosing new leaders. America must return to the religious spirit which is has set aside for so long. There will be important religious leaders, who can lead millions back to faith.

These events will bring about the time for a great decision, because America will be at the crossroads. Those who choose the path of faith will find comfort and hope, even in the greatest trials. Those who seek secular solutions will experience only despair.

Prepare. Prepare. Prepare for this coming year. Do not delay. Make every effort to reclaim and to deepen your religious practices. I will give you surprising success and new helps. 

3. Hope Amid the Implosion Nov 8th, 2014 

As gaping holes open up and the shortages of resources become evident, great fears will grip so many. They will realize that irrevocable changes have taken place which have no solutions. The sinful decisions that have been made for decades, the wasteful spending, the false money supply, and the credit that expanded beyond control have finally hit their limit, an inevitable outcome of the present policies.

There will be an implosion. When gigantic waves hit a wall, they turn back upon themselves. Instead of expanding, everything will contract. How far this will happen, no one will know. Only time and the market forces will determine the final outcome.

All will be swept up in these financial collapses, from the richest financier to the poorest citizen. That is the nature of an economy. It is a system that embraces all.

Why do I speak when there is such an inevitability, when the forces move ahead with no restraint? My goal is the salvation of souls, that all arrive in their heavenly home. Satan will use all of these disasters to cast the world into darkness and despair. I have constantly taught that Satan causes sufferings. He uses sufferings to cast a darkness. He uses the darkness to get souls into despair. He uses despair so people end up in his hands and not in mine.

So, I speak to give hope. Where there is hope, there is light. Where there is light, the sufferings are less. When the sufferings are less, people can find their way to heaven. There is so much more to say. I will continue to speak during this year as the events come closer. 

4. Satan’s End Game Nov 9th, 2014 

The gaps continue to widen and the economic structures grow weaker daily. There are also the gigantic costs of waging wars and the destruction of nations and societies. The problems are not limited to one place or to one area of society.

Satan’s plan has been manifold. He has placed his dynamite everywhere, in the hearts of his chosen leaders like Putin, in the hearts of the Muslim radicals, in the hearts of politicians making self-serving decisions, and in the hearts of all who have been caught up in selfish lifestyles. His dynamite is planted everywhere, in the wars, the killing of the unborn and the total turning away from religious practices which have prepared for his end game.

That is the word that I have held back until now – the endgame. The world is entering the era of Satan’s endgame, the goal he has had, not for just one century but for twenty centuries, ever since Jesus defeated him on Calvary and the gospel went forth. After that, he suffered many defeats. The word of God spread. Believers were baptized. Satan was renounced. Cultures were formed, especially in the Middle East and the West. Missionaries went forth to Latin America and to Africa. The waters of Baptism were putting out the fires of hell. Satan was being cast out.

So, he developed a new strategy. He could not put out the light of Jesus’ resurrection but he could cover it over. So, he began, especially with the French Revolution and installing the goddess of reason in a church dedicated to me. Then, he sowed the seeds of hatred, leading to two world wars. He brought the world into the atomic age, the electronic age, the worldwide, global economy. All of these were established on poor foundations, easily able to bring about worldwide chaos and destruction. How many times I have already saved the world, as in the Cuban missile crisis.

Now, I use will use these little locutions to speak. In the face of all of these sources of destruction, I promise to do all in my power to save the world. However, the time is not just short, Satan has begun the events leading to his endgame strategy. The Church must be aware. The Holy Father must awaken to this new reality. More important, you, the reader, must run to me with total hope in your heart. I will save whoever comes to me.

5. Babylon is Fallen Nov 10th, 2014 

Walls are built to protect cities and systems. Walls were also built to protect banks and economies. These were the rules which governed the financial markets. These walls have been destroyed, not by God but by man himself by decisions made secretly and unknown to many.

Voices were raised in warning but were not heeded. Year after year, the broken walls allowed enemies to enter who consumed the wealth of nations. Yes, the wealth of entire nations has been stolen. These nations are worse than bankrupt. They are flooded in debt. Do not blame God for these problems. Man has violated every law of God, the laws that demand honesty and true accounting.

Long ago, you removed your walls. The enemies are not at the gates. They are within your city, too numerous for you to dispel or overcome. These enemies will consume you. You will no longer own your own cities. Others will claim them. America, you have sold yourself into the slavery of debt. You are owned by others who soon will come to claim what is truly theirs. Then, your shame shall be seen. You will be like the fallen Babylon. Merchants will grieve over you. Those who sold you their goods, will also despair. You were their richest customer but now your economy is in shambles.

Can I save you? Are there not ten just men in your midst? I will save, but only those who follow me, the Woman Clothed With the Sun.

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 11/11,12/14 ★ Satan has his eyes on Jerusalem. Jerusalem is his prize.

6. Israel and Iran Nov 11th, 2014 

Where do all these events lead? I must again speak of Israel, the forgotten nation in the Middle East conflicts. Satan has his eyes on Jerusalem. Jerusalem is his prize. There he was defeated and cast out. God’s blood still abides in that city and it has never lost its place in my heart.

The fires that ravage the Middle East are really aimed at Israel and its destruction. Satan has never lost sight of that goal. Other world leaders have set Israel aside and have jeopardized its existence. They have even signed treaties with Iran which has pledged to destroy Israel.

World leaders walk in such darkness that Satan easily plans his steps. They do not grasp what is of true value. So, I must speak. Israel sees itself abandoned. Its enemies are protected. Its friends are absorbed with other goals. It stands alone. Better than any other nation, Israel knows the dangers that imperil its existence. It sees that it cannot wait. Others will not act in its defense, so it will act on its own. It cannot allow the tide to continue to flow in. It cannot allow these events to take their course, because their course is the destruction of Israel.

In Israel’s eyes, everything is clear. Its enemies are strong and near. Its friends show no interest and are powerless to put out the Middle East fires. So, it must act in its own defense. It cannot allow a nuclear Iran.

7. The Two Floods Nov 12th, 2014 

Once the walls break down, who can stop the floods? Who can even predict where the waters will go? Do they not take on their own life, set free to flow anywhere? Such will be the flow of events once the walls are pierced, the weak and tottering walls that many know cannot hold back the floods of events.

There will be many floods, all converging and aiding one another in their destructive paths. The convergence is deliberate, the design of the Evil One who has plotted out this moment for centuries.

He believes that his plans are foolproof. He has arranged the people whom he needs as leaders. He has stirred up the hearts of millions who are ready to respond to his signal. He has weakened all the resources that can be used against him. He has led Western nations into financial debt. He has weakened the resolve of millions by their sinful lifestyles. He has slain millions of children in the wombs of their mothers.

Is this not a true picture? Who will argue against me? Who will defend the opposite positions? Will not all of these forces continue? Who will reverse the tide? This is my surprise, the promise which flows from the deepest regions of my Immaculate Heart.

To Satan, his plans seem perfect, flawless and inevitable. But even he knows that the Woman is his enemy and that she stands on the sidelines, still not invoked or invited to come full into the battle.

This is my promise. As the events begin (and remember there will be a series of events) an opening will be created. Voices will be raised. “Why has Russia not been consecrated as Our Lady has asked?” Other events, within the Church, will coincide. Finally, the consecration of Russia will take place. A surprising flood will be released. There will then be two floods, good and evil, one destroying and the other saving.

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 11/13-15/14 ★ But, look! How many are still in the fields, laboring to bring forth good fruit. To them, I speak now. 

1. Overcoming the Darkness Nov 13th, 2014 

These events will come forth because human history moves on, bringing forth what has been imbedded in its past. I have tried to describe those forces that have been placed in the stream, waiting beneath the surface and ready to come forth. Now, I must move on to my Church and to describe its life. I will speak of what is hidden and often overlooked.

Many lay people take their Baptism very seriously. They offer their help at the parishes, attend its services and keep their hearts loyal. They are faithful Catholics and even though there have been many scandals, they do not allow them to shake their faith.

They have received a Catholic heritage and they want to pass this on to their children and grandchildren. They have never given up the dreams placed in their hearts from the beginning. They have always believed in the Church. Even when the scandals came, they held on in the darkness and continued to serve and to believe.

Their numbers are much larger than the public perception. These Catholic will be my foundation. In so many ways, they have come through the darkness. They have believed when the darkness of events covered over their churches. Now, I am ready to use them. To these I will speak now. 

2. New Gifts for Faithful People Nov 14th, 2014 

How flourishing my Church was, so many vocations and so many faithful laity. All were gathered around me and my name was on their lips. Now, the flourishing harvest of vocations has become just a handful and many laity have walked away from their faith. This is what catches the eyes of most.

But, look! How many are still in the fields, laboring to bring forth good fruit. How many still cherish the sacraments and the Catholic devotions. Even among the young, the gift of faith flourishes in many hearts. This is where I will begin. They need only a light, a signal of hope, a direction, a new voice, clear and true, to inspire their hearts. This is why I speak.

To you who labor in the fields, who have always sought to preserve the faith in your homes and in your parishes, I know your travail. I know your sadness that many do not respond, even the members of your family. I know the darkness that you have been through, not just the personal darkness but your dismay at all that has happened to a once glorious Church. Do not say that the Church is in ruins and decay. Within the Church is much hidden life, many people doing all that they can to preserve and pass on the ancient faith that is always new.

To you, I will speak. Read these words carefully. They will be your guide. I know the labor of your hearts and all the efforts you have made. None of them is lost, even when your words and your deeds seemingly had no effect.

Now, I call you in a different direction. Before you continue on, come into my heart. Find the new gifts that await you. Should not you, who have been faithful to my Church, be the first ones to discover the new gifts of my heart. 

3. The Beginning Gifts Nov 15th, 2014 

With the many new blessings flowing from my heart should not these faithful Catholics be the first ones to know and to receive. They already attend mass and call upon my name. They have not abandoned their religious practices, even though others have walked away. They are confused by all that is happening in the world but the light of faith and practice still burns within their hearts. They will be the first group to receive, the first ones to experience the outpouring of my heart. To them, I speak now.

When I come to you, when I offer you my new gifts, open wide your hearts. I am preparing you. You need these new gifts. They will begin with an invitation, an opportunity to attend a gathering, to read a book or to join a group. Do not set this invitation aside. It is an invitation to a new way of life, to join with others on the road.

Others will not yet have this opportunity. These, too, I will prepare by special private graces. Everything that bears my name – the churches, the books, the traditional devotions will gain a hold upon you. You will find new attractions. Whatever carries my name will draw you, without any personal effort, into its power.

These are the beginning gift. For those who accept these invitations, greater, more powerful and more lasting gifts await. All is needed to prepare for the darkness.

 the Dead Sea in Israel

"One day a colleague of mine heard the devil say during an exorcism: ‘Every Hail Mary is like a blow on my head.’" Fr.Gabriele Amorth, Chief Exorcist of Rome

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 11/16-18/14 ★ My heart is like Noah’s ark, All will be able to enter.

4. Light for Devout Catholics Nov 16th, 2014 

When all of the events begin, devout Catholics are the ones who will be bathed in my light. I must speak about this light. When darkness comes and the usual lights go out, emergency lights come on to provide safety. They do not give the fullness of light but they are sufficient to protect and sustain life.

Such are my special lights which flow from my heart and which I want to give to all. However, devout Catholics who have held fast to their faith in the midst of all that has happened will be the first to receive. Then, the graces will go forth to others. None of my lights are limited, but devout Catholics are better prepared to receive than others.

I speak now so that as these lights go forth, devout Catholics do not miss their opportunity. You must not think, “I have enough light. I am not walking in darkness”. Certainly, you are not in darkness, but the darkness will come, and then you desperately need the light that I am now offering to you. How does this new light come? I will teach you.

Be attentive. Be sensitive to devotions, new and old, that would lead you to me. I will place new attractions in your hearts. Those who were always devoted to me will find a hunger and thirst for my devotions. Those who never experienced any particular attraction will realize that a new flame has been put in their heart.

Realize what I am doing. I am taking your faith, which still burns within you, and I am giving you fresh oil for your lamps. In this way, you will have the new light that will not go out in the darkness. 

5. Entering Mary’s Heart Nov 17th, 2014 

 The life that I will offer to these Catholics is so new that many will find it difficult to believe. They will ask, “How can this be”? Then they will see for themselves that I am pouring forth a special fire which offers helps that have never been given before.

All of these new graces are so needed because of the new problems that will suddenly arise on the earth, for which there will be no apparent solutions. My response will be taking place within the hearts of those who receive.

A new power will be released from my heart to their hearts. All will know that I have embraced them and drawn them into my heart where they are safe, even though the external turmoil increases.

I have spoken before of this invitation. My heart is like Noah’s ark, but this time, the numbers are not limited. All can enter. There is plenty of space for the whole world. I must begin to teach everyone how they can enter. No one must delay. The door will remain open until the last minute but the earlier you enter, the deeper will be the protection.

My heart has many doors, accommodated to everyone’s situation and way of life. All will be able to enter. 

6. Preparing for Mary’s Fire Nov 18th, 2014 

I must make these new gifts which are easily available and tell the whole world how they are received.

They are inner gifts, received into a heart that has been purified and is seeking my help. The first gift begins as a new stirring, like a lonely but attractive voice that says, “Come with me. Come in this new direction. Leave behind what is familiar and be drawn into a life that feeds your spirit.”

This voice will invite you to leave behind everything that soils your heart and to be generous in the things of God. The voice will point out much that must be changed. Be generous. Do not resist. All of this is the needed purifying action of the Holy Spirit.

The voice will lead you into a new style of life, with new priorities. The old will be set aside, even those attractions that were not sinful but still claimed your heart. The goal is to set you free so your spirit can respond and receive. The voice will lead you into new waters, gentle and peaceful. You will find rest and a new kind of happiness, a contentment with what you have and a spirit of thanksgiving to God for all that he saved you from.

At this point, you are ready for the fire that comes from my heart and which I want to pour forth over the whole world. It is so easy. As your spirit seeks heavenly graces, ask specifically for my fire to be given and you will receive it. Ask time and again, “O Mary, please give me your fire”. My heart will break open and the fire will pour forth. 

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 11/19/14 ★ as mankind falls deeper and deeper into darkness, the great gifts that will pour out after Russia is consecrated. 

7. Preparing for the Consecration of Russia Nov 19th, 2014 

The fullness of my gifts will only flow as mankind falls deeper and deeper into darkness. This will happen as the events, coordinated by Satan, unfold. At that time, a hopelessness and feeling of inevitability will come upon the human race. As Satan cleverly unfolds one part at a time, people will realize what has happened. The important events of the past led to these troubles. Mankind will see itself as cornered, with its back to the wall.

Only after these events begin, will the Church realize the great power that has been given at Fatima. At last, the Holy Father will consecrate Russia, together with all of the bishops. New lights and new hope will be released, the deepest gifts of my Immaculate Heart.

The world will not return to the way it was. Some parts will have already collapsed and many places will have been destroyed, but new life will be offered to all. This is why I must speak and explain my gifts so all can receive. Right now, I am pouring out preparatory gifts, new attractions to greater devotion. They must be received so each soul is more ready for the great gifts that will pour out after Russia is consecrated. 

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 11/20-23/14 ★ Satan’s smoke has reached the highest levels of the Vatican. God prizes earth & covets mankind which he created for his glory. Satan will so rejoice, seeking to replace Jesus as the king of earth.

1. Satan’s Smoke in the Vatican Nov 20th, 2014

My sorrows. These are what I must begin to share again. Sorrows lie at the center of my soul. I am the Mother of Sorrows, a role that I accepted from the beginning and which Simeon prophesied in the temple. The temple became my place of sorrows. I was wounded by Jesus’ words when I found him in the temple.

My greatest sorrows are reserved for my Church, the bride of my Son. The fires of Satan have burned brightly within the Church, even in its highest offices. This smoke arises today from those who hold back the fullness of my graces.

I must teach the world. The Catholic Church is the bride of Jesus. It is his Mystical Body and enjoys the fullness of his truths and his powers. Nothing is lacking in its gifts, as it faithfully proclaims the gospel and joyfully celebrates the mysteries. I have kept it faithful for 2000 years, beginning with my work among the apostles and disciples. From the Beloved Disciple at Ephesus there were messages to the churches and the heavenly liturgies were revealed to all. The Catholic Church is deepest within me. It lies at the center of my heart and I cherish deeply the role and the power given to the Holy Father. These are the very gifts that I want to use as a light to the whole world. I will accomplish this as the events of darkness begin.

However, I must speak so the whole world and especially the Holy Father understands. Satan’s smoke has reached the highest levels of the Vatican. His deceptions fill the Vatican and so many whom he has planted there. Would this not be his plan, to enter the very stronghold of the Church? This is my greatest sorrow. To overcome this, I must make alternate plans so my Church is exalted.

2. Seeking Total Surrender Nov 21st, 2014 

Time is slipping away. The light is dimming and the darkness is growing. All of this I see so clearly and try to warn the world. Every day, there are new sorrows and no answers are found. Mankind is surrounded by evil. Satan wants a moment when the world will surrender to him and make him king. Earth will become his new kingdom. Cast out from heaven, he will at last claim what heaven so desires, an earth taken up into God’s glory. God prizes earth and covets mankind which he created for his glory. Satan will so rejoice, seeking to replace Jesus as the king of earth.

Many have already surrendered. They have given themselves, heart and soul, to Satan. He has already tasted of their blood and filled them with his evils. He multiplies their numbers, equips them with powers, enlightens them with his own intelligence and sends them out to conquer the whole world for his kingdom. He is not satisfied with all the victories, big and small, which have claimed so many. He will be satisfied only with total surrender, where no vestige of light or hope remains.

Is this not the deepest sorrow of my heart? Not just to see what has already happened but also to see all that Satan plans and hopes to accomplish. So many events lie ahead. So many traps of darkness. So many places where literally the earth will open up to swallow its victims.

Every day, the number that I can save grows less and less. Once Satan grasps a soul, he quickly beings it deeper into his darkness, so the soul does not know how to respond to my light.

So, I visit the earth. I go to the homes and places where my name is invoked. I especially use these locutions. I always whisper words of encouragement, “Stay strong. Abide in the light. Let no darkness enter your heart or your home. Do not fear what is happening.” To those who invoke me, I will give the strength never to surrender and even to help others not to surrender. 

3. The Sacred Moment of Worldly Emptiness Nov 22nd, 2014 

I see all that will come about. These events are still hidden from human eyes but soon all will be seen clearly. Human life will be changed. Many will lose hope. Severe changes will result, one after another. Hearts will be dismayed. Many will despair. Life will not be the same.

How I hate to speak those words, how much better to promise a bright and glorious future. However, that is not the road which man has chosen. He is free. He makes his daily decisions. He decides the road and the direction.

Soon, he will come to the end of the road, with seemingly nowhere to go. Many options will have been ripped from his hands. The greatness of his systems will be gone. Even what he considered his lifelines will be jeopardized and, in some instances, will no longer function. Enough will remain for people to survive, but at a much lower level than now. Such will be the reduced state of the human race.

The effects will be felt everywhere and all will admit that human life has been severely changed. That will be the moment of my coming, when the very powers of the world are muted. When the voice of the world is silenced. When men no longer listen to the sweet tunes of profitable music. When so much has been taken away from human hearts.

What a sacred moment. A door is ajar. Hearts are empty. This is when I can come and say, “Come here. Walk this way. I will save you.” Blessed are those who have prepared for those times. They will see the new road.

4. Gathering With Others Nov 23rd, 2014 

All is not hopeless but the road of hope will be seen only by a divine light given to groups dedicated to me. This I want to explain very deeply.

When a person receives my light, they see the need for others. They cannot walk alone. There must be others. Where are the people who believe in my messages and gather to fulfill my requests? Everywhere I have appeared, I have urged people to gather and to help one another. But the groups come and go. Many start with a burst of enthusiasm and then allow their zeal to cool.

In the year ahead, you will need a great light of hope which you can only receive if you are bonded to others in communal prayer, where all search for the road of light. If you are faithful to this regular gathering, even if it is just within your home, I will assure you of the light needed for hope. How often I have spoken of the coming darkness. A certitude grows within you that it will certainly take place. I want you also to be certain of my light in the darkness which I can only give you if you gather as often as possible with others.

Gathering with others is the secret that I want to reveal. Personal prayer is important but my special gifts are given when people gather, when they commit themselves to join their hearts. If, when the darkness comes, you remain with others, I will constantly pour out my light and you will find the road of hope. 

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 11/24-30/14 ★ When the events begin, it will be too late. You have entered a new moment of human history. The war between Satan & the Woman Clothed With the Sun has begun.

5. The Three Stages Nov 24th, 2014 

I am taking the Church into my own hands, just as a mother lifts into her arms a child who is endangered. I will do this in many ways. First, new devotions must spread quickly so people become more attentive. A fresh awareness must come over the Church, a widespread sense that all must return to my Immaculate Heart.

This will prepare for the next stage when the great difficulties begin, which I call “the events”. People will begin to search. For many with faith, this will be a religious search and the new awareness will lead them to search for me.

Finally, there is the third stage, when by the Holy Father’s consecration of Russia, I will come completely onto the world stage, offering to mankind the full gifts of my Immaculate Heart.

Then, the war will break out. Until now, there have been only “surrenders”. There has been no Army of Mary because I have been kept out of the limelight. All of that will end. I will come onto the scene. All will see my actions in every part of the world. Great new devotions will spring up and be embraced by millions. It will be like a massive tsunami, but one that brings life not death.

My advice for now is, “Prepare”. Take up once again the familiar devotions. I will impart to everyone a very simple trust in me and a new sense of my presence watching over each one. Let us begin to walk this road of hope. 

6. Mary’s Promises to Beginners Nov 25th, 2014 

When the events begin, it will be too late. Many will find themselves unable to respond because they are bereft of any faith in supernatural help. They will not know the ways of God or how he can save them. They know only natural powers and human resources which will totally fail them in these events. So, I must explain my help.

I am present to every person in the world. To each one, I offer my help. I do not limit my presence or my saving power. Some are keenly aware of this. They always experience my help and turn to me in every need. They also live according to the gospel teachings and are faithful to the Church. They understand my promises because they are already experiencing my presence.

Now I speak to others. Through these locutions they are beginning to grasp the need for my help. They also see my promise and my new gifts that will be needed to face the future events which will severely change the whole world.

To these I say, “You have beginning faith. Your hearts are filled with beginning light. You sense something new. Your mind has been plunged into all my promises. You see a new road which you want to walk. This road is true. The invitation is so vital. Follow these new hopes. Commit yourself to my ways. I am awakening you while there is still time. Follow these holy desires. Soon, you, too, will realize that I am always present, always helping and always leading. You have found the door to my Immaculate Heart. Enter quickly and remain there. You will be safe.” 

7. Evils Not Yet Seen Nov 26th, 2014 

Time moves on and events take control. Mankind loses power and looks on helplessly as forces that he has released take their own path. Such is the state of the world. By so many decisions, mankind has released forces that are shaping his destiny and forming his systems. Even those who understand what is happening, have no power to control the events.

Yet, the events that I am speaking of are still hidden. They are not the same as those which fill today’s headlines. They are forces imbedded in the human structures whose time has not yet come. Satan knows well the destructive powers which he long ago planted in human life, through the selfish decisions of those whose hearts he controlled.

Now, he waits for the right moment when these destructive powers will best be used. These are the sorrows of my heart which I see so clearly, future evils not yet brought forth.

My response is to visit people. I visit those with great powers so they make decisions. I visit those who hold authority in the Church, so they might be enlightened. I visit you, O reader, and I offer you special graces. Listen to what I am saying within you. Do not put off until tomorrow what you must do today. How important are the inner stirrings of your heart. Listen. Receive. Act. Tell others. Nothing is too little. I will bless every prayer and every effort. 

1. Treasures Placed By Jesus Nov 27th, 2014 

I want to reveal to the whole world the treasures which Jesus has placed in my heart. He began to place these riches from the first moment of my Immaculate Conception. He poured out infinite treasures during the nine months that he lived in my womb. However, it was during his mortal life that he gave me the greatest gifts.

First, I saw his tiny face and hands. Later, I heard his words, which revealed so much of his own thoughts and desires. Finally, I saw him preach and heal. Then, there was the journey to Jerusalem and his death on the cross. Every moment, his riches multiplied within me.

After his resurrection, he appeared to me and imparted his risen glory. Later, Jesus sent his Spirit on Pentecost. The Spirit abided with me all the days of my life, finally assuming me, body and soul, into heaven, where I was clothed with the sun.

I have stored up all of these riches, like a mother saving for her children. I reveal them so you can receive. We will take time. I will go slowly and explain each treasure. You are not just to listen. You must make the efforts needed to receive. 

2. The Heavenly Father’s Decision Nov 28th, 2014 

No one understands all the gifts which Jesus has placed in my Immaculate Heart. They wait there, always ready to be given away. They are the only means of man’s salvation because all of Jesus’ graces must pass through my hands.

The Heavenly Father has decreed a Marian Age. This began when I revealed the miraculous medal to St. Catherine LaBoure (1831). Soon afterward, Pope Pius IX declared the dogma of my Immaculate Conception (1854). All was prepared for the great apparitions of Fatima (1917). The Marian Age was fully launched.

Very soon, the 100th anniversary of Fatima will take place. What has happened? Has the peace that I brought taken place? Not at all. The fires of war burn everywhere and future destruction will be greater. The heavenly Father has not released the gifts of Jesus in my heart. They lie there unopened, set aside, and not seen as important.

Instead, human beings, within and outside the Church, put forth their human solutions which fail time and again. When they call upon heaven’s help, they do not listen to the Father’s answer, “I have already placed all that you need in the Immaculate Heart. I will not change my plan. Go there and find all that you need”.

That is my message, also, and I will speak of these gifts, revealing all that the Father has done.

3. Waking Up! Nov 29th, 2014 

My gifts do not come in any order. They pour out. Whatever is needed is given immediately. Others are held back until the person is able to receive. All is according to the Father’s desire.

All must know about these gifts. They are essential for the time ahead. There will be ordinary gifts to fulfill daily duties and extraordinary gifts to face the events. Do not waste any time. You must receive now, according to my instructions.

First, you must believe. Faith comes from hearing, so I must speak. You have entered a new moment of human history. The war between Satan and the Woman Clothed With the Sun has begun. The first shots have already been fired. He has launched his offensive, but very few are aware. Others buy and sell as if nothing is happening and the world will just continue on.

We must prepare by only one means. I equip my soldiers with the most extraordinary powers to repulse Satan’s attacks and to weave a wall of protection around their families and communities. What is now in place is woefully inadequate. It is outdated and ineffective. Besides, few are really interested.

So, the first gift that I pour out is an awakening. People must wake up to the new realities. Satan has chosen this time in history to launch his offensive. The heavenly Father has prepared for this moment and has placed every gift in my Immaculate Heart. I wake you up to these realities so you do not despair at the events and so that you daily seek my gifts.

4. A New Life of Purity Nov 30th, 2014 

The winds will blow and the rains will come, but those whose hearts are filled with my gifts will survive the great events. They will enjoy a strength and a perseverance. Nothing, absolutely nothing, that Satan hurls against them will destroy their resolve to be faithful. So, let me begin to list those powers which I am already pouring out.

Satan attacks through lust. He twists the powerful sexual drive, meant to enhance marital love, and sends it in every possible direction. Lust is a mighty river that frequently overflows its banks and destroys.

O reader, I know your own struggles with lust and I offer you the great gift of purity. Accept my gift. Ask for the continence needed for your state in life. In this way, true love will be released within you. Darkness and shame will have no power over you. The chains of lust will fall to the ground, and you will easily walk away from their grasp.

I offer you a new life, where you can rejoice in a freedom that you have never understood because lust has so limited your steps and blinded your eyes. Come. I will lead you into a world of purity, where true love flourishes and all relationships are kept sacred. When purified of your lusts, you will enjoy peace. The former days will give way to a new glory. No one will need to teach you God’s road. You will see it for yourself.