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Locutions to the World ~ August 2011

August 1, 2011
 70. A Prophecy of Future Events

Pakistan will be a source of great problems. The support of the United States and its ties to Pakistan have been weakened by the killing of Bin Laden. The present government, weak as it is, is the only fence standing between the rebels and the nuclear arms. When the government is toppled, America will try to secure the arms, but its military might will not be enough. The rebels are too large and too firmly implanted – too extensive among the people.

Even if the people do not belong to the rebels, they feel no enmity to the group. That is why the government is so weak in its fight against the terrorist group. It does not want to offend a large segment of its people and must make some political responses against the United States.

The Suez Canal is no longer protected by Mubarak and can no longer be seen as under the influence of the United States. Understandings with Egypt about the use of the canal are now meaningless.

Russia will continue to press its relationships with the key countries of the Middle East. These countries see Russia as a force which can help them gain their quest.

In all of this, America is no force for Israel or for true Middle East peace. The president sits on the sidelines and allows the forces in the Middle East to go unchecked.

Many see these problems as Middle East problems, far distant and not important to the West, but all of this will affect America because of its need for oil.

All of these events will tilt the power to the Muslim world and many Muslims will rejoice to see that they are gaining the upper hand much more quickly than they thought possible.

The most important issue has been overlooked. Up to now, the Muslim world has been divided because of the various dictators. Now, these have been or will be soon toppled. There is a new possibility of Muslim unity brought about by radical Muslims.

This sudden possibility of some union of Muslim nations under a religious leader will lead many to believe that they can be that leader. Important people will begin to move toward Muslim unity along religious lines. These men will not succeed but they will move the process along.

Then, one will arise who will take advantage of all of these forces and will somewhat unite the Muslim world for his purposes.

Comment: Jesus allows us to see beneath the surface of world events.

August 4, 2011

 71. How to Survive

When the time comes, it will be too late to prepare. Those who have called on my name will know what to do to survive. Their hearts will tell them and I will guide them. Those who are selfish will act selfishly. They will condemn themselves because they will see all their past efforts destroyed in one moment. They will have nothing to live for. They will make efforts to control the situation, but their efforts will be in vain and they have never learned how to live in faith.

This is my teaching, how to live in faith. People with few resources will survive because of a deep rooted faith. People with more resources will not, because they cannot find any faith in their hearts. This is why I grieve. A time is coming when men will need great faith to survive, yet faith has grown cold. Let me explain.

When there is prosperity, many set aside their faith. They do not need God’s help. Their own power secures their needs. Their eyes turn away from heaven because they see all the goods of earth. Two things result from prosperity. The person no longer looks to God and the person gives their heart to earthly goods. Faith is lost.

Then, however, comes the divine chastisement. This is the only option which mankind leaves to God. They have rejected every other path. (That is why I am speaking so clearly, so that mankind accepts this last opportunity offered by the merciful Father.)

In the chastisement, the earthly kingdoms fall. Terrible jolts come upon society. In the beginning, no one notices. However, as the jolts continue, all begin to see that their society, which provided all these goods, is collapsing. For a person without faith, this is all they have. They have nothing and do not know how to turn to God for their security. They are lost and each day is worse than the last one. They stumble in an insurmountable darkness. For them, everything is destroyed. They cannot go on. Indeed, many choose not to go on. They destroy themselves.

I speak to you, secular man. Look into your heart. You will find no faith. You have no relationship to God that will sustain you in the difficulties that lie ahead. I will teach you a prayer. Say it often and I will come to you and you will see a flower of faith growing in your heart. This is the prayer, “O Mary, when I am alone, I realize I am empty. I believe this feeling is my search for faith. O Mary, plant the seed of faith in my heart and I will let it grow.

Comment: Mary wants the secular person to receive faith so they can survive the darkness.

August 6, 2011

 72. Electing a President

The holes are opening up in the American economy, gigantic gaps that no amount of money can fill in. American life is spiraling downward and out of control. No one can see how fast all of this will transpire. There is still an aura of unreality, as if this could never happen in America.

O America, you will tumble and tumble, wondering when this downturn will bottom out. “When will we turn around?” you will ask.

Who are your leaders? Whom have you elected? Did you not vote your wallets? Is it not always the economy that determines your choice? You have gotten the leadership that you deserve. These are the ones you have chosen, because you always vote by the wrong standards.

You must hold your elected officials to higher standards. They must be good people, who protect the unborn and protect marriage. To you, these issues seem unimportant, as if they are on the sidelines. Yes, for you they do not matter. If Satan could fix your economy, you would elect him your president.

This is my promise. If you place first what I place first and elect officials who hold my values, then your economy will turn around. However, if you continue to elect those who are unworthy but promise you economic blessings, your economy will continue to tumble.

Look at the next elections in light of what I have just told you. Those who do not protect the unborn and who do not protect marriage cannot protect your money.

Comment: This aptly describes the American voter who chooses those who promise prosperity.

August 7, 2011

 73. Recapturing American Generosity

Just as people leave their valuable possessions behind, not realizing that they have lost them. So America has left is most valued possession behind, the gift that made it a great nation.

It has forsaken the well of living water. Its cisterns have been broken. Its culture no longer values truth. Everything has been thrown away that preserved the ancient heritage. The old has been rejected. The new has been embraced.

Motherhood is now set aside for the career. Family is now sacrificed for the gaining of goods. Children are devalued. Large families, where children enjoy many brothers and sisters, have been replaced by what is convenient to the parents.

The children learn these values. Selfish parents bring about selfish children. Parents who severely limit their children bring about children who will abort their children.

Selfishness is a stream which many hearts quickly accept because it serves their own interests. Generosity is a river that finds few hearts open to its blessings because it demands sacrifices.

America used to be a generous country. It would make many sacrifices to gain what was true and good for others. Now, it is a selfish country, where everyone looks to their own interests.

How can I save you, America, a country so close to my heart? There is only one path. Return to the generosity and sacrifice that made you great. Return to the truth that guided you.

Begin now. You, who are reading these words, do not wait for others. Begin today to recapture a generous heart. I will help you.

Comment: America must realize that its most valuable possession is its generosity.

August 8, 2011

 74. Leaving the Father’s House

Forsaking the Father’s Wisdom

Why are the nations in tumult? Why this stirring on the earth? All is anxiety and turmoil. The pot boils over. The sins of the past come to the surface. What was planted in secret now brings its harvest – a harvest full of weeds not wheat. This economic turmoil was not a harvest sown overnight. For decades, the nations have hidden their debts, buried them, saying, “Let a later generation pay the bill”. Now, the bill has come due. The collector is at the door and he wants the whole house. He owns it. His accounting is correct. He has added up his figures and now he presses his case. Oh, poor mankind, burdened with so many years of folly, like a man awakening to reality. Yes, the harsh reality of an economic system that cannot pay for your lifestyle. What can I say in the face of this worldwide problem? Let us begin.

Years ago, you left your Father’s house, where all was in order. You said, “Give me the inheritance that is due to me”. You were of age. You could claim what was yours. You took your Father’s money but you did not take his wisdom. “It is different now”, you said. “The truths of economics that my Father used are no longer the guide”. So, you made up new rules, the modern way that borrows now and pays later. “This is the way of growth. This is how we expand”, you claimed.

But you overlooked one truth – the selfishness of man and the constant postponement of responsibility. Look back. See the wisdom of your heavenly Father, a wisdom you have rejected. Return to your Father’s house before it is too late! Regain the ancient truths upon which your society was built. You have forsaken the religious spirit. You have become secular. Fine. Taste the secular wine. Eat the secular food. It will make you throw up. Hopefully, in your agony, you will return to your Father’s house.

Comment: As the worldwide economic markets are shaking, Mary teaches the causes and the solution – a regaining of the religious spirit.

The Prodigal Son

I speak with you as a mother to her child and I reveal to you the longings of my heart, the heart of a mother. Yes, I am a mother who sees all too clearly the state of my children. They have left the Father’s house where they could daily experience my love. Now they have chosen to scatter, not even recognizing their brothers and sisters. They are divided and clashing, and want to gain superiority. They leave behind the relationships within the family and adopt the relationships of the street. They have chosen this, wanting their freedom, and being discontent to remain in the Father’s house where they were loved and fed, where they were accepted and had a place.

Why, O why, did they leave? I watched them go forth. I felt the sorrow in the heavenly Father’s heart. I knew what lay before them. They saw only the false promises. They would own and prosper. They would have their own house. They were a human race “come of age”. This was all their false hopes. They forgot that the Father held them together.

In the Father’s house, they cooperated. The Father kept everything in order. The human race is now a world without a Father. They are like the Prodigal Son. They have spent their inheritance. They have no identity. They are not recognized for what they are – children of a loving Father and children of a heavenly inheritance. Can all the ills be solved? Yes, the answer is yes. That is why I speak to the world. One decision is needed. “I will arise and I will return to my Father’s house”.

O world, you do not even know how to return. That is why the Father has sent me. The journey is a long one because you have strayed so far. Take my hand. Let us begin the return journey.

Comment: Mary makes clear the source of all the world’s problems. Led by false hopes and without realizing the full consequences of their decision, the world has left the Father’s house where there was a family relationship.

To the Generation Born in Darkness

I want all my children to return home. I will call them. I will place new stirrings in their hearts. They will remember the way it used to be. But what about those who never knew the Father’s House? Those who have no memories? It has been so long now. Children have been born outside of the Father’s House to parents who left and abandoned the Father. What will I do about them? They are children born without any religious memories. Oh, what time has done! A generation which has never tasted the springs of religious faith. They thirst and have no idea of where to find true water. They are even more difficult to draw back than their parents, but I must reach out. Let us begin.

To you who have no religious memories, who were born and raised in a secular culture. For you, religion is only an item in the news, usually associated with political controversies. To you, I speak these words.

You have no idea of the gift of a religious spirit and of the consolations offered by faith. You have no idea of the peace that comes from a relationship with my Son, Jesus. You do not know all that He will do for you.

Instead, you wander in darkness, not knowing the true longings of your heart. I cry for you. I weep for you. This was not your decision. Your parents left the Father’s house. They never taught you the truths that they had learned. In rejecting their religious life, they lost it for you, also.

I do not see you as a generation which has rejected my Son. Your parents rejected him. You were fed a secular milk. This is how I see you – a deprived generation, an offspring that has never existed before in America. Know that you are welcome in my heart. I await you.

Comment: The young adult generation is the least religious generation in America’s history. Mary does not scold them. She sees that they have been deprived. She waits for them.

Is There a God?

Why does the world not return to the Father’s house, especially in the West where the faith was so strong? The memories have faded. They have forgotten the peace that settles into a person’s heart when it is right with the Father. They have forgotten the order that comes to a society when all its members accept the Father’s commandments. They have forgotten all the blessings that come from an Age of Faith. So, I come to lead them back. They cannot return because they do not know the way back. That is why I speak. Listen carefully.

The way back to the Father is not a far away distant path. It is near. It is in your heart. The path back begins within you. Even now it has begun with the stirrings caused by my words. Others are praying for you. All the saints and angels intercede for you.

Faith surrounds your heart. Faith is like the air all around you. You need only to breathe to take it in and be blessed by its presence.

Let your mind and heart rise above what you see and experience. For just one moment be willing to ask, “Am I made for God? Are the ancient teachings true? Will I live forever? Did God create me? Is Jesus his only-begotten Son?”

In the ages of faith, people knew these questions and lived by their light. Begin with the first one. “Is there a God?” Keep asking yourself that question until the light dawns. Everything begins with that question.

Do not shut the question from your mind. Do not put it away. To ask this is the first breath of faith.

Comment: Modern society has forsaken God for so long now, that the average person does not know how to return to him. Mary shows the road’s beginnings – to ask the simple question – Is there a God?

The Loneliness of the Secular Person

When the darkness begins it will be too late. The return to the Father’s house must begin now, so you can be joined with others in faith. I want to explain this gift. Let us begin.

When a person leaves the Father’s house, they also leave behind all the relationships and friendships they enjoyed. They not only break their relationship with the Father but also with the others. This is the high price that man pays for what he sees as his freedom.

He goes out into a world which does not know the Father. The relationships which are formed are not relationships of faith. People unite in pragmatic ways, in ways that serve their interests. They form relationships according to their own will and fancy. How fragile are these relationships. How many times they break off, unable to withstand the forces that come against them.

Some forces are internal, the passions and the selfishness of those involved. Some forces are external, the trials and difficulties encountered in the world. As relationships are broken, innocence is lost and isolation sets in. The person is vulnerable, unable to respond or even to hope, because they stand alone. They never foresaw all of this as they left the Father’s house. What must be done quickly because so much has been destroyed?

Begin like the Prodigal Son. Say, “I will return to my Father’s house.” Seek out a Church and seek out people of faith. Give yourself to these relationships. Be formed with others into the Body of Christ.

Find others! Find others! This is the secret. Find others who believe. Form relationships of faith. Together, profess my Son as your Lord.

Comment: In the Ages of Faith people were joined together by the heavenly Father whom all acknowledged. As that faith was lost, the relationships with others were lost and society suffered its greatest disease – individualism.

August 12, 2011

 75. The Egyptian Uprising

The First Scene of Satan’s Drama (& the point of no return)

With the Egyptian uprising (January 2011), the events of darkness have passed the point of no return. The great confrontation between the devil and the Woman has begun. People do not grasp that events have entered a new stage. They think these are just a new level of the old problems. January 2011 was the point of no return because Satan decided to begin his drama.

The Egyptian uprising has meant that Israel has lost some layers of protection. Israel knows that it is endangered more than before. So, the drama has begun. Satan has sent out the first actors in front of the curtain to begin the show. Soon the curtain will pull back and everything will begin in its fullness.

No director begins the first scene unless he intends to follow it with all of the other scenes. No director begins a show unless the script has been written and well rehearsed. No director begins a show unless all the actors are on hand, especially the most important ones. Yes, they are all on hand and after this opening scene of the disruptions in the Middle East, the curtain will rise and Satan will introduce his important actors.

These will move the script along and lead up to the main actor. All the important action will wait for his arrival on the scene. When he comes, I will point him out to you, even giving you signs ahead of time.

You will identify all these actors and note how they are reading the script and bringing about the story. All will be clear through the revelation of the Holy Spirit. One after another they will come upon the scene but only when the most important actor arrives will the full power of darkness be seen and manifest.

Comment: The confrontation between God and Satan has begun. The Egyptian uprising was the first scene.

August 13, 2011

 76. Ability to Destroy Israel

The events spill out of control and man loses his power to shape the history of the world because Satan has stepped onto the scene, using people whom he has prepared for years, many of them since their birth.

These events have their roots in the past, in a culture of darkness. However, they are different. They have taken on a new power, a new sharpness, and a new level of destruction.

These powers of darkness have now surpassed the powers of the West to contain them. Right now, the West is absorbed with its own economic problems and in attempts to find solutions. This, too, is Satan’s plan. Since their own houses are not in order, they cannot give attention to the Middle East and to the drama that is taking place there. These are the shifts in the Muslim world.

The dark side is coalescing, coming together, increasing its arms and getting its leadership in place. Certainly there are internal struggles and sometimes they go backwards, but the movement is forward. They go to greater military strength, to more coordinated functioning, to a harder resolve and, especially, to a belief that their day will soon come. Confidence in their ability to finally destroy Israel grows daily.

All of this comes from religious fervor which the West does not understand because it has lost its own. Fervor must be fought with fervor. Religious fervor with religious fervor. This is my promise. I will rekindle religious fervor. I will open the eyes of all who want to see. I will touch hearts, even of those who have no religious background. When you see the fires of this new religious fervor you will know that I am keeping my promise. Do not despise the day of small beginnings. A little fire can enkindle a mighty blaze.

Comment: Satan uses people with a false religious fervor which drives them to extraordinary sacrifices. The West lacks this fervor. Mary will rekindle new fires. They will be small but extremely important. When needed, they will become a mighty blaze.

August 14, 2011

 77. A Place Prepared in the Desert

So quickly, as if by a gigantic surprise, Satan will suddenly move his people into place. They will remain hidden, ready to come forth when he calls them. But, I will not allow him to complete the fullness of his plan. This would be too much. There would be desolation everywhere with no hope of any escape. This is the type of plan which he hopes to execute, but I will do two things.

First, I will not allow him to deploy all of his forces. I will not allow him to put them all in place. Some, which he puts in place, I will not allow to function as he would like. They will be in place but I will render them helpless. Their voices will be discredited ahead of time.

Secondly, I will open up gatherings of faith and my children will be aware of them. They will not know why I have led them to these gatherings. They will just know that I am leading them in this way. Only when Satan’s attacks begin will they see that these are saving gifts – the windows and doors that I have opened so they can escape. Yes, I say “escape” because to remain is to be lost. To foolishly cling to homes or material goods is to be swallowed up. Just as a place was prepared for me in the desert (12:6) where I was kept safe, so I will prepare places for all those who hear and receive my words. People must learn to go out into the desert, those places of solitude where I can gather my children. Did I not go into the desert? Would I not go to prepare a place for my children? This is how I will save them in the times of great trials that lie ahead.

Comment: Mary speaks in images. These are easy to understand, although what they refer to in the concrete is not yet clear. I am sure that she will explain this later.

August 16, 2011

 78. The False Light of Television

What light does man walk by? This determines the path he takes. Everyone should examine that light, because often that light is darkness but the world calls it wisdom.

There used to be the light of faith. It was so strong in the Ages of Faith. Some men rejected this light and walked their own path, but they were seen as rebels against the truth, and they did not endanger those who remained in the light, who were solidly supported by others in their beliefs.

Now, all of this has changed. The great light of faith that guided the nations has been shattered into many small lights. In the lack of unity of the Churches another light has emerged, able to be used by whoever has the power to raise money, to collect an organization and to rise to power among the mass media.

The light of faith has been replaced by the light of the television from which pours forth every darkness. It creates a culture, a way of thinking, a standard of morals. It forms its disciples, preaches its gospel, and enforces its laws by shoving aside the people of faith. It is godless and has led society far astray. Its powers grow. Its channels increase. Its views harden and claim greater power, destroying one law of God after another. It is not rooted in faith and would like to destroy faith so that it would be the only voice.

I must speak about this power which has only come on the scene in these final decades. Yes, I say final decades because if the power of television is not transformed then these will be the final decades, where faith is extinguished. But, I will not let that happen.

Comment: Mary speaks first of the great light that united the West – the Catholic Church. She mentions the breaking up of the Church as the great light became many little lights. In this division of the Churches, television could emerge as a new light, a secular light that destroys faith.

August 17, 2011

 79. The Consecration of Russia & the Jerusalem Papacy

When all is put in place and all the events are about to occur, I will raise up a son to be the pope. He will be well instructed in my ways and he will not fail me. I will have instructed him for years and then, through the most extraordinary of events, I will lift him to where no one thought he would ever attain.

He will be a man of faith and will walk only in my ways and in my light. All will be clear to him because I will have revealed everything ahead of time. There will be no doubt and no hesitancy.

The Two Goals of a Short Papacy
Because of the confusion of the world, he will set aside many of the usual tasks, and will focus on the tasks that I had revealed to him ahead of time – the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart and the moving of the papacy from Rome to Jerusalem. These are the two important goals of his short papacy.

My Church will be positioned again, just as I positioned the Church when I placed Peter and Paul in Rome and led them to their martyrdom. This planted my Church in Rome, where it has been for all these centuries. Now it is time to root it again in the soil of Israel and in the Middle East. It is in Jerusalem that all will find peace. No longer will my death and resurrection be set aside. All will see that Jerusalem is the holy city. Because of that holiness, peace will come to the world.

All will tell the story, the fathers to their children. They will tell the story of what I accomplished in Jerusalem and why Jerusalem is the center of the world. Yes, I say, the center of the world. Other cities will exist and have their own importance but it is to Jerusalem that they will look for their wisdom. Presidents and kings, men and women with political power, will submit to the wisdom of Jerusalem and all the nations will walk again by my light. See all the events in this light. It will not be accomplished in one step or two steps.

How can I shake the present order? How much that now exists must be set aside? I will use many to accomplish my plan, even the strategies and the powers of the Evil One will unwittingly bring it about. Step by step. All will proceed until all the nations see what I have done to exalt the mountain of Zion.

Comment: Jesus is the Lord of history. He wants all the world to remember what he accomplished in Jerusalem. To do this, he must exalt Jerusalem and make it the center of the world. Only when people see Jerusalem exalted will they remember the events which happened there.

August 18, 2011:

80. Sunday Shopping Sports and Entertainment

When the good are confused and when the stouthearted begin to waiver, I must bring about a new light and a new firmness. Otherwise, all will perish. I speak words of life which counteract the corruption of life. These words can be painful in removing what needs to be put away. Many will not want to hear these words and will set them aside as too foolish. They are the foolish ones, not seeing the great danger in which they live.

I must cut away, detaching my people from what has become so ingrained. I must cut away your Sunday shopping. I must cut away your addictions to Sunday sports and entertainment. I must shake you out of the web that the world has woven around you. It has stolen the day from my Son. Oh, it has happened little by little, a gradual pouring out of a sea over the sacred island, called the Lord’s Day.

Step back and look at the day. What has happened to it? A part has been chipped away for national news. A part has been given to endless sports. And, if that is not enough, even the nighttime hours are consumed. Entertainment. Entertainment. That is all you give yourselves to. Then, you expect my Son to lead you and guide you. I must cut away your Sunday shopping and your Sunday entertainment.

Move away from it. Gather the family. Learn the ways that used to be. If you do, I will teach you the ways of the Lord. If you do not sanctify the Lord’s Day, if you do not offer the day as a pleasing sacrifice to the Most High, then I cannot lead you on any saving path.

Comment: All admit that American life is in a mess but few remember Sunday as it used to be and really should be. Making the Lord’s Day holy is a clear obligation. Mary says much more. It is the first step to restoring life to America.

August 19, 2011
 81. The Coming Worldwide Darkness

Can you not see the path where mankind is heading? Look back and see the light which used to bathe the world. Look now and see the twilight. The lights are more dim and many have been extinguished. Now, look forward and see that this path must lead to darkness. Yes, all will enter the darkness. When the lights go out in a room, it is dark for all, the good and the bad, the selfish and the unselfish.

I invite my little ones, through these words, to leave this path, to withdraw from the paths which the world trods.

How can this happen? Are not all caught up in the forces of culture? Can a person detach themselves from their society? Let us begin. Yes, let us begin now. The call is urgent. Time is short and the powers coming against my children are great. Let us begin.

The New Gift – A Covenant in the Spirit


Everything begins within by a fresh stirring of the Holy Spirit. Natural wisdom is not enough. Even spiritual wisdom does not hold the answers (although it offers sound guidance). My children must be aware of the method I will use. I will outline this so all can understand.
First, everyone must pay attention to the fresh stirrings of the Holy Spirit. Yes, I say fresh stirringsbecause these will come suddenly. All must pay attention because the Spirit will be enlightening everyone. If they do not pay attention, they will either not notice the light, or they will not give the light much importance.

Many in the same area, in the same group, in the same parish will receive this light. These lights must come together. One light will not survive and one light does not contain everything.

The parish that receives this light must cherish it, live by it, and allow the light to call people together into a covenant of love. This will be a mystical joining of hearts. In this joining, the people will discover a new life. They will call it “Our life in the covenant.” They will know that the covenant is a special gift which they must cherish. In the covenant will be contained all that they need. The Holy Spirit will be in their midst as never before.

Comment: Mary explains God’s plan and gift. How else can God lead except by a stirring of the Spirit? This stirring must draw people together or else it will die out.

August 20, 2011

 82. The Coming Elections


The confusion in America will continue because the safeguards have been weakened. The figures belie the true picture. The years of high unemployment have taken away the hopes of the people. This is the most important point. The confidence of the American people that their country will be strong again has been shaken. There is no end in sight.

The solutions that will be put forward to solve the economic crisis will not be the right ones because everyone is looking at the elections. The suggestions will be political and the American people will be even more disheartened. Time is slipping away. Opportunities are lost and nothing is being accomplished.

America will then go to the election and make a choice, a choice between light and darkness. Their issue will be the economy but the economy is not my issue. My issue is life and the protection of the unborn. My issue is truth and the protection of marriage. My issue is holiness and the keeping of the commandments. If America votes for my issues, then I will care for its economy. However, if America votes in a selfish way, electing those who will not protect life, who will not protect marriage and who will not protect my commandments, then I cannot and will not save America.

It will enter into a total darkness, without any hope. People will wring their hands and ask, “What can be done?” It is too late. They have made their choice and they scorned my issues.
Let the word go forth and let all see clearly before it is too late.

Comment: Americans focus on the economy. God focuses on other questions. Voting is extremely important and people must judge every candidate according to God’s priorities. It is already late in the game.


The Modern Day American Judas

Too many problems for modern man to handle. They crash in upon him – wars and deficits, uprisings and defaults. Problems arise on every side. Mankind never understood the world that he was building, or rather, the world that he thought he was building. Really, the world was being constructed by the Evil One who used the selfishness of man for his own purposes. He said to one, “Do this and you will be blessed”. To another, “Build this and you shall profit”. Meanwhile, he remained in the background, allowing man to do his work.

When this stage was finished, he felt bold enough to step up his efforts and to bring to the forefront those hearts whom he had owned for a long time – the hearts of Osama bin Laden and those who followed him. For the first time, he confronted the world with his demonic power in the burning of the Twin Towers. How did the nations react? They still did not repent. They did not turn to heavenly help.

Now, he is preparing a third offensive, which will take a new form, not easy to detect. I want to reveal this before it happens but only to show the validity of these words. In this way, many will listen to my words that will reveal so much. Let us begin.

The problems for the West will come from the West. Your eyes are looking to foreign borders, to cultures not your own. However, the Evil One has, for a long time, gained the hearts of your own – your own leaders, your own statesmen, your own bankers. They are like Judases, ready to sell you out, ready to betray you for their own interests. They placed their trust in you when they saw you as strong. Now, they realize that you are weak. “America is not the place to invest. Let us take our money elsewhere”. This is what will happen. Your own sons will abandon you. They will not stand by you in the time of trial. Your weaknesses will be magnified by their departure. O America, when will you turn to me?

Comment: America is certainly in crisis. Mary predicts a betrayal which will multiply the difficulties.

August 21, 2011

 83. The Sunday Dollar

America is like a field that has been neglected for so many years. Formerly, it was a fertile field, bringing forth the fruits of goodness. It had the houses of worship, families which prayed and marriages that lasted. Now, all its fruits have spoiled because an enemy has sown his fruits. What will I do with this field that was mine and is no longer mine, with a nation that was consecrated but now renounces its consecration? Are you ready to declare like the European nations, “We are secular”? The words are already on your lips. Do not say them. Do not let me hear those words. This would be the final break. Your ties to God are already tenuous, yet there is some life. Can the religious spirit regain its fervor? Let us see. Let us examine the situation. I will point out the problems.

You have filled the Lord’s Day with your concerns. ”Why close the stores?” you say. “Why deprive ourselves of this day, when so much can be sold?” Yes, much is sold – it is your soul that you are selling for the almighty dollar, but your dollar is no longer almighty. Store up your dollars. Soon they will be of much less value. Sell your goods. Soon your people will be in debt. Open your stores. They are filled with goods made in other nations. Is this want you want, America? Is this the American dream?

Well, I have a different dream and if you do not accept my dream, then yours will soon be a nightmare, and that day is not far away.

This is my dream for you, America. I want a Lord’s Day when your Churches are full and your stores are closed. Do not the two go together? Can a family be at both? Are not your open stores a challenge to the Churches? Do they not appeal to the selfishness of man? Will he not always think of what he needs? He thinks of what he can obtain, even when he is already in debt.

Many will not listen to me. But those who hear my words can act. Keep holy the Lord’s Day, and I will keep you safe in the coming trials.

Comment: To keep alive the religious spirit demands a setting aside of secular pursuits. When secular activity goes on as usual, many forget their religious duties.

August 22, 2011

 84. Purged From Selfishness

I am Queen of heaven and earth. Everything is drawn into my heart. All is present there. An earthly queen reigns over the good and the bad, over those who serve her loyally and over those who stray from her commands. Many do not know that my Son is Lord, and many do not know that I am the Queen of heaven and earth. If this were understood, then order would come upon the earth and peace would reign.

Men have rejected God, and when he sent His only begotten Son, they rejected him. Now the Father sends me, the final chance for the salvation of the world. “Who is she?” they say. “She is only a creature”. This is true, I am a creature, coming forth from the hands of the Father, just like everyone else. However, I am different in one respect. All that the Father gives to me returns to the Father. I keep nothing for myself.

This is what I must teach to mankind. All blessings come from the Father, but mankind says, “These are mine”. He takes them to himself, never acknowledging that all these gifts come from heaven above. They never return to the Father and are never purified, like dishes that are never washed, filled with stains and unworthy to be used at the banquet.

Learn from me. Everything I receive I give back to the Father and he gives me greater gifts, pure gifts, untainted by selfishness.

Selfishness is the cause of man’s problems. “How can we be purged of selfishness?” This should be the question in man’s heart. This gift comes down from the Father, like all his other gifts. Seek this gift and you shall live.

Comment: Mary is different from us in one way. At no moment in her life was she selfish. She will lead us to the same gift if we proclaim her as our Queen.

August 24, 2011

 85. Strangling the Breath of Faith

Holes will open up; even some gigantic holes will appear in society. Some have already appeared. People felt that the walls of protection were strong and that the fibers of society were tightly woven together, but so much is frayed, so much worn away, so much left unattended for so long. The human spirit has not been nourished. What holds together a society?

People will say “the great institutions, the Constitution, the laws, the political offices”. They will point to all those things outside of themselves. Yet, what brought them into existence? What breathed life into this nation? How was it born? What kept it vital? It was the human spirit, fed and nourished by faith. This nation was built upon faith in God. Faith was the breath that breathed life into America. Now, that breath is gasping for life. It is being deliberately choked to death by those who would remove religion from American life. And the death of faith is being witnessed by those who cannot grasp the role of faith in breathing life into the institutions.

Life of Faith

The life of America is the life of faith. It is your churches that breathe life into you. The churches give you citizens who are ready to serve. The churches give you families committed to goodness. Why are you killing the Churches? Why? Why are they falsely portrayed? Why are they slandered? You have taken up another agenda. You have taken up the rights of women to kill their unborn. You have taken up the rights of those who want to change the nature of marriage. You have taken up the rights of so many and you have set aside the rights of God. When the churches raise their voices to challenge your agenda, when the churches speak about right and wrong, you say, “Let us kill the churches. Let us silence their voices. Let us call them radical. Let us diminish the churches”.

Need I say more? And your young stay away. They see the churches as you depict them. You are strangling the faith that breathes life into your institutions.

Comment: As America marginalizes the Churches, the important gifts of the Churches to America are destroyed.

August 25, 2011

 86. The Door of Repentance

Why does the heavenly Father wait so long? Have not the sins been piling up? Could he not have acted long ago? Yet, he waits and waits with great patience, always giving time to repent. Repentance is needed now but people do not know what the word means. It has been stricken from their vocabulary and is now an unknown topic.

Formerly preachers would say “repent” and people would understand what to do. Now, they do not even know what is needed. So, I will give a simple and clear teaching. Repentance is the only way to avoid the wrath to come. The Father has delayed and delayed, hoping to see some signs of repentance. I will explain what everyone can do to repent.

Repentance means to acknowledge your sins, to realize where you have failed, and what obligations you have not fulfilled. You cannot see all of these at once. Some become visible only as you go higher. So, begin with the most obvious. This is how.

What Would Change


Ask yourself the question. If I were to come before God right now, if I were to die today and face his judgment, what would I have wanted to change? Just answer that question. Do not ask other questions. Just that one. Keep asking it until it is as clear as the noonday sun. If I were to die right now, what would I repent of most? Keep asking this until the answer comes.

When it comes, then begin. Make a resolution. Hold yourself to it. Ask what helps you need. Whom can you talk to? Even tell another, someone who will affirm your repentance.

Repentance is a gigantic door. I wait on the other side, holding in my hands all the gifts you need. Open the door of repentance. You have entered God’s house.

Comment: The bible always says that God delays his punishments so we have time to repent.

August 26, 2011

 87. Destroying the False Lights

People are attracted to light. They gather around this light and congratulate each other that they have found this light. They recount the profit of this light and speak about this light to others, rubbing their hands together as a sign of their good fortune. Yet, they do not see that they have been drawn together by a false light, a light that will go out and leave them in total darkness. They have been deceived. This need not happen. If only they had examined the light. So, I will speak now of all the false lights. I must put out these lights, so my people can be freed from their power. Once freed, they can follow a different light, a softer, more gentle light that will never go out. This light is my Son, Jesus. He does not promise you pleasures or power or human luxury, but he alone is the light of the world. Let us begin by destroying the false lights of the world, because these hold so many in their power.

First, there is the light of what others think. This is powerful. It draws many along, like a powerful stream. This light creates its own values and establishes its own goals. How difficult to be freed from this light! Difficult to reject the voices heard every day!

You, O soul, must hear a different voice. You must hear my voice. You must read my words every day. There will be a special moment when my word suddenly sets you free. When my word says, “Come in this direction. This is the way of life.” Then, you will walk away from the false lights. You will take a different path. On that path, you will meet my Son, Jesus, and you will find the true light.

How difficult to explain before it happens. Say this prayer, “Mary, destroy the false lights that now capture my mind”. Say it over and over and soon you will identify your false lights.

Comment: The light of Christ is not seen because the world has now constructed so many of its lights.

August 27, 2011

 88. Nuclear Proliferation

Some will say that my words will have little effect. Others will say that they have little power. Still others will even question the method that I use. But all of these will be proved wrong. This word goes forth from my Immaculate Heart and this word will stand the test of time. People will come back to this word, especially as they see the events unfold.

Why would I speak unless there was some necessity? From where does this necessity arise? It comes from the total and complete danger in which the human race now finds itself. Yes, “finds itself” but it is totally unaware of these dangers. It misinterprets the events. Puts a spin on them, as if they will go away. O mankind, you are hurtling toward the cliff of total annihilation, unconscious of the forces that soon will be released in your midst. What can be done? That is why I speak and teach and try to show the way. Let me begin.

Read Your History

Open up your history books, just the recent history of the past century. You have had two major wars but these were limited, yes “limited” because the great weapons of destruction were limited. Now, they have proliferated. It was dangerous when these weapons were only in the hands of America (a land that loved peace). The danger grew when these weapons were gained by Russia (a land so interested in expanding its interests and its borders). In October 1962, the world held its breath as these two powers were in a confrontation.

What will happen now, fifty years later, when these atomic arms fall into the hands of those who would destroy you? Yes, that day is coming. No one can prevent it.

That is why I speak to you. What will you do in those days? Will you turn to the Father for help? Will he hear you when you have ignored my word? Begin now. Read my messages. Everything will be contained in them.

Comment: The world has lived so many decades with nuclear proliferation, that many are lulled to sleep. Mary wants to wake us up and make us attentive to her helps.

August 28, 2011

 89. The Power of the Culture

Why do all men walk along the same path? Does no one question the conventional wisdom? There is a mindset which I must break and set my children free. That is what my words accomplish. My children must allow me to shatter the worldly chains that keep them bound. Like Peter set free by the angel, they will be able to walk out of their prison. Yes, they are in prison to the thinking of the world which is an enemy to the gospel. Let me begin.

When you listen to others, do not immediately accept their values. Question them in light of the gospels. Yes, make the gospels your light and my Son’s words a guide to your path because no other light exists.

Culture of Light


Form little communities of the word. In this way, the darkness of the culture will be cast out and the little seed of God’s word planted in your heart can grow.

You can see my plan. I must raise up cultures of light, where the darkness of the world is seen as darkness. But even more where the light can be sustained and people can live according to the light because they are encouraged by others

My greatest desire is to break that culture of the world which is an enemy to my Son’s word and which draws so many into its darkness.

Its power grows every day by the propaganda put forth. Yes, the propaganda, the constant drum beating for what is evil and which violates God’s commands. This is the problem. My children awaken each morning to the blare of a thousand trumpets proclaiming the freedom of man to create his own world, when really he is destroying his world. This is my dilemma, the great problem that I face.

Comment: Every day, in a thousand ways, the message of the world reaches everyone’s ears.

August 29, 2011

 90. The Pope’s Death

Although I do not reveal the exact time and dates (for this is not yet needed), I point to the signs of the times which all can read. When the exact moments come closer, I can be more specific because all can understand. Before the culminating events, other moments will happen which will lead up to it. It will not come as a surprise to anyone who listens to my words. This is why I speak, to prepare you so that when all the events occur you will be kept safe. Your house will be built upon rock and will not collapse.

I can see the forces of evil building up. Each of those under Satan’s power are storing up their own evil. They are each in their own houses, so the time is not yet at hand. No one has come on the scene to call them together, to bind them as one. I will delay his coming. I will put obstacles in his way. I will cause dissension among those whom he would want to gather. In this way, the little ones will have more time to prepare.

A Delay Not A Postponement

Yet, I do not want you to be illusioned. Pushing back the time of these events is just a delay, not a postponement. The clash must come. This is the only way to dispel these forces of evil. They have claimed too many hearts and the message of repentance does not reach these hearts. They are intent on a holy war and on the destruction of Israel. They will not turn back. They believe that their cause is a holy one and that they will quickly dominate the world. This force has been building for centuries, consolidating its powers, suffering losses at some moments, but always moving forward, convinced that its cause is true and will inevitably conquer.

What can I do with such an evil force, which uses the sword to gain its goals? My Son told his followers to put away the sword and to lay down their lives for each other. This will be the turning point, when my son, the pope, will lay down his life. Then, the Spirit of Jesus will be poured forth upon a world in shock, a world made ready to weep and repent. Before that, much must take place.

Comment: Mary will win the victory in our time, the same way she won the victory 2000 years ago, by sacrificing her son, this time, the pope. This will be a moment of a great and new outpouring of the Holy Spirit and a gigantic change of events in human history.

August 31, 2011
 91. The Effects of Consecrating Russia

Do not be afraid to pierce the mysteries because these are mysteries of life, which will bring eternal life to those who follow my words. Now, there are towers of death, powerful and seemingly invincible. These will collapse like the Communist system. My son, Pope John Paul II, consecrated a year to me and look at what happened during that year. The wall came down and Communism was toppled, without a single shot being fired and without war being declared. All of this happened before the eyes of all, on the 2000 anniversary of my birth, deliberately highlighted by the pope from behind the Iron Curtain. It was for him that I did this.

Now, I will raise up another person who will do a greater consecration, the one I have asked for at Fatima. All the world will know that this has been done, completed with all the bishops and with the world looking on.

The Collapse of Evil

Slowly, the foundations of evil will erode. There is no need to blow up a building. If the foundation erodes, the whole building will collapse. When the building collapses, then evil will no longer go forth

What will happen when the pope consecrates Russia to my Immaculate Heart? My armies will go forth. I will call all the little ones. They will know that my great request has been fulfilled. They will say, “We are at a new moment in history. It has taken us almost 100 years but at last, the request has been fulfilled.” There will be a new hope and a new spirit. All those who worked so hard to bring this about, will experience unbelievable joy. They will have a new power. They will know that their Queen has finally been proclaimed and that I finally am placed on the lampstand. This will not just be a mental reality. I will send my presence all over the world. My army will experience that I am with them. Then, they will march.

Comment: So many are praying for the Pope to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart. When this happens, Mary’s army will evangelize in joy.

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