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Locutions to the World ~ Dec.1 - 31, 2013 Not only do you fear, but you realize that you cannot turn back. Satan has prepared his forces. When will the Holy Father release the Fatima promise?

6. Mary Embraces You - Dec 1st, 2013

Cannot love go forth to the whole world?  O Reader, if I embrace you, will you not embrace others?  Yes, I need your arms so all the world can feel the warmth of my love.  I must melt every heart because all are frozen in their selfishness.

Let us begin, you and I.  Begin with my embrace.  Let my presence come over you and love’s warmth encourage you.  Begin each day with my embrace.  I give this gift to you.  Who else understands all that I intend to do?

When darkness or fears capture your heart, just stop for a moment and say, “Mary, I need your embrace” and you will experience my presence.  This is the great secret that I am revealing.  I will embrace the whole world.

Comment:  This revelation is simple and powerful.  Whenever we are in trouble, we must stop and allow Mary to embrace us.  Then, we continue on.

7. The Worldwide Events - Dec 2nd, 2013

Will there ever come a time when the whole world will see who I am and understand the great mysteries that the heavenly Father has placed in my Immaculate Heart?  Slowly this mystery has been revealed through my appearing to many whom I have chosen.  Yet, the great moments of this revelation still lie ahead.  The worldwide events remain.

The quicker that I come on to the world scene, the sooner peace will come.  This is my goal.  I want to be seen by the whole world as the Woman Clothed With the Sun.  I want everyone, Catholic or not, to know that the path to world peace can be found only in my Immaculate Heart.

These secrets remain hidden and I want them to be revealed as soon as possible.  Only then, can the events unfold that will lead to world peace.  At this point, only the events of world distraction are taking place.

Comment:  God’s plan for peace is not unfolding.

8. Challenging the Evil Events - Dec 3rd, 2013

Yes, events move on.  Changes take place that determine future events.  Events cling to one another and unfold, just like the parts of a story.  However, other events can intervene that change this course of world history.

Open your eyes.  These events happen in your sight every single day.  Events that seem innocuous become colossal in hind sight.  What seems like just a small change becomes a curve in the road. Powerful forces are being unleashed that will bring about events that no one can control.  Changes are happening that will never be rolled back.

I do not want these events to continue unchallenged.  I want to change their course and even bring them to a complete halt.  But who listens to my pleas?  Only when the bridge topples are those who warned of its weakness listened to.  Only when buildings collapse are warnings heeded.

So it will be.  Little disasters will act as warnings of greater calamities.  They will be harbingers of future events which can be avoided.  I will speak more clearly than ever before.  The time is short.

Comment:  So many do not listen until something falls apart.

9. The Church Is Asleep - Dec 4th, 2013

No one listens.  No one heeds the warnings until the events happen.  Then all are awakened to the hidden forces of evil.  If people continue to sleep, then greater events occur.  Satan loves people who sleep.  Jesus says, “Stay awake and watch”.

When the great calamities happen it is too late.  The walls crumble.  The city is taken.  The people are helpless.  The watchmen have fallen asleep.  The enemy is within the gates, able to plunder and to kill.

It is far easier to protect the city when the walls are intact and when the enemy is outside.  Even with all of these present evils, this is still the present state of the world.  Yet, the time is short and my people are sound asleep.  Who will awaken them?  Only the one who will listen to my messages.

Let me speak ever so clearly.  The pope can say many, many words, but until he says my words, the Church will sleep on and the time of safety will come crashing to an end.  He must say, “I will consecrate Russia and I will reveal the Fatima secret”.

Comment:  We must wake up.  The time is short.

10. A Clear Warning - Dec 5th, 2013

How will I awaken my people?  I must tear away the veils that hide these evils.  I must have all the world see what is happening.  Then, no one can say that these events came as a surprise.  No one can complain, “Why did not God warn us ahead of time?”  By these words, I am warning the whole world.  I am putting on notice all of the world leaders and all of its people.  Mark the words down and note the dates.

Iran will not stop its nuclear  program.  It has deceived America (which in many ways wanted to be deceived) and now feels more secure than ever.  The hidden activities will go on, only now covered over more than ever.  Even its intentions will grow more hidden, as it quickly changes its rhetoric.

The investigations will take place and even reports of some progress. Steps will be taken to fool the West.  Iran will do whatever it must.  However, its eyes are on the same goal of holding in its own hands the nuclear weapons that will give it superiority in the Middle East.  Nothing has changed.  Only America deludes itself that a break-through has occurred.  Everybody else deals in reality, not promises.

Comment:  When all of this is proven true, we all will know that Mary has warned us.

11. The Road of Compromise - Dec 6th, 2013

The Iran accord is but the first step of a new road.  For America, the road will be filled with confusion and filled with repeated attempts to gain the elusive goal of a non-nuclear Iran.  For Iran, it will be a clear road with a clear goal.  Only the means to the end will constantly shift.  However, their goal is clear and free of all confusion.

For Israel, it will be a painful and disheartening road.  They will be on the sidelines.  Their voice will be muted (even though they will constantly speak out) while their interests are sacrificed, one by one.

They will see the lines being drawn by a constant hardness on Iran’s part and constant softness and concessions on America’s part.  Only the first steps have been taken but how important and fateful they are.  The road of compromise and not confrontation has been chosen.
Comment:  America has chosen the wrong road.

12. On the Edge - Dec 7th, 2013

The events will unfold, but how will they come forth?  Nothing is pre-determined. Man’s will remains free.  Right now, the powers of evil unfold according to Satan’s plan which he conceived long ago. Nothing stands in his way.  The field is clear.  The voice and power of America are now being muted.

Only my great love stands between the frightful consequences of destruction and the future safety of the human race.  Never has there been a moment like this.  Never has the world tottered so precipitously on the edge.

Only my hand can steady world history and get the human race through this darkness.  Therefore, I speak so very, very, clearly.  I want the clarity of my words to be light piercing the darkness.  As the darkness grows, follow my words.   Believe my words.  Obey my words.
Comment:  God gives great freedom to the human will to choose and even to form historical events, but he always has his own means to intervene.  Mary’s words are now his instrument.

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 12/8-18/13 ★ The Church is walking in a very dim light. Holy Father, act quickly. You do not know the darkness that will soon cover the world if you do not act.

1. I Open Wide the Gates of my Heart - Dec 8th, 2013

I open wide the gates of my heart. Why hold back any gift when the time is so short? Why limit my abundant graces when the forces of evil are being poured out without measure? These will be my new themes as I reveal treasures up to now hidden and known only by a few. I want the whole world to know the secrets which the heavenly Father has placed in my Immaculate Heart. I want all the world to know exactly what God has done for me. I will begin with my Immaculate Conception.

In the fullness of time, the hidden plan of the Father came to its first fruition. In my Immaculate Conception, for the first time since the creation of our first parents, a soul existed on earth which was full of grace and independent of all evil. How the Father, Son and Holy Spirit rejoiced. The long wait of centuries of darkness was now over. The true Light was about to come into the world.

Comment: On this feast of the Immaculate Conception, Mary begins her teachings on the hidden secrets of God’s actions in her Immaculate Heart.

2. Every Person’s Identity - Dec 9th, 2013

As the new Eve, the mother of a humanity restored to grace, I received the whole human race into my heart. Now, I hold within me the identity of every person. This is God’s secret plan for everyone who exists.

God’s plan for all of human history flows out from my Immaculate Heart. Oh, how great is my sorrow when God’s plan does not go forth, when mankind chooses its own path and its own goals.

Just as Jesus came forth from my womb as the Word made Flesh, so every person is meant to come forth from my Immaculate Heart, formed totally in Jesus’ image. This secret will only be known to the whole world when the Fatima gift is finally released.

Comment: This is a beautiful theology of Mary’s role in bringing about God’s plan for us.

3. The Decision to Create - Dec 10th, 2013

From the moment of my Immaculate Conception, the Most High revealed all of his mysteris. He began with the mystery of creation, of how he formed the heavens and the earth, with the mystery of life and living plants and animals.

Then he brought me to the great mystery of when he formed man and woman. He spoke of his decision to have them share in his own powers to know, to love, to choose and to decide. He gave them a free will, able to say “yes” or “no”. He equipped them with every possible blessing and told them to increase and multiply and fill the earth.

This began the great mystery of human history which still unfolds today. He revealed all of his mysteries. He held back none of his thoughts. These I will reveal now to all the world.

Comment: One by one Mary will reveal God’s secrets.

4. The Father Reveals Everything - Dec 11th, 2013

The heavenly Father revealed to me all of his sorrows to see mankind pursue the road of sin, to watch as people killed other people and all the disorders that began to happen. He revealed his desire to rid the world of sin. Then, Noah found favor in his sight.

These revelations included everything placed in my heart, the faith he found in Abraham, the strength of Moses, and the heart of his King David. Yet, no one in Israel had found full favor with him, all were touched by sin.

Even while in the womb, the revelations began, filling my soul with every possible gift. I knew that at the proper time all would come forth. He who is mighty rejoiced in what he had done in creating me and choosing me to be his mother. That part of the mystery was hidden from me until the angel Gabriel came. Then I understood that I had found favor and would become the Mother of Jesus.

I knew that Joseph would believe and that the baby would be born in Bethlehem, according to the Davidic prophecies. I knew that all would unfold in the greatest of all mysteries. This is what I want to reveal to you. All was revealed. I needed only to believe the Lord’s words to me.

Comment: Who can recount the mysteries, the secrets and the revelations which God placed in Mary’s mind?

5. Exalting the Fatima Secrets - Dec 12th, 2013

For all of these centuries, the Father’s secrets have been hidden in my heart, waiting for that moment when they will be so valuable to his beloved human race. Now, these secrets are meant to flow forth in every possible way.

However, as long as the Secrets of Fatima are withheld, not only withheld but put into the background as if they are not important, then the outpouring is just a tiny stream and not a vast ocean.

The Fatima secrets must be exalted by the Church. All must know what I have revealed out of my deepest love for mankind. Only then can I pour out all of my secrets, all of the revelations in my heart, so that the whole earth will be covered with the knowledge of the Father and his plan.

The Church is walking in a very dim light. It makes many mistakes and does not see the Father’s secrets. All of that must change.

Comment: Much light will be released when Mary’s Fatima secrets are revealed.

6. 2014 Opportunities - Dec 13th, 2013

Every day, human history unfolds but not always according to God’s plan. Man needs God’s light to see which events lead to darkness and which ones lead to light. The human mind is often mistaken and people of darkness can appear in a good light.

Such is the case with America which plunges into darkness by calling everything light. This has happened for so long that true light is painful to America’s eyes. The light is quickly criticized and, if possible, extinguished. Darkness gains complete control.

These locutions provide my light, even while America is still plunged in darkness. In 2014, I will offer America another opportunity to return to the light. People will begin to understand that they have chosen the darkness. A new freedom will be in the air. Fresh voices will be raised. A new generation of leaders whom I have prepared will take center stage. It will not be as it has been in the past. America will have a clear choice to walk a different road. I will provide the opportunity. Only America will decide its path.

Comment: Mary promises that 2014 will be a new opportunity for America.

7. The Hidden Mysteries of Mary's Immaculate Heart - Dec 14th, 2013

To everyone who enters my heart, I will reveal the secrets of the heavenly Father. Each will receive a different light, according to God’s plan. The light will show them the road they should walk and the helps which God offers.

They will also see their past decisions, good and bad. They will understand the people in their lives, those who lead them to God and those who lead them away from God. They will see their faults and their addictions. This is so important so they are not caught up in powers that destroy God’s plan.

Especially, they will see my love. They will experience great hope. No matter what needs to be changed or what decisions must be made, they will know that I will help them.

Come, O reader, enter my heart now. Receive my light. You will quickly see all that God intends for you. Other goals which have fascinated you and led you astray, will be put aside. Your new life will begin. Yes, I hold out to you new life, new hope, new desires, new beginnings, while you still have time on this earth. Do not delay.

Comment: God wants everyone to know his plan for them. How do you enter Mary’s heart? Just ask her, every day, to place you there.

8. Darkness Instead of Light - Dec 15th, 2013

The light is meant to go forth, like an ocean flowing out to the whole world. Mankind is meant to walk in light and to understand God’s plan. Every person should be filled with the greatest light and easily see all that the heavenly Father intends. This was the Father’s original plan by which man could easily respond, could easily say “yes” and enjoy eternal life.

Instead, the light does not go forth. People walk in unbelievable darkness. Heaven is set aside and man seeks only earthly goals. God’s plan was for the greatness of man, to exalt man to divine life. This is completely lost in the darkness. Now, the darkness increases. Greater darkness waits in the wings. Instead of waves of light, mankind suffers waves of darkness while God’s light remains stored in my heart.

Only when the Fatima light is placed on the lampstand will this ocean go forth from my heart. Holy Father, act quickly. You do not know the darkness that will soon cover the world if you do not act.

Comment: Mary describes our situation. Darkness replaces the light.

9. Mary’s Firm Promise - Dec 16th, 2013

I promise that, someday, the fullness of this light will burst forth, released by the Holy Father as he consecrates Russia to my Immaculate Heart and as he reveals the full Fatima secret. In the meantime, you have only my promise.

Also, you know why the events of darkness continue to surround the world. You are not confused because I have explained the situation. Darkness, at this point, has no enemy powerful enough to scatter it or to cast it out.

You also know that such a power of light exists and is waiting to be released. Lift up your hearts and lift up your voices. Ask for the Fatima light in my heart to be released. Let your voices become like a chorus pleasing to my ears.

This will console me in my sorrows until the great moment arrives when I can pour out my light and all the world sees me as the Woman Clothed With the Sun. How I await that day and my precious priest son who will bring it about.

Comment: Our Lady’s words give us hope and light in the darkness.

10. Mary’s Priest Son - Dec 17th, 2013

I have spoken of the deep secrets of my heart but there is one secret that lies bidden. My deepest secret concerns my priest son who was chosen from all eternity to place the Fatima light on the lampstand.

I have openly promised that someday Russia will be consecrated to my Immaculate Heart and a period of great peace will ensue. Who will be the one who will do that? He is still hidden in my heart, protected by my greatest favors.

Only after some darkness has fallen on the earth will I bring him forth. If I brought him forth in the light, he would be rejected. When the darkness begins, the Church will be more ready to receive my light and my choice.

Know that I will use the beginning darkness for my purposes. Because of the darkness, the Church will seek the Fatima light in all its fullness. Only when the Church begins to ask, “Who can lead us to Fatima” will I bring my priest son out of the hiding of my heart.

Comment: Mary has promised that the Consecration would take place, even though it will be late.

10. A New Humanity - Dec 18th, 2013

When all the events are consummated, when the consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart is fulfilled and when the Fatima secrets are revealed, when all of the light goes forth from my heart, then the era of peace will begin.

Slowly at first, like the dawn rising in the East, and seen only by a few.

But who can stop the sun from taking its place? Who can place an obstacle to its course? The sun of peace will traverse the whole world. All will know its presence and feel its power. Historians will record the changes. They will note carefully the new humanity which is brought forth.

This has been my promise from the very beginning. Who would question my word? When will the Church come to that point? What trials and sufferings will happen first? Why the delay? Why does the Church not move forward? So many do not believe my promises. I must continue to speak. The world events will speak even louder, crying out for heaven’s intervention.

Comment: Mary’s promises are very clear. She says that the consecration will take place, but very late.

★ LOCUTIONS to the WORLD 12/19-27/13 ★ Satan has prepared his forces. "I wait. I wait. I wait. When will the Holy Father release the powers in my heart by exalting the Fatima promise?"

1. Darkness and Light ~ Dec 19th, 2013

So few understand these mysteries or even believe that these opposing forces exist and can change the course of history. That is why I speak and teach. The forces of evil stay hidden because they appeal to selfish instincts present in every human heart. They do not want to be known or even believed in. They multiply in the darkness and want no light thrown upon their works.

The forces of good are quite different. They appeal to man’s highest aspirations and invite him to put away selfish practices. They flourish only when they are known and understood.

I will now begin to explain these mysteries of good and evil. So many of my children walk in darkness. The great lights remain in my heart because my children are unaware of the gifts that they can easily receive.

Comment: Mary begins a new series, always opening up mysteries for us.

2. The Growing Army of Weapons ~ Dec 20th, 2013

All of this will soon come to a climax. The opposing forces will be totally poured out in a cosmic battle. At first, only those who believe will truly understand. Others will assign different reasons for these events. Soon, however, all will grasp that this is not the usual back and forth of human events.

With all of its modern technology, man will stand helpless before these forces. I have spoken before, saying that these events began with the war in Syria. Does not the world just look on, helpless, as millions suffer? This is my first sign and those who believe see it clearly.

Now, I must look to the future. What will occur is far beyond and far greater than Syria (which is only the fuse for the explosion that will take place elsewhere). The army of chemical weapons grows daily. The means to deliver these are being worked out. Nowhere in the world is really safe. Even the most secure of protections can be easily pierced. These events cannot be averted by human means. Mankind is walking a road of darkness and destruction that inevitably leads to all that I am describing.

I wait. I wait. I wait. When will the Holy Father release the powers in my heart by exalting the Fatima promise?

Comment: Mary speaks in great detail.

3. Government Interference ~ Dec 21st, 2013


No one can oppose this darkness. It will soon be everywhere. It already permeates every corner of the world and every part of the Church. I must say this so clearly even though many will be astounded. That is how important is this truth.

How I looked forward to pouring out the light of Fatima. I sent the Angel of Portugal to prepare my way. The angel, by his visitations, prepared the children. Their hearts were ready for the apparitions. They received as much as they could, given their human frailty.

But even during the visions, I grew sad. The government interfered with the gift and the children could not receive everything. Even at its inception, some of the Fatima light could not be given and some blessings were never received.

This is the great mystery, which I will continue to explain in the days ahead.

Comment: In 1917, the government of Portugal was Communist. (They were ejected by the people five years later). Since the crowds were growing each month, the government put the three children in jail on August 13, 1917. As a result, there was no vision on that day and thousands were disappointed. Mary did appear to the children on August 19, 1917, after they had been released.

4. The Light Across Europe ~ Dec 22nd, 2013


Do not be fooled. The road without the Fatima light is bound to be filled with darkness. No other alternative exists. To save the world from the darkness which he foresaw, the heavenly Father placed all his light into my Immaculate Heart so that it would be easily available.

I rejoiced when I began to pour that light out upon the three children. They were so faithful in receiving it and transmitting it to all. My joy turned to sorrow as I saw the obstacles rise up. Oh, how many obstacles, from every side.

Poor Lucy, the suffering she endured. She knew the power of this light. Yet, in spite of all her efforts, she could not break through the walls of resistance. Then, she experienced the sign, the light I had promised, that signaled the beginning of World War II. How sad she was that night. Who could console her?

These are the stages of a darkness which continues to unfold because the Church and the world is deprived of the Fatima light.

Comment: Our Lady told Lucy that World War II would begin after a great light shone across Europe that would be seen by all. This light recorded by scientists and by the press, happened on the night of January 25/26, 1938. The scientists called this an Aurora Borealis. However, their findings showed that this light was different and really unexplainable. Only Lucy knew that the light was a sign. The war began a few weeks later.

5. Lucy’s Death ~ Dec 23rd, 2013

Darkness will break out everywhere. When night comes, does it only come to one spot? Do not people say, “Night has fallen?” At night, no place enjoys light. So it will be if God’s light has not gone forth from my Immaculate Heart.

As the years went on, the Fatima light grew dim. Lucy, the messenger of Fatima, was set aside. She became an embarrassment to the Church that did not want the Fatima light. Much truth and teaching resided in her heart. She would have explained everything, yet her words never went forth. At her death, the great witness to Fatima was extinguished.

I selected another. He is the one I will raise up. I have prepared him. He is still hidden because I need to protect him. I will not allow the Fatima light to remain only in my heart. It will go forth but it will be late.

Comment: It is difficult to understand why the Church wanted Lucy to be silent but, clearly, that is what happened. Even when the third secret was revealed (2000), she was not present.

The Third Secret & the Turn of the Millennium unveilingtheapocalypse

6. Lightening the Sentence ~ Dec 24th, 2013

Many more secrets lie at the depth of my heart and I will continue to speak until all come forth. Mankind must both know and be confronted with my sorrows and my hopes.

The world cannot just continue down this road. There must be a quick and total turning away from the darkness that entices mankind. How will this occur? The answer to this question causes me to weep so many tears. I am a mother who sees her child guilty and worth of punishment. Does such a mother just step aside and allow the chastisements? No, she pleads for a lighter sentence.

Mankind has a choice to accept the full chastisements merited by its decisions or to come to me, so the sentence is made lighter. This is the secret of my Immaculate Heart. The earlier mankind comes, the more I can do to lighten the sentence. O reader, come now. Others have not yet learned of these locutions.

Comment: “Coming to Mary” means that each day is filled with devotion to her. Today, lift up your thoughts often to your heavenly Mother.

7. Lucy’s Voice Now Silent ~ Dec 24th, 2013

As I look at the world, what do I see? The final living witness, Lucy, has come to heaven. Her voice no longer lifts up the Fatima gift. Others strive to be heard but their voices are too weak to capture the heart of the Holy Father. Many other concerns flood in upon him and no strong voice says, “The world needs Fatima”.

I cannot let this continue. I cannot allow the consecration of Russia to be pushed further and further into the future. So, I will begin to act decisively. I must put in place all the events which will lead to this consecration. These events will happen both in the world and in the Church. The world events will convince many that no human powers can resolve the problems. The Church events will also be a shaking. I do not need more decisions and more actions, more plans and more proposals. In the Church, I only need someone to listen to me and do what I want. In the coming year, I will begin to raise him up.

Comment: Mary’s primary request is to consecrate Russia. She promises to bring that about. She, seemingly, is saying that this will not happen in 2014 but world and Church events in 2014 will be shaking.

8. A Light Still Concealed ~ Dec 25th, 2013

On Christmas day, the heavenly Father sent into the world his only begotten Son. He was the fullness of light who would overcome the darkness. But he was opposed, even from the very beginning. Soon, he would leave Israel for safety in Egypt. Often, he had to escape for his life, even at Nazareth. This constant hatred of the light continues today. Jesus, light from light, true God from true God has entered but the world still lies in darkness.

I have tried to explain these opposing forces and the battle which plays out on the world scene. On this day, the light of the world came forth from my womb. What if he had stayed in my womb? Would not the whole world have been deprived of his light? This is the mystery which I reveal. I shout it from the housetops. I use these locutions. The great mystery is this. The Father has placed the most powerful light of Jesus in my Immaculate Heart but it will only come forth when my requests of Fatima are fulfilled. Pray. The time is so short. The darkness spreads. The mystery still waits to be unveiled.

Comment: Mary gives a powerful image. What if Jesus had remained in her womb? She speaks of a great mystery, the light has not gone forth from her heart.

9. Clash of Opposing Fires ~ Dec 26th, 2013


Many do not see this clash of opposing fires. A few get some glimpses. I see it fully. I see all that has happened in these 20 centuries since the birth of Jesus and I see all that might occur.

The future is not firm. All can change. I am trying to lead mankind down a path of peace. Dangers can be avoided. The darkness can be moved off to the sidelines. No reason exists to give darkness the center of the world stage.

Can you not see my plan? Yes, there are great forces of darkness but they can be moved off target, like a storm that goes out to sea and spends its fury where no harm takes place.

Instead, mankind invites the darkness, enjoys the darkness, makes money from the darkness and even propagates the darkness. I want to remove these fateful decisions. I want to remove those leaders who are choosing the darkness for their own political gain. Everything can change but the time is short and few are listening.

Comment: Mary reveals her plan – not to destroy the darkness but to rescue mankind from its power.

10. Where is Mary’s Army? ~ Dec 27th, 2013

All will come to a conclusion but what that conclusion will be is still to be decided. The coming months are very important. I do not say the coming years because the resolution of these opposing forces cannot be pushed back. They are at the door, ready to enter and intrude into human history.

Satan has prepared his forces. He has appealed to all that is evil and selfish. He has promised the world the same enticements that he promised Jesus in the desert. He promises the bread of pleasures, the acclaim of popularity, and the power over the kingdoms of the world which he controls. Many have chosen these enticements and, long ago, have lost their way. He has them where he wants them. He owns their hearts.

Where is my army? Are they ready? It is the last minute and they have not gathered. I cannot allow the battle to begin now. What will I do at this last minute? Yes, it will be late, even the last minute, but I will act. The full battle will not begin until Russia is consecrated and my army begins to gather.

Comment: Mary brings this series to a conclusion. She describes the world as we see it. The forces of darkness seem unopposed at this moment.

★ LOCUTIONS to the WORLD ~ Dec.28,2013 - Jan.10,2014 ★ Not only do you fear, but you realize that you cannot turn back.

December 28, 2013: 1. Goodness Always Demands Some Light

I must bathe the whole world in light so mankind can choose to walk God’s path. Goodness always demands some light. Otherwise, the correct choices cannot be made. Satan is the father of lies. He hides and destroys light. Let us begin.

Every blessing flows from the Father’s hands and comes to the world through Jesus’ heart. His heart was pierced on the cross so these blessings would pour forth. At that moment, I stood at the cross and received all of these blessings into my heart. The Beloved Disciple represented the Church and Jesus told him to care for me. “From that hour, the disciple took her into his home.” (Jn. 19:27)

Since that moment, I have obediently abided in the Catholic Church. Jesus placed me there and the Church has, for centuries, taught about me. More and more has been revealed about me to the Church which has declared these to the world. I will begin to teach about these prerogatives, always applying them to the modern world.

Comment: To know God’s gifts in Mary’s heart is an essential grace.

December 29, 2013: 2. The Father's Perfect Creature

No one understands all that the heavenly Father has done within me and what he wishes to accomplish through me. After the fall from grace, the Father’s plan to redeem mankind centered totally on his Son, Jesus, coming to earth. To accomplish this, he chose a woman as Jesus’ mother.

Now, if you were God and you could create your own mother, would you not place in her every possible good? Would you not create the perfect creature? Would you not fill her with divine life and every possible gift?

Would you put her over in a corner? Would you limit her power and her role? Would you hide her or pretend that she was unimportant? If she was the chosen instrument of your plan to redeem the world, would she not be perfect in every aspect and powerful throughout your kingdom?

This is what the heavenly Father has done. Only by acknowledging the Father’s decision and accepting the fullness of my role in bringing about the Father’s plan in Jesus will the Church experience all that the Father intends. He has no other plan. He awaits the Church’s decision to accept what he has brought about.

Comment: Understanding the Father’s decision reveals how frail is our devotion to Mary.

December 30, 2013: 3. A Feminine Reflection of God

Would the heavenly Father cheat the world? Would he hold back the greatest of his gifts? Not at all. He so loved the world that he sent his only Son, Jesus. Such is the full abundance of God’s love and I am the reflection of that love. He has made me the perfect mirror, and clothed me with femininity. I am a reflection of God, because he understands that mankind can only think in terms of masculine and feminine.

God has both the strength of man and the warmth of woman. However, human minds are limited, attributing certain qualities to the man and different qualities to the woman.

Jesus is the full and total expression of his Father but man’s limited intellect pictures him with masculine virtues. God uses me as the feminine image. I am not God. However, the Father has chosen me to reflect his glory and attract people to him by my femininity. Let the whole world come to me as their mother. Those who come will find only Jesus and the Father.

Comment: So many find in Mary a beautiful image of the motherly love of God.

December 31, 2013: 4. Weapons of Mass Destruction

All the world must know what powers God has placed in my heart because mankind has the power to destroy the earth and all of human civilization. Satan envies these weapons of mass destruction. He covets them. He wants them placed in the hands of those whom he controls. This is his plan and, each year, he comes so much closer to gaining this goal. As soon as it happens, he will waste no time. How many hearts share his evil and would delight in destroying the whole world!

This is a serious message which I held back until this final day of the year. No progress to peace has been made. Look around. All is in turmoil. Civil wars rage within nations. They are contained for now, but destined to flow out to neighboring countries. This is not the final step. Only when one nation begins to war against another, will the final stage begin and the great weapons will be brought forth.

Can no one see the inevitability of this path? Where does any solution lie? This is my great revelation, my final message of the year. The heavenly Father has placed all of his powers for world peace in my Immaculate Heart. Search for peace elsewhere and you will not find it. Search in my heart, and all the gifts will pour out.

Another year has passed. Russia is still not consecrated to my Immaculate Heart. Only a few years exist before all that I have explained will begin.

Comment: On July 13, 1917, Our Lady told the three children of Fatima that, at some point, she would ask that Russia be consecrated to her Immaculate Heart. This was the path to world peace. In an extraordinary vision and revelation on June 13, 1929, Our Lord and Our Lady told Lucy that this was the moment to have the Holy Father make this consecration, in union with all the bishops. As of December 2013, the consecration of Russia was not made.