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Locutions to the World ~ February 2012

Revealing the Future of the World (at Medjugorje
February 1, 2012 

What lies ahead is hidden from man’s view, but revealed by God to those whom he loves, so that these events will be a sign to all the world of the power of God, and of the care of God. These events I have revealed to the visionaries of Medjugorje and I will continue to reveal them until the revelations come to their fullness. Then all will be ready for the “unveiling of the secrets”.

O reader, do you know what I have been doing in that little village? How I chose the six children? Let me tell you the story so you will investigate the events and have your faith strengthened for the days ahead.

On the Feast of John the Baptist, 1981, I appeared to these children and have continued those appearances on a daily basis. I formed them in holiness and revealed to them secrets that deal with future events. The years have passed by and I continually call for mankind to repent, to love, to pray and to make sacrifices so that the chastisements would be avoided or made less severe.

I come to this little village because the Father has sent me. He gives the world one final chance. He does not wish to act according to Divine Justice. He seeks, therefore, those who would plead for his mercy. If their voices are strong and if their hearts are many, then their pleas and their sacrifices allow God to set aside divine justice, just as the pleas of Moses allowed God to turn away from his chastisements to the Israelites. This is the great enterprise of Medjugorje.

I will continue to appear until all of them have the ten secrets. Then, the stage will be set for the gradual revealing of the secrets followed by their fulfillment. Learn about this little village. Learn about my apparitions. So many graces are contained in these revelations.

Our Lady of Sorrows 
February 2, 2012 

My greatest treasures are my sorrows, those difficult events which the Father asked me to accept. He did not will these sorrows. They came because I accompanied my Son to his death on the cross. This was my privilege, to be present when the world was being saved. This was also my sorrow. The two could not be separated. To share in my Son redeeming the world, I had to share in his sorrows, also.

It was for love of you, O reader, that I accepted all my sorrows, like a mother accepting the pangs of birth, so her child can live. Now, I reach out again because of your plight which is so evident to me. I know all your sorrows and I will absorb these sorrows (like every loving mother) if you bring them to me.

This is what you must do. Find a place of stillness, where you are alone with me. Allow your sorrows to come to the surface. Speak your sorrows to me. Stay in the stillness. Do not leave quickly. Enjoy my presence. A peace will descend. Let it enter deeply. I will give you patience, because some of the sorrows will remain. Finally, I will place in your heart an answer to some of your more pressing questions. When the time is over, you will be able to continue.

Come often to this place of solitude. You can experience this anywhere. I will be waiting for you there. I am well versed in the sorrows of earth.

Comment: Jesus’ Presentation in the Temple was Mary’s first sorrow. Simeon prophesied that she would be a woman of sorrows. She is, indeed, well versed in sorrows.

Advice for the Trials 
February 3, 2012 

No one knows the trials which lie ahead. For now, I can only promise mankind that I will provide a road for all who call on me. Many will trust in their own wisdom and will take the wrong road. They will say, “Let us go here and we will be safe”. Others will turn to me and I will show them the true path. These decisions are very important. The first steps often decide the future course.

As the trials begin, they must not act from fear but from love. That is the secret. Do not just think about yourself. Think about others. Do not exclude anyone of good will who is willing to cooperate. By opening your heart to others, the trial can become a great moment. Those who reach out and who help others, I will bless and show the way.

Never despair. This is so important. Many with great resources will give up. However, those who share love will be bonded together in a cocoon of my protection. These bonds of love will grow. People will be reunited. Families which dispersed amid surpluses will gather again as resources shrink. Individualism will give way to relationships and helping one another.

Do not forget. I will be acting in everyone’s life and in every event. These events have already begun like the first signs of labor pains. The contractions will quicken and grow more noticeable. My words must be acted on now. First, love one another. Second, simplify your lifestyle. Cut your expenses. Third, lessen your individualism. Multiply your oneness. Develop your relationships. If you always move along this road, you will make great progress and will be ready as the trials increase.

Comment: Mary is very practical. The economic structures are not strong, so she urges simplicity and mutual help.

The Mideast Oil Pipelines 
February 4, 2012 

The fires burn brightly in the Middle East. They are Satan’s fires of destruction. These present fires will burn themselves out with either the dictators removed or the people destroyed. Either way, Satan has inflicted his damage and prepares for the next round of his destructive plan.

This will happen in those nations that were not yet touched by these uprisings. Each nation will suffer but the problems will be distinct in Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Iraq will just sink into a morass of conflicting interests. Iran will pursue its destructive atomic plans. The Afghanistan government is too weak to survive. However, the grave danger lies in Pakistan with the weakness of the government, the power of the terrorists and the possession of nuclear weapons. This is an explosive mix. Order will unravel quickly, presenting unforeseen problems of an enormous magnitude.

In all of this, the West just sleeps, tied up in economic problems that seem more important. World leadership slips from the hands of America which has no clear identity on the world stage.

The question is this. How close are all these future events which will change the situation forever. As yet, they have not happened. These problems are still Middle East and have not affected the West. However, the problems are too enormous and the disturbances are too widespread for them to be contained in the Middle East.

Satan thinks globally. One event follows another. All are linked together. He knows where the pipelines go and those countries that are so dependent on oil He wants to attack and destroy that system so the West is thrown into confusion. Nowhere is the West so vulnerable as in their need for Mideast oil.

Comment: The need for oil is the Achilles heel of the West.

Super Bowl Sunday 
February 5, 2012 

My heart is breaking. They are killing my children, the Coptic Christians, to whom I appeared in a special way. Cannot everyone read these signs? Can they not see the demonic nature of these uprisings? They kill those who profess my Son as their Lord and Savior. They hate my Son and all who belong to him.

This is their pattern everywhere. They want to destroy every trace of Jesus Christ. Why? Because he alone is the light that reveals their errors and he alone can cast out the demonic powers.

Look at the West. You have set Jesus Christ aside. You wipe away every trace of his influence. You refuse to put his name in your documents. Learn the following lesson.

All the turmoil and all that is destructive, come from the demonic. Safeguarding you and those powers of hell is only my Son, and those who share in his powers. This will become more evident as these events unfold. Satan will rip off his mask. You will see his full presence and power. You will realize that you are helpless because you have rejected the antidote. You have set aside the one power which he truly fears – my Son, Jesus Christ.

Satan has lured you onto a field that you call “secular”. You are playing his game on his field and he will destroy you. He will not only defeat you, he will grind you down and stomp upon you. You have set aside my Son.

Today is your Super Bowl. What a false idol! Sunday is dedicated to a game with a Roman numeral. Christianity survived the Roman persecutions but you will not survive your games and circuses. You must make your Sundays holy.

Comment: Our culture will never return to God until the Lord’s Day is observed correctly.

The Empty American Culture 
February 6, 2012 

Everything breaks open and pours out, unable to be contained in the frailty of the old wineskins. All of the traditions that held society together and made it a culture of life have been poured out. The human family is drained of its rich traditions and society is robbed of the moral code that kept it functioning so well.

Now, nothing is left. All has been poured out. It is too late. Attempts to restore what has been lost are fruitless. I am like Jeremiah lamenting over a destroyed Jerusalem. The virgin daughter Zion is stripped of all her glory.

People say that this has not happened yet and that much good remains in America. Yes, many good people still live in America, but the wineskins of the culture are empty and destroyed. People have goodness in their hearts and in their families, but in what take place outside the home, there is nothing.

America, you have become a desolate culture, stripped naked of your values. You are a shell that holds no substance and a skeleton with no flesh on your bones. Whatever is good, you mocked. Whatever is true, you distort. You are a cloud that carries no water and a box that carries no treasure. You are empty, totally empty. You are dead and think you are alive.

If I send preachers to you, you mock them. If I send people who speak the truth, you attack them. Only the wise and the clever get a hearing. Only those whom you want to hear gain a say.

What can I do? I will lead you into the desert. Your tongue will thirst and your body will sweat until you ask, “How did we get into this desert? The answer is this, “You followed the evil and listened to the wicked. You killed the devout and silenced those who condemned our sins.” When you are ready to hear my words, I will speak to you. Right now, your hearts are broken wineskins which cannot hold my word.

Comment: Mary does not condemn the American people but the deadly American culture.

Oil For The Midnight Darkness 
February 7, 2012 

The long dark night is beginning to fall upon the world. It does not descend all at once but comes step by step. However, a moment comes when all agree that “It is night”. Look at the many troubles which have already descended. Would anyone dare to say, “We have passed the point of midnight, soon there will be the first rays of daylight?” All know that these problems have a long way to go until all their darkness is poured out.

What will happen at that midnight hour? The world will pick up its lamps but they will have no oil. My children, however, will have their lamps filled with the finest oil. The world will ask them for oil, but my children will refuse this request
. It will be midnight, and the world will have no oil for their lamps. As a result, people will have no faith to sustain them, no hope that a loving God is at their side and no love to forget self and think of others. When midnight comes, it is too late to gain these virtues. They are personal qualities. Can a swimmer teach a non-swimmer at the moment that a ship sinks?

Go now and buy the oil of faith, hope and love. These powerful virtues are the only oil that will light your lamps in the midnight darkness.

Comment: Certainly, we are moving into darkness. Yet, every person can prepare by a deeper spirituality. Mary will help you. Do not delay. Go buy your oil.

The Secrets of Medjugorje 
February 8, 2012 

I speak to the nations, but they do not listen. I speak to the Church. Even the Church does not listen. So, I speak to my chosen ones. My voice is clear and I do not mince my words or hide truths with high-sounding language. The issues are too important.

When everything comes to a head, when the powers of good and evil clash, the following will take place and the power of evil will become so evident. All will see that the world is being permanently changed. The power of good will seem to be absent. “Where is God?” they will cry out?” This is the beginning stage. It seems that only evil has power and that it will conquer all. This is like the early days of World War II when Hitler’s armies moved so quickly. Seemingly, no force was present to oppose him.

The good people must not despair. The heavenly Father has not abandoned them. They must remember that he saw these events before they happened and that I even arranged through the children of Medjugorje that the great events will be announced to the world three days before they happen. I did this to give hope. People will say, “Our mother knew about these events. She will be with us”.

That is what you should learn from Medjugorje. I know the future events. I have revealed them already to the visionaries and they will reveal them to the world. I have done all of this to give hope in the middle of the darkness. Learn about my special actions to these visionaries. Read the stories. They will bring you to faith.

Comment: There are ten secrets given to the visionaries. One by one, when the time comes, a visionary will tell Father Peter who will announce the event three days before it will happen. Learn everything you can about Our Lady’s extraordinary intervention in this little village.

Mary’s Extraordinary Helps 
February 9, 2012 

I wait for people to respond to my words but often the harvest is so small. Yet, I continue to scatter my seeds, knowing that the wind of the Spirit will take my words to hearts which will cherish them and bring forth a harvest. So, let us begin.

When the great fires begin to burn, many will lose hope. Yet, at the same time, the help that I will offer to people will greatly increase. For now, I give only my words. However, in the moments of trial, I will open all of my treasures.

The times will be extraordinary, but my help to the world will share in God’s power. Before that begins, I must speak these words to my children. In the trials ahead, you must trust that your heavenly Mother will be with you. By your faith in my promises, you will call on me and, even more important, you will be open to my extraordinary helps. This help will begin with a light that reviews your whole life. This light will give you a choice, an opportunity to begin again. The graces will be extraordinary and will motivate you to the greatest purity of heart and mind.

Then, I will infuse great courage and unbelievable charity to help others. Other virtues will also be given. You will be surprised at how peaceful you are. You will experience great inner strength, which you had never had before.

In these trials, do not turn back because greater helps await you along the road. I will send you special friends who will guide you and support you. You, yourself, will become that special friend to others.

Now, I will explain my greatest gift. You will experience my presence and my love as you have never experienced them before.

Right now, the trials have not begun, so you do not need these extraordinary help. When the trials begin, they will be released. So, do not fear.

Comment: Often we fear when thinking of future trials. Our Lady promises, when they do begin, that her extraordinary helps will be released.

Inflict No Violence 
February 10, 2012 

The world does not know how to respond to God’s messengers. Many times, they kill them. At other times, their message is distorted. Yet, they speak out, knowing that some people will listen and be saved. So, I speak, knowing that although these words are foolishness to the world, some will listen and be saved.

I do not need to say much because the events themselves will speak so loudly. Then, no one will be able to set aside their message. What are these events and what will be their message? They will be the actions of man against man. In this way, no one can blame Almighty God. The destructive fires will not come from heaven but from hell, through the decisions of those whom Satan controls. They will be large and violent events, not like those that the world has gotten used to in recent years. There will be many events because nations will respond. No one will act sanely or rationally.

Anger will pour out and lead to unheard of violence and destruction. No one will be spared who lies in its path. All will be touched – good and bad. Now I explain why I speak.

When all of this happens, I do not want my children to act like the world. I want them to stand apart and not get caught up in the violence. Satan wants you to be in his army. He wants anger to flow from your hearts, just as it will flow so freely from the hearts of your neighbors. He wants to entrap you. He wants you to take up arms. He wants you to strike back. He wants you to yield to his fires of violence. See this for what it is. Everything will be Satanic. The fires will burn in the hearts of the good and the evil person. Satan does not care who fires the bullets, as long as others are harmed and suffer.

I say this at the top of my voice to everyone who is my child. When the events begin, you are to hurt no one. You are not to take up weapons. You are to flee all violence, especially the violence that you yourself might cause. If you heed my words, I will save you. If you do not, then you are no better than the rest. These are words that most will reject, but I speak them so some will listen and be saved.

Comments: When violence breaks out, the tendency is to respond with violence. This plays into Satan’s hands. Mary says clearly “Inflict no violence”.

Young People, Solitude and Monasticism 
February 11, 2012 

Why do so many go astray? Because so many forces pull people in the wrong direction and so few forces lead them on the right road. So, the need is obvious. Lessen the wrong forces and strengthen the good ones. Then, mankind will regain its freedom to choose. Over the years, the opposite has happened. Now, all, especially the young are deprived of their freedom.

America prizes freedom. In reality, it has removed freedom. The culture is saturated with forces that move the young into directions where others want them to go. Young people think they are free. However, all those who manipulate the culture know that they are controlling the young. Their messages pour out every day, in every possible way. Young people are bombarded with stimuli, attracting every desire of their hearts. How can the young resist these stimuli, day in and day out? A generation is formed according to the image and likeness of those who control the stimuli, all for their selfish interests.

The young generation should rise up. They should demand the end of this endless barrage that determines their choices. They should cry out for their personal freedom. But, they are too caught up. How can you protest against what is inside you and which you so desire?

So, I lay out my plans for the young. “You who want to be totally free, who want to find the great mystery of my Son, Jesus, who want to be formed in the image of God, turn off all the stimuli that form you each day. These stimuli twist your emotions, darken your intellect and make you incapable of true greatness. Come away. You must come away because you are being drawn by voices into waters that will destroy you. These electronic media form your soul and twist your personality. They have created a new human being who is not even human. They steal your emotions, dominate your time and leave you only a few scraps to feed your inner self that should reach out to God.

This is my advice. Learn the secrets of monasticism. Learn that God is found in silence. Go away for a short time. Live with those who love solitude. Even just a few days will open your eyes. You will understand what I am trying to say by these words.

Comment: We have been robbed of quiet moments. Older people know this. Younger people do not because they were born into an electronic world. Mary wants them to taste solitude.

The Cry of Syria 
February 12, 2012 

Do not forget the little ones, those who are helpless and cannot defend themselves. This is where the American Military should be used. People call out to America. Their plight is truly disastrous. Are their cries heard? Do those in high places hear these lowly voices? Right now the cries of Syria reach the ears of America. They call on you and on your President to come to their aid. They are being massacred by overwhelming power. What is your response? How do you act? The judgment against you will be severe.

The purpose for military strength is not to impose your will or further your interests. Military power is meant to keep the peace. I give you bullets and bombs so that bullets are not fired and bombs are not dropped. Weapons are meant to deter those who would take advantage of weakness.

When a subjugated and suffering people are experiencing overwhelming military power and they cry out to you, then go to their help. Shield them, force the persecutors to withdraw. This is what American intervention should mean to the world, the end of conflicts, not their beginning. The establishing of a just order, not the imposition of force. These cries of the poor will not go away. They must be listened to and action taken.

Comment:  Right now the Syrian Dictator is massacring his people.  They are seeking United States help.  Mary tells us to respond.

Culture and Young People 
February 13, 2012

By these words, I reveal the forces which are shaping the present and preparing for the future. I open a window of heaven for everyone to look through. Heaven sees everything that is taking place. Those readers who look through my window will see the forces which are shaping their world and they will know what decisions they must make.

Too many people are passive, allowing their destinies to be determined by external events. My Son always asked for decisions. People had to choose the kingdom or be swept away. Now the tide is even greater and more forceful decisions must be made.

Now is not the time to allow others to decide for you or to make no decision at all. Do not trust that everything will work out. I have taught clearly the destructive power of the present situation. The tide is powerful and will sweep everyone away. The only exceptions are those who make decisions and resist the tide.

I will begin by speaking to the young people. They are the ones most affected. They are forming their own identity and are so vulnerable to the forces of culture.

Yet, what do they experience every day? A veritable onslaught against every value of heaven, a twisted and depraved culture which glorifies evil and laughs at truth. My words must be extensive and deep. They must probe the heart. This is where I must bring my power to bear. The culture will resist me but individual hearts will respond. O reader, may your heart be open to the teachings which follow. I love you and I offer these words so you are not destroyed.

Comment: The culture is overwhelming but if young people receive Mary’s words they can go against the tide.

Young People and Their Decisions 
February 14, 2012 

Many times people do not see the ramifications of their actions and only later they grasp the seriousness of what they have done. Today, I want to speak about the evil of divorce, which has become so widespread.

Divorce is the result of many decisions. It is, so to speak, the ultimate decision, separating what God has joined, breaking open the marriage bond which leads to so many unforeseen ramifications.

Let me address the beginning decisions made before marriage. Hopefully, my words will pierce the hearts of those who are not yet married so that they will never be led to choose divorce.

When a person is young, there are many attractions and many distractions. The serious side of life often seems far away and youth seems to be a perennial state. Caught up in this free-love society, the young person does not see the results of promiscuity. They see no need for chastity. Their hearts are stolen away. Time is wasted. Relationships that should lead to the deepest friendships and even to marriage are destroyed. Time is wasted. Other relationships, often less satisfying, are taken up. A very special opportunity for a good marriage has been squandered.

Finally, the person settles into marriage but the deep commitment and enthusiasm have been lost. It is a marriage of convenience, the best that can be salvaged after many destroyed hopes. Such is the situation. There never was a firm and lasting commitment because so many previous relationships were severed. The two people are almost strangers to each other. Their hearts have had so many prior relationships that they cannot grasp the seriousness of permanency in marriage. Relationships based upon bodily pleasure are too superficial to be good soil for a lifelong marriage.

So, I speak to young people. You will never get these years back. Do not squander them. Listen to the deepest and truest motions of your heart. Sacrifice for these goals. Only true and honest decisions will prepare you for a permanent marriage.

Comment: Mary begins to tackle the overwhelming problem of divorce at its very roots, i.e., what decisions do young people make in the dating period.

The Fears of the Young 
February 15, 2012 

“Do not be afraid”. These are my words to the young. You face so many challenges, especially a world whose future is quite in jeopardy. You are caught up in tidal waves of uncertainty. You seek for answers. You ask, “Is anything secure?” That is why I speak.

You are the least religious generation in the history of America. I do not say this to reprimand you. I say it to enlighten you. You have been robbed of your religious heritage and have been nourished only on secular food.

For other generations, the presence of heaven and the importance of a life with God were taught by the adult world. Now this adult world, for its own gain and profit, has stolen God, heaven, eternal life, the presence of Jesus and my presence from you. We have all been erased, as if we do not exist and can offer you no help.

When I say, “Do not be afraid”, I must always add, “because I am with you”. This is my message. Ahead of you are gigantic problems. You will face in your lifetime more trials than any previous generation. These trials will bring about overwhelming fears and fear will become your biggest problem. It will paralyze you at the very moment when you will need to take action, daily actions over a long period of time. Survival will demand extraordinary hope. However, fear kills hope. That will be the battle, between fear and hope. One kills the other. So, when I say “Do not be afraid”, I am giving hope a chance to save you.

O young reader, I see you and your generation. I see all the events that are ahead. You will not survive without me. Now is the time to come to know me and to experience my help in your daily trials. If you do this, when the greater trials come, hope will triumph over your fears. I say again, “Do not be afraid”.

Comment: The young generation has so many years to live. Who can even grasp the world they will face and the fears they will experience?

To the Young – Awaken Your Spiritual Desires 
February 16, 2012 

There is no turning back. Once human life begins, it will continue forever. This is the greatest mystery – the immortality of the soul. There is also no turning back in human existence. The child becomes the adolescent who becomes the young adult. Nature moves ahead and does not allow the human person to turn back.

Yet, for many young adults, the situation is not a hopeful one and they begin to question their own existence. The problem is this. Earth can only give you earthly goals but your soul is immortal. Your soul reaches out to heaven. Your spirit wants to soar but you have never been told how to rise above the clouds or even that you should seek the riches of heaven. O, my young generation, how the world has robbed you and stolen from you. However, I come to restore these riches. Let me begin.

Within you is an eternal spirit, created directly by the eternal Father who decided that you would exist. He created you in his likeness (for you are his child) and he created you to live in total happiness forever. What a blessing! Inside you are spiritual desires which seek what is beyond all that you can see and experience with your bodies. But the culture you live in exalts the body and tells you that you only have bodily desires. This is a lie. If you satisfy only the body, you will lose all hope because your spirit realizes that there is more but it is a reality beyond your body.

I come to stir up your spiritual desires. They will lead you to my Son, Jesus Christ. I conceived him and gave him birth. He is very near you and you can experience his presence. Begin your search for him. This will stir up your spiritual desires. When your spiritual desires are covered over, you experience a weariness with life. This happens to so many. Do not turn back on your spiritual journey.

Comment:  O reader, your spiritual desires must propel you on to a spiritual search.

Heaven’s Fire comes to Earth 
February 17, 2012 

Not much is known about the working of heaven, so I will pull back the veil for all to see. In the heavenly Father’s heart, there is a furnace of love which created the world and created you. Wanting to reveal His love, he sent His Son, who is a perfect image of the Father. My Son’s heart, also, is filled with love for you. But even this was not enough. The Father created my heart, and filled it with love. He, then, took the fire of love, the Holy Spirit, and sent that fire into your heart at the moment of your Baptism.

Thus, all the heavens and all the earth is filled with the fire of God’s love. This is why I speak. The eternal fire which gives eternal life is easily available to you. But what if you find other loves and fill your heart with these loves? Then, you have no room for the heavenly fire.

What must you do? If you have filled your heart with illicit loves, you must only repent and say, “I will remove this illicit fire from my heart so I can receive the heavenly fire”. This repentance is not that difficult. The first step is the hardest, and when you take it your whole life will be different.

Especially, I speak to the young reader. Your life stretches before you. Do not wait. Do not say, “I will always have time later”. You will be wasting these years. God has a task for you, a work to accomplish. You will have a family and you must want them also to have eternal life. Your whole life and your whole eternity hang right now in the balance. Listen to my words and seek the heavenly fire of grace that the Father has made so available through Jesus and myself. I will help you.

Comment: God is life and he has given us this life in Jesus through Mary.  Mary warns you not to turn away from the gift.

258. A Marian Papacy

Who is able to understand?  Who correctly sees all the forces that are about to clash?  Who can predict the outcome when so much is unknown?  Man faces a very uncertain future and he does not have within his hands those powers needed to control what will happen.

No Longer on the Sidelines

I stand on the sidelines, willing and able to moderate the conflicts and to bring peace, but no one asks.  No one seeks my help.  So, I initiate these messages.  I refuse to stand on the sidelines.  I refuse to watch passively while Satan destroys the earth and kills my children.  I will insert myself into the fray.  I will choose my doors into the arena.  I will not be kept away from the combat.

Did I not stand at the foot of the cross?  Was I not present when that great battle between light and darkness, between heaven and hell, took place?  I was not the main combatant.  Jesus, my Son, was the great warrior, but I stood at his side as he led the army of heaven into victory.

A Pope Son

So, I will stand at the side of another son, a human son, whom I will lift up to the papacy.  No one will doubt who it is.  I will not let him stay in the shadows (even though at present he is covered with the greatest of shadows and is hidden in my heart).  I will bring him forth for all to see.  He will acknowledge completely that I alone have lifted him up to the papacy.  I will put my seal upon him.  He will act only in my name.  He will have a Marian papacy, rooted totally in my promises, especially in the words that I spoke at Fatima.  With this pope, the Age of Mary will come to its total height and will forever be upon the lampstand until the end of time.

Hidden But Promised

When this is accomplished, all the light and power which I have placed in the hearts of many come to fulfillment.  When I fulfill this promise, those who have pushed aside my devotions will see their foolishness.  I say to all, “Pray for this pope son of mine.  He is hidden deeply in my heart because I want nothing to harm him.  Pray that all the startling events take place so that he is raised aloft.  In him the nations will rejoice”.

Comment: Mary makes many promises but this one is so clear.  All will know when it is fulfilled.

Putting the Torch to Oil 
February 19, 2012 

The oil has been spilled and the torch is being touched to those parts that are ready to burn. My own heart sorrows greatly to see what lies ahead. I cannot save the world because my messages have been set aside for too long. Time does not wait. Human hearts are drawn into evil and are corrupted by it. For how many decades, now, have the unborn been sacrificed to political agendas? For how long now has the very nature of marriage been overturned by one law after another? I could go on with all my questions! How many arms and weapons have been made and sold for financial gain?

All of these evils are not new. They have been allowed to grow for decades. Let me ask this question. On a given day how many sins are committed compared with how many prayers are said? How many no longer go to church and how many are still faithful to it? Look at the drugs. How long they have blighted your culture and ruined the young! Need I continue to make my point?

So much of human life has been doused with the oil of sin, that this oil is no longer on the surface. It has gotten into the pores of the skin. It has entered the blood stream and has reached the heart itself. When the torch is touched to the oil, it will not just cause a superficial fire. The flame will follow the oil and, after all these years, the oil is everywhere. This is the daunting task that I face.

When someone turns away from God, they can be easily called back early. However, the longer they walk that path, the deeper they go into darkness and the less they can hear my voice. That is the current situation in the world and no one can disagree with me. These evils are long-standing and deeply rooted in man’s heart. When the torch is touched to the oil, the flame will go everywhere.

See the oil of your sins for what it is – fuel for the Satanic fire. What can be done? If you repent, I will cleanse you from the oil and the fire will bypass you. Fire or repentance? That is your choice.

 Comment:  Certainly, serious sins have been committed for a long time and saturate the human heart.

Satan’s Donkey 
February 20, 2012 

People carry too many burdens. This is Satan’s plan, to lay heavy burdens on their backs, so they cannot lift their eyes to heaven in thankfulness. He brings this about because people do not seek my light.

First, he leads them into sin, as if this were an enjoyable thing. Then, he places the burden of guilt upon them. Then, he leads them in to debt, and they carry that burden. Then, he leads them into entangled relationships, from which they cannot extricate themselves. He leads them into sinful habits that they cannot throw off. He leads them into addictions that remove their freedom. This is the state of modern man. He has become Satan’s donkey, carrying on his back all the evil of hell. No wonder that he does not praise God. He cannot even lift his eyes to heaven. Man can be a friend of the angels but instead has become the lowliest beast of burden – Satan’s donkey, carrying whatever burdens the Evil One places upon his back.

O modern man, turn to me and I will restore your freedom. I will take away your sins, your guilt, your sinful habits and your addictions. You cry out, “I cannot live without them. They are my companions”. This is the great darkness of your soul. You think that your burdens are your consolations. You are dying and you think that the poison you are taking is your medicine.

If you trust me, I can so easily prove you wrong. However, I need your help. I need you to renounce just one of your sinful habits. Choose any one and begin there. Give it to me. Forsake it. Ask my help. “Mary, help me to leave behind my ______” (whatever it is). Just say that little prayer many times today. I will lift that burden from your back and you will take the first step on an important journey from being Satan’s donkey to becoming a friend of the angels. I promise you, “I will work miracles for you” but I need your help.

Comment:  People are burdened and Mary will set them free.

Satan’s Drama 
February 20, 2012 

A director does not begin the first act of his drama unless the script is totally written and all the actors are trained to play their parts. Once the drama begins, the other acts must follow.

The opening act of Satan’s drama was the Egyptian uprising. All the other Mideast violence is the introductory act, which takes place in front of the curtain. When this opening act is finished, then the curtain will open and the whole world will see the fullness of the stage. So, the uprising in Egypt is more than just a first act. It is a signal that Satan’s drama has begun.

What is the conclusion of his drama? Is there any doubt? He wants to turn earth into a hell, the whole earth, not just the Middle East. Satan wants to cast his fire upon the earth before I can cast my fire.

He does not know, alking now about “the events” which I have so often mentioned. Let me speak of them again in the clearest of ways. however, that I intend to destroy his story, to send people onto his stage that would change the plot so he does not succeed. If his drama is allowed to unfold according to his time table, more and more of the world will be destroyed. The world does not see these Middle East events for what they are. The world thinks they are passing events (just like what went before) because Satan has not yet pulled back the curtain and revealed the whole stage. When it is pulled back, the world will see these events as much more serious than they could ever understand.

Comment:  The uprising in Egypt led to other Mideast uprisings.  These Satanic fires are the opening acts.  Many do not see their significance.

The Modern Day Cyrus Sent to Israel 
February 21, 2012 

Editor’s note: (In the sixth century B.C., the Jews were exiled in Babylon. However, Cyrus, King of Persia, conquered Babylon and in 538 B.C. surprisingly allowed the Jewish captives to return to Jerusalem. Isaiah (45:1) calls him the shepherd of Yahweh and gives him the title “the anointed of Yahweh.)

Do not take your eyes off of Israel, because I never remove mine from the people who gave me birth. Nor do I remove my protecting hand. However, now they are surrounded by enemies, far stronger than any described in the bible, and they are deciding what needs to be done. If only they knew to call on me! If only they had devotion to me, I could lead them on safe paths.

I would have led them quite differently than the path they have taken so far. Even though the heavenly Father formed them, brought them into existence from the loins of Abraham, and gave them the land called holy, they have allowed the secular spirit to decide their path.

What a people! For centuries, they wandered the earth with no land to call their own. Now, the state of Israel has been formed and millions have gone there to regain their hopes. Yet, all is at risk and can easily be destroyed. What are my words to that nation which I love? What is the purpose of these events? I will speak clearly.

O Israel, in the bible, whenever your existence was threatened you turned to your prophets to seek the will of God and to know what to do. At times, you would listen to those words and repent. Then, God would avert the danger. At other times, when no danger existed, you would wander away from God, trusting in your own security. Now, this has happened again and your enemies are great. Much to your chagrin, they seek to wipe you off the face of the earth.

So, I say to you, “I will come to you”. Even now, before the hostilities begin, I am coming to you. Do not be surprised by the divine signs. Even though you do not call me “Mother” you are still deep within my heart. My flesh and blood came from you. Through me, the prophetic words about your Messiah were fulfilled. So, where do we go from here? What will be our relationship in the future? I will spell it out clearly.

The threats to your security will open a new era. A door will open that has been closed for centuries. It will be a special moment and God will do something new. Just as when God raised up Cyrus and set his seal upon him to allow the exiles to return, so I will raise up someone according to my own heart. He, too, will act in a surprising way. You will know who it is. Like Cyrus, he will be known to the nations. When he acts, you will also know that he is acting totally on your behalf. He will do this unselfishly because he is not an Israeli. He will come because I have sent him. His heart will be gentle and kind. You will ask him, “Why did you come to save us?” He will respond, “The woman clothed with the sun sent me. She is from you. She is one of you. She has not forgotten you even though you have rejected her Son”.

Then, Israel, we will begin again. The former rejections will be set aside. The old will be swept away. I will take you to myself. Like the nations, you, too, will call me “Mother”. You will be a special son to me because you are the nation that gave me birth.

Comment:  Mary describes Israel’s present dangers in a totally different light, similar to the Old Testament stories.   She will send a modern Cyrus to claim Israel for herself.

Don’t Blame God 
February 22, 2012 

When all the events begin, it will be too late to prepare. This is what I constantly preach. My Son, Jesus, preached the same message. Everyone puts off this invitation to repent and to turn to God. “Heaven can wait”, they say. Today, we must care for the things of earth. My message is this, “It is not a question of heaven waiting. It is hell that will not wait. If you do not repent from heavenly motives, then, at least, repent from fear of falling into hell’s plans.”

Hell will not wait. It will try to devour the whole world. It wants to be unleashed. It has already fashioned its instruments of pain and suffering. I will be clear. All suffering comes from the Evil One. You can ignore heaven but you cannot ignore hell. Heaven gently invites you to love. Hell gives you no such decision. It forces hatred and suffering. It destroys free will. It constructs a world of suffering and sorrow which completely overwhelm.

I will draw the picture clearly. Soon, so very soon, the powers of hell will be unleashed against the whole world. All will experience these powers, in one degree or another. There will be a series of events, one following another, that will totally change the face of the earth.

Do not blame God. Do not say, “Why has God done this?” Look at all my messages. I always say “God is ready to help” and “Turn to God and he will protect you”. I say this again and again. Do not blame God. All of this destruction comes from hell and, if only mankind had called upon me, I would have intervened.

Mankind is free. It makes decisions. It chooses heaven or hell. It unleashes either the creative love of heaven or the destructive hatred of hell. O mankind, what have you released? Need I answer that question? Just look around at your world!

“Soon, so very soon”. They are my words. Repent. Turn to God. Invoke my help, praying, “Mary be with me.” That is all you need to say. I will come and we will begin to prepare.

Comment:  What great clarity!  Painful events will soon be unleashed by hell.  Yet, Mary teaches us to prepare.

Go to Medjugorje 
February 23, 2012 

The path is not easy and many overestimate their strength. Others do not prepare, believing that they are ready to face the future. The truly wise realize that they do not know what they will face or how they will survive. I am talking now about “the events” which I have so often mentioned. Let me speak of them again in the clearest of ways.

The world moves along in its usual sense of security. It realizes that many problems exist, yet the world believes that nothing will really change. There have been crises before and people have gotten through them.

The world will even admit that the future will be difficult. Yet, it envisions the future as being like the present. No one envisions a totally different existence with tremendous disturbances of modern life. Yet, that is what I mean by “the events”, moments which will severely alter human existence, especially in those parts of the world where they take place. These events are very soon. They are at the door. Even though they are still hidden and not able to be recognized, the time is short. Some of these events can still be avoided, although this window of opportunity grows smaller and smaller as the true remedies are delayed and the evil is not checked.

What is to be done? I answer clearly, “Go to Medjugorje”. I am not speaking physically (although that benefits everyone). I am speaking spiritually. To that village, I have been explaining “these events” for over three decades. The people have faithfully recorded my teachings and have distributed them. They are truly a great treasure. Even though it is late and a person might never have heard about this little village, anyone can make up for lost time. Medjugorje carries the treasure and gladly shares it with the world. Read about this village. Read about my apparitions. Read my messages. I will form your spirit and you will know what to do.’

Comment:  Mary has been appearing and teaching for over 30 years.  Yet, many do not know the story.

Drawn by God 
February 25, 2012 

When a person is alone, he can only bring forth individual goals. When he joins in a relationship with another, he can bring forth far more. This is best seen in marriage when a child is born from a relationship. It happens in many other areas. When one person joins with others, an enterprise, a company, a school, a political party or even a marriage can begin.

If in human relationships, a new fruitfulness happens when one person joins with another, how much more this happens in the divine mysteries, when a person is drawn into a relationship with God. I say “drawn” because man does not choose to seek God. First, God must act, placing hopes and desires within the person. If the person listens, senses these desires and responds to them, then God can draw the person into the greatest gift of all, a personal, intimate relationship.

This seems so unequal, man being a friend of God. In the beginning, it is very unequal. However, God lifts the person up, deifies the person and, in the greatest of moments, transforms the person by the flame of divine love. The person loves God with God’s own love. God has transformed the person into an adequate lover, sharing the divine flame of the Holy Spirit. From this gift comes the greatest fruitfulness in human history. From the silent heart of this transformed person comes untold blessings. Families, churches and nations are blessed. God’s mercies pour out because he has transformed the willing person into an adequate lover. God, in his delight, blesses the whole world with love upon love.

You, O reader, are called to a life with God. Much has been written. The Catholic Church has a spiritual tradition. Discover that tradition. Read the books. Find those who are devoted to the spiritual life. Immerse yourself. This is not the work of one day or of one year. It is the call of your whole lifetime. When you find love, you find God. When you find a love for God, you find every blessing. Unfortunately, many good people do not know how to be “drawn by God”.

Comment:  Mary wants you to get to know the Church’s teaching on a life with God.

Raising Up a Leader 
February 26, 2012 

The world is exploding – Syria, Afghanistan, Egypt, Iraq, Iran and so many other places. Where is America? I look to America and it refuses to take its proper place, a place for which I designed it and the reason that I raised it to power.

I made America the watchman. There was a time when it would pay any price, bear any burden, fight any foe. America did not seek to dominate but to liberate, not to control people but to free them. Now, it slinks back into the shadows, unwilling to commit its strength to what is true and good.

When will America say, “We must do the right thing?” Impossible. America has no idea of what is the right thing, the good thing, the moral thing. It has taken the work “moral” and removed it from its vocabulary.

Where is America as the fires explode and feed one another? I will tell you where it is. It is looking out for its own interests. It no longer leads. It follows. It no longer says, “This is the right path of goodness and truth”. Its eyes are no longer on the path. Its eyes are watching to see what the other nations do. A leader does not watch where others walk and then follows in line. A leader says, “This is the way. Let us march”.

But no one sounds the trumpet. There is no light for the path. All the leaders walk in darkness, while thinking they are in the light.

America, you have rejected my Son, the light of the world. Your leaders no longer look to him for light. What can I do? I must look for someone for whom my Son, Jesus, is still the light of the world. I must raise him up and scatter all the others. It will happen before your very eyes.

Comment:  America cannot shirk its duty on the world scene.

The Catholic Charismatic Renewal 
February 26, 2012 

Let the heavens open up and the blessings of God rain down upon every part of the earth. Can this happen? Did not the fire of the Holy Spirit fall upon Jerusalem and was not the whole earth blessed by the preaching of the disciples? Now, Christian believers are everywhere so when the heavens open the Spirit does not need to be limited to Jerusalem. This is why I speak – to prepare the world for a second outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Look at those disciples. They will be your model. They knew that Jesus had died, had risen and had ascended into heaven. They were told to return to Jerusalem and await the Holy Spirit. They obeyed. They spent these days of waiting united in prayer and I was with them. This was all that was needed. The Spirit was sent and they received.

Can this not happen again? Cannot the fire of heaven be given again? Can there not be open manifestations of the Spirit? Are not millions of people speaking in tongues and praising God in spiritual languages? Cannot this happen to the whole Church? What precludes this? What are the obstacles? I speak now very seriously.

The fire of Pentecost was sent upon the Catholic Church in 1967. The movement grew and gained many adherents. But, many others turned their back on this outpouring. Others ignored it or did not see its potential. This was a special moment. Some responded fully and did all they could to publicize these powerful gifts which suddenly were available once more. But, the majority in the Catholic Church were uninterested.

This was an important moment. The heavens had opened and the Spirit was sent upon the whole world but the effects were, in most cases, lost. Now, the Heavenly Father wants to pour out the Holy Spirit again, giving the Church a second opportunity to respond. The initial grace was not adequately received. Look at your Church, bishops and priests. Is your church today stronger than in 1967? Is it more robust and growing? I want my words to cut to your heart, just as Peter’s words “cut to the heart” of his believers (Acts 20:37).

They rejected my Son, but you have rejected the special powers of His Spirit. This is your final opportunity. Do not set aside my call. Vast problems are at the door of the Church and only the Holy Spirit can overcome.

Look at these problems. Can you solve them by yourselves? That is what you have tried to do for the past 45 years without any success.

Comment:  The Catholic Charismatic Renewal begun in 1967 and has had a great effort upon many people.  However, an extremely small percentage of Catholics have taken advantage of this gift.  This Renewal is like Fatima; a gigantic gift that is still not opened.

A Tug of War 
February 27, 2012 

Do not put aside what is worthy for what is worthless. This is what the world does all the time. The world does not see the true values. The price tags are all mixed up and the world is filled with confusion. This leads to distorted choices. People work hard for what is passing but find no time to store up heavenly riches. This must be addressed.

When a couple gets married, they immediately think of all that they need to purchase. Then, they consider all the money they will need. Then, they must think of the jobs which they need to have to get the money. This happens because they valued what was of little value. The gaining of possessions is not the primary goal, or even the most important goal of a marriage.

What is of true worth? Their mutual love, the creating of a home and the bringing forth of children. Yet, the two values of fostering their relationship and having children are often at the bottom of the list. Things and possessions come first. Everything else is thrown out of order. Working long hours precludes a good relationship and possessions replace children as a goal.

So, what is left? Why stay together? The couple finds little or no reason to continue and the marriage ends. All of this should have had a different outcome.

My word goes forth to young couples, married or soon to be married. Examine your values. Be certain of your own values and see whether your partner truly shares the same values. This is the foundation of a marriage – shared values and similar goals. Look at your values to see how your marriage is doing or whether you should marry this person at all. You pulling in one direction and your partner pulling in another is no marriage at all. It is a tug of war.

Comment:  So many young couples judge their marriage by how many possessions they have mutually acquired.  They forget to develop their personal relationship and to have children.

Curiosity About Future Events 
February 28, 2012 

All the world is filled with questions of what will take place. There is a fascination with the future, to know what will come. But, what good is it to know the future when mankind is not willing to repent? Yes, the future is dark and I could reveal the future events. I have already revealed these secrets to the visionaries of Medjugorje. I have also given messages to the world for over thirty years. O reader, do you know those messages? Do you know the story of Medjugorje?

To highlight my teachings, I will contrast the two parts of Medjugorje. I have revealed ten secrets of future events to these visionaries, the children whom I have chosen. I have also said that many of these future events could be eliminated if people just prayed and repented.

My teaching is this. Everyone wants to know the secrets because they are curious. They want to know the future. Is it not much more important to be able to influence future events? My messages ask for periods of prayer every day, for frequent Communion, for monthly confession, for saying the Rosary each day, for fasting on bread and water on Wednesday and Friday. Assuming these devout practices will change future events.

You can see the foolishness of the world. Everyone wants the future events to be revealed. Yet, when I reveal how these events can be changed, few are interested.

Comment:  At Medjugorje, Mary gives secrets for the future and messages for the present.  So many want to know the secrets but have no interest in the messages.

God’s Opinion of You 
February 29, 2012 

Do not worry about what other people think or say. The time is too short and the difficulties are too great that lay ahead. You must be anxious only about the state of your soul before God.

When people possess many things, they do not think of the state of their soul before God. When people are in the middle of trials, they do not worry about the state of their soul before God. So, when does man grow concerned about the state of his soul? Even at death’s door, many do not consider the state of their soul before God.

Being concerned about your soul is not a matter of being rich or poor, healthy or sick. It is a personal gift, a value which the person holds dearly. It is to value the only goal that really matters. “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?” said Jesus. No matter what you had on earth, no matter what you accomplished on earth, no matter how highly you were praised on earth, you have lost everything – completely and forever.

If you had nothing on earth, if you seemed to accomplish little, if you were forgotten and set aside, yet my Son Jesus said to you “Come into my kingdom”, you will enjoy life forever and ever. How can I get this across? The greatest gift of God is to be concerned about the state of your soul, to be concerned with being in God’s favor, to be concerned with how God thinks of you.

Understand clearly. God has his opinion of you. Right now you are in his favor or you are in his judgment. You should be very concerned about what his opinion is of you. His opinion is based upon the state of your soul and the state of your soul depends totally on your decision. You must want to be a friend of God, do nothing to lose that friendship, and do everything to gain it. O reader, your greatest call is to be a child of God through my Son.

Comment:  How few are concerned about being in favor with God, when the gift is at your door.

Preparing For the Coming Worldwide Darkness, the Signs of the Times March ~ 2012