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LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD March 2015 ~ The Importance of 1917, A Nuclear Iran, Israel is Satan’s target, When Pope Francis has completed his tasks, Satan plans to destroy the Earth.

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 3/1-3/15 ★ Mankind cannot save itself

4. Endless Waves of Blessings


My gifts will be like the waves of the oceans, always coming, one after another, never ceasing. When one wave comes, do people not look for another? So it must be. A new awareness, one gift awakening to the next, never ending until the moment of death.
Mankind cannot save itself. Extricating itself from one problem, it finds only more waiting to come. So, it will be with my blessings, one after another, always more powerful, deeper and longer lasting.

The waves of my power have already begun. I do not speak of tomorrow but of today, of now, of this moment, of this present situation. Can I be any clearer? O reader, my waves are already washing up upon your spirit! I am already working within you. Let your holy desires come forth. Let hope spring up within. Let light dawn upon you, a fresh inner light that can overcome any darkness.

I will lead you to new decisions, which will safeguard these inner blessings. How important these are. The old will be cast aside. You will change, all under the power of new hope. A new life, within and without.

Stand firm in these inner waves of blessings. Rejoice in them. They bring a life that you could never imagine before. There is more to come.

Comment: Our Lady uses so many images to try to describe what she is doing now within each heart.

5. The Echo of Mary’s Own Words


As darkness covers human life and evil gains sway over the worldwide events, I will give new lights, never before seen, lights which Satan cannot destroy. This will be my light. I will raise up my priest son. I will also raise up thousands who will mirror his light, receiving it, multiplying it and passing it on. These will be children of the light. They will be in every country and in every land.

This light will burn brightly every day. Right now, this light is hidden, but soon I will place this light on the largest and greatest lampstand. The light will go forth, far greater than any television station. All the world will be invited to walk in this light.

The voice will be gentle, and threaten no one. The words will be my words, pouring forth for every need and every situation. These words will be multiplied. More important, they will be associated with a person whom all know and love.

I will stand with him and he with me. We will be as one heart and one voice. I will speak and he will echo. My words will be pure light, easy to understand and even easier to follow. If they are rejected, I will speak again. If they are accepted, then I will speak even louder and clearer.

I will not allow the world to be plunged into a darkness in which no saving light exists. I refuse to allow Satan to control the thoughts of the world. He cannot stop this light.

Now, you see what I will bring about, a Church that speaks my words. All the world will know that they are my words and do not belong to anyone else. Such will be the greatness of the light that will be needed in the darkness.

Comment: Our Lady’s promise is so clear. She will speak to us through her priest son.

6. A Nuclear Iran


I offer all these words and blessings because I see what lies ahead. As I place before the world what will take place, all take heart that heaven has not abandoned earth and has planned for these dark moments.

As the West faces even more serious problems, disputes break out among its leaders, divisions occur, and what needs to be united is broken. This, too, is part of Satan’s plan. One saying “Go this way” and another shouting, “That is the wrong road to peace”.

At first, these divisions will seem to be the ordinary process of discussion and resolution. However, this will not be the case. Beneath the surface discussions, the hearts of the leaders will be vehemently closed to the plans of the other. There will be a total clash of cultures, a hardening of positions.

These leaders each have enormous resources. Instead of coming together for clear and coherent strategies, they will split, not on the surface but in truth. I am speaking now of a nuclear Iran. Decisions that could have adequately addressed the problem will become a lost opportunity. This is very, very serious, although not seen as such at this moment. Only in looking back will the world see how the division was brought about by Satan to allow Iran to develop its nuclear weapons. A nuclear Iran will totally shift the balance of power in the whole world.

This should never have been allowed to take place. Delay, delay, delay. This has been the strategy. Put off. Put off. Never face the reality. Such is the atmosphere that Satan creates for his designs.

I see it. I will plan for it. I am already making my moves to bring the Church into greater and greater light, so that in the darkness ahead there will be at least one great voice of light.

Comment: As Our Lady speaks of these problems, we know that she has not abandoned us.

  ★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 3/4-6/15 ★ there must be worldwide intercession, call down Heaven’s powers to change the situation!!

Little children, at all times 
fill your heart with even the smallest prayers.  

7. Bringing the World to Jesus


I will not turn back from my course.  I will never abandon mankind.  Can a mother forget the child of her womb?  I have brought forth the whole human race in the pain of Jesus’ death.  I am in this battle until the finish, until I bring to new life everyone whom I can save.  This is my enduring promise.

For many, life continues as usual.  The problems seem so far away, as if meant for others.  I see everything before me.  The whole world, all the nations.  All of time, past and future.  All the forces, good and evil.  I also see the role which the heavenly Father has given to me in this special time.  “Bring the world to Jesus” is His command.  So, I work with every ounce of my strength to draw the world to Jesus.  I say to God, “Father, they have set Jesus aside.  I need more powers and I need more people”.  The Father has given me all that I need.  He has clothed me with the sun and put the moon under my feet, those lights which control the days and the seasons.  He has crowned me with the stars so I can be seen even in the darkest night.

I say this for one reason, to prepare a people who believe in me, a people who understand the Father’s plan.  Then, I will act and my actions will be understood.  People will say, “It is the Woman”.  They will respond.  My actions must not be fruitless. They must be a call to action.  Millions must be stirred.  Do not forget the Father’s command to me, “You must bring the world to Jesus”.  That is what we will do together.

Comment:  Our Lady promises her unending, worldwide actions to bring the world to Jesus.

8. Prayers That Reach Heaven


Only the gifts that pour out from my heart can save the world.  I must explain these gifs because people might believe that I will miraculously save the world without any effort on their part.  So, I must be clear because these gifts are already flowing.

These are saving gifts which must be received.  They are powerful gifts which will transform but only if the person freely accepts and acts.  They will change everything, but only if millions and millions of people allow the gifts to have power over them.

The first gift is always faith that heaven will help earth, a faith that leads to praising God and interceding for His protection.  If there are worldwide problems, there must be worldwide intercession.  If there are national problems, there must be national intercession.  If there are family problems, there must be family intercession.

The prayers that surely reach heaven are when hearts are joined.  Love one another.  When two people love one another they can change the whole world.  When their hearts are joined as if they have only one heart, they are a furnace of love and others can join them.

Enough of your discussions, your meetings, your constant watching of world news.  Why sit passively and listen, when you can call down heaven’s powers to change the situation?  These are the gifts pouring out from my heart.  Come, gather with your heavenly mother.  I will join your groups and bring greater gifts.

Comment:  During World War II, people of faith flocked to churches to pray for our country.  Our Lady wants to restore this intercessory prayer.

1. Foolish Decisions of Leaders


As the clouds gather in the heavens, all await the storms.  Such is this moment on earth when so many clouds appear on the horizon.  These are the problems which I will speak to now.  An anxiety fills the air.  People are not settled.  They know that things are not right.  They do not know what forces will break through.  They cling to their present way of life but they know there are no guarantees of its permanency.

They do not see what they can do.  The enemies are hidden and the future is clouded in mystery.  Life seems the same but it is not as before.  All of this is truly a new state of affairs.  Permanency has been shattered.  All is contingent, waiting upon future events.

In these locutions, I try to address those events, looking at them from every possible angle.  Describing them.  Predicting them.  Outlining their causes, their nearness and their effects.  All moves ahead.  Causes bring about effects and these causes are deeply planted in cultures, in human hearts, and in decisions, past and future.  Such is the state of the world, a precarious state in a time of urgency.

Dare I speak of what will happen?  Where will the breakthroughs of darkness occur?  There are so many sore spots.  Some are places of great violence.

Others are places of great weakness in the structures.  But what I speak of today is foolish decisions by world leaders.  The evils are already planted in society.  However, by the foolish and even foolhardy decisions of leaders, these evils have been allowed to grow and multiply.  Now, these same leaders, after years of withdrawal, will reverse themselves and rush to foolish decisions that will only cause the evil to erupt more quickly and in new places.

I wait and wait to help my loving children.  May they not lose faith in me.

Comment:  Our Lady foresees foolish decisions that will cause more evil disruptions.

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 3/7-9/15 ★ the evil imbedded in human hearts, Satanic intelligence, &, the scope & depth of world terrorism

2. Centuries of Decisions


The future path is unknown.  Leaders make their decisions while filled with confusion.  They lead this way and then that way, always responding to the latest problem.  Where have they led this world?  This is what I will explain.

Satan has prepared for centuries for this moment in history and everyone must see today’s problems in light of the centuries.  Over these centuries, Satan has raised up enmity between nations.  At one point, they are friends and sign agreements.  Suddenly, they are at war, killing each other.

When the war is over, scars are left.  Divisions remain.  People do not forget.  So, over the centuries, the same nations take up their weapons again.  The fighting is renewed.

When the war is over, the people say, “We must defend ourselves against the next war.”  So, money is spent on weapons even when no war is taking place.  The weapons get more sophisticated.  The weapons spread because one nation wants others to be aligned with them. Man’s history becomes either war, preparing for war, or lining up friends who will be allies in wars.  Do you not see Satan’s plans during these centuries?  War has determined everything.

Now, he has his alignments.  The sophisticated weapons have fallen into the hands of so many.  What was meant to be the ultimate protection against enemies has become the ultimate goal of the enemies – to gain the same nuclear weapons.

Everything comes to a climax.  How will the world be disarmed?  The only path to peace is disarmament.  Stockpiling weapons is a short term goal that inevitably leads to just the opposite. Very soon, your enemy has the weapons that you invented.

This is my promise.  If the nations allow me to take human history into my hands, I will lead all the nations to peace through disarmament.  This is a step by step path, just as the present situation has come about by many steps.

Comment:  Who, today, believes that disarmament will ever take place?  Yet, Our Lady promises to lead us to peace through disarmament

3. Centuries of Hatred


The path is so slippery but world leaders believe that their wisdom and their resources can prevail and restore world peace.  What a mockery!  They do not see the centuries.  They do not see the evil imbedded in human hearts and they do not believe in Satanic intelligence.

They are deprived of faith and do not believe that they need the help of heaven.  So, they slip each day into a deeper morass, wondering why their human solutions are of no avail.  Such is the blindness of world leaders.  They have hearts that are no longer placed in a religious culture.  They are rooted in secular theories and cannot understand the religious fanaticism of the opponents.

Everything shifts.  They do not understand the various groups that spring up, with all the different names.  One surprise after another, until they begin to see the scope and the depth of world terrorism.

These are not problems that have begun in one day, one year or even one generation.  The problems go back centuries.  They are contained in religious thinking and in the streams of hatred toward the infidels that have poured forth from these religious teachers since Mohammed.

Religious wars are not new.  Attacks against Europe happened centuries ago and were repulsed only by a fervent Christianity that could fight false religious faith with the fervor of true religious faith.

O world leaders, where is your faith?  Where is your fervor?  Can you overcome fire when you have no fire in your own hearts?  I say this from the housetops.  Peace will come only when religious faith returns.  So, let the fires of faith be lit again.  Do not trust in the fire of your weapons that can only kill.  Trust in the fire of faith in your hearts.  Return to Notre Dame (Our Lady) and I will lead you.  Right now you are on a slippery and dangerous path.

Comment:  Without religious faith, Europe and the United States will lose.

4. A Tomorrow of Greater Darkness


An inevitability has set in.  Problems everywhere and no permanent solutions, like a ship caught in stormy waters without a sure rudder to guide it or a captain who understands the correct direction.

Different leaders offer various solutions but the problems are everywhere.  One causes another and solutions quickly become new problems.  The world is caught up in a darkness which seemingly has no tomorrow.

There is a tomorrow, but it will be a tomorrow of greater darkness.  I will say it again and again.  Only I can lead the world into a true tomorrow.  I am the dawn.  A ship that turns away from me, will find only the night.  A ship that turns toward me will slowly but surely come into a new day.

For centuries, decisions have been made to reject me, to forget me, and to put me aside.  Even though I constantly intervened, appearing in many places with my saving messages, no one listened.  So, the great darkness has descended and will continue to descend.  Yet, my words and my promises do not change.  However, time is running out.  The darkness spreads and the ship plunges deeper into the night that has no tomorrow.  This is the darkness of nuclear war and the first steps take place in Iran, quickly followed by others and the emergence of a new world power built upon the atomic bomb.  This future is not far ahead.  It looms already on the horizon and world leaders foolishly turn their backs on the possibility.

I speak now so the whole world knows that I see what is ahead. More important, that the world know that I love earth, I love mankind, and I have power to slowly but surely lead the world into a true tomorrow, when this horrible night is over and the light comes.  My dear children, at this point I can offer you only my words because so few believe in me.  My powers have not yet been released.

Comment:  Today let each of us ask God to hasten the moment when Our Lady’s powers are released.


★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 3/10-12/15 ★ Satan’s Attacks On the Locutions

5. The Darkness Will Preach


I will speak about light and darkness, the symbols of the two kingdoms which battle for earth, a war that has been waged for many centuries and has now come to a climactic moment.

All is set in place.  Foolish decisions have made the world vulnerable to the Kingdom of Darkness.  Many human hearts are bathed in darkness and dedicated to the darkness.  So many others have abandoned faith, the door to light, or have never received that gift.

The structures of society have been compromised by darkness and many leaders are bathed in the greatest darkness, intent only on their own ambitions.  They place themselves forth as apt leaders, when their own hearts are given over to darkness.  Finally, the weapons of darkness are in the hands of so many.  Anyone who sees clearly must say that the future belongs to darkness.

But I promised to speak about light, as well as darkness, a light that is still hidden under a bushel basket and not yet placed on the lampstand.  I speak of a light still hidden in my Church, a light that I have protected, a  light which will bring forth a million other lights which also are still hidden.

This is my promise.  I will bring forth my hidden light and place this light on the lampstand.  Then, millions of lights will suddenly appear, great lights of faith.  The great darkness will already have begun and the whole world will know how much it needs my light.  The darkness will actually serve my purposes.  By destroying all the world’s light, the darkness will preach to the world that it needs a new light.  Then this new light will come forth.

Comment:  When man’s light completely fails people will be more open to God’s help.

6. The Two Economic Events


The time is short and so many are unprepared.  I must speak so that at least people will have heard my words and they will not be totally surprised when these events break forth.  This will give hope and some direction.

Before any harm takes place, there will be a sweeping away of protections.  People will realize that former safeguards no longer exist.  What they trusted to support them in need is no longer available.

This will begin in the economic fields and in the collapse of governmental protection of currencies.  This shaking of confidence will then result in actual harm.  As people take steps to insure their futures, everything will tighten up.  The flow of money will be restricted.  Jobs will be threatened and lost.  No one will be in control.  Steps will be taken that are inadequate.   Only as time goes on, will people see the deep divide between what used to be and what is.  This is the first stage.  The changes will be long-lasting but not total or deep.  People will think that the crisis is over, and that all they must do is to cut back somewhat.  Many will be chastened and will try to respond by some austerity.

However, all of this is just a beginning.  It is the second economic shock that will bring about the deep divide, the permanent and non-reversible change that will awaken everyone to the great reality that the past years of buying without paying, of procuring without accepting the price has led to this moment.  Once these two sets of economic events take place, the first set of the warnings and the second set of the actual breaking off, the world, for the first time, will truly see the path of darkness.  I say this because my words will be the only light.  That is why I speak.

Comment:  Our Lady speaks of two economic collapses, an early one which all see but is not deep, and a second one which causes a deep divide between life before and after.

7. Satan’s Attacks On the Locutions


The time is short but much can still be done to rescue earth and to restore human history to God’s original plan.  Two things must be done.  My power and my light must be released into history and millions must receive the light that I pour out.  These locutions prepare for those gifts, speaking so clearly and, each day, to many new hearers.  Why have I given these words?

I began over four years ago, knowing that the darkness was not imminent but also realizing that it would take time for this little voice to be heard.  There are no visions, no apparitions, and no site of miracles.  Millions do not come and gather.  Rather, all is hidden.  The words are given softly and then made available.  There is no advertising and no pilgrimages.  The words stand alone and by themselves.  Yet, these words go forth to all the world, eagerly awaited by many.

This is my promise.  I will continue to speak these words for years to come.  Do not be discouraged if Satan tries to stop these words, to cover them over and to discontinue their going forth.  He would like to take his ax and have it fall upon this work, destroying it and cutting it in two so that it could never continue.  When this begins, know that I have spoken ahead of time, that I have prophesied this attack, and, no matter what happens, that I will not allow this little work that I have raised up, to ever be destroyed.  It is much too important to me, to the Church and to the whole world.

Yet, Satan will take his actions, for he would deprive the world of this light, even when every precaution is taken to preserve it.  My words today, however, are not just about Satan’s future attempts to destroy what I am doing here.  My words are, instead, a firm promise.  These locutions will remain.  They will stay.  They will burn more brightly even after Satan’s time of darkness and they will lead the world and the Church through the darkness that lies ahead.  They will be my constant and daily proof that I am with my Church and the world that I love so much.

Comment:  Our Lady prophesies Satan’s desire to remove these locutions and to destroy them.  No one knows exactly what will happen, only that Mary will preserve them.  Possibly, some interruptions will occur.

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 3/13/15 ★ the Moment of all moments

8. This Generation’s Legacy


A moment comes when everything breaks forth and all can see.  Such will be the future moments of human history.  Already, the hidden fires are bubbling up, giving warning signals, but, as yet, the fires have not broken forth for all to see their fury and size. I have spoken about these evils, planted for centuries and now present in so many places and in so many ways.  What is new will be their bursting forth and the changes they will bring about.

This is my message.  These fires must burst forth.  This is the only way that human history can be cleansed and a time of true peace follow.  How strange to speak of true peace before the war has taken place, but this is my message, so listen carefully.

Every generation passes on its legacy to following generations.  In God’s plan, each generation has a purpose.  If it fulfills God’s will, it passes on blessings.  “If it rejects God’s plan, it passes on sin and evil, a corrupt and evil generation”, as Jesus would say.

What will the present generation be?  That is still to be decided but never has the question been so important. Awaken to this moment.  That is why I speak so clearly.  This will either be the generation in which the world is torn apart or is healed and made secure.  Every generation holds its history in its own hands.  This generation holds all the future generation in its hands.  Such is the moment.  I cannot be any clearer.  Now is not the time to buy and sell, marry and give in marriage as Jesus described his generation.

All must awaken to heaven.  All must look to heaven and heed heaven’s words.  I will raise up my new messengers, with gifts and powers never seen before.  I will place the light on the lampstand.  I refuse to allow earth to be plunged into total darkness.  Even so, I cannot remove free will.  This generation, like all the others, holds history in its own hands.  This generation will not pass away, until all these things are fulfilled.

Comment:  Our Lady correctly says that each generation leaves a legacy of good or evil.  Our present generation is different.  It holds all future generations in its hands.


★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 3/14/15 ★ The world & its systems - filled with technology, empty of faith, teetering on the brink of collapse


9. Taking the Wrong Path


When the ways of man diverge from God’s path then, inevitably, humanity walks into a darkness which it does not see.  For a long time, mankind has left God’s path.  By means of great inventions, man now moves along his own path at greater speeds and this path is traversed more quickly.   In a short period of time, new technology gains greater powers for man and allows him to move even more quickly away from his Creator.  Mankind creates its own world, putting together what might even be called “a new creation”, far removed from God and reflecting a humanity dedicated only to itself.

Such is the present state of the world, which is filled with technology and empty of faith, a world that teeters on the brink of collapse.  These are the problems which I will describe.

God created the human person to live on earth, to increase and multiply and to bring forth the fruitfulness of the earth, where all enjoy its benefits, so that everyone could see the goodness of God and give to God worship and thanksgiving.  When mankind sees God as the source of all blessings and gives thanks, all is kept safe.

Mankind has diverged from this path.  The powerful ascribe the blessings to their own efforts.  They reject God.  They build a world where many are poor.  They protect themselves by weapons.  Inevitably, distinct classes arise – rich and poor, powerful and weak.  Hatred and envy gain adherents.  At the same time, powerful weapons are invented and economic structures grow more complicated.  The world and its systems move to the point of no return, when no force or power can bring them back from the brink.  This is my vision that I share with all.  Who can dispute with me?  Who can say it is any different?

Only two options exist, either mankind continues on this road without God that leads to untold destruction or mankind turns back.  What voice is loud enough and what force is powerful enough, to turn man back?  What human person, no matter how holy or how intelligent can reverse the path of centuries?  Only the Woman can do this!  Place all your faith in the Woman and prepare for that moment when she takes the center stage.  The Father has given me this task.

Comment:  Our Lady accurately describes the world’s path that has brought us to the present crises.

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 3/15-19/15 ★ the events that now grip human history & hold it in its claws


1. Our Lady’s Hidden Stream


Jesus said, “This is the time of fulfillment”.  These are my words, also, a time when all comes to a completion, when the good and the evil clash, as they have never clashed since Jesus’ death on the cross.

This clash lies beneath and behind all the events that now grip human history and hold it in its claws, claiming many lives, distorting many truths, and allowing evil to establish new strongholds everywhere.

The human race is encircled by evil, with so many of its supply lines cut, all according to Satan’s plan.  Truly, this is the time of fulfillment but it is not God’s fulfillment that is happening every day.  The Father’s fulfillment still lies hidden in my Immaculate Heart.

Some see and understand and to these new streams go forth.  I cannot wait until that moment when the dam of my heart breaks open and all the graces pour forth, the saving graces which alone can avoid the fulfillment of all that is evil.

Do not wait until my great events occur.  You must come to the living waters right now.  The streams are already pouring forth in quiet and gentle ways.  Thirst for these waters.  Seek out those streams, those places where your soul can be nourished.  Today is so very important.  Remember, this is a time of fulfillment – for some a fulfillment of all that is evil and for others a fulfillment of salvation.

Comment:  Our natural eyes see only the growing evil in all the events.  By faith in Our Lady’s words, we are alerted to her hidden streams that we must seek out.

2. Today’s Mountain Stream


The stream pours down like water from a mountainside, able to bless every part of the valley.  However, many will resist this stream.  Others will reject it, not realizing its saving power.  I speak so all can understand and can receive the full power of this stream.  I will bring about two actions, external and internal.  In the times of darkness that lay ahead, I will certainly give external signs.  These are needed to help people believe and not lose heart.  However, only external signs are not enough.  My streams must reach the inner heart to truly be effective.

These inner mountain streams are already pouring down upon the valley.  Do not wait for external signs, even though I promise that these will come.  The inner streams are much more important and are flowing right now.

The war between light and darkness will continue.  The breakthroughs will occur, but if millions have experienced these inner streams, the truly devastating aspect will not result.  So many talk and speculate about future signs and wonders.  They overlook the great miracles, the inner workings, the tiny and hidden acts, that I want to do today.  For so many, today will be a great day.  Heaven will come to your heart.

Comment:  People miss the present gift by thinking of the future.  They miss the inner gift by focusing on the external signs.

3. Mary’s Centuries of Preparation


Why wait for the signs and wonders when my great gifts are already flowing down the mountain of heaven.  For centuries, Satan has planned for this moment, placing evil in so many decisions and placing darkness in so many hearts.

I, too, have prepared for centuries, when I brought about the reforms of the Council of Trent and the rise of the great orders (16th century), when I sent missionaries to the new lands of the Americas, when the great light of faith spread to Africa, and to nations in the Far East.  I prepared for this moment by the saintly popes of this century, and by the Little Way of St. Therese.

I prepared by the many places of apparitions and messages, trying so hard to reveal the mysteries of my Immaculate Heart.  Some blessings were rejected but many were accepted and are now part of the Church’s life so that I can truly say that the battle has been prepared for.  The streams have been planted on the mountain top and are flowing into the valleys of daily life. Blessed are those who seek out these streams.  Even more blessed are those who widen the streams and make these streams known to everyone.

Come, I need apostles of my Immaculate Heart.  I need people to go into the highways and byways to invite all to the banquet of the living streams.  The more who drink, the wider and stronger the streams become.  They will multiply and go wherever people thirst for them.  They will refresh and renew.  When the battle begins, the enemy must not find my children weak and listless, but filled with divine strength, understanding all by divine light, and ready to conquer by a living faith.  All of this comes by drinking from my streams that even now flow down the mountain side.

Comment:  Our Lady uses clear images to describe great spiritual gifts that she is making available to all.


4. Millions Must Respond


I do not hold back these living streams.  Only if people understand my actions and all that I plan to do, can I pour them forth in more powerful ways.  I would lead every single person into these mysteries of my heart.  They are great mysteries, only slowly revealed, all that the Father has placed in my heart.  Until now, these mysteries have been concealed, saved until this present generation, hidden from all ages until these moments when the world arrives at the brink of destruction.

I say all this to give hope and all who listen will know that as they see the world move more deeply into the darkness and as the clashes of civilization grows, as even new groups and sources of evil arise and move human history to the brink, they will know that the Father has planted these mysteries in my heart, reserving these special gifts until this time in human history.

I speak each day because these blessings are so great and millions must be prepared to receive them.  Today, I speak to you who already believe.  Cherish my words and do not see them as a rebuke but as a fresh invitation.

Your hearts are not deep enough.  They can only receive shallow waters when I want to give you deep and profound gifts.  Your hearts are not still enough.  If I gave you deep waters, you would spill most of them.  You do not believe enough because I am speaking now of blessings that you have never seen before.  Let us begin now to walk on your deeper path.  I say “your” because each person’s path is unique and individual.

Do not stay still in your devotion.  Take my hand and we will make progress.  We must forge ahead and walk in faith.  What was sufficient yesterday is not enough for today’s blessings.  Come, we will find the new as we search together.

Comment:  Our Lady invites millions of us to deepen our devotion and receive her new gifts.

5. Climbing the Mountain


These streams of graces can wait no longer.  They have already been delayed by those who thought it prudent to set me aside and use other means.  They did not see the Father’s plans.  They walked in their human reasoning instead of in the divine light that I was revealing.  Now, the Church can see the results.  Oh, my Church, how battered and torn you are.  How many have left your house, like prodigal children. How many are not even baptized or initiated into your numbers.  How many no longer see you as the light that you once were.  How many look back and wish you were like you used to be.

I know that the modern world presents new challenges and diverts many to its own paths, but it did not have to be this way – the quick collapse, the great fall from your high place, and the darkness that engulfs you.

Come, O Church, take my hand and I will once more lead you to the top of the mountain where I will place you like a light upon the lampstand.  The modern world is coming apart.  The great human structures are falling under their own weight.  The lies of secularism are being exposed for it cannot quell the passions of the human heart.  The difficulties in the world can remove man’s blindness and help him to see.  But what if there is no light?

That is why I must preach each day. You are to be my light. Take me into your heart.  The streams come down from the mountain so you can climb the mountain with me.  There is an appointed time.  We must arrive before the darkness comes, so all is in place.  No delays.  No other goals.  Join with others.  This is the great task of the Church.

Comment:  The world’s problems get people to search for other light but the Church must be filled with light to help these people.

"Pray, pray to the Lord with me, because the whole world needs prayers. And every day, when your heart especially feels the loneliness of life, pray, pray to the Lord together, because God too needs our prayers!.. In books we seek God, in prayer we find him. Prayer is the key which opens God's heart.. Pray! Hope! And don't worry!"  Saint Pio of Pietrelcina

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 3/20-24/15 ★ The Iranian Nuclear Treaty, Israel is Satan’s target, I now claim what is mine. I will break strongholds, & free My Children from Satan's grip.

1. The Iranian Nuclear Treaty


Times change so quickly and events always take new turns.  Thus, I must speak often.  Although the forces of evil shift their attention from one spot to the next, they always remain focused on destroying Jerusalem (2/22/14 Israel, therefore, is Satan’s target).  Look at what has happened.  Israel is more surrounded by its great enemy, Iran, which begins to gain respect by defeating its foe ISIS.  Walls that kept Iran contained have now been removed, especially as the time approaches for the signing of the nuclear treaty.

In its foolishness, the West has refused to identify the real power brokers of the Middle East,  Russia, Iran and all who join with them.  They will supplant other groups.  Iran will be able to put down roots in territories where it had no power.  Once it confirms its footholds, no one will be able to remove its presence and Israel will be more threatened than ever.

All of this moves up the timetable.  Not just moves it up but speeds it along.  These events should never have happened.  America has not been vigilant and has completely abandoned its true role.  It opens doors that for years were kept closed, and it closes doors that for years were kept open.

All is reversed.  Past wisdom is set aside.  Instead, there are clever words and a treaty that will do nothing to halt Iran’s nuclear program, but will furnish Iran a privileged place on the world stage.

Comment:  Our Lady is quite clear.  Russia and Iran are the powerful enemies. 

2. A Dangerous and Frightening Road


The results from the Iran negotiations will be filled with confusion.   Each side will offer its own interpretation and the safeguards will not be securely put in place.  In this way, the world will continue down its road of darkness, but at a much greater speed.   It will head toward the very center of evil, when the world will be confronted with the unthinkable – nuclear arms in the hands of a terrorist super power.

Piece by piece, Satan puts his plan into effect.  Much is hidden so that the West cannot judge correctly.  So it will be with these negotiations.   Iran will come away with all that it needs, still intact.  It will gain a new respect as a supposed partner in world peace.  More important, the sanctions will be lessened and more money will come in.  The internal political protests will be stilled and Israel will seem to be out of step and marginalized.

The West has chosen to walk down a very dangerous and frightening road.   This decision will paper over truth and pretend to produce a document of peace.  There are many steps until all is signed.  All the obstacles have not yet been removed, but the momentum to reach an agreement will sweep away the remaining difficulties.

Comment:  Our Lady reveals what is covered over.  The Iran negotiations are very dangerous.

3. The Importance of 1917


The years go by and no one responds to these forces of evil that lie hidden beneath the events.  When Communism fell and the walls came down, everyone believed that the great deliverance had occurred.  Instead, evil was just cloaking itself in a new dress, more acceptable to the West. This allowed the evil buried in Russia to enter more deeply into the veins and arteries of the West.  A shift was taking place but without any conversion of heart.  Putin, the true Stalin so to speak could rise to his power.

Now, he sits upon his throne, doing whatever he wants, signing treaties and making new alliances.  All were deceived.  They believed that my prophecies of world peace had been fulfilled.  However, anyone with the keen eye of discernment knew that nothing had been fulfilled and that the great moment of confrontation had merely been postponed.

Now, the scenario is again taking shape but with many changes.  The West is embattled, worried about terrorists, burdened with intolerable debts, weakened in faith and corrupted from within. The nations are no longer united by faith.

Russia emerges in a new form, with its military strengthened and its eyes once again set on becoming a world power, this time seeking new alliances.

Almost a hundred years ago (July 13, 1917), I first spoke about my request for the Holy Father to consecrate Russia to my Immaculate Heart.  The request has not been heeded and the promised conversion of Russia has not taken place.  Weapons cannot defeat Russia and sanctions cannot deter Russia.  Only conversion can rip out the evil planted in its heart, sown there by the Bolshevik Revolution (1917) and all that has happened.   Look at that year, 1917.  See its great importance.  Realize that it will soon be 100 years of an evil that has sent its evil roots in every direction and 100 years of my promise that has never been released.  In this way, you will understand what is happening.

Comment:  Our Lady correctly describes these almost 100 years.

4. Saving the World From Destruction


God does not want the destruction of His world.  This violates the divine will that created everything.  However, he reserved to mankind the great task of cultivating the earth and bringing it to fruition.  Now, an enemy has entered, planting the seeds of evil that threaten to destroy everything.

I must say this.  The evil planted by Satan in creation has not yet reached its zenith.  Many hidden and surprising forces have yet to surface.  What has happened so far is merely the preparation, the destroying of good and the removing of structures that would block evil’s spread.

From all that has happened, mankind is weakened and susceptible to greater infections.  It has having little capacity to resist, and its resources are spread thin.

These times are perilous, like a patient in a hospital intensive care, unable to help himself and totally dependent upon the care of others.

Who will come to the rescue?  Who can diagnose the illness and prescribe the needed treatments?  World leaders have abandoned any thoughts of good and evil, of God and Satan.  So many people have (set) aside their faith in God’s providence and put their trust in the power of man.  Who can lead?  Who can show the way?  Who has the light and understanding?  Who can rally the people to call upon heaven in faith?  Who is able to release the great rivers of blessings contained in my Immaculate Heart?  I will raise him up, my beloved priest son.   He and the millions who follow my path, will save the world from destruction.

Comment: The world has never experienced so many problems in so many places.  This tide of evil seems inevitable.  Our Lady promises that her priest son and all who follow him will save the world from this destruction.


5. The Syrian Revolution Lit the Fuse


The time is limited because the forces of evil are so well organized.  They have not organized themselves, because each sees only what Satan has placed in their hearts.  He shows them the immediate goals which they can conquer.  They are like children who see only the tasty candies which lie within their grasp.  They act, not realizing the intelligence that leads them and not knowing that they are part of a larger plan.

Step by step, the Middle East has been turned into an endless nightmare.  There is a constant shifting, one group is in control and then another arises.  Weapons are given to friends who soon become enemies.  The next stage will be worse that the first.

The fires consume and consume.  Many young people are caught in the conflict and forced to take up arms.  No one can sit on the sidelines.  They are all drawn into a fire that they do not want.  The peaceful become warriors.  Those who hate war must participate.  A person without a gun is vulnerable.  This is the Middle East fire which burns and burns.

This evil will spread and find new places.  Wherever there is peace, or relative stability, it will attack.  Long ago I said that the Syrian revolution would not be like Egypt.  It would go on and on.  It would destabilize structures and remove limits to evil. The Syrian revolution has been the turning point.

Comment:  Years ago when professional commentators were predicting the fall of Syria’s leader within a few weeks, Our Lady said that this would not happen, that the Syrian revolution would go on and on, and lead to the total destabilization of the Middle East. These locutions were given on February 12, 2012; June 16, 2012; April 28, 2012; May 5, 2013; June 19, 2013; August 29-30, 2014 and September 24, 2014.

Holy Angels & Archangels, 
keep & defend us. 


★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 3/25-29/15 ★ the world is entering into a time of unprecedented darkness, The Papal Visit - He pushes on to his goal, step by step. He does not fear

1. God’s Surprising Decision


I speak constantly because these times are like none other.  Every event is part of the great clash between good and evil that has gone on since the beginning of time.  In the past, there have been special moments of that clash, sometimes resulting in a great flow of blessings.  At other times, there was a collapse of goodness and a destruction of blessings.

Since this struggle goes on each day, I must speak each day.  Not a single day can be wasted, when my words do not go forth.  Today, I begin to speak special words from the inner depths of my heart.  These words will reveal my inner thoughts, my deepest fears and my greatest hopes.  Let us begin.

As maiden of Nazareth, I heard the angel’s words.  The message was clear but difficult to believe.  I was to conceive a Son by the power of the Holy Spirit.  In my innermost self, I believed and He was conceived.  I was pregnant.  My body had received God’s power.

How alive I felt at that moment because I was lifted up so high.  At the same time, I was totally immersed in human life.  God brought me into His vision of history and I began to see all that had happened and how the word had reached that moment.  I began to understand all that would take place.  The vision was dim at first but gradually became clearer, especially as Elizabeth spoke her words to me.

In the stillness of Israel, unknown to all the world, God had begun to respond to all the forces of evil by His astounding decision to become man and live among us.  This mystery I will unfold for all of you.

Comment:  Our Lady promises to share with us her vision of the world’s history. 

2. A Somber Mother


Words cannot express the depths of my feelings.  I have watched the world that was bathed in light be taken captive by a darkness that grows ever more powerful.  How much I have tried to break through and to establish God’s reign.

I have appeared in so many places, always trying to make my voice heard.  I have raised up many faithful messengers who suffered much.   My words were planted in their hearts and they tried to awaken the world.

Now, I am somber, like someone who sees the reality which lies ahead.  How I have tried to divert mankind from this path.  I have used my Church.  I have sent my messengers.  I have made my promises.  I have spoken of the future.  I have both warned and encouraged.

I have shown visions of hell to children and also revealed the glories of heaven.  By all of this, I reveal the intensity of my feelings and the gravity of the situation.  So, I am somber like someone who has tried everything and accomplished little.

All who know me know that I will not stop, not even for one moment.  I refuse to admit defeat.  I will not abandon my original plan, to raise up the church as the light to all nations and to use the Holy Father as my instrument in saving the world from destruction.

This plan still lies in the center of my heart.  It still has its time.  It will not fail but you are not to wait.   Spend each day with me and my plan will come forth more quickly.  We will not be defeated by darkness.

Comment:  Our Lady calls herself “somber”, an excellent description of one who has tried so hard and not yet succeeded.

3. The Papal Visit


Why do I pour out my heart like this?  Why expose the wounds that history has inflicted upon me?  Would it not be easier to be silent?  Yet, if I did not speak out, no one would understand the mysteries of good and evil.

How important for the world to understand that it is entering into a time of unprecedented darkness. Do world leaders speak in these terms?  Do any of them understand?  Do they lead their people into God’s presence?  They see only the here and now, the problems and their solutions.  Yet, their solutions are no solutions at all.

I want to speak about the Holy Father.  He, indeed, sees the full perspective.  He understands in the depth of his heart that all of the calamities come from the Evil One whom he detests.  He knows that there is no dialogue with the devil.

When he comes to the United States, he will speak of these deeper mysteries.  He will appeal to the spirit of faithful people.  I will guide his words, which will be sent throughout the world.  On each of these days, I will give him the world’s greatest stage.  He will go from place to place and be with many.   At every moment, he will be the person dressed in white.  I have brought about his visit and it will be a special moment, an invitation to the whole world to return to the mysteries of my heart.  I will guide him but all must pray so that his visit becomes much more than a media event.

Comment:  The pope understands the clash of good and evil.  Let us prepare for his visit.

4. A Pope of Mercy


Let my heart pour forth its sorrows, for in sorrow much can be learned.  The desires of man are so great that they push him on, even when his path is evil and destructive.  Vindictive and angry hearts, which can destroy the world, have the means of communicating their evil to millions of other hearts.

Quickly, peace turns into war, and calm into violence.  You have seen this in country after country.  Stable governments collapse.  Society is ripped apart.  Victory is followed by slaughter of opponents.  All of this comes from evil hearts that now have the means of communicating with millions.  Earth has never seen this before.  Mankind has never had these powers of worldwide communications.

Now, I have raised up a new Holy Father with the message of mercy.  His voice goes forth.  He is exalted even by the secular press.  He pushes on to his goal, step by step.  He does not fear.  If he makes a mistake, he corrects it and moves on.  The message comes from his heart and he has lived from his heart for decades.  Such is the person whom I have placed on the throne of Peter.  He calls people to conversion and away from division and hatred.  His message is preparing the way.  Another pope will follow him who will complete the gift and consecrate Russia.  (2016)

Comment:  We must see the great popularity enjoyed by Pope Francis as an important part of Our Lady’s plan.

5. Pope Francis – Preparing the Way


What is hidden must come to the surface.  All must be revealed before it is too late.  Otherwise, the evil in man’s heart will pour out upon the whole world and completely destroy its beauty.  Unless I revealed the deep truths and mysteries, no one could understand and all would succumb.

Let yourselves be drawn into my mysteries.  With your natural eyes, you can see only evil, constantly spreading and devouring, changing whole nations in just a short time.  Where peace had reigned, there is discord, strife and endless civil war.  These are the mysteries of evil, a burning lava destroying everything in its path.

Centuries ago, from the heavenly Father’s heart, came forth all of creation.  Two thousand years ago, again from the Father’s heart, came forth His only begotten Son, Jesus.  Now, I reveal the great mystery.  A new stream has again come from the Father’s heart, awaiting for this moment.  It is hidden in the most unlikely place, the heart of God’s mother.  I am ready to pour out these mysteries, these powers which alone can turn back the lava of destruction.

I have raised up Pope Francis to prepare the way.  Even he does not realize the role that I will have him play.  So many important doors were closed to faith. So many hearts were shut tight.  Many were unwilling to see truth or to consider God’s existence.  They were far removed from the light of faith.  I have sent Pope Francis to go after these strayed sheep, to reach out and embrace all in God’s mercy.  So many are hearing his voice, that many others are forced to listen.  He has become the most important figure on the world stage.

Rejoice in this wave of goodness.  It prepares for my great gift which will quickly follow his papacy.

Comment:  Our Lady rejoices in the work of Pope Francis.  She knows the role he must fulfill in God’s plan.

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 3/30,31 - 4/1/15 ★ Satan’s plan against Jerusalem, When the Iran Nuclear Treaty Is Signed All will be lies.

Our Lady of Medjugorje 4/2/15 Message Given through Mirjana on the Day for Non-Believers

“Dear children, I have chosen you, my apostles, because all of you carry something beautiful within you. You can help me to have the love, for the sake of which my Son died and then resurrected, win anew. Therefore, I am calling you, my apostles, to try to see something good in every creature of God, in all of my children, and to try to understand them. My children, you are all brothers  through the same Holy Spirit. You, filled with love for my Son, can speak of what you know to all those who have not come to know that love. You have come to know the love of my Son, you have comprehended His Resurrection, with joy you cast your gaze towards Him. My motherly desire is for all of my children to be united in love for Jesus. Therefore, I am calling you, my apostles, to live the Eucharist with joy, because in the Eucharist my Son gives Himself to you anew and with His example shows the love and sacrifice towards the neighbor. Thank you.”

6. Pope Francis & Stray Sheep


Now I come to the center of my heart from which flow the deepest mysteries.  When someone turns to me, I embrace them and bring them as quickly as possible to my heart’s center so they never leave.  Yet, they are free to leave and to return to a world that also embraces them and captures their heart.

This battle between myself and the world has been waged for centuries but now it comes to a crisis.  More and more people have been drawn away and are now engrossed in a world that will soon collapse under its own weight.  The structures can no longer hold.  The violence escalates and the economies shake.  When this happens many will have nowhere to go.

That is why I send Pope Francis.  He is the herald of God’s mercy.  He seeks out the stray sheep.  He opens hearts that have been entrapped.  He shines the light of faith into new areas.  His messages ring true.  People see his goodness and his love for all.  For the first time, some people are awakened to faith.  They feel one with him.  They rejoice in his spirit and see the attractiveness of God’s kingdom.  This Francis effect will go far and wide and is not limited to the inner walls of the Catholic community.

Do you not see that I have already begun to act, that Pope Francis is the early dawn of the new day?  Let the good will pour forth.  Let all speak well of him.  Let all bask in the warmth of his love which truly reaches out to everyone.  I will use all of this to prepare the world for my great gifts which lie ahead.

Comment:  Our Lady speaks constantly of Pope Francis preparing the world for her great gifts which will soon follow.

7. When the Iran Nuclear Treaty Is Signed


Pens will be put to the paper and the nuclear treaty will be signed.  All will be lies.  The West deliberately closes its eyes to reality.  Iran, the future nuclear power, delights.  Suddenly, it is propelled into a new, unthinkable position in the Middle East.

How did this come about?  Step by step, the powerful nations of Israel and Saudi Arabia have been set aside.  Their interests go unheeded.  Iran has been chosen to come forth and to assert its power, when clearly it fosters terrorism everywhere.   This is totally unexplainable unless you realize Satan’s plan against Jerusalem and that he controls powerful leaders to do his bidding.

What I have said at the beginning of these locutions, “Keep your eye on Jerusalem” is proving true.  God plans to use Jerusalem as the center of worldwide evangelization, a place of unity for all the Christian churches, and the one place where the Church and Israel can finally be united.

This is the Father’s plan of worldwide evangelization that is being prepared for by Pope Francis and will be carried out by the next pope.   Satan sets his own strategy, to destroy Jerusalem before any of this takes place.

Both kingdoms have an urgency to fulfill their plan first.  Satan wants to destroy Jerusalem. God wants to exalt it to its highest and most important moment.

Comment:  Our Lady, more clearly than ever before, outlines both God’s and Satan’s strategy concerning Jerusalem.


8. All Look to the Church


What began as a small group of Jesus’ disciples has become a worldwide Church, headed by Pope Francis who is trying to lead the Church into deeper waters, engaging it with the problems of the average person.  His approach has won wide acclaim and he, himself, is seen as a prophetic figure upon the world stage.

He will continue to move along the same path.  His stature will spread and grow.  Many will learn the simplicity of his heart and will see the Church in a new light.

This is so important.  I must strip away all the prejudices and false ideas that have accrued.  I must have the world see the Church in a new light of its true simplicity, a return to the simplicity of Jesus’ lifestyle, a stripping away of worldly signs and symbols.

When Pope Francis has completed his tasks, when many have a new interest and a different view of the Church, I can then bring forth the pope of Fatima.  It will be late but the consecration will be done and the graces of my heart will be released.  No one will be able to stop this enormous flow of graces.

It will be late and many events will have taken place.  Many will have lost hope and some will have succumbed to the darkness. The trials will have begun with their great difficulties.  The two parts will converge.  Pope Francis’ simplicity and the world events will cause everyone to look to the Church as their only hope.  For this moment, I have prepared my priest son.

Comment:  Our Lady describes the importance of Pope Francis in getting the world to look to the Church for hope.