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Locutions to the World ~ December 2011

Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan 
December 1, 2011 

Iraq and Afghanistan have worn down the American desires. They have depleted American resources and sapped its energy. They have cost many lives and yet America has brought only temporary stability to the region. As all the forces are withdrawn, the fruitlessness of these endeavors will become evident to all. There will be a collapse of all that America has spent so much, in terms of lives and money, to build.

That the structures will collapse is evident, but the question is, “What will take their place? What will happen in this region?” There will be a growing power of Iran and of Pakistan, two countries who have or will have nuclear arms. So, the situation is quite grave and their influence will spread. This influence will be evil and destructive, and will totally change the region into a hotbed of potential violence, that will not go away and which cannot be dealt with. These two countries survived even when there was a large United States military presence. What do you think will happen when this presence is removed? The field is wide open. Their enemy has left. The structures that they left behind will collapse quickly. There will be little resistance. Deals will be struck and a facade of legitimacy will be put on but the spoils of power will go to the winners and Iraq and Afghanistan will not be the winners.

In Iraq, America removed the source of stability, even though he was a dictator. Now, the people who hate America and hate Israel will gain uncontested power.

Where will all of this lead? Is there anyone or any group that can or wants to oppose this evil? They are nowhere in sight and those that would have some vital interest to oppose them are woefully inadequate.

 Can you not see, O West? You are helpless before these enemies. Your technology and weapons have not conquered because the evil is so deep. When the troops pull out, the next chapter will be written, far worse than this present chapter. Let the reality set in, a reality that my words have tried to express so often. “The battle is between heaven and hell and because you do not seek heavenly help, hell is destroying the world.” Seek heaven’s help. Return to faith and belief. Invoke me and I will help you. Iraq will be swallowed up. Afghanistan will be infiltrated and eventually controlled.

 America Erases Its Name 
December 2, 2011 

One step at a time. That is how I lead you so you can look back and see the path which you have walked. This is far safer than trying to look ahead, trying to see where the path will lead. So, let us take the next step as we talk about the nations.

 In the bible, the “nations” always meant those who were aligned against the Lord’s anointed. Yet, there were special moments of divine actions when the nations would align themselves with God’s will and share in the blessings of Israel. So, “the nations” can be both friend or foe. They can be destroyed or blessed, the object of blessing or curse. It all depends on how they line up according to God’s will. No nation is prejudged. No nation is consigned to destruction. Those who listen to God’s will are blessed. Those which defiantly seek their own will are destroyed, because they themselves have chosen their own path.

Every nation is on a path, a freely chosen path. Each has its national goals. Each determines its own way of life. Each nation chooses to have God or to reject God. Because many do not see the importance of that choice, I speak so clearly.

How does a nation choose? These are hundreds of choices. These include the decisions of their courts, the legislation that is passed, the people they vote into office; what is tolerated and what is rejected. Every day a nation is making decisions. The people make decisions – to worship God or to forget God. In this season, I must point out a truth. America used to be proud to highlight my son in a crib, the Nativity scene it was called. It was placed on government property and accepted by all. Now, these scenes are gone. This represents a nation’s decisions. Need I go on? Christmas is now called the “holiday season”. It is all too clear. America does not want my Son. We are banished. This is the decision of a nation.

How dangerous this becomes. A nation that was firmly inscribed in the book of blessed nations is stripping itself of its Christian identity. It is erasing its own name from the book of blessings. God is not erasing your name or blotting out your identity. You, America, are making the decision. Your courts, your legislatures, your president, they are erasing America from the book of blessings. How dangerous. When this action is completed, what will be your fate? Who you are and what will happen is in your own hands, America. Where will you line up? Which nations will you join? Where do you want to be listed? You are quickly moving from blessed to cursed (and it is not God who is moving you).

 Another movement must stir. New voices must be raised, “We will not turn our backs on God. We will not renounce our Christian roots. We will not have our identity changed. We began as a Christian nation. We prospered as a Christian nation. We will only continue to exist if we remain a Christian nation.”

 Stop holding back. Come out of hiding. Speak up. Confront this erasing of Christian identity. You are the majority. Your voice should be strong. Look at your numbers. All you need is a voice, my voice, saying to you, “Take back your nation. Reclaim your house, before it is too late! I will help you.”

 Israel’s Second Chance 
December 3, 2011 

All over the world the tensions increase and the suffering multiplies, especially in Syria where there seems to be no end in sight. The same is true in Egypt, where the problems are deeper than anyone suspects. Today I want to speak of Israel, which to some degree, just sits on the sidelines and watches all of these developments which are so important in its natural security.

O Israel, I am your security. I carry your blood in my veins. I have always identified myself as a “daughter of Israel”. I will not disclaim the religious heritage that you gave to me. In your synagogue, I learned your history. I learned about the Messiah, the anointed one who was to come. I learned the names and the teachings of your prophets. In every sense, I was your daughter, in my flesh and in my spirit. I loved you, Israel, more than any other of your daughters. For you and your salvation, I brought forth the Christ. I nourished him in your faith. I taught him your psalms and your hymns. I took him to the temple and prayed with him in the synagogue. I answered his questions and formed his soul, all in the mold of Israel.

 We were Jews, faithful Jews, who sought only God’s blessings upon Israel. We were Jews who looked forward to your salvation, not your freedom from the Romans but your true salvation, the inner-salvation of your spirit and a re-establishing of a true relationship to the heavenly Father. That is what we sought but you rejected the gift. Time and again, you rejected us. You rejected my Son. You rejected his disciples and you still reject the Christ.

I am still a daughter of Israel and you are still at the center of my heart and the center of God’s plan. Your prophets told you correctly that you were his child and he could never reject you. “Even if a mother could reject the child of her womb, I will never reject you, O Israel”.

Now you have other enemies, with even greater weapons. They, too, surround you on every side. Your future is no longer in your hands. Do not trust your weapons and your armies. Your forefathers did that with the Romans and failed. Your Messiah came to save you and you rejected him. Now, I come, a true daughter of Israel. I come with my words to save you. Listen to these messages and I will lead you by a safe path. Then, I will send my son, the Pope, who will bring the gift of peace.

 The Two Fires 
December 4, 2011 

 Open wide the doors! The time is short. This is a time of abundance, the abundant helps of God that man needs so desperately. Even if man does not seek me, I will come. Even if he does not call upon me, I will answer. The time is short and too many will perish. I will act quickly and powerfully, like a mother saving her children when the house is on fire.

Yes, soon the house will be on fire, ablaze in violence. When it is unleashed, who will not feel its wrath? This is not the wrath of God against man. It is the wrath of man against man, of neighbor against neighbor. It is already happening. Open your eyes. You are seeing only the first sparks of the great fire. They are coming forth so you might go and see. Yes, go and see the fire that now still burns beneath the surface. That is the fire that is coming. Look at it well. Do not minimize it. Do not say, “That section of the world has always been a tinderbox. Israel has always been threatened.” This time is different. The fires will not be contained. The world will be dragged in. This is why I speak so often and, today, I speak so urgently.

The time is close. The fire is great and it will not be contained. When Satan wants a fire, is he content with one nation or one region? Does he not see himself as ruler of this world? Does he not want the whole world to become like his hell? This is his plan. He just waits until the final pieces are in place, so when he releases the fire, it will spread everywhere.

 My Son has said, “I have come to cast fire upon the earth” but you have rejected this saving, purifying fire. So, you have no defense. There will be another fire, a destroying fire. This is why I speak. It is not too late. (Although at some point it will be too late for some.) Which fire do you want – the fire of my Son or the fire of the Evil One?

I will place a new fire in the Church and the bishops must be open to this fire. They must stop walking away from the messages of my Immaculate Heart. This is the fire which I offer my people and if they do not find it in the Catholic Church, then where will they discover it? Now, I am revealing my plan in more detail. Before the destructive fire is released (and this is inevitable), the Church and the people must have received the divine fire within my Immaculate Heart. Only if they have been deeply touched by this divine fire (which will bind them together) will they survive the satanic fire.

 I speak to the bishops and the Pope. Begin now. You use so many other means that are useless against the satanic forces when the fire in my Immaculate Heart is ignored.

December 5, 2011 

Arise and come, so I can reveal my words and the nations will be enlightened. Yes, I can enlighten even the nations that live in darkness. My Son is a light to all the nations. If only they would walk in his light. That is why I speak. My words do not extend my light but his light. I do not speak by my own powers. The Father has sent me to extend the light of his Son to all the nations.

O nations of the world, you walk in the darkness of your own thoughts. You sign treaties, make agreements, align yourselves according to your own wisdom and your own light. You have cast aside my Son’s light. “We have come to the enlightenment, to the age of reason”, you say. “We have cast off the Dark Ages and have liberated ourselves. We use the light of natural reason to guide our course”.

 I say to you, “Is there no selfishness? Cannot the light of reason be used for evil? Does reason correct itself? When does reason say “I am wrong”? Only when it is too late. Only when all is destroyed. Then it must conclude, “I have taken the wrong path” (if it is even willing to be honest).

Do you not see? The wrong path is now nuclear. The stakes are too high. The mistakes are too costly. There is no room for error. How can you entrust the human race into the hands of reason when reason has led you to two world wars and constant conflicts? Why entrust yourself to reason when you can give yourselves over to your heavenly Mother?

These are my clear words. You are on the brink of nuclear war. You are helpless. Your rational approaches cannot defeat the evil that is being unleashed. Your treaties are useless. Your diplomatic approaches have failed, one after another.

I wait for you. I can lead you away from the coming catastrophes. These catastrophes I have revealed to the children of Medjugorje. They already know them. They are my ten secrets. Yet, I gave them a message of hope, but their words are muted. Many have not heard. The Church must proclaim them with full voice. How long must the visionaries persevere until the Church sees their words as so vital? Why not bring the story to the center? Why not bring the visionaries into the limelight? No longer keep them in the shadows. The validity of these apparitions is attested to on every side. 

 Fire in the Earth’s Belly 
December 6, 2011 

So many events will happen so quickly and one will trigger the other because nothing stands firm. The first to collapse will naturally be those with the weakest foundation and those that are closest to the destructive fires. They will not at all withstand even the first shocks. Then, others who encircle them will not be able to resist the collapse. Then the whole world will realize that it will be drawn into the battle. This will not be a regional war, one that can be contained. The conflict will entangle all the nations.

 The leaders will meet as usual to draw up plans, but the spark has been lit. The fire has been set.

Then will come a time when the conflict seems to be settled. The fire seems to have run its course, but this is only a calm for a little while. The great fire is still smoldering, but, as usual, the leaders will look the other way.

 What do I have to say about these travails? These are constantly flaring fires that burst into flames, do their damage, change the state of the world for the worse, and then seem to be over, like a fire that has spent itself. They are only the symptoms of the illness, the surface reactions which should be alerting mankind but are not. So, let me teach clearly once more, always repeating the same message. There is a satanic fire (even though you do not believe in it) that burns in the belly of the earth (i.e. in the heart of human history). This fire escapes from time to time in all of the wars that constantly plague mankind. Until this satanic fire is put out, wars will always be with you. They will constantly erupt. They will grow in scale and in destruction greater than ever before with unimaginable destruction of human life.

 I am the Woman and the heavenly Father has given me power over all these satanic fires. Without me, these fires go unimpeded.

Mary’s Special Invitation to You 
December 7, 2011 

I wait and I wait for the world to turn to me. I speak and I speak, hoping the world will listen. I search and I search, trying to find hearts that would receive all my blessings. I will not cease to wait and to speak and to search, because I have a mother’s heart which can never forget the child of her womb.

 Now I search in extraordinary ways. I do not limit my words to those who gather for worship. I go everywhere. I go to every nation in the world by these modern means of communication, but my messages are quite different.

When someone uses the Internet to send their message, the word goes forth for anyone in the world to read, but the person does not go forth, only their word. When my word goes forth, I accompany it. Yes, reader, as your eyes are now upon my word, I stand at your side. I touch your heart. I am already pouring out my gifts.

I am searching for you and I have found you. If only you would open hour heart to me, I would enter your heart. Your heart is a very special place. There is a gate, a door into your heart which is closely guarded by your free will. No one can enter unless you are willing and no one can leave unless you eject them. This is the greatest mystery – the human heart with all of its choices.

 All of your life, you have chosen whom to accept and whom to reject. This is a very special moment. You have a visitor at the gate. I stand at the door, and by these words, I knock, not just once but many times, not just softly but with great clamor. If you do not hear, I will knock louder. If you do not open, I will not go away. For years I have been searching for you. In the years of your sinfulness, I waited. In your years of questioning, I spoke. Now, at this moment, when so many of God’s graces have made you ready, I come and knock.

 Look at your life. Has there not been a series of graces, a gradual turning away from the darkest moments of your life, as gradual, almost imperceptible dawning of light? Now, I am closer than ever before. I am the noonday sun and I want to bring you into a fullness of light that will always remain within you. Take the step. Seek out confession. Rid yourself of your sins and you will have stepped into a new day that will remain with you, all the days of your life.

 The Harshness of the Coming Winter 
December 8, 2011 

 How difficult is the winter for so many. The people ask, “When will the springtime come?” as they look forward to the end of the cold and of the storms which often lash out at them. Mankind cannot control the winter. Its fierceness is not subject to human wills. As the storms follow, one after another, a hopelessness sets in which is allayed only by the knowledge that spring will follow.

Is this situation of human history? Is a winter of destruction always followed by a springtime of restoration? In the middle of human destruction can someone look at a calendar and say, “I know when this will be over. It will soon be spring”. The seasons are subject to God’s will. Winter cannot say, “I will replace the spring”. Nature has an order given to it by the creator.

 Human events do not enjoy such a certainty. They are in the hands of man. They follow man’s timetable and are not subject to the order of nature. The man-made winter of harshness and suffering has no calendar. It is not automatically followed by the Spring. This is why I must speak. The harshness of winter has its times and its seasons but then it must give way. It has no choice. The heavenly Father has decreed that it be so. But, when man moves away from God, when man says, “I will determine the season”. Then there are no limits to the harm or to the length of breadth, height and depth of the destruction.

That is why I come to wrap my mantle around mankind, just like a mother wraps her child during the cold of winter. Man can begin this winter. He is free to unleash his weapons, but I am free to wrap my children in the warmest of clothes.

Satan will not harm my little ones even with the fiercest of winters. No matter how long it lasts and what devastation he plans, because I will bundle my children in the warmest of blankets. But I must say this clearly. It is not the springtime of freedom when children can run freely. It is the winter when the children must gather around their mother. This winter will be fierce. It will seem like it will never end. But, does a baby wrapped in a warm blanket and held close by his mother, even know that it is winter? Does he even think, “When will come the springtime?” or is he quite content to be held in her arms? Come to me. I would wrap the whole world in my mantle.

 The Endless Midnight 
December 9, 2011 

The night is coming and, like any night, it comes slowly, first the dusk, then the twilight, then the darkness and finally the midnight, the total darkness. Yet, no one despairs. All know that the darkest of nights must give way. Night is limited by daylight. It has its time and then must give way. It cannot claim a permanent hold over the earth because God has made the sun. So it is with nature, so orderly, no chaos, easily able to be charted and predicted.

This, however, is not the way it is with satanic darkness, which is chaos. Nothing can be charted or predicted. There is no sun in his world that can arise and say to the night, “Be scattered, for your time is at an end. You must give way to my light”. His world is total darkness and those who descend into his world have no hope of light.

This has been my clear message. The world, unknowingly, has chosen the darkness. They have said to my Son, the Sun of Justice, “Do not rise, I do not want your light”. Fine. You have chosen the darkness and I will let you remain in the darkness (I have no other choice) until you realize that the secular world you have chosen has no day. (Is that not what you are always saying? “We are secular”.)

Yes, you have chosen a world which begins in light (the light given by your Creator) but which moves into twilight and midnight. When you get to midnight, the clock stops ticking. You have arrived at the center of the satanic world. He has tricked you, entrapped you. He told you to abandon the light of Jesus. He gave you a false light that would quickly fade, never to return. O world, if you continue on this road, you will reach a midnight that never ends. Now, you are only in the twilight yet look at the confusion and the chaos. What will the world be when it is endless midnight?

Turn back. I offer you the Sun of Justice. You are blinded by false lights that will lead to midnight. That is why I try to call you away, and why I offer you another light. To the reader, I say, “You know the religious light that you used to have and the religious devotion that you used to practice. Go back and retrieve them. They are easily available, right at hand. I am not asking for what is impossible. Those devotions and that faith are the light. Live that faith and you will never suffer from an endless midnight.

A Clear Summary of the Messages 
December 10, 2011 

 One thing is obvious. The world cannot continue in this direction. By my words, I have revealed, as far as possible (that is, as far as you need to know) what lies ahead if the world continues on this path of self-destruction. The power to destroy the world and human life as it now exists is already in place. The fires of anger and hatred burn so fiercely in the hearts of so many. The instability of economic structures affects even those who otherwise would feel safe and above the fray. Human life is so fragile and complex, that it can easily be disrupted.

 All of these things I have shown you so often because they are the first part of my message. The second part is also clear but not as much accepted. All of this could have been avoided. Mankind did not have to come to this moment. It was not an inevitable result of natural causes. This is the part that the world cannot receive, but I will say it again. Satan has brought all this about. He has used the intellect and the selfishness of man to build a world that, with a few strokes of his genius, he can destroy so that human life is changed for centuries. That is the moment in which mankind finds himself.

 For so long, especially since the French Revolution when the goddess of reason was exalted, man has excluded God, the human race has been tricked by Satan and has had to deal with two world wars that never needed to occur.

 Now, he has mankind on the edge of a greater precipice. The heavenly Father will not allow Satan to fulfill his plan but he has only two options. Mankind can return to God and walk in his ways. Or, the heavenly Father can allow the divine chastisements to stop mankind in its tracks. The second is just the lesser of two evils. There will be the chastisements of heaven so there is not the destruction planned by Satan.

 I have spoken clearly and concisely from my motherly heart. If mankind repents and turns back to God, I will lead man by an easy path. Do not think it cannot be accomplished.

The First Waves of Darkness
December 11, 2011 

The world is entering a time of great darkness and it is a long road back into the light. Many will get lost and never find the light, but I promise to guide everyone who trusts in me and listens to my messages through whatever darkness they encounter. I will tell you what I do.

When a person comes to me, I first quiet and still them. They are filled with fears and believe that they cannot continue. Sometimes, it takes a long while to quiet these fears because anxieties multiply themselves. They beget images that oppress. Everything is blown out of proportion. The fears enter the deep regions of the heart and paralyze the person. This power of darkness, these lies of Satan, need to be put to rest. I speak simple words with a mother’s voice because the person in this state has become like a helpless child. (But a helpless child at least has a mother while so many in the world do not know that they, too, have a mother.)

This comforting must happen again and again, because, in the darkness, fears multiply. So, I bring some rays of divine light. I recall the eternal truths to the person. The heavenly Father has not abandoned the world. He is drawing the person close to himself and he has sent me so that no one loses the way.

In this darkness, the person feels my presence. They do not see me but they know I am there. Sometimes, I give them great faith and peace in the middle of the trials. At other times, I bring about a sudden and surprising rescue from the difficulties. In both cases, the person knows that I am with them.

And so, we wait together, getting through one day at a time, surviving even amid the most difficult of times. Soon, the person grows strong in faith. They have survived the initial darkness. The fears are calmed and they return to their usual way of life. They are surprised. They can function. They can continue. The first waves of darkness have not destroyed them. There will be other waves but they know they have a mother who will help them. Blessed are those who know that I am the Woman, the powerful Mother of all mankind. How unfortunate those who think they are orphans.

Fatima & Medjugorje – Preparing for a Greater Light 
December 12, 2011 

 Today, I pour out the deepest words of my Immaculate Heart. They are words dripped in blood. When I brought Jesus forth in Bethlehem, there was no blood. It was a virgin birth. But quickly, there began the blood of suffering when Simeon prophesied about the child and Herod even threatened the child’s life. So the words I speak are words dripped in my own blood, like a mother bringing a child to birth.

 Before going on, I must explain the divine plan, what is in the Father’s heart. He has only love for mankind and when it sinned, he sent his Son. As it continues to hurtle to destruction, he has sent me as a messenger, a voice, the modern John the Baptist. I am not the Word of God, I am only his voice telling you to receive God’s Word, Jesus, my Son. Now, let us begin.

From the beginning, God planned great glory for man, like a rich man for his newborn child. But also, from the beginning, those plans were destroyed by sin. Man became unworthy of God’s glory. Sin continued and grew powerful and the likelihood that the Father’s plan would ever be accomplished seemingly vanished. Then, in the fullness of time, God sent an angel to reveal to me his plan of sending His Son. I saw my role, as difficult as it would be, filled with the shedding of blood, and I accepted that role. The light of God came and burned brightly. Jesus was raised up and placed on the lampstand. Bur now, the power of sin repeats the original distancing. Every day sin multiplies beyond its former limits. It intrudes even into the sanctuary of the Church and touches the highest office of worldly powers.

So, the Father decided to intervene again. At an important moment, as the New World was just beginning to open up to the European explorers, I appeared to St. Juan Diego at Guadalupe. There began the greatest moment of conversions to Jesus in all of history, a power that continues until this day.

Can this not happen again? Cannot the Father again send me as his heavenly messenger. It has already happened. The sun itself was shaken at Fatima. The visions continue each day at Medjugorje. Both of these will come into a full brilliance. Their light has not been spent. These two sites are preparing hearts but the full brilliance of my Son is still to come – soon, so very soon. Prepare the way of the Lord.

 An Invitation to See 
December 13, 2011 

The day begins with light but ends in darkness. So, human history begins with the light of God. It is not meant to have a darkness. The light was meant to increase as man’s relationship to God grew. But, this is not what has happened. Man has turned his back on God and, even if the sun would shine seven times brighter, man would only see the darkness of his own shadow.

That is what is happening in human history. Man is turning his back on God and the shadow grows longer. So, the Father sends me to preach, to say to the whole world, “If you would just turn around, you would be filled with light”. Yet, there are difficulties which I must explain.

 Since mankind is not used to God’s light, as it turns, there is great pain. The eyes have grown accustomed to the darkness. Mankind feels quite at home with lies, and cheating and promiscuity. Promises are given quickly with no real resolve to keep them. Accounts are juggled. The “books are cooked”. All is accepted with the wink of an eye, even though a just creditor will be defrauded.

So, the call to light poses some difficulties. The actions, so easily accepted in darkness, must be put aside. The person sees with new eyes and must assume new responsibilities. Many will say that this is impossible, that the habits of darkness are too ingrained. I do not say that this is an easy process or one that will be completed quickly, because living in the light has a cost. I just say that this is possible, that I invite you, the reader, to come into this light and that I will be with you in your new life.

What is your other option? You can continue in the darkness, which will grow and grow. You will come to moments when you know you are lost, so surrounded by darkness that you can only despair. How many invitations to light can you reject and still escape the darkness? Listen now. No matter how many past invitations you have rejected, I am giving you one more. I cannot promise you that there will be future invitations if you reject this one. You who read this know what I mean because I am also speaking in your heart right now. Go to confession and in the darkness of the confessional, you will find light to see.

A Return to Innocence 
December 14, 2011 

No one will turn you away from the door. No one will say, “You are not welcome”. No, I will hear your tiniest knock, your softest touch upon the door of my heart. I will open and see you, trembling and afraid. I will say “Come in. I have your place all prepared”. You will see all the others I have gathered, so similar to yourself, sinners but all gathered together by the Woman, all rejoicing because they never thought they could enjoy the privilege of being God’s child. Yet, they find this hidden identity within themselves, something written on their hearts. “a child of God made in his image and likeness”. No one knows what they have been through until they tell their stories. Then, all see that the stories are so familiar, exactly like their own story. I will recount them giving a sense of what happens.

The stories all begin with a happiness, a joy. However, this joy is cast aside. It is misjudged as of little importance and other things are taken up instead. The person becomes fascinated with these false goals and soon they are wandering far astray, losing their way, following an illusionary goal.

Then they hear a voice within, reminding them of what they were and the way they used to be. Then they hear a voice saying “I will be with you. Turn back.” This voice leads them to the door. They recognize the door so well. It is where they used to worship the Father. It is the door of goodness. “Dare I go in?” they ask. “How can I ask for entrance after all I have done”? Yet, the attraction is so great, that they approach and knock. I am standing there. When I speak they recognize my voice, the voice that said “I will be with you, turn back”. Yes, O reader, you once lived in great innocence but you have wandered after false lights. By these words, I urge you to return to your first innocence. Regain the joys of a good conscience. I will be there to make sure that the door opens.

 Why the Chastisements are Delayed 
December 16, 2011 

“Why do I wait so long? Why do I hold back my chastising hand?” These are the questions that the heavenly Father can legitimately ask. He sees the sins of mankind. He watches them flout his laws and even deny his existence. He has given mankind the beautiful earth and the gorgeous heavens. So, why does he not act? This is the great mystery, the delay, the constant delay, the pushing back.

The heavenly Father waits patiently, hoping that he does not have to act, always hoping that mankind would turn to him, so he could act with the greatest of mercies. He even raises up intercessors, who come before him night and day. These are God’s closest friends, and they plead with him to show mercy. In this way, he can put aside his justice for a while. He can claim that these chosen souls are like Moses who pleaded with him and allowed him to forgive the Israelites.

 This is the drama which takes place behind the scenes which I will explain for all to understand. God has many attributes, innumerable attributes that man cannot even understand or imagine. These attributes are the ways he acts with mankind. They are the qualities of his Divine Person. Even in the bible, God seems to have many faces. At times, he chooses Israel, then he chastises, then he promises and then he restores. God has only one face, but he has many qualities and all come into play in any relationship which God has with man. The bible tries to catch this diversity, this complexity of God (even though he is perfectly simple).

 God is not arbitrary. All of these attributes are in perfect balance and harmony. God is very predictable. If mankind repents, God will forgive. If mankind sins and continues in its sin, God will chastise.

But the question here is about time. When will God chastise? When a person repents, God forgives immediately, but it is quite different with his chastisements. He puts them off and puts them off. People even complain, “How long, O Lord, before you vindicate our rights?” This is because God stretches his mercy as far as he can, until showing mercy is foolish, destructive and harmful to the human race. I must say, “We have reached that point” yet he still delays only because many chosen souls plead before his divine presence. They delay the chastisements and gain time for repentance. This is my message, “Do not put off the time of your repentance” or else you will be worthy of God’s chastisements. I speak to you as a mother warning her children.

 The Coming Destructive Events 
December 17, 2011 

The events will begin, pouring out one after another. In the beginning, men will just see this as another difficulty to be grappled with. Then as a second and a third event happen, they will wonder how they can respond. Then as the events pour out more and more, all will realize that the state of the world is changing.

What do I mean by “the events”? These come from the hidden heart of Satan. Each event is touched by his demonic fire. They are human events, but they are not just human decisions. These decisions come from the hearts of people who are controlled by Satan. Their hearts are given over to hatred, anger and destruction. They are captured hearts. Unfortunately, they are not captured by love. They are not owned by my Son, Jesus. They are captured by the Evil One.

He will use the smallest first, to set a little fire of destruction (I do not just mean wars or violent destruction, but all manner of disturbances). Then other sources of his darkness will be poured forth. After that, seeing that each of these new problems has had its effect, he will reach deep within his bag and pull out unforeseen problems. These he will release upon a world that is already having difficulties coping with the previous problems.

At this point, he is not finished. He will hold his greatest powers in reserve. He will wait and he will rejoice in the destruction and confusion that he has stirred up through his minions, those whose hearts he controls. Yet, there are others. These still wait in the wings. It is not yet their time to go on stage. Satan wants to orchestrate everything. He wants it in his way and in his time.

But, I will not let this happen. This is what I am trying to teach mankind. Satan owns people. These people are destructive and he has armed them with every possible weapon (Again, I am not just speaking about weapons of war. There are weapons of lies, of confusion, of political authority, of financial power. There are the weapons of mass communication and of the internet. His weapons are everywhere and he owns people in every nation and in every walk of life.)

I know Satan’s people, his weapons and his plan. I know his army and his legions of followers. I would have destroyed him long ago, but the human race has chosen to follow his darkness and to reject my light. So, it has walked into his trap and he is about to release his powers in all of their fury. I say this clearly. It will be released, step by step, always with increasing power and darkness. He will send forth many, but not all, of what he has accumulated over these centuries.

What can I do? I can protect all those who come to me. That is why the Father has sent me. This is the constant theme of the messages. The destructive events will pour forth but I can save those who trust in me. I do not say that I will save your lives. I will save your souls. Also, I will save you from much of the suffering (but not all). I will save your loved ones. You will see them return to the faith. Tell them not to despair. Tell them that all of this has been told to you ahead of time, so that all can believe that in these events, the Woman of Light stands in your midst calling all into the Noah’s Ark of her Immaculate Heart.

 All Out Warfare 
December 18, 2011 

The door is open and no one is standing guard to keep out those who introduce confusion and destruction. Many voices are raised that bring only darkness, like clouds that cover over the sun of truth. Who will part these clouds so the earth is not totally enshrouded and the people of earth do not despair? How will they know that God still loves them and works for their good? Let us begin.

From the very beginning, darkness and confusion entered human history. The story had just begun and was in its very first chapters, when the evil one intruded, causing confusion within the first woman and sin within the first man. For mankind, this problem has always existed. From the beginning chapters, the heavenly Father also had a solution. He would raise up a woman and there would be enmity between Satan’s children and her children (Gen. 3:16). This was God’s plan from the moment that darkness entered into the world. God did not make a world of enmity. Warfare was God’s only solution to a problem that entered into a human history by a sinful choice.

That explains all that is happening today. Man has made a thousand sinful choices, of the greatest magnitude. He has opened the door. No one stands guard. The enemy intrudes and has free access to every part of human life. He enters the halls of congress. He sets up his household (yes, his household, meaning his minions) in the places of greatest power. He claims hearts that even deny he exists. (These are the most vulnerable.) His power is everywhere, in all the systems, in all the leaders, in all the people whom he influences.

What is God’s response? Will he call a truce? Will he sign a peace treaty? Will he agree to certain conditions? Will there be an arbitrated compromise? No, he will send a Woman and there will be total warfare until the Evil One is cast out and my Son, Jesus, again becomes the Lord of human history. Get ready for war because God will not compromise. You have one choice, which army will you serve in? No one will be on the sidelines.

 The Clash of Intellects 
December 19, 2011 

 “Everything is arranged correctly. All is in place”. Satan believes that he has a plan which cannot fail. He sees his targets. He knows those whom he wishes to destroy and those whom he intends to use. It is like a chess game and he trusts his great intellect which God gave to him.

When God created Lucifer (the great “light-bearer”), he gave him the greatest created intellect. He allowed him to see what others could not see and to understand great mysteries. When Lucifer turned his heart away from God, he plunged into darkness, but he kept his great intellect. Only now, he had no light and his intellect was no longer focused on light. He understood only the powers of darkness.

Everything he touches follows his path. It goes from light into darkness. He counterfeits light (for he has none himself). He attracts by false lights. This is how he draws mankind into darkness. How many he has drawn. He began with the first parents, attracting them by his lie. Now he has drawn millions into a darkness which they do not understand but will soon be revealed for all to see. That is what I mean. He thinks “Everything is in place. All is ready”. This is what I will explain.

 The manifestation of his darkness has already begun but few recognize it. They think that the troubles afflicting the world are due to human beings. (No human being could be this clever). Soon, he will bring about great manifestations of darkness. His purpose is to cause despair so men lose hope.

That is why I speak now. His plan is not perfect. I do not leave mankind to its own understandings. I am ready to offer the wisdom of my Son who constantly outwitted Satan and those whom he controlled. I will offer my wisdom in the depth of each person’s intellect. There will be inner lights and divine wisdom. But all must call upon me quickly. You cannot wait until the last minute. Your minds are inadequate and need my light now.

 Waters That will Quench the Satanic Fire 
December 20, 2011 

 What is hidden from man? What lies behind the scenes? There is a demonic fire, raging in full force, which feeds upon human suffering. Yes, his fire feeds on your suffering and when you see the great suffering in the world today, know that this is food for his fire, which would consume the whole earth and make it into Satan’s hell. That is his goal.

Is there not a stream of water, which can put out his fires? You have already tried your human water and have seen your efforts collapse. Your water is no match for his fire, so he will encourage you to try your solutions again and again. He knows there is one stream which flows from my Immaculate Heart. When men invoke me, the stream comes forth in abundance and the demonic fires are quenched. This is the warfare I am describing, the war which takes place every day of human history.

Now the conflagration has spread from the individual heart to the world scene. A new leader has arisen in North Korea, but the one who appears to be the leader is not the leader. He is the puppet, the face that is put forward, the anointed son. The powers are in the background. They were always waiting for their chance and now they see the opening. Be assured of this. Satan will have his man handpicked and ready, prepared for years for this moment when he can seize power. And others are with him, ready to proclaim him so that all know that he has their support.

As the Satanic fire continues to consume the world, the powerful waters of my heart do not flow out because mankind is unaware. They do not see the forces behind the scenes. They do not even think in terms of the supernatural. For man, all is reason. Life is rational not supernatural. Well, this is my challenge. “Put out the demonic fires with your rational powers. Try to stop the fires that are consuming your world. You will totally fail. You have no water that can turn back his flames”.

 My water would lessen passions, cool anger, soften hearts, open eyes, refresh spirits and draw people into faith. I would do this for families, for churches and for nations. The great rivers stand ready to flow. Satan is aware of this. He wants to keep man blinded and trusting in the power of reason. Then he will have time to consume the world. How long will you delay? Parts of the world have already been lost.

 Publishing the Full Fatima Secret 
December 21, 2011 

When the heavens open up and the rains come down, man is helpless. Sometimes, what rains down is a blessing, the water so desperately needed in a dry spell. At other times, the water is too great and floods result. At times, the water becomes the snow of blizzards. Mankind has never conquered the heavens. It has never come under his control.

 If mankind has not control over the beneficent waters that come down to bless the earth, he also has no control over the demonic fires that will rain down from the heavens. In the past century, Satan equipped man to rain down destructive fires, those bombs of destruction called nuclear. Now, he has equipped many nations which are either in his control or soon will be in his control. How he covets those bombs of fire. He stores them up. He increases their power and their accuracy. He chooses his closest companions (those whom he controls the most) to be in charge. He places them in high positions. He removes others who are more moderate and replaces them with radical hearts that want to increase the destruction and will not wait.

That is what is taking place, but the world does not see. Satan’s greatest delight centers on atomic weapons. He stirs people to build them, to store them and to prepare to use them. If some leaders are hesitant, he removes them. He waits until all is in place.

 Do you think that all of his preparation is in vain? Do you think he is bluffing? Do you think he stores up atomic weapons as a deterrent? He has no qualms. Destruction is his nature and his goal. He wants to leave nothing standing. He wants to destroy the human race and reverse the creation of mankind. This would be his greatest moment.

Mankind, this is where you are. How foolish you are to think that Satan can possess nuclear arms and never use them. They will be used. How far and how great the destruction depends on your turning to me, on how many listen to my words and come into my Immaculate Heart. Let the Church proclaim these words. The Church can reveal the full secret of Fatima. I have already spoken. The Church need only say, “This is what the Virgin of Fatima has said”.

Why are my words held back? Whose so-called prudence is covering over my Wisdom? If I have spoken these words (and were they not given to the most faithful of my messengers – the three children of Fatima), then why are they not published? If they are not published, I will remove those who are covering them over and replace them with my true servants who will release the full light of Fatima.

 Removing the Church’s Obstacles to Fatima 
December 22, 2011 

When I spoke at Fatima, the forces of darkness seemed to be strong, but they would have easily been defeated. I would have shortened the war, even end it immediately, if my words had been published and people had responded. This is the great mystery of my Immaculate Heart that I am trying to reveal.

The heavenly Father has chosen to exalt my Immaculate Heart. He has placed every treasure of peace and stability in my heart, like a divine flame. This divine flame is meant to go forth to the whole world. Instead, the flame burns within me and is bottled up because I cannot find the human hearts to receive this flame. To anyone who loves my Immaculate Heart, I give treasures far beyond their merits because so many treasures are left behind.

This was my message at Fatima. If heeded, the darkness would have quickly been overcome. Instead my words were hidden, and covered over, so the forces of darkness grew. The clouds of war formed again and a second world war began which never should have happened.

So, what has taken place since I first spoke at Fatima (1917)? Instead of war being extinguished and the world enjoying unprecedented times of peace, the clouds gathered time and again. How many times I have saved the world! So many incidents could have flared into atomic war! These are secrets you will see in heaven.

But now the clash is inevitable. The darkness has grown and grown. My words at Fatima have been pushed aside, tabled, ignored, and seen as of little importance. Other items took the first place on the agenda. Man’s words replaced my words. Man’s words tried to form the Church, a Church which had no idea of the demonic forces which it was facing. The antidote was always there, but it was never used.

 Now the situation has changed drastically. The darkness has been allowed to grow and envelops most of the world. The crises are all too evident – even to the secular eye. The darkness has also grown emboldened. It is ready to strike, to unleash its destructive powers. What do I say? My words are clear. I will release the light of Fatima. I will no longer allow anyone to hold it back. I can no longer delay. I will take matters into my own hands. I will raise up those who will not be ashamed of my message. I will sweep aside those who are the obstacles. The light of Fatima must shine fully. Then the powers of darkness will fade.

 The Pope Must Lead the Church to Fatima 
December 23, 2011 

Throughout the world, people begin to prepare for the feast of Christmas. Many do so in a very sincere way. How different the original Christmas and the Christmas of today. The birth was unknown to the world. The light had come but only the shepherds shared in the story. How much more was to unfold, with John the Baptist preparing the way. Then, my Son came onto the scene, anointed with the Holy Spirit and power. All the events unfolded, prophesied ahead of time, and culminating in his death and resurrection.

Since then, the gospel has gone forth, preached to all the nations and drawing all who believe into great light. Now, everything is threatened. The work of centuries is being attacked as never before. The darkness is trying to put out all the lights of Christ and to erase all the faith. Satan looks forward to this coming year. Some he will destroy by death but their martyrdoms will become eternal lights, always lighting up the heavens. Even more, he will try to destroy by fear, when the disasters will shake people’s faith. But most of all, he will try to conquer by despair, when so many surrender to the seemingly hopeless situations which they will face.

Where is my Church? It will proclaim the truths as usual, and this is its task. But, this is not enough. My Church will need help, my help. So, these words are for my Church in this coming year of 2012. You have the deposit of faith but you do not have within your grasp what you will need to sustain your people in faith, in the face of all that will occur in this coming year. You are weak. You are helpless. Your light is not strong enough. Your lights are fragile and vulnerable. You are not ready for the assaults of darkness. How clearly can I speak to you? Whole sections of the Church are ready to be swept into darkness. The work of conversions done over centuries is about to be toppled. You will see it before your very eyes, like a mother viewing the death of her child.

What can I say to you? How much must I warn you? Go to Fatima! Take all the believers with you. Go to Fatima as quickly as possible! All that you need lies in my Immaculate Heart at Fatima. Do not listen to those in high places who caution prudence or who tell you to wait. Holy Father, lead my Church to Fatima. Why are you waiting? What is the delay? If I had not spoken, if I had not appeared, if I had not placed the treasures there, then I could excuse you. Things would not be so clear. Clear away your desk. Set aside the other issues. Proclaim a year of Fatima. Be very specific. Get people to read my messages. Get them to understand the great blessings that remain unopened. People need concrete advice on how to walk. This is a clear path. Before the destruction begins, I want my whole Church to go to Fatima. I will be there.

Let no one ask in the middle of all that will happen, “Where is Mary?” I have told you where I am. Those who go there, in body or in spirit, will be kept safe.

 The Pope Must Proclaim a Year of Fatima 
December 24, 2011 

I wait for the Consecration of Russia to be done by the Holy Father. He must move quickly before it is too late. The world events must convince him that no other force exists that can turn back the satanic destruction of the world and of the Church that is taking place. Mankind will be helpless and the Church will be helpless. (There will be scandal after scandal.)

 Everything is going in reverse. Power is slipping away, both from world leaders and Church leaders. The bonds of stability that held the world together are loosening. The world does not know what to do but the Church knows and the Pope knows. The Pope must cut away those who tell him to stay away from Fatima. They are the voices of Satan and need to be silenced.

The Pope must draw near to Fatima. He must study Fatima. He must encircle himself with advisers who both know and love Fatima. He must preach on Fatima. He must instruct the whole Church. He must tell the bishops that they are to fully embrace the message and teaching of Fatima. The Church of 2012 must become a Church of Fatima. Only in this way, will the Church begin to take the right road. Do not be afraid of those who will raise their voices against this.

 I will bring the people back to the sacraments. This will quickly prepare for the Consecration of Russia. Fervor will return. Hearts will see the great mistakes they have made. There will be a gigantic “turning back”. However, the effort must be “all-out”. A letter will not suffice. A homily, here or there, won’t even be noticed. Even to speak of me in a general way, will gain no attention.

So, I speak to my son, my beloved Pope. Place the light of Fatima in your own heart. Let that light grow. Let that light diminish all the other lights, even the brilliant light of your human plans. The world, at this point, does not need your theological teachings, (as brilliant as they are). They need my simple teachings that I gave to the three children, especially to Lucy. She is a light placed under a bushel basket and it is time for you to put her on the lampstand.

 The Soldiers of Peace 
December 25, 2011 

 Why the delay when so much hangs in the balance? Can they not see what is on the horizon and how the forces of destruction grow stronger? Has armed might brought peace? Has it subdued the enemy of destruction? Look at Iraq and what is happening. That is the lesson for you. Hold it before your eyes. Learn its lessons. Satan uses weapons of war for his own goals. He does not care who is wielding them as long as suffering and death are flourishing. This I have taught you time and again. Satan loves suffering, destruction and death. In this way, earth resembles his hell and the human race is changed into his image and likeness. Woe to the person who unleashes the forces of war! Blessed is the person of peace!

Learn this lesson also. Peace does not lie in the hands of man. Peace lies only in my hands. I am the Queen of Peace and my Son is the God of peace. Did he ever take up a weapon? Did he ever instruct his disciples to strike back? Did he believe that the Romans should be overturned? This was not his agenda. He was a man of peace who saw the true means of peace. This message has been rejected and now war is everywhere and arms, even nuclear arms, proliferate.

I will raise up an army, yes an army. My soldiers will have a totally different vision. They will seek peace. They will hunger and thirst for peace. They will see the causes of war long before any conflict begins. (It takes a spiritual heart to sense the injustices that lead to war.) They will fight these injustices. They will convene people to speak about the issues, not about how to wage war but how to prevent war. They will expose the arms dealers, those merchants of death, who count their profits even while their products deal destruction.

I do not say that peace is easy. I say this, “It is easier to fight your wars than to bring about my peace. It is easier to drop your bombs and send your drones, than it is to protect, to settle a people and to address the issues. I will raise up an army of soldiers of peace.

 The Convulsions of 2012 
December 26, 2011 

The whole world shakes, like a man with a high fever. Remedies are useless for the causes are beyond human understanding and human power. Yet, no one turns to me, the great antidote. Even one swallow of my love would lessen the burning fever and a full acceptance of my love would clear out this great affliction totally. All I ask is that mankind open its heart and receive the divine fire that burns so deeply in my heart.

When the fever reaches its highest pitch, convulsions take place. The body can no longer retain the fire. That is what you are seeing, the first convulsions, like the beginning pangs of birth. If these are the first convulsions, what will the final convulsions be like? What destruction must happen until these evil forces are spent and people realize that so much has been destroyed?

 This is what faces mankind in the year ahead, the convulsions of war, economic collapse and massive destructions. These are inevitable unless man listens to me. I say this now so that as the convulsions continue people will remember my word and will gain a measure of hope. They will say, “Our heavenly Mother foresaw all of this. She warned us that this would happen. We must go to her and find refuge in her Immaculate Heart”.

The convulsions will begin in the Middle East. The uprisings have removed the obstacles to Satan’s plan. The forces of Muslim radicalism can now be joined even more. They will begin to claim control of countries where they had been suppressed. They will have access to more money and to a more open communication. As the American influence lessens, they need not fear any military might coming against them.

They have moved to control Egypt and will do the same in Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan. The whole face of that region will change very quickly. Dark clouds will surround Israel, which is their primary target. You must understand. Destroying Israel would vindicate radical Muslims. They would have achieved by their destructive means what years of peaceful negotiations could not. Even moderate Muslims would have to concede their victory. All the power will shift and will no longer respect national borders. There would arise a new multi-national Muslim reality that is drunk on Jewish blood. That is what the world is facing and why I am speaking so clearly.

The antidote is to turn to my Immaculate Heart. The turning must be with the whole heart. It begins with believing my words. It continues with calling on my name. It is nourished by the Rosary, but it is only completed by a complete change of life, a total turning away from all darkness and toward a life that is free from every sin. Is the world capable of this? Is America ready for this? The antidote that I am offering is strong medicine but nothing else will have any effect. The time is so short!

 Mary’s Pastoral Plan 
December 27, 2011 

 I would gather my people, but all are scattered. They are consumed with other tasks. “What I am doing for the Church is important”, they say. “I am carrying out an important work of evangelization”. They go off in their own directions. They are scattered children, each carrying their little light that is quickly swallowed up in the darkness.

I must call my children together. I must say to them “Put away the lights of your own minds and your own wills. Take my light. It seems small now but if you but hold it in your heart and lift it high for all to see, this little light will grow. This light contains within it unique powers”. I will explain these images.

The Catholic Church has many, many good people who are sincerely interested in its welfare. However, they are scattered. They are not drawn together. They preach and work very hard but the results are meager and they grow disheartened. They turn to others for advice. They go to workshops to learn what the experts are saying. One year they try one thing and the next year they try something else. Their efforts are sincere but the good effects flow away like rain water down a sewer. Why does this happen? Because they turn to their experts instead of turning to me. They work according to the ideas of man instead of by the light which their heavenly Mother has provided. That is what I mean when I say “They are scattered and concerned with other tasks”.

My plan is to gather them and to give them my light. Many have set me aside. They have relegated me to “Marian devotions”. They have never learned the central truth of Fatima. At this moment in the world’s history the heavenly Father has decided to exalt my Immaculate Heart. This century will see the triumph of my Immaculate Heart. That is the Father’s pastoral plan and it contains all wisdom and all power. Yet, many sincere workers in the Church set aside this plan. They substitute their own. This is why the Pope must call a year of Fatima. All the Church evangelists, preachers, pastors, catechists and people must get on the same page. They must get on my page because their page is useless.

The Muslim Takeover of Egypt 
December 28, 2011 

The forces of Satan clash with one another. This is what happens in hell where there is no peace, only constant warfare. When the fires of hell descend upon a people, there are clashes. People are caught up in what they do not understand. They only know that there is some superior force that is getting them to protest and then to turn violent. The violence leads to destruction and what has been built for years is torn down in one day. The people can never go back. They cannot put together what they have broken.

This is what is happening in Egypt. Families and neighborhoods are shattered and no one can go back. The doors to the past have been closed off. Now all face these uncertain futures. Troubles can begin quickly. When the protests and violence have been unleashed, when people have been stirred by this force, when they have tasted the power that can topple a regime, are they ready to return to peace, to a daily patience, to a routine that nourishes a family and builds a nation?

I know that this was their dream. They wanted a nation freed from a dictator. They wanted to freely choose their way of life and to elect those who would lead them. These are the legitimate aspirations of all people, but the powers of evil have used your aspirations for their purposes. They foresaw the situation that would exist after you toppled the dictator, the vacuum of power that would be created and the forces that would take advantage. They also saw that the spirit of protest was placed in so many hearts and that this spirit will rise again and again. The means of stirring up protests lay in the hands of those who did it the first time.

Where is the stability of the new order? What good flows from it? People will say that this is to be expected after a revolution but I say to you that these were revolutions planned by Satan to throw your countries into even greater darkness and to prepare you for a takeover by Muslim extremists. They are the ones waiting in the wings. They are Satan’s people whom he has prepared.

Nuclear Arms and the Radical Muslims 
December 29, 2011 

The various events come and go, but each one leaves its mark and prepares for the wave that follows. This is the course of human history which never stops. One era flows into another. Each age hands over to the following age a different world than the one it received.

What will the current age hand over to those who will follow? Will it be a world destroyed by violence and subdued by terrorism? Will it be a world that cannot pay its debts and cannot control its spending? Will it be a world of moral darkness, where all the lights of Christian ideals have been extinguished?

The answers lie in the events which will decide the future of the world. Everything hangs in the balance. The stakes are high and no one knows what will happen. That is why I teach you.

Millions of people lie at the mercy of those few who hold in their hands the destructive power of nuclear war. This is the great question. Into whose hands will these destructive powers fall? Who will gain access to these nuclear arms? How will the power in the world shift when this happens? I say this before it happens. When nuclear arms fall into the hands of the radical Muslims they will not limit their frenzy nor will they act rationally. For decades, they have sought this unholy grail. They know where the weapons are and have plotted the means to attain them and no one is sounding the alarm, even though it is happening before your very eyes.

Once they have gained these treasures, where will they stop? With Israel? With Europe? With America? They want to control the world and they will use violence to gain their goal.

 O Church, can I not awaken you? It is too late to speak to the nations. They give me no hearing. But you, O Church, whose mother I am, can I not expect you to listen? The nuclear peril is real. The destruction of millions is a distinct possibility. You have in your hands the light of Fatima. Let that light shine. Do not keep it hidden. All the world will be grateful for the destruction you have prevented. The Holy Father knows this is true.

 The Worldwide Evil 
December 30, 2011

Let the warning go forth that the great turmoil is about to begin. Until now, there have been skirmishes. Satan has probed at the defenses, the obstacles to his plans. He knows where to plan his attacks and the forces that he has for a gigantic breakthrough that he hopes will set the stage for his future conquests. The greatness of this breakthrough cannot be overestimated. It will give him a foothold into new territory that he does not yet command. His eyes are on the whole world and no area is safe, even those countries far removed from the Middle East.

 I say all of this so you can see that nothing is safe, even those areas which seem to be far distant. Each area has its own problems. These problems are doors which Satan uses to enter and gain a stronghold. He then solidifies his position and plans his next move.

He is doing this in Mexico with the drug cartels. His presence there is obvious. There are all the signs: drugs, violence and money, deaths, tortures, intimidation and the breakdown of law enforcement. This is what he always looks to – people whom he can use because they are buried in vices and welcome his assistance.

He will do the same in other areas of the world, finding selfish and vicious people whom he will teach how to organize to gain their evil goals. Then evil becomes incarnate, takes on a form and grows.

“Where did this come from?” people ask. I explain so clearly. Evil takes different forms according to the evil intents in people’s hearts and according to the cultural setting. Evil has many forms. It is not the product of the culture but discovers what evil the culture is open to.

If the evil is worldwide, then the purging of hearts must also be worldwide. Let the message be clear. First, hearts must be purged, then the evil can be cast out. How ready I am to bring about this worldwide purging but the heart of the world must be prepared. That is why I want a Year of Fatima proclaimed by the Holy Father to prepare for the Consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart. Let him not delay!

A New Year of Great Uncertainty 
December 31, 2011

The doors open up to a new year of great uncertainty. What lies ahead for the world and the Church? Let me take each one separately.

 The foundations of the world are not firm and they can ill afford a renewal of all the problems. Yet, these problems are still present. They have not been resolved and no solution is in sight. So, the prognosis for stability and progress is very poor. Added to this fragile foundation will be all the new, unforeseen problems, many of them surprising. In America, the fight over taxing the rich will escalate, while many of the other issues will be sidelined. America will just sink further and further into debt. A great morass, a cesspool of inaction will paralyze the legislature and the President will delight that he can blame the other party. All of this will weaken American more quickly than anything else. Only the election will determine America’s future because nothing will be accomplished before that.

Europe will continue battling its debt crisis with inadequate reforms, postponing the inevitable when the collapse will come. Egypt will come more and more under Muslim control. Even now, they envision a complete control of the elections. They know their goals and will act quickly while everyone else protests to no avail.

 Israel realizes the changed nature of the region and that it stands alone. It is not really favored by Washington and is the object of hatred of its closest neighbors. It will turn to its military might but in vain. The forces of destruction are too great.

China will move to greater global power. America does not understand her designs to conquer the world but the Spirit of God is moving in the house churches. With America’s economic debt, China feels it always has the trump card. America is weakened by its severe economic problems.

Iran will move against its neighbor, Iraq, and will control as much as possible. Iraq will suffer much from all the internal struggles and the external incursions. I weep over Iraq to see it dismembered and helpless.

 Afghanistan will not stand. Everything will fall. The regime will be toppled and chaos will exist. The Taliban will grow strong and feel that they have no one to oppose them now that America has withdrawn.

Pakistan will become the biggest problem. Its borders will be porous and evil will flow freely, back and forth. The military will assume more control. Civilian leadership will be very weakened and ready to collapse. Al-Qaeda will be waiting in the wings. This will be its greatest prize – to control nuclear arms. The stage is set for such a scenario.

All of these are the forces that are in place as the New Year begins. Russia is tottering and those now in control have to readjust their sights and take a step backward. However, do not be fooled, Putin is a clever leader who has many high officials in his back pocket. He is not ready to give up, now that he sees so many of his goals in sight. He has forged many friendships. He has ingratiated Russia into the hearts of many leaders. He is trying to outmaneuver the United States, no matter what. The question of right and wrong does not disturb him. He seeks only that Russia regains its place as a world power.

That is the review. The picture is a dark one, with few rays of light. This is the path which the world has chosen, led by darkness instead of light. It need not be this way. It could have been much different, but the choices have been made and this is where they have led.

A Future Papal Election
January ~ 2012