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Locutions to the World ~ June 2015 The Breaking Point of History, It is time for America to take its place

"Dear children,Today, as never before, I call you to pray for peace. 
Satan is strong and he seeks to destroy not only human life 
but also nature and the planet on which you are living."  

6. The Breaking Point of History 
Jun 1st, 2015 

History comes to a breaking point when all the forces beneath the surface can no longer be contained. These breaking points call forth a response. The problem is faced and not put off. Resources rush to the rescue until some order is restored.

This breaking point has already arrived in the Middle East but the resources are not equal to the task and leaders are unwilling to commit more. There will be no rescue. Nations will be divided up and no longer exist. Refugees will flow from one country to another. Unimaginable human suffering will occur every day.

An evil has been planted that will grow far beyond what anyone can imagine. It will build walls of protection so it cannot be easily overthrown. It will set up its command posts and then ask. “What new lands will we conquer?” The taste of a victory obtained so quickly, will only whet the appetite and strengthen the resolve. This evil takes place right now before your very eyes.

As this new reality emerges, all will see what steps should have been taken. But it is too late. The world will have to contend with large areas and great resources in the hands of people who want to control the world and have absolutely no qualms about the means that they use.

Will all of this awaken people? Not at all. As long as their own human lives go untouched, day following day as usual, the evil will still seem so far away. But terrorism is not the only evil that will reach its breaking point. The West walks on thin ice in so many ways. Society is not stable and the path ahead is not secure.

Why do I say all of this? So you can learn to trust my words. I always speak of a different path, a little road that is hidden in my heart and which can be walked by all who are willing. I will not abandon the world. Write these words on your heart. I will not abandon the world.

Comment: The Middle East has certainly broken open. What future breaking points will happen? We must follow Our Lady. 

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 6/2-5/15 ★ A new dawn will arise, coming from the West, I do not speak of some future moment. I cannot wait. The time is too short. 

“…The world has been drawn into a great whirlpool. 
It does not know what it is doing. 
It does not realize into what sin it is sinking. 
It needs your prayers so that I can pull it out of this danger…”  
Our Lady of Medjugorje

7. The Light of Pope Francis 
Jun 2nd, 2015 

I cannot hold back my words. They flow from my heart like a mighty river. Every person, every parish, every nation needs to hear my words. I climb the highest mountain and shout from the rooftops that the world is headed into darkness and will continue this path unless it listens.

I am ready to act. I am ready to release immense light that will change the whole direction of the world. I am ready to act upon the world stage and to raise up those who will be agents of light. This is already happening in Pope Francis and he will be followed by another, my beloved priest son.

But that is not all. I will flood millions of hearts with new light, encouraging them to act, to speak out, to take a stand and to help. No longer will they be confused or overwhelmed by the darkness that now prevails. This is what I mean by my “little path”, meant only for those who are willing to forsake the roads that world leaders are currently on.

Light. Light. Light everywhere. Overflowing light, waiting to be poured out if only I can find hearts that would receive and act. I am doing this already. When you see it in others rejoice. When you experience this in yourself, give thanks and seek more and more.

I refuse to allow this world created by the Father, redeemed by my Son and made holy by the Spirit to fall into unending darkness. The answer is light but the time is short. Extraordinary lights must go forth and extraordinary efforts must be made to receive the light. Powerful lights are needed to reverse this darkness and extraordinary cooperation is needed to receive these lights.

Comments: Pope Francis is opening the door to Our Lady’s light.

8. The Powerful Light of Mercy 
Jun 3rd, 2015 

How can I get a world that chooses the darkness to turn around to the light? I have raised up a pope who is applauded by many. He speaks words of mercy that come from his loving heart. Mercy must always be the first word because it attracts, encourages and shines a light that invites. This great light of mercy will continue to go forth and many (for the first time) will realize that they, too, are called into Jesus’ kingdom.

The whole Church will be bathed in mercy, which is the first word and the first proclamation of the gospel. Let not the world abuse this light or twist God’s mercy to its selfish goals.

The warmth of mercy is meant to melt the soul, not to harden it. Mercy calls the person to great heights not to base interests. If fully accepted, mercy itself will open many new doors to the full invitations of Jesus. “Go sell all you have, give to the poor and follow me”. Mercy leads to a life spent for others and to a constant proclaiming of God’s mercy to the whole world. Mercy leads to freedom of spirit, generosity, fervor, self-sacrifice and a laying down of your life for others.

How short is the time! How quickly the power of mercy must penetrate the whole world. Only mercy can save the world from justice and darkness. Listen to Pope Francis. Applaud his words. Receive mercy. Show mercy to others. Do not swerve from this path, even if others do not respond. Remember, you yourself often turned your back on God’s mercy but He did not turn His back to you.

Comment: Our Lady sees the urgency of turning the world around. Mercy can accomplish much very quickly.

9. The First Great Light 
Jun 4th, 2015 

I do not speak of some future moment. I cannot wait. The time is too short. I am already pouring out my light. Let me speak of what is happening right now.

Light begins when people begin to perceive that darkness is growing, when they realize that the light of day is fading. When evening draws near, people seek other lights. What they had abandoned in the daylight since it was not needed, they seek out again.

Where are the high hopes of yesteryear? Where is the unbridled enthusiasm for worldly progress that so infatuated mankind? Where is the belief in the inevitable progress of human history? The have all been swept away. History is plunging into unforeseen darkness and only those who refuse to see the truth think otherwise.

This is the beginning light that awakens mankind and makes him arise from his slumber. It tears away the blindfolds and forces him to see that human light is no light at all.

I am pouring out this great light of awareness everywhere. People are waking up to the great threats that imperil the world. No one speaks of a bright and glorious future. Many wonder if there will be any future at all, especially for the children and grandchildren.

Do you not see the making of a new army, a calling together of people on a scale previously unseen or even conceived? A word goes forth, sent each day by the vast news media. Culture is breaking apart. Bulwarks of stability are no longer firm.

Although darkness covers the earth, the inner darkness that had captivated the human mind is being scattered. Who, today, would speak of the bright, inevitable future of mankind? Only a fool!

This is the first light that I am pouring out. As the illusions are shattered and mankind faces the new reality, he is ready for my new lights.

Comment: The growing darkness has one good effect. Mankind sets aside the great illusions of inevitable progress.

O Blessed Virgin, Mother of the Savior, 
Scatter the forces of evil 
so they are not engrossed in darkness 
but can come to Light! 
amen, amen. †

URGENT: LOCUTIONS to the WORLD 9/29-10/9/13

10. A New Dawn From the West 
Jun 5th, 2015 

All must know my secrets. I must cast new light upon the whole world. A new dawn will arise, coming from the West, a surprise of the Spirit, not foreseen or expected, catching people by surprise. Suddenly, as if from nowhere, light springs up. Hearts all afire. Wisdom pouring out. A new generation, born so quickly.

Where did these come from? They are adults in just a few short years. I cannot wait. I must raise up new generations, quickly.

The ranks of my priests are sorely depleted. Bishops search everywhere. Suddenly, as if from nowhere, a new army arises filled with my lights, called from every way of life. Their hearts plunged into my heart, and sealed with the Spirit who seals me.

By pouring out light, I will restore the family. Spouses will take up their original promises. When love is restored, the children will flourish and generosity will return to the family.

I will push back time and restore what used to be. I will beat back the darkness and reclaim the captives bound by their new addictions.

When, when, when? Right now. This instant. Before your eyes. More important, in your heart and in your home.

I will visit every home that invokes me. Place my images on your walls and I will purify your homes. Call on my name and I will fill your family with faith.

Light. Light. Light everywhere. How else can I turn back the darkness?

Comment: By expanding her promises Our Lady widens our faith.

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 6/6,7/15 ★ those whom Satan coverts the most, his greatest instruments of darkness 

11. Penetrating the Economic Darkness
Jun 6th, 2015 

The highest level of mankind is filled with the greatest darkness. Those who control the decisions of the nations, those who manipulate the economic systems and those who control the vast means of communications are bathed in the greatest and seemingly impregnable darkness.

My light will penetrate even this upper echelon, those whom Satan coverts the most. They are his greatest instruments of darkness. Their decisions affect millions. Even their smallest decision multiplies Satan’s darkness.

Why should I wait for their overthrow for which people hope? That will be too late. My light will penetrate these secret places of Satan and scatter their darkness in surprising ways. When you see these things happening, you will know that my light has done this.

A few grow wealthy and many grow poor. Governments cannot address this inequality because they, themselves, are bathed in the darkness of corruption. Two lights can go forth. One will touch the hearts of the powerful (Some of them are reading this locution), placing within them the burning desire to change the entire economic system. They will be my firebrands, speaking out fearlessly and with full knowledge of the economic system.

The second light will destroy and bring down the corrupt rich and replace them with people whose hearts realize the gross evils that have to be changed.

These beginning lights will pierce the highest levels of economic forces which feel secure in the great darkness in which they are allowed to operate. Pope Francis’ words are just the beginning. Change comes as my light goes forth.

Comment: Constantly, Our Lady speaks about “not waiting” and of taking new initiatives now.

12. The Russian Darkness 
Jun 7th, 2015 

Cannot light come down from heaven bursting forth suddenly in unexpected ways? Heaven is limited, powerless, unable to act. Only in the mind of man who refuses to allow my words to reveal heaven’s light.

At Fatima (1917), I spoke of the great darkness of Russia, a darkness that was not yet perceived by the world. How cruel, how powerful, how extensive became this darkness. For a while, the darkness became a false angel of light. Many even believed that the conversion of Russia had taken place.

Then, from its dark bowels, Putin arose, able to destroy the democratic structures and gather power to himself. Now he sits, enthroned in power, a product of Satan’s darkness. He holds a knife at Europe’s throat. European leaders feel Russia’s threat.

Putin is not limited by structures. He acts alone, in a fullness of power, weaving back and forth, like the judo fighter that he is. The Russian threat cannot be ignored. Large parts of Europe are endangered. The West has neither the resolve nor the means to stop him. The Ukraine is in great danger of collapsing. Other nations will be threatened, the Russian evil will spread. Putin sees his moment. America is weak. Terrorism grows. Europe is divided, plagued by economic woes.

I proclaimed this at Fatima and nearly 100 years later, I must proclaim it again. Russia is the great center of evil, spanning two continents and embracing many cultures. Now, it marches forward, ready once again to find its place and spread its evils.

Only light from heaven can destroy this satanic darkness. How foolish has the Church been to set aside my request for Russia’s consecration. As the Russian evil marches forth, let my words ring out. “Only the light of my Immaculate Heart can defeat and scatter the Russian darkness.

Comment: Putin’s rise has confirmed the great wisdom of Fatima which alerted the world to Russian evil.

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 6/8,9/15 ★ It is time for America to take its place

13. The Restored Light of America 
Jun 8th, 2015 

I cannot hold back my light. The time is far too short. The world does not grasp the true situation and does not see how close is the descending darkness.

Now, the world acts freely, moving about and fulfilling its goals in the usual manner. When the darkness descends, this freedom will be curtailed and life will be much more limited. I will mark out the stages.

The beginning darkness of terrorism has set some small limits called security measures. Little has actually happened, but threats and fears abound. As terrorism pierces more deeply, the anxieties will increase and life will become more limited. This is just the early stages of the darkness. The nations will experience some degree of vulnerability.

As the weapons increase and the penetration grows deeper, the next stage will unfold. When serious inroads are made into human freedom and society, all the mistakes in making adequate responses will be seen. However, it will be too late to turn back this darkness which has been allowed to spread. When the light of faith is so weak and people love only their own individual liberties, it is difficult to have a call to arms. So, I will attack the darkness from a different angle. This is why I speak so urgently.

I have spoken of the dawn coming from the West. It is time for America to take its place, to assume its role. The full light can only come from America because the faith is extinguished in so many other countries.

America must rise up in my light. The preachers must raise their voices, the people must respond. The lines must be drawn. The light, great light, must go forth. It is not too late for America.

How important is the Supreme Court and the decisions that will soon be handed down. These will determine my future strategy of restoring the light to an America that is so precious to my heart.

Comment: Certainly much darkness has covered America but light still burns strongly in many churches and many hearts.

14. The Two Ways That Our Lady Comes 
Jun 9th, 2015 

I cannot wait until the doors open and I am welcomed in. I will come unannounced showing up wherever I choose. Is this not true of my apparition sites? At Lourdes, at Fatima, at Akita, at Rwanda, were these not surprising visits?

I come in two ways. At times, heaven makes a decision. God chooses the place and I choose the people. All is planned ahead of time. In fact, years of silent and hidden preparation take place, both among all the people and in the hearts of my chosen messengers. When the perfect moment arrives, I come. I appear. I speak. I give messages. I instruct so that all know what is expected. A great gift remains upon that place and upon the messages as they go forth. The messages are my thousand little lights, spread far and wide.

I also come in ways that are little known. Again, the gift begins in heaven. There is a special opportunity or special need which I have taken into my heart. I go before the heavenly Father and present this need to him. He can deny me nothing. Every prayer coming from my heart is always answered.

I first receive the gift in my heart and bring it to earth. My gifts are not limited. The person might be totally surprised, not even thinking that such a gift could be given to them. I come unannounced. The door was not even open. All I needed to know was that my gift would be welcomed received and put to good use.

I want you to know this heart of your heavenly Mother. I want your eyes to be open. I want you to see the surprising gifts I am always placing in your life. How can I change the world unless I fill those who love me with every possible gift?

 Comment: The message is so encouraging. Open your eyes. Our Lady is trying to fill you with her gifts.

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 6/10-18/15 ★ All is urgency. All are sleeping. No one sees, A BLINDING & SURPRISING LIGHT WILL CATCH THE EVIL ONE OFF GUARD

2. The Three Future Problems (Special Locution) 
Jun 10th, 2015 

Although terrorism spreads quickly, the main problem is Putin. He is armed with nuclear weapons and is geographically at the door of Western Europe. He knows the weaknesses of the Western leaders and that they will not respond to his advances. He is ready to move in surprising ways – boldly and aggressively, always with a cloud of deception and through others. Really, he is the one making the decisions. He holds a knife aimed at European hearts. He can quickly cause great difficulties. He is just waiting to see where it is best for him to act. That he will move against parts of Europe is certain.

Terrorism will spread and unite (although trying to come together will present problems for these leaders of diverse groups). Their eye is upon Italy and how they can enter Europe. Nothing is safe because their conquests in the Middle East and Africa are both extensive and strengthened.

The third theme is the economic weakness of Europe and the difficulty of keeping all the nations on a common currency. There are tremendous burdens to gain this goal and the divisions between the nations are already evident.

Comment: These three problems will not be resolved quickly. 

3. Mary’s Plan to Save the World 
Jun 11th, 2015 

Greater secrets lie even deeper in my heart and I gladly pour them out for those who cherish my words. The time is very short. Many evil forces have been put in place while good people slept soundly. No voice awakened them and few understood.

Now, my voice goes forth to the whole world. I will raise this voice to an ever higher level. The words will have greater authority. No one, in the world or in the Church, will be deaf to them. They will resound everywhere and in new ways.

Do you not hear the drums of war? Do you not see the collapse that encircles the world? Has there been any moment like this moment? Has mankind ever been so imperiled? Yet, many still sleep, comfortable in their beds.

I turn away from world leaders. They are filled with old wisdom and stale solutions. What they offer only leads the world further along the road of darkness.

New lights must appear, lights coming from faith, the lights of the gospel burning brightly in the hearts of millions of people who gather. This is my plan. Do not scoff at it or believe I cannot bring this about. I have spoken of this before, in general ways. Now, I bring it forth with the greatest clarity.

Only heaven can save the world and heaven is ready to act. Everything begins within the person, a deep call of faith that purifies and stirs. Then comes a gathering together, a unity that can be brought about by the social media. Then external gatherings, large and open. People of faith begin to see my words coming true. Finally there are signs from heaven which confirm and offer direction. This is the only way in which the whole world will be stirred.

Do you believe? Then begin now to follow my plan. I will be with you every step of the way. All obstacles will fall beneath my power. All doors will be opened. The light will be brilliant, like the noonday sun. Nothing else will suffice to cast out the impending darkness. What an agenda! No time to delay. While you read this, I was working in your heart. Act upon your good desires. They are my inner lights.

Comment: Only Our Lady can bring this about. She asks us not to rely on our ineffective human means but to trust that heaven will act. 

4. The New Lights For Mankind
Jun 12th, 2015 

Why am I coming forth in this way, after so many centuries of being hidden? Because the heavenly Father has decreed this. He has kept me hidden until this age when Satan will release every power of hell to destroy civilization, to reverse God’s creative acts and especially to cover over the light of Jesus’ rising from the dead in the greatest darkness. If he accomplishes his goal the human race will once again return to darkness and only slowly, after many generations, will the light of faith be rekindled. Such is the battle being fought and the great importance of these years.

All must be open to the newness of God’s plan. Anyone who thinks of my role and my actions as in former times will not be able to comprehend or to respond. Rivers of glory are being poured out. Oceans of graces, not seen until now, are ready to burst forth. It will not be as it formerly was. Only a deeper and wider belief will know how to respond. So, let me begin.

I perceive the present evil and foresee the coming darkness which will sweep upon mankind. New light will be needed, because the former light will be attacked and weakened. I am already pouring out this new light. Many are drawn to new devotion to my Immaculate Heart. This is like a little flower which must be carefully guarded because its seeds are meant to blow over the whole world. Even those who are scattering these seeds have no idea of the great powers which they contain. Never before has such a light been given.

The more hearts which receive my gifts, the greater can be the signs and wonders. All must study. All must live with the greatest fervor. All must gather so others can gather with them. I will increase their numbers quickly. I am like John the Baptist proclaiming the coming of new lights to help mankind.

Comment: Our Lady speaks frequently of her new ways that we must be alert to.

5. Casting Fire On the Earth 
Jun 13th, 2015 

Do not tire of my constant pleading. I am trying to awaken a Church that has forgotten the divine fire present in Jesus’ Sacred Heart. I am a constant witness of that fire and I show you that fire so you, too, can grasp the urgency.

In the fire, is vision and understanding. From this fire, I receive all the wisdom that I share with the world. Now, I invite you to look with me into this fire. First, you see the urgency. The fire is alive. It does not wait. It seeks to consume the world in divine love.

Second, you see that all the solutions to the world’s problems are contained in this fire. You see the power to roll back all the destructive forces unleashed by sin. How often I have explained that these evil powers bubble beneath the surface waiting to erupt. Finally, you see the great benefits that will come when this divine fire is cast upon the earth.

Why is the fire held back? Now, you grasp why I constantly plead. The fire has its time and was meant to go forth. The destruction which marked the 20th century was never supposed to happen. Now, the world is far along a path that it should never have walked.

All the answers lie in the divine fire which is waiting and waiting to be released. That is why I speak each day. Slowly, many are beginning to believe. God has placed this fire in my Immaculate Heart, so it can be released quickly and completely. These are the mysteries which I reveal so that my children have hope and know exactly what to do. They must hold on to their devotions, gather with others and prepare for the fire of God. Obey me and I will pour out that fire.

Comment: This locution is quite appropriate because today is the feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. 

6. Our Lady’s New Plan 
Jun 14th, 2015 

Let me reveal my plan to save the nations. I will not be able to save all because their darkness resists my light. Only those who are swept up into my light will experience my saving action.

Also, my saving actions will vary, at least in their external forms. When a persecution breaks out do not some suffer martyrdom and some are preserved. Yet all were guided by my light. So, it will be with the events. All will be touched differently, even those who are filled with my light. There will be no uniform result. Yet my light will be effective in every one who trusts and believes in me.

How can I pour out this light? Usually, I choose messengers, appear to them, provide signs and wonders, give messages and attract many to come. In this way, light goes forth and love for me increases. I will not neglect this means, but controversies arise and enemies speak out. Much of the light is lost or diminished. Limits are set and the welcome sign is taken down. People even wonder if the blessing they experienced was true.

So, I must use another plan. This is exactly why I speak. Catholics are used to apparition sites which have strengthened their faith. Even if they have not personally visited there, they have read and heard the stories. The events strengthen their faith. They know that I love them and have visited them.

In this age of darkness, I will use another plan. No one will be able to block my path of light. Listen closely to what I am doing because the light is at your doorstep. Do not wait for another apparition. They are true and valid but I must act more quickly. Realize this, all the light which usually flows from these sites is now readily available everywhere. I am ready to break through into everyone’s heart, especially your own. The normal ways are stymied and I must create new ways that no one can block.

Let my light break forth right now, in every heart that believes, in every soul that is reading these locutions. Let the light break forth now. This will be the greatest sign, that all are filled with new light with no need of an apparition.

Comment: Our Lady’s light is available right now within your heart.

7. Mary’s New Way of Speaking to the World 
Jun 15th, 2015 

I reveal my ways so you can walk my road. My ways are surprising and, without my revelation, you would never see or understand.

In my apparitions, I revealed my ways. However, many times my messages did not go forth. They were delayed or held back. So, I must use these new means of communication because the time is so short and my messages are so important.

Many do not realize that the average person needs daily light. They are no longer surrounded in a culture of light. They no longer enjoy the full light of faith. They are subjected to so many teachings, coming at them in a hundred different ways. They need a daily word that is readily available, always contradicting the word of the world which they hear all day.

They also need to know that I am with them each day, that I pour out my love and truth each day. So, let no one claim that these daily locutions are not needed. Each day they bring light. They open the window of heaven so everyone can breathe new air. They lift the person up, like their daily cup of coffee.

They pierce the darkness. They are relentless, never giving up, always believing that mankind can be saved and always trusting that the heavenly Father will provide what is needed.

These locutions are my surprising light which has caught the Evil One off guard. They will become a blinding light, easily able to be grasped by my little ones but a source of confusion to Satan.

Love the great apparitions. Treasure all of my messages. Give thanks for the messengers whom I have chosen, especially my beloved Sister Lucy who struggled for such a long time to reveal the Fatima gift. Do not lament. See what I am bringing about, a new way of my speaking to the world.

Comment: Our Lady is not saying that her apparitions will end but that she is using new ways to reveal her heart. 

8. A Complete Destruction of Darkness 
Jun 16th, 2015 

As my light goes forth, everything will come under its power. It will not be limited to devout souls nor just to inner realities. I must expose the dark strongholds of Satan which are moving the world to its destruction.

The powerful forces of evil are hidden from view, the decisions made by the powerful and the rich who surround all that they do in the cloak of secrecy, and the inner forces of the political world which seeks only continual power without regard for human life. These powerful hidden forces are deciding the world’s future and all must be brought to light.

How can this occur when the rich and powerful use every means to clothe themselves in darkness? I am speaking now of a true redemption of humanity, of a complete breaking of the power of evil over the human race. Grasp this moment. Understand what is taking place. Satan knows and fears me. I am talking about the complete liberation of the human race from evils that have been planted in its soil for centuries. These evils have grown and coalesced. They have claimed more and more of human life.

Look at the great poverty in which most of humanity lives. Look at the overthrow of governments and endless wars. Look at the weapons of destruction and the growth of wealth. These tremendous forces did not spring up overnight. They result from hidden evils that have coalesced for their own selfish interests. These forces manipulate world events for their own selfish desires. They must be dispersed by my light, so the human race can once again breathe a fresh air and start on a new path.

Am I not speaking of little victories? Of small battles? Not at all. I am speaking of a complete crushing of Satan’s head and bringing the world into light that has been missing for centuries and centuries. This is where the world stands, on the brink of the greatest darkness or on the edge of total light. I have revealed a deep secret of my Immaculate Heart.

Comment: Our Lady speaks of a huge gift, the destruction of evil’s power over all the world’s systems.

9. The Coming Worldwide Light 
Jun 17th, 2015 

Are there still more secrets lying in the center of my heart? Yes, but many of them cause me sadness. Yet, even these I must share so that some are saved from the darkness.

When my great lights go forth, they will offer help and salvation to the whole world. However, enemies will arise against my special messenger. They will say, like the tenants in the parable, “Let us kill him”. Intense opposition will arise and will turn away many. Do not be dismayed if my messenger seems to be totally discredited in the eyes of the world. Still the message will go forth.

Other opposition will arise. “How can these messages be true? How will they come about?” These words will discourage many and steal my words from their hearts, just as the birds of the air stole the seeds from the ground.

Others will use force. They will persecute and even kill those who try to spread my light. They will be ostracized and ridiculed. Yet, they will know that my messages are essential to saving the world from the coming darkness. They will have the faith of the early believers who correctly saw the gospel message as God’s saving word and Jesus’ name as the only name that brings salvation. I am sad at their afflictions but rejoice that they remain faithful when persecuted.

My final sadness is that, although the light goes forth in fullness and the special messenger with many others are faithful, yet, the light will not save the whole world.

By my words, you are beginning to see the extent to which I will go, the greatness of the preparations and the worldwide graces that I will release. The present lights are not enough in the face of the darkness that already is grasping human history. Do not fear. Far more powerful and worldwide lights are already pouring forth. Believe and let nothing steal your faith.

Comment: Our Lady’s words prepare us for new lights and new opportunities. We must hold fast in our belief. 

10. The Iranian Nuclear Treaty 
Jun 18th, 2015 

Why should I hold back my light? Why should I delay one moment when the Prince of Darkness spews his evils, using the most violent means possible? Whatever means he possesses, he uses. He always seeks new means of destruction, and as soon as he gains them, he uses them. There is no delay on his part.

The West moves closer and closer to an Iranian nuclear treaty, which is really no treaty at all. Already, many restraints have been lifted. Iran is enjoying its new freedom and its new place at the negotiating table (as if it is truly negotiating). Iran cannot believe this great turn of events. Its enemies, like Israel, have been shoved side. They have no place at this table. The voices that warn against this treaty are rejected.

These are my words. When the treaty is signed and Iran regains its new freedoms, the powers of darkness will rejoice. For the first time, nuclear weapons will become part of its arsenal. Satan will not delay. As soon as these weapons are in his hand, he will act, stirring up those whom he controls to use them in any form possible, even if this means their own destruction.

Using nuclear weapons will trigger a vast response. Fires will burn everywhere – far greater than any current blaze. The new state of the world will become totally irreparable. This is why I speak forth to all the world and why I cannot wait. All is urgency. The clock ticks more quickly than any world leader imagines. All are sleeping. No one sees.

So, I must act alone, stirring up my little army. Read how Gideon defeated the Midianites by reducing the size of his army (Judges 7:1-22) so all glory went to God. I do not need large numbers. I only need people who will believe and pray. Through them, I can act and all the world will see the Father’s plan of using the Woman Clothed With the Sun.

Comment: As yet terrorists do not have nuclear arms. When they do, they will use them.

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 6/19-25/15 ★ Children of the Locutions ~ I can call my army forth in one moment. These locutions flow from Fatima.

1. Children of the Locutions 
Jun 19th, 2015 

There is no more time to delay. I began to speak a few years ago to awaken and to prepare. Many have discovered this little voice and believe the words truly come from me, through them many others have, also, come to listen. In the future, the whole world will come to know that I give great light by my words. All prepare for my special actions within human history which I will reveal ahead of time through the visionaries of Medjugorje and even through these little words.

See how my actions all fit together. The beginning apparitions that culminated in Fatima and then all the other apparitions like Medjugorje that spread the Fatima light. They are all connected (joined). The world needs many lights, in every area. With the internet a new way of light has begun and that is why I use it every day. The words go forth, they are gentle and inviting. Each person decides when and where to read them. Their hearts are joined, even though they do not know one another. Do you not see? I can call my army forth in one moment. I can whistle and they will come from North and South. I can whisper and they will come from East and West. What will I call them? Let me give them a name. “Children of the Locutions”-that is a good name and I will use that from now on so they realize that I am doing far more than just speaking to their hearts. I am joining them, preparing them.

First, I must express my love for them. How often they have expressed their love for me! I watched them as they would take the locutions into their hearts. I saw them speak to others-they were apostles of the locutions. Some I saw translate the locutions into other languages. Others found new means of spreading them, like publishing the books. More will find new ways because all will understand. The locutions are more than just locutions, they are expressions of my love, going forth and saving the whole world.

Oh, I have not yet revealed the full plan. Much more remains to be shown but, today, all who read this locution knew what I have done. I have made you all “Children of the Locutions”

Comment: This is a very important revelation. It releases new power and prepares for greater gifts.

2. Becoming a Child of the Locutions 
Jun 20th, 2015 

I cannot delay. I must prepare my Children of the Locutions immediately, by opening their eyes and making them aware. Then, I can speak to each of their hearts, in their individual situations, so that they will know exactly what they can do to be protected from the darkness and to spread my light.

I have already promised in these locutions to spread out a million lights. These little lights are the Children of the Locutions. Each will be a great light to those with whom they live.

Instructed by me, they will make sure that all understand and gain the full blessing.

My Children of the Locutions need only take my words into their hearts. Already they love my word and my word has formed them. The word itself has both light and power. They will know what to do, how to speak and will experience divine zeal to claim everyone for the light. Now that you understand, let us begin.

You must walk in a newness of light. I will cover you with the light but how deeply the light fills your entire being, depends upon how deeply you surrender to the light. You will begin to see something very special began to happen. You will surrender your thoughts to my thoughts. I will replace your selfish desires with my great desires of true love. You will have a new purpose in your life and the deepest peace. You will be attracted to read the gospels and to put them into practice. You will think of the poor, of those you can help and you will simplify your tasks.

You will be drawn to prayer and even to daily Mass when possible. You will see yourself embarking on a road of life which you never dreamed you would follow. The deep peace will grow greater. You will give thanks to God who has been so generous to you. You will say, “The locutions have led and guided me. I am truly a Child of the Locutions.

Comment: Our Lady outlines very simply her gift of making us Children of the Locutions 

3. Clothing the Children of Locutions 
Jun 21st, 2015 

As the endless secrets flow from my heart, my children of the locutions will be prepared. Like a mother who sews heavy clothing in the summer so her children can withstand the winter cold, so they will survive the darkness.

This light will cling to them because they are devoted to my word. I will guide them and their loved ones.

The first great light that comes from my words is to know that I am with them with my protecting and saving power. They will know that they are not alone. They will experience my presence. In the moments of seeming hopelessness, I will do even more. I will come, they will experience my presence. They will know that I am with them. Then, they will begin again, and again, and again. Each one will know what I am doing for them and how I want them to walk.

In these times I will pour out graces that are usually reserved for great saints, the greatest of which is a heavenly light which pours out a faith so strong and deep that heaven is experienced in its beginning blessings. I cannot yet take them to heaven but I can give them a foretaste which absorbs their hearts and does not allow them to succumb to the darkness.

The second grace is of earth, so to speak, a tireless zeal. My children of the locutions will see so clearly exactly what is happening. Others will see darkness, they will see light. Others will see collapses and failures they will see the great opportunities because they are filled with light and know the power of my light.

The children of the locutions will proclaim my light so easily because they are experiencing it, just as Saint Francis of Assisi easily proclaimed my beauty because he saw and experienced me. Such will be the Children of the Locutions. Trust, Believe. I am preparing everything. All will be ready, including my beloved Catholic Church.

4. Children of Fatima and of the Locutions 
Jun 22nd, 2015 

Why do I not act more quickly? Why does all seem like delay? Do not the forces of darkness move ahead every day? Is not another part of the world subject to new suffering?

Indeed, all looks like delay. The Church constantly puts off my request to consecrate Russia. For many, the other requests at Fatima are set aside. All seem to be a delay, a constant putting off, and an abandonment of the great hope engendered by the Fatima visions.

The Fatima gift is placed forever in the Church and will come forth. These locutions flow from Fatima. They began a few years ago by explaining the Fatima vision. If all of my plans had been followed, there would have been no need for these locutions. There would be no Children of the Locutions because all would have been Children of Fatima. That great light would have lit up the whole sky. Instead, the light of destruction that I prophesied to Lucy took place, and with it the beginning of the Second World War.

Lucy was my messenger but her time on earth came to an end, I could not allow the Fatima word to die with her. So, I planted the Fatima gift in these locutions. They allow all to receive the Fatima light. That light is one and undivided, the Fatima light and the light of the locutions. The children are also one, the children of Fatima and the children of the locutions.

I am not delaying. I am beginning again, taking a new path and using new means. This is my promise. The Fatima gift now protected and kept alive in these locutions will come to fruition through those whom I have chosen. They will bring this hidden gift into the full light of both the Church and the world. I, myself, will choose the time and the situation. I, myself, will open the gift for the whole world. I do not delay for one moment. I am acting as quickly as I can.

Comment: The light of destruction which Our Lady prophesied to Lucy happened on January 25th, 1938. This light was seen by all and recorded by scientist but only Lucy knew it was the sign that there would be a second world war. 

5. Our Lady’s Army of Disciples
Jun 23rd, 2015 

My words are true and contain within them the power to bring forth what they proclaim. As they are accepted into the heart, they bring forth what they proclaim. As they are accepted into the heart, they bring forth the harvest. My words are wasted and fruitless, unless they are welcomed. Therefore, the Children of the Locutions are so important. To them, I entrust these powerful words. I look upon them as Jesus looked upon his disciples. They received his words and were to take them to the whole world. He loved them. They were chosen by the Father. He openly said “these you have given me”. They went forth and made disciples of all nations, so the Spirit of Jesus could come upon them and work miracles through them. They changed the world and prepared for future generations, up to the very present.

Now, all is endangered. Satan has chosen his disciples. He has armed them with his powers of deception and violence. He has weakened the believers and has undermined the very structure of society. His plans move ahead, in the stealth of the night, while all are sleeping, unaware of where he will attack next.

How close to my breast are the Children of the Locutions. I must bring them to a new awareness so they are not surprised by their task. They are scattered everywhere, they will not even know each other. They will only know that many thousands share their light and their call.

O Child of the Locutions, I am preparing you, drawing you into my love, blessing you and strengthening you in every way. I protect you every day. I fill you with a light from heaven which gives you life. I instruct you on my ways. I stir you to walk and to follow me. You come into the light, not by your own powers but by mine.

Why do I do this? Why have I spent these years speaking to you through these locutions? The great mysteries are still hidden from your eyes, just as the disciples could not see the mysteries that would happen in Jerusalem.

So I say to you, great and wondrous mysteries will take place in my Church. They will happen in Jerusalem. After this, you will go forth like the first disciples, proclaiming the lessons which I will teach you, explaining to all the gifts contained in all the mysterious. All leads to the triumph of my Immaculate Heart. Such a great victory demands a large and enthusiastic army. Such are the Children of the Locutions.

Comment: God never acts alone. He always wants us to share in his work. So the triumph of the Immaculate Heart needs many helpers.

6. Preparing for the Fatima Moment 
Jun 24th, 2015 

The Children of the Locutions must believe that heaven will act. They must not doubt for one moment. They must always believe that God created earth, sent Jesus into human history and poured out the Holy Spirit to guide history to its full completion.

Although nothing can change those truths (realities), the course of human history lies also in the free will of man and in the forces which man creates. These forces always seem to hold sway. They move history along its course, as if they were totally in command.

My children believe otherwise. They know that the heavenly Father has already decided the goal of history, that all will be given into his Son’s hands, who will give all over to the Father, until God is all in all.

This is the mystery. The Father has decided history’s goal but the daily decisions lie in man’s free choices. How is the mystery reconciled? By heavenly actions. There are historical moments when a man would destroy God’s plan. At these moments God must intervene. He cannot allow the normal process to continue. For a splendid moment, the Father rips human history away from man, sets it on a totally new course and then returns history to man’s free will.

We are approaching such a moment. It is the Fatima moment. Such a gift was offered to the Church almost 100 years ago. I openly spoke of a Second World War and that I would intervene and block such a horror. My words were set aside. Human history remained in man’s hands, as it still is today.

All see the results, the path toward total destruction. I will not let this happen. I need to intervene as soon as possible. I must change this course of human history, setting man free and liberating the human race. This is the task that I have for the Children of the Locutions because that moment must be prepared for by prayer and fasting.

Comment: Do not just read the locutions. Fill your day with prayer and sacrifices so Our Lady can fulfill the Fatima gift.

7. Why Children of the Locutions? 
Jun 25th, 2015 

So many of my powers and so much of my plan still remain hidden. I want to bring them forth as quickly as possible. Otherwise, Satan has the field all to himself. However, my light is not welcomed, why should I bring it forth, only to be rejected. Therefore, I have chosen this little means and you who would become Children of the Locutions. For you, I share my light fully. You welcome it and put it into practice.

This might seem strange, but what else am I to do? My great apparitions, even when accompanied by the greatest signs, are not taken seriously. The messages are seen as unimportant. Few comply with my request. So, I chose a different way-with no signs and wonders, with no visions or apparitions, with no special place. Just words go forth. What is their value?

By these words, I become a mother again. I have new children every day. Who knows their number? Who can truly count them? They are Children of the Locutions. I do not need to hold them in my womb. I do not need nine months to bring them to birth. In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, I can touch a heart, and give it faith. “Mary is speaking to me. I see and understand”. By that grace, they become a Child of the Locutions.

All I must do is feed them each day. Take them higher in faith and deeper into the mysteries. I have spoken enough now about Children of the Locutions. The great mystery has been revealed and explained. You know who you are. Now, you must walk like my child.

Let me breathe forth a final word. By becoming this child of mine, I have drawn you into my heart. I want to protect you in a special way. To do so, you must heed my word and walk only in my path. I expect your eyes to be open so you can actually see when I bless you. I expect you to believe and turn to me in faith in your difficulties. Above all, I expect you to keep your heart for me. I will guard it for Jesus. Let’s move on now I needed to pause so you would understand what you have become.

1. How to Receive the Light 
 Jun 26th, 2015

Mary Each day the Church sets its direction. Decisions are made in varying degrees of light and darkness, I offer the Church the fullness of my light. I shine it brightly because only the Church can fully receive my light. Let me explain.

Only the Catholic Church holds me in the fullest esteem. It has proclaimed me as the Mother of God (Council of Ephesus). Special saints have exalted me in their writings. Many councils have defined my privileges. The Rosary is deeply embedded in Catholic life. With these great foundations the Church, more than any other institution can receive my light. Most important, I was there at the beginning, when the Spirit descended on Pentecost and brought forth the Church. I am the Mother of the Church.

In wanting to pour out my light upon all human history, I choose the Church as my instrument. I want the whole world to love the Church which alone brings this heavenly light.

As the world moves quickly into darkness, it will need the Church’s light more than ever before.

The Church, however, remains free, since it too, is guided by human persons. I offer the light. I increase the light. I multiply the light. But the Church must receive the light. This is where human persons must cooperate. How does heavenly light become also earthly light? Through the Church receiving the light fully. By a total openness to the light.

This openness itself is a gift from heaven. Human reason is not enough. Heaven’s light is never adequately received unless the heart is touched and filled with faith. These hearts must rejoice in my light. They must cherish my words. They must look forward to my continual guidance.

My words, my visitations, my apparitions are great sources of light which shine fully as they are fully received. Only faith, not reason, can see the importance of my gift and place it on the lampstand to give light to all in the Church. 

“Dear children, I am calling you to spread the faith in my Son - your faith. 
You, my children illuminated by the Holy Spirit, my apostles, transmit it to others - to those who do not believe, who do not know, who do not want to know 
- but for that you must pray a lot for the gift of love, because love is the mark of true faith - and you will be apostles of my love. Love always, anew, revives the pain and the joy of the Eucharist, it revives the pain of the Passion of my Son, by which He showed you what it means to love immeasurably; it revives the joy for having left you His body and blood to feed you with Himself - and in this way, to be one with you. Looking at you with tenderness, I feel immeasurable love which strengthens me in my desire to bring you to a firm faith. Firm faith will give you joy and happiness on earth and in the end the encounter with my Son. This is His desire. Therefore, live Him, live love, live the light that always illuminates you in the Eucharist. I implore you to pray a lot for your shepherds, to pray so as to have all the more love for them because my Son gave them to you to feed you with His body and to teach you love. 
Therefore, also you are to love them. But, my children, remember, love means to endure and to give, and never, ever to judge. Thank you.”
Our Lady of Medjugorje 7/2/15 through Mirjana on the Day for Non-Believers

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 6/27-7/1/15 ★ The complete unraveling of America, No one realizes what waves of darkness have been released by the Supreme Court’s decision. Every type of disorder will be set loose.

2. Receiving the Light 
Jun 27th, 2015 

What shall I say about this act of the Supreme Court which has so violated God’s teaching on the nature of marriage. I will speak of it in terms of light and darkness and all will understand. A nation is a group of people brought together by laws and structures. Those offices at the highest level speak and act in the name of that nation. Such is the power of the Supreme Court. The word it speaks is official. The decisions it makes set the country on its future path.

A nation chooses either to walk with God or away from God, to abide in his protection or to be like the Prodigal Son, leaving the Father’s house. These are the mysteries which I have been revealing for so long, mysteries so familiar to the Children of the Locutions. God only blesses but he leaves a nation free to choose. Now, the choice has been made, by the land’s highest court to reject God’s way and to walk away from Him,

So, the nation must follow, away from the light and blessings into darkness and confusion. The timetable has been moved ahead. The complete unraveling of America will take place much quicker. I am not speaking now just of the political effects. The problem is much much deeper. I am speaking of the soul of America, of the darkness with in the hearts of the people, of the complete twisting of right and wrong. I am speaking of the inner darkness that can bring forth only confusion, total confusion that makes the political system unworkable. I am speaking of divisions, confrontations and a complete inability of drawing people together for a common consensus. Consensus, unity, cooperation demand light and America has put out the light.

Only my light will remain. So, let this Supreme Court decision be a call to action. Dwell in my light. Form groups of light. Multiply your coming together. Take up your devotions. I have said this before. As all the lights go out I will shine my emergency lights brighter than ever but you must seek these lights. They are not in the mainstream of America; the mainstream is covered in darkness. 

3. Releasing Waves of Darkness 
Jun 28th, 2015 

No one realizes what waves of darkness have been released by the Supreme Court’s decision. Many will trust the wall of separation of Church and State but that is a flimsy wall, subject to so many different interpretations. For now it is just a decision written on paper and announced to the world. Soon, it will become a gigantic reality, which spreads and spreads, always looking for more ground to conquer. Again, I must say that no one realizes the powerful waves of darkness that have been unleashed.

I weep especially for the poor families who must live in this darkness while trying to cling to the light. These are my words; this darkness will respect no other light. If any light shines, even the light of these locutions, this darkness will attack. All the lights will be put out or, at least, dimmed or challenged.

More and More people will be drawn into the darkness, forced to cooperate and even spread the darkness. Pastors will be pressured in every way. Freedom of speech will be curtailed and constantly challenged. Everyone will be made to tow the mark. Demanding political correctness will be taken to a whole new level.

But these are only the external waves of darkness. It is the darkness in the soul of America that is most important. America speaks to the whole world. Ireland is just a tiny country. When it spoke only a few listened. When America speaks all the world hears the voice. Now, America has spoken and the words are heard around the world- in the hearts of world leaders and in the souls of all peoples. How many more hearts will be claimed by this darkness?

Still, I must come to the greatest evil, the great darkness of confusion placed in the hearts of all Americans, especially the young. A light has been stolen, the truth that God created marriage between a man and a woman no longer burns brightly. Every type of disorder will be set loose.

Have I no words of light? Must I end on a note of darkness? One light remains-the light of Fatima. As the darkness grows more and more of my people will clamor and shout and pray that Fatima be listened to.

4. The Deluge and the American Mainstream 
Jun 29th, 2015 

First come the thunder, then the lightning and the gathering of clouds, and then comes the deluge. So it is with the Supreme Court decision. It is merely the thunder, lightning and gathering of clouds. America has placed itself under the deluge of its own making.

The Court has irreversibly moved America out of the sun and under the clouds. She has chosen, decided and stamped her decision with the seal of its highest court.

Who can rescue mainstream America, those children of mine who hear no other voice and see no other light? That mainstream will grow more and more powerful, just as any river does when a deluge happens. The river will overflow its banks and destroy the homes not built on solid ground. This river will even climb mountains. Nothing, absolutely nothing, is safe from its destructive power. Such will be the children of mainstream America.

Salvation from these waters comes only for my children of light. See the image clearly. If the mainstream plunges into the complete darkness, salvation comes only by removing from the mainstream, rescuing the children one by one, a constant daily ask.

So, I must begin to say radical things. I must begin to withdraw my children from all that is mainstream (for it will be the children who will be affected the most). I must create another stream, a parallel stream, a stream of light and truth. No one else can do this. No one else can create a stream within this stream, whereby people live in America but whose hearts are no longer given to America’s goals. I begin this work today. In fact, I have prepared for this day for years. I knew it would come and I foresaw all the consequences.

My words will change now because the atmosphere has changed. Like a mother who sees a new danger changes her words and asks her children to stay closer.

Comment: Only Our Lady can save us.

5. Setting America Aside 
Jun 30th, 2015 

What cannot yet be seen will be the toll upon American life that had always enjoyed an innocence. The dark aspects of life, the intrigues and corruption of European life that had been left behind when the original pilgrims arrived, will now penetrate the soul of America.

Gradually, the country placed like a light on the mainstream to the nations of the world, the country which I blessed and which I chose, has succumbed to the darkness. Instead of sending out lights, a message of darkness goes forth. All the world knows of this decision All the world is deeply affected.

Decades ago, I held America up to all the nations. It was the nations of nations, the great source of light. How it has fallen. O America, will I hold you up now to all nations? What a fool I would be to point you out as a shining example of God’s truth put into practice. I cannot hold you up. I must put you aside until the time of your purification. You leave me no other choice. I will not destroy you. I have plans for you but not now. For now, you will just be set in darkness that you have created and chosen. You have made up rights that do not exist. You have given women the right to kill children and people to marry, when there is no marriage at all. You are in darkness and darkness you will stay until the time of repentance and purification. Right now, I cannot use you. I must seek another to be the light upon the mountain.

I have already made my choice and formulated my plan. I have prepared my table and sent out the invitations. Come to the wedding of the Lamb. Yes, it will be a religious leader whom I will raise up. As the light leaves the nations and as more and more take up this new darkness, I will transfer my light to the Church. She has been set aside, removed from her once exalted position away from the nations. Now, I must set aside America and the other nations and exalt my Church as the light of the nations.