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Locutions to the World ~ Jan.1 to Feb. 10, 2013

A Year Filled With Dangers (January 1 to January 10, 2013)

January 1, 2013
The Time is Short

I quickly lead you to the truth. This year is filled with dangers. So many problems are carried over from last year and no solutions are in sight. The plan of the Evil One is culminating. The final parts are being put in place especially with the leaders of those nations which are totally dedicated to evil: North Korea, Iran and Syria. These are the centers, but their evil is not contained. It spills over and destabilizes. The neighboring countries are not strong. They have few resources to resist. War has eroded their structures also. The flames have much to feed on.


The time is short. As a mother, I am totally concerned with gathering my children. I wish I could save all but many do not want me as their mother. O, reader, this is why I speak. I will save you but you must choose me as your mother. I am the Mother of God and all who choose me become children of God and my children. Say this prayer right now, “Mary, I choose you as my mother and I believe that you will protect me in the difficulties of this coming year”. Do not forget me. Whenever difficulties arise, just call on me. I am your mother.

January 2, 2013
Continuing to Speak

What is left standing? All has been changed. Walls of morality have been destroyed. Sources of true light have been extinguished. People who would lead nations into truth have been set aside. Surely, little groups of people and small pockets of society still call upon my name and live according to my law, but so much has been devastated.

If I give an alarm who will listen? If I call my people together, who will come? Yet, I must continue to speak so I can save those who will listen. O reader, do not grow discouraged by all that you see around you. Gather your loved ones and together listen to my word. I know you will act upon it.


The time is short. The time is short. That is all I can say. The events are about to begin, one event after another. Mankind is helpless because it has abandoned the only source of its protection and safety. For decades, it has walked a path of false freedoms which is really a path of death and servitude. Mankind is now very far along this road. The road seems like it is the same road, as if little has changed over these decades. However, mankind cannot envision what lies ahead on this road. When the events begin, what good is it to realize that mankind has taken the wrong road? Those who are to blame will scatter, disclaiming any responsibility for their decisions.

January 3, 2013
A War Against Each Other

Why do I speak this way? Am I not a man of peace? Did I not say to my apostles, “My peace I leave with you”? If words of peace were upon my lips, I would be a liar. Man has destroyed the means to peace. The road to peace has been set aside. Nation is set against nation, and groups within each nation are against each other. This is Satan’s plan, to have men war against each other, so they gain their selfish interests. The way of peace is to think about the other and consider the needs of the other. But who follows this path?


Forces are set in motion that will inevitably collide. That is the current state of mankind. I speak to avoid these collisions. Because mankind does not foresee what will soon happen, they think my words are extreme and unneeded. Let me speak again. I must pull people away from the impending disasters. I must ask for a greater fidelity to God’s law and a deeper devotion to the Catholic Church. I promise you, reader, that all is not lost if you prepare. I call you to a complete, total, and radical devotion to my Immaculate Heart. Learn my request about the Five First Saturdays. Begin there. The rest will follow.

Editor’s note. As part of her Fatima revelations, Mary asks each Catholic to do five things on the First Saturday of each month:
1. Receive Holy Communion (If it is impossible to get to mass, then Communion the next day suffices.)
2. Go to confession (eight days before or eight days after).
3. Say the rosary (five decades).
4. Spend fifteen minutes meditating on one of the mysteries of the rosary.
5. Offer these four devotions in reparation for sins committed against her Immaculate Heart.

January 4, 2013
Jerusalem is the Prize

Jerusalem is the prize. That is what I say all along. Satan’s eyes are on Jerusalem, to destroy it and especially to turn it over into the hands of those who live in darkness. This would defeat the very plans of the heavenly Father who wishes to raise up Jerusalem as the center of world peace. All of this seems so far away but it is much closer than anyone can imagine.

The events will happen quickly. The Father will act before Satan’s plan is put into effect. He will not allow Jerusalem to fall again into darkness.


I will protect Jerusalem. How much I suffered there, watching my Son, Jesus, shed his blood.

We both paid the greatest price to save that city and to redeem the world. God’s saving grace went forth from Jerusalem. That grace is still here – like a hidden spring whose waters can still flow out.

Yes, Jerusalem is filled with water, not just the natural water placed there by the Creator, but the supernatural living water of the Holy Spirit, placed there by Jesus. Other places in the world are holy because the living water has been placed there also. However, no other city has the deep springs of Jerusalem.
Living water can go out from a holy city to the people of that nation, but only the living waters of Jerusalem can reach the whole world. That is why Jerusalem is the prize.

January 5, 2013
No Exits to Safety

The world has come to a point of silence. All the voices are quieted. Those who believed that their human plans could save the world, now have nothing to say. The scales that prevented mankind from seeing have fallen from his eyes. Soon, so very soon, the whole human race will see the road that it has traveled and the point to which it has come. Nowhere to go! There are no exits from the problems, no roads to safety. Mankind cannot even retreat because it plunges headlong into its own disasters.

At that moment, I will speak and the nations that refused to listen will have no choice. “There is only one saving voice”, they will say. Too bad that I had to bring the world to this point so they would hear my word and return to me.


Her enemies encircle Jerusalem once again, just as before. She stands high on the hills, prominent in every way, but what good is that when those more powerful are closing in on every side?

Israel sees all too clearly what is taking place. She knows who her enemies are, the size of their armies and the weapons that are aimed at her. Oh, Israel, the land of my birth, I am coming for you. I am hurrying toward you. Someday, I will clasp you at my breasts and you will suck with delight. The breasts that you scorned when you rejected my son, Jesus, still hold their milk of consolation. Yes, I have not forgotten you. Can a mother forget the child of her womb?

Even though you have said, “Jesus is not our prophet. He is not our Messiah”, I have not accepted your rejection. I am not your spouse. You cannot divorce me. I am your mother and you cannot renounce the woman who gave you birth.

You do not know me but someday I will rejoice when you proclaim, “Mary is our mother”. That will be your day of festival.

January 7, 2013
What Must Be Done?

I lift up my voice now, before all of this occurs, so that the nations cannot say that I speak only when all is too late. My words are saving words, spoken when decisions can be made that would avert the disasters. So, I will speak those words and at the same time ask, “O world, do you really want to hear my words? More important, will you act upon them?” These words, spoken now, will be your salvation if you act. Otherwise, they will condemn you for once more refusing to respond. Let me begin:
1. Stop killing the unborn. That is my greatest commandment.
2. Stop destroying family life. I hate divorce and those who believe that marriage is not a life-long commitment.
3. Remove your technology that brings about human life in an unnatural way.
4. Remove your greed that sells weapons to nations and to armed groups for the highest profit.
The list is very long but even now you see that you have no desire to act on my requests.


The armies are all around. The darkness gathers but who can defend the walls of Israel? I speak now to those who dwell in Jerusalem and all the cities that surround her. Call upon my name. Do not wait for the full manifestation of my love for you. You know me. I am Mary, the virgin mother of Jesus. At least you know my name, even though all that I will do for you is not yet revealed. This you do not need to know. You can begin now. You know my name, Mary. You know that I gave birth to Jesus in Bethlehem, the City of David. That is enough. Call upon me and I will come.

January 8, 2013
Raising Up A New America

You do not realize how far you have strayed. You have no idea of where you now are or where this road will lead you. You are walking, I would even say “running” away from me. You denounce me. You ridicule my teachings. You flaunt my laws. You have lost the rich heritage of faith and you have no desire to recapture it. For you, this loss is “good riddance”, supposedly a burden on your freedom.

O America, are you free now that you have wrapped yourself in sin and have extinguished the light of faith? Soon your pains will begin. They are already happening and you take little notice. I will speak clearly so you do not miss my points.

Your economy will sputter and even recede. Your people will grow restless, the government will give them more money and more benefits to keep them still. This will only increase the fever of the illness and cause the infection to spread even more.

The people will begin to grasp the seriousness of America’s problems. All will think that these difficulties are economic. Really, they result from an America that has turned its back on me and claimed, “We do not need Jesus Christ”. I who brought you into existence for my purposes am now set aside. The one who gave you your prosperity is rejected. You have chosen, America. You have chosen the darkness and I will let you plunge deeper and deeper into that darkness until I begin to hear from your lips, “We must seek Jesus Christ and his light. When we walked in his light, we prospered.

Go ahead, America. Continue to reject me. It frees me of my burden of caring for a child whom I have spoiled with my blessings and who spurned me. But those who turn to me, who choose me, I will not spurn. I will gather them into a new America, even though they will be small in numbers.

Yes, within you America, will arise a new America, fashioned according to the religious beliefs that brought forth this nation. There will be two Americas. An America of darkness and an America of light, just as there were two sons of Abraham, one born of the slave woman and the other born of the free woman. One came forth by nature and the other by the promise. I will speak on this again.


I speak about you, Jerusalem, because you are in my heart more than any other city. Currently, my son, the pope, resides in Rome, the successor of Peter and Paul who shed their blood in that city. The blood of martyrs always sanctifies the place of their sacrifice. That city becomes like the holy altar of holocausts. For centuries, the blood of Peter, Paul and all the Roman martyrs have called out to me and guaranteed the primacy of Rome in relationship to all the other churches. But the blood of Peter, Paul and the saints is not deep enough to counteract the problem of darkness that is coming upon the whole world. Its light is too dim and its anointing is too superficial. But there is another city, with a greater light and an eternal anointing, a Jerusalem sanctified by the blood of Jesus. I must raise up a pope who sees this clearly. He must view everything in faith. He cannot be satisfied with a renewal of Rome or the other Churches. He must plant the Catholic Church in the soil of Jerusalem. Only the eye of faith would even grasp that this is the plan of God to restore new life to his Church which will last until the end of time.

January 9, 2013
Two Americas

Yes, there will be two Americas. One will be large and plunge into the darkness. The other will be small, like the lamb that a shepherd holds close to his breast. I will take all of my riches and all of my promises and give them to this little lamb. The rest of the flock I can do nothing for because they do not listen to the shepherd’s void.

How great will be the love I have for this new America. Like a shepherd who has only one lamb remaining, so will be my love for this little flock.


Now, I come to the heart of my message, a deep truth that has been kept hidden until now. You, O reader, needed to be prepared by these locutions to understand this teaching.

Enemies of the Church will rise up, believing that the Church is more vulnerable than ever before. They will have in their grasp all the means of communicating to the whole world. They will say, “Come, let us destroy the Church. This is our moment of opportunity”. They will not attack the body, but the head. They have no interest in wounding the Church. They want to kill it, once and for all, hoping to inflict a mortal wound that would destroy the unity of the Church and cause schisms, whereby large parts of the Church would break the unity of the bishops with the pope. All of this seems impossible but I must warn the Church that difficulties never seen before lie on the horizon.

January 10, 2013
The Child of the Promise

I will pour out all my love upon this new America. It will be the child of the promise. For years, it will be hidden as I was hidden. Then slowly there will be the manifestation of what I have prepared. Then, this new America will assume the mantle of justice and the full anointing of the Holy Spirit. It will have become of age and will be the light to the nations.

This has always been my will for America.

Do not judge me by what you see happen to the other America, the America of darkness that deliberately walks away from me and flaunts my laws. That America has renounced its role as the child of the promise and has chosen to become the child of the slave-woman. It can only live a life of nature, having set aside my promise.


Because of this darkness, I must warn my church. The light that you now have is not sufficient to overcome. The light of reason and the judgments of the wise are no equal for this demonic intellect that plots against you. You must walk with me in a new light. Yes, my light will be more brilliant than ever before, but it will be seen only by faith. O Church, I call you to a deeper faith to grasp the plan of the heavenly Father in these times when your total existence is endangered by the darkness that will come upon you. I am your mother. Do not reject my light.

Light for the Children (January 11 to January 15, 2013)

January 11, 2013
Saving My People

I will point out a new road, hidden from the eyes of the wicked (for they have no holy desires) but revealed to the children of faith. Those who walk this road will live always in my protective care, just as the Israelites were guarded by the column of fire. They will not wander or give way to fear. No matter what is happening around them, they will have peace, knowing that I am at their side.

How can this happen that, in the midst of turmoil, a people can be saved? Only I can do this.

The people must follow in faith.


I must place a special light in each heart. This light will speak, saying “Come this way. Do not follow the darkness.” How special will be this inner light which will enlighten all of my children. By this light, I will literally carry my children. They will walk but with my power and only in my direction. Even in turmoil, they will not fear. In darkness, they will see like the noonday. They will even lead those who are in darkness into the light. When the lights of the world go out, all who live only by those lights will be filled with darkness. But you, my children, will have another light. This light is already within you. Do not set it aside. In the darkness, it will be the only light that you have.

January 12, 2013
The Saving Light

I speak now to those who are of sincere heart and want to follow my ways. This is the beginning – a heart set on my ways, which wants no compromise and seeks only the true path.

However, many are not ready to set aside all that leads them away from me. At the beginning, I demand that the disciple have only one desire – to walk my way without compromise. All else must be cut away as unworthy of a disciple. This simplicity and sincerity will be the safe guard, keeping the disciple on my hidden road.


The external darkness will multiply and the external lights will be stripped away. The soul would live in a maze of contradictions unless I provided this overwhelming light that will give an inner clarity when the external world becomes all confused.

January 13, 2013
A New Road of Truth

In the world, there is great confusion. Few even know the right path. An ignorance has set in.

Truth has been lost and is no longer passed down. Children receive no training in the sound teachings of faith. They are exposed to all that is not true. This is a moment of crisis in America. The country itself has chosen the darkness and into darkness it will go. My goal is to save those who want the light. This is way I speak. Please listen to my words, “You no longer can find wisdom in the marketplace because the marketplace has been stripped of faith.

You can no longer find wisdom in these institutions that would uphold America. They, too, have lost their way. Therefore, I must establish a new road to truth. As you walk this road, others will follow and all will be blessed. This road must be revealed to you in the depth of your heart. Only there, can you find it.


The time is very short. The darkness will come suddenly and without much warning. Even if I gave warnings or provided great signs, people would reject them. People would say, “If this is so important, why does Mary not appear?” I am appearing. I am speaking to the visionaries of Medjugorje. Have your read my messages? I have promised a permanent sign. Is it faith to wait until the permanent sign is in place? Even with the sign, many will have no interest. Such is the world. It seeks signs and does not even believe when the sign is given.
I am giving these words. This is the sign for you. Believe and take them into your heart. You will see all that they will do for you.

January 14, 2013
Protecting the Children

Truth is a wall that protects. Now that the wall has been broken down, all the enemies can freely come and go. They have full entrance to everyone’s mind and heart. How quickly they come. How quickly they infect and destroy. Children are trained for years by their faithful parents and then, in the twinkling of an eye, they are caught up in strange beliefs and sinful practices. There is no wall. Nothing to protect them. Families gather their children and try to limit the world. Families know that they must build their own walls. To all of these I say, “Protecting the innocence of your children has become an almost impossible task but I will bless all your efforts. Do not listen to others. My Holy Spirit dwells in your home. Obey my Holy Spirit and do not listen to your neighbors.


My words go forth. They clash so sharply with all that the world teaches. My words and the world are enemies to each other. There must be no drawing back. My words are filled with light. Follow that light. It will lead you down a totally different road. Although it will pull you away, you will soon grow familiar with this road of light. Blessed is the person who experiences this. They will offer a true road for many others to follow. Yes. Receive my light. Walk by my light. And you will rescue many from the darkness. You will save many.

January 15, 2013
Saving the Children From Darkness

I see the harm done to all the children. They were born in darkness and live all their life in darkness. They have never known the culture of light. They have never known an America which outlawed abortion, an America that censored its films and protected the airwaves. They have never known an America which was a shining light of religious practice. The children are the ones so deeply affected by the new darkness and this darkness will not end soon. Therefore, I must turn to parents and ask them to provide their children with a family light. I will bless all your efforts. Even if they seem futile to you, do not abandon this task.


We come to the end of this little teaching on light and darkness. The words are so important.

All the angels are concerned for the children, so sensitive, so easy to sway, so impressionable. They are easy prey for the Evil One. He injects himself early into their lives. The world of darkness provides Satan with many new and powerful opportunities to harm and to destroy.

He always waits for his chance. If he fails today, he will try again tomorrow. Such must be your vigilance, day and night, week after week and year after year. You cannot slacken off.

You cannot say “I have done my job”. Even grown children need your words because the world draws them and entraps them. Only constant vigilance protects them.

Mary and Her Pope (January 16 to January 18, 2013)

January 16, 2013
Raising Up A Pope

Even while I speak, much is happening. The world continues down its road. Evil deeds are piled high, one on top of the other. The darkness grows and claims more people, while those already in darkness go deeper into this night of death. Mankind does not realize where it is or how soon the great darkness will be unleashed, like black clouds that suddenly fill the sky, as if without any warning.

Yet, how could anyone say that this is without any warning, when my Mother has spoken so often of this situation. Few have listened to her or even heard her words.

So, I will exalt her even more. I will raise up a pope who owes everything to her, including his rise to the papacy. He will not hold back. He will not limit her. When he is the pope, her mantle will fully unfold and her protection will be offered to all who seek it.

I will not compromise. Everyone will come to me through my mother and those who reject her will reject me. Her power will spread everywhere in ways never before seen. Satan will be stirred to a great anger and will quickly want to destroy the pope who so unfailingly exalts her, but I will not allow him to have any victory. I will save my pope in astonishing ways until the very end when he will give his life for his heavenly Queen.


Who is this person whom I have chosen and whom I have so carefully prepared? Why have I kept him in the shadows, unwilling to expose him to the light? He has been mine from the very beginning, always the chosen one, always the one who resided in the very center of my heart.

He knows who he is. He knows that he has been chosen. He knows that I have prepared him. He has no doubt. He does not trust in his own strength. He knows that I will raise him up. He already knows exactly what to do, although how this will be accomplished is still hidden from him.

Would I allow the great work of consecrating Russia to chance? Would I just pick someone at the last minute, who is not sure of the correct steps and who might be reluctant to go ahead when all the opposition mounts? Not at all. He has been mine from the beginning and a moment will come when I will give him to the Church.

January 17, 2013
The Pope of the Third Millennium

He will be the “game changer” because he will walk on the scene when all seems hopeless, when people will be crying out, “Where is God in all this darkness?” The lights will dim and then go out but only so my action will be clearly seen by all.

There he will be, the pope of the third millennium. He will carry a new light, a light that he already possesses as a treasure kept in the greatest hiddenness. He will arise by the most surprising way. Again, so there will be no mistake, this pope will not be chosen by men but by the clearest and most visible signs from heaven. All will see that the Father has brought this about. Once he assumes the papal throne, my plan will begin to unfold, step by step. Little by little, the powers of darkness will be rolled back. Then, when Satan can no longer accept his defeats he will make the great mistake. Just as he erred in nailing me to the cross, so he will bring about this pope’s death, a true martyrdom, that will shake heaven and earth (as did my death). At that point, the true reign of my mother as the Woman Clothed With the Sun will begin. Hers will not be an immediate victory. However, all of her children will take heart and know that the victory will be theirs as they take up the sword of the Spirit.


I have held back these revelations until now but they can no longer be hidden. The words must be said and duly recorded. They are my words also and I would like to speak.

I have chosen this son from among many. He is the child of my choice and I have guided him since childhood. I gave him devout Catholic parents and a devout home. As a child, he walked with me, not even understanding the special graces I was placing in his heart. His parents taught him a deep love for the rosary and even opened up to him the beginnings of devotion.

You can see that he was always mine. Always I led and protected him, and he always cherished a special devotion to me. He was always marked by my seal. However, all that was contained in these seeds of devotion were hidden to him.
He always saw himself as one of many, and always tried to consider himself the least of all. Only as these years have gone by, has he realized who he was and what I had called him to be.

Even now, he would gladly surrender these gifts to others, but I have not chosen another. He is well aware of that and knows that his ascending to the papacy in inevitable. Yet, he will make no move to promote himself and he will speak to no one about the revelations he has received. All is hidden in his heart, like treasures deeply buried. It is not for him to open these treasures or to decide the time and the circumstances. All remains in my hands. He remains in my hands and I will never let him go. When he is revealed to the world, all will see that these words are true. There is nothing more to be said at this time. Later, I will speak again as the time grows closer and those who would doubt will need yet another sign.

January 18, 2013
Revealing the Hidden Plan

Why do I reveal these secrets of my heart? Should I not be more careful to keep hidden my plans? It is my love for mankind that causes me to act this way. I cannot hold hack. I cannot just take prudent steps. Mine are the steps of insane love. I am deeply in love with mankind, for I have shared his earth and shared in his sufferings. I know the feel of soil beneath my feet and the smell of flowers in the air. I know his fears and I know his trials. I have experienced them all and I know the darkness that can come suddenly upon his world. This is why I speak.


Mankind is moving into a totally new era, with grave difficulties that he has ever experienced before and for which he has absolutely no answers. It is a new darkness, an overpowering and unknown darkness. He has been enticed down this road, refusing to examine the consequences of his actions and especially, refusing to listen to my words. He walks, no he runs, this path of even greater darkness, every hour. I watch him plunge even more deeply into the morass. I see where it leads and how entrapped he will be. He will not listen, so I must initiate a rescue, using the wisdom that God has given to me.

I began this rescue long ago. It takes decades and even centuries to bring about those people who will be my instruments. There are many others whom I will use but they do not yet know that they are chosen. When my chosen one, my pope, comes into the light, millions of good people will see the personal light that already lies within them. They will understand their call and suddenly I will have an army. You, O reader, will be one of those whom I will call but you, also, must prepare by a life devoted to me.

The Modern Problems (January 19 to January 22, 2013)

January 19, 2013
The Future Events

I speak clearly and forcefully. These words come from a vision that is total and complete in every detail. I speak of future events as if they are seen right now. I see the ways of mankind. Even though he freely chooses these ways, they are not hidden from my eyes. I know what is within man and I know the choices he will face. I know the vagaries of the human heart and how quickly man forgets my favors. All is clear before my eyes, so I will speak without any hesitation.


I cannot force people to do God’s will but I can make the circumstances such that they will act correctly. I prepared the waiters at the wedding feast, telling them to do whatever Jesus would ask of them. So, I can prepare mankind for the great visitation of Jesus. Yes, he will come to bless his people, to bless his Church and to prepare the world for his blessings in this third millennium.

In spite of all that you see and hear, in spite of all the darkness that will come, you must believe that I am preparing my Church for a future time of the greatest graces. The secret is the divine presence, in which all are purified and all see God’s will for their lives. I am preparing you for Jesus’ power just as I prepared the waiters. “Do whatever he tells you”.

January 20, 2013
Raising Up A People of the Spirit

All these blessings are in my heart but I cannot give them away because human hearts are filled with other things. Their hearts have no room and no desire for my blessings. What will I do? I must prepare a new people. I must raise them up. These will be people of my Holy Spirit, their hearts caught up in my divine fire. Can I not do this? Is the Holy Spirit of God powerless? Is the divine fire weak and unable to overcome? Trust the fire of the Holy Spirit and seeks its warmth.


So many obstacles! So much darkness! So many people turned away from God! So many oppose him and kill those who love him! But look, the Spirit of Jesus is already raising up others. This will be a new people, prepared for all and able to overcome, the flesh and the devil can throw against them. The former realities, the former difficulties have given way to newer and greater darkness. What the Holy Spirit has done in the past in not enough. But look, the Spirit is doing something new. Do not despise this. Do not say it is impossible. It is so needed if the new and powerful darkness is to be overcome. Only I can lead my children to the new pastures of the Holy Spirit. Follow me and do not despise my ways.

January 22, 2013
The Day of Infamy

Woe to this day! Forty years ago, millions of millions of children, some not even conceived, were condemned to death. Who gave judges the right to change my laws? This day is forever stamped on the soul of America. January 22nd is truly a day that will go down in infamy.

America’s ship will sink more than the ships at Pearl Harbor. Already her ship is sagging in the sea and taking on water that cannot be stopped. Why? “What is wrong with America people ask? What is happening?”
I will tell you clearly. Listen carefully and you will understand. America has destroyed itself. It has sacrificed its children to political expediency. For every child whose blood is shed in an abortion clinic, the blood of America itself is shed. Blood drop for blood drop.

One life for one life. A child is killed and a gun gets fired. A child is sacrificed, and a business leaves America. A child is murdered and the deficit grows. Yes, a child, a child, a child – how many times each minute, like the clicking of a clock. Your clock is ticking, America. Soon, so very soon, as you continue to sacrifice your children, the clock will go off and the explosion will happen. Your ship will not just sag but a hole will be blown in its side. Do not forget. You elected the president of abortions for four more years. Do not say, Why has God done this to us?” You have made the decision, not I. The blood of every unborn child that is sacrificed to abortion is on your hands, not mine.


All I see is blood. Blood is everywhere. Innocent blood. No sin has stained this blood. No crime caused its shedding. The child invaded no one. Hurt no one. Had no say in its own existence or in its own death. It was where God himself placed it, in the womb of its mother where it belonged, where it was safe and where it grew. It performed only those natural functions of life and growth. In a few months, it would have left her body, allowing her organs to return to normal.

Why did anyone shed its blood? Who acted as its defense attorney in the trial that condemned it to death? Where was its due process? Who were the members of the jury? And by what right does America stand by and allow this blood to be shed?

These are all the unanswered questions. They are my questions and someday soon I will get answers. How you ask? I will call America to trial and I will act as the judge, the prosecutor and the jury, just as happens now to the unborn. I will not even allow you to defend yourself, just as you do not allow the unborn to defend themselves. America, I will avenge their blood.

So, I say to you, “Before it is too late. Stop the killing! Change your laws.”
With whom will I begin? Certainly not with those mothers who were caught, frightened, burdened, confused, pressured by others, talked to and convinced by professionals. These mothers are not the problem. It is your cold calculating politicians who value their elected office. They are the ones who shed the blood. The doctors and the providers who value their money, they shed the blood. That is where I will begin, unless they repent. These words are spoken solemnly and when I begin to act, I hope everyone remembers what I said.

Preaching to America (January 23 to January 26, 2013)

January 23, 2013
Same Sex Relationships

What more need I recount? How can I awaken this people from their slumber? They do not know me and they have no interest in knowing my ways. They are a people content with darkness, for whom the light holds no attraction. They have forgotten the former days, when men and women married to bring about children and a family. These core values are now twisted beyond recognition. My young are confused and are invited to seek same-sex relationships that are like clouds that hold no rain, sterile relationships that bring forth no children. How did America wander so far so quickly? This is what I will explain for those interested in the truth.


It is difficult to understand this path that leads away from true love in accord with God’s plan into a love that distorts the image of man and woman. People will speak of emotions, sexual drives, impulses and attractions. Do these constitute the human person? Is the person just a bundle of inner sensations gathered together by the memory? The person is a creature, formed by God in his own image and likeness, deliberately made male and female in the body.

The body determines man and woman, male and female. The body is the norm not the emotions.

Otherwise, nothing is stable and man has no clear goal. Grace cannot lead a person on when he is not clear whether to live as a man or a woman. Society is much to blame in this confusion.

You who struggle with this difficulty, come to me and I will pour true love into your heart.

January 24, 2013
Abandoning the Guiding Stars of Religious Beliefs

America has taken its eyes off the stars that so carefully guided its ship. Instead, those eyes feasted upon the calm waters and the beautiful weather of its prosperity. “We do not need those stars anymore”, they claimed. “The light that guided our forefathers has accomplished its task. We, ourselves, can take over the helm. We will guide this ship by the light of reason”. America, you have set aside the guiding stars of religious beliefs and have substituted your secular beliefs. You abandoned the faith that brought your forefathers to America and substituted your secular religion to guide this nation.

O, America, I ask you, “Where are the calm seas now?” Where is your prosperity? You cannot find them. They also have become part of your past. Can the light of reason lead you back to the calm sea? Not at all. Your sea will be so chaotic that many will despair. Your economy will worsen. Your divisions will deepen. Your wise men will continue to mouth truths that give no light. Deeper and deeper into the chaos you will go because you have forsaken the stars of religious faith that your forefathers used to found America.


Never turn aside from the light of belief, a light that is buried deeply within. To reject this light is to reject yourself. These beliefs unite you with God. God gave you these truths to invite you. When you reject beliefs you tear up your invitation and you forget that you are invited to a heavenly wedding. Amnesia sets in. The past is forgotten and strange paths are taken, paths which the Ages of Faith would have quickly seen as immoral and would quickly reject.

You have lost your soul, America. You have lost the faith that guided you. For that reason I speak. I will raise up a new America, an America of faith, much smaller than the whole because the whole is now controlled by the darkness not by faith.

January 25, 2013
The Sickness of Toleration

Now I come to the heart of the issue with America. A false truth entered your culture and has been embraced by many as the only truth – tolerance. Your highest, most prized virtue is to tolerate everything except religious truths. You cast nothing out. You do not cut away infections. You allow truth and lies to have equal standing. You have become vulnerable to everything.

Does not the human body have an immune system that safeguards it against infection. Does it not create anti-bodies when attacked by enemies? You are a dying, sickly body because you tolerate everything. You reject nothing. You allow evil to flourish. “Toleration” you say.

Learn this truth. Some things are good and other things are evil. A healthy nation refuses to tolerate the evil. It casts out the evil. It destroys the evil. You now lie sick and dying on your bed of toleration.


As the new world was discovered and religious pilgrims came, seeds of faith were sown and quickly grew. America was born in faith and flourished in faith. Its institutions came forth as the fruits of faith. The people set out on a definite road. This would be a nation under God and guided by God’s light. Light flooded America and the waves of immigrants found rich soil for their religious beliefs. This was my dream for America. Now my dream is stolen. Those with no faith lead America down their atheistic road. “Come this way”, they say. We will have a tolerant America. All beliefs are equal and must be placed on equal footing. The only sin is to claim that you know what is good and others do not.

America, what do you have now? A country filled with confusion which rejects God’s commandments. You have destroyed the very foundation of America. Listen to my words, “Hold your leaders to the highest levels of morality. Make your laws according to God’s laws. Rebuild your moral foundations. Reject evil. Do not tolerate sins, especially in your leaders and your laws”.

God Will Use the Davids (January 27 to January 30, 2013)

January 27, 2013
Why God Delays

Why do I continue to wait? Why give mankind yet another chance? Why put off that moment of chastisements, when all the wrongs will be brought to judgment? Why do I wait and wait and wait, as if mankind is walking in light and not darkness? In that question, lies a deep mystery, the eternal longing and hope of my heart. I do not want to say to mankind “the time is over. You have lost your chance”. I do not want chastisements because the chastisements will cast many into the deepest of darkness. I will try another road. I will try again to call man into the light that he has foolishly rejected.


This is the great mystery, why the Father allows evil to continue, to gain power and even to get the upper hand. Why does he not cut evil away? He allows the wicked to grow with the wheat, because a too invasive approach would ruin the whole harvest.

The Father has his plans in which he calls each person to the fullness of perfection. Although much darkness abounds, there are some who walk in the light and are growing according to God’s plan. For the sake of these elect he preserves everyone from divine chastisement. However, on the final day of judgment, the elect are safe and he can fully chastise those who never repented. His great gift is this present time, a time which must be used for repentance. At Pentecost, the people, shaken by Peter’s teaching asked, “What are we to do?” Ask that question with a sincere heart and I will gladly answer.

January 28, 2013
Turning Back the Darkness

I dream of another moment, a future moment when mankind is purified and the darkness is cast out, when all the darkness within man and outside of man is conquered by the light. How will that ever happen? How can the darkness be turned back? Is there a solution that escapes all the world leaders?

That moment will come from my word, when that word is spoken publicly, day after day. This is the gift of prophecy, a prophetic word that reveals my own inner thoughts and desires. These locutions are my words and those who read them are already coming into the light. Like the dawn that breaks slowly upon the earth until it becomes like the noonday sun, so are these locutions. Their light comes slowly but if you read faithfully, the light becomes as the noonday.


My children walk in the darkness of the world but my word is like a ray of light which follows them, surrounds them and goes before them. My words lift them up from the deepest darkness into a total light. This has already happened to some. No one is excluded. No great sacrifices are demanded. Just read the words each day and the light will dawn.

Everyone is different. Some will be touched immediately. They will tell many. Others will experience an attraction to keep reading. As they do, the great gift will be given. The words go out to the whole world. All can read them but who will understand what they can do to the heart that embraces them?

January 29, 2013
Using the Little Voices

I am building a network of communications. Often these are just little groups who devote all they have to spreading my word. They are courageous because they work against great odds. To them I speak. Spreading my word is the greatest work of mankind because my word opens the human heart to eternal life and to the working of the Holy Spirit. Stay at your task, in season and out of season. Do not give up this apostolate. Many benefit from it. Stay alive. Do not close your doors. Do not cease your ministry. I will bless it and join it to others. More important, I will be giving my word to the whole world and I will need your little voice. Do not think that what you do is little. You do it for me.


The gigantic voices have closed their hearts. The secular stations want no mention of me or my words. In the years ahead, I will pour out the greatest of my words, carrying every blessing and helping in every possible situation. The great secular channels will spur my words until my voice grows so great and the help I offer so extraordinary that they will have to report my messages. Until that breakthrough, I must rely on my children to carry and publicize my words.
You, who are reading these messages, are you helped by them? If so, will not others be helped also? I gave you a task, a call, a ministry. As you have been helped, so help others by spreading these messages. They are not meant to remain hidden but, for now, I have only your little voices (which I cherish so much).

January 30, 2013
David Overcomes Goliath

Why do I not use the great voices, the television empires and the large social media enterprises? These are the Goliaths, but I will use the little Davids. Then, when all see what is accomplished, when they see the complete turn-around of the world, no one can say, “The great networks have done this”. No, all will be astounded. This will be a sign for everyone to see. David has once again slain the Goliath. In those days, truth, not falsehood, will go forth.

How can this happen? How can those, who hold all the power and determine how the world thinks, be overcome? When people are touched by my glory, they will rise up and say, “Enough. No more of your lies. We want only the truth.” Oh, little Davids, do not despise what I have given to you. Use your little stones and your slingshot. I will make sure that they will hit their mark. Try me on this.


How powerful is a word. What great good or evil a word can bring about. Nothing else in the whole world has this power. Words have brought about wars and peace, hatreds and loves, divisions and unions. Therefore, I use words every day. Now, they are spoken in secret and published on the Internet, but someday they will be spoken publicly for all the world to hear instantly. This is why I need the little David’s. They will be the first to carry my words.

Then, as more and more are touched and attracted, the gigantic voices, the Goliaths, will have to drop their swords of prejudice. They, too, will become my voice and spread my words.

The Lord of History (January 31 to February 3, 2013)

January 31, 2013
A Promise to Speak

Who do I see following me?  Who are my disciples?  They are everywhere, in every part of the world and in every nation in the universe.  Yet, they are a scattered flock, wandering in the world that is filled with darkness and false lights.  What do my sheep need?  They need a clear voice, that speaks to them from the rooftops and which gives them my words.  My sheep hear words spoken by my preachers.  They are human words spoken in good will and with good intentions, but words that are unable to light up the darkness.

I do not have to scatter or overcome the darkness.  It is too ingrained into the heart of man and into the society that man has built.  The purification would take too long and I cannot wait.  So, I will speak.  I will speak from the rooftops.  My word will go forth and will light up the darkness.  Then my scattered and disheartened sheep will gather in that light.

They will be in the light even as the world remains in its darkness.


I accompany my Son, Jesus and my words will accompany his.  These words are spoken from two hearts that are joined.  His words will enlighten.  My words will encourage.  His words will strengthen.  My words will reveal the hidden paths, the easy paths to the goal.

This has already been happening in these locutions.  Therefore, I am not promising some future gift.  The gift is not in the future, it is already yours.  This happens every day and is sent forth for all to experience.

I will promise even more.  First, I will raise these locutions to the greatest height.

Second, I will increase their power of light.  Third, I will use them to speak about future events and, in doing so, I will prepare my children for all the events that will happen.

 † † † † † † † † † † † †   † † † † † † † † † † † †   † † † † † † † † † † † † 

February 1, 2013
A Gift Already Happening

I must begin.  I cannot wait. I must speak and my words go forth.  It is happening even now, in these locutions.  My word goes forth.  While the world remains in darkness, my disciples can have my light.  So, let my words be clear.
These words that you are reading are quite simple and able to be understood.  They do not demand great intellects or even strong wills.  They only require hearts that are open, like soil receiving the seed.  Through these words, I am planting emergency lights that will shine even in the darkness.  Cherish these words.  Believe them.  Act on them.  Tell them to others.

They are my little gifts to you.  They will give you light in the coming darkness.


Why delay?  Why wait?  The darkness is already here in so many ways.  I need not wait until all is filled with the darkness.  Then, it will be too late.  Even now, some are so filled with darkness that even these words will not suffice.  For them, the words will be like water that falls upon a rock, never penetrating its hardness.  So, let us begin.  “Yes begin”, because the great darkness is near at hand.

February 2, 2013
The Messenger Comes to the Temple

My light is still hidden, but when my messenger comes to the temple, the great mysteries will begin.  When my messenger comes to the temple, the mysteries will be revealed to the whole world.  This will prepare for my visitation and new outpouring of the Spirit.

O, my people, do not despair.  I will come to the temple as I have promised.  I will deliver Israel, and, when Jerusalem is freed, all the nations will glorify what I have done in the sight of all.  That is how it will be done.  All will see so that my name is glorified.


This day is so special, filled with such memories.  Entering the temple and listening to Simeon say those words.  “A light to the nations and the glory of my people, Israel”.  These words flooded my soul with light and prepared me for the words that followed.  My Son would be a sign of contradiction and a sword would pierce my heart.

Those words quickly entered into my heart and I held on to them forever.  They are still there.  I was plunged deeper into the great mystery of Jesus, so I could fulfill my role.

February 3, 2013
The Lord Comes to the Center of the Stage

Man has moved himself to the center of the stage.  He writes the script and determines the actions.  Mankind has claimed history for himself as if he is the author and creator.  He gives me no room, grants me no status.  Little does he know that I am behind the scenes.  I have never given history over to man.  I have never said, “You write the script and you direct the action”.  Mankind has totally misunderstood his own freedom.  I created man to freely obey my plans and to come to the greatest happiness.  Instead, he has torn up my plans.  “We no longer need these goals”, he has said.  “We no longer need these laws.  We no longer need to live by a revealed word.  We are modern man who has come of age.”

O modern man, how long before you destroy yourself.  However, I will not let this happen.  At the hour of your greatest crisis, when it seems as if the curtain will come down on human history, I will intervene in the most dramatic of ways.  Suddenly, the world will return to childlike faith and we will begin again.


Jesus will come again to bring history to a close.  When that happens, everyone will come before him, all who have lived on earth, from the first to the last.  This final coming is not what is being described here.  There will be another coming, another visitation of Jesus, much sooner than the end of the world.  He will have compassion on the world, a world that has rejected him.  He will not discard the world nor will he allow the world to destroy itself.

Yes, he will come again – not in human flesh as the first time, not in eternal glory as the last time.  This will be a coming of his divine presence which will be preceded by many preparatory events, and signs that all will see.  When he comes, many will welcome him and many will wish they had prepared themselves.  All will know that the Lord has come.

Words to Particular Groups (February 4 to February 10, 2013)

February 4, 2013
Importance of Words

Is it too late to turn around? How can mankind, who has chosen the darkness and who has moved toward the darkness for so many years, suddenly be turned around? Mankind needs to hear a new voice, a voice that explains its problems, points out its errors and show it how to walk on a new path.

Because many do not understand what I am doing with these locutions, I will explain. Every day, people consume many words, and do not grasp the power which these words have over them. Why does such darkness cover their minds? How could the thinking of America change so radically and so quickly? Words, millions of words, have been deliberately poured out into the stream of the culture. Rather, I should say lies, many lies, lies every day. The airwaves are filled with lies. So, I must speak each day. Only by my words can America be turned around.


A Daily Word

Our words remain. They are posted for all to read, a constant light, a daily invitation.

Slowly, the words penetrate. Some touch deeply and others are never forgotten. They are light in the darkness and truth among the lies. They say “Come this way” at a time when all the world chooses a different path. The words are steady, a daily force that protects from error and does not allow the seed of the lie to bear fruit.

My children, these words show my love for you. They are a sign of my daily care and concern.

Read them for what they are – a loving letter from your mother.

February 5, 2013
Having Lost Your Wife

I will speak very particular words.  I know each one’s heart and each person needs unique words.

To you who have recently lost your wife, I know that she was your closest companion in life.

She will also be your companion forever in heaven.  Now, you must face these intervening years.  How will you ever get through them without her?  The pain of loss will not suddenly go away because the ties were so deep.  You accepted each other into the very depths of your hearts and you never rejected each other.  These ties are now broken.  She is not there, but your thoughts and feelings still go out to her.  Only slowly will you gain a new orientation, a new light to guide your path.  Until then, go to my Mother for your consolation.  She will ease your pain.  She, too, lost her spouse and had to walk the road alone.


These words will be spoken for everyone.  Each group will know their power and will believe that these are truly words from heaven.  This is heaven’s way of consoling those who are suffering in this land of exile.  I speak to those who have lost their mother.  She was always there to help and, as the years went on, she needed your help.

You watched her grow older, more and more unable to do what she used to do.  Now, she has finished her life on earth and is at my side.  Yes, she is at my side.  That is the word of comfort that I offer to you in these days of your sorrow.  She is now more powerful than ever, in the fullness of her youthful beauty and strength, able to lead and guide you.  She who provided you with an earthly home is now preparing a heavenly home for you.

February 6, 2013
The Recently Unemployed

To you who walk in a darkness of doubts and even of despair, your whole world has been turned upside down.  The walls that seemed so strong have suddenly fallen.  It is a new darkness, one that you never had to cope with before.  You always had your work.  You had a job to go out to every day and the satisfaction of returning home at night, a full day’s work accomplished.

Now, employment has been taken away.  For the first time, you feel the emptiness of someone who has lost an identity, with a definite place to go and co-workers who were you daily companions.

Let go of your past.  Trust.  Come, I will lead you along a new path.  It is already there, waiting for you to find it.  Call out to me. Believe that I will show you.  Especially believe that I will get you through this period.


A Mother Losing a Child

I speak to the mother who has lost her child, her young child.  The child was always sickly, even from the beginning.  You had great hopes that the doctors could do something.  As that road failed, you decided to love and accept your child with all your heart.  This you have done.  How close you came to your child.  Now the child is taken from you.  You know the child is in heaven but human grief still grips your heart.  That is why I speak.  Your efforts have not been in vain.  Every ounce of your love is stored up in the child’s heart.  All of your blessings cover the child.  These prepared your child for glory.  Will I not bless you?  Will I not send special help?  Will I not send angels to console you?  Were you not an angel to your child?  A new door will open.

February 7, 2013
To the Poor

I do not turn my back to the poor.  I invite them, welcome them and bring them to myself.

They are so close to my heart because I lived in poverty, deliberately leaving aside so many physical comforts to visit the towns of Israel.  The poor are mine and I openly proclaimed that I had come to preach good news to the poor.
What are my words to you?  What good news can I preach when you are deprived of so many earthly goods, even the necessities of life?  Your poverty results from the sinfulness of mankind.  The heavenly Father has provided an abundance but mankind controls the distribution of goods.  Satan has used his human instruments to turn the earth into a place of suffering.

Poverty will continue until mankind repents and seeks the kingdom.  Then, all will see God’s glorious abundance.

To you, now mired in this poverty, I say that you are close to me.  I see your daily struggles.  Continue to help those who are even more poor than yourself.  I will see these acts of kindness and provide for you.


A Burdened Mother

So many are burdened, especially those mothers who brought children into the world and now find them a terrible burden.  “Why did I even do this?  Why did I allow myself to give birth when I cannot care for them?” They ask.

O burdened mother, the children see your love.  Later, they will fully understand all your efforts and all that you provided for them in your poverty.  I have only this word for you.

“Your children are rich.  They have your love.  I will be with you”.

February 8, 2013
Burdened With the Past

What will I say to those who feel the burden of past sins?  Of the sins of their youth?  Of the poor decisions in their marriage?  Of the effects of addictions?  What do I say, especially, to those who see that their life has slipped away from them and that the hopes which they once had are crushed?  These are the ones who carry inner burdens that seemingly have no answer.  They have made choices and their decisions have been the wrong ones.

Long ago, I became man to help you.  I came to call sinners, not the righteous.  I came to help those who seemingly had been cast aside by their own decisions.  Do you not see?  I am the redeemer and you are in need of redemption.  Let me be a redeemer to you.  In me, all is redemption for those who know they need redemption.


A Woman Who Has Had An Abortion

I speak specifically to the woman who has chosen an abortion and knows that she cannot go back.  She cannot change her decision.   She cannot say, “Give that life to my child which I decided to remove”.
All is not lost.  Begin with sorrow for your decision.  That is the door that opens to life.

Do not listen to those who would explain away the act.  Those explanations do not reach the depth of your guilt.  I must pluck out the sorrow, like someone removing a stone from your heart.  Come now.  Let us begin.  Go to the priest.  Confess your sin.  Receive my Son’s forgiveness.  I will be with you there.  After that, I will show you the road to walk to regain a fullness of peace.

February 9, 2013
The Burdened Person

I speak to the wandering soul, the person who enjoys no rest, plagued by circumstances that have happened, many of which were beyond his control.  I speak to the burdened soul who tries to fulfill so many responsibilities with so few resources.  Their numbers are increasing and their burdens grow greater.  They can find no rest.  Their days are spent searching for enough to live and survive.  Their numbers are legion.  To them I speak, “In all your searching, do not forget the kingdom of God.  Often you search but you do not find.  However, whoever searches for the kingdom always finds and the kingdom is a pearl of great value and a hidden treasure.  In all of your searching, I say “Seek first the kingdom of God and all these other things will be given you besides.”


The Homeless

I speak to the homeless.  How can this be in America, that you have no home?  The sins of America have caused this.  The greed, the deception, the corruption.  America blessed with my abundance has squandered its heritage and many of its children wander the streets, subject to all the changes of weather and all the harshness of the elements.

Who can unravel all the causes that brought you to this state?  Who can unveil your own failings that might have contributed to your losses?  To search for those answers is a useless path, so let us take a different one.  I value you.  You are worthwhile in my eyes.  You have a body that needs to be helped and a soul that needs to be saved.  I will help you with both.

As you call upon my name, “Mary”, I will place hope in your soul, light in your mind and determination in your will.  You will not remain an outcast or a rejected part of society. You will find your place and give me thanks.  Let us begin now.

February 10, 2013
To the Children

Finally, I speak to the group that is closest to my heart, the children, the innocent ones. The children are always the future. Even though they know it not, they alone carry the seeds of the future generation. They have been cheated. The heavenly bread of religious teaching has been taken away. The children know only the secular religion, that insipid wine that destroys their thinking. They march into a darkness created by those who have stripped America of its religious roots. They find no answers to the important questions and their hearts are not trained in devotion.

I look at the children of America and I find a blankness in their stares and confusion in their minds. So, I ask, “Who will help the children? Who will speak for them? Who will stop the nonsense that parades itself as wisdom? Who will reclaim the culture for me and for the children?” To those who undertake this task, I will give a thousand helps. Do not fear your secular foes. I will give you weapons that no one can resist. This is a war that I want fought day and night – a war for the hearts and minds of the children.


To Those Who Lead Children Astray

I must speak even stronger words. Woe to those persons who lead the children astray. Woe to those governments who set aside religious teaching. Woe to those who feel the children are dispensable tools in the hands of those who manipulate them. Who told you to teach them what violates God’s law? Who allowed you to set aside God’s commandments? Who permitted you to remove God’s word? These are the questions.

I hold everyone responsible for the children. I accuse governments, and schools, and those who control the media. I accuse parents who neglect their children’s religious education. Everyone is to blame. Look at your children. They do not know right from wrong. They do not learn the ten commandments. They see before their eyes every kind of violation of God’s law. Everybody is responsible for the children. Blessed are those who rise up and say, “We must save the children”. They must work day and night because the forces of darkness have already claimed many.

The Papal Resignation, The Conclave, A Missionary Pope
Feb. 11 ~ March 16, 2013