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Locutions to the World ~ Feb. 11 to March 16, 2013

The Papal Resignation (February 11 to February 14, 2013)

February 11, 2013
The Announcement

The world has been stunned by the great announcement of the papal resignation.  Would I cease to speak to my children at the very time that they need to hear my voice?  Not at all.  The words will flow each day as before.  The focus will be on the papacy and on all that will happen.  I will not hold back my words.  I will reveal the deepest secrets of my heart, so all my children can rejoice in this work of the Spirit.  All must pray, as fervently as possible. All are part of this great work of the Spirit.


I rejoice that this has been accomplished and the heart of Pope Benedict has accepted the gentle urgings of my heart.  He has done what I have asked and now he steps aside at just the right time.  There are no questions swirling around him.  No one can really accuse him of abandoning the Church in a great time of crisis.  All is calm for now.  The great crises lie ahead.  No one can accuse him of abandoning the ship of Peter because a gigantic storm has come up.  He has acted promptly, at the right time, and in the right way.  I have already chosen his successor, the one who is deepest in my heart.

February 12, 2013
The Cardinal Messenger

Men will not oppose my will nor will I allow the Evil One to enter, although his deepest desires are to seat the Pope of his choice.  I will quickly narrow the field and allow the cardinals to focus on the smallest possible number, even though many could be considered fit applicants.  They will debate these names in a spirit of openness (even though behind the scenes different movements arise).  Then suddenly, my messenger (a cardinal) will come to the temple, he whom I have sent.  He will bring new light that is from me.  He will raise new questions.  He will ask, “What about Fatima?  What about Our Lady’s request for the consecration of Russia?  Should not this also be a question?  Why do we speak of human issues only, when this question is so urgent?”  All will pause.  Until then, no one had raised a voice.  The important question was off the table but this messenger will raise it clearly.


The Pope of the Promise

I hold him in my heart.  I have always held him in my heart.  Now, I am about to show him to the whole world.  I will place him on the chair of Peter.  He has always been the child of the promise.  When he was set aside, he held onto the promise.  When he was overlooked, he held on to the promise.  When he entered into the greatest darkness, he held on to the promise.  He knows only one thing – the promise that I placed in his heart decades ago, a promise he has never rejected, even when all seemed lost.  Now, he waits in the wings, knowing that his name will be chosen.  When he comes forth, all will say “Mary, the mother of God, has chosen him”.

February 13, 2013
The Search Begins

The long search begins.  The list of the names, who is ready and who is not ready.  Some are hopeful and others are fearful.  All of the cardinals experience a seriousness of purpose in accord with the great decision that they must make.  The casting of a vote is a great moral responsibility, carrying a weight and a burden.  All see it that way – a solemn duty.  Yet, their opinions will vary and whom they will agree upon is not at all evident.  Some would want a conservative.  Others would look for an intellectual.  Others would want a charismatic figure.  Who among the cardinals will be able to get the needed number of votes?  This is the surface question of the conclave.  There are much deeper questions that must be asked by each elector.  They must come into my presence and stay in my presence.  This election will be unique, quite different from the others.  Those who are sensitive to the Holy Spirit will be used in a mighty way and will rejoice forever.


The Beloved Cardinals

I will gather those cardinals who love me deeply and I will make them of one mind and one heart, even if they are unaware of what I am doing.  They will resist every effort that is not of me.  They will resist the political approach, as if the papacy were just another office.

They will be filled with awe.  For many of my favorite sons, this will be their first experience in a conclave.  I do not want them to be quiet.  I expect them to speak up, to be active and to move the conclave into the spiritual realm where it belongs.  If one does not speak up, I will get another.  When one speaks I will touch the hearts of others to see and to respond.  Many cardinals will be surprised to see the great devotion that quickly surrounds the gathering.  This is so important.  It will prevent a quick election that would not bring forth the right candidate.

February 14, 2013
Everyone Has A Divine Call

I call every person into a place in my Sacred Heart. Everyone is created according to the divine plan. Some never understand God’s plan. They live in darkness and the great mysteries are hidden from them – the mystery of their own existence and why they were created. Others, however, are bathed in great light from the beginning. This is the gift of faith, given from parents to children. In this light, the child sees and the mysteries of their divine call is open to them.
For some, this call is to the papacy. Obviously, the call is given from the beginning. Then, the person is awakened and the mystery is revealed. This has already happened and the person who will be chosen already knows in his heart that he will be the one. This is God’s plan and not man’s, even though the decision seemingly lies in the votes of the cardinals.


Mary’s Choice

Who is this person who lies so deeply in my heart that I would have chosen him for the papacy?

This is a truth wrapped in the greatest mystery, a hidden priest son whom I have deliberately kept out of the limelight and who will stay totally hidden until the great mystery is revealed. Then, I will bring him forth from the greatest hiddenness. I will reveal him to the world and say, “This is my son. This is my beloved. Listen to him”. Then, all the nations will know what I have done.

Future Events (February 15 to February 18, 2013) 

February 15, 2013
A Long Process

The events will be guided by my hands. There will be a series of decisions that will move along the right path, all going toward the goal. People are in place whom I can easily stir into action so that my interests are safeguarded and all comes to its proper conclusion. This will not be a short process, or one that will be completed quickly. The cardinals will go back and forth, looking at many possible candidates. In all of this, I will be guiding them by my inner light, attracting them to some candidates and leading them away from others. All they need to do is to be led by my Spirit. Sufficient numbers will follow the Spirit so the purpose of the conclave is fulfilled.


Mary’s Moment of Joy

The time is fruitful, like a woman about to give birth. That is exactly what will happen. I will bring into the daylight the one whom I have kept so hidden, always nourishing him and providing a place of life. Now is the time for him to come forth.

I rejoice. I truly rejoice in all of these events. They are brought about by the Spirit of God and they will be completed as the Spirit continually breathes upon the whole Church. Yes, the whole Church must share deeply in these events because your mother is about to bring forth the pope who will consecrate Russia to my Immaculate Heart. It can no longer be delayed.

February 16, 2013
The War Has Begun

I take the time to explain each part in great detail so the whole picture will be clear. The resignation of Pope Benedict is the beginning of the great war. It is now the hour of conflict when the armies of Satan rise up to destroy the Church. However, this resignation was a surprise, the Woman Clothed With the Sun took the initiative. Seeing all that is to come, she began the war. This surprise move has shifted everything. Now, Satan must adjust to the reality of the new pope who sees so clearly that this is the Age of Mary. The new pope will usher in this Age of Mary. He will take all the steps. He will not be deterred by any obstacle. He places no trust in his own powers and knows that the world can only be saved through the intervention of my Mother. He sees clearly what must be done and will not waste any time, in taking all the steps.


A Pope Fashioned By Mary

I have fashioned this new pope with my own hands. Our spirits are as one, joined together by the Spirit of God. He understands my plans and listens to my words. He walks with me. I have shown him my secrets and shared with him my plans. All that he does is guided by me. He takes no step without invoking my name.
How I have kept him, like none other, always preparing him for the moment when I say to the world, “This is my pope, fashioned by my hands. He will be a light to the nations and the glory of my people, Israel”. None will defeat him, even though he has no power. None will destroy him, even though the fires of hell have already tried to do that. He is mine, hidden for so many, many years in my heart and now about to be revealed to the whole world.

February 17, 2013
Moving Up the Timetable

Keep your eyes open. See all the world events that suddenly will begin to happen. These are a response to the Holy Father’s announcement. The war has begun. The first shot has been fired.

I did not wait for Satan to act. I would not give him the chance to decide the timetable. I led the Pope to take this extraordinary action because I wanted to decide the time and the setting. Now the shot has been fired. It is a shot of faith, of belief that the Spirit will guide the Church.
Keep your eyes open. You will see the demonic response. You will see whom he stirs to acts of violence, whom he gets to take the world stage. He must lead those whom he controls to action.

The time has been moved up. Otherwise, he would have greater armies and greater forces. He is forced to begin with what he already has in place. It is too late now to deploy all that he wanted. His forces are not as strong as they would have been. The announcement has stirred those who believe in me. There is great expectancy. Still, the Church herself is not yet ready but that will be remedied by the new pope whom I have already enlightened.


Coming World Events

The time is short. My children must be prepared. Events will happen quickly. See them for what they are. Even though they happen in various parts of the world, there will always be the same pattern. Some area of darkness has resulted from sinful actions over a long period of time.

There will be a great weakness, an inability to withstand a great force. This great force will suddenly break through or bring a crisis to a head. The results will be like a fire that overflows and pours out, damaging what is closest. None of these events will be earth-shaking but taken together they will constitute a grave problem, stretching the world’s resources to the breaking point. Then, the break will come, the last of a long line of events and circumstances. This event will truly change the picture. All will begin to see what is so evident to those who know my words. The war has begun. The other side has responded, trying to break the will of the people. How much the world will need me at this time. That is why I will raise up the pope of my choice.

February 18, 2013
The Events Are All Connected

All the events are tied together. Nothing happens in an isolated way. All are part of the story, the constant story of good and evil, the clash of kingdoms in which man is caught up.

This is his place, his role, and only by revelation can he understand. If anyone rejects this revelation then they are bound to darkness, totally unaware of the forces of good and evil that interplay in the course of history. Man is not passive. He must act and make decisions.

Without revelation, he acts in darkness, unaware of the role that he is playing. That is why I speak. A great drama is taking place and, in these moments, the great and important scenes are being played out. Will man understand? Will the Church understand? That is why I speak.


Unleashing the Destructive Power

Happy the person who hears, understand and believes these words. They are light in the darkness, explaining all of the events and even speaking ahead of time of events that have not yet happened.

A great destructive power has been set in the soil of history. It has not yet been released.

Because of the prayers of many, it has been pushed back, moved off course and made less destructive. However, this destructive power has been planted. The soil was made receptive by the sins of mankind. This destructive seed was protected by mankind’s refusal to repent when so many opportunities and so much time was granted. Now, the destructive power must come forth so that I can once more claim the soil of earth. I will keep my children safe if they listen to me.

The pope’s resignation is my beginning step to protect you. See this extraordinary act for what it is – your heavenly mother’s first step in sheltering her children.

A Bridge Between Popes (February 19 to February 20, 2013)

February 19, 2013
Benedict, A Bridge Between Popes

Only the just man would be patient and faithful. Such is Pope Benedict, a pope after my own heart whom I have chosen as my Vicar. Now he has completed the course. He is the bridge between the two great popes. He provided the needed time of transition from one to the other.

Now that Benedict’s time is completed, I can raise up the one who will complement Pope John Paul II, who saw his mission but knew the pope would not live to see its fulfillment.

What remains to be done to bring the Church into the third millennium? Certainly, the world is in the third millennium and Pope John Paul II was the pope to open that millennium. However, the Church has not yet found its way. In spite of these two great popes, John Paul and Benedict, the Church is slipping behind and not keeping pace. I must give the Church a new role, a surprising role, so that the whole world will see that the Church does not follow the world but is far ahead of the world. This can happen only by the intervening power of God in world events.

When these divine interventions happen (and there will be more than a few) the world will say “In this darkness, we must look for light to the Church because everywhere else there is no power and no wisdom”.


The Destructive Events

So soon and so quickly will come the destructive breakthroughs. The walls can no longer hold back the floods. The surface of the earth can no longer contain the fires that burn beneath. I use these figures to describe human history. The floods of evil and selfishness have eroded the foundations. These floods will soon break through the walls that support society. What was ordered and tranquil will become filled with confusion and turmoil. The fires burning beneath the surface are the angers of men that will break through in physical destruction of parts of the universe. Yes, man now possesses weapons of mass destruction that have never been used.

The pope whom I will seat on the Chair of Peter will be my sign to the world that I have foreseen all of these events and have prepared for them. During these days, he will speak my word and all will listen. Proud hearts will be broken by these events. Mankind will be humbled in the face of its new problems and it will seek light. They will find this light on the Chair of Peter. See this papal election for what it truly is. My motherly heart, which foresees all that is ahead, is placing my favorite son, my beloved one, on the Chair of Peter.

February 20, 2013
The Gifts of the Two Popes

People look for reasons of why the Pope will resign. They should look into my Sacred Heart. He will resign because it is my will that he step down. He correctly sees himself as my instrument. I took him into my holy hands and used him for these years to guide my Church. He has brought to the Church his light and his intellect. He has constantly offered clear explanations of its truth and, most important, has tried to shine the light of faith upon every conceivable question. He lives by that light and has tried to cast that light (as he so deeply grasps it) upon every issue. He has laid an intellectual foundation. All who want to search his writings will find clarity and reason.

Now, I must bring another pope to the Chair of Peter. He will have a different goal, one that Benedict truly shares and deeply believes in. As I placed a great light of learning in Benedict, so I have placed the great light of my mother in the new pope. His heart is filled with Mary. He lives in her and, literally, breathes in her. Her name is always on his lips.

She is the one who has prepared and chosen him from the beginning. Like Benedict, he will bring to the Chair of Peter exactly what I have placed in his heart. He will not see himself bringing his own talents. He knows they are too little. He carries Fatima in his heart. That will be his first gift. He also carries Jerusalem in his heart. That is his second gift. When he has given those two gifts to the Church, his papacy will be completed, just as Benedict’s is now complete.


The Pope of Fatima

What am I to say when that moment is about to be fulfilled, the moment that I have waited for and planned for.? I am about to raise to the Chair of Peter the pope of Fatima, the pope who will consecrate Russia but will do so much more. He will bathe the Church in devotion to me.

My name will always be on his lips. I will be lifted up as never before in the history of the Church. Through the pope, the Church will breathe in me. Every breath will give new life. He will not bring his own gifts because the gifts I have given him are so much greater. All will see the changes and blessings that occur.

The Conclave (February 21 to February 22, 2013)

February 21, 2013
The New Spirit of the Conclave

The whole world waits in expectancy for the news. Who will be the new pope? They scan the lists of the cardinals to see who is “Popabile” (able to be pope). This is the normal way to proceed. Even the cardinals will review in their minds the needed qualities of the pope, his age, his health, his background and experience. They will assess the needs of the Church and weigh the “pros” and “cons”. This is their responsibility and they will fulfill it well.

However, as the conclave begins, they will be caught up in a new spirit. Their previous thinking will be set aside. A whole new list of values will be put before them. They will reject many of their former thoughts because the Spirit is breathing his wisdom into their hearts. (That is where true wisdom resides – in the heart). As many are caught up in the new actions, something very unique will happen in their hearts. They will have a new face of the pope, a new idea of what they should look for in a pope. Some candidates that they thought were strong will be seen as lacking. Other candidates whom they had never considered will seem quite plausible. All of this will be the beginning and important action of my Spirit.


The Mystery of the Conclave

What a mystery! The cardinals will enter this mystery. Some will enter the mystery fully. They will come to the center of the mystery. They will see all the truths and all the ramifications. They will have full and perfect wisdom for this conclave. There will be just a few of them. Their hearts will be fixed on me and will have been prepared by me because of their deep devotion to me for so many decades.

Others will enjoy great wisdom and see many parts of my choice, but the great mystery will not be given to them. They must be humble and recognize that they see much but do not see everything. They must recognize those cardinals whom I have chosen. They must stand with these cardinals and look to them for wisdom in their decisions. If they do this, they will forever share in the glory of having chosen the pope of my Immaculate Heart.

Other cardinals will share partially in the mystery. They are cardinals of good will who have allowed some parts of their spiritual call to come forth. Many of these will have great difficulty in grasping what I am doing and in opening themselves up to a new action of the Spirit. However, even to these I hold out the greatest of life’s opportunities – to share in an election of a pope who will by my special son and will guide the Church through its darkest hour.

Finally, there are some whom I cannot invite into the mystery. I must say this openly. They have closed their hearts to me. They have rejected me, not just once or twice, but time and again. They have set me aside and denied my rightful prerogatives. I will not name them. They know who they are. I will not condemn them. I am merely saying that when the time comes, they will be totally unable to be swept up into this mystery. Yet, even here I will not close the door. If they repent, even in the secrecy of their own heart, I will gladly accept them and give them, also, a role in this great mystery that will shape the future of the world. Otherwise, I can only have them stand outside of the mystery.

Furthermore, if any cardinal decides to actively oppose this mystery, I will cut him off entirely. He will experience only the darkness of the night that he himself has chosen. I have spoken clearly. Let the cardinals read this before they enter the conclave.

February 22, 2013
The Conclave – An Integral Part of History

I am coming closer to the world than ever before. The more the world rejects me, the closer I will come. However, the results of my coming will vary according to the dispositions of the world. When a father comes to a rebellious child, he must confront, and sometimes even chastise. When he comes to a loving child, he can pick the child up in a loving embrace.

Mankind must decide whether it will be a rebellious or a loving child.
The conclave does not stand alone, as an isolated event, detached from all the rest of human history. The conclave is integral to history, just as the Chair of Peter, for all these centuries, has shared in and has formed human history. That role of the pope will continue.

The role of the new pope will be more integrated and more central to human history than any other pope.

I speak so simply, yet so seriously. The conclave and the choice of the pope is one part of the whole picture of history. The cardinals must expect that my hand will be upon this conclave more than any other. I need to awaken them. They must be drawn into supernatural wisdom so they cast their ballots correctly. Even more, they must bring supernatural wisdom into their discussions with other cardinals. The whole conclave must think supernaturally. I will come. I will find the cardinals to be either rebellious children who want to put forward their candidate, or loving children who seek only the candidate of the heavenly Father.


Mary’s Conclave

I ask the cardinals, for a moment, to set aside all of their calculations, to settle their minds and to come before me. If they do this, I will speak to them as a loving mother.

Listen attentively. I have a special son in my heart. He is hidden from you. Just who he is you do not know. I want you to go about your discussions as cardinals have always done. I see your efforts to prepare yourself. I see the seriousness with which you take this burden, this charge that has fallen upon you. Do what cardinals normally do. Do not grow anxious. I ask only your normal human cooperation.

Now I come to my special request. What is important is not all the knowledge that you can acquire in these days, but the spirituality in your heart. Time and again, look to that life of devotion. Plunge yourself into the solitude of prayer. Come aside often, giving far more time to the Blessed Sacrament than you have ever done in your life. I will meet you there.

Your heavenly mother will prepare you for her task. This conclave is not your task, it is mine.

The Resignation As A Sign (February 23 to February 28, 2013)
February 23, 2013
The Resignation As A Sign

The highest chair in the world will soon be vacant. It is not a position created by man or sustained by natural powers. This office has endured for centuries and will be present even when I return in glory. It is sustained by my promise that the gates of hell would not prevail against my Church. The papacy, like other institutions, has seen high points and low moments.

Yet, this boat of Peter has navigated the tides and has never been shipwrecked. Now, this chair of Peter has been brought to this special moment by a pope who obeyed my inner word that he should hand over the keys of the kingdom to another.

What a solemn and unique moment in modern history. A living pope surrenders his powers so another pope can gain them. A living pope removes himself from the chair of Peter so another could take his place. Only I could have brought this about as my Holy Spirit stirred so forcibly in the heart of Benedict. He would have served as long as I wanted him to.

Understand the greatness of this act. Even more, understand the uniqueness of what I have done. See it as a sign that I have only begun to act. Would I bring about this highly unusual resignation and then allow the conclave to proceed in its usual manner. Why have I done this?

What am I doing? All the cardinals must see this. They must not approach the conclave as they previously thought. Let them be ready for my special stirrings in their hearts and for my special actions within the conclave itself.


The cardinals cannot pull a curtain so that no one sees what they are doing. All the eyes of heaven will be upon them. All the eyes of earth will see someday what has taken place in these extraordinary meetings. The events will be recounted down through the ages. I know there is secrecy but secrecy does not pertain to heavenly actions and divine interventions. These must not be kept secret.

In the beginning of the conclave (and even before it begins) there will be divine signs. The cardinals will speak of “coincidences”. There will be so many of these that any cardinal with great faith will realize how much I am guiding this process. These signs will greatly influence the thinking of many. More important, the cardinals’ level of faith in direct divine interventions will grow strong and firm. This is the first stage – hearts that are ready to believe because they have seen.

As the cardinals gather more intensely in the days before the conclave, this will provide me with a greater opportunity. I will work in the hearts of my special cardinals by an illumination. They will begin to see, not a certain candidate, but a vision of the purpose of this conclave. This will shatter all their false reasoning’s and will purge them. They will be cleansed in my heart and made ready to act on by behalf in the conclave itself.

I will speak here only of the initial days of the conclave. There will be great confusion. Cardinals from all over the world, with totally different thought will gather, many for the first time. The opening days will be in the human spirit. This is quite natural. Let this human spirit be quickly spent, like morning clouds that pass away with the heat of the sun.

February 24, 2013
The Outbreak of Darkness

The events will unfold, all led by the Holy Spirit. He will raise up voices that will speak the truth and confront the issues. This is a conclave of the greatest darkness. The world will soon be overcome by events that are far beyond its resources to respond. The turmoil that will follow will be greater than the world has ever seen. This is what I mean by “the hour”. It is the hour, the hour of the great clash between the two kingdoms, the hour when what lies hidden becomes clear to all. The hour is not just a short time but an extended period of great warfare.

Who should lead my Church at the beginning of this outbreak? Who has the light, the wisdom, and especially, the holiness to sit on the Chair of Peter. These are the questions the cardinals must ask.


During these days I take my priest son deeper and deeper into my heart. He knows not to speak out. His task is to be immersed in my Immaculate Heart. I nourish him with the greatest faith.

He has absolutely no doubt that I will raise him up. He has no control of the events that will lead to his election. He has no need to lift a finger because my mighty arm will set him in the center of the conclave. When he is called forth, he will respond, knowing that this is God’s will.

February 25, 2013
Many Dead Ends

Every option is on the table. The cardinals will consider everything. Then, I will bring to their minds new thoughts, that at first they had never thought of. I will let them go down their own paths and come to their dead ends. I will let them search and search for the answer.

Whom should they raise to the Chair of Peter? Only when they have seemingly exhausted every possibility will the thought enter their heart. Then, they will move in my direction and I will lead them quickly.


No one knows the candidate hidden so well, so deeply, in my heart. I have deliberately kept him buried in my love. He will not stir. He will not cry out. He will be covered over in great darkness, just as the cloud covered and protected the Israelites in the desert.

Only when I part the sea of confusion and show the cardinals where to walk, will this cloud lift. They will see clearly to walk where they thought they would never walk. I must assure them, just as God assured the Israelites, that it is safe to walk between the parted waves.

February 26, 2013
A Pope For All Nations

Because I open my heart to all nations, to all cultures and to all peoples, I will raise up a pope for all the nations. All will see in him a hope for salvation and a deliverance from the worldwide darkness that will soon envelope the earth, a darkness of confusion, doubt and, at times, even of hysteria and self-destruction. These will be the forces that will soon be unleashed. Before that happens, I will set in place a pope who will speak my word and release the powers of the kingdom. He will not teach in his own name nor bring forth human wisdom. He will speak my word, exactly as I have trained him to do.


Now that the time is so close I will reveal the deep secrets of my heart, kept hidden for so long. I have prepared this pope by the greatest of graces. I have fashioned him in the darkness of my womb and soon, so very soon, I will bring him into the light of day. Upon him shall be the anointing of Jerusalem, because that is where he will go and there he will end his days in the papacy.

He already knows my plan and will fulfill it just as I have laid it out before him. He will not swerve, to the left or to the right. He will discern all the world events, for himself and for the Church. He will raise his voice like no other pope because the Spirit of the Lord is upon him. When the years of his short papacy are completed, the seeds of new life will be planted. His papacy will prepare the Church for all that will follow in this third millennium.

February 27, 2013
The Messenger Pope

How much time has been lost. The gifts of God set aside. So many times I have spoken to my servants, the prophets. I have given them heavenly messages for all the world to hear. I entrusted these messages to my Church, my bride. To whom else would I given them? She has come forth from my side. She is the new Eve. I would not give these messages to another. I want my bride to be exalted. Yet, how haltingly she accepts my words. Years go by and she does not see the treasure lying in her very bosom. She delays and delays. She keeps hidden what should be proclaimed on the housetops.

No more. The time is too short. The need for my prophetic word is too pressing. I can no longer just send messengers. I must send a pope who himself is the messenger. To him I will speak, directly, heart to heart, even face to face. All the world will know that this pope is a prophet to the nations.


For so long I have kept this future pope in my bosom, hidden from the nations, yet called to be their light. I have trained him in my word and he has frequently brought it forth. He is no stranger to prophecy. He understands the gift. He is familiar with my voice.

Know that I am raising up much more than just a pope. I am lifting up a prophet to the nations. All the world will listen because he will not just speak a word of wisdom but a clear prophetic word. He is not shy or bashful. He will not hide the gift. He will not be lifted up to place the lamp under a bushel basket. He knows where my word belongs.

Suddenly, a new light will shine forth, a surprise, a new help for my children who are so confused by the darkness of the world. I will raise up this pope and prophet for my little ones who believe that I can speak directly to them.

February 28, 2013
Pope Benedict’s Final Day

The end comes to the pontificate of Pope Benedict. The Church salutes him for all that he has done. He retires with great dignity, a true blessing for all. I take him aside into a new and deeper solitude. Yet, he is at hand, ready to guide and help the one whom I will raise up. His role is not finished, just changed. Even he cannot see all that I have in store for him as he embraces his successor for the first time. Only then will he realize the great blessing he has been to the world by his resignation. This part is still hidden from his eyes. Someone whom he helped in his younger days by his writings, he will help in his final years by his presence and wisdom.


The day has come. The final steps will be taken. The Church will have no pope. This is not a time of mourning, as in the past. It is the time of a decision, taken in faith and brought forth by my hand. I will lead Pope Benedict into his place of solitude. I will be present to him as never before. I will fill him with the greatest wisdom. His value will increase and grow. He will come to understand the new role that I have for him. He will live in the shadows of retirement but will dwell in the light. He will be a guiding light to the new pope who will constantly seek out his wisdom. I relieve him of his other duties so his advice can come forth like a flowing stream.

 † † † † † † † † † † † †   † † † † † † † † † † † †   † † † † † † † † † † † †  

The Next Pope (March 1 to March 12, 2013)

March 1, 2013
A Non-European Pope?

What is hidden will be revealed as the days go on. First, the hidden design and plans of the cardinals. Many nourish a secret hope that they will be the choice. Others nourish the hope that they can push forward their candidate. This is their greatest hope because they see themselves as too unknown to ascend the papacy. All of this will be a pushing back and forth, a sparring of various personalities and ideas. This will wear off and give way to a serious discussion of the candidates – really too many and too diverse. The field is not limited to Italians, or to Europeans. The cardinals are thinking of the world and asking the question, is it time for another part of the world to bring forth a pope? This thinking is important because it will stretch out the timetables. These cardinals will refuse to give up their hopes. They see that Benedict tried to win back Europe and was not successful. Why try again?

Why place the Church in the hands of a European? This will be a main issue in the discussions.


Many will question the wisdom of a non-European. Is not the papacy located in Europe? Is not the pope the bishop of Rome? So, there will be a great resistance on the part of many to accept, even the premise that a non-European should be elected. The scales are weighted in Europe’s favor, yet the tide to move the papacy out of Europe is strong. This will be an on-going battle, even before candidates are named. Neither side will give up quickly, nor allow the others to push through their candidates. Those who favor a non-European pope do not have the power to elect but they exert a great power to stop an election.

March 2, 2013
A Pope With A Burning Heart

When all begins to become clear to the cardinals, they will see the greatness of their call and the overwhelming responsibility that has fallen to them. They will see the state of the world, so ready to rip apart at the seams. They will see a Church, bringing in a full harvest in some continents and having little to show in others. They will see the Muslim threat, ever growing and always menacing.
Yet, they will see more. They will see my Sacred Heart, filled with love yet so many times rejected, even by my Church. Into my heart they must enter. Only there will they see and understand. No one should sit upon the Chair of Peter unless he is close to my heart. I have not called an intellectual. I have not called a charming personality. I want one kind of pope – a pope whose heart burns with mine, whose wisdom comes from the Holy Spirit, and whose papacy will follow my direction. Anyone else is not acceptable at this moment in the history of the world and the Church.


I will speak clearly. The words must be like a knife, cutting to the heart. Do not give me a pope who will not consecrate Russia to my Immaculate Heart. Let him not be vague on this issue. It is already late, very late. This must be his primary goal. Consecrating Russia must have been in his heart years ago. I will reject every candidate for whom the consecration of Russia is not first in their hearts. If their names are put forth, I will personally defeat them. I will act through those who are my closest friends.

I have foreseen this conclave. I have inspired Pope Benedict concerning those whom he selected as cardinals. I have many cardinals who cherish the consecration of Russia. Some do this more openly than others. This issue is not to be set aside. If those who lead the conclave want to put it under the table, then I will raise up those who will put it back on the table.
Consecrating Russia must be the pope’s first dream, not his afterthought or something that he might get to.

March 3, 2013
The Lord’s Choice

I do not abandon my servants. I do not give them my promise and not keep it. My word is this.

The conclave that is about to begin will bring forth a startling pope, one that no one would ever have thought of because he is so hidden in my heart. He walks in my Spirit and he knows my desires. He follows a light that has been with him for years and years. The same light that guided him to the papacy will continue to guide him. Because he follows my light, both the world and the Church will be blessed.

I will not allow anyone to block his ascendency to the Chair of Peter. Although many will be totally surprised, I will not allow them to stand in the way. I will clear away all the obstacles and will present him to the cardinals as the one whom I have chosen. Even with these clear signs, some will not accept my choice, but they will be in the minority. Most will say, “The Lord has clearly shown us his choice”.


He will wait very calmly, knowing that there is nothing he can do or should do. He is the chosen one and upon him I have set my seal. His has been a life of prayer and devotion, of activity and solitude. He waits, not anxiously, but expectantly. He has no idea of how I will bring about his election, even though he knows that I have chosen him. He holds my secrets in his heart and carefully guards them.

He is seen by many and yet remains unknown. He waits for that moment when I call him onto the center of the stage. When the lights go on, he will be totally prepared, better than any other pope in history because he has dwelt so long in my Immaculate Heart. He knows exactly what I will expect from him and he will give this to me as a faithful son. He will give me everything. He will hold back nothing. He will follow only my plan, setting aside all of his own ideas. He is the one of whom I say, “He will bring my light to the nations”.

March 4, 2013
The Treasures Within the Pope’s Heart

I do not burden those whom I call. I prepare them and give them all the inner graces needed for their task. This was true of Benedict whom I prepared for years by his work in Rome. The future pope I have also prepared, immersing him in many types of pastoral experiences and leading him to search out every action of God. He has been an explorer, looking into all that is new and accepting into his heart all that could bless the Church. These are the fresh blessings that he will bring to the Chair of Peter.

There is more, so much more. It will not just be a sum total of his experiences that he will share, but all that I have told him, all that I have explained to him. For so many, many years I have been speaking to his heart. Even he does not realize all that I have stored up within him. He only knows that I will lift him to the papacy and all that he has received, all the wisdom I have placed in his heart and all the directions for the future of the Church must pour out. There will be new treasures and new directions, all given quickly in a short period of time that will mark this papacy


Do not be surprised that I have prepared my priest son for this great task. Immediately, his papacy will be immersed in the greatest darkness. The forces of hell will realize what I have done. They will see, better than others, the full gift. They will realize what I have accomplished. These forces were poised to destroy the Church. They were lurking along the path, ready to steal and even to destroy. Suddenly, the Church is no longer on that path. All of their plans will come to nothing.

My pope will lead the Church on a new path. He will say to all, “This is the way we must walk”. Even though he is the pope, many will not agree. Many, and I stress this, many will oppose him and even threaten him. However, this new pope is like a little child who knows only the voice of his mother. He will respond to all of his critics, “This is the way my heavenly mother wants me to lead the Church. Is she not the mother of the Church?”

March 5, 2013
The Holy Spirit’s Actions

The hour is at hand when all the love that I have in my heart will pour out over all the Church. Benedict has made this possible by his resignation. Suddenly, the Chair of Peter is empty. The Church has no human leader. All the world awaits the decision of the cardinals. An opening exists. The Church is praying and expecting. I will give the Church more than a new pope. This is the moment of an extraordinary action of my Spirit. All will see, whether they are Catholics or not, that I have done what was never expected.

This will open my Church to a new expectancy. If I have taken this surprise action at the highest level of my Church, will I not do the same at every level? All will see that the Holy Spirit has acted in a unique manner. Everyone’s eyes will be open. A new era will begin when every Catholic will once more be open to the actions of the Holy Spirit.


The time is too precious and the hour is too momentous to allow this decision to rest in the hands of man. The cardinals will vote and, according to the established procedures, their votes will elect the new pope. That will not change. It is before they elect a candidate that the Spirit will move in a surprising way. He knows the choice of my heart. He knows what needs to be done to bring forth this priest son. He will invite the cardinals to yield to his promptings. If they do not, then he will increase his manifestations. If those in charge continue to resist him, then he will raise up other cardinals. They will come forth with the Spirit’s words of direction. However, the human cooperation of the cardinals is needed. The new pope must receive their votes. That will not change but the way the cardinals arrive at that vote will be seen by all as the clear promptings of the Holy Spirit.

March 6, 2013
Trying to Destroy the Pope

How long can this mystery be delayed? How long before all is revealed and when all I have done and all that I have prepared in the heart of my chosen son is revealed? Soon, so very soon, the powers of hell will tremble at what I have done. In so many ways, the Evil One has tried to destroy the new pope. In so many ways, he has blocked his ascendency. In so many ways, he had him set aside. Then, came what the Evil One thought was his final blow, but I miraculously preserved what was essential. Much was torn away, but I did not let the papacy be stolen from him. These are the deep secrets that are buried in his heart.

What darkness he experienced. Had he failed me? Had he walked on the wrong path? Had I really spoken to him? For a while, even he set aside my word of the papacy. Little by little, I restored it to his heart. The word that was buried, but never rejected, took on new life. The stream flowed again in his heart. He listened to my word, followed my every direction. Now he stands where he never thought he could be, on the verge of becoming my pope.


What a path I have led him on. It was not the usual path at all. It was a hidden path. Often, I explained to him why I led him this way. In his heart, I would tell him to believe and, in his life, I led him further and further away. Oh, I explained everything and he believed my word. Then, I plunged him into the greatest darkness. He knew that this was a great gift but it seemed too great for him to handle.

How I remember those days when he saw so clearly my protective hand. All was shattered. All was broken. His years of believing and trusting – how could he ever have believed? But his eyes saw the miraculous protection I placed around him. On every side, I kept him safe. No one pierced the dark cloud of protection that surrounded those days. He sees those days for what they are – the final stage of his journey to the papacy, a stage in which he remains until I lift him high. When I do this, my mighty works can begin.

March 7, 2013
Regaining the First Love

No one will stand in my way. No one will block the object of my will – that my chosen priest will sit upon the Chair of Peter. These are my designs and why I am bringing this about. For too long my Church has trusted in her own strength. She has grown. She extends to all the world. Her numbers continue to increase. However, something is wrong at the heart of my Church. She has lost her first love. She glories in her riches. She prides herself on her numbers. She trusts in her institutions. All along, she has wandered from her first love. She has strayed from me, the source of living waters.

Now, when she faces problems and scandals, she is perplexed and goes on the defensive. Her enemies rejoice. They continue to pound her, using all their ammunition. To all of this, the Church tries to respond as an institution.
O, my Church, I will lead you on a different path. My priest son whom I will raise to the papacy has nothing except me. He brings only the fire in his heart. He has not forgotten his first love and that is where he shall lead you.


How I have protected him. He, alone, knows all the parts to this inner story. He is alive today because of me. He lives only in my Immaculate Heart. In my heart, is the only place he can exist. Outside of my heart, he has no life, no existence, no call, and especially, no papacy and no ability to lead the Church.
He will bring only one gift to the Church, my Immaculate Heart. But is this not enough? Does not my heart contain every gift? Did not the Holy Spirit come upon my heart and bring forth the Word of God? What else is the purpose of the Church? Does it not exist to bring forth my Son in every heart?

O Church, have you forgotten why your exist? Have you forgotten the fire that led to the great martyrs, like Perpetua and Felicity. I am bringing you a pope of fire, not his own fire but my fire. He knows only my Immaculate Heart and the divine fire placed there by the Holy Spirit.

What else do you need? You have forgotten your first love.

March 8, 2013
Twists and Turns

No one sees the many twists and turns which this conclave will take. All the cardinals see the overwhelming importance of their choice. They take their responsibility seriously and will do all in their power to select the right person. However, they do not as yet see how unexpectedly I will guide their decisions. They have no idea of how I will actually take over the proceedings, not in an outward fashion but by the inner turning of their own hearts.

They will see a change, a turning away from some candidates and a favoring of others. They will see this clearly as the votes are cast and then counted. They will begin to chart the flow, the back and forth. Why is this happening? Why does one candidate surface and then another, yet no one gains the decided advantage that would cause the cardinals to come to the needed oneness to elect? All they can do is to stay with the process which they must follow.


I do not allow the choice to slip from my hands. Just as I have held this priest son close to my heart, so I now hold tightly in my hand the only process that can raise him to the papacy.

Within the limits of my will, the cardinals will act and even vote. I will not interfere with their free will nor their free decisions or free discussions. However, I will not allow any candidate whom I have not chosen to gain the needed number of votes. Everything else will flow as usual. There will seem to be no direct intervention. Yet, when it comes to gaining the nod, no one will gain it. As the time goes by, the cardinals will wonder why all of their efforts are in vain. It is because my choice has not yet come forth.

March 9, 2013
From Darkness to Light

I come to each of the cardinals and I offer to them my light. Each must accept it and walk my road. Only slowly is the darkness of their minds overcome by the great light of my Holy Spirit.

When light first enters the darkness of the mind, there is confusion. What was grasped as true is challenged. What was held tightly as a firm truth must be gently taken away. The light purifies and calls out of darkness. All of this takes time. Some will come more quickly than others. Some will never leave their darkness.

What do I mean by darkness? Darkness means the candidate whom they would choose by their own natural understanding and dispositions. Light means the candidate of my choice. Oh, how long it will take me to bring the cardinals from their darkness into my light. Yet, I will succeed.
I will allow this conclave only to choose the one whom I have chosen.


I put forth my hand and I cover the conclave with my mantle of protection. In this way, no darkness penetrates the minds of the cardinals and the Evil One cannot bring about his choice.

Such is the special protection which I offer to the Chair of Peter. I protect it and allow no one to ascend to the position who would destroy the Church.
How the Evil One covets that chair. If only he could possess it! If only he could place there someone whose heart he controlled. Then, the gates of hell would have an entrance and would prevail for a time.

Each conclave is important, some more than others. At times, the papacy has fallen into the wrong hands. How did this happen? Man has free will. My Son entrusted his Church into the hands of man. So, there were moments when the popes were unworthy. These were sad moments, moments in which the Church suffered losses. However, those conclaves were not like this one.

Right now, the world does not see, nor do even the cardinals see. Everything is at stake. This is the moment of crisis. This is when the war between heaven and earth breaks out when I must have the right general, someone who walks in my light and guides the Church by my ways. That will be the candidate who will come forth.

March 10, 2013
A Successful Conclave

All is set. Nothing is missing. Everything is in place, exactly as I want it to be. Nothing will go wrong, even though the cardinals will enjoy a total freedom with the liberty to choose whomever they wish. How can this be? How can the divine choice be guaranteed and yet the human electors remain free to choose whomever they wish? This is the divine mystery and the power of God which I will explain.

The Father sees centuries ahead. He plans long before the time. There are certain realities that he does not destroy. The great reality is the free human will. Cardinals can choose to cooperate or not cooperate. They do this according to the lights and inspirations which they receive. There is an interplay of man’s free will and God’s divine inspirations. The Father knew all those whom he needed to have in the conclave and he already has them there. He knows the divine light that they will need. This, too, has already begun. Each day of the conclave, the cardinals will receive more light. Some will reject the light. They will act and vote like the other cardinals, but their actions and votes will be useless, set aside and of no lasting value.

The other cardinals will go from light to light, from one understanding to another. In this way, the process is respected and will prepare for the great light that will be given toward the end of the conclave. This light will bring the conclave to a successful conclusion. The conclave will bring forth the exact result which the heavenly Father wants and the freedom of each cardinal will be safeguarded.


This conclave is so important that nothing must go wrong. There will indeed be a back and forth, and the normal process. Who leads in the beginning is of little consequence. The conclave has one goal – to choose that priest son who is dearest to my heart.

The cardinals cannot see all that is ahead. They cannot see where this son of mine will lead the Church. They cannot see all that I have placed in his heart. His papacy will be my papacy.

He will bring to the papacy only those gifts which I have put in his heart. They are already there, waiting to be opened for the good of the whole Church. Would I place these gifts in my chosen one’s heart and not lift him up to the papacy so he gives these gifts to the Church?

Once he is pope, my gifts will begin to pour forth immediately. This outpouring will continue all during the few years of his short papacy. When all the gifts are given, he will give his life as the final gift.

March 11, 2013
A Conclave That Reveals God’s Power

The conclave is a great mystery which I will explore more and more so that, when the desired result comes forth, all the world will know exactly what has happened. I do not mean to reveal the votes or the number who voted for each candidate. That is only on the surface. There are much deeper issues and I want the whole world, yes the whole world, to understand. So, I will begin to speak even more specifically of the forces that lie beneath the surface, the hidden forces that shape the whole world and which determine the course of history.

These forces are especially active in the conclave which begins tomorrow. I want to use the conclave as a window to this hidden world. So many do not believe in the kingdom of heaven or the kingdom of darkness. However, all eyes will be on the conclave. All are interested in this process. I will use this moment when the glare of the television lights transmits the news to all the world. This is my moment of teaching. Even more, it is my moment of revealing. I will reveal to the world the power of the kingdom of heaven. I deliberately say this ahead of time so the whole world will believe when it happens. The conclave will be much, much more than a moment to elect the new pope (as great as that moment is). The conclave will be my moment to bring the world back to faith. To accomplish this, I must speak every day. I must teach the basic principles of divine intervention. I must bring the whole world to great faith. Then, when I act, the full impact of what I will do will have its effect. The world must be prepared and brought to a point of expectation. When I act and these expectations are fulfilled, a great wave of faith will suddenly envelope the world. The gift will be freely given.

People will speak about it, wonder at it and be awed by it. It will dawn on many, for the very first time, that the heavenly Father is quite active in human history. This will begin the return to the Age of Faith and will be quickly followed by even greater blessings.


So much lies at stake. That is why I actively participate, stirring the hearts of those cardinals who will put forward my candidate and not allow others to gain the ascendency. My intervention will take place in the normal course of discussions and voting. The process will not be bypassed. It is the only process that can bring forth the successor to Pope Benedict.

Because of this, my actions will take place within the conclave and among the cardinal electors. Even so, this will be my conclave and the whole world will say, “Mary has chosen the new pope”. So, there are two parts. The new pope will be elected by getting the needed votes from the cardinal electors. Yet, at the same time, the whole world will see quite openly, that I have chosen this priest son who will calmly accept the office for which he has been prepared.

March 12, 2013
The Keys of the Kingdom

As the cardinals enter the conclave all is dark. There is no consensus and even they do not know what lies ahead or what road they will take. Although everything is in their hands, so much is unknown. What will happen as the votes come in from all over the world? What direction will the Holy Spirit lead the conclave? All is unknown and lies ahead.

I will be there. I have died for my Church and guided my Church for all these years. Peter was my choice. I gave to him the keys of the kingdom, bestowing full power in heaven and earth. I have never withdrawn that power of the keys from the papacy. It remains there and will stay there until the end of time.
Yet situations shift. Times change. Nations rise and fall. Amid all of this, my Church remains and the papacy remains. I will lead this conclave to choose a pope who is a turning point, giving the Church a new direction and a surprising new life.


How much I want my Church to grow and to prosper. I am like the gardener, always cultivating the tree so that it brings forth more fruit. This is always my question, “What more can I do so that my Church brings forth more fruit?” These are the gifts that I have already planted in the heart of my priest son whom I will raise up. These seeds of new life are already in his heart. They have been planted for years. These seeds contain the future of the Church. They are new seeds, living seeds, seeds that will bring forth great fruit.

Pope Francis (March 14 to March 16, 2013)

March 14, 2013
The Real Issues

The votes have been cast. The pope has been chosen. “What will be the new direction?” everyone asks. That is not the question, nor do the answers to that question have great significance.

It is not the direction that the Church takes, but the impact the Church makes upon the world that truly matters. Too much is made of internal policies and decisions. The real question is whether the Church is a light to the world? Can the Church’s light dispel the darkness and can the Church’s voice again be heard in the market place? So much needs to change and the task is so daunting.


Time and again I come back to this point of the consecration of Russia. I wait for it and I will continue to wait. When it is done, I will pour out my gifts. Before it is done, the gifts cannot be released. What is withheld cannot be delayed for long. The Holy Father must move ahead. When it is accomplished, the blessings of heaven that are still in my heart will pour out, first in the hearts of the Russian people and then all over the world.

March 15, 2013
A Missionary Pope

His first steps will be hesitating and slow but as my light grows in his heart he will see more clearly why I have raised him up. He will see vistas that are hidden from other eyes. He will see with my eyes and more important, he will love with my heart.

As he understands the special graces of his new office, he will act more boldly, correcting what needs to be changed and elevating those who have great gifts to offer the Church.

All of this, he will do in the normal course of his office, the tasks that he is expected to fulfill. However, I will lead his eyes elsewhere, to far away shores, for he has come from a distant land. His heart will be missionary and his mind will be on many parts of the world that are not developed.

He knows the value of planting missionary seeds, even when the harvest will not be in his lifetime. Oh, so very much for him to do. Let him choose carefully those who will surround him as his helpers.


He is close to my heart, a child of my love and I will be with him throughout his papacy. He will move ahead and advance my cause. He will speak about me and proclaim my name and my titles. I will lead him further and further into the mystery. Much he does not yet see, but his heart is open to me and I will teach him much. As he gives his heart fully to me, I will exalt him. Only in this way, will all my blessings pour out.

March 16, 2013
Completing the Bridge of Pope Benedict

Quickly, all the problems of the world will fall upon him as a burden that he will carry for the rest of his life. He will come to me now as my Vicar, the one chosen to lead my Church. I will not forsake him nor allow his footsteps to falter. I will strengthen him and give to him those who will support him. How important are the choices that he will make of those who will surround him and share in his ministry.

This is enough. I have spoken clearly. He will be a strong rock, part of the constant foundation of my Church down through the centuries. When his papacy is completed, the great bridge will also be completed and the foundation will have remained firm during so many years of turmoil in the world and the Church.


I bring these teachings to an end. The Church has gone through a needed transition, ready for the final years of preparation. Like a house made ready for a coming storm, so have I made my Church. The great storms are already on the horizon. All will see this period, begun by the resignation of Pope Benedict, as a time of God’s divine providence. Benedict had guided the Church with a steady hand. Francis’ hands and heart are so similar to Benedict’s. The rock of Peter will now enter into great storms. These are not internal storms within the Church but the external storms that will come upon the modern world. I want my Church to be ready.