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Locutions to the World ~ October 2011

Four Clear Points 
October 1, 2011 

What do I ask of you who read these words? I ask that you move forward, that you see these words as a true light by which you can walk. When I light a path, I invite you to walk upon it. Otherwise the light is of no avail.

 You cannot stay where you are. You must move ahead into safer ground, to a higher level, so when the problems come, you will have already been lifted above them. This is a clear image for acting now. Some will hear these words, but will delay. Then they will forget them altogether. What good then are these words? They have fallen on deaf ears. So, let us begin.

All with eyes are able to see but they do not grasp the cause of the problems, the extent of the problems, the closeness of the problems, nor the way to escape the problems.

Let me speak of all of those. First, the cause of man’s problems is his withdrawal from the heavenly Father and the giving of himself to totally secular goals. Because of this, the safety factors that any father would place for his children have been removed. Like a child who wanders into dangerous territory, the human race has walked into a perilous state.

 Second, the extent of the problems is enormous. What part of creation is still safe? Only those parts which have remained under the heavenly Father’s protection. In these groups and in these places, the safety factors are still in place. These children have not wandered into perilous fields? What are these safety factors? How does a father protect his children? The safety factors are the Ten Commandments. A father protects his children by his words and he sees that they obey his words.

Third, a child can wander and disobey the father. Sometimes, they escape unharmed and nothing happens. However, if this goes on too long and if they wander farther and farther, the chances of total ruin grow greater. This is the current state of the world.

Fourth, how to escape? The answer is obvious. Stop wandering from the heavenly Father. That is the only choice to escape total destruction.

Comment:  The four points are extremely clear.

 Immoral People in High Places 
October 2, 2011 

The task I give you is to record what is deepest in my heart so my secrets are known. Why must they be known? So, light is given and at least those who hear these words can be saved. Yes, my words are saving words, words of life and hope, which invite all. Let us begin.

A new army will come forth for which the West is not prepared. They do not realize that Satan has not revealed all of his strengths. The West thinks they are prepared. They have put in place their homeland security and have shared all their spying intelligence, as if they could know what is hidden in Satan’s mind and heart (for that is what they are facing). They are not facing a human intellect but an angelic intellect that is far greater than theirs.

He probes, not just from the outside but from the inside. He knows people in high places whom he can corrupt. He has them in his back pocket. They lead sinful lives and are open to blackmail and extortion.

In this age, when my Son’s teachings are set aside, many have corrupt hearts, unable to overcome their passions. They are given to vices that they must keep secret. Satan has a hidden army. They do not even know that they belong to him. However, when he needs them to fail in their duties, they will not be free to resist. They are compromised men and women, yet they hold sensitive positions and are entrusted with important secrets. This is what I call “Satan’s Hidden Army”.

 So, I say to the West, your safeguards against terrorism are not as strong as you think because of the immoral lives of some of your people. Do not overlook goodness of life in selecting those whom you trust. Return to the practice of knowing a person’s moral life before you raise him to a high position. Begin to cleanse your ranks. Purify your members. Weed out those who could be compromised. Otherwise your system of self defense will not defend you at all.

Comment:  Mary points out what only she can know, namely, who lead sinful lives and will betray the West because of these secrets.

 The Waves Beating Upon the Shores 
October 3, 2011 

All proceeds on course, hidden from the eyes of men but seen clearly by your heavenly Mother to whom the secrets of the Most High God have been revealed. All is clear in my sight. Let us begin.

 There are waves of evil, like the ocean hitting upon the shore. Each wave has its time and leaves its effects. People forget the evil that has come and gone, but the effects are lodged in their souls and in their memories. They forget the ways of the past, the ways of faith. These have been washed away and replaced. Everything is weakened and weakened and weakened, made ready for a complete and sudden collapse.

 The waves will continue to come and pour upon the shore, eroding what seemingly was so strong and irreplaceable. So many things have been replaced – the family life, the dignity of the unborn, the role of motherhood, the sanctity of marriage. These were the foundations of true life.

Who will rise up to restore these to American life? Who will see the clear need to reestablish these foundations? Is there anyone who can say to the sea, “Stop beating against the shore and stop eroding our foundations? This is a Herculean task that is beyond the power of man, even of those in high offices, but it is a gift I will give to the nation if it just calls on me.

I will again clad America in the modesty that used to protect its young people, and in the innocence that used to prevail in its entertainments. Oh, how far these have eroded; how far out of sight are the standards that used to guide the filmmakers. This was the Age of Innocence for America, when censorship was not a dirty word and individual expression was limited for the good of the community.

Now, all has broken loose. All is freedom of speech and constitutional rights. Look at what spews forth and even the youngest children are touched by the filth. Now you understand, America, why I weep when I see what you have dome to the children I have given to you.

Comment:  Mary sees our history.  There have been so many waves that have removed barriers of decency, that children are inevitably touched by evil.

 God Does Something New 
October 4, 2011 

Let the whole world come to me. There is room in my heart and food for all. Everything that is needed for all of humanity is held in my Immaculate Heart. All are invited. All can be cared for. So the word must go forth. Come to the banquet. Let us begin.

The world is filled with frenzied activity. Man is ever active, seeking first this and then that. He arrives at his goal but quickly sets out again, discovering that he does not have enough of this or of that. He is restless, more than any other creature. How restless is the human heart, unable to be content in created goods, made for the infinite, living on earth but seeking the heavenly home. This is why man is restless. Earth can never satisfy him. No earthly kingdom is enough. His heart is greater and bigger. Earth can never fill it. All that earth can give, with all of its kingdoms, are like the tiniest drop of water placed upon the thirstiest of tongues.

When will mankind understand that its heart was made for God? Now I reveal my secret. God has created another heart, my heart. There he has dwelled. He has blessed my heart and made it a place of refuge, a station of life along the way. I am not God but I am the mother of God and he has stored all of his treasures within me. He has also given me a task. He has said, “My children are lost. Go and find them. I have placed in your heart all that they will need for the journey. In this way, they do not need to walk because you will carry them. They will not grow hungry, because you will feed them. They will not get lost, because you know the way”.

 This is the secret. I am God’s way-station, a refuge which he has created for all the world to be saved. Whoever finds me, finds life. Whoever comes to me is safe. Let the word go forth. God has done something new. He has made a creature his own mother and he has given to the world a new Eve. These are my prerogatives and all must know so they can be saved.

Comment: God never had a mother until Jesus was born. He wants all the world to be blessed in her, his new work.

 A Purified Humanity 
October 5, 2011 

 I do not speak these words in vain because as the person reads them, I am working within their heart and bringing them to fruition. This is my goal, lives that are changed by repentance. I want a purified humanity which is able to hear God’s voice and see clearly what he expects. Then, there will be new life upon planet earth.

Mankind seeks life, expanding all it energies to gain the highest level of life. But the greatest and highest life is a life of purified love, when selfishness is purged and the person sees others who need their help. A purified humanity – that is my goal. That is also the goal of the heavenly Father and of my Son, Jesus. We are of one mind and one heart. We want a purified humanity which has life at the highest level.

But how will we bring this about? This depends on the choice of mankind. Yet, what options does mankind leave us? I offer to mankind the most gentle way of purification – by obeying my word. If he listens and follows me, I will take him by the easiest of paths, where he experiences even new joys of personal freedoms, freedoms which he has never known, freedom from unruly passions, freedom of overwhelming guilt, freedom from haunting memories. He will have the “glorious freedom of the children of God” (Rom. 8:21). All this comes from just listening to my word.

 The other option to purify humanity I do not even want to describe. It is a harsh and dark road, a road of pain and humiliation, when the secrets are openly revealed. The Father has already done this to some whom he had to bring down. Read the Bible. Read the history of Israel. Read the book of Revelations. These tell the stories of those moments, past and future, in which the Father purifies mankind by chastisements. This is always his final choice, when mankind leaves him no other option. I do not want that to happen. It is too terrible to describe. So, I offer you, O reader, these words and this path of light.

Comment: Who would not choose the path to freedom over the path of chastisements?

The Election Process 
October 6, 2011 

Why do I speak this way? Because my heart is filled with sorrow as I see people scattered in so many directions. No one can unify them and draw them together in their common concerns. They are scattered sheep without a shepherd. Many try to be their shepherd and to claim the crown of leadership but no one succeeds. All have their little following, those to whom they appeal, but none can gather all together for a united front. This is the situation in the Republican Party.

 Meanwhile, the Democratic president continues his policies that have been so ineffective. However, he is locked into them, unable at this point, to adapt to the changing situation.

As a result, events carry the country along and events will continue to decide the path, not leadership. No one arises to say “This is the way we should go”, even though that path should be clear. Instead, there are political compromises or political stalemates. America suddenly looks old, burdened with a tax system which is anachronistic and counterproductive.

Such is the state of America as it turns the corner and begins to face the early primaries straight ahead. These come closer and closer. States are always changing their dates, trying to be more in the limelight. This only confuses the process even more, forcing the candidates to run a race different than what they foresaw.

From all of this mix, will the right person emerge? One who can lead this country in a sound direction? How many things can go wrong! How much can be bought with money! How many elections can be stolen! Suddenly, the wrong leader, the one whom so many people do not want to see, is able to put together a winning coalition, piecing together what is needed to be elected. This is why I weep – at the frightening sight of such a man once more gaining the presidency. However, if America does not seek me, if it continues to turn its back, then nothing can be done. Pray, America. Fall to your knees. Your own efforts are worthless against this darkness which you have chosen.

Comment: Mary is consistent. She said America chose the darkness. Now, it might choose it again.

October 7, 2011 

 Today, so many will call on me and remember me in both my joys, my sorrows and my glory. Yet, so many do not know of the power of this devotion to the rosary which can save the world.

 When I came to the children at Fatima, I carried the rosary. I taught them to say it fervently and I told Francisco, in particular, that he had to say it properly. He responded with great fervor and said the rosary daily with great devotion.

My servant, St. Louis de Montfort, wrote “The Secret of the Rosary”, which all should read. It is a small book but will inculcate devotion. He writes that he does not know why, but the rosary is the most powerful of prayers.

 Let me take you back in history to the famous Battle of Lepanto (1571) when Europe could have been overwhelmed by the Muslims. So many in secular Europe forget their history. They do not realize how only those with faith saved the Western civilization from being totally wiped out by the Muslim attacks. Only the papacy continued to rally the forces of good. Many others, caught up as usual in their selfish interests, would not cooperate and would not turn their eyes to the threat. Only the pope and those whom he could stir were interested in this vital battle.

Although outmanned and really no match for the Muslim fleet, the papal forces won the victory and the West was saved. This naval battle was reinforced by the many who recited the rosary, and so this feast was established, (by Pope Pius V), as an annual reminder of the power of the rosary.

O reader, learn the true history that has been taken from you. The Muslim threat is again at your door. This time, new methods are used, very effective and powerful. You, on the other hand, are asleep. You do not realize how soon will be the day when America will be attacked, an America that is so unprepared to respond, an America that is willing to compromise the truth. The Muslims have no desire to compromise. They seek only conquest. Do you want your children and your grandchildren to live under Muslim rule? Then wake up. Take the rosary in your hands and begin to pray it, today and every day.

Comment: Many extraordinary circumstances surrounded the Battle of Lepanto. Read the story and say the rosary.

Seeking the Right Help 
October 8, 2011 

I pull back the veil for all to see the great conflicts of man, because much is hidden from the human eye. Even though they see, they do not understand. So, I reveal the deeper truths, especially the future that man sees only so dimly.

In man’s heart, there resides a great fear, because he sees that what was once secure is now in jeopardy and what he placed his confidence in is quickly melting away. Mankind has lost its way and it has lost faith in God. I come to restore both, if only man would listen. Let us begin.

Sorrow looks to the past and weeps over what has been lost. Hope looks to the future and what can be claimed. So, mankind has a choice. It can sorrow over what has been lost or it can hope. I do not speak of a false hope by which man says, “We still can reclaim the past” but of a true hope based upon faith in God. Yes, even at this hour, God will help man. It will not be the help that man seeks (a restoration of his riches) but it will be the help which God, in his love, truly intends. If man would seek this help, God would gladly give it and more besides.

 1. Seek a purified heart, set free from selfish desires.

 2. Seek a purified mind that sees clearly what is of value.

3. Seek restored relationships that offer comfort and solace.

4. Seek to help those in need, for they will be your blessing and gain what you need from the Almighty.

When you seek these, you will awaken from your slumber of avarice. You will be a changed person. That is God’s greatest gift. You want a changed world, but God wants a changed you. What blessings can be given to an unpurified heart and mind, to someone who lives only for self and helps no one? Whatever God would give would be spoiled and ruined. Purify your life so you can receive the blessings. I will help you. Let us begin now.

Comment: Mary’s advice is sound. Do not worry about a world you cannot change. Change yourself and God can bless you.

 The Most Unique Moment in History 
October 9, 2011 

Time does not stop. The clock always ticks away. History moves on. There are various people and different scenes on the stage of life. Every day, a drama takes place and another scene is completed. The next day, the world wakes to resume the story. All of this will continue until the end of time, when history is completed and my Son will come in glory to gather the elect from the four corners of the world.

Anyone can see that nothing stands still. All is in movement. And what are the forces that shape the narrative? Is the script written ahead of time? Are men and women just actors who speak lines and perform deeds that have been plotted out ahead of time? Not at all. Each has their assigned role but each person is free to accept their great call to be a part of God’s story or to rebel against him and create their own story – a story of death and tragedy.

 That is what is happening on the human scene. People have set aside the original script, the original story that was meant to unfold into a story of life and of happiness. Instead, a story of death comes forth and now two stories are intermingled. The story of God is life. The story of man, written apart from God, is the story of death.

How evident all of this is. Human history is a mixture of life and death. Life given by God. Death introduced by man.

Which way will the story go? Here we come to the modern era. Oh, the question has been present, in every age. But, now the story comes to a climax. Yes, I say, a climax and all are witnessing the beginning parts of the climax. This is no longer the same question as in past centuries. Certainly, there were wars and collapses of empires. There were plagues and famines, but these only involved sections of the world. Now all the world is intertwined. The economies are global. The weapons are atomic (or worse). The ability to truly conquer the whole world does lie in the hands of man. See this clearly. Everything is on the table. Everything. All of history. All of human life, the whole world as you know it. That is why I speak and why my words are so vital. Can I make myself any clearer?

Comment: Mary’s words are evident to all. Mankind has never been at this moment before.

 Building Systems Without God’s Wisdom 
October 10, 2011 

Why do the nations march according to the wrong tune? This is due to earthly wisdom which is no wisdom at all. They do not have the Spirit of my Son. They do not begin their meetings with prayer and they do not seek divine wisdom. As a result, their conferences yield little because each nation is ready to yield little. They go into their meetings with one purpose – to preserve (or even to enhance) their own interests. Little is accomplished while time moves on.

I say this. Events will not wait for your time schedule. The powerful events will just move on and catch you unprepared. Everyone has their hands in their pockets or their arms folded, caught up in their national interests. “Is there any other way?” you say. “Is not this the way of international cooperation, that each nation sees to its own good?”

This is what I say to you, O rulers of the world. Because you do not call on my Son, you are severely limited. You have only earthly wisdom. You measure by earthly standards. You say, “This is what our people expect. They elected me to preserve the national interests”. I say this, “Your people are like yourselves. They, too, are caught up in human wisdom and all will go down together, people and leaders”. The events are coming. They are built into the systems that you have constructed. They are your systems, not mine. For years, you have been putting them in place. You have made decisions without consulting my Son, without asking, “What would the Lord God of hosts want us to do?” You have banished divine wisdom and now you have your systems that will soon collapse.

Is it too late? Oh, the changes that must be made! Everyone, leaders and people must turn their hearts to God. Only when your hearts have turned back, will you see the true light. All must turn. All must say, “Let us seek divine wisdom”. I will help you, but it is very, very late. Some parts will still collapse. However, some can be salvaged.
Comment: The world systems have been built for decades (and centuries) upon human selfishness, so their corruption is deeply ingrained.

A New Spiritual Greenhouse 
October 11, 2011 

Time is running out and no one can control the timing of all the events. All that mankind can do is to prepare because the seeds are sown and will come to fruition in their time.

 Can new seeds be sown that will come to fruition quickly? Let there be hope that there can be new seeds and new fields of harvests, new generations and new beginnings. These are always possible and all can share. Never do I say that it is too late.

Where are the new fields? In the hearts of my young who have not consecrated themselves to evil and in the hearts of others who are willing to receive the new seeds. Do not say. It is too late because time is needed from planting until harvesting. Do not say that. I can plant one day and have a harvest the next day. I can take a fallow field and bring forth a new harvest. All that is needed is to sow the seeds in faith. No seeds will mean no harvest. No harvest means that only the seeds of destruction will flourish. What are these new seeds? These miraculous seeds that can spring up in one day and be harvested the next day? Where will they be found? Where should they be planted?

Let me reveal this new mystery. It is an important mystery of hope. The pace of world events is always quickening and the children of this world are more quickly indoctrinated. There is no longer the leisure of childhood innocence. The sins of the adult world are known to the youngest children. They are broadcast daily. Children become sophisticated, hardened and satiated so quickly. They have no time to mature. So, I must do a new work.

I will give a greenhouse where the spiritual seeds are planted one day and bloom the next, where maturity, true maturity, springs up overnight. Where saints are made quickly and easily. Where sinners repent and are filled with the Holy Spirit. This greenhouse is my Immaculate Heart and for those who choose to live in my heart, I will shorten dramatically the time needed to prepare. I do this because time is running out. I will explain much in future locutions.

Comment: We are so far behind. It seems impossible, but in Mary’s heart saints can be made quickly.

Disturber of the Peace 
October 12, 2011 

The boiling pot will continue to overflow and there will be events that attract people’s attention. Yet, once the event is over, once the destructive powers no longer grab the attention of the mass media, the event slides into the darkness of forgetfulness, and life continues as usual. This is what mankind wants, a life that continues as usual, that flows along with little disturbance. Mankind would even say to me, “Do not disturb us by your words. Do not speak the way you do, always reminding us of dangers and evils. You are a disturber of the peace. Let us alone.”

Yes, I am a disturber of the peace but it is a false peace based on total illusions that mankind can continue on this path and have no repercussions. I come to awaken the world and to offer solutions to the problems. Either listen to my words or suffer the consequences (not from my hands because I am your mother but from the hands of those who hate you and would destroy you.) Let us begin.

I will describe the problems with great clarity and I will describe steps that can be taken to avert the collapse of Western society. My words must go forth and millions must believe them. Millions must say, “We must walk a different road because this road will lead to our destruction”. Those who turn off this road and walk in my paths will come under my care and I can save them. Those who reject my words and do not want to be disturbed, I cannot save.

My words must lead to decisions, to concrete decisions which are made today, not tomorrow. So, I do not speak to the millions, I speak to you who read these words (hopefully there are millions of you). Read my words every day. Light will come to you. The words mean different things to each reader. For example, I say “Turn away from what is destructive”. In each life, what is destructive varies. When each person reads these words, I will give inner light, revealing what I mean for each one. Every message that I give points out one part. Only by reading all the messages, each and every day, will I be able to form your mentality and draw you away from the illusions of the modern world. Be faithful to reading the messages.

Comment: Mary’s wisdom contradicts the world’s illusions. The person learns this wisdom only by daily reading.

October 13, 2011 

Why do I hold Russia in my heart? Why do I ask for a consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart? Why do I single out that country, which spreads from East to West, and is composed of so many peoples?

When I first mentioned my request to the children of Fatima, Russia was in the ascendency. It was not ascending to holiness but to power through a demonic strategy. What was hidden on this day (94 years ago when the miracle of the sun took place) soon became manifest to all. A demonic power called “Communism” was about to commandeer an entire nation and use that nation to attempt to build a world-wide empire dedicated to Communistic principles. Russia was not Communistic. Its people were believers in my Son. However, this demonic evil chose to attach itself to this nation and to use it as its instrument. The harm that resulted, the millions who were killed and the millions who were enslaved by Communism’s spread is known to all. In the year dedicated to me by Pope John Paul II (1987 – 1988) Communism began to be toppled. Yes, the external walls were removed. The system was dismantled and new freedoms and structures arose. But the demonic has not been cast out. The peoples’ hearts have not been set free. The darkness still remains at the center. I do not have a purified Russia. The evil still lingers. The demonic is still in its blood. Russia does not belong to me.

So, I must stress this again. I want the Holy Father to consecrate Russia, in union with all the bishops of the world, to my Immaculate Heart. Then Russia will be truly mine and I will begin to work signs and wonders. Both the West and the East will see what I am doing. Everything will go forth and all will begin. This will be the first act in the new drama.
Comment: October 13, 1917 was the great miracle of the sun at Fatima, Portugal, seen by 70,000 people and reported in all the newspapers. At the same time, Communism was taking over Russia.

October 14, 2011 

When everything begins, there will be many surprises. Those who were thought to be strong, will fall quickly, while those who seemed to be weak will persevere because of their faith. How will people handle this adversity? First, let me describe what will happen so that those who read my words, can prepare. I will lead them but they must not wait.

The relationships of faith must be made strong. This is the way to survive. People must strengthen their ties to others, the bonds of their faith. When the tragedy first hits, people will be shocked. How could this ever happen? There will be great turmoil and the leaders will be scrambling to come up with answers. But those who have placed themselves in my heart will not give way to useless anxiety. They will have a firmness of heart. They will know my words. This is my promise, “I will provide. I will take care of you”. As a mother says to all of her children in any crisis, “Stay together. Stay close to me. Do not wander. The road is too dangerous.”

The great problems will not be in the beginning. In the beginning, there will be shock and wonderment. There will be anger. “How could they allow this to happen?” I am talking about the economic woes that will come upon the West, and even to America. Who will survive these drastic changes? Not those with resources (for these will whittle away) but those who bond together in faith and who seek ways to help each other.

This will be a time of great sacrifice. The individualism of America, sparked by the decades of affluence, will be reversed. People will need each other to survive. Families will be reunited by the need to put together their incomes. New forms of helping others will emerge. Where the churches are vital and alive, the people will coalesce and the church will again become a focal point for the community. The teaching is clear. Where relationships of faith and love are already in place, people will be better able to respond and survive. That is my teaching. Begin now to form relationships. Come together. Gather now, even when you do not know why. Later, you will see how important are these steps.

 Comment: There will be some economic collapses that surprise America. In that new situation, those who have others to help will respond best.

The Satanic Control of Russian Leaders 
October 15, 2011 

 The wars that are ahead will be much different. There will be no clear lines, nor any taking of land. They will be wars of destruction, like the world has never seen, fought quickly but then lingering on, with no clear winner. This is Satan’s goal. He stirs up nations to think that they can easily grab a prize, but when they grasp it, it clings to their hand and nothing is resolved. So, the fighting just continues, draining each side and causing untold suffering.

Suffering is what he wants. He rejoices in his demented fashion when everyone is suffering, even those who have put their lot in with him. Yes, there are nations dedicated to him, even though they are not aware of whom they are serving. They even think they are serving God, but they are serving Satan in their military endeavors.

 This is already happening. Wars go on far beyond the expected deadline. The enemy finds new life and new sources of supplies and soldiers. It is endless and will remain so until Russia is consecrated to my Immaculate Heart. Then the heavenly Father will give peace to the world.

Many will say that Russia is not the problem but I see the truth. I see what happens behind the scenes. Why does anyone trust that leader whose heart is so ambitious to have Russia regain its military and diplomatic powers? He saw these taken away and he wants to regroup them. He is already acting, trying to draw the neighboring nations into a unity which he will use for his demonic plans. Who confronts him? Who opposes him? He acts without any opposition. He is no longer seen as the sinister force. He has changed his costume, but not his heart. Keep your eye on Russia. Do not allow him to expand his influence.

The West is relaxing. They are saying “Russia is our friend. Russia is no longer a problem”. How foolish can you be? The heart of Russia’s leaders still belongs to Satan. Do not be fooled by the seeming lack of resources. Satan possesses his heart and he can arm him in a second. What do you think Satan is doing in Iran? Does not Russia delight? Does he not participate? Russia is not on the sidelines. They are active participants. Wake up! I want Russia consecrated to my Immaculate Heart before it is too late. It is already very late.

Comment: Read the news and you will see that Our Lady speaks the truth.

The Jerusalem Covenant of Blood 
October 17, 2011 

At Jerusalem there was the covenant of my blood followed by my death. Today that covenant is celebrated throughout the world (the Mass). Look at Jerusalem’s history, the many years when that covenant of blood was never celebrated there. Look at today. The covenant of my blood is celebrated but the crowds are few, and often it is for pilgrims. Know my heart. I want a Jerusalem where Mass is the central act, where thousands gather and the life of Jerusalem centers on the covenant of my Blood. I rejoice when lips receive my Blood but I rejoice most when Jewish lips partake of my Blood. There will be peace in the world, when the covenant of my Blood is central to the life of Jerusalem.

Look at what is happening. Jerusalem is endangered. It is the target of the Muslim terrorists. If it is destroyed, or if it falls into Muslim hands, then the Covenant of my Blood will not be celebrated at all in Jerusalem.

The opportunity would then be lost for centuries to come and the light that I intend, the light of world peace, would be cast aside. There would be darkness.

The protection around Israel is being stripped away. The natural protections are being removed. A time will come when Israel will have no natural way of protecting itself. At that moment, I will save Israel and then the Covenant of my Blood will become the central act. The Church will be enriched by Israel, and all will see that the Catholic Church is the true Church, when Israel and the Catholic Church are one.

 Satan sees the importance of Jerusalem. His eyes are on Jerusalem to destroy it. My heart is on Jerusalem to protect it.
Comment: The teaching is so understandable. The Eucharist began in Jerusalem and Our Lord would want its celebration to flourish there.

 Explaining the “Events”
 October 18, 2011

Begin now to prepare. These are always my words. “Before it is too late”. These words I always add. Place them in your heart and do not lose a single day. Every day is important and that is why I speak on a daily basis.

 From now on all the events will speed up, with no interruption. One event will still be going on and another will begin. At times, two or three or more events will be taking place. What do I mean by an “event”? It is an action of Satan, stirring up people to disrupt, to tear down, to destroy, to turn the hearts of some against the hearts of others.

Some would object. They would say that issues have to be confronted and that changes have to be made. Read my words. Do I not say the same thing” Do I praise the status quo? Who wants change more than I do? Am I content with the world in its present state? That is not my point. Listen to my teaching and you will gain wisdom.

Satan exploits these areas of society where there are grievances. He sees each of these as an opening into which he can place his demonic fire. Yes, that is what he does. He sees the injustices and he sees people who experience these injustices and he places there his demonic fire. At first, the people feel a warmth so they accept this fire into their hearts, but after a while the fire burns them, turning them to anger, even providing them with intelligent direction. However, the direction is always destructive. People are pitted against one another. The problems are drawn out. Nothing is solved. The second state is worse than the first. Nothing constructive results.

Oh, the people he uses can point to certain truths. These provide credibility. But these are half truths which blind people to the other side of the coin. Their actions serve Satan’s purpose and in the end, nothing is accomplished except his goals. This is what I mean by the “events”. When you see them happening, one after the other, you will know that the force behind them is Satan. There is always disruption, chaos and destruction. Nothing truly positive and lasting is brought about.

Comment: We have seen many events. The Middle East uprisings and the Wall Street uprisings. We will see many more.

 A Return to a Non-Nuclear Age 
October 19, 2011 

As far as the East is from the West, so is the distance now between the heavenly Father and mankind. The human race is hurtling down this road which it has chosen. The speed picks up and the distance from God grows greater. So, I come to search and to confront, to speak and to urge. I am the final barrier protecting mankind. I must stop him in his tracks and turn him around so that the ultimate forces of destruction are not released.

It seems impossible to mankind that these forces will be used. For decades now, mankind has lived in an atomic age. At first, this caused great fears but as the years went on and as these bombs were not used, mankind learned to live in an atomic age, as if the span of years guaranteed that the bombs would never be used.

How foolish this is. Has man ever invented a destructive force which he has not used? Does not a moment come, when someone, in desperation, does not resort to the final weapons at his disposal? Are these weapons not at the disposal of so many? So, what precludes a use of these nuclear arms? And if one atomic bomb is used, will it be the last one or only the first one, as other nations unleash their nuclear might in retaliation? The result is too devastating to even imagine. No nation would have the resources to come to the rescue and to offer even the minimum of help.

 I paint this picture so as to confront mankind as he hurtles down this road away from the heavenly Father. (I will say this). The weapons exist and the enmity between nations exists because of Satan’s hopes and plans. He has engineered all of this, raising up people who have brought this about, stirring up hearts that selfishly looked to their own prominence in the world. Now the world is an armed camp. What can be done?

 There must be a nuclear melt-down that removes the power of these armaments, which makes them ineffective, where nations will want to destroy these weapons forever. There will be no lasting peace until every atomic weapon is destroyed and man returns to the simplicity of the pre-atomic age. Can this ever happen? It is the only solution. These arms cannot continue to be in man’s power and never be used. Can man return to that moment when these weapons of war never existed? I hold that grace in my Immaculate Heart and I await the consecration of Russia.

Comment: This promise of Mary is extraordinary, that we will return to a non-nuclear age. Yet, her other statement is certainly true. If mankind stores up atomic weapons, they will inevitably be used.

 Feeding the Desires of the Spirit 
October 20, 2011 

I open up all my secrets and I place before the world all that they need to know to walk the right road and to head in the right direction. All of this demands a choice, a turning around which is not accomplished in one day. Therefore, I speak each day. Slowly my words will penetrate the heart. The person hears my voice saying “Come this way. Leave the road you are now on and take another path”. O reader, if this is happening to you, then listen carefully to my words. These will make it so much easier because I am asking you for difficult sacrifices.

I do not want superficial changes. These will not be enough. I want deep conversions a turning away, a new style of life, even new friends and new interests. To ask anything else of you would be to deprive you of your rich inheritance and to mislead you. Eternal life is the great prize, the pearl of a great price. A pearl must be received fully so it is not lost. So, eternal life must be taken into the center of your heart, or it is in jeopardy. Let us see what is required.

Everything begins with an inner stirring, an interior restlessness, a call, a voice within saying, “Seek and you shall find”. You do not know what to seek or how to find. That is why I speak and instruct you.

Listen to that voice and soon you will see opportunities to find life for your spirit, chances to nourish the spiritual cravings within you. This is the secret which I reveal. Your restlessness comes from your spiritual cravings. Your spirit is reaching out. Your spirit is crying out within you. Nourish these spiritual appetites. Feed them and they will grow. Then, you will “hunger and thirst”. When you have physical hunger and thirst do you not know how to satisfy them. So, when you experience great spiritual hunger and thirst you will not need anyone to teach you. You will know what you need. You will know where to go to be fed. I will be waiting there for you.

Comment: Each person has spiritual desires. As these are fed, they grow and the desires themselves act as a guide.

The Coming Hour of God’s Intervention 
October 21, 2011 

I n the very beginning, I revealed the mystery of the Fatima revelations which set the tone for all that followed. Now, let me set everything in context, so that people can see clearly, even if they do not understand everything.

 This is an age of the great intervention by the heavenly Father into the history of the world. At Fatima, I did not just come to three children. I spoke of world events. I spoke of the ending of World War I (and it would have ended much sooner if man had not interfered with that flow of graces). I also spoke of a future war, World War II, that would happen if mankind did not turn to the heavenly Father. That, too, has now happened.

 Therefore, no one can say that these revelations were just personal ones to the children, or that I appeared at Fatima just to stir up Catholic devotion. My appearance at Fatima was the clearest sign of the heavenly Father’s intention to intervene in history and to offer mankind an opportunity to avoid the disasters that lie ahead. Fatima is the final barrier against the destructive forces which Satan has planned for so long to unleash upon the human race, his great hour of triumph. That is what he foresees. He foresees his hour, his moment, and he is carefully and methodically moving to that point.

However, the heavenly Father has a different plan. This will not be Satan’s hour. This will be my hour, the hour of the triumph of the Immaculate Heart. It will certainly be my hour. There is no doubt about that. The heavenly Father has already decreed that moment. The question is “Will it also be your hour?” Will you share in my victory? Will others share? How many in the world will share? That is why I enlighten the whole world to the events that are taking place. This is not the time to be neutral. There are two armies in battle array. You must choose. Please share with me. It is my hour and I want you in my Immaculate Heat.

Comment: Mary gives a clear overview and offers a clear invitation.

 The Coming Economic Scandals 
October 22, 2011 

 I am trying to bind mankind to myself, like a boat that must be tied to the pier in the middle of a storm. Otherwise, mankind will just be taken out to sea, lost amid the coming economic storm.

So much will be blown away. So many financial institutions that once stood strong will be swept away in the flood of debt, victims of selfishness and greed. The question arises, “What can be done at this moment when so many forces have already been released? Let us begin.

I will not speak of economic policies. Those that are needed are well known. The economists know how to put things in order. They know well the measures that need to be implemented. The problem is not knowledge. The difficulty is to get everyone willing to implement the fair decisions. However, no one trusts. All are suspicious. Financial stability is gained only by constant policies that do not change. When people trust, the system is solid. When selfishness enters, then people change the system, wanting rules that favor their interests. The trust is broken. The problem is this, “How do you put together a consensus when everyone is splintered?”

 How do you get splintered? What happened to the broad-based consensus that would put aside selfish concerns for the common good? What has allowed this selfish greed to go unpunished? Who or what has brought about this current situation where even the powerful are helpless (or too busy enriching themselves).

I will call the perpetrators into my courtroom of justice for all to see. I will call elected officials before the people and expose their hearts. I will call owners before the public. When all is revealed, they will call it scandalous. So, when scandals abound, when the secrets are made public, when greed and avarice are uncovered, know that I am trying to provide an atmosphere that is clearly a help to the economy and can be put in place. Unfortunately, scandals are needed to correct greed.

Comment: As Mary says, only scandals cause people to change economic practices.

 In the Middle of a War 
October 23, 2011 

 Upon all of the events, I will place my hand and Satan’s power will be quelled. I do not say extinguished but the full evil will not pour out. Satan would seek a total destruction of all creation, an end to human history before my Son returns in glory. This is his jealousy. Satan sees my Son exalted to the Father’s right hand and there is an eternal competition which will last forever. He did not submit to my Son in the beginning as the Word of the Father and he does not submit to my Son, as the Word made Flesh.

By my accepting the role of being the Mother of Jesus, I was placed in the very middle of this conflict, which has raged from the beginning and will rage forever. In truth, all human beings are also caught in the middle of this eternal war. This is the problem with all of human history. This is what I have been trying to describe over and again. Let me place this in easy words so all understand.

 In the beginning, before material creation, God created the angels and reveled to them his divine plan, that he would bring about a material creation and that his only begotten Son would take flesh and would be the Lord of all creation, spiritual and material. In this way, both angels and men would be united forever with the Father. In Lucifer’s heart, a jealousy arose because he was the greatest light among the angels. Now a grater light would come from the Father’s side, and even though he would share in this light, he would not be the greatest creature. Instead, a human nature, formed for a woman, would take precedence. His pride rebelled. Under these conditions, he would not serve and war broke out in heaven.

Michael cast out Lucifer and all who had adopted his spirit of pride. He cast him down to earth, the very earth where this humanity would be formed. This was his greatest torment, and he is totally committed to the destruction of the human race. Every human person is caught in the middle. What can be done? I also am in the middle and I offer to all the only safe haven in the middle of this war – my Immaculate Heart.

Comment: By understanding that we are in the middle of a war, we can grasp the need for Mary’s help.

 Needed: A Public Turning to God 
October 24, 2011 

Before going any further, stop a moment and realize what I am saying to you. I tell you clearly that mankind is at the edge of a precipice and does not realize how perilous are these times. He sees no need to call upon heaven for help, even though heaven is so ready to come to his aid. In fact, the Father has sent me to give that very message, “Heaven is anxious to help”. The Father does not will the destruction of life. He would lead man away from the edge. Even the slightest turning to God will be rewarded. This is the message. Turn to God and very quickly the blessings of safety will be given. Let us begin.

First, mankind must believe that the reversal of all the powerful evil forces is possible only if man turns to heaven. Otherwise, he will follow the same path and will go off the precipice, falling into irreversible destructions. I say, “destructions” because it will not be one gigantic moment but a long series of moments, one leading to another. A chain of events will be triggered by one defining moment. Then will come reactions to that moment and then counter reactions. From this clear description, you see that the disasters do not fall from heaven but they take place on earth and are the product of man’s decisions. This helps you to see. Man is not helpless. His future lies in his own hands but, if the future stays in the hands of mankind, it will be a future of destruction.

Man needs God’s helps. The Father is ready to offer even extraordinary helps if only man begins to implore heaven. There must be a public turning to God, where all the world knows that a man has decided to say, “We need the help of heaven. Let us implore that help”. When all the world knows that it is calling on God, he will act so the world will see the connection and will know who brought about his rescue. This is why the Consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart must be done publicly, for all the world to know. Then, when the whole course of human history is changed, all will recognize that it has come from heaven. I will speak more about this later, exactly what will begin to occur when man seeks God’s help.

Comment: Mary fills in the picture. The future evils happen at the hands of men, by a series of events, but all can be avoided.

Picking the Vice President 
October 25, 2011 

Evil grows in darkness. There men do not see or realize the forces that shape events and the powers that drag them in the wrong direction. Let me explain.

In the beginning of a project, men have good ideas. These offer a genuine hope for the welfare of the earth, but inevitably, the original idea is corrupted. What was meant to serve many soon becomes a source of great evil.

So, it is with the political systems. Originally they were established to bring about good order and allow the voice of the people to be heard. But, these political systems have been corrupted. Officials are bought off. Bribes are paid. The good of the people is set aside. Politicians need large funds to gain office. The system labors under gigantic weights that sap its effectiveness and burdens the people with extraordinary taxes. Good people try to reform the system, but vested interests destroy any attempts to recapture the original purpose.

 This is so true in every sphere of political life that the entire system is weighed down and is about to collapse. The money will not be there to support the system. Federal and state governments are in debt. No one can shake out the system and rejuvenate it. How long can Washington continue in this way before everything collapses? The warning signs are everywhere, but people think that things will go on as usual.

So, I say this clearly, Washington, you are much, much closer to financial collapse than you can possibly imagine. It is right around the corner. Yet, you do nothing – deficit after deficit, always making the building higher and paying no attention to the foundation that can no longer sustain your debt.

 Who will come forth? Who will the American people trust? Who can secure the economic future of the American government? He is there but you do not see him. He has held back. He has not put his name forward. He stays in the shadows. Is there anyone who will see and go to him and pull him into the limelight? Even if he is just second on the ticket, he will be high enough up to bring about the needed reforms.

Comment: Mary speaks of America’s greatest need, a person as the vice-president who has the skills and the courage to get the financial house in order.

Having No Poor in Your Midst 
October 26, 2011 

 I place you in the middle of all these events, so you can see clearly the will of the Father and the perversity of man who would take all glory to himself, and turn everything to his benefit. This is not how the Father acts. From the very beginning of creation God has done everything for man’s happiness. All blessings pour out from the Father and can be received by man according to the Father’s wisdom. However, man substitutes his own wisdom and loses the blessings. This is what I want to describe.

The world is filled with blessings. There would be even more, but man has ruined parts of creation and has deliberately set aside other parts (as when fields are deliberately left fallow). What was meant to be a mighty flow has become just a little stream. As a results, many are deprived. This has happened for centuries and scientists will soon uncover more and more evidence.

However, I am interested in the modern age, so we will begin there. With the production of modern weapons and of modern technology, the ability of man to destroy creation and to cause human shortages has multiplied. Everything is done with a view to profits and little is ever done to bless mankind. Who thinks of the hungry mouths that need to be fed or of the wounds that need to be treated? Who oversees the flow of destructive arms? Who plans how good water is made available? Who sets aside ten percent of their resources to help the needy, as the bible so clearly teaches. This is my teaching today. Do not say that when people go to Church, they should give 10%. Everyone, in every part of society, should set aside 10% for the needy. Companies must set it aside. Families must set it aside.

People say, “The government takes care of the poor”. Really, there should be no poor. If everyone thought like the heavenly father, people and companies would look around to see who they can help. When companies go to poor countries, they go to rob that country of its resources without even thinking, “How can we bless these people? How can we lift them out of their poverty?” Instead, they leave the people worse off than before they came.

 What always happens? People do not set aside 10%. Companies and other institutions do not set aside 10%. The government raises taxes to care for the poor. The politicians pocket the money and distribute what is left over to those who vote for them. You can see how many social and political ills would not exist if charity happened where it was supposed to take place. All who have income and profits should set aside their tithe to help those who sit at their doorstep. I will bless these families and these companies, in good economic times and in poor economic times. However, no one listens and all is done with a view to profits.

Comment: Mary speaks about a gigantic change in the social structure, coming about by setting aside 10% for the needy.

Inviting Mary Onto the World Stage
 October 27, 2011 

In the power which the heavenly Father has given to me, I walk into the middle of every storm, and I quell it, removing its power. These storms of destruction come from the Evil One who loves to stir up strife and violence. When I calm the storm, I defeat him and set my children free from his grasp. This the lesson I want you to learn today. So, let us begin.

God created man to live in a tranquility of order and enjoy relationships that lift up the human spirit. Adam was created in a paradise where all is in order. He notices only a loneliness in his heart, the need for another. When Eve is created, he sees her as a helpmate and a companion. She is, “Bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh”.

Tranquility and peace are God’s plan. Discord, strife, violence and war are Satan’s plan. Learn this well. Whenever you see hatred, lust, anger and violence, know that the Evil One is at work. These are the tell-tale marks of his presence and power.

In the midst of strife, you must say “The Evil One is at work”, but even more, you must say, “I will invite Mary, the Woman, the sworn enemy of Satan. She will defeat him.” Yes, just ask me to come, whenever there is strife. I will come and the sting of Satan will have no power. The issues can be resolved in light and the solutions will be lasting ones.

This is why I ask that Russia be consecrated to me. I am waiting and waiting to be invited. I wait in the wings waiting for my cue to come onto the world stage. When I come, I will overcome the Evil One.

Why do I wait for the whole church to invite me? Why do I want the Pope and the bishops to do this publicly? When a couple invites me, I come on the family stage. So, when the whole Church invites me, I come on to the world stage. By this public worldwide invitation, all will know, “Mary has been invited”. When invited, I will release all my powers and the fires of hell will be quenched. Then, man can solve his disputes according to right reason.

 In the Beginning 
October 28, 2011 

The life which I offer to everyone is quite different from the life that most experience. I am the new Eve and I possess life as it was in the beginning, before sin poisoned personal relationships. First, I must explain what happened so you can see the great gifts which I offer to all. Let us begin.

 “In the beginning”, God created human life. But God creates human life every day (not only “in the beginning”). Each human person comes directly from his hands at the moment of physical conception.

When, “in the beginning” he created a human person, mankind was untouched by sin. Since God creates only what is sinless, the person felt no selfish urges. When he encountered another human person, she, too, had no selfish urges. Their relationship was not at all marred by sin. They could grow together in perfect harmony and bring forth children who would live in the same way. It is hard for mankind to grasp a perfect man and woman, and a perfect family where harmony dominates. Yet, this is the life that I offer. This is the life I have already lived with Joseph and Jesus. The Holy Family we are called. Within our home, God established the original relationships that he intended “from the beginning”. I am not talking about some impossible ideal but about a style of life which we have already lived at Nazareth.

If anyone wants this life, they need only come to me. Obviously, the gift can be given more fully if the entire family comes to me. Then, all of the relationships within your family will change. This is my invitation. Tell the members of your family. Seek this gift and I will show you the means you can use.

Mary, the Fundamentalist 
October 29, 2011 

 In the world there is always movement. Things are always changing. One thing fades and another comes into prominence, like a show on a stage which moves from one act to the next. Yet, man does not perceive. Each scene leaves behind its effects. This is what I want to describe.

 People forget the way the world used to be, how people obeyed God and lived in his light. This was the Age of Faith, when God’s law formed the culture. Then, one thing after another came onto the stage. Need I list them? Divorce, contraception, abortion, homosexuality, in vitro fertilization, Playboy Magazine, Viagra. The list goes on and on. Fashions change and modesty is thrown away like an unwanted coin. These did not come overnight. Each one appeared slowly on the scene, one after another. What will come next? You can see what I mean. What people would never accept if introduced quickly, they gradually accept as it is presented to them little by little. Life is forever changed because they forget the way life should be. Now, all these forces are released in society and children who are born come into quite a different world, a darker world, a world filled with darkness that did not exist before.

How can this society be purified? Anyone who preaches is called radical, a fundamentalist. Let it be known, I am the deepest of fundamentalists. I see clearly the will of the Father. I see how he views all these changes that have moved mankind away from his law. I see the total disregard for the Lord’s Day. I see the scourge that has happened to your children by the introduction of drugs and pornography. I see and I speak so you might see. Open your eyes to what has happened to America! Look at your children. Are they the same as you or has society stole them from you and erased their religious values? Do they see life as you see it? Is their faith as deep as your faith?

 What can be done? See the situation for what it is. Awake from your blindness. Cleanse your home. Purify your family. Say to yourself, “My family and I will walk a different road. I will find other families who will walk with me. We will come together to foster the ancient truths and the former values.” I will be with you on this long and arduous quest.


Many persons and institutions are hollow, having no inner core of truth. A time of judgment, different for each one, will come. Those persons and institutions built upon a lie will be removed from office or they will collapse. They will be replaced by people of truth and by institutions built on truth. In this way, when decisions are made, the darkness will be put aside.

These people and institutions of darkness, allow the powers of darkness to spread and grab hold. They see absolutely nothing wrong with the darkness. They even agree with the darkness.

Because darkness is part of their agenda, they foster the darkness instead of removing it.

This must change.

 The Real Face of the Arab Spring 
October 30, 2011 

The time is ripe for rebellion and the overthrow of dictators. However, what happens after he is removed? What forces fill the vacuum of power that is left behind? Those who took the initiative are forced out of the way and the forces lurking in hiding know that it is time to come forth. And come forth they have! Now the true face behind the Middle East uprisings is seen, the dark face of radical Muslims who are quickly taking advantage of the situation as I told you months ago. Now, I will speak about what will take place in these nations which are plunging into a greater darkness which could not be seen by the West.

The radical Muslims will quickly strengthen their hold. They know how to organize. They know their goals and how to attain them. Others will sit on the sidelines, confused and not knowing how to respond. These Muslims will do what they always do. They will show one face to the West, the face which the West wants to see, but they will act for their own goals in a secretive and hidden manner. Some reports will leak out, but these will be set aside in the West because the West wants to see this as the Arab Spring, a fiction which the radicals will use and will even pretend is happening. Oh West, do you think that human rights and human dignity will win the day? You do not want to look. You will not examine beneath the surface.

You did not plan these revolutions. They sprung up from the power of darkness, from Satan who used the legitimate aspirations of the people for freedom from a dictator for his own goals. Now, he has taken control over these nations and he will use the people and the resources to fuel his fires. I say “his fires” because that is what you will see.

Do you believe that he is limited by national boundaries? Does he not set fire in one country, so that it would spread to others? Do you think he is content with claiming Muslin countries? That is not his goal. His goal is Israel and now he has taken the surrounding nations and is tightening his grip. And you call it an Arab Spring.

Comment: In these locutions, months ago, Mary warned about the forces of darkness taking control. We see them in Egypt and will see it in Libya.

Safeguarding the Other Children 
October 31, 2011 

I wait and wait, never giving up hope that all would turn to me and be saved from the coming chastisements. I plead with the heavenly Father to delay his judgments and to set aside the chastisements which man truly deserves. Is this not the normal approach of a mother, to plead for mercy and forgiveness? I plead like no one else, and the Father sees that I have attained this role by standing at the foot of the cross and enduring my Son’s passion. Yet, how long can I plead and how long can I keep back the scourge of God?

Evil cannot just be passed on. The more that God delays, the more he must allow evil to continue without being removed by divine intervention. This is the dilemma. People commit sin. Out of mercy, God delays in punishing them. Yet, this same mercy allows the sin to continue and to contaminate others. God cannot just look at the individual. He must see how the individual sin adversely affects others and leads them into sin. Yet, I plead and ask man to seek another path. This is what I preach. Mankind must quickly take the other path. They cannot delay. It is unjust for the Father to postpone punishment when others who are innocent will be caught up in the unpunished evil.

Do not say that God’s chastisements are unjust. He must care for the other children who are in the house. Can a father leave an eldest son’s sins go unpunished when the other children will quickly follow suit? No. He must move against the evil, choosing the best method to correct his sin and destroy the evil. No one would call him an unjust or merciless father, when he has other children to protect.

This is the position of your heavenly Father. However, when I see what he needs to do, I plead with him to gain more time for repentance. Yet, I can only hold back the chastisements for a short time. Then, the righteous anger, fueled by the sins of mankind, will pour over in ways too horrible to describe. In those moments, I will weep for my children but I will not say it is unjust or not needed. I will resign myself to what has been destroyed and move on to those whom I can help. Yet, this need not happen. If only you would listen to my messages.

Comment: People wonder why God punishes. However, without chastisements, sins are passed on to God’s other children. 

the Middle East Power Keg, the satanic Fires Consuming America
November ~ 2011