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Locutions to the World ~ Sept.4 to Nov. 3,2012

Mary Searches for Her Children (September 4 to September 12, 2012)

September 4, 2012
When All Is Threatened

The world is not the way it should be because of the sins of mankind. Now those sins have multiplied and accrued, so the world is more separated from heaven than ever before. Who will bridge this great divide? Only heaven gives life to earth and, if the two are totally separated, earth will become a place for death, not life.

Already this takes place, as violence fills so many parts of earth. When will the tipping moment occur, when the powers of life can no longer keep back the forces of death? A moment arrives, when the invading army breaks through the ramparts and then all life inside is threatened.

September 5, 2012
Mary’s Help In Darkness

This is the moment to which the sins of mankind have brought earth, a moment when earth is plunged into a total darkness, where no light appears and all the sources of light seem to be cut off. It is the moment of darkness. In that moment, my children will know that I have not abandoned them. They will live by the greatest of faith because I have given them my words. My words will be the only light that they have.

As they believe my words, they will hear my voice in their hearts and in their midst. My voice will become stronger and clearer. The words will be firm and strong, almost commanding belief.  Whoever allows my words to have power over them will be saved. No one must change my words or dilute them. They will be the strong medicine which mankind needs in order to be rescued.

September 6, 2012
Crisis and Help

The moment of the greatest crisis will also be the moment of my greatest help. No one must fear. As the darkness grows my inner light will also grow. As confusion increases, my words of truth will grow louder.

As the problems grow greater, I will come closer. Yes, I will come for my children. I will never, never abandon them. Therefore, they must trust and learn to call upon me now, before the events begin. In this way, I will already have a hold upon them. Do not wait for the last minute. Make secure your relationship to me.

September 7, 2012
Rescue From the Torrent

How quickly the events will pour forth, like a rushing stream which has the greatest power to sweep aside everything in its path. The secret is not to be in its path but to seek safety on the high ground of my Immaculate Heart.
I do not want my children subjected to the powers that would draw them astray. I would rescue them from the torrent. Some, even now, are safely hidden in my Immaculate heart. They are the wise ones who see and understand how I am their mother and how I keep safe all who call upon me. These words are for them and for others. Those safe in my Immaculate Heart must stay there and help me to draw others. By these words, I search for the others.

September 8, 2012
The Great Danger

How many do not see these dangers. They wander after foolish trifles, when they should be seeking the high ground of safety. Instead, they go off, heedless of what lies ahead, unaware of the forces that would catch them off guard, far from the protection of my Immaculate Heart.
How can they find their way, unless they know that my heart is a safe refuge? I must search for them and make myself known to them. I must say, “I am your Mother and you are in danger. Follow me. That is enough.”

September 9, 2012
Many Slipping Away

The world is a powerful, powerful stream, causing so many to be pulled away from the safety of my presence. I watch my children pulled by a thousand attractions that absorb them from morning until night. They hardly turn their minds to me and while giving their hearts to so many trifles. They spend every moment searching for what passes away.

They seek this pleasure or that moment of entertainment, the countless moments when their minds are absorbed by the media and the technology. Their spirits are dry and superficial. I cannot get a hold on their hearts. They are slipping away from me – not slowly but quickly, not a few but many. Oh, my sorrows!

September 11, 2012
The Name “Mary”

I look and I search. If any just call upon my name, “Mary”, I can act. Yes, all they need to do is to use my name, “Mary”. Many have forgotten my name. Many have never been taught the power that lies in my name. “Mary”, that is all they need to say. Say it quietly, and I will hear. Say it often, and your heart will be turning to me, like a lost person sending out distress signals. Just say my name, “Mary”. That is enough, I will rescue you.

September 12, 2012
Turning Back

I cannot turn away from them. I must accept the fullness of sorrow which comes from looking and searching. I will never give up. I will never turn my face away.
Possibly, they will look back to me and I will save them. That is all I need, just a glance, a look, an attempt to turn back. If even one turns back for a moment, I will be ready to gather them in and save them from the waters of eternal death. They will be safely in my arms.

September 12, 2012
Final Words

What more can I say? I would call each one by name. Yes, I know all their names. Each name is inscribed in my heart. When the lance pierced the heart of my Son on the cross, God wrote the names of all his children on my heart. He wrote their names with that lance. Suddenly, all the names were inscribed. I can never erase them. I can never forget even one of them. Now, you can see my sorrows. You can see why I search for them and try to call them back. My search will never end. I will never give up, even if I have to stand at the very doors of hell so I can prevent even one from entering. What more can I say? These messages are complete.

Modern Events (September 13 to September 17, 2012)

September 13, 2012
The Demonstrations at the Embassies

I must again ascend the pulpit to speak to the world because the great fires are being lit. They will burn a long time and will damage the remaining places of hope in the Middle East. The taunts and the jibes and the demonstrations are everywhere. However, the great violence that is waiting in the wings has not yet been unleashed.

All the diplomats will scurry around and send their statements to one another. The press will comment. The media will give its spin. However, it is too late. The fires of Satan have been building, and I have pinpointed the centers of his strongholds, Cairo, Syria and Iran. These fires are protected by the Muslim radicals and their armor cannot be pierced.

These fires are the next step, the next phase. We are not yet at the center of the fires that Satan has prepared.

September 14, 2012
The Boiling Pot

Many do not see what is happening because they judge by human standards. They do not see the heart of man and the battle between good and evil that takes place to possess his heart. When man gives himself to evil, he gives his heart. He is drawn into darkness and evil. Some are drawn deeply and become instruments of evil. Others are drawn somewhat and they cannot be used to fight evil. This is what has happened for so long in the Middle East. These fires can rage because they find so many hearts that act as their fuel. It has become the boiling pot of Satan, and human responses will not put out these fires.

September 15, 2012
Is the Indescribable Inevitable?

I do not have words to express what lies ahead. If I were to describe the turmoil and the destruction, the human mind could not conceive of it. It is beyond human telling or human understanding. No one is ready to handle the massacres of human life or the extent to which human life will be subjected to infernal sufferings.

The fires will lap up wood and water, burning the one and drying up the other. Jerusalem will be in tatters and Israel will be shaken. Everywhere, there will be sirens of emergencies. The world will look on in horror. The steps were not taken when all could have been prevented.

Is this scene inevitable? Or, can I send my son, the pope, to save Jerusalem before its total destruction, to save it even before a bomb is dropped, to shed his blood so that many others will not. This is the one whom I hold in my heart, my precious one, who has been with me from the beginning and whom I have never abandoned. He is the one whom I will raise up. He will stay closer to me than ever before, he and the others who are with him.

September 16, 2012
All the World Will See

No one will touch what is holy to me except in the way and to the degree that I allow it to happen. All the events will be under my control when it comes to the holy places and to those persons who are consecrated to my purposes.

Nothing will happen by chance or in a haphazard way. These persons will know exactly what they are to do and when they are to do it, so the greatest maximum coverage of these events is brought about.

These events must not be hidden from the world. All are to see and grasp. They will not be hidden events, but quite the opposite. Their power consists in the whole world seeing them and understanding them as they unfold.

September 16, 2012
Destroying Satan’s Possessions

What more is there to say? These events will unfold quickly, one after another. Each will prepare for the next event. All have been planned by Satan for centuries. However, there will be a hidden force. My hand will be guiding these events. I will soften them. They will not have the full destructive power that Satan thought they would and which he intended.

Even more important, they will flow in a surprising way, which even Satan did not intend. They will harm some of the people that he has put in place and from whom he hoped for even greater destruction. In these current events which are disrupting the world, there will be my power which will end up destroying some important parts of Satan’s plans. When a person begins a fire, sometimes his own possessions are destroyed.

September 16, 2012
Final Words

Do not fear, little ones. Even these destructive events are in my hands. I will keep safe all who turn to me. There are many sources of protection and many ways to escape the evil that is to come. But the time is short and you must not put off what must be done, indeed what should have already been accomplished.

Begin with a good confession of your sins and a firm turning away from all that is evil. Everyone must be purified anew and afresh. Forgive one another and strengthen your relationships, so that you will be at each other’s side to help. Finally, do not fear. Fear does no good. Instead, pray and hope and act. I will lead all who call on me. I will not fail you. Soon, I will speak again about the world and its problems. Look for my words.

Quenching Man’s Thirst (September 18 to September 28, 2012)

September 19, 2012
Understanding Human Life

Every loving mother watches over her children.  She sacrifices for her children, knowing that a time will come when they, too, will have children for whom they will sacrifice.  This is the rhythm of human life which God intended, love being passed on from one generation to another until the end of time.  Then, all love will be gathered up in the eternal kingdom.

What has happened to God’s original plan that only love should flow out from the human heart?  Other elements have been introduced into this stream.  Now it is filled with strange objects and even dangerous and harmful emotions.  Such is the mixture of human life about which I will speak so everyone can gain true wisdom and not be deceived by the world’s foolishness.

September 19, 2012
The Ten Commandments

The human heart is so twisted that selfishness is called love and love is called narrow mindedness. God, in his great love, has given the Ten Commandments. These truths, given from his deepest love, are thrown aside. When they are rejected, the selfish desires and lusts that lurk within the human heart have no limits. They overflow and destroy. Man accepts no constraint, except what is forced upon him. The result is violence, as force is met with force.

All violence comes from the unrestrained desires of the human heart. It erupts because God’s limits on man’s desires have been rejected as too narrow.

September 20, 2012
Man’s Infinite Desires

I want to go to the very center of the human heart.   This center orients the person.  If the center is not focused correctly, other efforts to bring the human heart onto its right path will fail.  This orientation of the human heart has been totally overlooked by modern man.  Man’s heart is made for the infinite God.  Nothing else will satisfy.  All other searches will result in frustration because no finite good can quench the infinite thirst which lies in the human heart.

No one can remove this thirst.  Even death itself does not take it away.  After death, the human heart must face itself.  The human person is alone after death, with no other options.  The human person is either filled with the infinite God or is eternally empty from not seeking the infinitely good Trinity.  Only God can save man from the agony of his own infinite desires.

September 21, 2012
Man’s Inner Self

Man does not understand his own heart because he is consumer with his surface desires, the needs of each day.  He is carried along by these desires and seeks only to fulfill his needs.  He does not understand the deep recesses of his heart which are crying out for so much more.  He does not listen to the deep voices within himself that try to tell him that he is infinite, with an infinite thirst and infinite desires.  He never listens to what is within.  He never stops.  He never prays.  He never lifts up his mind or heart.

That is why I speak my words. They are my kindest invitations for man to find his inner self and his infinite thirsts.  Then, he will truly seek what he is created for, the living God, the Father of my Son, Jesus.  That will be my next teaching.

September 22, 2012
Revealing the Heart of Jesus

It is difficult for man to plumb the depth of his own being.  So, the heavenly Father has sent his only Son, Jesus, who is the perfect image of the Father.  In Jesus, man sees the perfect reflection of God and understands that within himself he has an infinite thirst.  Everyone must study the heart of Jesus.  Therefore, I will explain, the heart of Jesus.

Jesus never sought his own interests.  From the very beginning, he had shared his Father’s glory, but he emptied himself and became flesh and lived among us.  Jesus would often speak of this far-off glory and of a world that always was and always will be.  He called this world, “the kingdom”.  He would say, “People are meant for the kingdom where they are to live forever.  I would ask him, “How will this come about?”  He would only say, “That is why I have come into the world.”

September 23, 2012
Jesus’ Love For Everyone

Jesus saw this kingdom in every human person. I never met anyone who loved each person as Jesus did. He knew everyone’s name and what each one preferred. He knew how to speak to everyone and to say just the right word. He enjoyed being with everyone – with adults, with boys and girls his own age and even with small children. All were his friends. He was always innocent, yet he quickly understood and avoided evil. He gave his heart to everyone. However, if someone did not deserve this gift, he would hold it in reserve.

Jesus walked his own path, with an understanding far beyond his years. He had unbelievable emotional warmth, as if every feeling in him was perfectly attuned like a harp that played only harmonious notes. Then, there was his time of solitude. I’ll explain that next.

*! not in vol.3, 2nd edition - SERVANTS PRESS, found on line

September 24, 2012 *!
A World Within His Heart

Jesus was always alone, that is the only way I can describe it. Even when he was with others and obviously enjoying their company, he was still alone. Something within always absorbed him. He gave himself fully to others, yet he held on to himself totally. It was as if a whole other world was within his heart and he was always absorbed with that world, trying to grasp its riches.

At times, his mind would wander off. This was not so much daydreaming as experiencing a world that the rest of us could not enter. On this point, I came very close to Jesus’ heart. Somehow, I understood what he was experiencing and I began to experience the same world as he did.

Sometimes, he would speak and reveal an aspect of this world. His words would be clear and piercing to my heart. I felt like he was communicating that world to me. Later, all of Israel would hear those words and many would believe Jesus when he said that the kingdom was at hand.  Next time, I will share some of those words and you, too, can have your heart opened to his kingdom.

September 25, 2012 *!
Conversations With Jesus

My conversations with Jesus were different than any other conversations. He would speak of the normal things of earth but he saw everything differently. He understood the real purpose of life, what God wanted to accomplish in childhood games and youthful gatherings. As he grew, he understood better than any adult. He was never swayed by passing things.

More important were those moments when we were alone. He talked about serious things. He commented on various events, and always saw the decisions of the human heart. He understood human nature. He even understood sinfulness and selfish choices. All was clear to him, like he saw through everything and could read human hearts.

He even read my heart and saw all the love that God had placed there. He knew I was without sin and also that his words increased my holiness. I understood his heart like no one else did and he would open up his heart. These were the special moments, when I saw his desires and listened to his thoughts. I will try to describe those memories.

September 26, 2012 *!
Jesus Reveals the Mysteries

Because Joseph needed his sleep after his day of toil, Jesus and I would be alone at night. All would be quiet and still.

He would begin with a question that became the subject of that night’s talk. He saw God’s mystery and wanted to know all he could. As I would explain something about God or about our Jewish faith, Jesus would take my words and go far beyond them. He would take me into the heart of the heavenly Father.
He did not realize it but he saw and understood God far better than I did. Each night, he revealed the great mysteries of God in the easiest to understand words. I am not sure that he even understood the gifts of divine wisdom that he possessed. He was like a great mathematician who sees complex truths but is not in awe of his own talents. Each night, I sat at the feet of this young man who understood better than the wisest sage and could explain these realities in the simplest of words. I knew that, soon, even greater mysteries would be revealed to him.

September 28, 2012 *!
God Chose His Own Mother

One night, Jesus said, “God is not far from the world and especially he is not far from the Jewish people. He is close to the world and very close to Israel. How close can he come? Nothing is impossible to God”. (When he said those words I gasped because Gabriel had used the same expression.).

He went on, “I even believe that God could become a man and dwell among us. I think he would be Jewish and that he would choose a Jewish mother. If I were God, I would choose you for my mother”.

When Jesus said those words, I could see his eyes. The words went forth from his lips and then turned and entered his heart. Divine light was filling his young mind. His eyes revealed someone overwhelmed by a truth that his own lips had said. Finally, he said those words that are forever written on my heart. “Nothing is impossible for God. He can become a man and he can choose a mother and he chose you to be his mother.” I said nothing. His own mind was unraveling this mystery. He was seeing much more than I could ever explain. The conversation ended. Jesus withdrew to his room to speak with his Father in secret.

September 28, 2012 *!
The Most Important Mystery

After that night, our hearts were joined in a truth that we both knew. I had been chosen to be the mother of God. We never spoke directly of who Jesus was. However, all our future conversations took for granted that he was God’s only begotten Son, while being at the same time my son. All the other truths and all the conclusions came forth in a steady stream.

All these truths were based upon the answer to the question, “Who is Jesus?” The question cannot be put away. It is central to all of his claims. How can Jesus be the light of the world, the source of eternal life, the way, the truth and the life, unless he is also God’s only begotten Son, equal to the Father, God from God, light from light, true God from true God? I rest my case. I began speaking of the infinite thirst of the human heart and I have led you to the infinite fountain of life-giving waters, my Son, Jesus. Only you can choose to drink from that fountain.

The Voices of Violence (September 27 to October 3, 2012)

September 27, 2012
Middle East Violence

The days that are ahead are uncharted and will twist and turn. Many events will happen that will not be seen for what they are. They will be written off as unimportant. However, looking back, people will see that they were the first steps on an entirely new road of destruction. New personalities will emerge because of the great changes. People who did not think they could claim great power will seize their new opportunities. It will be the clever and the evil ones who will take advantage of the great vacuum that has suddenly emerged on the world scene. Those whose voices would usually be heard will either be quiet or ineffective. They will see that they are really powerless in the face of the tide of violence.

Only those who preach violence will be heard because no one will oppose them or confront them or even threaten them. Their voices will go forth, be heard, and grow stronger – as if what they were saying is true. Violence and acts of violence will be the only words spoken.  The repercussions cannot be seen. Many will say that this had happened before and then cooled down. However, this situation is different. There is no peace to go back to. People will not cool down because so much has been destroyed that they have nowhere to return to. Violence is the modern word, the today word. Peace is quiet – no longer proposed a legitimate alternative and no longer attractive because it holds no rewards. Only violence is rewarded.

The core of society in the Middle East no longer exists. Only violence offers a hope of a better future – somehow – when the so-called enemies are removed. That is the great delusion that Satan has used to entrap everyone – his friends and his foes. They are all the same to him – people he wants to drag to hell as soon as they do his tasks.

September 28, 2012
A Person Chosen By God

My response to violence will not be long is coming. The crises are at the door and they will not wait for politicians to decide. These crises have their timetable. They will come crashing in, when they desire and how they choose. No one will hold them back once they are unleashed. Whom will I raise up? To whom will I give the mantle of justice? A person after my own heart. This is my revelation. I will raise up the one whom I will call out of hiding. Yes, out of hiding, for he is unknown, hidden in the depth of my heart. When he comes forth, all will know that he belongs to me. He is mine and I will receive the glory for rescuing the world.

September 29, 2012
The Outbreak of Violence

The path of destruction will not be a road that moves straight ahead. It will zig-zag, go back and forth, and even turn on itself and on its own people. Once unleashed, destruction will find its own way. Whatever is in its path, will succumb to its infernal fires. Some people are more vulnerable than others. Others have built up a resistance and are held closely together by bonds of love. Love is the answer. When people love one another they will not turn against each other. They will resist the temptation to violence against someone who is weak and can easily be taken advantage of.

That is what will first sweep across the nations. People will see that they can gain certain goals by violence. They will see that others are weaker and will not be able to resist. My laws which say “Do not kill” and “Do not steal” will mean nothing to them. They will seize their opportunity and violence will break out. They will not realize that they have unleashed destructive forces that cannot be contained or even directed. This path of destruction will not move straight ahead but will go back and forth and will even turn upon itself. Beware of violence. When this is unleashed, no one is in control.

September 30, 2012
Violence at the Center of Society

Why do I speak on such a theme? Because violence is in the ascendency and will soon take center stage. Violence begins on the margins where security cannot be adequately enforced and where rebellion has time to grow and spread. At the center, however, there usually remain areas of stability and control. When violence breaks out, people turn to this center for help.

Soon violence will reach this center of society. Institutions needed for stability will be attacked and overthrown. There will be no center of stability to look to. Violence will have moved from the margins to the center.

 † † † † † † † † † † † †   † † † † † † † † † † † †   † † † † † † † † † † † †

October 1, 2012
Avoiding the Burning Lava of Violence

Violence is like burning lava that destroys everything which lies in its path. It destroys life that has taken so many centuries to bring about. In a short time, the culture of life is instantly ripped apart and cannot be mended or restored. Human relationships and human culture are pieced together slowly, but they are ripped apart quickly. I say this so that my words are etched into your souls.
Do not take up the sword. Do not use torches of fire. Do not fire your weapons. Seek your safety by being prepared. Flee whenever necessary. I will guide you. Look ahead. Do not be caught off-guard. See the warning signals. I promise to guide you and keep you safe. The greatest protection is not to meet violence with violence, but to see ahead of time the path of violence and to flee so that this stream of lava does not reach you. Blessed are those who heed my words.

October 2, 2012
America Has Not Repented

What will I do to those who pour out this lava of violence? How will I treat them? Are they my messengers of retribution or are they agents of my enemy Satan? They are both and they must be seen as such.

When violence and destruction break out against a nation of peace (as happened at the Twin Towers) people must see this for what it is. Violence is a warning that the people are not living under God. I do not refer to the people who suffered in that tragedy, but to the whole nation. America has sinned. It has killed its unborn. These are far more numerous than those killed in the Twin Towers.

Certainly an enemy did this evil. Yet, the sins of America have cried out for so long. Americans have shouted to me, “We do not want you in our national life”. So, I withdrew my hand of protection and I allowed your enemies to come against you. I did this so you would repent and turn to me. Has this happened? Has America acknowledged its sins? Not at all.

America, you have not learned your lesson. I want you to see your need for my protecting hand. Instead, you have trusted in your own strength to rebuild. How often must I let your enemies attack you before you say, “Let us return to the Lord. He will be our salvation?”

October 3, 2012 *!
The Cries of Aborted Children

I do not call you to death but to life, but right now, you are firmly set on the path of death. You kill your unborn and you think that you have silenced their voice. Really, death multiplies their words. Their little cries come before me constantly. “When will you avenge our deaths?” they ask. Do they not have a right to be heard? Their voices were silenced before your Supreme Court but they are given a true hearing in the heavenly court. This I must say clearly, “America, turn back as quickly as possible from this terrible road of destroying the totally innocent, unborn child. If not, I will come to you with my flaming sword and no one will be able to claim that I am not justified in slaying your children.” Can you not see the mountain of retribution that is being piled up every day with the dead bodies of the unborn children?

October 4, 2012 *!
The Visitation of Jesus

I will visit earth and those whose hearts are prepared will know that I have done this to bless them and to sustain them. For those who do not know me, I will give them a new opportunity. For them to accept my visitation will be more difficult because they are not used to the ways of the Spirit. Yet, even to these, I will extend a hand of welcome.

However, to those who oppose me, who persecute my people, who open the doors wide to every evil – to these my hand will also extend, but it will carry an iron road of chastisements.

Yet, even to these, if they repent and change their ways, I will offer my gift of peace. Only to those who continue in their evil ways, who say, “I will not turn back from this path”, will my chastising hand bring about their destruction. I am the God of life and I offer life to all. Those who refuse my gift of life condemn themselves to eternal death.

The Culture of Confusion (September 29 to October 3, 2012)

September 29, 2012
The Burden of Sins

Trials and sufferings burden mankind and make it difficult for him to turn his eyes to God for help. I continually speak of heaven’s helps but man is unable even to lift up his head. This is the plight of mankind. He needs heaven’s help but he is burdened. I come, therefore, to ease this pain and to lift these burdens. After I complete my work, man will be able to look upward and receive. Let us begin.

The first problem is the great burden that man puts upon himself. He burdens himself with sins. He chooses some present delight and does not see that he stores up a burden of debt. Now, this burden of sins crushes him. This is where I must begin. Repent. Go to confession. Get freed of the burdens. Heaven’s helps seem so impossible to you because sin is your master and holds its foot on your neck. It need not be so. You can never repay your debt but you can quickly get it cancelled. Begin there.

September 30, 2012
A Blinded Will

Man’s second problem is confusion. No longer knowing right from wrong, man chooses his own way quite blindly. Passions and disorderly tendencies push man away from truth. Once man allows the lower appetites to gain control, he never wants to hear this voice of conscience. He loses all interest in trying to know what is right. This is the second burden of modern man.

October 1, 2012
A Deformed Culture

The third burden of modern man is the culture which has so quickly moved from a Christian to a secular and even to a diabolical culture. Values are upside down. Self-expression is valued over self-control (when the former is so easy and the latter is so difficult). Moral norms are pushed aside. They are seen as belonging to a former age which supposedly did not understand. The former age understood all too well. It is modern man who has been cut loose from truth and is afloat in a morass.

Culture should form and shape. Modern culture deforms and distorts. Modern man has lost his rich heritage and does not sense that he is poor. He does not know to search to regain what has been stolen from him. That is why I speak.

October 2, 2012
Thou Shalt Not

Who else points out a true path? Who else leads mankind upward to the heavens? What voices are being raised? I must speak clearly.

Truth requires a great struggle. Truth is like a hill that can be climbed only at a cost. Truth must be woven into life. Truth must be lived. Thousands of decisions for truth must be made, small decisions and big decisions. If the small ones are neglected, the big ones will never happen. Truth is to live in light.

Many do not want the light. They prefer darkness and do not want the truth to challenge their style of life. Man wants to do what he wants to do. He does not want a clear voice saying, “Thou shalt not”. Every person, at some moment, needs to hear the words, “What you want to do, what you would prefer to do, you are not allowed to do”. Happy the man who hears those words and restrains his selfish desires. He has saved himself great agony.

October 3, 2012
An Invitation To A Straight Road

Now, let me come to the end. Mankind can be saved only by light and by truth. These two qualities do not allow the person to wander from the path of life and they do not allow for selfish desires. They point out a road that is straight and narrow. Every other road leads to darkness, confusion and death. Darkness because the person has no guide. Confusion because all becomes subjective. Death because that road leads away from the living God. Take my hand. We will walk my road and I will always be with you.

Russia – The Evil Empire (October 5 to October 7, 2012)

October 5, 2012
Allowing Russia Back on to the Stage

I speak so clearly because the time is short and the dangers are great. Mankind cannot grasp the importance of these days and months. So, I reveal these truths and show everything that will happen in as concise a manner as possible.

When destruction breaks out, man will begin to unleash the terrible weapons that he has stored up, but has never dared to reach for. Moderation will be pushed aside. Whatever can be unleashed will be unleashed. The Great Powers will stay on the sidelines, feeling that those involved in these conflicts will soon spend themselves and these fires will go out. All of this is a mistake. Steps should have been taken earlier to prevent these smaller nations from gaining these weapons. Instead, the growth of armaments was overlooked and pushed aside. Decisions were not made.

All of this happens because the relationship between America and Russia is still one of rivalry and not friendship. This so-called friendship is a lie that has prevented steps from being taken that would have insured world peace. Russia has been allowed back onto the world stage.

October 6, 2012
The Deceiving Russia

Now, it is too late to restrict Russia’s powers. She has been allowed to regain her strength and also her position. This is the goal of her leader – to make Russia what she formerly was, a super-power to be reckoned with and feared. One path has been blocked. Due to the prayers of my people, those countries that were once subjugated to her have gained their freedom and no longer support her empire, her evil empire.

Russia moves behind the scenes. The empire is gone but the evil remains and tries to find other means to control and dominate. She makes alliances with those who share her hatred for America. She schemes with them while smiling at America (as if her heart had changed). Can you not read her smile? It is a smile of betrayal and of ridicule, that covers over the truth.

When will you see, America, that Russia has always remained your enemy? She hid this truth to deceive you.

October 7, 2012
Reaping the Evil Harvest

Now, it is late. Russia has been allowed to form alliances. Her new friends have been allowed to gain strength. Soon they will all oppose you. Are you surprised? Does this cause you wonder? Anyone with a keen eye could easily see. You have been deceived by the Evil One, failing to judge truthfully when all the signs were clear. Now, you can only reap the harvest of your blindness and deceit. The fruits will not be slow in coming.

Why do I speak when your decisions have already been made? I want to rip away the mask that Russia has placed over your eyes. There is no need to continue to walk this dark road which will lead only to the destruction of your sons, your daughters, and your friends.

America, take up again your former position. Russia is your sworn enemy, and you foolishly sign treaties with her. I weep over you, foolish America.

Finding the Road of Light (October 4 to October 8, 2012)

October 4, 2012
Using Your Moments of Disappointments

The great moments of light come when earth disappoints you. While your heart is absorbed with earth and you believe that earth can fulfill all your hopes and desires, you are closed to the light. When the moment of disillusionment arrives, when your dreams of earthly happiness seem shattered, when you taste of earth’s fruit and realize that it can never satisfy – those are the moments when great light can come.

Each one arrives at this point by different roads, by different events and at different times. Each responds differently. Some mistakenly believe that they have not plunged deeply enough into what earth offers. Others believe that emptiness is all they can expect, that their youth is over. But others use those moments to gain the light. That is what I will teach you.

October 5, 2012
The Narrow Road of Light

In moments of disappointment, do not turn back or look in another direction. It is too late to look for other paths to safety. There is only one path – the one that I will show you. Your heart must be steadfast. Do not fear and, especially, do not look for other options. Other roads will seem easier to walk but they will not lead to salvation.

What road am I talking about? It is the road of light as contrasted with the road of darkness. The light is within you. I have placed it in your heart. Unfortunately, this light is mixed with many elements of darkness (those desires that pull you). Resist these. Follow only your desires for light. This is the narrow road but soon you will gain an ease and the darkness will be left behind.

October 6, 2012
Not a Child’s Game

Why do I ask people to set aside their desires even some that are legitimate? I do this because the reward is so great and the dangers are so numerous. When the goal is eternal life and when the enemy is the Evil One, then the demands must be great. Otherwise, seeking the kingdom would be like a child’s game. If the child loses, the game can be played again.

Eternal life is quite different. A person lives but once. He chooses but once. His decisions are recorded forever. This is not a child’s game nor is it the work of a few days. The demands are heavy and the time for faithfulness spreads out over many years, until the hour of death. This is the narrow road of light that few walk. I call you to this road and promise that I will help you.

October 7, 2012
The Road of Faith

First, remember that this road leads to heaven and to an eternal happiness that will never end. It is different from human paths which lead only to human goals. Second, you must walk this path all your life, never swerving from it. Finally, you must hope that when your eyes shut in death that they will open in the glory of heaven. All is faith. You cannot even see the road without faith and you will not persevere on this road without faith. So, listen to my words. These will give you faith.

October 8, 2012
Mary – The Perfect Human Person

When the sun of your life sets (as will inevitably happen) there will be awaiting you eternal glory. You need not lead a perfectly sinless life to enter glory. That is impossible. Man is frail and subject to many failures. You must, however, always seek heaven and always turn to the good. But this, too, is impossible without my help. I will explain all that took place and why I speak to you.

Two things are impossible for you – to always do the good (never to sin) and to always seek the good. However, I have done these two things. I have accomplished these goals. I always did the good, every moment of my life. I never committed sin and I always sought the good. This was possible for me by my Immaculate Conception, God’s special gift. Now I reveal the secret to you. The powers God gave to me, I will give to you. This is the easy way to walk the narrow road.

To Those Who Know the Urgency (October 9 to October 12, 2012)

October 9, 2012
The Prudent Servant

There is great darkness ahead which cannot be overcome by human powers. To one degree or another, the whole earth will be caught up in this darkness. The darkness will not be uniform. There will be degrees of darkness, but all will experience this time of darkness to some degree.

The darkness will entrap many people. However, some will use the darkness well. They will say, “In this darkness, I need God’s light more than ever”. These are the wise and prudent servants who know the urgency of the moment. They set aside other concerns, knowing that they must give all their efforts to gain the light. It is to these that I speak.

October 10, 2012
Your Assessment is Correct

I will not speak to the whole world because those who are anxious to respond need my special words. I have spoken before to the whole world inviting all to come to me. Let them read those prior locutions so their hearts are alerted to the urgency of the present. These words speak to those whose hearts have already been touched.

To you who sense the urgency of these days, I say, “You are correct. What you see and experience is true. The great events of darkness have already begun. The world has chosen its path and it will not turn back (even though the Father offers his helps).

Too many hearts are blinded and are claimed by evil. Many others are indifferent. They see no urgency and no reason to choose a different path. Some people are instruments of evil and others accept the current direction. It is impossible for the world, without a miracle of repentance, to change its course from darkness to light. Therefore, my first word to you is that your assessment is quite correct. The world is hurtling into a darkness that has never been experienced since my Son’s death and rising.

October 11, 2012
New Spiritual Gifts

These times would be hopeless except that I draw closer to the earth than ever before. I appear so frequently. I give so many messages. This is what I want to reveal. I now abide on earth in a way never realized before. I offer helps that have never been given before. Soon I will reveal my presence in even more open and startling ways. First, however, I speak to you who already sense my presence. You will respond to my words and be blessed by them.

The spiritual gifts of the present will be seen as nothing compared to the spiritual gifts which I will very soon begin to pour out. At first, you will not believe that this is even possible, but, then, you will remember these words. That is why I speak. You will recall that I promised an astonishing outpouring which will wrap everyone who believes in my protecting mantle.

October 12, 2012
Do Not Reject New Favors

This special presence is so important that it will be offered to everyone. However, many will not realize that I am presenting this gift. They will not take the time to turn away from their material pursuits and pleasures to open their hearts. Therefore, I speak to you who see the urgency. Your hearts are already open.

Do not reject my special favors. Do not think that you already possess enough and need not open your hearts to what is new. Past favors are not enough. You are in a desert and need a great supply of water to survive. I supply this water in the abundant new favors.

The Coming Visitation of Jesus (October 13 to October 22, 2012)

October 13, 2012
I Am Coming Soon

You must know my heart and my burning desire to visit the earth in ways that have never happened since I became flesh and lived among men. This will begin very soon. Yes, I am coming soon. Before this takes place, I must explain clearly the nature of my coming and how I will manifest myself. Otherwise, many will miss my coming, just as many missed my first coming in the flesh. This is the purpose of these locutions.


Before Jesus came, Israel was prepared by the ministry of John the Baptist. Otherwise, Jesus’ coming on the scene would have been too hidden. The hidden years of Nazareth were completed. It was no longer a time for him to remain hidden.

Before his death on the cross, it was vital that there be some years of manifestation. This happened by his preaching, his miracles and the gathering of disciples. Although many in Israel rejected or ignored Jesus, the years of manifestation bore fruit. The seed of faith in Jesus was sown in the hearts of the disciples. This bore fruit in the Church which continues to this day. So, do not despise the time of little beginnings. Such will be these locutions, the seeds of a small but powerful beginning.

October 14, 2012
Signs and Wonders

Obviously, I will not come in the flesh, because this is how I came the first time. Also, I will not come in glory when every eye will see and all will be gathered together by the angels. How then will I come? I will come in signs and wonders, in great powers and in miracles that have never been witnessed before. I will come in graces of massive conversions, massive both in their extraordinary nature and in the numbers who will be touched.

These miracles and conversions will be beginning signs. They will begin immediately and will prepare the world for the greater events. These will be external and internal experiences. The external will be seen by all in a given part of the world and will lead to many conversions.

The internal experiences will be worldwide, but of course, hidden from view because they will take place within the person’s heart. However, many will speak of their experiences. In this way they, too, will become external. All of these are not the final gift but will lead up to and will prepare for the great gift of my coming.


My task is the same as that of John the Baptist. Jesus will come in a special way but he will not force his divine presence upon anyone. In his public life, his divinity was kept hidden.  He would tell people that he was the special Son of the Father, but, seeing only his human nature, they had to believe his words. So it will be again. His full coming in heavenly glory, when every eye shall see, still lies ahead!

His present coming is not in human flesh or in heavenly glory. Therefore, I must prepare the world, just as John the Baptist did, for this coming which is already taking place and to which people must respond to receive the blessings.

October 15, 2012
Preparing for the Coming

This great and final gift of my special coming, by which I will bring an unimaginable period of peace to the world, must be prepared for. If the people respond to these religious stirrings, they will hasten my coming. All must share. All must participate. All must be open. All must receive. Everyone is very important in this enterprise. I am coming soon.


How active I have been and how even more active I will become. The world is in these special days of Jesus’ divine visitation. The initial gifts have already begun to fall from the heavens. The great and new manifestations of Jesus’ divine powers are ready to be poured out. All must believe. As the angel Gabriel said to me “All things are possible with God”. This must be the new religious spirit that fills my Church. Yes, it must first fill my Church and then spill out to the whole world. Where else would I begin? First, I offer these gifts to believers. If they do not accept them, I will go directly to the world. Oh, how I want my Church to be open to these new signs and wonders. Just remember, “With God, all things are possible”. As the signs begin, many non-believers will come to faith in the Church.

October 16, 2012
Need To Believe

Many will not believe my words, even those who try to serve me. They will continue to use their own efforts to bring about my kingdom. However, these efforts will fail. They are not enough in the face of the enormous powers of modern evil.

If, however, they believe and open their hearts to my coming, I will share with them my powers. I will do my signs and wonders through them because they so much want to serve me. To these I address my words because through them many others will be led into the kingdom. To these servants, especially, I say, “I am coming. Watch and pray.”


When the angel came to me and told me that I would be the Mother of God, I had to believe. God was about to bring the greatest blessing in history. He would take flesh and dwell among us. This was the moment of Jesus’ first coming. However, this all depended on me. God would not force his way into his own creation. Such is the way of God. He places so much in the hands of men.
At that moment, I had to believe that God would truly do this. So you, O servant of the Most High, who so desire that his kingdom come, who so desires a complete victory over evil, you, too, must believe these words. Jesus will come upon the earth in a special way with extraordinary manifestations. Please believe his words so that his power is fully manifested.

October 17, 2012
Two Great Realities

To my servants, I say, “Do not just go about your daily work, as if these were normal times. The wolf is at the door and the harvest is ripe. Yes, there are two great realities that demand from you a lifting up of your eyes”. “The wolf is at the door” means that the Evil One wants to destroy my Church and he believes that this is possible. He feels that he has so captured mankind that he can come directly against the Church. “The harvest is ripe” means that this is also the moment of the greatest conversions, when mankind will turn in great numbers to me and to my Church. So, I say, lift up your eyes from your work to see that I am coming soon.


So much depends upon human cooperation. Would God have become a man if I had said “no”? Even to ask that question is to shudder. There would have been a world without Jesus, a world that remained totally under the Evil One, a world with no hope and no light.

“The wolf is at the door”. Mankind has no idea of what is imminent. Only Jesus can save the world and he is already pouring out signs and wonders. However, you who so love him and love his Church must be prepared to respond. Listen carefully to my words. “Set aside many of your works. Some are useless anyway. Come with me into Jesus’ presence. Spend hours each day in prayerful quiet. There, I will prepare you.” My message is easy to grasp. Jesus will come and I will prepare you, but I need hours each day to do this.

October 18, 2012
Those Who Do Not Listen

If I speak and those who work for me do not listen, I will allow them to go their own ways, living out their years but not accomplishing much for my Church. If they are in critical positions, I will move them off the scene and give my vineyard to others who will know how to reap the new harvests by greater faith and fidelity to my words. In all things I will be gentle, but I will not allow the great harvest to come and to die on the vine.


This is not a time to tolerate laziness and sloth. This is not a time to say “Tomorrow I will get to it tomorrow”. The urgency is now. The need to act is now. The need to prepare is now. There is no more time to waste. Too much time has already been wasted (while Satan’s forces have been active and alive). So, I say to you who love my Church and to you who have given your life for my Church, “It is not too late to regain what has been lost. You are now in a season of refreshment, a season of heavenly favors never seen since the Word became Flesh. Yet, all must respond like I did, with special faith.”

It was not easy to believe that God wanted to become a man. Gabriel had to remind me that all things are possible with God. Also, it was not easy to surrender to the great favor of being God’s mother.

The cost was high and the demands were total. You must believe that Jesus is coming. You must accept this by faith and surrender totally to his plan. Much will be asked of you but much will also be given to you. This time will not happen again. It is granted only to those who are living now upon the face of the earth.

October 19, 2012
New Vineyards and New Wine

I look for those whose hearts can expand and whose minds can be filled with new faith. Events will take place that have never been seen before on the face of this earth. They will not force anyone to believe nor will they capture their hearts without their own acceptance.

These great gifts will need to be explained so the full harvest of grapes comes forth and the vats of new wine overflow. This is what I am searching for, workers in the vineyard, filled with new faith, who believe in a new harvest and new wineskins.

Behold, I will make all things new for all who can be filled with new faith.

I will speak. My tongue will not be silent. God’s favors are too great and are offered to all. The heavens are filled with God’s favors which are about to be released. First, there will be the darkness, the time of seeming hopelessness. Then, the Holy Father will consecrate Russia to my Immaculate Heart and all the graces of Fatima will be released, as if someone had cut a cord that restrained the flow.

How I await that moment when the consecration will finally be accomplished and the new era of my Immaculate Heart will begin. This is what Jesus and I am preparing you for by our words. We are not speaking of some far away gifts, or what is not known to you. We speak of what is close, familiar and at hand.

October 20, 2012
New Preachers

I will stir up the hearts of many who have never heard my call to preach. This will be the first sign. Preachers will come forth. Just as the word came to John the Baptist in the desert, so my words will touch many. They will not have been trained, nor will they come from one walk of life. There will be men and women, old and young.

Let no one discourage them. Let no one say that this is not the way to go. Let the floodgates be opened and the preachers sent forth. The time is too short and the harvest is too great. When suddenly young and old, male and female are using my name to cast out demons and to heal and to proclaim that the kingdom is at hand, all will know that the great events of salvation have begun.
“Can this happen in our secular world?”, you ask. With God, all things are possible. This sign will be clear.


You who read these words, do not wait. Do not say, “Where must I go to be trained?” You have these locutions. They have trained you. They have stirred up your heart. This is what you are to do. Come to me every day in prayer. I will train your heart. I will give you light. I will tell you where to begin and what to do and say.

Begin in a little way. Do not grow discouraged. Not everyone will respond. Sometimes, what you do will seemingly have no results. But you are pleasing me. I will note your perseverance and I will be forming you as my instrument. The only important point is not to wait until tomorrow. Begin right now. “O Mary, make me a preacher, one who shares in your task as the new John the Baptist”. There it is. You have chosen the road.

October 22, 2012
Evil Collapses

The other signs will also be clear. Suddenly, the enormous walls of evil will crumble. Those institutions that are built on sin and propagate sinful activities will suddenly fall on hard times – abortion providers, pornography makers, politicians who exploit evil and the gambling casinos. All of these industries Satan has built slowly and I will have them crumble quickly. This is to free my people from these life-destroying parasites, who force their evils especially upon those with addictions. In this way, many will be free to listen to the preachers.


In the gospels, Jesus sent forth his preachers and told them that he would follow them, visiting the towns which were prepared. I, however, say to my preachers, “Do not be afraid. I will go before you. I will prepare the way for you, just as you will prepare the way for my Son.”

I know that you are fearful and do not know exactly what to do. As I go before you, I will prepare hearts. As you preach, you will be surprised. The people’s hearts have already been touched in a private and silent way. These people need also the external preaching which will confirm what they have already experienced.

I will not ask my preachers to form new roads or to remove great mountains. I will do this as I go before you. You will be surprised how these prepared hearts will respond. But you must preach. The people need the external word to confirm their internal experience.

October 22, 2012
The Final Words

There will be more signs that will certainly be noticed. The crudeness of modern life will give way once more to a respect for what is sacred. Lyrics to songs that are so inappropriate will be shunned. Disrespect, which has become ingrained now in relationships, will be once more set aside. People’s language will be purified. Civility will return. The human heart will once more value what is truly worthy of human conduct and will reject what is vile and raw. The Holy Spirit will make mankind gentle and respectful. Those who continue to act inappropriately will find themselves isolated. The preachers will turn the hearts of children to their parents and the hearts of parents to their children.


Now I come to the final word. All is prepared for the banquet of the Lamb but the people most come. They cannot come, unless they know that they are invited. So, I will summarize all that has been said.

God has already begun to act upon mankind. These actions are filled with blessings such as have never been seen before. Even with these special blessings, the people might not realize what is happening. Even as the blessings increase, their eyes might still not grasp what they see. So, these words prepare the way. I am the new John the Baptist and my Son is coming into a closer relationship with mankind than ever before.

This new stage will be filled with divine manifestations and new invitations for all to repent and turn to the living God. As all of this occurs, you will remember my words.

Overcoming All Divisions (October 23 to October 30, 2012)

October 23, 2012
Direction to Modern Man

I must give direction to modern man because he has lost his way. He is confused. All the directional signs have been turned around. The stream that used to carry man to good now flows toward evil. What has happened? The great powers that form the culture have been commandeered by evil. People exploit the media for their selfish goals, leaving behind a path which has destroyed traditional values.
All recognize this cultural confusion and the breakdown of a unifying spirit. All go their own way, taken up with their own beliefs. Nothing joins them all. Such was not the case before. Christendom and the Catholic Church joined all in a common faith and into one Church. This will be my focus.


Can it happen? Can the churches be joined again? Can there be a unity of Christianity? All of this is impossible for man. No matter what steps he takes, greater division occurs. Churches multiply but they are not in union. The world exploits this division. It introduces other churches where Jesus is not proclaimed as Lord and as God’s true son. Cults arise where the Evil One is exalted. Man is helpless to overcome this division. However, with God all things are possible.

October 24, 2012
The Unifying Power of Faith has been Lost

It was not always this way. In the Ages of Faith, the cathedrals reached into the heavens and man’s spirit also knew that he was made for heaven. Earth was seen as a vestibule, a time leading into the eternal. Faith dominated the culture and all, even the least worthy, were touched and affected by faith.
This faith spread over boundaries and all saw themselves as shares in my riches. Even the political rules saw the value of a common faith to unite their people and to integrate new peoples into a common belief and life.
Now, the unifying power of faith has been lost. The commonly shared values and patterns of acting are no more. Modern man is adrift, awash in conflicting belief systems. Yes, modern man, you who have rejected Christian belief have a belief system you forged your own, but it will not stand the test of time.


The problem of man’s confusion lies ultimately in the division of the Churches. How can man have a unified belief when the Churches themselves have divisions? The splintering of religious belief was preceded by the splintering of the Churches. To restore the great unity of belief in the Ages of Faith, I must restore the unity of the Churches.
Do not think that this is impossible, or even that it is far away. Surprising events will lead to a truer and deeper union than ever before, including a union with Israel that should never have been broken.

October 25, 2012
This Stream of Disbelief is Strong

This stream of disbelief is strong and it separates man. Disbelief, the absence of any faith in a true and personal God, cannot unite. Disbelief robs society of its oneness. Society fractures into a hundred little belief systems, each with its adherents. No one is joined. All are separated. This is the powerful stream now flowing which, more than anything else, will cause the collapse of the West.
O modern man, see the causes of your problems. You try to forge a political unity when you neglect a oneness in faith. Can the family of mankind come together when they reject God as their father?


All in the world are my children. No one is outside the scope of my love. Yet, so many do not know me and many who call on me do not know the powers that God has given to me. That is why I speak. Jesus will come again and I am now preparing the way. I am preparing the world for his coming. First, the divisions must be healed. To do this requires divine power and a divine plan. As people learn God’s plan, he can pour out his power. Then, God’s plan will not go astray or be used incorrectly.

God’s plan for unifying the world is through the unification of the Churches. Where all are interlocked by charity and truth, they will be ready to be a light to the nations of what God’s power can do. This will stir up the leaders and the writers. They will see God’s gift and say “We, too, must see what God is going”. They will then come into a new light of unity, but the gift must begin with the Churches and Israel.

October 26, 2012
Powerful Forces Tear Apart the Fabric of Society

Now, powerful forces tear apart the fabric of society because man no longer shares a common religious faith. When the idea of God is shattered, what can unite man? How can people see themselves as brothers and sisters when they have no common father? This is the great need, for all to regain the shared belief in God as their Father.

Look at any family. When the father is strong, the family has a clear identity. His permeating presence unites them, especially if he loves them with all his heart. The human family has the same need for God the loving Father. Nothing else will join mankind.


The human heart clamors for oneness. All of its hopes and desires are for unity but these desires are constantly frustrated by the power of sin. Spouses yearn for oneness but their selfishness builds walls. Peoples yearn for oneness but selfish interests cause conflicts. Leaders arise with great talents and people say “This is the one who will unite us”. O foolish people. Your desires for oneness are far deeper than you ever suspect and no human person can even fulfill these hopes.

Your desires came from heaven and can only be fulfilled by heaven. If you seek oneness, they seek it in heavenly things. You ask, “How can I seek this alone? You cannot do so. You must seek it with others. Start now along this path. Begin with just one other person. Unite your hearts and seek each day the Father’s witness on your union. What is accomplished in this way will not pass away.

October 27, 2012
I want the Whole World to Experience the Father

No one has ever seen the Father except the Son. Now I want the whole world to experience the Father. These are the new graces which will soon be flowing from my heart. The greatest gift is to know the Father. How can man see the Father? Philip said to me, “Show us the Father” and I replied, “Philip, whoever has seen me has seen the Father”. (Jn.14:9)

Soon, I will manifest myself to the whole world and all will see me. At that moment, all will be able to know and see the Father. I will offer the world the great gift, as it was in the beginning when mankind was sinless and knew the Father. Now, mankind is filled with sin and hides in shame from the Father. All of that will change with the new gift. You must believe that I am coming soon.


Mankind does not realize it but it really seeks the heavenly Father. It is like an orphan child who sees other children with their fathers and wonders why it is deprived. Yes, mankind is deprived and isolated. It is deprived of experiencing the heavenly Father and is isolated from others. The second results from the first.

The intense yearning to be joined with the heavenly Father is often set aside and overlooked. It is like a hidden mystery that constantly causes inner problems, and allows mankind to experience a oneness with other people for which he is created also.

October 28, 2012
Pay Attention to the Stirrings of your Heart

These gifts are already being given to my special servants so they can write and describe them. When you read of these new blessings, do not doubt. They are real. Also, do not say, “There are just for some” because this is what is new. What used to be just for some is now for all. Before, the special souls were enlightened and taught to seek these favors. Now, I come for all. I want to manifest myself to all the world. This is already taking place in your own heart. Pay attention to the stirrings of your heart and you will agree with all that I am teaching you.


How can man overcome these divisions which are everywhere? Husbands are divided against wives and wives against husbands. Parents are divided against children and children against parents. The same pattern holds true everywhere. Nation is against nation and peoples against peoples. The world is filled with little groups and all are fighting for their rights.

At the core of all man’s problems is the reality of division, a division which happened in the beginning when mankind, by its own choice, became divided against God. O mankind, do not try to heal your own divisions because you yourself are the cause of these divisions. Repent and turn to God. When this first division is healed, all the others will be removed. In my Son, Jesus, all are one – Jew and Gentile, man and woman.

October 29, 2012
The Great Ages of Faith

When I come in the fullness of my divine visitation, the world will be quite different. The mind of men will by purified. Disbelief will have been cast out because no one can see and hear all that will occur and not believe that there is a God whose word should be heeded.  It is not that men will be perfect but the dark clouds that have hidden the great sun of faith will no longer exist. Those writers who claimed to have discovered a new world without God, a world of a mankind come of age, will be laughed at and set aside. Those who explain divine mysteries will be listened to. This is how it was in the great Ages of Faith.


Can I bring human hearts together again when so many centuries have caused division? Pope John XXIII took the first step in that direction but much was done that limited the effects of his plan. Yet, the goal was put in view, that “all may be one”. Those are my Son’s words. He wanted the oneness of his disciples to be a sign and an invitation to the world, that all mankind could enjoy a new ones.
What happened to Jesus’ dream of unity? Divisions broke out between his disciples and Israel, divisions which last even until now. This is the goal of Fatima, to heal the centuries of divisions between the Church and Israel, for I am a member of both.

October 30, 2012
This Final Age of My Coming

How should mankind move toward this Final Age of my coming? Certainly, not by “buying and selling, marrying and giving in marriage”. These are the necessary activities of earth but man must be lifted up higher.

Whenever there is a divine visitation, what is normally done each day must be put aside. The blessings come to all but are only received when the earth pays full attention.

This is why I speak, O reader. I want you to be fully aware. If you need mercy, mercy is abundant. If you need light, light will be given to you. If you need do turn way from sin, the grace of conversion is available. The divine favors are falling from the heaven. Why, to prepare your heart for my coming divine visitation. My words are clear and my message is complete.


The divine visitation will be soon but the divine favors are now. When formerly, God would give ten blessings, he now bestows a hundred. When before he would hold back his favors until a more propitious time, now he bestows them, knowing how soon he will come. Now that we have comes to the end of this teaching, read our words again. You have obtained the main thoughts. Go back and gather up the blessings that you missed the first time.

An Invitation to Drink (October 31 to November 3, 2012)

October 31, 2012
Pouring Forth Gifts

What gifts I hold in my heart for all of mankind! I do not keep these hidden. I reveal them for all who would listen to my word. Many refuse to listen. To these, I cannot even explain what is available. Others have no interests in the gifts that would lift up their souls. They seek only what is of earth, having no interest in heavenly blessings.

Yet, I will pour forth my words and reveal all that I want to do for mankind. All the world can read and understand. Some will walk away, not interested in these gifts. Others, however, will tarry, giving time and giving my words a hearing. My word will attract them and they will find themselves thirsting for my kingdom.


O soul, do not wait. Do not put off this call upon your heart. Do not say, “I will come back another day”. No, this is the moment of your call and your salvation. You have already spent too many years in this darkness which has penetrated you and hopes to capture you as its eternal victim. These words are your only hope. They will offer you the only light that can save you.

 † † † † † † † † † † † †   † † † † † † † † † † † †   † † † † † † † † † † † †

November 1, 2012
The Heavenly Water

O mankind, why do you thirst for other waters when the true, living water flows from my heart. I will describe this water, so you will want to drink fully. The water I would give you springs up to eternal life. You can live forever and ever. You are immortal and you can have unending life. Without my water, you will die in your thirst.

Water is vital. Without water, no human life is possible. Without my living water, no eternal life is possible. This is the first truth. As your body needs earthly water so your soul needs heavenly water and I am the only source of this water. You cannot gain it anywhere else.


How confusing is your world! One day is filled with happiness. Then, everything changes. Even you change. What you had yesterday does not satisfy you today. You have no control over events and even little control over your own feelings.
Cannot I use this confusion? Cannot I speak in the middle of your trials? Will you not listen attentively, knowing that I will help you? Now, listen to my words.
The way you are walking is not the correct way. It will lead you only into darkness and into death. I come to show you another way, a passage of light that will lead you out of darkness. This light will not change. It will not disappoint you. It will always point in the same direction. Even if you stumble, or walk in a different direction, this light will still shine and call you back. Take my hand. We will begin now to walk in my new light.

November 2, 2012
Choosing a Messenger

Why do you not hear this truth elsewhere? Who has been covering up the truth? The light of faith has been taken off the lampstand and placed in hiding where no one can see. People have no idea of their thirst for eternal life nor any idea of how to gain this goal. Man has deceived man. The darkness in some hearts has led to the darkness in many because those few control the messages that go forth. So, I have found my own messenger and that person brings my words through these locution.


Where does this light shine? In the depths of your own heart, in your thoughts and in your feelings. This is the first and most obvious place to put my light. But how can you find this light within yourself? You must begin with a decision to walk in light and to turn away from all darkness. At times, it is easier to know the places of darkness that the places of light.
So, begin there. Identify your greatest place of darkness. Where, in your life, are you engulfed in darkness? Let us begin there. Renounce this darkness. Ask me to bring you out. That is an excellent beginning. At least you see the first step. Start there and start now.

November 3, 2012
Thirst For the True Waters

I pour my words into my messenger’s heart so they will flow into your hearts. See how I bend down, how I accommodate myself to your state. You need to hear my message, so I put it in the clearest words. All you must do is read and take the words into your heart. Can I not ask at least that?

Now, let us begin again. My living water is available to all. I do not hold it back. I do not even ration it, even though it is precious. I give to all according to their capacity to receive. I even increase their capacity. The more they drink, the more they thirst, but it is a sanctifying thirst of the spirit. Those who thirst for my water have no thirst for sinful and destructive waters. I own their hearts because they seek only what I can give.


Once you decide to leave the darkness, you wonder how you sought the darkness in the first place. You experience a confusion, “How did I let myself move in that direction? How did I choose so poorly?” This confusion has led you to leave the darkness. You see your new decision as correct and beneficial.

Now, do not hesitate. Do not turn around and covet the darkness you are leaving. You are not yet strong. You are not yet confirmed in the light. Walk without looking back and, whatever you do, do not return to your previous darkness. The light calls you and attracts you. Do not limit its power over you.

  America’s Place in God’s Heart, Bringing America To Its Knees
Nov. 6 ~ Dec.30, 2012