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Locutions to the World ~ May 1 - June 30, 2013 The Fires of Syria, The Annihilation of Nations, The Light of the Truth

May 1, 2013 The Apparition Sites 

I speak now from my motherly heart. The words will flow quite freely and with great strength because the message is urgent and my heart is broken. My complaint is this. I have appeared and spoken to many of my chosen ones – at LaSalette, Fatima, Medjugorje, Akita, (Japan) Rwanda, (Africa) Betania, (Venezuela) and many other places. Many of these have received official approval of the Church. Yet, who listens to my words? Who acts upon my words? Who even knows my words?

So, I must raise up a new voice – these little locutions that come each day. These locutions are not a great voice, a thundering voice, nor do they even enjoy the gift of an apparition or a vision. They are words which I speak in the heart of a special soul. Yet, I will use this little voice to speak of the important apparition sites. This will be like a “voice crying in the desert”. It will alert many people and they will say, “We have never even heard of some of these places”. They will go and research these treasures of my words and much light will come upon the world.

May 2, 2013 On the Horizon 

A mother has many sorrows in her heart, but today I speak of a burning pain that will not go away and which grows greater with each day. I have appeared to many and continue to appear every day. I have given teachings and messages that have been faithfully recorded by the visionaries. Some have even been officially accepted by the Church.

Yet, these apparition sites and, especially, the words that have been given are unknown to most Catholics. They are ignorant of my messages and they walk in darkness.

Why have I appeared and why have I given these directions? Because I see what is ahead, what looms on the horizon. My messages are warnings and also teachings of what people should do.

Beginning with Catherine Laboure and then at Lourdes, LaSalette, Fatima, Akita, Medjugorje, Rwanda, Betania and elsewhere, I have pleaded and many times I have wept (the visionaries recorded only a few of these times because they were many).

Whom must I blame for this? Why do so many Catholics remain in ignorance? How many even know about my request for the first Saturday devotion? Who is at fault? I will speak about this later.

May 3, 2013 Destruction Need Not Happen

I speak from a mother’s heart that is broken from sadness. A deterioration of earth is taking place which leads to tragedies of many kinds, but especially to a great loss of souls.

Tragedies do not lead to faith. The heavenly Father allows them only to avoid greater tragedies, just as a doctor amputates a leg to save a life.

My heart is broken because I am trying to help, but few listen. I speak of devotions but these are set aside. I ask for public displays of love but these do not happen. People question the visions and the promises and see no reason to respond as I ask. So, I will explain.

Every moment, the power of sin corrupts human life. This eventually leads to tragedies and, after a longer period, to great problems and even to wide scale destruction. All of these are so evident in the modern world. The corruption, the tragedies, the problems and the wide scale destruction rip apart the fabric of society. As this happens, faith in God is destroyed and many souls are lost for all eternity.

In all of my apparitions, I have spoken of these problems and given clear directions. If people listened and called on my name (especially in a public way), I would remedy these problems. People would see that I had acted. They would regain their faith and save their souls. Can I speak any more clearly than this? I sorrow because the destruction of earth need not happen.

May 4, 2013 Pushed Into the Background 

Too many voices are raised against me. Some speak against people who supposedly trust me too much or have too much devotion to me. Others speak against those who openly profess their love and devotion to me. I must say this clearly. I am not where I should be in the hearts of many Catholics. The Church would not be experiencing its problems or seeing its numbers decrease so dramatically if I had been properly exalted and placed firmly in people’s hearts.

Formerly, I was spoken of highly, but now I have been shoved into the background, hidden from view, as if I am an embarrassment. I ask you. Do those who follow me stop coming to Church?

Do they disobey the bishops? Do they break the Ten Commandments? Not at all because I teach them devotion, obedience and truth.

The Church would not have fallen upon these sad times if only she had followed my path. Yet, those who speak of me and promote devotions that I have specifically asked for (like the Five First Saturdays) are set aside and ignored. If you set my followers aside, then you set me aside. If you set me aside, I cannot help you. That is what has happened.

I could continue speaking. Today is a First Saturday and many Catholics are asleep, unawakened to my urgent requests made at Fatima.

Note: At Fatima, Mary introduced the First Saturday devotions asking all Catholics to do five things on the First Saturday of each month:  
1. Receive Holy Communion. (If this is impossible, then receive on Sunday.) 
2. Go to Confession (eight days before or eight days after). 
3. Say five decades of the rosary. 
4. Meditate (pray) on a mystery of the rosary for 15 minutes. 
5. Have the intention of making reparation for the sins against Mary’s Immaculate Heart.

May 5, 2013 The Fires of Syria 

Now a word from the deepest part of my heart, a burning word which I must speak as the prophets of old.

The time is shorter than most can imagine. No one knows the series of events, one triggering the next one. First, one country is drawn in and then another, all because the fires of Syria were not quenched at the very beginning.

These fires have burned and burned, melting away the fragile security that did exist in the region. Now, little is left.

Nations face each other, opposing nations who so much want to strike.

In all of this, I am on the sidelines, not looked to and not invoked, not preached as the Mother of Peace nor, in any way, considered an important part of the peace. I have this to say.

Does not Israel belong to me? Did I not purchase the ground with the price of my Son’s blood? Am I not the owner of Jerusalem? Will I not use my city to bring peace to all the world?

These are my clear plans that I have spoken about often, but my plans are on hold until the Holy Father openly consecrates Russia to my Immaculate Heart. Then, the events of peace will unfold, one after another. Presently, it is the events of war that unfold, one after another, with no end in sight. What do you want – war or peace? A path of destruction or a path of salvation?

May 6, 2013 A World Without Sunlight 

Let me bring these words to a conclusion. When people build a wall, close a door or cover over a window, then the sun cannot shine into that house. So, when people exclude me and push me aside, they are building walls, closing doors and covering the windows of their soul.

Without the sunlight, inevitably the germs multiply and soon sickness enters. The air grows stale and no one is refreshed.

I speak these words so that all obstacles are removed and my light can shine. If people would only call on me, I would come. My heart is broken and, from this deep sorrow, I speak.

The illnesses of the modern world will continue to multiply until the consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart takes place. Then, the wall will come down, the door will be opened, the window thrown open and my healing rays can begin to restore the world to health. How I await that moment!

The Holy Spirit, the Spouse of Mary (May 7 to May 12, 2013)

 May 7, 2013 Definitely Given 

In the middle of this evil, are planted the seeds of the kingdom. These are hardy seeds. They survive when all seems impossible. Difficulties and sufferings only make these seeds grow stronger as the persecutions and trials release new powers of the Spirit. You must always hope, because I have promised that no matter what powers are unleashed against this Kingdom, the seeds will still survive and grow. There is always hope because the Holy Spirit has been sent from the bosom of the Trinity.


The Spirit is my spouse, always hovering over and protecting my children, always dwelling in their hearts and inspiring them to saving actions. In these difficult times, what else can you turn to? These are the secrets which we will reveal in these days – the secrets of the hidden, powerful Holy Spirit who has been definitively given to the world, although the world does not recognize or accept him, just as they did not accept my Son, Jesus. He abides and he acts as he wishes, just as the wind blows wherever it wills.

May 8, 2013 The Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Mankind

I must speak about the spirit of mankind that has so boasted of its powers and has so exalted human reasoning. Look at all of your inventions and technology. Where has it led you? To the brink, to the precipice of unknown horrors. Already, these are spilling out everywhere. This is where the spirit of mankind has taken the human race.

You have taken human destiny into your own hands. You have stolen it from my grasp. You have made the decisions and have taken the roads that have led to all of this.


I will teach you about the Holy Spirit of Jesus. He is kind and gentle. He leads people into truth and light. He spreads a spirit of forgiveness and pardon. He teaches people to hold no grudges, to forgive enemies, to reconcile and to work together.

He makes all men one. In Jesus’ Spirit, there are no class differences – rich or poor, male or female. He alone can bring about the oneness needed for world peace. He is my spouse and I will introduce him to the whole world. World peace springs only from the Spirit of Jesus.

May 9, 2013 Divine Love (The Holy Spirit)

All creation came into existence from the divine love in the heavenly Father’s heart. Creation was meant to remain in the warmth and light of that love so that life could come forth.

Instead, mankind has taken creation away from the Father’s love and brought human history into a time of cold and darkness to such a degree that human life is harsh, violent and seriously threatened.

Mankind has decided to do this, to establish his own world independent of divine love. The results are seen everywhere.


When will the time come when mankind returns to the divine love from which it came? I speak to reveal the great mystery of my own Immaculate Heart. Divine Love, the Holy Spirit, lives and dwells in my heart. He abides there and blesses all who enter. I must stir up the whole world.

I, even now, go forth to so many places, always revealing, in simple words, this great truth.

Divine Love, the Holy Spirit, dwells in my heart. If mankind would just enter my heart, it would be bathed again in the warmth and light needed for new life. That is why I ask for Russia to be consecrated to my Immaculate Heart. At that moment, I will plunge the whole world into the Holy Spirit of divine love. Life will flourish and death will lose its power.

May 10, 2013 Age of the Holy Spirit

I want to speak of the Holy Spirit, sent by the Father, in my name. He now lives and dwells with mankind. Although hidden from human eyes, he manifests himself constantly to those who know him and invite him to act. He manifests himself sometimes among those who know him but have little devotion to him. He hides himself from everyone who rejects me.

All of that will change because the Age of Mary is really the Age of the Holy Spirit. The two are so closely joined, that one cannot be present without the other. This is the mystery being revealed now. The Spirit has chosen to take up his permanent residence within Mary. She is the Spirit’s spouse, where he always stays. From her Immaculate Heart he pours out his divine fire.


When my spouse, the Holy Spirit, came upon me to conceive Jesus, he grasped me and held me. He took me as his bride, like the proudest bridegroom on his wedding day. Since then, we have never separated. He has made his temple in my heart. From there, he has sanctified the Church and the world. Now, the mystery has to be revealed because the world so needs his divine fire.

Where will you find God’s Spirit, O world? He waits for you in my heart. He goes out to you from my heart and he will renew the whole world in my heart. This is the secret of the Age of Mary. You have found his traces, his works, his manifestations but you have not encountered his essence, his internal fire, because you have not sought him in the secret dwelling place of my Immaculate Heart .

May 11, 2013 The Spirit Dwells in a Fullness

How many great and wonderful mysteries do I reveal with the simplest of words but my people must know that these revelations are to help and encourage them, as they discover the new riches that are opened to them in this destructive age.

I have come to light a fire on this earth but mankind is constantly resisting my fire.

Instead, he has built his own fires of violence and self-destruction. Only my fire can soften the human heart and bring light into the greatest darkness. I will try again, always in a new way, to cast my fire upon the earth. That is the secret of my mother’s Immaculate Heart. My Spirit has chosen to abide there in a fullness.


Many will scoff and ask, “How can this be?” How can the heart of a creature contain the Holy Spirit and all of his divine fire? I do not say that I contain him. I only claim that he dwells within my heart in a fullness. By fullness, I mean that he does not dwell there merely for me (as he dwells in the hearts of all who love Jesus) but he dwells in an overflowing abundance, which pours out and transmits the divine fire. This is the Father’s plan that brought forth Jesus in my womb and brings forth all the other children of God. Whoever comes to me will be touched by the Holy Spirit who has chosen to take up residence in my Immaculate Heart. The heart of Jesus contains the fullness of the Spirit. I have received of that fullness for myself and all my children.

May 12, 2013 Mary, the Safe Road

The Father draws to himself those who believe in me. These are taken up in a power far beyond their own striving. Among those who believe in me, some have learned true devotion to my Mother Mary. These travel even faster and farther than the others because the secret has been revealed to them about this Age of Mary. They do not hold back their love for her nor ration their devotion. They are like babies drawn to their mother’s breast. They drink freely of her milk and are satisfied. Other souls are fervent but they do not know this easy and safe way that is meant for everyone. This is what I have come to reveal. Let every heart be drawn to my mother. She will make sure that they never turn aside from the right road. She is the safe and sure path that any soul can walk.


I speak clearly so the truth is fully revealed. Some forget about me. Some refuse to accept my role. They trust their own strength to serve Jesus and their own light to find him. They think they find him but often the one they find is not my true son for there are many false Christs. My children, do not trust yourselves but trust your Mother. I will not lead you astray. We will quickly gain the goal with little effort and less confusion. Whoever finds me, finds their way to Jesus.

The New Fire of Mary’s Heart (May 12 to May 16, 2013) 

 May 12, 2013 The New Fire of Mary’s Heart

Because the Father calls everyone into a life with himself, I want to speak of this mystery of the human person in their life with God. The Father has given every person an intellect to know that life and a will to choose it. The intellect can know that God created the world and every person can enjoy a life with God as his Creator. But this life is very limited, compared to the full life with God that can begin by faith, by believing all that God has revealed. This is the deeper and surer path, the great divine invitation to live with God by faith.


During these days, we will open to you new vistas, as yet unseen. These teachings contain an invitation to live with us, to abide in our love for you and to enjoy a life that your nature cannot know or possess.

I will speak to you very gently and in the simplest of words, yet the mysteries will be deep and profound, calling you to the life I enjoy with the Trinity through Jesus.

May 13, 2013 Obedient to God’s Mysteries 

In the great mystery of God, there are contained many, many other mysteries. As a person sees these mysteries, they realize that there is much that they do not understand about the life of man with God. However, they are obedient, knowing that they need God’s word and his laws to guide them in this complexity. The closer a person comes to God (like the saints) the greater is their knowledge of God’s mysteries and their greater the obedience to his every word. The saint’s heart is held tightly in God’s hand, because the saint realizes how little they understand about their life with God.

However, if someone goes in the other direction, if they walk away from God, they do not see the greatness of the mysteries and they have no fear of breaking his laws or of rejecting his words. They grow in a self-confidence that leads them to make foolish decisions and to reject the Father’s wisdom . The one person lives as a child of the Father. The other sees no need for a heavenly Father.


So much wisdom will be contained in these words. They will be spoken clearly and easily understood, able to be grasped by all. They will invite all to once more become children of the heavenly Father. I will explain their significance and how they are to be received. What a gift! What an invitation! I invite the whole world, through these words, to be children of the Father.

May 14, 2013 The New Fire 

I come to reveal the great secrets of the Age of Mary and the will of the heavenly Father to exalt her Immaculate Heart. The Age of Mary is not just a figure of speech but a profound reality of the Kingdom of God, an unveiling of a new moment in the history of the Father with mankind. This moment has been deliberately delayed until this hour when mankind hurtles to self-destruction and only the Father’s hand can rescue earth.

The secret, the mystery, is that new divine fire will be cast upon the earth through her Immaculate Heart. This fire will be more powerful, more extensive and more easily accessible than any previous divine fire. All will be invited to receive, Catholics and others, because Satan’s destructive powers will also extend to all. Nothing will be held back in the Father’s attempt to rescue and save mankind.


These mysteries are the deepest gifts planted in my heart by the Holy Spirit and reserved until this moment. The fire can be received by all, but the fire will only remain in those hearts that accept its purifying action. When that has been completed, the great graces will be released which I will explain later. It is enough to know that the heavenly Father is ready to pour out new fire which can save everyone.

May 15, 2013 Fires Everywhere 

Fires burn everywhere. Fires of lust destroy families. Fires of violence destroy countries.

Fires of greed destroy economies. Fires of ambition place the wrong people into high offices.

Where will it end? The fires burn and burn and nothing turns them back. They consume what was once unthinkable. The most sacred of ground, marriage itself, is threatened. The most solid foundation, the American economy grows weaker and weaker because no one responds to these fires. They burn and burn. Can there not be a new fire? A cleansing fire that falls from heaven? A fire that weakens and overcomes these destructive fires. The fires of lust, violence, greed and ambition burn in the people’s hearts. Cannot the heavenly fires purify their hearts? This is their purpose and why I will send them.


These heavenly fires exist for every need of mankind. The fires vary in powers and purposes.

There are fires for every heart, for every moment and for every situation. My Immaculate Heart contains all these fires so needed by modern man. I will freely and generously distribute to all who ask. I speak so plainly so each person seeks whatever fire they need. 

Remember. These are God’s fires and they purify.

May 16, 2013 The Power of God’s Fire 

All is contained in this divine fire. Nothing is lacking. When the fire touches the human heart a new blaze begins. This new fire purifies. It removes everything that is selfish and forms the person into the image of the Father. New life, filled with rich hopes, make the person rejoice and say “I can be a child of God”. Nothing is impossible when this fire burns brightly. Yet, much is still lacking. Upon receiving this fire, the person sees clearly that their love for God is limited and they serve him poorly. Yet, no sadness fills them, only a striving to reach the moment of full divine union. Such is the nature of this fire.


This is my fire, the fire I received from the first moment of my Immaculate Conception, the purest divine fire that has ever been given to any creature. This is the fire that I want to pour out upon my children. I know its powers because I have experienced all of them. I know that this fire will continue, if only the person accepts its presence.

My children, learn of my fire. Learn of the fire that dwells deep in my heart, the richest and purest of fires that can remake the face of the earth. What more can be said?

The Sins of Mankind (May 17 to May 21, 2013)

May 17, 2013 Male and Female 

From the beginning, the heavenly Father made them male and female. He told them to increase and multiply and fill the earth. Now, mankind says that being male and female are unnecessary for sexual love. It claims that sexual attraction is licit when a male loves a male or a female loves a female. The Father’s plan has been lost and destroyed.

“We must give them their civil rights” they say. A male has no right to marry a male, nor a female to marry a female. They cannot increase and multiply. Such a union is sterile, devoid of fertility and turned in upon itself. When a man burns for another man and a woman for a woman, it is a false love and must be rejected. There are other paths and the heavenly Father will bless those who try to walk according to his will. Many diverse gifts are revealed to those who strive to limit their lusts.


You who seek sexual satisfaction from someone of your own sex, I want you to come to me so I can teach you another path. Do not be afraid of this call to chastity and service to others.

Many before you have walked this road and I have never abandoned them. There will be lonely hours and difficult moments, but there will also be joys and freedoms. I will break the bonds that chain you and offer you consolations that will lift your spirit. I invite all. No one need turn away from the fountain of chastity.

May 18, 2013 Plunging into Greater Darkness

Mankind is weighed down by his sins but he cannot see the problem because he does not believe in sin or see its effects. So, one by one he says, “This is not a sin” and “That is not a sin”. He takes the clear list that the heavenly Father has revealed and he removes what is inconvenient or bothersome to him. The commandments of God end up in shreds.

He does not pass on to his children these clear laws, so they walk in an even greater darkness, unaware that a true light existed which has been put out. Such is the state of the world – burdened with the greatest sins, twisted in its own depravity, and totally unable to free itself. That is why I speak, trying to solve this demonic difficulty.


Mankind has become twisted as the clear light of the gospels has been gradually extinguished.

Now, mankind is plunging into the greatest darkness from which the society cannot emerge.

When the family is no longer seen as sacred, when conceived children are no longer accepted as persons, when the very nature of marriage is changed, then that society is warped, twisted, turned in upon itself and unable to reproduce the children needed to continue its existence.

There are the obvious results of the current darkness for which I hold out the light of my Immaculate Heart.

Cairo: While all in America were watching the Chicago riots at the Democratic Convention; live war zone broadcasts from Vietnam; the Watergate hearings, the Mother of Jesus was appearing for tens of thousands to see at a Coptic church constructed to commemorate the area in Egypt where she had come with Joseph & Jesus when they all fled from Herod. 

May 19, 2013 A Generation Born Into Darkness

Light streams from heaven so that earth does not lie in darkness. However, mankind has learned how to block heaven’s light. He extinguishes the lights one by one, until so much now lies in darkness. When darkness begins the people at least have memories of the light and what earth was like when heaven’s lights shone forth.

As time goes on, a younger generation springs up which born into the darkness. They have no memories of these lights because they were extinguished before they were born. Such it is with the great moral questions of abortion and, soon, of same sex marriages. The younger generation will be born into that darkness without any realization that different lights used to shine.


This is why we speak – to preserve the light of heaven. I do not speak to condemn. However, if I did not speak, the darkness would have no enemy, no voice raised against it. Human voices are not enough. They are easily drowned out or set aside. Mine is a heavenly voice, which carries its own authority. Who will dispute with me? Who can say that I do not love mankind, when I sacrificed my only Son? Who can accuse me of bias? I am your mother and I say quite clearly. “You are putting out the only lights that can save you from complete darkness.” I will not allow this to happen.

May 20, 2013 The Moment of Great Light 

A moment will come when all the nations will gather into my presence. This will be the moment of great light and the moment of the full and final separation of light from darkness.

Some who come before me on that day will be children of darkness, caught, entrapped and still clinging to their darkness. All I can do is to cast them out. Darkness has no place with light, just as night has no place during the day.

How I want to avoid that moment and never have it happen. That is why I speak. O reader, cast out your darkness. Do not cherish it. Do not hold on to it. Darkness has nothing to do with light and does not exist in my kingdom.


These words are light, inviting you out of your darkness. I do not chastise. I do not condemn. But I cannot leave you in your darkness. Oh, you know it all too well. It has been your constant companion. At times, you have made this darkness your friend. You wanted him at your side.

Now, much has changed. You judge differently. You are calling darkness, darkness and you want to be a child of the light. Good! Let us begin. Take my hand and we will choose again the light of my Son, Jesus. There is not much time. Certainly, no time to delay. Casting out the darkness is not the work of one day.

May 21, 2013 The Fountains of Mercy

I have spoken clearly. Mankind is burdened by his sins, yet he has no desire to be free. He does not like the word “repentance”. He clings to his sins and pays the highest price for them. He loves his darkness and walks away from whomever would offer him the light. He cherishes his sins and would never be separated from them.

I offer mankind the great fountains of my mercy but very few come to drink, even though no price is asked. Instead, mankind seeks out poisonous waters for which he pays the highest price. He sacrifices his health, his reputation, his marriage, his family. Although sin comes with the highest price tag, the destruction of the human person, it still flourishes.


There is not enough time to describe the burdens of sin or the destruction that it brings to the human person. I have spoken gently and clearly. I end these words with an invitation. O reader, I know you and I know your sins. I will act quickly and decisively. You will be surprised at how I free you so completely. However, I need your free will to turn away from this darkness and to seek goodness. Just one little act of your will, one little prayer will suffice, “O Mary, sinless one, save me from my sins”. With that prayer the fountains of mercy are released in you.

The Great Deceptions (May 22 to May 27, 2013) 

 May 22, 2013 An Invitation to Trust

The root of all evil is the lie, the deceptions that cover over the truth, the darknesses that destroy the light. These deceptions are stored in the heart and when someone approaches me I uncover and remove these inner lies that had guided the person.

As the lies and deceptions are removed, the person walks in truth. They become as a totally new creation, like mankind as it came from the Father’s hand, devoid of darkness and open to the truth. Restoring mankind means a return to truth.


So much needs to be uncovered. From the beginning, the Evil One planted lies in the hearts of the first parents that caused them to disobey. The problem of mankind is the great deceptions that block the heavenly Father’s power and casts mankind into the darkness.

O reader, in these locutions, we will invite you to live in complete and absolute trust, in the great innocence of the child who is so pleasing to the Father. Let all the lies and deceptions be disclosed. Lies only have power when they remain hidden in the dark recesses of your heart.

May 23, 2013 Loving the Darkness

I bring the fullness of light, but people want their darkness. They live in deceptions that begin with themselves and their own intentions, hiding their real motives and covering over their real feelings. This prevents my light from entering. Few there are who welcome the truth. When there is credit to be taken, they want their full share. Where there is blame, they flee and declare themselves innocent.

If only they looked into their own hearts, they would see the truth and correct their motives. Instead they want the darkness and are condemned to live in self-deception. This precludes the change of heart which would bless them and others.


I lived in the fullness of God’s light, given to me from the beginning. This light pierced the depth of my soul. I never spoke a false word and I was always aware of the desires and motives that filled my heart. I lived in truth and this is the gift I offer to you, O reader, a life of personal truth, totally in God’s light. This light will challenge you . At times, it will rebuke you. But, this inner light is my special gift to you. Accept it now.

“O Mary if you give me your light, I will accept it fully”.

May 24, 2013 Lies of Mankind 

Every lie begins in the heart and is not the fruit of love (for either God or for man). Lies are given birth by an intellect that sees some selfish interest. Once conceived, the lie slips easily from the human lips and travels to the very end of the universe. Lies cannot enter heaven where only truth gains admission, so the lie returns to earth and is sown in the field of corruption.

Earth is now filled with lies and deceptions. With each lie, some light of truth has been extinguished and the darkness grows. Amid these lies, man walks in darkness. Man deceives man until all of human life becomes the grand deception. Such is the state of mankind.


To all my children, I teach the truth. They love the truth and would never allow a lie to enter their heart. Their heart is like heaven, giving admittance only to the seeds of truth.

They harvest the truth and its fruit is sweet.

The Evil One tires to sow his weeds but the soul rejects those weeds as weeds of death. When life is finished, the harvest is all wheat that can be gathered into God’s barn.

May 25, 2013 Lies of the Individual

There are too many words. Let your speech be “yes” or “no”, anything more is from the Evil One. (Mt.5:37) Such is the life of man, filled with deceiving and flattering words. These are like bribes that open doors which should remain closed, gaining favors that are not merited. Lies cover over the truth or gain a false access. Deceptions lie at the heart and come forth by deceiving words. They are like clouds that cover the sun, not allowing man to live in a full light. These are the daily deceptions which do not allow human life to follow truth. The road gets twisted and so many get lost.


My words were few but always spoken from the heart. O reader, what is in your heart? What do you truly believe and think? Say those thoughts in great charity. Never change the truth.

Your words will be like arrows, piercing the hearts of others. Let them be gentle words that console and encouraging words that lift up the spirit.

If you do this, I will give you greater words that can revive the spirit and animate people to know and to love Jesus. These are the great words that spread the gospel and give faith.

Faith comes from hearing and blessed is the person who preaches the good news.

May 26, 2013 Lies of the Nation 

The great deceptions happen when nations come together. Treaties are signed that are meaningless, just delays so decisions of stealth can be implemented.

Leaders do not speak the truth to their people and people do not demand the truth from their leaders. One compromises the other, supposedly for the benefit of both the leader and his followers.

However, as truth is postponed, the situation deteriorates. Those who committed the lies pass off the scene, and others must deal with the twisted and scarred reality left behind. Lies and deceptions weaken the fabric of society until the problems are unsolvable. Lies become a constant necessity because people do not want to hear the truth. The nation cannot be saved.

People have become addicted to the lie. No one wants to face the truth and deal with the problems in an honest way. Such is the state of every modern nation.


The situation is beyond any human response because all lack the will to confront the lies.

Leaders are tied up by their people and people by their leaders. Will there ever again be an Age of Truth, when people refused to lie and those who did so were held accountable. Now, there is the wink of the eye and all understand that the truth will never be told. How can the world survive when all eyes are closed to the truth?

May 27, 2013 The Light of the Truth

Truth is a road, a path, a way of life. My path was of total obedience to the Father and I walked no other road. This led me before Pilate, where I spoke the truth. This led me to Calvary, where I was totally obedient. Such is my invitation to all who would follow me. You must walk in truth. Then, the doors that should remain closed will never open to you and you will never be trapped in your own lies and ruined by your own falsehoods.

Living in truth, you will patiently wait until the right doors open where you will find the Father’s call.


I promise you that I will reveal to you the heavenly Father’s plan for your life, but first you must be committed to the truth. Purge from your heart any lies. Purge the lies of the past. See the relationships that you should never have entered. Straighten them out, by truth. If this leads you to leave your present situation, then follow the truth.

Accept the light of truth into your heart. It must become the flame that guides all your decisions. Hold this flame up high. Do not bury it under a basket. Put it on the lampstand.

Let it give light to the whole house. This is new for you but I will be with you. Together we will discover the heavenly Father’s plan for you.

The Growing Threat of Nuclear War (May 28 to June 8, 2013)
 May 28, 2013 The Warnings 

The heavenly Father has given to me the key of knowledge and of divine revelation so these can be poured forth upon the earth. I speak so all can know ahead of time. My words are warnings for all the earth. These words will be given slowly and cautiously, couched in the clearest words. They will carry great graces. Everyone must listen. They are my gift to my children who listen to me. They are the gift of a mother who sees what is ahead and warns her children so they are safe. Let us begin.

Sin and sinful practices have weakened the foundations of human life. Formerly, some parts of the world were strong and could help others. Just a few decades ago, the resources could extend to all. Now, the hopes are stilled. Wars rage and money is spent on arms. Terror grows and fear paralyzes many nations. These are the beginning birth pangs. More will certainly follow.

May 29, 2013 The Course of War 

The nations have placed their security in weapons and that is the road that they have freely chosen. Weapons that are produced are weapons which someday will be used. What is stored up will come out of storage.

How I weep over these weapons. I know how they will be used. I know those who will be killed and those whose lives will be shattered. I know the hatred that will grow when these wounds are inflicted.

This is the course freely chosen by the nations. Even those nations that cannot afford weapons still purchase them in self-defense. A mobilization takes place. Men and women are trained to kill others. When will this come to a halt? When will the pope consecrate Russia to my Immaculate Heart and the waves of peace begin to wash away these weapons? I wait to be invoked.

May 30, 2013 Weapons of Mass Destruction 

So great is the buildup of weapons that a new reality has been created, never before seen in the world. A small group can inflict great damage, if they are willing to lay down their lives for their beliefs.

This is the new menace. There are weapons of mass destruction and people willing to give their lives. They answer to no nation and are not limited to one country. They move where they wish and are willing to accept these great sacrifices for the cause that they believe in.

They cannot be attacked in the usual way because they work secretly. Their union is a matter of the heart, their common belief in the rise of Islam. Such is the nature of the great threat that encompasses Israel and my beloved Jerusalem, where my Son’s blood was shed.

May 31, 2013 Demonic Goals 

The world has chosen the road of weapons and no human force can turn back the human race from this fatal and disastrous path. The weapons stockpile and grow in sophistication. Enormous sums purchase new and better weapons. All must run this race which ends only in oblivion, the destruction of humanity and of earthly life.

These are the demonic goals and how many helpers he has, those whom he has raised to power and whom he safeguards in their positions. I will disrupt his plans and undo many of his strategies but this is not enough. It will just mean a delay, a putting off and a pushing back. There must be my full and complete intervention. I must be invited onto the world stage by the pope. He and all the bishops must ask me to come by consecrating Russia to my Immaculate Heart. Only then will the world see my loving care to save humanity.

June 1, 2013 Nuclear Proliferation 

I now come to the horror of nuclear war. I cannot hold back my words any more than I can hold back my tears. Many nations are now walking this road, storing up nuclear arms. For years, these arms have been in the hands of established countries which have much to lose if they ever unleashed them. This has been the protection for the world.

However, as these arms proliferate and fall into the hands of those who have no such motive, those whose only goal is to inflict terror and suffering, then mankind will enter a new and more dangerous stage. The protection is peeled away and the temptation to use these arms is multiplied.

I have spoken clearly of the path on which mankind has walked. I do not say “has chosen” because it is demonic forces that have plotted out this path and enticed mankind. No human power can change this. I wait and wait and wait to be invoked. Only your heavenly mother can save the world from the prospect of nuclear destruction. Petition the Holy Father to consecrate Russia to my Immaculate Heart.

Note: This message was given on a First Saturday. Reader, please fulfill Mary’s request of the Five First Saturdays: 
1. Receive Holy Communion (on Saturday or Sunday) 
2. Go to confession (8 days before or after) 
3. Say the rosary 
4. Pray for 15 minutes on some mystery of the Rosary 
5. Offer these prayers as reparation to her Immaculate Heart

June 4, 2013 The Annihilation of Nations 

No one knows the road that lies ahead. There are too many variables – the free decisions of human beings, the plans of the Evil Ones and the power he has over those dedicated to his cause. All is volatile. The weapons grow each day. The constant fires of war and terror wear away hope. The situation always grows worse. No relief in in sight and no plans exist to correct the situation.

I watch. I see. I weep. I have given my great gift of Fatima. This is the greatest and most powerful gift, containing all that is needed to unlock other gifts. My Fatima gift remains unopened. This gift was in Lucy’s heart and how heavy was that heart as she saw that her gift would be rejected.

The gift still remains, waiting to be opened. If not opened, then the forces of destruction have no enemy. They own the field of battle and their goal is the annihilation of the nations.

Who will be safe?

June 5, 2013 The Birth Pangs of Destruction 

In all of the wars and insurrections, in all of the turmoil and confusion of the Middle East, you are seeing only the birth pangs. However, what will come forth is not a child of life but a demon of death. The demonic goal will have been realized. Death and destruction will be planted deeply into human history. He will claim a part of the world as his own, something that he has not been able to do since the death of my Son on Calvary.

How clear can I be? These are not just wars and insurrections. This is a turning point. The world teeters. It is being shaken to its very foundations. The Evil One wants to claim as his own the very birthplace of civilization and the very place where the Spirit of God was poured out upon the disciples. The Middle East is his prize goal and Jerusalem is his target.

June 6, 2013 Losing Hope 

I do not say these words easily. They flow from my heart with much pain and great sorrow. I speak about the destruction at the end of this road that mankind has been led upon.

Each day, the fires grow greater and the pace quickens. What touched ten yesterday, touches 100 today. Walls of protection are collapsing. People grow fearful and no longer have the hope to resist. An inevitability sets in, as if the future belongs to darkness.

This cannot be. I have never surrendered. I do not believe that what my Son paid for by his blood will be handed over to the Evil One. I will gather my children into my light. Even if they are few in number, I will give them great light. New waves of hope will go forth. No matter how great is the darkness, at least their light will offer constant encouragement. Then will come the great light, the surprising light, when, finally, Russia is consecrated to my Immaculate Heart.

June 7, 2013 Happening Now 

Why have I spoken so much about this topic of war and weapons? Because I am not describing future realities, what will happen at some future moment. What I describe is right before your eyes, happening in your very midst. It is the news that you hear and see each night. The fires are already burning and no human power can put them out.

Each response is met by a greater response. Only when the fires have burned away the walls of protection (as has happened in Egypt and Libya) do they quiet down.

I have constantly said, from the very beginning, that Syria is not the same as Egypt and Libya. There the fires will find constant fuel. These fires will burn and burn, destroying so many protections and attracting terrorists who see a surprising opportunity. All of that is happening before your eyes.

June 8, 2013 The Rosary 

In these floods of destruction, I hold out my Immaculate Heart. This is the new ark of Noah and it openly invites all the world to enter. O reader, I am with you, close to you, saving you. You need not seek me in faraway places (although my shrines are filled with blessings).

You need only believe my words. Let me speak them again so they are written on your heart.

I am your mother. I foresee all the events that are unfolding. These events are chosen by mankind who has set aside the light and teachings of my Son, Jesus. Although mankind has chosen this path, I will offer to each person a different way. By believing and trusting in me, everyone can enter into the safety of my Immaculate Heart (the new Ark). The door is the rosary. If you say the rosary every day, you can be sure that you are safely in my heart and I will care for you.

June 8, 2013 The Volatile Middle East 

I must speak. I can no longer hold this truth in the confines of my own heart. Mankind is on the path to war, to nuclear war that cannot be avoided by human means. This path will swerve, to the left (when it seems inevitable) and to the right (when it seems to be distant) but the path is still the path to nuclear war. The weapons exist. The hearts of those who would destroy mankind are set upon these weapons. The protections that now surround them are eroding every day. America is withdrawing from the Middle East. New levels of instability will be introduced. The safeguard that now exists will quickly erode. The region will become filled with the greatest disorders. All of this is Satan’s plan to arm those who have no fear to use nuclear weapons.

The Secrets of Mary’s Heart (June 9 to June 18, 2013) 

 June 9, 2013 I Will Reveal the Deepest Secrets 

I will reveal the deepest secrets of my motherly heart, those that lie in the deep recesses.

These are my joys and my sorrows. I reveal them so that all my children can know my heart and share my secrets. In this way, our hearts will be joined together. The more they ponder these secrets, the more they will share in my joys and my sorrows and the closer our hearts will be joined.

This is my purpose. I must have the hearts of my children joined closely and firmly to my heart. I bring about this special union by a mutual sharing. I already know their joys and sorrows. Now, they will have an opportunity to know mine. How great will be the union of our hearts if they treasure this gift.

June 10, 2013 A Path Into Mary’s Heart 

When I appear to visionaries around the world, I reveal to them many secrets of my heart. In this way, I bind them to myself and make them my special friends. They must be faithful to me, often in the midst of great persecution or misunderstandings. By revealing the secrets of my heart, I draw them so close to myself that they are able to be faithful to me, even in the trials that inevitably come.

I will now use this same method to draw all the world close to myself. I will reveal my deepest secrets, my hopes, joys and sorrows. If people listen attentively and take my secrets into their hearts, they will walk a straight path into my heart and there I will keep them safe.

June 11, 2013 Mary’s Emotions 

In sharing my secrets, I will begin with what is clear and obvious. These secrets are on the surface of my heart. Later, I will take you into the deeper secrets, in the very recesses of my heart. I will feed you in this way so you gain a taste and great hunger. Your desires to know me will grow and our friendship will increase.

The first truth is that I have feelings and emotions. I grow joyful and I experience sorrow.

All of this will continue until the end of time, when all the saints will be complete and the place of the fallen angels will be filled. Until then, I am a mother bringing forth my children.

Just as a good earthly mother, I worry about my children. I seek earthly blessings for them, all that they need to remain on the path to heaven. Above all, I seek their eternal salvation and I am always interceding and intervening so that every soul gains eternal life. Earthly and heavenly blessings are the focus of my feelings and emotions.

June 12, 2013 God’s Will 

My first secret is so obvious. I have the heart of a mother. I am bonded to my children just as their earthly mother who carried them for nine months and nursed them at her breasts. I am protective, always watching out for their good. I experience both joys and sorrows as I see the events unfold.

But, I am different from earthly mothers because I see God’s plan perfectly, what he chooses for each person. I rejoice when the person does God’s will and I sorrow when he does not. I always intervene to bring about God’s will and I lead all along that same path. This is the first secret of my heart.

June 14, 2013 Searching for Everyone

I seek out and search for everyone in the world, especially for the baptized. They bear the mark of my Son. They were baptized in the name of the Trinity and consecrated to the Most High. They are the devil’s special prize because he roams through the world seeking the ruin of souls.

Every soul is a battleground. A war is being fought between the forces of heaven and hell. I want to awaken you, O reader, to what is happening. I seek you out. I come to you. Through these words, I open your heart. You are in grave danger. You have powerful enemies who would destroy you for ever and ever. They are hidden behind every temptation and present in every evil desire within you. You cannot win the battle without my help. That is why I seek you out and come. This is a secret of my heart.

June 16, 2013 Totally Mary’s

I speak today of a great joy in my heart. Scattered throughout the world, in every nation and in every city are souls totally dedicated to me. They have given themselves to me. They trust me. They sacrifice for my cause. They know that they are in my hands. They have learned the secrets of true devotion.

On these, I pour out the divine fire in my Immaculate Heart. They receive all my blessings. I constantly thwart every attempt of the Evil One to destroy them. They are my constant and daily victories.

These souls are totally mine. They do not seek anything for themselves, even the spiritual goods of heaven. All is in my hands. They are my deepest secret, the instruments I constantly use to gain world peace. I will continue to speak about them.

June 17, 2013 The Elect Souls 

I choose my elect souls and pour out upon them my choicest graces. In the beginning, the soul feels an attraction to me. When they hear about me or think of me, I touch their heart. They find the consolation and strength of having a heavenly mother. This is the beginning of true devotion.

I lead them even deeper and open to them the great mysteries. They think that everyone experiences what they are feeling. They believe that all see me as a loving mother who takes care of her children. I, alone, know the special graces I place in their hearts. As my influence over them constantly increases, I can protect them from the Evil One and prepare them for the great work that they will do for me, for the Church and for the whole world. They are the deepest secrets of my heart.

June 18, 2013 Finding Mary’s Path 

God has a plan and every person has their individual place in that plan. The purpose of history is that every person fulfill God’s plan. This is both for God’s glory and for the complete fulfillment of the human person. Unfortunately, many do not reach this goal. Many do not even know their purpose in life. Many deliberately choose their own path which leads them into many unforeseen difficulties.

I am present to everyone in the world and I try to get them to see God’s path and walk in it.

I make the path easy and inviting. I offer them my love and my warmth. I remove obstacles and overcome their fears.

When I see someone begin to walk this path I rejoice. I send the angels to protect them and I pour out many blessings of encouragement. Happy the soul who has found my path and walks on it. I will bless that soul all the days of his life. This is the deepest secret of my heart.

The Fatima Secrets (June 19 to June 26, 2013) 

 June 19, 2013 The Timetable of Events 

Now, I come to the Fatima secrets because these have not been revealed by my Church. Instead, they have been covered over and obscured. So, I must speak clearly and openly.

The events have begun that will lead to the annihilation of the nations. They have been planned by the Evil One and have been set in motion. So, the timetable is not hidden. These events are the beginning birth pangs of this destruction. They are playing out every day, not in some hidden obscure place, but in the very heart of the Middle East. They are before your very eyes and I will explain them so very carefully.

The war in Syria has lit the fuse. This burns so strongly because Russia continues to arm the regime. Both sides are being strengthened. This guarantees that the fuse will continue to burn. A fuse leads to an explosion. Syria is not the focus of the explosion. It is only the fuse that will lead to other fires. The explosion will take place elsewhere.

June 20, 2013 Reveal the Third Secret 

I bring forth the secrets of Fatima, revealed so clearly to the children and inscribed indelibly into their memories. I speak today about what is called the Third Secret, revealed on July 13, 1917 and obediently recorded by Lucy for her bishop. This secret was to be published in 1960, but was kept hidden and even until today, is not fully revealed.

What right does the Church have to set aside my commands and to keep hidden those secrets that should be revealed? What right does my Church have to falsely interpret what is revealed, as if the events have already been fulfilled when really, they lie in the future? This must end.

Fatima must be placed immediately on the lampstand and the first step will be for Pope Francis to reveal the entire secret and to acknowledge that these are future events. Yes, a future pope will be killed, but that is only one part of what is still to be revealed.

June 21, 2013 Waiting for the Church 

Fatima is a rich source of blessings. The site itself is made holy by my visits and by all the pilgrims who continually show their devotion. The messages have been faithfully recorded and Lucy, for many decades, was my most faithful of messengers, doing all that she could possibly do to bring these riches to the Church.

These riches are in the Church. I have deliberately deposited them there so that there is no question in the world’s mind of my love for the Church and my desire to exalt the Church. I will never remove these gifts from the hands of the Church. How patient I have been. How many years I have waited. The Church does not open my gifts. The world is deprived of the light.

The wars spread. The devastation increases. Yet, I wait and wait for the Church. That is my plan. No other way exists.

June 22, 2013 A Little Voice 

I come to the heart of the issue. When I appeared to the three children (1917), I foresaw all that would occur in the 20th century. I saw the forces gathered again for war. I foresaw the great destruction reeked by the opposing armies. However, during that war many called out to me and I brought it to a conclusion.

Quickly, other forces arose and the Cold War began. This, too, I brought to an end. However, scattered throughout the world, many smaller destructive seeds were sown and now they have coalesced. They are active in every nation and, because not linked to one nation, they are difficult to turn back.

The world sees itself as helpless and on a road of destruction. This is true. I must say the time is short and the road ahead is beyond human imagination. So, I have raised up this tiny voice, still hidden, which proclaims my words. Listen carefully, for I will use this voice time and again.

June 23, 2013 Only the Pope 

The mountains of destruction now surround the world and they grow higher each day. Where lies the path to peace? That is the real secret of Fatima. The more the darkness grows and the more that the solutions of man fail, the greater must the light of Fatima become.

Who will find this path? Who can lead the world on this path? Only my pope. The world does not even know Fatima or that such a path exists. Only my Church realizes, through the great revelations, that I have foreseen this era of great darkness. Almost a century ago, I saw clearly the darkness that would envelope the world at this time. I acted. I revealed. I spoke.

I gave messages. If this light were accepted I would give greater light.

Only my pope can lead the whole Church on the path of Fatima. Other voices are raised on behalf of Fatima. These are very clear voices, but they are only partial lights, little lights keeping alive the message. Only the pope can lead the Church on the path of light through these mountains of darkness and destruction.

June 24, 2013 The Light of Fatima

I must speak of the power of the light of Fatima. Right now, the forces of darkness seem to be powerful, but their power is a lie. They seem to be well-built and united (a growing union of which I have spoken already) but this is not true. Their building is not based on God’ word and any such building will collapse when the floods come. Also, their union is not a oneness of love but of hatred and only love is the bond of peace.

They have great power because of darkness. The minds of people are clouded. The leaders of Russia and Iran could easily be toppled if people enjoyed the light.

I know the weaknesses of their structures and of their oneness. I know how to remove darkness and lead people to light. This is the power of the light of Fatima and a promise of the great changes that can take place if Fatima is placed on the lampstand.

June 25, 2013 The Sun of Fatima 

All the darkness converges, like clouds gathering in the heavens. Who cannot see what is before your very eyes? “The rains are coming” people will say and all will agree. All can read these signs. Then, why not read clearly the events happening before your eyes?

Can suddenly the sun appear and scatter the clouds? Can all the signs be wrong and no rain fall? Did not the sun dance at Fatima? Am I not the woman clothed with the sun? These are the secrets I have tried so hard to reveal. Yet, few listen and few believe.

Come, join my army. Promote my Fatima messages. Use your rosaries daily. It is not too late.

The sun of Fatima is rising not setting.

June 26, 2013 The Future Blessings 

No one can know what the history of the 20th century would have been, if the Church had fully accepted my Fatima gift. So, no one can imagine what will happen when the Church places full faith in Fatima.

First the Church must have full faith. Before consecrating Russia to my Immaculate Heart, the Church must proclaim to all the world what she intends to do. She must boldly announce that enormous changes will occur which anyone can see. There will be the toppling of dictators without a single shot being fired. Leaders of governments will be drawn out of darkness into a new light of truth and justice. Blessings will flow into family life. Young people will be attracted to goodness and those who now control the mass media that discredits morality will themselves be discredited and set aside. These are all the blessings that are waiting to be released.

Our Lady of Fatima (June 27 to July 8, 2013)

June 27, 2013 Explaining Fatima 

Everything is at stake. Everything is on the table. Even though the fires burn in the Middle East, all the world will be drawn in. If a body is wounded, the whole person suffers. The Evil One wants to pierce the body and bring about a mortal wound that will not heal. This is a wound of untold suffering and tragic human loss.

I do not want this moment to ever happen. I am acting everywhere. I am appearing to some, speaking to others, encouraging and leading. I am opening up my heart and welcoming everyone.

These are the actions that I will begin to explain. You, reader, are the object of my actions and I want you to understand all that I am doing.

June 28, 2013 The New Garden 

God created a garden of life which was meant to bring mankind every blessing. By human choice, it became a garden of death and disobedience. For man’s own good, he had to leave the garden.

At the same time, God promised another garden, a woman who would bring forth a son.

I am the new garden. However, all must find their way into my garden where there is life and obedience. This is the great mystery which is being revealed to the whole world.

Some already know this truth and in me they find life. However, many do not know me and many who do know me are unaware of this garden. In the future, I will manifest my presence, not just to Catholics but to all of good will, and I will invite all into my garden of new life.

June 29, 2013 Total Light in the Devout Souls 

I have so much to say about the Fatima gift that has never been revealed or explained. Placing my light on the lampstand is just the beginning because everyone in the world, to some degree, is in darkness. Even the most devout souls have aspects of their personality and of their holiness that are touched with darkness.

To these I will offer a fullness of light. The final darkness will be thrown off. This will happen by a gift of joy. I will so fill them with my presence and their hearts will so rejoice that whatever darkness still lurks in the recesses of their hearts will be burned away by the greatest of joys. They will drink of a happiness that they could not imagine and they, too, will write of my wonders so all will know of this new age.

When the age of Fatima dawns, should it not begin with those who have been so faithful to me?

June 30, 2013 The Presence of God 

In the original Garden, there was a presence of God, a familiarity between God and man, and a loving relationship. Today, in the midst of their sufferings, people ask “Where is God”.

People experience an absence of God because he seems so far away as if he is not interested in creation.

The Fatima gift contains this presence of God. People will sense that God is with them. They will see that he truly is a loving Father. The goal of Fatima is to restore what was present in the beginning, so all mankind, by experiencing a presence of God, is free to respond.

Now, just a handful have this experience of God’s presence which helps them to be faithful. In the new era, the age of Fatima, this gift will be offered to all. All will be invited into the new garden.

 July 1 - Aug. 31 , 2013