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Locutions to the World ~ April 2015 Jerusalem; Satan eyes it with envy & jealousy, Mary’s Priest Son, The Complicated Phenomena of Evil, the false goddess of reason

8. All Look to the Church 
Apr 1st, 2015

What began as a small group of Jesus’ disciples has become a worldwide Church, headed by Pope Francis who is trying to lead the Church into deeper waters, engaging it with the problems of the average person. His approach has won wide acclaim and he, himself, is seen as a prophetic figure upon the world stage.

He will continue to move along the same path. His stature will spread and grow. Many will learn the simplicity of his heart and will see the Church in a new light.

This is so important. I must strip away all the prejudices and false ideas that have accrued. I must have the world see the Church in a new light of its true simplicity, a return to the simplicity of Jesus’ lifestyle, a stripping away of worldly signs and symbols.

When Pope Francis has completed his tasks, when many have a new interest and a different view of the Church, I can then bring forth the pope of Fatima. It will be late but the consecration will be done and the graces of my heart will be released. No one will be able to stop this enormous flow of graces.

It will be late and many events will have taken place. Many will have lost hope and some will have succumbed to the darkness. The trials will have begun with their great difficulties. The two parts will converge. Pope Francis’ simplicity and the world events will cause everyone to look to the Church as their only hope. For this moment, I have prepared my priest son.

Comment: Our Lady describes the importance of Pope Francis in getting the world to look to the Church for hope.

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 4/2-5/15 ★ keep your eyes on Jerusalem, Satan eyes it with envy & jealousy, Only that city still holds the divine blood in its soil

 9. Jerusalem in God’s Plan 
Apr 2nd, 2015

Listen to my sorrows and learn of my deepest wounds. These come from the Church. How close I have held my Church for all of these centuries. I saw it detached from its Jewish roots. I watched it severed in two, East and West, and then cut again into Protestant and Catholic. Each of these divisions wounded me deeply. How I want all to believe in Jesus and be one.

This must take place in Jerusalem, as the passion of my Son is relived, as blood is shed in love for Israel and as Jerusalem becomes the home of all truly revealed religions, united in full diversity of worship and cultures, rejoicing in a unity that I have final brought about.

These are the hidden secrets of my heart. I speak so all can understand what is truly taking place. Only in Jerusalem, was Jesus’ blood shed and the nations redeemed. Only that city still holds the divine blood in its soil, the blood that both purifies and unites, the blood that alone can wash away division and unite the nations.

In the new era of faith, when all believe, they will naturally turn their eyes to Jerusalem as the holy city, the city of cities, the heavenly city which alone can unite the world in faith.

In all of the Middle East turmoil, keep your eyes on Jerusalem. The heavenly Father always regards it with love and Satan eyes it with envy and jealousy. Jerusalem is both the prize and the reason for the turmoil. Now it faces new dangers.

Comment: The Middle East events can be understood by all who realize how the Evil One wants Jerusalem to be destroyed.

10. I Am Already Among You 
Apr 3rd, 2015 
Mary (Good Friday)

I have poured out the sorrows of my heart and revealed its deepest secrets. Now, I must bring this to a conclusion.

Many are confused and scared by the world events. Their eyes are opened. They see that technology cannot promise peace. The world is safe only when human hearts are not filled with evil and when hatred does not control human decisions.

People see that these problems will not be resolved soon. They can see that evil grows and the climax has not been reached. They do not know what lies ahead and they feel helpless in the face of powers far beyond their control.

They welcome my words, knowing that I will watch over them and that the heavenly Father has given me the task of guiding human history. They have found new faith and a great confidence. They experience fear from world events and hope from my words.

Let me end on this note of hope. I am already present in the world events. Without my intercession, they would have already destroyed the earth. I have constantly pushed back the plans of the Evil One and delayed the hour so I can prepare my little ones. I will continue to push back and to mitigate, never allowing Satan’s evil to hit full force.

Now, I come to the great secret. Every heart must watch for me. I am coming, in little ways and big ways. Already, I have begun. No need to wait for some future moment that will never happen. By then, it will be too late. My presence and my gifts are already upon you and your family. This is my message. I am already among you, preparing you for the hour.

Comment: Our Lady gives this locution on Good Friday, which Jesus always called “the Hour”.

1. A Mother’s Loving Truths 
Apr 4th, 2015 

Because this time is so precious and so short, I must speak clearly and all must listen attentively until all of the truths and mysteries are engraved in your hearts. With this light, you will not falter, even in the great darkness. Inscribe these truths in your souls.

First, I am with you, every moment and in very special ways. Second, I will never abandon you and I will see you through the darkness. Third, I will raise up my Church in a great light, a surprising light. In the darkness, the Church will become ever more faithful. Finally, never lose hope. When the darkness comes, gather and do not scatter. Help and encourage one another. Light comes when people are gathered. These are simple words of hope. Place them in your hearts.

This is my promise. For years, I have spoken. These words will continue. They will be given daily as a constant guide. They will accompany you on the journey. Walk by them and you will not fail. My words contain more than wisdom. They hold my help and my promises.

It is not the strong who will persevere and triumph, but the faithful children who know they need their mother’s words. These will arrive triumphant. The future events are the fruits of evils placed for centuries in human history. They will come forth in a fullness of violence. I will keep protected all who know my words, who call upon me and who reach out to others. How tender is my love for each one. I wish I could appear to all. For now, I use these little words to convey my feelings.

Comment: Our Lady, so much wanting to help us, promises her words as our guide.

2. Our Lady’s Many Revelations 
Apr 5th, 2015 
Mary (Easter Sunday)

Of all women on earth, I alone brought forth the Savior of the world. In that great mystery, I was plunged with him into the center of human history. I stood at the cross and accepted His body when taken down. I watched the stone close the tomb and then departed in sorrow.

Then came His day of rising from the dead and the many appearances to the disciples, which brought such joy. This great mystery of salvation was revealed and then preached to all the world. The darkness was cast out and finally, the light was put upon the great lampstand of the Church.

From the beginning, I was with Jesus in all His ways. By my Assumption, I am uniquely one with Him in His resurrection.

My heart is plunged into all of human history, rejoicing in the victories and sorrowing in the losses. How I have waited to reveal my heart. I am quiet no more. All is pouring forth in these daily words. Do not be astonished that I speak so fully and openly. I have stored up these thoughts and feelings for centuries, waiting for this hour to reveal them all.

I have used many means, many places and many messengers. I have appeared to some and spoken to others. Do not be surprised by the multiplicity, for there are so many hearts to touch and so many places which must hear.

Now, I use these little locutions, not to dominate but to highlight all my other messages and to explain their multiplicity. At the center, are the Fatima apparitions, all the others led up to those special visions. Medjugorje is in the same stream and keeping alive that gift by the daily appearances. Kibeho is special to me, because I so love the African people. Akita has its own unique gift.

All are part of a pattern. All fit together. They are my words, spoken at different times and in different places but all coming from the same, motherly heart. Listen to them. Study them. Each has its own blessing.

Comment: This century has witnessed a multiplicity of Marian apparitions. All are part of Our Lady’s plan.

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 4/6-11/15 ★ Let all be revealed so that the Evil One cannot destroy the truth or bring about confusion, The great battle will begin. war, the greatest of wars, The situation is critical

Immaculate Heart of Mary picture shed tears of blood which ran down under the glass framing cover in Canada. Father Albert J. Hebert, S.M.

3. Our Lady’s Constant Activity 
Apr 6th, 2015 

You do not see the wind or where it blows. Such is the mystery of my presence among you, a mystery which I will explain so you can fully understand.

I am at work everywhere. Nothing escapes my gaze and my touch. I work in the hearts of the good and the evil, always shaping events, trying to mitigate violence and lead my children to safety. I will act this way until the end of time.

This is a special age, when I want to bring forth my greatest works. Because these are so needed, I must speak each day. First, so my children know I am so close. Second, so that they can understand with the greatest clarity. Although at times, she must take them in her arms, does not a mother guide her children mostly by her words?

If the children listen, her words are enough and they are safe. Do not be surprised by all these words and do not fear that I will cease to speak. When the danger grows, my words will multiply. Read them, trust them; walk by them.

Even though I have worked diligently in the hearts of evil people, they have been able to unite their evils and become a greater force. Technology aids them greatly and they expand their appeal. The gravest danger lies in Iran which so quickly spread its influence and now has gained a treaty that will cover over, not expose, its plans.

I work and work and work, knowing exactly what to do, but limited by man’s free will to choose evil and not to cooperate with good. This is my message to you. Never share in evil nor help its goals. Always be ready to multiply good. Realize how active I am in your life. If you awaken to me, you will do great good, far beyond your own powers.

Comment: Our Lady is working every minute, in every place and in every heart. How good to be aware of this.

4. A Heart Without Walls 
Apr 7th, 2015 

There are no walls in my heart. All are one. All come to the center in the greatest joy and oneness. It is Satan who separates and divides, pitting one group against another, always creating enemies and sowing suspicion.

The human race is meant to be God’s family. Instead, it is being torn apart into endless division that will lead to greater and greater acts of violence and then, war, the greatest of wars.

This is the path of mankind, who is helplessly attracted to violence. Violence is met with violence. Weapons are matched with the new and greater weapons. This is not recent. Mankind has walked this path for decades, multiplying arms, robbing the poor of the food so as to feed the arms race. Weapons are everywhere. Even the young have access. Nations supply other nations and try to balance their budgets by arms sales. Can all these seeds of violence be constantly sown without having a harvest of war?

Only in my heart are all one. Only in my heart is violence detested and weapons set aside. Who can touch the hearts of the people? Whose voice is powerful yet gentle to say “Set aside your weapons”? Who can bring about peace? I am the Woman Clothed With the Sun and I want peace. The path to peace is not more wars to destroy more enemies. The path to peace lies in my Immaculate Heart.

Do not be surprised if I act in new ways. The situation is critical.

Comment: At this point, no one foresees the end to world violence. Our Lady must act.

5. Entering Mary’s Heart 
Apr 8th, 2015 

These words flow from my heart’s center. They contain light and power. So, I will let them flow ceaselessly. By these words, I draw you into my heart. “Where do these words come from?” you ask. Hear the words and seek the source of these words. In the center of my heart, you will find a blazing fire of love, placed there by the heavenly Father. At this moment, you are discovering the mystery. All is being revealed. What do you see in this fire?

You see all the blessings placed there by God. You see all the solutions to the world’s problems. You are brought into the center of all that I have said. You have arrived. No need to travel any further. You have found Jesus, the Word who reveals the Father and in whom, all history will be consummated. Yes, by my words going forth from my heart, I have led you to this very special moment. You have followed the echo and have discovered the Word Himself.

Stay here with me for just a moment. What is taking place within you? This place is different from all others. My heart is pure, filled with peace. No sin has entered because the fire was here from the first moment of my existence. This place is like no other you have ever experienced and the fire which burns at its center is the source of all creation and all life.

All who enter my heart and experience this fire are filled with hope. They also know the only power which can bring peace to the world and save it from destruction. This locution has gone beyond words. The words were merely the path leading you to experience the great mystery. Always treasure this gift. 

Comment: By her words, Our Lady bestows a mystical experience. Read the locution as often as you want. It will always bestow the same experience.

6. The Hidden Light 
Apr 9th, 2015 

My joys are always surrounded by sorrows. In this world, the two are mixed together and seemingly cannot be separated. Those who follow me will not fear. I will be with them.

My greatest sorrow is the darkness which is coming upon the world, entangling so many in violence, disrupting lives and tearing apart whole cultures. Will nothing remain standing? Who dares to claim that any nation will remain in the light? Who can claim that they are safe, above the fray and able to continue without fear?

All is imperiled by different forces of evil, some from within and others from without. Evil knows which doors are left open and what weaknesses are vulnerable. No nation stands as a light upon the mountain, able to guide the world and keep it safe. All are corrupted and weakened. The torch of faith has been left behind, at the very moment when darkness comes and all the other lights are being extinguished.

This is my sorrow. Where is the light? Who carries the torch? No one. All follow other lights and these lights will soon be extinguished.

One light will not be put out or even dimmed. That light is still hidden. I have never allowed it to be exposed. This light is totally unknown, both to the world and even to the Church. The hiddenness has kept it safe so no wind can blow out its flame. Only as the world falls into darkness will I slowly, ever so slowly, bring this light forth. Suddenly, the light will be set upon the lampstand and the darkness will have an enemy capable of dispelling it. The great battle will begin. Seemingly, the darkness will put out the light (just as Satan killed Jesus), but God will restore the light to the whole world. This is what is taking place in these world events. In this hour of darkness, the light will remain hidden until it is time to come forth.

Comment: Our Lady goes far beyond what we see in these world events to speak of her hidden light.

1. The Complicated Phenomena of Evil  
Apr 10th, 2015 

The time has come for the whole world to know the great secrets. Let all be revealed so that the Evil One cannot destroy the truth or bring about confusion in the hearts of those who believe.

There will be two groups of people, those who try to walk by natural light and those who have received my light. The natural light will slowly dim as the world is cast into greater and greater darkness. What people placed their hopes in and on what they relied for security will be taken away. My light will grow greater and stronger as these natural lights are put out by the Evil One. So, let me begin to reveal the great secrets.

The time is very short. I have acted in powerful ways to delay and delay the darkness, but there are too many forces in too many places. If one is held back, then the other is allowed to come forth. Often one evil opposes another, as can be seen by the conflicts in the Middle East in which one terrorist group wars against another. Suppressing one natural enemy allows another to flourish. Evil is a very complicated phenomenon, not easy to understand because it violates truth. Satan often allows one evil to be attacked so a greater evil will come forth. This is why the undiscerning mind, devoid of my light, often becomes Satan’s instrument.

Minds and wills guided by only natural light will inevitably be the unwitting causes of greater evil. Only hearts bathed in God’s light can see the true path to peace. Expediency always takes the wrong road. Faith alone shows the way. That is why I must reveal the great secrets, even if only a few will accept my words.

Comment: Our Lady shines a great light on what is happening as Iran seemingly is defeating ISIS, but is establishing its own kingdom.

2. Why Heaven Must Wait  
Apr 11th, 2015 

The time is not yet ready for the full saving action of God’s power to flow forth from my Immaculate Heart. How I wish the world and the Church were ready. However, to pour out the fullness of my gifts at this time would not have the effects that are needed.

I will explain the visions of my heart. The world is not ready because it has not yet come to the brink of hopelessness. The full darkness has not descended. If I were to release all of these graces and destroy all the evils, the world would not realize that anything truly of heaven had done this. It would attribute the changes to natural causes and go merrily along its way.

Much more important, the Church is not ready. The great expectancy about the gifts flowing from my heart is not present. In spite of all my apparitions and revelations, the Church is not awake. Few realize that the Father has placed these mysteries in my heart. Few seek them avidly and there is no great, widespread fervor centering on my Immaculate Heart. The Church looks in other directions for answers or sees itself as passive and helpless, not realizing its power or that the true path to world peace lies in these mysteries that I am revealing.

How much Jesus wanted to begin his ministry to Israel, but he had to wait. First, the Baptist had to appear and prepare the way of the Lord. Only when the fervor of Israel had been stirred did Jesus know that it was His time to appear at the Jordan and be baptized by John.

These are the mysteries, the way heaven interacts with earth. Heaven cannot just pour out its gifts. Earth must be looking and searching, so the gifts are welcomed. These are the mysteries.

Comment: Our Lady tries to enlighten us about our role in preparing for her gifts.

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 4/12-15/15 ★ Now, the floods will begin to come & the structures will not stand. Let no one blame the heavenly Father. It is man, influenced by Satan, who has put all of this in place. I am ready to cast fire upon the Church. 

3. A Hundred Years of Evil 
 Apr 12th, 2015 

Despots and tyrants come and go, but the forces of evil always move on, finding new ways to break forth and destroy. Each wave builds upon the past and prepares for the future. Each has its time and place in human history. An evil man arises, cloaked with great power, destroys parts of society, passes from the scene and leaves behind new forces of evil which prepares for the new evil that lurks in the wings, waiting to come forth.

Today, the final forces of evil are slowly coming on the scene, prepared for by the two world wars, the dropping of the atomic bombs, the arms race, the Cold War, the Vietnam War (that so changed American society), the rise of militant Islam, the debacle of the Iraq War, the Arab Spring, the Syrian Revolution, the rise of ISIS, and now the growing hegemony of Iran. One follows another, each with its purpose that often is not seen. Each destroys some element of society, softens the resolve of the nations, and opens new doors for future evils to enter freely. As a result, the world finds itself in a strange land of endless evils, helpless to restore order.

Such has been the mystery of evil in this century since I appeared at Fatima to prescribe the road to world peace, a road that has not been followed. Even more, this road has been hidden, covered over and ignored even by the Church that was meant to follow and to reveal it to the nations.

The road of Fatima is still the only road to peace. I have plotted out that road and have watched my pleas constantly ignored and turned aside. I do not change my message. I cannot change what the heavenly Father has decided. He has provided this path to peace. I am only His messenger. The road to peace must pass through my Immaculate Heart. It is easy to find if the Church merely looks in the right direction. It is late, but not too late. I must raise up my priest son on whose heart I have inscribed this message.

Comment: Our Lady reviews these 100 years of war that should have been a century of peace.

4. The Power of the New Eve
Apr 13th, 2015 

Many watch and look, but they do not understand. They see the various leaders of nations with their goals and ambitions. They see the flow of arms and the secret alliances. They see the shifting nature of military power which always tries to gain the advantage. But they do not understand the powers of heaven and hell. They do not know how to mobilize or how to attack the enemy at the heart of his strength.

As a result, this war grows greater. Yesterday’s armies and their weapons are replaced by greater numbers and newer means of destruction. Evil constantly grows and no one speaks about the powers of hell which lie at the center of this evil. So, I must reveal the mystery and the satanic plans.

The heavenly Father conceived a plan to bless the whole world and to have it enter into a new garden of peace. This would happen through the new Eve, the Woman in whose Immaculate Heart all the world could easily discover Jesus and experience all of His blessings. This era of peace began when I revealed the miraculous medal and led the pope to declare the dogma of the Immaculate Conception (1854). By this act, the foundation for world peace, never seen before, was set in place.

After that, I appeared often, leading to my great appearances in Fatima. How I rejoiced in those days. In the middle of the Great War (1917), I was unveiling the Father’s plan of peace. In these nearly 100 years, what has happened? Has there been peace? Why not?

Satan understood. He had already unleashed World War I, but now he was to be vanquished, and even banished. His victory over the first Eve was to be overturned. He could not allow this to take place. He has brought about the most destructive century of all, and his powers flow forth with greater and greater intensity. Meanwhile, God’s plan for the Woman has been set aside, hidden in a Satanic darkness. Yet, the plan still has its power to destroy Satan and bring forth peace. These are the great mysteries.

Comment: Our Lady explains the mysteries which lie behind the events of this century

5. New World Leaders 
Apr 14th, 2015 

Doubt and fears spread and many wonder what the future holds. They do not understand the great mysteries that I now reveal.

Certain people have given their hearts to evil. No one chooses evil directly. They choose a selfish good that includes some evil. Once they taste that good, they also accept the evil, which begins to claim their heart. Success after success accompanies their decisions and soon they accept total evil, the power of Satan. They do not understand his control because he has blinded them by their stunning success. They have risen to the top, occupy a powerful positions and are acclaimed by many. All the while, they strew evil everywhere, an evil wrapped in good paper.

Who can debate with them? Can they not point to all their successes? But these successes are built upon evil, just waiting for the moment of testing. They appear to be sound but they are built upon sand which the floods will quickly wash away.

These are the modern mysteries. During this century, Satan has raised up many false leaders, especially in the fields of economy and politics. They have made sinful, evil and destructive decisions, while building empires that gained their acclaim, false empires that carry within the seeds of their own destruction.

Now, the floods will begin to come and the structures will not stand. Let no one blame the heavenly Father. It is man, influenced by Satan, who has put all of this in place.

Is it too late? I have promised that the road to peace lies only in my Immaculate Heart. This road includes the economic and political areas. It extends to every aspect, especially the family. Let this message be preached. It is late. It is very late. This road to my peace is not the journey of one day and it is not a path of ease. However, if the whole Church commits itself completely to my Immaculate Heart, I will raise up world leaders formed by the Holy Spirit to take the world in a different direction. Nothing else will be sufficient to withstand the floods.

Comment: Our Lady requires a total consecration if she is to save the world through new leaders.

6. Casting New Fire Upon the Church 
Apr 15th, 2015 

I have poured out my mysteries so all the world can understand. Now, I must speak even more clearly so the Church sees and acts.

O Church, I have come to you in great light and great power. I come to you because you believe and have faith in my role. You understand all the basic truths – that I was conceived without sin, that I conceived Jesus by the Holy Spirit and brought Him forth while still remaining a virgin. You know that I was assumed, body and soul, into heaven and that I am crowned in glory as Queen of heaven and earth.

All these truths are firmly established within your sacred teachings. You also know that I appear to chosen messengers and you have approved the supernatural nature of these revelations. You gather all this history and make it available to the Catholic faithful.

Many times you are criticized by others who do not understand your teachings and who believe that you exalt me too much. Yet, you stand firm in these teachings and have outlined them for the believers. You also exalt those saints who have written about me so eloquently. The Holy Spirit has done all this and, for all of this fidelity, I praise you.

Now, I must speak to you as Jesus spoke to the Church of Ephesus. All of these were moments of great fervor, a first love, a new enkindling. I must say this from my deepest mystery and sorrow. You have lost your first love. You have dampened the fires. After accepting my words and great promises, you have promptly forgotten them and put them aside. You have taken up human thoughts and human ways, setting aside the great fires of Marian devotion to give yourselves to what you think is deeper theology. You write all your beautiful documents and you elaborate all your theories about Church life, but you have no fire. You fail to enkindle devotion and people find no attraction to your services. You need new fire, a new enkindling. I am ready to cast fire upon the Church. How I want it to burn! Let those who have ears, listen to these little words of my locutions.

Comment: In revealing her deepest mystery, Our Lady speaks about casting fire on the Church.

  ★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 4/16-18/15 ★ “Keep your eyes on Jerusalem”, The West does not even know who is the real enemy, At the very hour when it seems that evil will triumph & the Church can do little, that is the very moment 

7. The New Sacred Waters 
Apr 16th, 2015 

The darkness grows. Fears increase. People wonder what lies ahead. So, I must continue to reveal the great mysteries.

Evil spreads quickly, but goodness takes time to build. Evil is like a fire which can destroy a lifetime’s work in one hour. These are the two opposing forces. Can a child be conceived and come to birth in one day? Does a little boy become a man in one year? Goodness, like growth, takes time. Yet, death can occur at any moment.

So, I must speak of this mystery of time, of which we have so little. For centuries, Satan has plotted to bring forth his fires. All see them now. Whole countries are torn apart. The fires of violence flare up unexpectedly.

Governments are toppled. Civil wars rage. Cultures are torn apart. Millions of refugees have nowhere to go. How easy for a fire to consume quickly.

What will I do? What is my response? Can I restore civilizations in months, or even a few short years? Has all of this caught the Heavenly Father by surprise? Of course not. He foresaw every move of Satan and He prepared sacred waters (for the normal waters used by human leaders are only like oil that adds new weapons to the fires).

These sacred waters are new and different. They flow in the hearts of people of good will. They have been flowing for decades. How many I have called to prayer! How many, after the years of preparation in prayer, am I now calling to go forth in my name? These are the sacred waters which alone can quench the satanic fires. They are flowing in many hearts.

I will join these people. Many do not even know each other, as yet. As I join these streams of sacred waters, they will grow and become a mighty river, spreading my name. Let them work with hope, not allowing the great odds they face to deter them. All must work in the vineyard where I have placed them. Their little vineyards will grow and join with other vineyards. All will prepare for the great moment when the dam of these sacred waters breaks open and the world is flooded. This is my promise but all must pray and work and fast.

Comment: We easily see Satan’s destruction. We need Our Lady’s words to believe that God also has prepared for this moment.

8. The Bride Awakens 
Apr 17th, 2015 

The time is short so I must speak a mighty word to awaken the nations. Can the world awaken in one day? Can the Church set up and take notice in one moment? Did this not happen at 9/11? Did not the whole earth awaken? If evil can awaken everyone, how much greater can God’s glory? These are the hidden mysteries.

I have already given great signs at Fatima that should have awakened the Church. At other apparition sites, I have promised permanent signs, to awaken the Church to God’s glory and power. These are special signs but words must prepare for them and words must explain these signs. Otherwise, the power of the sign will be lost. So, I must speak about these mysteries.

The whole Church must be awakened by powerful calls in many places and in many ways. Do not be surprised as these signs multiply and grow more powerful. The Church does not respond anymore to tiny whispers or gentle nudgings of the Spirit. Faith has grown cold. Ears no longer hear. Hearts no longer quickly respond.

How can I awaken the whole Church? How can I rouse its spirit? It is a sleeping bride, not conscious of the love of the Bridegroom or aware of its new destiny. At the very hour when it seems that evil will triumph and the Church can do little, when the powers of the world fail miserably to stem the tide, that is the very moment when the Bride will awaken, first to meet its bridegroom and, only after His kiss of love, to become what it has always been meant to be, the great light of the nations, the light for all the Churches to unite and the source of the healing of division between Christ’s Church and Israel. I speak so that many awaken now and do not wait for the signs.

Comment: Our Lady promises a Great Awakening, but we must prepare now.

9. The Inevitable War
Apr 18th, 2015 

All leads to a moment (both a place and a time) when the clash takes place, the great battle of the armies of heaven and hell, the decisive battle that turns the war in favor of the ultimate victor. Where and when all of this occurs is usually hidden, but I have already revealed that it will happen in Jerusalem. “Keep your eyes on Jerusalem” were the opening words of these locutions.

Can you not see the wisdom in these words? Look at what is happening in the Middle East. Every day Israel is threatened more and more. The security of neighboring nations is being ripped away. Its archenemy, Iran, gains greater hegemony and constantly expands its borders. The treaty moves ahead, just as I said, allowing Iran to feel relief from some sanctions. Its financial wounds are being healed, and its whole body experiences greater strength. Its leaders are more entrenched. Meanwhile, Israel is left to ponder its future, knowing that it stands more and more alone.

These events happen before your very eyes. All can see. But what are the mysteries behind these events? What forces bring them about? Where are they going? What is their purpose?

Armies try to choose their places and times. They use strategies so they gain the most favorable positions. Then, their forces can take maximum advantage. Satan always maneuvers. He deceives the West. He pretends to attack one place but really holds his great troops back for a better opportunity. He confuses, putting forth one group but holding a greater one in reserve. This is the intellect behind the events which cause such great confusion. The West does not even know who is the real enemy.

Now, I speak the great mystery of my heart to clarify the situation. A war with Israel is inevitable. All the evil is ultimately directed there. Israel holds Jesus’ treasures, the soil bathed in his blood and the places made holy by the coming of the Holy Spirit. Jerusalem also contains the mystery of Church unity that so many yearn for, and the union of the Church with Israel that Paul desired and prophesied. These are enormous blessings which God wants to pour out upon His Church and Israel. Satan understands God’s design and is preparing all his armies to destroy Israel before this happens. That is why I say that a war with Israel is inevitable. Everything else is just a preparation or a subterfuge. When this war breaks out, I want the whole world to know how great are the stakes.

Comment: Our Lady gets closer to the heart of the mystery – God’s plans for Israel.

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 4/19,20/15 ★ My words are not for the curious seekers, My words are urgent. I speak now before all the events break forth. 

10. The Great Call To Devotion 
 Apr 19th, 2015 

 The time is short and the mysteries are many, so let us move quickly or else we will not reach the goal.

Many say that they follow me and indeed, they are of good will. However, their hearts are not firm and their eyes frequently wander from the goal. To these I speak mysteries so that, once they understand that the time is short, they will take their hearts away from worldly pursuits and give themselves to Jesus’ kingdom.

For these, especially, have I spoken about these mysteries. My words are not for the curious seekers. I speak for the devout souls and for those whom I can easily call to devotion. So, let me bring these teachings to a conclusion

I have placed these mysteries before you and allowed you to see the forces which are shaping the world events. Enlightened by this wisdom, you must reorder your daily life and all your priorities. I did not speak so you could know the times and the seasons. I spoke so you would look into your heart and remove what is superficial and what wastes your time. I want you to cling to me with all your heart. I want you to put away what absorbs you. I call for a deeper response and a more extensive commitment. Enlarge your tent. Do not limit me. Do not give me the crumbs. For your own good, I want the whole loaf.

Are you ready for this total consecration? Are you willing to give yourself to me without reserve? Look at all these mysteries that I have just revealed. Do you believe that life will just go on with little change? Do you think that your devotion is deep enough to withstand the coming floods?

I reveal all these mysteries only so that you will act. My words are urgent. I speak now before all the events break forth. You must change. You must deepen your religious practices. You must heed my words. Come, let us set out in a new direction. I who invite you to walk, will also accompany your journey.

 Comment: Our Lady ends this series on the mysteries with an urgent invitation for us to act on this revealed wisdom.

 1. Becoming a Vessel of Election 
Apr 20th, 2015 

Before I can build, the obstacles must be swept away. People implore the heavenly Father for gifts, but their hands are filled with earthly things and they cannot receive the heavenly favors. So, I will speak of the needed cleansing and purging. Let us begin with the human heart.

How complicated is that heart, filled with so many different desires. From the earliest years, desires flood the heart. Even though the desires of years ago are forgotten, they leave their effects. Also, many choices have claimed the heart. These are more serious. Their power still lays hold of the heart.

Finally, the human heart is caught up in all opportunities which the world dangles before its eyes, reaching out even when the fruit is forbidden, drawn into new darkness and refusing to face the addictions which lay hold of it. The heart must struggle to accept my graces because it is taken up with other cares.

Cleansing the human heart is my first priority. Many would want me to reverse world events or to bring about a worldwide outpouring of the Spirit which would suddenly change everything. They are looking in the wrong direction.

I begin now. I begin in your heart which is so filled with obstacles to divine favors. I will act quickly. I do not have much time. I will act completely because the heavenly favors are large and powerful. But I need you to understand and allow me to remove the obstacles and the earthly things to which you cling. I speak to all. I want everyone to become a vessel of election.

Comment: Usually, Our Lady speaks of world events. Today, she speaks of the most important event, the cleansing of your heart.

 ★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 4/21-24/15 ★ This word will be broadcast so far & wide that no one will be able to stop their ears, I will remove those world leaders who cater to the darkness. 

2. The Great Invitation to the Banquet 
 Apr 21st, 2015 

I bring a message of hope. The future belongs to Jesus. He has purchased all history. He is the Lord and all will be subject to His kingdom. What about the events that are taking place? What about the upheavals, the wars, the violence and the deaths? How can these be explained if the future belongs to Jesus? These are the mysteries which I must explain.

All have an invitation. At His death, this invitation went forth to the whole world. The disciples went everywhere and many responded to the invitation. All were invited to the great banquet of the Lamb.

Then, the world got tired of this invitation. They set it aside. They said that this invitation could co-exist with other invitations. The invitation became mixed in with other goals. Even the Church, the bearer of the great invitation would, from time to time, forget its task, feeling that other goals took precedence. The invitation faded. Its power was set aside and its great light was dimmed.

Yet, this invitation to the banquet of the Lamb is everything. It contains man’s great destiny and the whole reason for his existence.

Now, darkness is covering the earth and the light fades. Mankind has only one true light, the invitation to the banquet.

All the martyrs rejoiced. Their deaths were the door to the banquet. All the saints rejoiced. Each day they came closer to the banquet. I have come to restore this greatest light. I am the messenger of the banquet. No other light exists because all true lights are included in the great light of the Lamb’s banquet. I will shine that light over the whole world. I will bathe the world in the banquet light. Only then can mankind emerge from his darkness and overcome the wars and violence.

The Lamb awaits you, O reader. He has a place awaiting you at His banquet. Walk always in the light of that invitation.

Comment: Our Lady introduces a new theme. Our only hope on earth is that we will sit down, one day, with Jesus, the Lamb.

 3. Do Not Delay 
Apr 22nd, 2015 

Do not delay because there is a time for everything to be accomplished. Time does not return. Days that are wasted, cannot be regained. The Evil One wastes no time. If someone lags behind, he finds another to do his work. In this way, evil moves on, always accelerating. Often, my children lag far behind, filled with good will but sorely lacking in action. I reveal these mysteries to change this situation.

My Church is like a fortified city that remains quite content, believing it is safeguarded. The enemy takes advantage and approaches this city on every side, using especially the nighttime of confusion to advance its lines.

Now, the troops are being set and the world is being lured into the lion’s den, about to confront powers which it cannot overcome or even turn back. This has been happening for many decades. These decades of decisions cannot be suddenly rolled back. Some are deeply rooted and written in stone.

What can I do in this perilous situation? I am like a surgeon approaching a very delicate operation in which his own knife might cause the death of the patient. The peril is complex and human solutions only multiply the danger. What can I promise?

I will raise up new and surprising lights in the Church. Many, even in high places, will oppose these new lights but they will not prevail. Also, my word will go forth, clearer and more powerful. This word will be broadcast so far and wide that no one will be able to stop their ears. All of this is just the beginning. I will remove those world leaders who cater to the darkness. Some structures of society will collapse so people awaken. All will be done as a warning.

Before all of this begins, good people must deepen their religious practices. Faith must multiply. Light must spread. Please understand the importance of today and the present moment. Do not postpone. Do not put off. If you deepen your devotion, I will be able to use you for many people when they are awakened by the events.

Comment: Many good people lag behind while evil people are constantly seeking their goals.

4. Untying the Fatima Knot 
Apr 23rd, 2015 Mary 

The time is too short. I can no longer hold back the light of Fatima which was released almost a century ago. Even the Church does not understand that all the light was hidden in the Fatima light.

Why did the Father place such world-wide light in such a tiny gift? Does this not repeat the mystery of Bethlehem, when His greatest gift resided in a newborn infant? Who would deny that mystery?

Let no one deny, then, the great mystery that I am about to reveal. The Father has chosen to exalt my Immaculate Heart. Therefore, He placed all the blessings for this present age in my heart (which is always united with my Son’s Sacred Heart). This mystery was revealed in both a hidden way, in an obscure village to three little children and, in a manifest way, the miracle of the sun. All the light needed for the whole world comes in the tiny gift of Fatima. The Church has never grasped this mystery which I now reveal so clearly. Darkness covers the world because the Fatima light still remains covered.

How patient I have been, always inviting people and Church leaders to freely accept the gift, to be the ones to open the gift and release its power. I have been met by refusals and misunderstandings.

I cannot wait. I can no longer follow the usual channels, the ordinary chain of command. I, myself, will untie the gift. I am the woman who unties the knots, especially this Fatima knot. It does not matter that this will not be orderly. Everywhere, I will bring forth the new lights of Fatima. I will adopt a different strategy because the old is not working. I will give the Fatima light to whomever asks. If they ask for one light, I will give them ten. If they ask for a small light, I will give a greater one. Such is the urgency. I will just spread the Fatima lights now and worry about putting everything in order later.

Comment: Our Lady has often spoken of the Fatima light being overlooked. She will bring it forth herself.

5. Pouring Out the Fatima Gift 
Apr 24th, 2015 

 How often must I speak of this Fatima light that can save the world? It contains all the divine gifts, the great surprise of the heavenly Father. His powers are waiting to be released through my Immaculate Heart. Let me begin to reveal this mystery in an even deeper way, beginning with the powers of darkness.

The Father’s plan began when He revealed to Pope Leo XIII the great mystery of Satan’s power over the 20th century. The Holy Father responded and the Church began to say the Leonine prayers. This prepared for Fatima, that obscure village, like a new Bethlehem, which would receive a worldwide gift.

The Fatima visions did not end on October 13, 1917. Lucy continued to receive heavenly visitations which explained and unfolded the mystery. How faithful was my little messenger, filled with both truth and zeal, willing to hide herself in religious life so the message would go forth pure and unhindered. All of this was the divine plan. Nothing would contaminate the Fatima gift, which remains until today. Anyone can study her writings. All can examine the documents about the visions. They are well preserved, a tremendous gift waiting to be opened.

The Church always seeks my intervention and wants my help. However, I have already intervened. All is stored up, like a priceless treasure, in the Fatima gift.

Someday, the Holy Father will open the gift. The powers will pour forth. More important, the whole world will be caught up in its light. But I cannot wait. This is what I want to reveal. The Fatima lights are beginning to go forth now. They are breaking out. They can no longer be contained in my heart. I will not wait. Even if the Church and the world are not as prepared as they should be, it is better just to pour out the beginning lights than to wait and wait. The great outpouring, however, must wait until the conditions are fulfilled.

 Comment: Again, Our Lady promises an unexpected Fatima outpouring.

The Leonine Prayers 

"O God, our refuge and our strength, look down in mercy upon the people who cry to Thee; and by the intercession of the Glorious and Immaculate Virgin Mary, Mother of God, of Saint Joseph Her Spouse, of the Blessed Apostles Peter and Paul, and of all the Saints, in Thy mercy and goodness hear our prayers for the conversion of sinners, and for the liberty and exaltation of the Holy Mother the Church, we ask this through the same Christ Our Lord. Amen." 

 "Holy Michael the Archangel, defend us in the day of battle; be our safeguard against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray: And do thou, Prince of the Heavenly Host, by the power of God thrust down to hell satan and all wicked spirits, who wander throughout the world for the ruin of souls. Amen." 

"Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us." 
"Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us."
 "Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us."
 "Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us."

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 4/25/15 ★ FATIMA IS THE CENTRAL MISSION, &, Satan controls many hearts at this point in time. I now claim what he has stolen from Me. 

 6. Mary’s Priest Son 
Apr 25th, 2015 

 The Fatima light is loved by few and unknown to most. However, no one knows all of its powers because they are still contained within the promise. That promise involves world peace. More important, it includes the salvation of millions of souls.

The Fatima gift is vast, affecting the whole world and the very future of mankind’s existence. How can it be set aside? How can it be ignored and even unknown to most? Now, do you see the mysteries and sorrows of my heart? Now, do you see why I will continue to lift up these little locutions? These locutions do not hold back my words. Whatever I reveal is published quickly, every word and every thought. The gentle stream of my words goes forth each day, available to the whole world. Let me explain why I do this.

Your eyes can see the wars and violence that spread and spread. The names have become familiar to you, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, ISIS, Al- Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas and so many others. All of these forces have come forth. But what about the destructive powers which are still hidden? Has Satan played all his cards? Not at all. He has many others waiting in the wings, more destructive than these others.

No world leader understands and none have the resources to stop this flow of evil. Only Fatima contains that power. What will I do? I am fashioning my priest son and so uniting him with Fatima that the two are one. I placed Fatima in his heart on the day of ordination and over these years, I have made his call so clear that he knows fully what he must do. For him, Fatima is his central mission. I will lead him and guide him during these years until the great gift placed in his priesthood is opened for the whole world.

Comment: Our Lady outlines both the problems and her plan.

 “Praise be to the divine Heart that wrought our salvation;
 to It be glory and honor for ever.” Amen. 

 ★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 4/26-28/15 ★ Nothing stands between the human race & destruction. 

  St. Joseph “Terror of the Demons” Pray for us

7. The Womb of the Elect 
Apr 26th, 2015 

When human history comes to the end, Jesus will return in glory as king of kings and take to himself all of the elect. Who are these elect? How did they become the chosen ones?

In Jesus, all are chosen and given a name. All have a role to play and a task to fulfill. Jesus is the beginning and the end. All was created in him (the beginning) and all is created for him (the end). Only those who share His life can live forever in the kingdom. These are the mysteries I will now explain.

I am a mother who gave birth to Jesus and I am a mother who is right now trying to bring forth all my children, giving them this new birth. All holiness takes place in my womb, made holy by Jesus’ presence for nine months. This is the great mystery of becoming a chosen one. All must enter my womb to be born again to new life. This is the heavenly Father’s plan for this age, the revelation of the great secret and the unfolding of His plan.

The Father always intended a worldwide salvation where everyone knew they were chosen and they, in turn, could easily choose to accept their election. Needless to say, the Father’s plan has not unfolded. What should have been preached has not been preached. What should have been shouted from the housetops has not gone forth. So, I must use these little locutions to reveal the great secrets.

My womb is the most special place in the whole world. The Holy Spirit in his fullness descended upon my womb. The Son of God, in his fullness, lived in my womb. What the womb of Eve was supposed to be by nature (as mother of the living) my womb became by God’s favor. I am the mother of the living and of the elect. You can only understand these present events by reading the story in Revelations.

Comment: Our Lady is speaking of the battle between the Woman and the dragon in Revelations, Chapter 12.

8. A Blindfolded Humanity 
Apr 27th, 2015 

At times, there are victories and, at other times, there are defeats. This is the mystery I need to make clear. By his death, Jesus won the victory. When Jesus returns this victory will be complete. However, not every moment and every event in human history is a victory. A war is taking place which is quite difficult to grasp.

Why are there defeats? Why is history not a complete string of victories? Is Jesus not the all-powerful king of kings? The answer lies in the free will of the human person and in the powers of Satan’s kingdom, that reign of darkness which killed Jesus and tries to destroy God’s plans.

A defeat comes about when man uses his free will. Although able to enter into victory, he decides instead to choose defeat. He is blinded by the darkness. Like someone who is blindfolded, he foolishly reaches out and grasps what is harmful and even lethal. Satan uses these blindfolded people. He raises them to high and powerful positions. He gives them great influence which can change whole cultures. He even gives them worldwide powers that can destroy the universe. Some willingly become their helpers, while others are just caught up, helpless, in their evil.

I have just described the state of the world. Little defeats have led to greater defeats and this darkness that blindfolds so many has multiplied.

Is there any light? Can any power remove the blindfolds? And when they are removed and people see the reality, can any power give them hope, so despair does not defeat them? What shall I answer? Certainly, no human person or even a group of human persons can bring this about. For this very moment, Jesus has established his Church, the greatest of mysteries, his Bride and the heart of his victory.

I must come to the Church in a new way. I must be welcomed by the Church and given free rein. Nothing must impede the desires of my heart. Time and again I point out this road as the only path to victory. Otherwise, a blindfolded humanity will enter into an unimaginable defeat.

Comment: It is a great mystery how Jesus won the victory but human history is filled with defeats.

9. Revealing The Hidden Mysteries
Apr 28th, 2015

 I must explain all these mysteries because the evil that flows in man’s heart is so often covered over and God’s plan remains hidden. These are the two great powers which constantly contend to gain the victory.

Mankind is distracted, taken up with money, security, pleasure and power. Satan easily triumphs. Mankind walks with him. He increases the money, multiplies fears (so security is sought) reveals new sources of pleasure and endows people with greater powers to control the universe. People call this progress and rush like stampeding cattle to Satan’s slaughterhouse. The pace quickens. Other options are removed.

Soon, so very soon, finality will set in. This will be the only possible road. The forces that drive mankind into the consuming darkness will have won a complete victory. Nothing stands between the human race and destruction. All agree that these forces, although not yet in place, can soon be unleashed.

Hidden deeply within human history is another power, the heavenly Father’s Plan. This was inserted into the world at Bethlehem with Jesus’ birth and came to its fullness with his victory on the cross. The Resurrection assured its permanent abiding. This victory is so imbedded in history that no power, no matter how great or extensive, will ever remove it.

This power flows in the hearts of the faithful and comes forth in the cultural structures of churches and schools. More important, this power touches everyone and raises up those who will lead the world.

Now, I speak of the great mystery. The power of the Resurrection must burst forth, like water crashing through a mighty dam. Its rivers must flow everywhere. All must change. Nothing else suffices. This is the mystery of my Immaculate Heart and the promises of Fatima. The rivers of Resurrection power will flood the earth. It is late, very late and only these waters can save distracted mankind from Satan’s powers.

 Comment: Evil’s power is seen by all. The power of the Resurrection needs the eyes of faith.

"And a great Sign appeared in Heaven: A Woman clothed with the Sun, and the Moon under Her feet, and on Her Head a Crown of twelve Stars: And She brought forth a Man Child, Who was to Rule with an iron rod: and Her Son was taken up to GOD, and to His Throne." Apoc.12:1-5

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 4/29,30/15 ★ the false goddess of reason, rushing like stampeding cattle to Satan’s slaughterhouse.

10. The Great Prophet Who will Prepare the Way
 Apr 29th, 2015 

Only as the various parts of Satan’s plan come together, will mankind see how many foolish decisions have weakened the social and economic structures which are needed for human life. With these events, people will see the truth of my words expressed in these locutions. They will have a glimmer of hope. “If Our Lady knew of these events and spoke about them, surely she plans to help us.”

My word brings hope because I am not just a woman of words but a woman of power and action. I am a woman to whom all these mysteries have been revealed and who understands all that Satan has done and will do. My words reveal mysteries, events, and the forces that vie for man’s heart. Most of all, my words reveal myself, my care of the human race and my place in the heavenly Father’s plan. So, let me begin to reveal myself so you can have the greatest hope.

I was with the heavenly Father from the beginning, always central to his thoughts. He spoke about me to Satan in the Garden of Eden. He said, “I will put an enmity between you and the woman”. I was His response to the Satanic darkness.

The Father waited for centuries because the human race was not ready and would not have received the gift fully. Israel had to be prepared by the patriarchs, the kings and the prophets. Finally, when the great prophet (John the Baptist) was conceived, the Father’s plan could unfold.

In these little locutions, I have spoken so often of God’s plan being delayed. The reason is the same. A great prophet must arise who will prepare for my coming and the fulfillment of the Heavenly Father’s plan from the beginning. When this great prophet heralds my name, exalts my prerogatives and prepares the Church, I will be able to come. I will not delay. Watch and pray now. The time is soon.

Comment: We need to watch and pray so all of these divine events will happen soon. You are important in God’s plan.

11. The Goddess of Reason 
Apr 30th, 2015 

The ways I want to lead humanity are filled with mysteries and cannot be grasped by human reason. The clouds are so dark that the sun of reason no longer shines. Can human reason find any path to peace? Can reason guide a world through this forest of violence and unrest? Can reason establish economic foundations that will not crumble? Reason is powerless against the inner passions that drive the world.

Another light exists, a light which modern man has put away. The modern world despises faith and totally rejects its light. Now, the world lives in a darkness whose power strangles human life. Forces still lie hidden in human hearts and human cultures. While these powers are coming forth, one after another, like troops in battle array, man clings to his reason and rejects the only light that can lead to peace. So, I must reveal my mysteries. My words are like an emergency light which grows more powerful as the darkness spreads.

In the French Revolution, man decided to exalt the goddess of reason, demanding that all should bow to her power. Faith was set aside and liberty was declared. A revolution quite different from America’s was released. These waters still flow and faith is made suspect, always the servant of reason, instead of the other way around.

The great heavenly powers which alone can turn back the current darkness can only be released by an ascendency of faith. Man must depose the false goddess of reason from a position that she does not deserve and allow faith to become the light for the nations.

Comment: Faith has been stolen from modern man and he does not realize his loss.