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Locutions to the World ~ January 2012

A Future Papal Election 
January 1, 2012 

 As the door opens on this new year, the scene is familiar. The old problems carry over, refusing to be left behind. Now I must speak about my Church which carries the burdens of the centuries of sins that have weighed her down. She troops on valiantly, trying to free herself of the recent darkness, but unable to put all the stories behind her. Just when it seems that the scandals are over, new ones surface and are told everywhere. Such is my valiant Church, always trying to keep its light on the goodness of my Son, Jesus, but enduring the pain that the light is too often cast upon its own sins.

Yet, she remains my Church, the one I clutch to my heart and the Church that preaches my prerogatives. This will be her greatness. Let her not be ashamed to proclaim my Immaculate Heart. Let her exalt this heart and tell the world that it can be safe only in my heart. Let this devotion come to the foreground because those who come into my heart will find the Blessed Sacrament and the warmest devotion to my Son’s Real Presence.

The door opens out upon a new year filled with the unknown. How I want to guide mankind more than any other year. This year will begin the open confrontation between light and darkness, between the kingdom of my Son and the kingdom of Satan. I say “open confrontation” because the battle has always been going on, but this year the hidden forces will come out into the open. Satan wants to sweep away entire nations and he cannot accomplish this in hidden ways. Also, it will serve his purposes. Those who are committed to his darkness will rejoice in these victories and will look forward to their own victories.

 The Church will have her own shakings. There will be the scandals, but these will be secondary. Much will come to light. Much will be uncovered. All of this is to purify, not to chastise. Only a purified Church can be my instrument in this special year.

Now I will come to the central point so there will be no mistake. The Cardinals will meet to elect a pope but an extraordinary intervention of God will occur that will alert the whole world to the special nature of this office. They will seek to discern this intervention, to grasp what is the will of God, but everything will not be clear at first. Some, however, will speak in divine wisdom and the search will begin to find the one whom God wants to raise up. He will not come forward at first, even though he knows that he is chosen by God. He will wait until the discussion is concluded and the Cardinals are settled. Then new manifestations will occur which will signal clearly the one whom the heavenly Father wants as his Pope. This will be a complete surprise to the world and to the Church but not to the one upon whom the mantle falls. This is my chosen son, the one whom I have picked. I want all of this to happen in a startling manner so the world and the Church know that this one was chosen by heaven, by God and not by men. He will be prepared because I will have prepared him. He will be the pope of Fatima and bring to fruition all of the gifts of Fatima, just in time to prepare the Church and the world for the Satanic onslaught.

Comment: The whole world pays great attention to papal elections. The next election will have some added signs of God’s hand.

Chaos, Chaos, Chaos 
January 2, 2012 

When the door to war opens, who will close it? Who will put down their arms and cease to fire? This is not the only way it happens. Death determines the end not the love or goodwill of man. This is my point. When the doors of death open, when war begins, then what limits war? Do not the competing sides try to find more resources to emerge the victor. In the meantime, so many are killed and so much is destroyed.

 Wars have wearied the nations and wasted their resources. Wars have killed their young, in the very fruitful time of their lives when they should be involved with births not deaths. Notice the inversion. The young die when their life is just beginning.

People believe that nothing can be done, that there is an inevitable cycle of war and peace. The heavenly Father did not make war a part of his original plan. He has plans for your peace. Weeds have been sown amid his wheat, and wars spring up everywhere. The seeds of war and violence are sown into so many hearts and the weapons of war are gladly sold and easily bought. Armies can be raised up overnight.

As this year begins, the world is an armed camp, awaiting only a call to arms. This call to arms will come frequently. It is going on even now as the year begins. The calls will get louder and the weapons will get greater. Where does it all end? The forces that used to police the world – the peacekeepers they were called – are now so limited. It is every nation for itself or even, every people within a nation for themselves, or every tribe within a people for themselves.

The structures that were in place, which gave the people an identity have been taken down. The identity of the nation is destroyed and many new identities arise, vying with each other, trying to grab the limelight. This is called a power struggle and as long as this power struggle takes place there is no peace and no identity. These shifting sands are places of chaos and confusion where little can be built and many grow confused. How I weep for my children in these countries of armed struggle and revolution. Chaos. Chaos. Chaos. Chaos everywhere. This is Satan’s work and he has labored long and hard to bring it about. This is the fruit of his labors.

 Comment: Mary describes the world scene – chaos.

The Inner Stream of Fervor 
January 3, 2012 

Begin now to prepare. A building is not constructed in one day nor is a city built in a week. All takes time but I will help everyone who listens to my word. The ways of the Holy Spirit are quite different from the ways of man, so I must teach you quickly.

 First, I must draw you away from the world with its ceaseless entertainments that only waste this precious time. Yes, this time is so precious and every moment must be used well.

Second, I must draw you into a great solitude within your heart. There I will visit you. Without this inner solitude, you will be lost and have no guidance in the darkness. You must cultivate this solitude now. Do not wait. Find a chapel. Find a place where you can be alone. If you do, I will come. Even if your efforts seem so weak, I will help you.

Then I will open up the gigantic door, the great stream of interior graces that will carry you along. I will place the gift of fervor in your heart, so that place of solitude will mean so much to you. You will be drawn to that place and look forward to the moments when we meet there. You will have found the true spring of living water and you will thank me for this teaching.

 Before this experience, all my words were outside of you, given to you from others who preached to you or from books that you read. Now the words are inside you. You hear them from my lips. You taste them in your heart. This stream was always there but you did not know to search and to find. Now it is released in you, a very personal inner stream. You realize now what others have explained but which you never experienced. Let this stream of inner experiences flow freely. It has a name. It is called fervor. It will bring forth great fruit. Find others who seem to enjoy the same inner stream. Confide in one another and support each other. Seek out someone to guide you, if he is available. Do not neglect this inner stream of my presence. It is a great gift.

 Comment: What a clear teaching. Mary will bestow the gift of fervor if the person is committed to daily mental prayer.

Mary’s Thousands of Arks 
January 4, 2012 

I go on and on, describing the present situation only because I believe and trust that men’s hearts can be changed and much can be averted. There will be disasters and catastrophes but there need not be a total collapse. There is always a remnant that can be saved. How large is that remnant is depends upon the personal response to my messages. How I save each one varies according to their spiritual and physical needs. So let me say this.

There will be a special saving action of the Holy Spirit. This saving action has already begun in the many stirrings of the Spirit in the Church, like the Charismatic Renewal. The stirrings have continued in my many appearances and in the growth of Marian devotions. This is due to the many people who have spread my word and the many who have received my word. My word is life and draws to life, calling people away from all that is destructive. Some of these movements are large. Others are small. However, as you look at all of these stirrings and all that has happened in these quiet, often overlooked, movements you can see much life. They contain great life and they are centered on the Eucharist. These I will use to form my remnant. These are the groups that I have prepared. They stand waiting to serve. They want others to join them. So, I use these words to encourage them. This is a message of great encouragement to those who have heard my call and have been so faithful. To these I speak. Let them listen to my clear words.

I have placed in your midst a gift of my presence and a gift of service to the Church and to the world. You are very, very important to me and your little group is a precious jewel in my sight. Do not worry about numbers or about how many gather with you. Be concerned only with the gift I have placed in your midst. How have I called you together? What is your identity? How are you faithful to my action in your midst? These must be your concerns – fidelity to whatever I have done. How did you begin? What is your history? Whom have I raised up to help in this task?

See what I have done through the many stirrings in your hearts. See the years of fidelity to your movement and all whom you have tried to help. Now, just persevere. You are a life-giving remnant and when others begin to search, they will find you and rejoice to join you. You will welcome them. You are part of the Ark of my Immaculate Heart. This is the reason I brought your little group into existence and why I have blessed you all these years. I need thousands of little arks because my people are scattered everywhere. They are drowning in this sea and will be glad to find a place of rescue. Thank you for your fidelity to the call. Expand your ark for many others will soon join you.

 Comment: In these decades, many groups, faithful to the Church and to Mary, have begun. Mary has a special purpose for them.

 Building Your Own Ark 
January 5, 2012 

Everyone wants to know about this event or that event but I do not speak to satisfy curiosity. When I speak of events it is to point out the forces of evil or to call my children to actions that need to be taken now. The source of these words is the love in my Immaculate Heart. Through these words love can go forth and all can drink from its stream. So, let us begin.

As the events of this year unfold, many will grow anxious, asking, “What are we to do?” and “How will we rescue our children?” You are all aware that the resources have shrunk and that the future is clouded in uncertainty. You look at the children and wonder what their lives will be like. What future do they face? This is an important question.

 Some will try to provide for them financially but this road is limited by the worldwide economy. Others will provide them with the best of educations. The real solution is much more within the grasp of everyone.

Look at your children. They will face the most uncertain of futures. What will the world be like in ten, twenty or thirty years? It cannot be imagined. So much power has fallen into the hands of those who would destroy. So much power has been taken away from the family and placed in the hands of government. Who will be making the decisions? Great forces will shape the society. These are the future. What can you do for your children?

Call them to me. Teach them the mysteries of faith. Deepen your own faith because it is far too shallow. Look at your day. What consumes your time?

When a flood is coming, do you not build an ark? Is it not wise to prepare? An ark is already built – my Immaculate Heart. There are thousands of little arks – people who gather to foster devotion. You did not see this as important. Now your eyes must be opened. You, yourself, can build an ark. Just gather a few of your devout friends and I will help you. Draw your children into the warmth and light of devotion. This is the best preparation for the decades ahead.

Begin now. Do not delay.

 Comment: Mary returns to this theme of the saving arks.

 January 6
 A New Jesus Movement Among the Young 

There is a constant shifting of reality, as forces that once were strong grow weak, and new, surprising forces emerge on the scene. This has happened so quickly in the modern world. The new forces of technology have captured a large audience and the traditional forces of the Churches have receded. More and more, the young are formed by the new forces and are barely touched by the traditional forces. The younger population is able to use the new technology very well but they have no roots in the traditional beliefs. They are uprooted and floating, so to speak, drawn into a new world that cannot answer the deepest questions of their hearts and which does not give them companions in faith.

This is the great danger, which is happening before everyone’s eyes. The whole younger generation is swept out the door of the churches, never rooted in faith, and is caught up in the mesmerizing powers of the new technology.

Do I not have a place in my Immaculate Heart for these young people? Are they not my children? Should I not reach out?

 Dear young person, as you read these words, know that your heavenly Mother is reaching out to you. Ahead of you are severe disappointments and the cruelest of trials. Technology has drawn you, ensnared you and trapped you. The images are endless but they are just images. They are not flesh and blood.

I gave flesh and blood to God. Jesus is no image. He is your Lord and Savior. He is risen and is in your midst. I call you to an awakening, to a new Jesus Movement. When your friends begin talking about Jesus, do not criticize them but accept them and join them. This is your only hope. His love for you is real. He is flesh and blood and has all power to help you.

 Let us not wait. Let us begin now. Open your heart. Say this prayer with me, “Jesus, I am a sinner and I believe that you can forgive my sins. I believe you are the Savor of the world and that you want to save me. I open my heart to you and I invite you to enter it. Amen.” Keep asking Jesus to come. I will be at your side.

 Comment: The original Jesus Movement happened among the hippies in the 1960’s. It saved many from drugs.

January 7
 Becoming a Child of the Light 

I watch over all my children but if they do not turn to me for light, then my protecting power is limited because I lead them mainly by light. Man has a free will but this is so often limited by the darkness of his intellect. In that darkness, the will sees only a few choices, none of them good. The will cannot choose what the intellect does not see. This is human nature, rational in seeing the possibilities and free in choosing among those possibilities.

However, if the possibilities are limited to earth, then the will can choose only earthly goals. By this constant choosing of earth, the darkness comes. The clouds cover over the heavenly realities. The person no longer sees a God who helps and enlightens. Man is left on his own, limited to an earth that cannot fulfill his dreams.

So, I come and I speak of heaven. With those words, a new light pierces the clouds. I am piercing the earthly clouds and revealing a new world. Let me describe this heavenly world that offers man the light that he needs to live in hope.

Man, you are not alone. You have a heavenly Father who created you. He wanted to come close to you so he sent his Son, Jesus. I am the mother of Jesus. He is real. I gave birth to him. He entered a very dark world but he brought a kingdom of total light. He brings out of darkness and into light whoever believes in him..

The greatness darkness is your sins. You carry that darkness within you. My Son will forgive your sins. His name is Jesus which means “One who saves from sins”. Once your sins are forgiven, you possess a great inner light. You see that you are a child of God, with a very important dignity. Your eyes are opened. You see the works of darkness (some which you yourself committed) and you no longer want to share in those works.

You are new, a child of the light. Once Jesus transforms you, your intellect is in light and your will has many new choices and you desire only the things of light. Do not worry about the darkness that is outside of you. Let Jesus remove the darkness that is inside of you and all will be light. I will be there for you.

Comment: Mary is correct. We have no control over all the darkness in the world but Jesus can cast out our inner darkness.

January 9
 Baptizing With the Holy Spirit and Fire 

As I speak, the waters of mercy flow from my Immaculate Heart, going forth to all whose hearts are open to receive. I speak so more hearts are open and can receive. Let us begin.

As my words first touch the heart, it seems hopeless. The water seems so frail and the obstacles seem so great. How will such a tiny stream even cleanse this heart that has been filled with so many sins or with so many disappointments, failures and heartaches?

 But the stream is just beginning. The person has heard only the first words. Even here, some little problems are removed and new freedom comes.

The person begins to see the power of this stream. They see what they can do, what sins they can remove. Suddenly, my words and their personal efforts accomplish much. The person sees changes and new hope.

Then comes the next step, the sorrow for their sins and a seeking out of the priest. This does not happen at first. There is too much darkness. But when the light enters and hope springs up, then the person is ready.

There is so much more. They will continue to read these messages. The words will mean so much more because I have drawn them close to my heart. Progress becomes quite rapid. It is no longer the water of my words, but the fire of my heart which is purging them.

When they have reached this divine fire, they are at home. They have arrived. No need to go any further. They will just remain in that divine fire and be made holy. John baptized with water but my Son baptizes with the Holy Spirit and fire.

Comment: What a consoling locution. A gradual purifying. First, water and then fire.

January 10
 The Father Searches For You 

All the doors are open. No limit exists to the mercy and goodness of the Father. This is what I come to preach. This mercy will reach into the greatest darkness. Those who feel they have no opportunity for forgiveness will experience the warmth of divine love.

This is the new era which I am announcing to those hidden in the greatest darkness of sin, to those who for so long have given themselves over to the worst of vices, to these and many, many others, I proclaim that a new day of God’s forgiveness is dawning.

No one will hold back this divine stream. It will flow everywhere. You will hear the heavenly Father’s voice saying, “Do not be afraid. I have come for you”. The merciful Father of the Prodigal Son waited and looked for his return. When he saw him afar off, he ran and embraced him. But even this is not enough. In this great time of darkness when so many of his children have left his house, the heavenly Father cannot just wait and look. He must go forth. He says, “I will search for my lost sons and daughters. I will find them wherever they are. Some are sick, burdened and despairing. Others are strong but their hearts are empty. Others know that they have lost the faith that they had as children.”

The Father will search for you, O lost soul. He will not wait for you to come to your senses and say, “I must return to my Father’s house”. He will not stay at home. He will go forth. He will come into your world. He will show up at your door and he will say, “Come back. I will restore you to your place in my kingdom. I will once more give you the divine life which you have squandered”.

Already he is knocking at the door of your heart. Listen. Open the door and return. I will be there to help you.

Comment: In these days when so many have left the Father’s house and have set aside the practice of faith, God increases his mercy even beyond the parable of the Prodigal Son.

 January 11
 Going to Apparition Sites 

 I am pulling the whole world into the greatest light and away from darkness and the inevitable destruction that comes from that darkness. I bring favors of God that have never before been unleashed in human history. This is already happening in the many places where special devotion to me has sprung up. Yet, many do not go there. How many more I would touch with the graces of conversion and new life, if only they would listen to my invitations.

 So, today, I speak to the many thousands who have traveled to these sites of my special presence and have been touched in a special way. First, you must keep alive the devotion that I placed there in your heart and must allow this devotion to be life-changing. Second, you must return to the site and rekindle the fire. The second or the third time will be even greater for you.

Finally, you must invite others to accompany you. I promise you that as you go, I will pour out great graces. There will be many hearts, not just your own that will receive them. Then, as you return home, the memories and graces will multiply as you recall what happened.

How can I pull a world so rooted in darkness into the great light of faith? I will use these pilgrimages of faith to those special places of light which I have established.

Comment: Many have experienced changed lives by going to Marian sites. This is Mary’s plan.

January 12
 The Gift of Light 

My words are true and those who listen will walk a true path. They will not be fooled nor search for what is illusion. They will be on a solid road. That is why I speak.

 Lies are infections that weaken the body of a nation. When there are so many lies, then the nation is sick, very sick. The lies are poisons, and as long as they lie hidden, they affect the body. America is built on so many lies. It claims that a fetus is not a person. This is the big lie which opens the door to so many evils.

Truth is a painful medicine and no one wants to swallow it. The remedy is put off and the lie spreads unchecked. So, I must speak.

 I call everyone into a light where truth can be seen clearly. This light varies according to the recipient. For the good person, the light is gentle and urges them to greater good. For the sinner, the light is harsh. Not that I make it harsh but the light must expose what is evil. For the nation, the light must be very strong so all see and all can repent. I always offer my light but some condemn themselves to darkness because they do not want the light.

 Now, I come to the heart of my teaching. You must ask for the light. That is the secret. Certainly, the light can come at any time but a sincere heart which asks will always receive the light. They will always accept the light, because they desired it before it was given.

When a person or a group or a nation asks me for light, I always give it in abundance. I give the light immediately, even though it takes time for the person to realize that they have the light. So, do not put off this easy task. Just ask for light and believe that I give it to you. This is not hard. Do it now. Do it often. I will always, always give you light.

Comment: Such an inviting locution. Just say often, “Mary, give me your light”.

 January 13
 All of a Sudden 

So many things happen “all of a sudden”. This is what I stress so much. “All of a sudden” these events will happen, yet nobody prepares. “All of a sudden” the damage is inflicted and everything is changed.

Jesus spoke often of this in his parables. All of a sudden” the master returns and the servants must give an accounting. Why did Jesus tell these parables? Why did he so often speak of cosmic events like wars and famines and earthquakes? Because man never remains helpless he can prepare. Jesus said “Watch and pray”. At that moment, the apostles had no idea of the imminence of his death.

 “All of a sudden”, that is all that I need to say. “All of a sudden” the events of this year will sweep across the world, as no other year in history. So, my words become more urgent, “Watch and pray”. Can you not find time to pray? Cannot the family gather in prayer? Can you not find a few minutes for your rosary? All of these seem so small but they are beginning steps leading to far greater favors.

I can only say, “All of a sudden”. When events happen ”all of a sudden”, there is no more time to prepare. Do not wait. “All of a sudden” the events will pour out so quickly.

 Comment: So many times, the gospels have these warnings. Do not wait.

January 14
 The Path to Light 

When I come to anyone, a peace settles into their heart and the darkness does not inflict pain, even though it still remains. I say to the person, “Follow me” and then I lead them to light. Yes, this is the way that I save those who say the prayer, “Mary bring me into light”. Let me explain.

 When the person asks me for light, the darkness is pierced immediately. The person has called upon heaven and heaven always responds. A ray of light descends from my heart into their heart. Not only that, I myself come and am present.

 Even if the person is surrounded by dark circumstances of various kinds, like the death or sickness of a loved one and this enduring situation seems to have no answer, they must pray and look inside their hearts. I will come and begin to stir within their hearts. They must hope and believe. They must listen for my guidance.

 Sometimes, I will send someone, an angel of my light, with the answer. At other times, the person will see what will be of help. We will work together until I lead the person out of the darkness into light.

Notice that I do not necessarily scatter the darkness (although this, too, happens). Most of the time, I bring the person out of the darkness. The situation remains the same, but the oppressive darkness (which is always the work of the evil one) is left behind. The person can now face the difficult situation with a heart bathed in the light of faith. That is my gift, a faith that brings light even if the situation does not change.

Comment: Mary explains the inner process of faith that she uses to lead into light.

January 15
 The Light of Conversion 

Why does the person not allow me to lead them into light? Is this not the greatest gift – to live in light? Yet, there are so many obstacles. First, the person does not realize that they are living in darkness. They think that darkness is light. This is the “wisdom of the world” which is foolishness to God.

So many, after coming into the light, see their past foolishness and say, “How did I ever think that way?” They have become wise, children of light.

It is only slowly that the scales of darkness fall away. When people pray, “Mary, bring me into your light”, I immediately begin to remove these scales, gently and slowly, so the person can adjust to the light.

Then comes a great moment, called by many “the moment of conversion”. By allowing me to remove some scales of darkness and by coming out of the deep darkness of serious sins and addictions and by taking some little steps into the light, the person is ready for the great gift of light. I do not delay. As soon as a person is ready, I bestow the great light. Let me describe that moment.

The person has chosen the light and has made some progress. Their heart is trying to turn away from earthly darkness to the heavenly light. This turning is so important because the will needs to be open and searching. As soon as the person is ready, I flood them with great light. This is a life-changing moment which they will never forget.

 Suddenly they see the great value of heaven. They see how they have wandered. They see the divine mercy which did not let them fall into total darkness (when that was a distinct possibility). They see how God’s hand has led them to this moment. They are overwhelmed with thanksgiving. A gigantic light has been placed at the center, yes the very center, of their soul. It goes forth to their emotions and to all their inner faculties. What a gift and what a moment. I will explain more later.
Comment: Mary describes the beginning steps and the culminating moment of a personal conversion to God’s light.

January 16
 The Stages of Light 

 When the person arrives at the place of light, a peace fills them. They know that they have received the gift. What must they do to safeguard the light? First, they must hide it deep within their heart, like the world hides a precious jewel. They must not expose it to those who would steal it from them or to those temptations that could cast them back into the darkness. This is a very precarious time because the light has not yet taken root.

They must find others who are in light and will support them. They must find someone who can guide them on their spiritual journey and they must mark off clearly the doors of darkness which they must keep closed.

In all of these actions and decisions, I will be with them because I want them to be children of light, who enjoy the light and who do not lose it. As time goes on they will become very familiar with the light and all that it demands. The powers of darkness will recede and will lose their attractiveness. The darkness will seem evil and offensive. When this happens, it becomes even easier to avoid.

Eventually, the light takes total control. All the faculties act in light. Habits of light are developed and the power of light is everywhere. At this stage, the person has become truly a child of light. The beginning process is complete. They know they have been led out of darkness into light. Now, they are ready to walk the path of perfection.

Comment: Mary explains the efforts needed after the conversion experience.

 January 17

I put before you choices of life and death. I am not speaking of earthly life and death, but of eternal life or eternal death. These are the choices made each day. Does a person wish to live with God forever or are they willing to lose eternal life because of some earthly satisfactions that are illicit? These are the daily decisions, life with God or life without God.

How horrible is life without God. (That darkness begins on earth.) How blessed is life with God. (That happiness begins on earth.) This is why I speak. I want to lead many into eternal life.

God is not far away. You need not travel a thousand miles to find him. He is already in your heart. Wherever you go, even when you flee from him, he is there, waiting for you to turn to him. That is the secret. That is all you need to do to find God. Really God finds you. Just turn your thoughts to him. I will show you how. Picture for a moment, a story from the gospel. You know some stories. If not, then read the gospels of Jesus.

Picture Jesus as a baby in my arms, or as a young boy in the temple, or being baptized in the Jordan, or preaching to the crowds, or praying in the Garden or dying on the cross. Any of these scenes will do, whatever you are attracted to. Use your imagination for a few moments and speak to Jesus from your heart. It might only be a short prayer but it will be from the heart. Congratulations. You have begun to walk the road of divine light. Be led to do this often. Just a short prayer where you picture Jesus and speak to him from your heart. That is truly a turning to God. Do not forget, I will always be there with you.

 Comment: The teachings these past few days have led the person from darkness into light, and now Mary explains how to walk in that light.

January 18
 Eternal Light 

Man must put away senseless and useless things and come into full wisdom. There is so much striving for what passes away, and so little thought given to eternal life. Eternal life is the fullness of divine light, so I will describe it fully.

Life on earth always ends in mortal death. The body’s task is over. The soul which God created when the body was conceived now lives a separate existence. It is no longer united with the body, although on the resurrection at the last day, the soul will be reunited with its body.

The soul was created by God and is made for God. (This soul is the human person). So, at the moment of death, when the body is no longer a fit receptacle, the soul returns to the God who created it.

However, much has happened in those intervening years, from the moment of conception to death. The person has lived on earth, has been intertwined with many forces of good and evil, has made choices, has committed sins and, sometimes, has sought forgiveness. Obviously, the soul is much different, formed by years of choices and experiences.

That is why I speak. The soul is made for divine light and during these many years, had the opportunities to choose light and to live in light. However, if it has chosen darkness, then the moment of death seals those decisions forever and ever. That is why I say that man searches after the passing things and does not seek the eternal gifts of light for which his soul was created. I will continue my teaching on this path of light. I am the mother of light and I have no children of darkness. Many are in darkness right now and they must become children of light before it is too late. Always, the choices are urgent. Do not forget your prayer, “Mary, make me a child of light”.

Comment: There is always a choice and always an urgency. You become a child of light only as you choose to accept Mary’s light.

January 19
 What Should Be Left Behind 

I put before you choices of life and death. These are important choices which are made every day. I speak to guide these daily choices.

When a person is in darkness, they make foolish choices, taking what is unworthy and setting aside what is truly valuable. When a person does this every day of their life they discover like Peter that they have fished all night (sometimes with unbelievable energy) but they have caught nothing. Oh, their nets are full. They took in many things. They might have even gained a fortune, but they fished on the wrong side of the boat.

They fished on the earthly side and not the heavenly side. Their nets were filled to overflowing but only with earthly valuables. O reader, you might look around your home and see so many valuable things, all of which you earned and paid for. They are truly yours. You won them. But have you purchased also the valuables of heaven? What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul? So, speak about your soul.

A moment will come when you will die and must leave your earthly wealth. You will take with you only what is in your soul. What is there right now? First, there are sins. Yes, you have committed sins. You do not want to take these sins with you. So, you must seek forgiveness. Take a moment. What sins come to mind? Do not be afraid to allow them to surface because, then, you can ask forgiveness.

 If need be, write them down. Make a list. Now bring each sin before my Son, Jesus. For each sin, ask for his forgiveness. Will he forgive you? He is just waiting for you to ask. Just ask and they will be forgiven. For Catholics, there is a greater gift. They can receive Jesus’ pardon in the sacrament of confession. What must you after this? I will talk again, later.

 Comment: All of our choices are stored on our souls. The sinful choices can be removed by sorrow and confession of sins.

January 20
 Calling the Nations to Repentance 

The world certainly sees its own problems – the wars, the terrorism, the economic instability. It sees the need for leadership, for meetings, for plans, for goals, and for agendas. However, it sees absolutely no need for repentance. God has been removed from the scene, and this fundamental need for repentance has been pushed aside. So, I bring this to the attention of mankind. I point out the need for repentance and what repentance will bring about. I will be the preacher of repentance, which is mankind’s greatest need. If mankind were to repent, the wheels would be set in motion that would change the course of the world and avoid the divine chastisements. I will explain.

When a nation acts selfishly a series of events are set in motion. When, for example, a nation begins a war, then people are mobilized. At the same time, the other nation also prepares to defend itself. Gigantic groups are now focusing on a false goal, created by the evil decision to begin a war. So it is with all of human history. Evil decisions have been made at every level and in every field. These decisions have set the world on a path totally diverted from the path intended by God.

So, it is not a matter of plans, meetings and agendas. It is a matter of getting off the present path and getting on to God’s path. That only happens when God is invoked and man cries out, “We are sorry for not following your path, O God”. Let the spirit of repentance begin to flow. Let it awaken nations! Any nation which humbles itself and repents, will receive a spirit which will revive the land. All other solutions are bound to fail because they never address the heart of the problem. Mankind has forsaken God’s road and has chosen its own.

Comment: In the middle of all these crises, what voice is calling the nations to repentance?

 January 21
 A Child of Light Lost in Darkness 

Many, who walk the path of darkness, need only a little light because their hearts are good. It is their intellects which are darkened. I speak these words so this darkness is scattered and they can see the right path. Others need greater light because their hearts are given over to darkness. Yet, even these, if they immerse themselves in my words, will receive light for both their intellect and their heart. Here, I do not just scatter the darkness but I pull them out of the darkness which they cling to. Let us begin. All can be helped.

A person who first enters darkness knows that they have lost some light. Some turn back immediately because they hate any darkness. Others find the darkness agreeable. So, they go back and forth, from light to darkness and then into light and back into darkness. They can do this for years. Their hearts seek the light but they also find some darkness quite to their liking. To these I want to speak first, because they need to stop compromising. Yes, that is what you do. You compromise yourself and you hurt me very much. You know who you are. You have received much light. You come from a family that was filled with light. You were trained in the light, especially in your youth. You always saw yourself as a child of light.

Now, the world has attracted you into a darkness and you go back and forth. It is time for a decision. You cannot keep going from light to darkness and back to the light. At some point, and this is very serious, you will take your usual trip into the darkness, thinking that you can easily return to the light, and you will discover that the road is blocked, the door has shut behind you and you are where you never wanted to be. You are a child of light who finds yourself in a darkness that can never, never be your home. If this is you, call out to me now. “Mary, make me a child of light”. I will come. Yes, I will come.

 Comment: Mary describes so well what happens to so many. As always, she will help you.

January 22
 Mary, the World’s Good Samaritan 

 Look around and what do you see? So many broken lives! People who began with high hopes and great talent are now by the wayside. They are like the traveler, going from Jerusalem to Jericho, who fell among robbers. That is the modern person. There are so many robbers these days, waiting along the way to destroy. If someone avoids the robber of lust, then the robber of avarice and greed awaits him, or the robber of hatred, or the robber of disappointment and broken dreams. So many people lie helpless along the way, unable to finish their journey and fulfill the purpose for which God created them.

So, I come as a Good Samaritan. I do not pass anyone by. I stop and bend over all my children, offering to each exactly what they need.

 You, O reader, have you been set upon by robbers? Has your joy and your life been stolen from you? Do you lie wounded and even left for dead? Have many others have seen your plight and just walked on? Well, I will not walk on. You are far too important for me. I take this time to speak to you.

 You could never have foreseen that all of this would happen to you. Your early years were so filled with promise. You had so many talents and so many opportunities. But the years went on and the opportunities dried up. You found yourself put off to the sidelines. In a sense, you could not believe that all of this was happening to you. Everything was supposed to turn out so differently than this.

Now, the dreams are shattered and the hopes are broken. The road ahead looks no better. No doors seem to be opening to you. What can you do?

That is why I have stopped for you. I saw you lying here, so helpless. Really, so much can be done. Take my hand. I will stay with you. I will lead you on a new road, a different road where there is hope. I will teach you about my Son, Jesus, who holds all the keys of heaven and earth. He can unlock the doors which need to be opened in your life and he can close the doors which should be shut. Everything will change. Trust me. Rise, let us go from here.

Comment: What a gentle invitation to all who have suffered disappointments.

January 23
 A Light That Goes On and Off 

The lights go on and off. Sometimes, there is a moment of understanding and the person sees clearly what they should do. Then, suddenly, the light goes off and the person returns to the reality of the darkness in which they live every day.

O reader, you must see the importance of those moments of light. Even though they seem to last but a short time, they show you a way out of your darkness. They are my gift to you and I will teach you what they are and how to gain their full effect.

 The light that you receive comes from heaven and it shows you your life as the heavenly Father has planned it for you. Unfortunately, this light gets quickly swallowed up in the darkness of the world that surrounds you. When I give you that light (even for a moment), you are seeing another world, a different world. That world is where you belong, where I want to take you. Now, I will tell you what to do.

When you experience that light, do not set it aside. Ponder the light. Draw it into your heart. Remember what you felt and what you experienced. Ask me to increase the light and to bring it more often. The Father is trying to place heaven in your heart so that, even in the darkness of your world, you experience inner light.

One more thing. This light is important for your family. As this light becomes established in your heart, there will be light in your home. You will be a child of the light. This comes from heaven above but is received here on earth in the stillness of your heart. I will be there. I am the Woman of divine light.

 Comment: People experience moments of hope. Mary teaches us how to make these moments change our lives.

 January 24
 Opening Windows to Heaven 

Modern man lacks hope for two reasons. He wants immediate gratification and he cannot see the long-term future. Hope is a staying power which sets aside the immediate pleasures and accepts the discipline needed for a goal that is far off. This goal is a mystery and when a goal is good, it exercises a powerful, benign influence. Hope focuses the energies of man on future goals that are benevolent.

Unfortunately, man gets consumed with immediate goals that present themselves without any effort on his part. These are passions which crash in upon him, often stirring him to greed or lust or selfish ambitions. Hope is much different. Hope puts aside what is selfish and seeks a heavenly goal. This is the problem. Man has set aside heaven.

So, I must return to the Ages of Faith, when every village was built around a church. The church had spires which pointed upwards to the heavens, reminding all the people where their hearts must be. All were taught that man’s goal was not earth but heaven, that the world passed away and only heaven perdured. These were the Ages of Faith, where God was accepted and heaven was sought.

It has been so long since man breathed the air of heaven or allowed the mysteries of heaven to claim his heart. O modern man, you are breathing the wrong air (and I am not speaking of your polluted cities). The air you breathe is sick, filled with a stench. You have enclosed yourselves in a smoke-filled room called earth. But this is what I will do for you. I will open your windows to heaven and new life will come.

Comment: In the Ages of Faith, people believed deeply in heaven. Now, with all his technology, man focuses only on earth. Mary will open heaven’s windows.

 January 26
 A World Made Vulnerable By Globalization 

 No one knows all that lies ahead, no king, no president, no rich man and no poor man. The future remains hidden to men. They can only experience the present and remember the past. The future always remains a mystery, hidden in God who sees the events.

Yet, these events do not just pour out of God’s mind. They are not like the seasons of the year which he determined by creation. The events are subject to human freedom. They lie in the hands of men who choose to obey or disobey God. This is my teaching.

God sees events as they should happen, what would take place if men would live according to His word. Now, however, events are distorted by sin. They happen, but not in the way in which God originally intended. Much is determined by the free will of man.

The Father sees these distorted events of the twisted future. He sees the pits into which mankind will fall. He sees the agony which will be brought on by the destructive forces which man has created. He sees the path on which man is headed, a path which man himself cannot see. He sends me to speak of these future events so mankind has an opportunity of turning away, or, at least, to prepare for them. They will happen quickly, one after another. In fact, one event will cause the other. If one part of the building collapses, the other parts are weakened.

The events are all tied together. They are cleverly interconnected and mankind has no idea of the system which Satan has built, a system without safeguards or fire walls. Globalization has made mankind extremely vulnerable, with one event triggering another. This is the future, a series of events in which the two elements of shaky financial structures and destructive weapons interact and worsen one another. All of this is easy to see on the horizon, but no one calls on heaven for help. When will mankind receive my message? Your earth is in grave danger. Events lie in the near future. Heaven wants to help but you must call out “day and night”.

Comment: Mary gives a clear description of the present dangers. As always, she pleads for man to invoke heaven’s help.

January 27
 Mary, the Preacher 

 Angels tremble when they see the holiness of God and the degree of perfection needed to come into his presence for all eternity. This requires a purification that only God can bring about, and results in a humanity without stain or wrinkle, a perfect humanity unknown on earth but seen by all the angels.

 How far has mankind traveled away from this original holiness, first with Adam and then with all those who followed. Now, the speed picks up. Man is hurtling into the very center of darkness. When he arrives there, his cause will be totally helpless. This center is called hell, where mankind possesses no holiness and cannot communicate any holiness to those who will come after.

 Could this every happen – Could mankind return to the hopelessness that existed before my Son died on the cross and rose in his great victory? This is Satan’s plan. He wants to bring mankind to the point where he will be so distant from the light of the resurrection that he can never again discover that light. He wants the gospel message to be crushed and destroyed so that men’s hearts are never opened to the power of the resurrection. In this plan, many are his helpers, enemies of the gospel in every possible way.

The antidote is obvious. I must raise up powerful preachers of the gospel. Even more, I will become the preacher. I am already doing this at the sites of my apparitions. I am doing this through people whom I raise up. But, even this is not enough. Mankind needs more signs and wonders. Faith is under such an attack that it needs heavenly signs and heavenly words, more than ever before. This is my promise. I will provide those signs and I will speak those words for all to see and hear. When you see and hear, know that your heavenly Mother is protecting and nourishing your faith in this time of the greatest darkness.

Comment: Mary describes Satan’s goal – to destroy the gospel – and her solution, she will be the preacher.

January 28
 Because You Kill the Unborn 

Before a storm breaks the clouds gather and all know that a storm is coming. The quality of the clouds even reveals the power of the storm, little or great.

But this will not be the way with the coming events. There will be no clear signs because they will depend on the hidden decisions of men. Evil works in hiding, so that the effects cannot be prepared for and the greatest possible damage is inflicted. This is the pattern – sudden surprises, catching people off guard.

I speak to reveal what is hidden, so that all who listen and heed my words are protected.

What attracts evil? What are the prime targets? What will cause the greatest panics and draw the biggest headlines? Where do crowds gather, making people easy targets? These questions are the ones usually asked. Evil has another set of questions. Who is at my disposal? Whom do I control? Whom can I use now and who will be available later? What is the overall plan?

 After 9/11, America said “We will rebuild and we will kill those who killed us”. It did not say “We must repent because we ourselves have killed millions of our unborn citizens”. When destruction happens again I want you to say, “Let us cleanse our nation of the death of abortion”. Otherwise, it need to happen a third time until you finally get the message. You are the greatest murderers of your own citizens.

New York was the first site and New York will be the second site. Then it will spread to other cities, more quickly than anyone could imagine, until many of the largest cities are struck. The focus will be the trains and subways. There great confusion happens immediately and people quickly panic.

 After these series of strikes, many will live in fear and normal life will be greatly disrupted, out of all proportion to the power of the terrorists who have maximized the damage they inflicted. With a small number of people and a small amount of explosives, they will manage to cripple much of American life.

What will be America’s response? The political leaders will know what to say to enhance their importance. Civil leaders will respond to try to restore a normal routine. But will anyone cry out – “Do you not see? Because we kill the unborn, God has lifted his protecting hand from a country that used to keep his laws.”

Comment: More Americans were aborted in September 11, 2001 (about 4000) than were killed in the Twin Towers (about 3000). Mary points out the connection but America never got the message.

January 29:
The Middle East and the Philippines

I begin with words of greeting that lie on the surface of my heart. Then I lead you into the deeper thoughts and finally into my sorrows which lie at the center of my heart. Do not sorrows always occupy the center of a mother’s heart? Can she forget the children, who lived for nine months, so close to that heart? So, today, I speak from the deepest recesses of my heart. I speak words that are filled with sorrow.

The difficulties in the world will not abate. The fires will not cool down. They are just beginning and there is so much fuel to feed them. Satan uses human suffering. The burdened hearts of people are easily used for his purposes. People do not realize that Satan uses desires to be free of suffering as the door to greater sufferings. This is happening all over the Middle East. People who suffer are open to his voice. They are not able to discern. He gets those in power and those who are protesting into a battle of mutual destruction. Everything is distorted. Those who should protect the people, kill them. Some would say that this is the pain of birth. I say that it is not birth but death and chaos that will result .

 Do you think that this will be limited to the Middle East? Are there not large numbers of people who suffer in all parts of the world. Satan targets these people as his agents because they believe that they have little to lose. After he has used them, he quickly throws them away and empowers others who continue his works of destruction. Look at Egypt. Those who sparked the uprising are set aside because he now uses the army and the Muslim Brotherhood.

 When will people learn? There are solutions to worldwide problems but they lie in my Immaculate Heart. But what people turn to me and invoke me? Look at the Philippines! They invoked me and I ridded them of their dictator without any bloodshed. Contrast the two, the Philippines and the Middle East and you will see two, quite different models. Dictators can be removed without plunging a nation into a furnace of suffering.

 Comment: Mary wants dictators overturned but not in Satan’s manner.

 January 30
 The Kingdom Overcomes the Shadow of Death 

In my Son, Jesus, the kingdom of God has come. All are welcome. Many, however, do not know that they are even invited. Beecause the gospel has never been preached to them, they remain “in the shadow of death”. (Lk.1:79) What does this phrase mean?

It means that no matter how long a person lives, their life will end with death. Even if they are rich or famous or powerful, their life will end in death. Everyone on earth lives “in the shadow of death”. There is no escaping this shadow. It extends to all, young and old.

When my Son, Jesus, came to this world, He brought the heavenly life of the kingdom. Everybody who now lives in the shadow of death can begin to live in the shadow of the kingdom. The believer does not escape physical death because he passes through the door of death (like everyone else). However, on the other side of the door is Jesus’ kingdom. For the believer, the shadow of death has been changed into the shadow of the kingdom. That is how the believer (and his loved ones) look upon death. Jesus has brought the new shadow of life eternal, unending life with Jesus in his kingdom.

How is this gained? The answer is very important and I want to be truthful. Every person born into this world is in the shadow of death but not every person is in the shadow of the kingdom. The person must know about the kingdom and choose the kingdom. This is why the gospel must be preached. The gospel alone has the power to save from eternal death.

 Life on earth will end. That is for sure. However, life need not end in the shadow of death. It can lead into the shadow of the kingdom of God. That is the new option which my Son provides.

Comment: Mary explains the great gift of Jesus. A believer sees death as the door to the kingdom.

 January 31
 God’s Final Word 

When a person leaves behind everything to enter the kingdom of God, he receives everything. By leaving all, he receives all, and by losing his life in this world, he gains life eternal. This is the mystery I will explain.

 God wants man to live forever. To do this, he offers man his kingdom, a world which includes eternal life. Man lives by a divine glory, the glory of my Son’s resurrection. The resurrection was God’s saving moment, when he poured forth his glory upon Jesus’ humanity. That humanity is now the source of God’s glory for all who believe.

Now, this resurrection is set aside. Satan can never erase that event. It is recorded in history. The disciples examined the empty tomb. The risen Jesus appeared to them and ate with them. These are the events which formed the Church. Never can they be erased. Its power will last until the end of time.

However, for a certain period of time in human history, Satan can cover over and hide the resurrection. He can have the world forget it and set it aside. That is what he is doing. He began with the two world wars, and now continues with the constant shaking of the world’s order.

However, this is what I say. He can never, never remove the power of the resurrection. It will remain in the center of human life, always able to be released in surprising ways. This is what will happen in the years ahead. Just when it seems that darkness has conquered the world and Satan’s victory seems inevitable, the power of the resurrection will burst forth. O you who believe, never despair. Your faith in my Son’s resurrection is not in vain. The resurrection is God’s final word and that power will not be destroyed. Wait for Jesus! He is coming!

Comment: No matter how great the darkness, God has already spoken the final word. Jesus has risen and that power will always remain in human history. 

The world is exploding – Syria, Afghanistan, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, America. February ~ 2012