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Locutions to the World ~ April 2012

April 1, 2012
The Woman of Sorrows

Soon the exile was over and we retraced our steps, being led out of Egypt by an angel’s word to us.  We settled into our life at Nazareth, joyful to be back among those whom we knew and loved.

God’s graces in my soul were super-abundant.  Each year we made our way to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover.  When Jesus was twelve years old, we set out as usual, not knowing at all what lay ahead.

The Return to Jerusalem

When those days were over, we returned in the large group to Nazareth but soon discovered that Jesus was not there. Our only hope was to go back to Jerusalem and search for him.  How painful was that journey.  The joy of the feast had drained from my heart.  I knew by faith that years later I would make another painful journey to Jerusalem, but this I will describe later.

It took us another day to arrive, so we began our search on the third day in the temple area.  There was Jesus, speaking with the learned teachers of Israel, asking them questions and even giving replies.  They were astounded and we were amazed.

I could only speak from my heart, “Jesus, why have you done this?  Your father and I have been looking for you?”  His reply was totally different from what I expected.  “Why were you looking for me?  Did you not know that I had to be in my Father’s house?”  Yes, he belonged to his heavenly Father.

Belonging to the Father

I knew this all along, and like any devout Jewish mother, I continually gave Jesus back to the Father, “He is yours”, I would say, “not mine”, but this event made that sacrifice so real.  We had lost Jesus for three days, and our joyful finding of him was now mixed with the realization that he did not belong to us.  He called God his Father and it was to his Father that he would dedicate his life.  I had always said, “Father, he belongs to you”.  Yet, facing that reality was a sorrow of my heart.  Now, I had experienced three sorrows – the prophesy of Simeon, the escape into Egypt and this event in the temple.  As the Mother of Jesus, I would accumulate many more sorrows.  These sorrows were part of my “yes” to God.

O reader, how many sorrows you endure.  When they become too heavy for you, come to me, the Mother of Sorrows, and I will console you.  I will pour out the endless blessings that I stored up for you.  With every sorrow, God gave me endless blessings, so I could give them to all those who suffer.  Earth is a valley of tears, but I can make it into a valley of peace.  This is why I speak.

Comment:  Mary has seven sorrows.  The other four are:  Meeting Jesus carrying his cross, the death of Jesus, holding Jesus after his death and the burial of Jesus.  There is a rosary of the Sorrows of Mary.

April 2, 2012
Jesus Understands His Identity

The moment came when Joseph passed from earthly life to heavenly life.  His eyes had seen the Messiah.  More than that, he had protected the mystery, keeping it hidden and protecting me.  I felt his loss deeply, grieving as any wife would do.  Yet, the human grief was marked with the greatest joy.

His death seemed like the normal human picture, a wife and a son at a deathbed, but Joseph died with God and the Mother of God at his death.  Now, he is the patron saint of a holy death.  So, begin now to pray to him, asking for your own holy death.

Alone Together at Nazareth

Now, Jesus and I were alone, locked together in the greatest mystery of heaven and earth.  We spoke often of Israel and its purpose in God’s plan.  We knew well the scriptures, the prophesies, especially the prophecy of Nathan to David, that his descendent would lead Israel.  I remembered those words of the angel, spoken about Jesus, “The Lord God will give him the throne of David, his father, and he shall reign over the house of Jacob forever”.

We spoke often and I could see Jesus increasing in wisdom.  He would come and ask me about certain Scripture texts, like “The Lord said to my Lord.  Sit at my right hand and I will make you enemies your footstool”.  I could see the mystery unfold before my very eyes.  He would come and say to me, “Mother, many times I read the Scriptures and a voice inside me says, “That text is speaking about you, Jesus.”  “That is God who speaks in your heart, Jesus.  Listen to his voice.”

Mary Explains

Another time, he asked, “Mother, how was I conceived?”  I told him the story, “Jesus, I had always consecrated my body and soul to God.  This was a mystery that I did not understand.  When Joseph asked me to marry him, I had to reveal this mystery, which Joseph accepted and we would live with both our hearts consecrated to virginity.  Then an angel told me that I was to conceive.  This confused me until the angel explained that the Holy Spirit would overshadow me and what would be born of me, would be the Son of God.  That is you, Jesus.”

Jesus Responds

He listened.  He thought.  He was not shocked or overwhelmed.  He merely said, “Now I understand”.  “What do you understand, I asked?”  This voice that always speaks within me.  The voice calls me “Son” and I respond “Father”.  He calls me “beloved son” and I call him “heavenly Father”.  We are one, he with me and I with him.  There seems to be no distance between us, as if we share the same nature and are one in our being.  “The voice is true”, I answered.  “Listen to it and be faithful.  Do whatever it tells you.  Act according to what it shows you”.  He listened to my words and left, going as usual to the place of solitude and prayer where he was always attracted.

Comment: Mary reveals the great mystery of Jesus’ intellect coming to know his identity.

April 3, 2012
The Daily Treasures

O reader, I share all these memories of my heart so you know how real were my sorrows and how true is the help that I will provide for you in your sorrows.

Jesus’ Leaving

One day, Jesus came and said, “Mother, I must leave.  This voice of my Father within has stirred me to go to the Jordan, where John is baptizing.  There, my work will begin”. Ever since my visit to Elizabeth, I knew it would be this way.  John would be the door to Jesus’ ministry.  John would go ahead of him.  When I heard the news of John baptizing at the Jordan, I knew the time was at hand, and my heart was prepared for this departure.  Yet, this did not make the loss any easier.  The home at Nazareth would be empty now.  Joseph was dead and Jesus was leaving.  I had only memories, thousands of memories of joyful years.

Life at Nazareth

Our home was like heaven.  No sin entered there.  We all lived this mystery of Jesus.  His holiness, his miraculous conception and the great mystery of his call for Israel was always in our thoughts.  No one in Nazareth would notice us.  We were Jews, faithful to the Torah and to the synagogue.  Jesus assumed no special role.  He was known as a carpenter, faithfully fulfilling his daily work.  Only I saw what was within his heart. How many times we spoke.  He shared the mysteries taking place in his heart.  Now, they are all stored up in my heart.  Never had there been such a close relationship between Mother and Son.  Everything in his heart, he poured into my heart.  He held nothing back.  I received the treasures of the King of Kings.

Mary’s Invitation

Do you think that I suddenly was filled with every grace and blessing?  God does not act in this way. He pours out his gifts each day.  He holds back fresh treasures for those who seek him daily.  My heart overflows with all the treasures and I pour them into your heart each day.  I invite you to hear my words every day, just as I heard Jesus’ words each day.

Comment:  Every day, Mary listened to Jesus.

April 4, 2012
They Have No Wine

So many times I pondered the great mysteries in which I was involved.  Jesus, himself, was the greatest mystery, the great mystery of his origins, of where he came from and of his life with the Father, even before he was conceived in my womb.

As he began his ministry, this mystery was hidden, but gradually it would be revealed until the whole world would know that he was “The Word mad flesh who dwelled among us”.  How all of this would happen or what part I would play in this was not clear to me, but the first manifestation began at Cana at a wedding feast.  Jesus had already gathered some disciples but it was the beginning stage and they had no idea of his power.

Crisis and Solution

Suddenly a crisis arose.  The poor couple had no wine.  Knowing Jesus’ power I presented the problem to him, “Woman”, he said, “My hour has not yet come”.  The public ministry had not yet begun.  The miracles had not yet come forth.  Truly, this hour of manifestation had not yet come.  Still, there was the couple whose wedding feast had run out of wine.  I believed and told the waiters to do whatever Jesus told them.  First, I saw the headwaiter talking excitedly to the bridegroom.  Then, I saw the waiters filling up the empty glasses.  Jesus had answered my request.

The Rosary

Since then, how many requests I have asked of him, especially at the Battle of Lepanto, when the whole Church cried out to me by saying the rosary.  This will happen again.  When the West is again threatened by the Muslim invaders, my people will use the rosary to cry out to me.  I will again go to Jesus and say, “They have no wine.  They have no hope.  They are filled with despair.”  He will hear my voice.  However, my people must begin now.  They must use the rosary to intercede.  Learn the rosary.  Take up the beads and there will be more miracles.  My Son never, never refuses my requests.  Hasten world peace.  Say the rosary.  If not, peace will come but it will be delayed and many will perish.

Comment:  Mary’s first intercessory prayer at Cana reveals her power over Jesus’ heart.  If we use the rosary, her intercession will gain all that we need.

April 5, 2012
Sorrow Over a Rejection

I went to the synagogue on a Sabbath and Jesus was there.  He had returned to Nazareth, but now was known for his healings and miracles.  I watched him with a mother’s heart.  I heard the comments and knew their expectations.  Some were scoffers.  Others brought a mean and bitter spirit.  I thought, “O Jesus, what are you stepping into here at our synagogue where we used to worship in peace?”

The Synagogue Service

The service began.  Jesus was handed the scroll.  “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me because he has anointed me”.  I could see and hear and feel that anointing.  The text meant so much more as Jesus himself read it.  “This is “his text”, I thought.  He is proclaiming his ministry and what God had anointed him to do”.
As he finished those final words, “to proclaim a year acceptable to the Lord”, he sat down and all eyes were upon him.  I could never forget his opening words, “Today, this scripture passage is fulfilled in your hearing”.  I could see the restlessness and feel the anger rising.  Murmuring filled the synagogue.  The crowd was divided, but as always, the scoffers were the outspoken ones.

Rejection and Challenge

Jesus sensed their rejection and faced the challenge.  “You say, ‘Do here the miracles you did in Capernaum’”.  I say that “no prophet is without honor except in his native place”.  As the anger grew greater, I recalled Simeon’s words, “This child is a sign of contradiction, meant for the rise and fall of many in Israel”.  I was seeing this before my eyes.  Our friends and our neighbors were rising up against Jesus.  Violence was breaking out.  The people had become a mob.  Suddenly, Jesus was grabbed and taken out of the synagogue.  They were going to kill him, right before my eyes.  However, his hour had not yet come and he slipped through their hands.

How I wept for Nazareth, my beloved village!  The Savior of the world who would always be known as Jesus of Nazareth could work no miracle here.  I faced the great power of evil which so grasps men’s hearts that they would try to kill the Man of Peace.

A Jerusalem Mob

I knew this was a foreshadowing.  As Jesus would say, “No prophet dies except in Jerusalem”.   I knew there would be another angry mob, other Jewish leaders, and even Roman soldiers.  This time, Jesus would not slip away unnoticed.  Oh, the sorrows of my heart, coming from every side.  They flowed from the inevitable clash when God wants to enter the human heart which he created, but the heart is already owned by darkness.

O reader, Jesus wants to enter your heart.  Do not reject him and cause me more sorrows.  I will help you to repent and to cast out the evil that holds you as its prisoner.  Do not wait.  The longer evil controls you, the greater is its hold.

Comment:  The confrontation at Nazareth (Luke 4:16-30) was stark.  The rejection was decisive.  Jesus never returned there.

April 6, 2012
A Friday in Jerusalem

I awoke that morning in Jerusalem many years ago.  As usual, we had come on pilgrimage for the Passover.  I knew that Jesus was also in Jerusalem and I feared for him.  His name was on everyone’s lips, some proclaiming him as the Messiah and others saying that he was a fraud.  I knew that Jesus had no fears and also, that he was quite clever in concealing himself.  He was safe among the crowds and safe among his apostles.  However, I had difficulty calming my own heart.  I feared those who, not knowing Jesus and his real mission, would try to use him for public demonstrations during the feast.  These would make him king.  I also feared the temple authorities, who worked closely with the Roman governor to be sure that no demonstration would break out.

That Friday Morning

As I awoke that morning in Jerusalem, I heard the news.  They had acted.  They had arrested Jesus.  There had been a trial before the Sanhedrin and Jesus had been found guilty of blasphemy and condemned to death.  However, these Jewish authorities had no power to put anyone to death.  So, they handed him over to the Roman governor, Pontius Pilate.  Jesus had often told his apostles that he would be handed “over to the Gentiles”.  Now, his words were fulfilled.

I went quickly to the center of Jerusalem.  The crowds were gathered before Pilate’s praetorium.  They brought Jesus out for all to see my Son, crowned with thorns and beaten, wearing his own garment with which I was so familiar.

Piercing Mary’s Heart

They were bargaining over him with Pilate trying to save him from death and the chief priests stirring up the crowd.  “Crucify him.  Crucify him”, they shouted.  Really, they were crucifying me.  I knew this moment would happen.  I thought of the temple where Simeon first said the words, “Your own heart a sword shall pierce”.  I thought of Jesus saying, “I must be in my Father’s house”.  I thought of the rejection at Nazareth, when they tried to hurl Jesus over the hill.

The way of the cross began.  I moved swiftly so I would not miss Jesus.  Along the way, we came face to face.  He could not speak.  He could hardly see.  “It is your mother”, I said.  Then, he knew I was with him.  “I will stay with you.  I will be there with you.  I will not leave you until all is accomplished”.  Then, he moved on and I followed with the Beloved Disciple at my side.

The Perfect Victim

As we arrived at the place of execution, they stripped Jesus and nailed him to the cross.  I stood there, offering my Son to his eternal Father.  Formerly, the victims were calves and bulls, but these were not enough.  Today, there would be a new sacrifice of the Father’s only Son.  His blood will redeem the world.

I stood before Jesus, the perfect sacrifice, totally pleasing to the Father and able to redeem the whole world.  Then, a new and special sorrow came upon my heart which I carry until this very day.  Although all are redeemed in Jesus’ blood, many will not accept it.  Some reject the gift.  Others become enemies of the gift.  Others do not even know about the gift.  That is the sorrow that I carry even now.

Seek Your Redemption

And you, O reader, do you seek your redemption in Jesus’ blood?  Do you know what this sacrifice can do for you?  Do not hold back.  Right now, accept Jesus as your Savior and Redeemer.  He will break the power of your sins, bring you into light and place you on a new road.

As I stood at Jesus’ cross, I held you in my heart.  You were there with me.

Comment: We see Good Friday through the thoughts and feelings of Mary.

April 7, 2012
Mother of the Redeemed

They sealed the tomb but I could not walk away.  The sorrow in my heart was too great.  Only God could sustain me in that moment of my greatest sorrow.  Many would think that my greatest sorrows were over, that my Son had persevered in his obedience to the Father, and that the world was now redeemed.  All of that was true, but the greatest sorrows were just beginning to be released in my soul.  God was taking me to the next stage of my ministry to the world.

The redeeming power of my Son was unleashed like a mighty ocean within me, and I saw all of history as he had seen it.  Up to now, my heart was totally centered on Jesus and in helping him to complete his earthly life.  That was accomplished.  My work as his physical mother was brought to a conclusion.

Mother of all the Redeemed

Now, I was no longer just the mother of Jesus of Nazareth.  I was the Mother of the Redeemer, and I would be the Mother of the Redeemer until the end of time.  A new work began for me, and with the new work, a new ocean of sorrows.  I could hardly move away from the grave.  I went with Jesus, in spirit, to the place where the souls of the just awaited him.  I greeted my parents and all whom I knew and loved.  I saw them brought into the light.  I saw the joy on their faces and how they were welcomed by all the angels.

This was the beginning of the kingdom of God which Jesus had preached as imminent and about to break through into human history.  It had already arrived for all the just who died before Jesus, including my beloved Joseph.

A Battle Still Taking Place

However, for those still on earth, the battle had just begun.  The kingdom of God would be in their midst but the whole world had to be awakened to Jesus’ victory over sin and death.  Standing at the tomb, I saw this so clearly.  A momentous struggle was about to begin, a struggle in which some of my children would win a victory in Jesus’ name and others would lose, even though Jesus had died on the cross.  This was my sorrow as I stood at the tomb.

Comment: The burial of Jesus opened up for Mary the next stage of her ministry.  She was Mother of all the redeemed with a new task of saving them for heaven.

April 8, 2012
When Glory Fills the Human Body

Jesus stood before me in all of his risen glory.  Transformed and radiant, his body was glorified, Just as my body is also glorified and as your body, O reader, will also be glorified if you just listen and heed my messages.  This is why I speak to you.  What happened to Jesus and what happened to me is also meant to happen to you.

Heavenly Glory

You are called to be taken up into the glory of the heavenly Father and to live forever.  This is the call and the power of your Baptism.  This gift can never, never be taken away from you.  However, you can throw it away.  You can reject it.  You can choose to sell it for a bowl of soup (like Esau) or for thirty pieces of the world’s silver (like Judas).  I will explain this glory so you will never throw it away as useless or sell it to the highest bidder.

Explaining the Resurrection

At his death Jesus’ soul left his body and came before the Father who bathed him in the fullness of glory.  On Sunday morning, that soul filled with glory entered once again into his body.  This caused his body to rise from the dead.  Because of this glory, the body itself was changed into a glorified body, unable to suffer and die, able to come through locked doors, to appear and disappear in the many times that Jesus came to his disciples.  Finally, that glory lifted Jesus to the heavenly places, where he sits at the right hand of the Father.

Your Glory

The good news is that Jesus communicates that glory to all who believe in him and in the power of his name.  This is your destiny, O reader, and why I constantly speak.

I am the first person to experience the fullness of the resurrection, when my body also was lifted up to heavenly glory.  This is called “the Assumption of Mary”.  This is the treasure which Jesus and I want so much for you.  It is yours if only you listen and live according to these messages.  I am preaching now to the whole world.

Comment: Mary explains the cause of Jesus’ bodily resurrection, which is the divine glory available to us through Jesus.

April 9, 2012
The Way to the Way

There is so much more that must pour out of my heart!  As I was caught up in the glory that came from Jesus’ glorified humanity I realized what he had accomplished.  God’s life, lost by Adam, was restored to man.  God had found a new way to sanctify even sinful man.  Originally, Adam and Eve were to pass on divine life to their children, who would be born into grace.  Sin destroyed that road to heaven, so God created another road and Jesus is now the Way to the Father (Jn.14:6).

The Way to the Way

However, many people cannot discover this way.  They need a “way to the Way”.  Some even need to be picked up and carried to “the Way”.  In that moment, as I saw my risen Son and experienced his glory, I also saw my role in salvation.  I understood the great mystery of Jesus to whom the Father had given all of his glory.  I also saw that Jesus had come into the world through me.  I was the way in which “the Way” came to earth.  Now, I was to be the “way to the Way”.  I am the mother who brings her children into the glory of her first-born son.

How much I search for my children.  I seek them out in every corner of the world.  They do not know how to reach my Son, when He alone can give them divine glory.  If they do not get to Him, if they do not share in his risen life, then they will be lost forever.  That is why I speak so often, trying to have my voice heard in every part of the world.

Mary’s Task

I have seen the glory of the risen Jesus.  I have been bathed in his divine life.  I know the riches of his glory and the power of his love.  I have tasted the new fountain and been exhilarated by the new wine.  I have seen the glory shining on the face of my Son.  O reader, when you see that glory you will live forever.
This is my call, my struggle and I will never lay down my arms until I have lifted every child of God into heaven.  That is my revelation for this day, my ceaseless, unending and total giving of myself to save everyone for the kingdom.  If you experienced the Risen Jesus, you would do the same.

Comment: Mary describes the riches of her seeing Jesus in glory.  Knowing that she is the way to Jesus, she ceaselessly gives herself to save everyone.

April 10, 2012
An Ocean Flowing to the Whole World

I began to hear about Jesus’ other appearances to his disciples and the great joy that was flowing in their hearts.  That joy was like a mighty river, able to fill every heart in the world like it did my heart.  This river of life is still flowing out and is received by all who believe.  This is my teaching today.

Jesus’ Glorified Humanity

When the soul of Jesus left his body, it entered into God’s glory.  Because Jesus was perfectly obedient to the Father, his soul was able to be filled with divine life.  Three days later, when the soul was reunited with his body, the resurrection took place – the most important event in human history.  A new road was now established which joined earth to heaven.  This road is the glorified humanity of my Son.  It is a living road and life pours out from this humanity and flows everywhere.

Proclaiming Jesus Everywhere

As Jesus appeared to his disciples, they received this life because they loved Jesus and he had prepared their hearts to receive.  Because this life was an infinite ocean, and the disciples knew that this ocean could not be contained in their hearts, they had to tell the whole world.  They went everywhere, proclaiming the kingdom of Jesus, telling the story and trying to share with everyone the new life that they had received.  They enjoyed great successes and numerous failures.  The ocean of God’s glory, received first in the soul and body of my Son, and then received by all the disciples, flowed out to the whole human race.  However, some closed their hearts and even killed the disciples who brought the message.  That is the state of the world today.

Your Ocean

No one can stop this ocean.  It always flows out from Jesus’ heart.  However, they can close their own heart to the ocean.  O reader, the ocean of Jesus’ glory wants to enter your heart right now.  Open your heart.  Ask for the glory and this ocean will come and you will be on the new road to heaven.

Comment: Jesus’ glorified humanity is God’s new road to eternal life.

April 11, 2012
The New Community of Believers

The Spirit led me back to the small community of disciples.  All of them had seen my Son, Jesus, risen from the dead.  All had stories to tell, like the two disciples who were leaving Jerusalem, discouraged and downcast, with their hopes shattered.

The Two Discouraged Disciples

Jesus appeared to them on their way home to Emmaus.  They did not recognize him because he hid his real likeness from them.  He asked what they were discussing, even though he already knew.  They could not believe that there was anyone in Jerusalem who did not know the event of how their leaders handed Jesus over to be killed.

Now, they had heard rumors that the tomb was empty and some had even gone there and saw that this was true.  They were crushed because they were hoping that he would be the one to redeem Israel.

Opening Their Eyes

Jesus began to speak with them, saying that the Messiah had to suffer to enter into his glory and he pointed out all the sayings in scripture.  As they came to their village, Jesus pretended to go on farther, but they invited him to stay (still not knowing who he was).  While they were at supper, Jesus again took bread, blessed it and gave it to them, just as he had done at the Last Supper.  With that, their eyes were opened and they recognized Jesus in the breaking of the bread.  Then Jesus disappeared from their sight because his task had been accomplished.  The two disciples came back quickly to Jerusalem to tell their story.  The other disciples were already rejoicing.  They knew the Lord was risen and had appeared to Peter.

Join the Church

O reader, I invite you to join this community and to become a member of the Catholic Church.  It is founded upon the apostles and it keeps alive the stories of Jesus’ appearances to the early Church.  In the Church, you are in contact with Jesus who always dwells in the midst of the gathered believers.  These events live on.  They carry the power of Jesus’ resurrection and the presence of God’s grace.  I loved to be with the early Church and I remain present in today’s Church.  I will meet you there.

Comment: By his appearances, the Risen Jesus formed a community of believers.   This early community has continued to exist for 2000 years in the Catholic Church.

April 12, 2012
The Fire of the Resurrection

I take you into the deepest mysteries of my Immaculate Heart where all the history of the world is contained.  God places every person in my heart.  I am the new Eve, the mother of all the living.  However, many who are in my heart never come to life.  Originally, this divine life was to be given to all, but sin destroyed that gift.  Now, divine life comes only through my Son, Jesus.  The whole human race dwells in my heart but not all awaken to their new life.  This message must be preached, “To have risen life, you must receive it from Jesus.”  His soul was the first to be bathed in divine glory and he is the source of divine glory for all who believe and call upon his name.  This is the mystery of the resurrection which I will explain.

Raising Up Both Jesus and You

The Father raised up Jesus.  Having done this for Jesus, the Father can do the same for any human person.  How can this happen?  What is the secret?

The message has been told, preached to the whole world.  It is no secret.  What happened to Jesus can happen to you.  In fact, it must happen to you so you can avoid eternal death.  My messages are, truly, a matter of life and death.

When I saw Jesus risen in glory, I realized that this should happen to everyone.  The moment I saw him, my heart was filled with a fire, a fire which still burns in my heart.  I see every person as another Jesus.  All can be my children.  I see every person as glorified like Jesus.  I see that every person can be in heaven, like Jesus.  This is the purpose of life on earth.

Experiencing the Resurrection

There is a moment of human history which everyone is meant to share.  At times, a person experiences a special moment and tells others about that moment, but the other person can only hear about the moment.  They cannot experience it like the first person did.  However, the resurrection is a unique moment.  What happened to Jesus, O reader, is meant to happen to you.  You are meant to be filled with divine glory and live forever.  The fire of the resurrection burns painfully in my heart.  Part of that fire belongs to you and I want to give it to you.  Will you take it?  Will you receive it?  Or, will you reject it so I cannot give it to you?  I hope you understand the great gifts that await you if you only enter my heart.

Comment: Mary describes exactly what happens when we allow her to place the fire of the resurrection in our hearts.

April 23, 2012
Surviving the New Situation of the World

I lead you into the future.  It will be like a forest, where much is entangled and where there are many dangers.  However, I will be there with you, giving you extraordinary help.  I will be close to you and, on so many occasions, you will sense my presence and your heart will be lifted up.  After a while, you will realize that, with my help, you can survive in this new situation, that you can gather with your loved ones and others with whom you have bonded in faith.

Life will not be like it was before.  The prosperity will have gone.  Simplicity will be demanded.  The world will no longer be confident of its power, or even of its teachings.  There will be great questioning, especially, “What direction should we take?”  This questioning represents a very special moment.  For those prepared by my messages, the road will be very clear.

I will repeat my words, “When the times of trial begin everything will be different.  You will be deprived of many things and you will need to make great sacrifices.  However, you will also see this as a time of great holiness for you and your family.  You will experience my presence and you will have great faith in me.  You will bond with others to whom you are joined in faith.  Gradually, you will gain a new confidence that you will be able to survive these crises and live in quite a different way.  You will place all your confidence in my protection in a way never demanded of you before.  All of this will lead to a great purification of your life and a strengthening of relationships”.

To Those With No Faith

To those who have not prepared for these trials and for whom faith seems foreign and unknown I say, “In the darkness of these trials, I will offer you new light”.  You have never seen yourself as a person of faith.  Even the terms of faith are new and unknown.  Do not let this discourage you.  I can bring you along quickly to a deep personal faith that will serve you well.  With your new faith, you will find yourself being moved to seek out those who already experience this faith.  As you do this, you will find all that you need to survive the trials.

Comment: The world will experience great changes but people with faith will see what to do.  People without faith will be offered the gift.

April 24, 2012
The Grace of Repentance

I wait and I wait for my children to turn to me.  They do not realize how short is the time and how close are those days about which I have spoken and revealed to others.  These are the days of travail, like the pangs of childbirth.  Yet, in many ways, they are not the same.  A child is a gift of God and the pangs lead to birth and new life.  These days are not God’s gift but the result of his justice that has been held back for so long.  They really result from the sins of man and of his refusal to listen to my warnings (and how many of these I have given).   Yet, I still say that there is time to turn to me.

Pushing Back the Time

Anyone who turns to me, I can save.  For those who do not turn to me, I can only push back the time for a while, hoping that in the interval, they bring forth the fruits of repentance.  It is like the parable of the fig tree (Lk.13: 6-9).  For three years the owner looked for fruit and found none.  He wanted to cut down the tree.  His gardener pleaded with his master, “Let me fertilize it.  Perhaps, this next year it will produce fruit”.  The tree was given one more year, but without fruit it will be cut down.  So, I plead with the heavenly Father and he hears me, but I can only ask for time.  The people must bring forth the fruit of repentance.

Your Heart

Now, I ask you, “What is in your heart and what really matters to you?”  Answer me honestly.  What do you live for?  What are your goals?  What do you seek?  Are these the things of earth or of heaven?  Possibly, you do not even know how to seek heavenly things.  So, I will teach you.

Your Family

Some of you were not even raised in families of faith, (It has been so long since the Ages of Faith).  Some have had no contact with the sacraments of confession and Communion for years.  I take everything into consideration and I also offer to you grace and a chance to repent.  Accept the grace as I explain what to do.
Everything begins with good will, with a sincere desire to escape condemnation and to be right with God.  This is the beginning grace.  I promise that I will obtain that grace for you.  When it comes, receive it.  You will know what to do.  All is contained in that grace.  Begin right now.  Say, “Mary, give me the grace of repentance”.  Already, my grace is flowing into your soul.  The grace itself will show you what to do next.  Keep asking for it.

Comment:  Mary’s invitation is so easy and her promise is so firm.

April 25, 2012
Coming to the Brink

I watch over all my children but they must be attentive because they walk amid great dangers and are totally unaware of the forces that constantly pull them into the darkness.  Once in the darkness, they lose my light and are subject to so many errors in judgment, errors which become embedded in their mind and form the so-called “wisdom” by which the world sees and judges.

How can I give my light to those whose minds are filled with errors and darkness but believe they have “wisdom”.  All my normal helps of speaking to them and enlightening them are useless (like water flowing over a gigantic rock).  What can I do to bring them into the light so they do not suffer eternal darkness?  This is my eternal quest, my unchanging goal – to save all the world from eternal damnation.  This goal is so important that I do everything to bring it about.

So, what do I do when a person and not just one person, but a whole society, a whole nation has slipped into a perpetual darkness and has accepted so many errors, that these errors have become the conventional wisdom.  Answer me.   What can I do?

I must bring that person, that society and that nation to the brink.  The “brink” means to that point where they can still turn back but also where they will destroy themselves if they foolishly continue.

That is what I will do.  I will bring people and societies and nations to the brink.  Each will arrive at the brink by the sins they have committed.  If the sins are sexual, then their sexual sins will bring them to the brink.  If their sins are addictions, then their addictions will bring them to the brink.  If they sins are economic, then their economic sins will bring them to the brink.  My purpose is obvious.  At the brink, they can still turn back.  To turn back, they must see what brought them there, the particular sin that formed their false “wisdom”.  The brink, therefore, has a purpose.  The person will see the sin that brought them to this point and they will see what they must do to return to the path of light.  O reader, O society, O nation, I will be with you even when your sins lead you to the brink.

Comment: People and nations arrive at a brink through their foolishness, due to their blindness to a particular sin.

April 26, 2012
A Narrow Gate and Wide Open Doors

I open wide the doors.  These are not doors to riches or to fame but wide doors to eternal life.  Jesus has said that the door to life is narrow but for those who know my secrets, I make the narrow door wide.  I do this so no one gets discouraged and gives up because of their failures and sins.  Let me explain how I make the narrow door so wide.

Standing Before the Door

When Jesus spoke, many had no idea of the obligations imposed by the kingdom.  So, to awaken them, Jesus used this image of the narrow door.  Now, I cannot change the size of the door but what I do is this.  I stand before the door and I open my arms and my heart.  These are wide and open and anyone can enter.  As they stay with me, my heart changes them and, by the time they arrive at death – for that is the door to eternity – they are ready to enter Jesus’ narrow door.

Preparing All Who Enter

If they waited and tried to prepare themselves (as some foolishly do), they would have a hard time getting themselves through Jesus’ narrow door.  However, the doors of my Immaculate Heart are wide open and invite everyone.  When a person enters, I embrace them and they feel so welcome.   I see clearly that they are not at all ready to enter Jesus’ narrow door, so I teach them to obey.  That is the first lesson of every mother.  Secondly, I teach them right from wrong, and they see what they must do.  I encourage them and assure them that they will be much happier if only they obey God.

I then begin to lead them down a road of light.  First, sinful attachments are surrendered.  Then, love for others is infused.  The person breathes the pure air of honesty and truth.  They begin to like this road.  They enjoy their new style of life.  I introduce them to others who are also in my heart.  These encourage them (for, indeed, they need others).  I even provide life-long friends, committed to gain the kingdom.

No Fear

As they continue on this road they are more than ready to enter by Jesus’ narrow gate.  O reader, do not fear what is in store if you give yourself to God.  Begin with my heart’s wide open doors and I will embrace you.

Comment: Mary’s invitation is so true.  She is the easy road to eternal life.

April 27, 2012
Words to Sinners

Many are taken up with this pastime or that goal, and they forget why God created them.  As they wander from my path, they suffer hardships that need never have happened.  They even inflict hardships on others because their life is out of control.  All of this could have been avoided.  Their life should be filled with earthly and heavenly happiness.  Instead, it becomes like a wineskin that holds no wine.

Leaving the Road

Yet, I watch and watch as so many of my children leave the road of virtue to follow the attractions of vice.  All are entangled in bonds that they cannot break.  In sorrow like a mother who sees what happens every day.  Let me speak to this issue.

Because of its great attractiveness, sin ensnares very quickly.  Even a person trained in virtue, who has followed virtue for a long time, can become entwined in forces that claim them, pulling them away from all that was taught to them.  Those who feasted on the bread of angels now are quite content with the worldly bread that can never satisfy them.

Powerful Forces

What is the problem?  They are pulled in so many different directions.  Even if they resist, they do not have the strength to resist all that the world and the devil throw at them.  They are assaulted on every side by the most powerful of forces.  The lure of great attractions increases every day.  There are more and more doors into the sinful.

O reader, if this is you then listen to my words.  I will come for you, no matter what sins you have committed and no matter what sinfulness fills your life.  List them all – lust, greed, murder, selfishness, abortion, divorce, infidelity, prostitution, homosexuality, theft, lies.  Need I go on?

Make your own list of what you have done.  Never, never say that your life is hopeless, that you can never save your soul.  I know the road of sin that you have taken and I know the road back to goodness where you want to be.

Comment: Mary searches and searches.  No one need be lost.

April 28, 2012
The Selfishness of the Human Heart

All the graces and blessings of heaven are ready to pour down upon any soul who opens their hearts.  But, what good is it to pour down the rain of blessings when hearts are closed to heaven?  This has happened in the modern world.  Hearts are closed to heaven and without the heavenly rain they quickly dry up.  Thoughtfulness, respect, generosity, self-sacrifice – these are flowers that cannot grow in the dry soil of the human heart.  Let me address this problem.

When the Rain Stops

When man is saturated with God’s blessings, then the human heart easily embraces other people.  There arises permanent, loving marriages, parents who sacrifice for their children, employers who look to the good of those whom they hire.  Nourished by God’s rain, the human heart nourishes others.  However, when the rain stops (because man turns away from heaven) then the human heart shrivels and turns in upon itself.  Thoughtfulness and self-sacrifice are supplanted by the innate selfishness of the human heart.

Mankind forgets the basic weakness.  The human heart tends toward self-love.  Only when nourished and satisfied by God’s blessings can the heart forget its own selfish interests.

At God’s Table

That is the secret of all the saints.  First, God drew them to himself, nourished them and fed them.  They became God’s friends, sitting always at his table and every day sharing in his meal.  Only then, could they go forth in their powerful lives of self-sacrifice which changed the world.

You, O reader, are no different.  God calls you to come and be nourished at his table.  He calls you into his presence.  He will speak with you and feed the hungers of your spirit.  Without God, you are selfish.  With God, your selfish desires are quenched and you are free to love others.  These are the gifts of my heart and I want them for you.  First, you must be fed at my table.  Then your selfish desires will not destroy you.

Comment: The world offers no remedy for the selfishness of the human heart.  Only heaven can cure that.

April 29, 2012
Rejecting Jesus’ Gift

These words flow from the sorrows of my heart.  Sorrows have a power to go deeper than other thoughts.  They pierce through until they reach the center of the heart.  Today, I share with you all of my sorrows, from the least to the greatest.

First, I see so many of my children starving and dying.  So few come to their aid, busy about so many other things.  Those who have much, do not even think about those other countries, who have so little.  Look into this.  I will stir your heart and you will discover true ways of helping those in need.

Second, so many of my children do not know the basic teachings of the Church.  They are ignorant of the scriptures and have no desire to read them.  They walk in darkness and do not realize it.

Finally, and most important, there are so many who have no life within them.  They are the living dead.  They live but not God’s life which Jesus offers them.  This is my greatest sorrow.  If only man were filled with God’s life, then everything on earth would quickly be restored.  There would be a new earth.
I do not come just to give messages.  I come to give life.

Man is the only creature on earth who can receive God’s life.  This is his highest calling and the purpose of his existence.  He is unique.  He is called to be God’s child and to enjoy God’s life.  Yet, this life is beyond his powers.  Man has a calling that he can never fulfill by his own powers – to become a child of God and live a divine life.  Man becomes God’s child by a gift coming from Jesus.

This gift was purchased at the great cost of Jesus’ death but man does not accept the gift.  Man has no interest in God’s life.  So, man is destined, by his own free choice, to die eternally, refusing the gift which he could so easily receive.
O reader, do not cause me sorrow.  Believe in my Son, Jesus, and receive life in his name.  I will help you.

Comment: Mary explains her sorrow.  Many are not children of God when that privilege is easily available.

April 30, 2012
Memories that Boil Over

Disturbances are everywhere.  Nothing is stable.  The world hurtles to a self-destruction.  No one controls these events which intertwine like the elements of an explosion.  Yes, the inevitable explosion.  Does anyone believe that suddenly peace will descend upon the world, that arms will be put away and that treaties will last?  This is the wildest of delusions.  It seems impossible that peace will just come down from heaven. Yet, that is my message.


I am the Queen of Peace and I hold all the elements of peace in my heart.  Peace begins with forgiveness of the past, the putting aside of memories which control the present and determine the future.

Look at the Middle East.  Look at Africa.  Look at what happened in Bosnia.  Memories that go back for centuries boil over, never able to be erased, never allowing for true peace and understanding.

Erasing Memories

What if tomorrow, every memory of past wars, injustices and conflicts were erased from human memory, what would happen?  Mankind could begin over again.  Nations could work together and earth could once again become the home for God’s children.

So, I say to the nations, to people, to all societies and to you, the reader, “Erase your memories by forgiveness.  Set aside those memories that only lead you to anger and violence.”  I am not asking you to set aside self-defense.  I am asking you to destroy the memories that lead you to violence as a means of correcting the past.  Who asks you to correct the past?  God will bring about your vindication.  He will uphold your cause.  Your task is to uphold his cause and to walk in his ways.

I have not yet spoken about the great gift, which heaven will send down like the rain all over the earth.  I have only spoken about what you, O reader, can do right now.  Purge yourself of memories that lead to anger.  I will help you.

Comment: So much violence, personal and worldwide, erupts from memories of the past.

  a Point of No Return, a Nuclear World May, June ~ 2012