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Locutions to the World ~ Sept.1 - Oct.27, 2013 The Church Has Lied, The Dark Secrets of the Rich, Toppling Satan’s People

September 1, 2013 Evangelizing and Miracles 

The evangelizing success of the Early Church depended much on signs and wonders. When Peter healed the lame man in the temple, 5000 came to believe (Acts 4:4). When Paul healed Publius at Malta, the whole island believed (and remains Catholic until today). When Philip went to Samaria, he drove out many demons. Paralyzed and crippled people were cured. Great joy, came upon the city and many were baptized. (Acts C7).

These events parallel the ministry of Jesus. He preached that the kingdom of God was present. His miracles showed the people that his preaching was true. Jesus told his disciples to proclaim the gospel to every creature and to baptize those who believed. He promised that signs would accompany the preaching, that they would drive out demons and heal the sick by laying hands. Evangelization and miracles should go together.

Widespread evangelizing without widespread signs and wonders is impossible. Many try to preach but (as Paul says) are ignorant of these spiritual gifts of healing, raising from the dead and driving out demons. Their harvest is bound to be small.

September 2, 2013 Discernment of Spirits 

Discernment of Spirits is a very important spiritual gift which is also unknown to most. There are three “spirits” – the Holy Spirit, the human spirit and the diabolical spirit. The Holy Spirit guided Jesus to stay behind in the temple. When I asked, “Son, why have you done this to us?” He replied, “Should I not be in my Father’s house?” The Holy Spirit told him to stay in the temple.

When Peter refused to believe that Jesus would suffer and when he refused to allow Jesus to wash his feet, until he was corrected, Peter was acting in the human spirit.

When Judas betrayed Jesus and left the Last Supper, he was acting under the demonic spirit which controlled his heart. “It was night”.

The human spirit stands between God’s Spirit (who invites it to goodness) and the demonic spirit that uses every opportunity to enslave it to darkness. If people do not pray, their human spirit, with all its passion, ambitions and weaknesses will inevitably make false steps and walk in diabolical darkness. How much the soul needs to discern which spirit is guiding its decisions.

September 3, 2013 Discerning the Evil One 

The spirit of evil is most effective when he is hidden and people do not realize that he is at work. The gift of discernment unmasks him, reveals him, and shows the person how to be freed from his power.

He is the spirit of lies, confusion and division. He is the spirit of wars, suffering and destruction. He is the spirit of lust. (Oh, how this spirit has gone forth upon the world.) He is the spirit of death in abortions and of hatred in relationships. He is the spirit of greed that drives a person to seek avariciously and to forget his neighbor. He is the spirit of infidelity that leads a spouse into illicit relationships. He is the spirit of addictions that claims alcoholics and those who use drugs.

He is the spirit of division that divides and destroys families; the spirit of hatred and revenge which resists God’s gift of forgiving others. He is the spirit of rebellion when people say, “I will not serve God.” How extensive is his influence. Because he is not seen, he goes undetected.

He is everywhere, but must act only on the surface until he discovers some door into the human heart. Then he enters, until he is revealed and renounced.

September 4, 2013 The Spirit’s Wisdom 

There must be an explosion of the Spirit’s wisdom for the whole world to be enlightened.

Otherwise, man is doomed to follow the wisdom of the world, the flesh and the devil. The wisdom of the world is the foolishness of ambition and greed. The wisdom of the flesh is the selfishness of every kind. The wisdom of the devil is a multiplicity of snares that entrap people and nations in a thousand ways.

Without the Spirit of Wisdom, man’s intellect is darkened. He is like a blind man in a darkened room, seldom making even one correct decision.

Only the Spirit’s wisdom can transfer man from darkness into light. Then, all of his decisions bring about the kingdom of Jesus. What would Jesus do, or say, or decide, or counsel? The Spirit sends forth this fountain of Jesus’ wisdom. Oh, how the world needs these waters.

O reader, just come to me before every decision and I will ask my spouse, the Holy Spirit to enlighten you.

September 5, 2013 People Helping Mary 

Even though I was the mother of God and the spouse of the Holy Spirit, it was the Father’s plan that I be helped by those who used the gifts of service. How I rejoiced when Elizabeth said, “Blessed are you among women and blessed is the fruit of your womb”. My heart was lifted up when the shepherds came to Bethlehem and recounted all that the angels had said to them.

There was the prophecy of Simeon which guided me all my life. Jesus would be a light to the nations but my own heart a sword would pierce.

Most of all, there was Joseph. The Spirit guided him by dreams showing him to accept me as his wife even thought I was pregnant. By these dreams, Joseph took us safely to Egypt and then knew when to return to Israel. Even I needed others to help me by their gift of service.

Everyone needs this help. When these gifts are unknown, set aside or even looked down upon, my people walk in darkness and fear. Many lose their way.

Let there be new spiritual lights, millions of lights of service placed in the hearts of all believers. Come, with the help of the Holy Spirit, we can fashion a new world. Without the Spirit, only darkness and destruction are possible.

September 6, 2013 Who Is In Control?

At the beginning of his ministry, Jesus openly proclaimed, “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me. He has anointed me to preach the good news”. The Holy Spirit was in control and Jesus willingly subjected himself to the Spirit’s actions. “I always do the will of the Father”, Jesus said. The Holy Spirit brought about this total surrender.

The question is, “Who is in control?” Who is in control of your life? Who is in control of the Church? The Holy Spirit should be in control. The Spirit is like a dove. He needs to be invited and he knows when he is not welcome. O reader, O Church, I have explained everything.

Now, the decision is yours. Do you want to control your lives or do you want the Spirit to be in control?

Read again the Acts of the Apostles. See the results when the Spirit is in control. Imitate the disciples surrender and you will experience the Spirit’s power.

The Fatima Gift (September 7 to September 16, 2013) September 7, 2013 The Three Faithful Children


The fires of war burn fiercely, just as I have prophesied through the children of Fatima. When these children saw me, I always appeared sad. This left a great impression on their souls.

When I showed them a vision of hell, I absorbed them into this sadness of my heart. For the rest of their lives they prayed and sacrificed to save souls. This is the real message of Fatima – to sacrifice, and to say the rosary for the salvation of souls.

I also spoke about world events – the ending of World War I and the inevitable beginning of World War II, if people did not heed my messages. Everything has unfolded exactly as my words declared. Now, another greater phase of destruction has begun. I must speak of the Fatima gift and the children who were so faithful. I will set these children before you as my witnesses.

September 8, 2013 Preparing for Centuries 

For centuries, Satan has prepared for this era. His plans come to a fulfillment and a culmination as the forces of evil intertwine and strengthen one another.

Just so, I prepared for centuries for Fatima. My Church faithfully proclaimed me. Blessed Pius IX proclaimed my Immaculate Conception. I appeared to Catherine LaBoure and Bernadette of Lourdes. As I continued to appear, great expectations arose. Yet, I waited in sorrow.

The Great War began and many died. I prepared the children by the visits of the Angel of Portugal and by Holy Communion.

Then came that day, May 13, 1917, when all was to begin. The great veil of heaven would be parted and the secrets of my Immaculate Heart would be revealed.

For this, I chose the three children. They were both prepared and faithful. The angel’s visits and teaching had changed them. Their hearts had already heard heaven’s voice. Now they were to see and hear the Queen of Heaven.

September 9, 2013 Lucy’s Shining Star

All was ready because the three children were prepared by their devout families, by their personal devotion, by the simplicity of their culture, by the visits of the angel and their personal response. Oh, how they responded, encouraging one another to daily sacrifices and prayer. If one faltered, the others lifted them up. Such was my plan to have three children.

Lucy would be my messenger but Francisco and Jacinta were her helpers until she no longer needed them.

Lucy became like a lone star, burning brightly in the night. Her star still shines in all of her recorded words and writings. Her witness lives and calls people to repentance. She speaks to the Church, to popes, bishops, priests, religious and laity. Her words will grow like a din that cannot be ignored in these years of wars and turmoil.

September 10, 2013 The First Vision 

Fatima was about to explode upon the world, Mary 13, 1917. The decades of preparations were complete – the revelation of the miraculous medal, the infallible proclamation of my Immaculate Conception, the devotion at Lourdes and at the other apparition sites. The children were prepared by the angelic visits and by their total surrender to his teachings.

All was ready. The moment arrived for me to awaken them. They saw me and knew that I came from heaven. They asked about heaven and I assured them that they would be with me. Francisco had to say many rosaries.

How I loved them. The divine action had begun. I began to place in their hearts the Fatima gift, planned by the Father from the beginning of the world. They fully received this gift, as only children can receive. They embraced it and took it into their hearts. I was at peace. The Father had chosen correctly, the gift would be safe in their little hearts. O children of Fatima, little do you realize what I will do within you. You will bless the whole world. Your mother promises.

September 11, 2013 The Vision of Hell 

As the children returned to their homes, they faced great suffering. They were not exalted but questioned and even persecuted. They had only each other. That is how I arranged it.

They bonded together into an unbreakable oneness. Their suffering and their constant prayer prepared them for the vision of hell, a central part of the message of Fatima.

They saw the demons and the condemned souls immersed in great flames. They did not imagine this. The rays came forth from my hands and they saw these lower regions. Lucy describes her experience very vividly, without holding back anything. Read her words. They are a true revelation.

After this vision, they understood their mission. The vision had welded their hearts together in an uncompromising yearning to save souls from hell. They had an indomitable spirit. I taught them to pray. “O my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell, lead all souls to heaven especially those most in need of your mercy.” O reader, say that prayer often. It comes from my own lips.

September 12, 2013 The Responses to Fatima

There must be a human response to the Fatima gift. The children responded fully, opening their hearts by prayer and sacrifice to all the graces. However, those who lived in Fatima often took a human approach. Some accepted and others doubted. Some even harassed the children who suffered greatly. Finally, there was the government, the mayor who opposed the visions and put the children in jail so there would be no vision on August 13, 1917. 
 (Ed note: Our Lady appeared to the children on August 19th, after they were released from jail.) The Fatima gift would have been greater if the government had not adversely intervened.

These three approaches exist even today. The Fatima gift comes from heaven. By faith, its blessings are great. If approached by human ideas, it is limited and fruitless. If openly rejected, then the hearts remain cold, untouched by its fires. There is still time. Fatima can bless the whole world. Imitate the children. Read their stories. By their actions they are the great preachers of Fatima.

September 13, 2013 The Suffering of the Three Children

The moment came to place the great secret in their hearts. I experienced a joy, like the Father’s joy as he was about to send his only begotten Son into my womb. I foresaw all that would happen. The three children would be so united to me in my sufferings.

For Francisco and Jacinta those sufferings would be physical and would lead to their early death. For Lucy, the sufferings would be all of her long life. She was a vessel into which the greatest of lights was placed. She accepted the light of the great secrets and never rejected them. What suffering they caused her! So many times she was confused about what to do, pulled between her obedience to me and obedience to the Church.

She pleaded and spoke and wrote. At times, she was called to silence. The secrets burned in her heart every day of her life. She accepted this fire of suffering because she loved me, loved the Church and loved all mankind. For Lucy, the salvation of souls was uppermost in her thoughts.

September 14, 2013 The Dance of the Sun 

All that was needed was a sign. The message was placed firmly in the children’s hearts and they would be the most faithful of messengers. However, I had to help them so the whole world would believe.

The huge crowd gathered on that October day, 1917, in great expectation. The downpour of rain had soaked the fields and the people. This, too, would be part of my sign.

The vision began as usual, with the three children seeing me clearly. Then came my promised sign, the dance of the sun (as it is called) and the phenomenon of the sun seemingly coming close to earth (which caused many to believe it was the end of the world).. Finally, all the ground and all the clothes were completely dry.

With this sign, the Fatima gift was sealed forever. The message was in the children’s hearts and the world had the sign that it needed to believe. Something special had been given to the world. Fatima contains all the blessings so desperately needed by the world which is engulfed in endless wars and permeated by unimaginable sins.

September 14, 2013 The Ship of Fatima 

With the dance of the sun and the final vision to the three children, the gift of Fatima was ready to set sail, to go to every nook and corner of the world, to bless all who would receive its cargo and yet never to become bereft, multiplying as the blessings were received.

What has happened to that little ship that was meant to sail the mighty oceans and the gigantic rivers, which was meant to land at every port and to bless every nation? My great ship of Fatima, with all its many blessings, has found only a little narrow stream to welcome it. Only a few hold Fatima in their hearts, hear its message, live in its light and experience my blessings.

Even though this stream is small, I use these locutions to bring Fatima to you, O reader. Learn the story of the three children. Hunger for all the little details of their lives and their message. In this way, the ship of Fatima will dock at your port and all of its blessings will be poured into your heart.

September 16, 2013 The Hail Mary

The stream of Fatima flows everywhere but it is so tiny that very few receive its blessings.

Therefore, I use these locutions to bring the message to many more. I use the prophesies about world events to attract people. These prophesies claim people’s attention. I speak of these events, describe them and even foretell their path. I will continue to speak in this way because my words attract attention.

However, my goal is not to fill your mind with light about world events, but to fill your heart with the Fatima gift. How can this happen? Quite easily. Say the Hail Mary. If you do not know this prayer, learn it. Say it all during your day, especially when you need my help or are about to make a decision. When you pray the Hail Mary, know that I am with you.

Editor’s note: This website is attracting so many new viewers, I thought it helpful to print out the Hail Mary. 

Hail Mary, full grace, the Lord is with you. 
Blessed are you among women 
& blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus. 
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
 pray for us sinners now & at the hour of our death. 

The Present Distress (The World & the Church) (Sept. 17 to Sept. 28, 2013) 

 September 17, 2013 The Proposed Missile Strike

I will explain the present times so you are filled with hope and not fear. The world has made great mistakes. Satan, in so many ways, placed before the world some apparent good. It always involved a compromise. The world would choose the good. People would applaud the decision though it was the first step down Satan’s road.

This is so evident. All of these roads, which I will fully explain, have led to this time of darkness. Never has the world had such luxuries. Yet, does the world feel secure? What have we built? Where have we foolishly walked? These are the questions that arouse great fears.

How close the world came to a massive disaster in Syria. Pope Francis called for the day of prayer and fasting. Heaven responded and a peaceful solution was sought. This is my teaching.

When asked, heaven will always respond. Do not wait. Call upon heaven for all of your needs.

Now, I give you a task. You are so blessed by these locutions. Tell others. Be a missionary. Others will be blessed and you will be the door of these favors.

September 17, 2013 Global Economy 
Editor’s note: There were two separate locutions given on this day. 

I want to take you into the hidden secrets of darkness. More and more, the world moves into a global economy but this economy is shaped by forces that seek wealth and power that has never been dreamed of before. With the global communications, this goal is within their reach. What was far off, is now close at hand, almost within their grasp, a system of total control where the powers of local banks and even of sovereign nations are swept away. Each day, this power lies more and more in the hands of the few.

I am the Woman Clothed With the Sun. This title and all of its prerogatives are given to me for this era. Who can stop these forces? Who can rescue the world? The global economy is not stable. There are many flaws. It can be attacked and brought to its knees from many different points.

I must raise your level of faith. I am not just the woman who helps individuals, or churches or even just nations. I am the Woman Clothed With the Sun who can blind those who want to establish themselves as the world masters. Begin now. Invoke me as this woman and believe in the powers given to me by the father.

September 18, 2013 Three Dark Forces 

The world today is like an ocean with many waves. These are the daily problems that constantly beat upon the shores. These difficulties come and go, reported in the news but they are quickly forgotten.

Far greater darkness is buried deeply in this ocean. If released, these forces will change the world forever. Two are obvious – the dark forces of the global economic systems and of the great weapons that are being amassed. However, other forces also exist. Because of the global communications, large numbers of people can be stirred to violence quickly. Even more important, they can be filled with fears that will cause panic. Besides these two, I want to speak of the greatest of dangers. With global communication, leaders can be raised up by Satan who cleverly guides mankind onto false roads by decisions made over a period of time. 

These are fatal steps that can never be retraced.

When good people realize what has happened, they will cry out, “Only heaven can help us”. My message today is this, “O mankind, you have already reached that point. Only heaven can help you. By these messages I say that heaven is quite ready to help you. Return to the faith of your childhood. Do not despise the little acts of devotion that turn your heart to heaven. If you do this, I will help you”.

September 19, 2013 The New Forces of Darkness

What are these dark forces that lie hidden in the ocean of human life? Why do they exist and how did they get there? They are new forces, never before present in human history. They come from all the inventions and the new technology. These powerful forces have fallen into the wrong hands. There are many scientists and other intelligent people who work for Satan (even when they are unaware of that). They are his instruments, unlocking God’s secrets placed in creation, but then using them for selfish goals.

After these technologies are developed, they are used with no reference to heaven’s lights. The world is like children attracted by butterflies, wandering off of God’s paths and led into unthinkable dangers. This is the current state of mankind.

I must repeat the message. “Only heaven can rescue you. Turn back to the devotions of your Catholic faith. O reader, do not wait for the world. It will never turn back. I invite you personally to come back to me.”

September 20, 2013 The Darkness of World Leaders

The greatest darkness is those who currently guide the world. Look at the world leaders. Is there even one who would lead the world according to heaven’s light? Begin with the Muslim brotherhood and the terrorist groups. Will they lead the world to peace? Look at Russia. They are supplying arms to terrorist nations. Look at the European leadership. Their union has renounced its Christian foundations and thrown off heaven’s protection. Look at America. Can a nation that refuses to protect its unborn keep the whole world safe?

World leaders are the great darkness. Centuries ago, there was a Christian West that allowed the pope’s voice to be heard. Now, his voice is silenced, quoted only when it serves their purposes.

Do you not see my plan? I would exalt the papacy. I would make it the greatest force in world peace. The three Fatima children believed my words. I promised them a sign and vindicated their faith by the dance of the sun. Have I not promised the conversion of Russia followed by a great period of peace if the pope consecrates Russia to my Immaculate Heart? Is this consecration not to be done openly, in full faith for all the world to see? Would I then do nothing? I want to exalt the papacy, not make it a laughing stock. Remember, I am the Woman Clothed With the Sun. I will act on the world stage but I wait to be asked.

September 21, 2013 Mary’s Breath of Peace 

The world is so engrossed in evil that the heavenly Father has no choice. He must purify the world. However, how will this come? With my help, the purification can be quick and effective.

Without my help, the purification will be a terrible chastisement.

I speak now of a surprising breath of peace. Let us leave aside, for a moment, the enormous darkness that lay hidden in the ocean. Let us look around the world for places where I can breathe a new air of peace.

I turn my eyes to the Philippines where people always look to me. I see the struggle that they have had for many decades to defend their lands. If they raise their voices to me day and night, even beyond their present devotions, I will breathe peace upon them.

I also see the violence in the little towns and villages of Latin America. Here, too, people hold me dear. I promise that if any town or village cries out to me day and night, I will breathe peace.

I also see the homes in all the world where peace is endangered. Let the family call upon me, with constant, daily faith, and I will breathe peace upon the home.

And you, O reader, are there not parts of your life where no peace exists? Cry out to me and I will breathe peace.

This peace is not the great peace that I promise when the pope consecrates Russia to my Immaculate Heart. However, I cannot wait. I must give my breath of peace now.

September 22, 2013 Peace for the Nations

The forces of violence are everywhere, always looking for the best opportunity to inflict the greatest suffering at the least possible price. The West spends its money in trying to safeguard its people but so many places lie unprotected. “Where will the next attack come?”

That is always the question. Can you not fight back? Can you not push away this evil force?

Not with your own powers (how powerless you are!) but I offer to the nations this breath of peace.

If I put forth this promise decades ago, many nations would quickly respond. Now, the faith has grown dim and the light of hope is almost extinguished. I must act quickly. Let the words lift up your hearts. Call upon me. Gather publicly. Invoke me as the Woman Clothed With the Sun. Wherever there is violence, hatred and strife, I will breathe peace. Many people will hope again. These will be the beginning steps. I must wait for you to act.

September 23, 2013 The Dark Secrets of the Rich

The world contains many dark secrets – pacts and understandings between powerful people. These evil designs come from the rich who would control the world by their mutual cooperation. All of these evils are hidden, unknown and done in secret.

The world is in bondage to the rich and the powerful. These people owe their status to Satan, who enslaves them by their greed and ambition. He tightens the noose around the world’s systems, hiding his plans even from the rich and powerful whom he uses so cleverly. They, too, will be caught in his trap.

The moment comes ever closer. He waits until the whole world is in his hands. Then he will act and everyone will be enslaved.

I am the Woman Clothed With the Sun. I reveal these things to my children. When they see the world’s systems thrown into great confusion, they will trust in me. Begin now. The closer you are to me, the more I can help you. When will Russia be consecrated to my Immaculate Heart?

September 24, 2013 War and Peace

Do not judge by surface events. You must see more deeply. All of human history is played out on the world stage. Every human being plays a part which they freely choose – a role of good or evil.

Heaven and hell are the real forces, attracting each person to make decisions. When the person has finished their days in human history, they will have decided to live in heaven or in hell.

It is the world after death, after their time on the world stage, that is really important for each human person.

Each person lives in a different age. When the age is peaceful and the culture is filled with faith, then many go to heaven. When the age is filled with war and the culture abandons heaven, then many go to hell. That is the main issue. The importance of world peace is that many are saved. The great price of war and violence is that many are lost.

September 25, 2013 Who Will Be Mary’s Instrument?

Look at all of these destructive forces – world leaders who act in darkness, the rich plot to control the world, the terrorists plot to destroy and to conquer the world. I am looking for an instrument that I can use to destroy these plans of Satan, which are already far advanced.

With each new evil decision, with each new outbreak of terror, his plan moves forward. His great designs have not yet happened, but they are close at hand.

To whom shall I turn as my instrument? To Europe that has reversed its Christian roots? To America, that is in disarray and covered with new darkness? To Africa or to Latin America which struggle just to survive? None of these will do. Europe and America have forsaken their great call. They must sit on the sidelines, useless instruments at a time when they are so needed.

I look to you, my Catholic Church, the largest of the Christian churches. You act everywhere in the world. You are filled with people of good will who work tirelessly for others. These are my words to you. “It is for such a time as this that my Son founded you and has guided you. I will raise you up as a light to the nations to lead the world out of this satanic darkness. However, you must turn to Fatima. Your power over Satan (the source of all these evils) has already been given to you at Fatima. Heed that message and you will become my instrument. Reject that message and I cannot use you.

September 25, 2013 The Church Has Lied
 (Second locution given this day) 

O Catholic Church, I come to your sins against Fatima. Before you can be my instrument, you must openly repent. It has been almost 100 years since I gave you this gift and you have sinned grievously against Fatima.

Soon, you will raise Lucy to your sacred altars, proclaiming her blessed. But how did you act toward her in her lifetime? You were like Israel toward its prophets. You ignored her, silenced her, misrepresented her and, at the very moment when you supposedly released her greatest gift (the third part of the secret), you committed your most grievous sins.

You claimed, and you still claim, that the vision of the bishop clothed in white, had been fulfilled. (Ed. Note: The Vatican stated that the assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II fulfilled the prophecy.) In this, you have deceived the faithful and deprived them of their gift. You filled the world with your lies and your pretenses. “Fatima is a vision of the past” you claimed. “Forget about this vision. It has nothing to say about the future”. That lie still has not been repented of. Until it is, you cannot move forward.

September 26, 2013 The Church Must Repent 

I must use a knife to pierce the heart of the Church. No progress can take place until the sins against Fatima are purged. I will strip the Church naked, the child of my womb born on Calvary? I cannot just clothe her in the garments of Fatima. First I must strip her of her evil clothing because she still clings to her evil.

When I told Lucy that the time had come for the pope to consecrate Russia to my Immaculate Heart, she faithfully communicated this message. It was ignored and another world war began, exactly as I had said. Even then, Fatima was ignored.

With Pope Pius XII, doors were opened and devotion flourished. However, those around the pope slowed the momentum of Fatima, and no consecration took place.

Then came the great year of the secret (1960) which all Catholics looked forward to. A decision was made not to reveal the secret. The year came and went. The burial of Fatima had begun. Fatima devotion was seen as a product from a past culture.

Now, the Church’s armies march forth but not under my banners. I was “put in my place”. “I integrated into the Church” was the phrase they used. O Church, what has happened to your armies? So many dead and wounded. So many caught in the thickets. Have these been glorious years for you? O Church, you are not an army in battle array. You are in disarray because you have refused the banner of Fatima. These are your past sins.

Preach your message of repentance but preach it first to yourself.

September 27, 2013 Darkness at Noon 

All is in darkness, even in the Church. When it is midnight and all is dark, no one fears.

They know that the sun will soon rise. However, when it is noonday and darkness covers this earth, then the whole world will fear. That is the moment which human history is approaching.

At Jesus’ death, from noon onward darkness came over the whole land. However, his death led to a day of light, the surprising light of the resurrection which scattered Satan’s kingdom of darkness. For 2000 years, through lies, deceptions, and the sins of mankind, Satan has once more gathered his darkness. He has plotted how he will cover over this new sun of the resurrection. That moment is what the world is now experiencing.

To overcome the darkness, the heavenly Father has made a decision. God has clothed me with the sun and Satan has no capacity to cover over the sun that clothes me. This is what I try to reveal. When the Church opens the Fatima gift, the world will experience the sun of Jesus’ resurrection with which I am clothed.

September 28, 2013 The Source of All Darkness

I have spoken of darkness. Now, I must take you, O reader, into the very kingdom of darkness.

The heavenly Father decided to give angels and human persons the power to say “yes” or “no”.

One angel named Lucifer, meaning “light bearer”, was so proud of his light that he thought the light was his when really it was God’s gift. When he said “no”, God took away his light and the kingdom of darkness began.

When human persons join in this “no” to God, this kingdom of darkness spreads. That is what I have been describing in these locutions. The suffering, the violence, the wars, the economic difficulties come from the kingdom of darkness.

That darkness now covers the whole world. However, the Father has clothed me with the sun. This sun is contained in the Fatima light. O, Holy Father, when will you place that light on the lampstand?

Debt Limit Crisis (September 29 to October 9, 2013)

 September 29, 2013 Future Events 

I will speak of future events. I do not describe these to fill people with fear or to fill my children with fear. I want all to know that I am above these events, outside of them so to speak. Yet at the same time, I am within these events, helping all who believe in me to trust, and to prepare.

The words will be quite clear, and seen as true, as the events unfold. I will not speak of far-away events, but of events that will happen soon. In this way, my children will more and more believe that I am helping them by these locutions. Trust, confidence and peace are my goals.

September 30, 2013 Toppling Satan’s People 

Satan has placed his people in every conceivable position of power and authority and they act on his behalf. Many hold high positions and are well known to the public. By their daily actions, they spread and consolidate his darkness.

I will begin a special action. I will begin to topple those people whom he has set in place. Some will fall into disrepute because of scandals. Others will resign because of health. Others will be forced out, even when they felt secure because protected by higher authorities. When you see this happening, know that the Woman Clothed With the Sun is scattering the darkness. This is just a small symbol of the power given to me by the heavenly Father.

October 1, 2013 America’s Debt Limit Crisis

A default on loans will be averted only at the last minute. People cannot yet see what will happen in the days ahead. The crisis will grow and become more serious than other government shutdowns.

More important, why is this happening and what does the future hold? By its laws and by the voice of its Supreme Court, America has shredded God’s laws on the unborn’s right to life and on the very nature of marriage. It has walked away from divine protection. Like a foolish child, America has chosen its own legal path.

Now, it is entangled in its own laws and processes. No one can blame the heavenly Father. America’s foolishness is on view for all to see. This will not be the final crisis. They will come with greater force and regularity. America, if you make your laws against God’s wisdom, you will be entrapped by your own legal system.

October 2, 2013 The Two Mountains

America has embarked on unchartered waters and the American people look on helpless, as their elected representatives clash over the financial crisis. This should come as no surprise. No sudden calamity happened. The debt is a mountain which has been consistently growing for all to see.

I point out another mountain that also increases daily, the mountain of unborn children whose bodies are destroyed. America, you have two ever-growing mountains, your debts and your abortions. You worry about the one but easily dismiss the other.

This present crisis will be resolved. Compromises will be made. The government will reopen but the two mountains of your debts and your abortions will keep growing. Another day awaits you from which no one will save you. How clearly can I speak? Who will heed my warnings? The heart of America must receive a new fire that comes only from my heart.

October 3, 2013 The Two 1917 Fires 

Everywhere you look fires of destruction burn brightly. Although a fire of peace burns brightly in my heart, it does not go forth. Soon, the Holy Father will consecrate the world to my Immaculate Heart. As always, I will respond with an outpouring of my blessings, but this consecration will not put out the fires.

Let me take you back to 1917. Two fires were planted, the fire of love at Fatima and the fire of evil in Russia. I warned that the Russian fire, planted there by her enemies, would spread its errors. So it has been for nearly 100 years. Russia is now aligned with terrorist nations in the Middle East, offering them all the help they need. This is no conversion, no change of heart. The evil fire planted in 1917 still burns.

Until that fire is extinguished and the fire of Fatima is planted in Russia, little will change. The Holy Father will consecrate the world to my Immaculate Heart and I will bless the world, but I want the consecration of Russia that I have asked for.

The original statue of Our Lady of Fatima will be flown into Rome.

October 4, 2013 Enlightening the Members 

Words go back and forth. Negotiations break down and the debt crisis is not resolved. The two parties are like armies, set in their defensive positions. This war is not between Democrats and Republicans, but between heaven and hell. Satan wants no resolution. He hardens the positions and clouds the minds so no compromise is reached. He has brought about this crisis and wants it to go to a default which would trigger worldwide confusion. This would hasten his timetable, giving the terrorists an opportunity to move more quickly.

I will not allow a default. I will stir members of both the Senate and the House to move to a conclusion. The leaders of both parties feel that they must not flinch. My actions will be among the members.

I will especially touch the heart of the one whom I love so much. His voice is powerful. He understands the economic system so well and many look to him for guidance. He will not fail me. His voice will save the day, even though he stays in the shadows.

October 5, 2013 A Weakened America

I take you to the heart of the debt limit crisis and I speak my most serious words. No one will come out of the crisis unscathed. No one will look good in the eyes of the people. Blame will be everywhere. Let this be a sign to you of the troubled times that lay ahead. America is no longer a solid rock that can stand firm. Its strengths have been seriously weakened by all those who have taken advantage of her. America is very, very weak, breathing like an old man even though it is still young. Yet it has a destiny and an important role to play.

Can America return to its first fervor? Can it regain the wind of a religious spirit? These are the important questions that are set aside. The final chapters have not been written but, for now, America flounders on the rocks of its economic choices. Who will I raise up? Whose voice will point out a different path? This is America’s need and it will be my gift. For the sake of my name, I will not abandon the country I love so much.

October 6, 2013 Calming the Storm

The human race began as the tiniest stream with the original parents. Quickly, sin and violence, even murder, entered that stream. Today, the human race is an enormous ocean with turbulent waves and gigantic storms marking its history.

It was not meant to be this way. God intended a peaceful stream, obedient to his will. This stream would flow easily and gently into heavenly life, just as my own life did. A child born today is plunged into turmoil and violence. This is the state of today’s unpredictable world.

When Jesus said, “Be still. Be quiet”, the Sea of Galilee grew calm. The disciples asked, “Who is this who could calm the sea?” The troublesome waves of the debt crisis will grow stronger. People will wonder who can save them. I will work quietly in the hearts of those who share in the power. These representatives, behind the scenes, will work out a solution. Know clearly. Only heaven can still your destructive waves.

October 7, 2013 Someone Whom Mary Loves

The debt crisis continues. No serious negotiations take place. Both sides are fixed. The glare of publicity is too great a light. It is in the hiding that I work to avoid this default. I act among the members who are spared the television lights. I am touching their hearts and giving them my light. Day by day, I lead them.

In many ways, they, too, are in the darkness of this crisis. Their minds conceive many different strategies. Many search for a true solution. All know that the country must move on. Yet, the debt is very real and its burdens cannot be set aside.

Again, I say, that there is someone whom I love deeply, who has studied the economy and the debt burden. I have already exalted him once. Now, he works behind the scenes. He does not shove himself into the limelight. He does not seek the publicity. He works only for the good of America. I will bless his efforts and many will follow his lead.

October 8, 2013 Deeper Into the Darkness

The words go back and forth, like the volley of cannonballs. None of this leads to a settling of the crisis, which only negotiations can end. So, I will speak of this crisis.

America has a debt problem that will not go away and, in a few years, there will be a true debt crisis. At that time, America’s future will lie in the hands of its creditors. For now, America’s future lies in the hands of its own leaders.

Satan has brought about this crisis. He does not want to wait a few more years. He sees that he can place America more quickly in the hands of its debtors. This has been his goal. This crisis will not end tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Then, it would appear that man was able to settle this. No, America will go deeper and deeper into this darkness. Some panic will set in. The leaders on both sides will believe that they cannot budge.

Suddenly, a solution will be worked out, just as I have said, through the behind-the-scenes efforts of those whose hearts I own. Anyone with faith will see that only heaven saved America.

October 9, 2013 An Extraordinary Promise 

All the special interests come forth to press their case and make their cause. The debt limit is like a panic. Everyone tries to go through the door at once and no one succeeds. This is what all see so clearly, the clash of interests and the shutdown of the government.

This is my message, “America, if something that is in the control your representatives causes such panic, what will happen when the real debt crisis happens, when your creditors knock at your door with their bills in their hands saying, ‘Time to pay up’? That is where you are headed because money flows like water between your fingers.”

Very serious changes must be made as quickly as possible. So, I will make you an extraordinary promise. If you call upon heaven, not from time to time but every day, I will begin to topple the selfish leaders. This will begin soon and continue for three years. I will give America another chance, purging her of those who would destroy her by unsustainable debt. A new opportunity will arise. This will be America’s final chance to put its house in order. Call out to me and heaven will not abandon you. Even with all your sins, no country has replaced you in my heart.

O Blessed Virgin Mother of the Savior 
Scatter the forces of evil 
so they are not engrossed in darkness
 but can come to Light! 
 amen, amen.

Yes, I say “vulnerable to the light” because their hearts are made for the light, just as is every human heart.

Events on the Horizon (October 10 to October 19, 2013) 

October 10, 2013 Predicting Future Happenings 

I will take a new road. I will speak of those events that are on the horizon, events which are about to happen.

I speak now of these secular events, because mankind is absorbed by the secular. As I speak about secular happenings, mankind will begin to listen. Then, I will speak words that will lead mankind into my light.

The great forces for change in the Obama presidency have spent themselves. These fires no longer burn so fiercely. The agenda is pared down and the hearts of his followers experience no great exhilaration. Such will be this second term. The important events will not be under his control.

October 11, 2013 Notre Dame

The waves of destruction will again erupt. Although these waves will not be permanent they will again weaken the foundations. How long can the building of peace and security stand when hit by so many waves?

The violence in Egypt will continue bursting out again and again. It will be quickly put down but will survive beneath the surface. Turkey will also experience continued unrest. It is no longer a model for building a secular state.

In these troubles, many will say, “They are far away, in other lands”. However, these waves will also strike Europe. The economic problems will soon surface. More reserves will be spent to solve the situation. Many will say, “Our ship can survive these waves”. Look at your ship. It is badly battered and taking on water every day.

What can Europe do? They used to invoke me as Notre Dame (Our Lady). In those centuries, I blessed Europe and sent my sons to discover and to develop a new world. If the European leaders would again use these words, Notre Dame, I would bless them and lead them into peaceful waters. How much I love that title.

October 12, 2013 A Sword That Divides America

I have drawn my sword of division against America. I will divide the president from the congress and, the congress from the people. I will divide the federal government from the state governments. I will divide America from head to toe. All will be division.

I do this, America, because you have drawn your sword against your unborn. They have never lived to see their own country. Why should I allow the mothers, the fathers, the doctors, the politicians, those who made money and all those who have voted for abortion to enjoy a peaceful America?

Eventually, I will even put your constitution to the sword. Why should I protect a constitution that supposedly gives a woman the right to kill her child? I will use the very words of your own president, “I will not negotiate”. I will not sacrifice even one child upon the altar of compromise.

You ask, “How long will this last”? When America puts away forever its sword of abortion, I will put away my sword of division. So, when you see all the divisions suddenly arising in American life, do not ask, “Why is this happening and how long will it last”? I have already told you the answers.

October 13, 2013 The New Slave Class

I speak again of the growing division in America. When a person acts selfishly, they build a wall which protects their own interests. America has built a wall around its heart, a selfish protection against unborn children.

Years ago, America had a similar wall against its slaves. The power of this wall led to division, even to secession and a civil war. The wall was lifted only when slaves were given their freedom and America came together again.

The unborn children are the slave class of America and abortion is the new wall. That wall has been built into the lives and hearts of American, and it must be torn down. I want all to see the reality. The blood of the unborn is on the hands of the president and of every politician who refuses to act to end abortion.

America, you have chosen this selfishness and it will plunge you into a new civil war. You already see it happening. I must warn you ahead of time. Even your constitution will not save your union.

October 14, 2013 A Jolted America 

Although wielding my sword of division, I encourage all those who stand with me in the truth that an unborn child is a person. Never, never compromise that truth. Never sacrifice any child for political expediency.

I speak now to all who know that the unborn is a human person. America needs to be jolted back to the path of truth. It will not be led by the hand. It will not accept words of direction. It must be jolted. It must wake up some day and discover that abortion in America is illegal, against the law. It will not accept this easily. Voices will speak out and protests will be staged but those who follow my voice must not compromise. Every unborn child must be protected by the law, as was the case decades ago.

By these words, you will know that I want not only the life of the unborn but also the life of America itself. I will be with you in this great enterprise. Your abortion foes are weak. They have much money and great political power but they do not possess the truth that an unborn child is a person. By this truth their cause can be mortally wounded, and they know this.

October 15, 2013 Understanding the Battle 

Every part of the world is fought over by two kingdoms, God’s and Satan’s. No price is too big or too small. The fight is over nations, over cities, over families and over each individual person. The intensity of the battle varies, depending on the importance of each nation, each city and each person.

Like any war, preparations have been made ahead of time. I have chosen some people from their birth and I have prepared them. Satan has done the same thing. He roams about cultures not touched by Jesus’ light and chooses his prime candidates. He fills them with darkness and prepares their path so they gain positions of power.

This is the state of the world. Many people, filled with the greatest darkness, occupy the highest places of power. Others, filled with my light, are also in place. Each day, the battle goes on. On some days, darkness wins great victories. On other days, the darkness is scattered. I want my people to think in terms of this war between light and darkness. Otherwise, their understanding of secular events will be too superficial. They will not oppose the darkness enough nor will they struggle to shine for the light, when a great possibility exists.

October 16, 2013 A Presidential Candidate

There is a great divide in America, wider than the Grand Canyon. The forces of division are greater than the forces of unity. So it will be, until I save America through one whom I love deeply.

This is what I said in the beginning and I repeat it now. No human power can solve these divisions, but I will spare America for now. I have allowed this economic ground to shake and to tremble beneath your feet and I will rescue America by one whom I love dearly. I will offer him as a candidate for the presidency. If America accepts him, I will bless this land.

October 17, 2013 The End of the Debt Limit Crisis

The debt limit crisis is resolved. The two parties go home to assess what has happened. Does everyone now expect peace, as if a treaty has been signed and a war has ended? I have already explained that a battle rages between heaven and hell and when America chooses hell, it finds only war. America, you have chosen hell. You have chosen to abandon your religious practices.

You have chosen to remove God’s commandments from your public places. You snuff out public prayer. You sacrifice your unborn and you exalt a form of marriage that is no marriage at all.

Answer me truthfully. Have these not been your choices? Indeed, you have chosen hell and you will reap the fruits of hell, which is war not peace, division not unity. May my words awaken you! Choose heaven, not hell. Then peace will begin to settle upon your country which is so close to my heart.

October 18, 2013 The 2016 Elections 

By ending the debt limit crisis America does not embark on a new road. The path is the same, so much the same. More spending, more borrowing, more debt. America is robbing its children, stealing all of their money from their little pockets. Who cannot see the injustice? Why does this happen?

America steals from its young children and kills its unborn children. The two actions go together. America has no remorse over the stealing because it has no remorse over the killing. The highest levels of government sanction and approve both.

I must help America. Those leaders who are so fervent to reduce the debt must also become dedicated to eliminate abortions. I hold this against them. They have failed to reduce the debt because they have forgotten to protect the unborn.

Go back and rearrange your priorities. Place both issues at the front of your agenda. If you do this, I will fully support you. I will bring your opponents into darkness. They will suffer from great scandals. What you thought was impossible, you will easily gain. Plan now for the 2016 elections. Do what should be done and I will be with you.

October 19, 2013 When the Trap Springs Shut 

Satan leads his people step by step knowing that it will arrive at a moment of great destruction. No one sees these daily steps but all can see the great destruction that eventually happens.

Each day, America walks away from me step by step. No one notices. When the great disasters occur, people will ask “How could God have let this happen?” Why speak of God? You are the ones who took the daily steps. You chose your path and made your decisions.

I speak with great urgency. Turn back. Turn back. Do not wait for others. It will be too late. Walk away. Walk away. You are too close to the great disasters. I will save all whom I can save, but people must turn and be converted.

When a trap is set, it takes only one moment for it to spring shut. Then, none can escape.

Mankind’s True Enterprise (October 20 to October 27, 2013)

October 20, 2013 The Heavenly Father’s Enterprise

Someone setting out on a journey tries to see the obstacles that he must overcome. However, no one can foresee the problems that lie ahead for mankind. The world is filled with problems, like little grains of wheat ready to become a harvest of destruction, changing parts of the world forever. This is the true state of mankind, which people cannot see.

When a fire burns fiercely, a mother gathers her children because she knows the path to safety. O readers, stay closer to me than ever before. Set aside your other enterprises. Let go of your schemes. This is a time for the deepest devotion to the heavenly Father’s enterprise.

You yourselves must say, “Come, let us give our hearts to Mary’s messages.” Then, you will give yourselves to what is truly important. This is the great enterprise that I will now explain.

October 21, 2013 Fulfilling God’s Enterprise 

My heart overflows and I must continue to speak. No one knows the timetable of events between Satan and God but every human person plays a role. Billions of people are caught up in this great mystery of God’s plan.

O reader, do not think that you play a small role and that what you do is unimportant. You have a place in history, a call to the service of God. This is my message. Put aside the trivialities of life. Listen to the stirrings in your heart. Listen and you will hear my voice. I need you. I need your prayers. I need your sacrifices. I will train you. I will teach you. I will make your heart like mine and you will overflow with my thoughts and my desires. Then, we will fulfill the great enterprise of God’s plan.

October 22, 2013 The Shattered Vision

The heavenly Father created mankind so that every human person would live with him forever in heaven. This is mankind’s true goal. When mankind no longer believes, this vision is shattered into a thousand pieces. Mankind makes up its own goals. These compete with one another and divisions occur. Attempts at reconciliation fail. People do not see themselves as brothers and sisters on a common journey to heaven.

By losing sight of God’s goal, mankind sees no value in God’s commandments and rejects God’s wisdom. Society crumbles. The great enterprise of gaining life forever is abandoned. Mankind seeks earthly goals that can never answer the deepest human question, “Why do I exist?” Such is the state of mankind, which needs to regain the wisdom that comes only from faith. I will try to help by these words.

October 23, 2013 The Special Invitation

Every person in the world has an invitation to enter God’s kingdom and to live forever. My Son, Jesus Christ, issued this invitation and paid for every person to sit at the heavenly table. All is prepared. The banquet is ready.

Millions of people live in darkness, unaware of their invitation. Many others see no value in their invitation and never open it. Still others see this invitation as inconvenient and requiring a change to what they want to do. Some embrace the invitation and make all the sacrifices needed so they can attend Jesus’ banquet. Such is the state of the world.

You, O reader, have your invitation to Jesus’ kingdom. This invitation contains every blessing which God intends for you. Open it. Follow its directions. It will lead you by a new path where you will find all of God’s treasures. Reject it and you will lose everything.

Comment: The great decision for every human being is to accept or to reject God’s invitation. We make that decision every day. 

October 24, 2013 New Heavens and a New Earth 

Too many resources are given over to useless goals while the great enterprise of the heavenly Father is neglected. When man sees and accepts the plan of God, he will allocate these resources so the whole world can be fed, sustained and flourish.

Where will I begin in describing the world built without any vision of God’s plan? Men construct a world filled with the most destructive weapons and an economy that enriches a few. Whole continents are buried in poverty, while the natural resources are exploited by outsiders.

Do not say that in these locutions I speak only of heaven. The Father wants earth to flourish and for all to have what is needed. When earth becomes like hell, people lose faith. When earth becomes like heaven, all have hope. God promises, “I will create a new heaven and a new earth”. (2Pt., 3:13) It is those who do not believe in God’s plan who destroy the earth.

Comment: When mankind follows God’s plans, earth will flourish. 

October 25, 2013 The Decline of America

What has happened to America which began as the great enterprise of God? How many came to your shores, the victims of religious persecutions. They sought this new world so they could freely practice their religious beliefs. Such were the beginnings of America, a seedbed for religious hopes that soon produced a devout nation which I blessed time and time again.

America is now a nation filled with bigotry against religion. A hatred fills its secular soul. Its hands are cupped to its ears, not wanting to hear a single religious message. Religious signs and displays are deliberately removed. Teachings that violate God’s commandments are propagated in the schools. I will not go on with this sordid list. America proclaims, “We will not be under God.” So, the great enterprise of heaven comes to a halt. The President, Congress and the Supreme Court all turn their backs.

You had a call, America, to lead the world to God and to be a model nation of religious belief. Now, you export your abortion pill, your pornography and your weapons. Still, you wonder why you have declined. You have declined, America, because you have rejected the heavenly enterprise for which I exalted you in the first place. Your fortunes will continue to decline until you say, “Let us return to our religious beginnings and become, once again, a nation under God.”

Comment: This locution perfectly describes America’s historical path and invites us to go back to the road we used to walk. 

October 26, 2013 Removing Atheists From Power 

People have plans and when plans converge, people join together in a common task. At times, these groups join with others because greater goals appear in their grasp. This is the how a society begins and how a culture evolves. Even after the foundation is placed and the goals are set, the dynamic elements of that society continue to form its existence (for better or for worse). Mankind, in each of his cultures, never stands still. All constantly changes, just as the human body grows, matures and declines. Such is the state of America.

In the beginning, I led religious people to come to America. Then, I led them to join together and to form a nation. They constructed a foundation, a people that was truly “under God” and guided by his wisdom. However, no nation is permanently settled and often the original road is abandoned.

Right now, America is in decline but this decline comes from its own hands. It is not the natural course of history, as some would declare. The decline results from deliberate choices, from Americans who are really enemies of America. They know nothing of its religious beginnings and desire only to rip America out of its original religious soil that nourished it so well.

I promise to topple them before they completely topple America. But first, I must awaken devout people who want a truly religious America. I say this, “These three years are extremely important. I have not abandoned America. I will provide a new opportunity, a surprising gift. You will be able to reverse the religious atheism that has gripped your nation. However, you must be aware of what I intend to do and take advantage of my actions.”

Begin now in hope. Do all you can to restore the spiritual life of your family, your parish, your community and your nation. Some will have the talent to form new groups and even to come to the attention of the news media. There must be in America, a religious revival to take advantage of what I am now doing to topple the atheists (that is what I must call them) who control America’s thinking.

Comment: Mary describes the destruction of America’s religious spirit but promises to take special actions to remove atheists from power. We must regain our own religious spirit to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

October 27, 2013 Still Time

Some have grown discouraged and have abandoned the great plans of heaven. This is the time to take them up once again. Return to Church. Return to your prayers and devotions. Return to the duties of your state in life.

Return to that place of hope to which I had brought you. There is still time for all to be accomplished. I will speak clearly. Every single person has a role in heaven’s plan. No one is excluded. For this purpose, you were born into this world. Accomplishing heaven’s goal is all that really matters. The time is short and the goal is still far away. I must encourage you, so listen to me.

The whole world hangs in the balance. If you do what I ask of you, many will be saved and you will rejoice. I will multiply everything you do. If you do one act, I will make it like a hundred. If you do many acts, I will bring forth an enormous harvest. Sow the seeds in hope.

There will be a great harvest. The time is short but heaven’s plans can still be fulfilled.

Comment: Mary concludes this series on a great note of hope. However, we must act.

the destructive forces of hell, the true nature of the agreement signed by Secretary of State, Kerry. Oct.28 - Nov.30, 2013