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Locutions to the World ~ Oct. 5 - 31, 2014 the great sign seen & recorded by scientists, MARY'S GREAT PROMISE

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 10/5-7/14 ★ the deep & mystical truths that cannot be erased or destroyed by hell because hell cannot understand them. 

1. The Seal of the Immaculate Oct 5th, 2014
- Mary

All do not believe my words. Others believe but shrink from putting them into practice. What good are words which find no hearts that practice them? They are like seeds which fall by the wayside, producing no fruit. It is not just faith, but action that is needed. If you believe, then preach. If you hope, then spread the word. If you pray, then gather others to pray. My people must rise up.

I do not ask protests in the streets or confrontations with authorities. I ask gatherings of prayer, large and small. I ask that the message be received and go forth. I will multiply your efforts. All that you need is to have your heart sealed by my heart. You must carry the sign of the Immaculata. In this sign, you will conquer.

I am finally reaching the deep truths, the mystical truths that cannot be erased by hell. I promise to work great mysteries in the hearts of all who are dedicated to my Immaculate Heart. These mysteries cannot be destroyed by hell because hell cannot understand them. In these mysteries, everyone will persevere, be protected, walk in my light and attract others. This is how I will raise up my army, by sealing every heart in my Immaculate Conception. 

2. Being Sealed with the Immaculate Conception Oct 6th, 2014
 - Mary

All can be sealed with my Immaculate Heart from the least to the greatest. We come now to the heart of the mystery. I have spoken so frequently of world events and my Immaculate Heart as the road to world peace. These events are out of control because the fires of my heart have not been released. But the great mystery of this age takes place within the heart and the new graces that God is giving to the human race.

The Book of Revelation speaks of the seal of God on the foreheads of the elect (C 7). Now, I speak of another mystery, revealed for this age which so needs the love and protection of a mother. My help is not just words or guidance or prophecy. I want to bring about a special grace for the whole world. I call it the seal of my Immaculate Conception.

Would anyone doubt that if I were living in this present age that I would persevere in any trials that are ahead? I suffered the greatest agonies and never wavered. No matter what the soldiers did to my Son, my own heart never wavered. I now want to give this same gift to all the world, from the least to the greatest. All of God’s powers were contained in the first grace of my Immaculate Conception and I want to place this grace in everyone’s heart. I call this “being sealed with my Immaculate Conception”.

3. Plunged Into the Holy Spirit Oct 7th, 2014
 - Mary

The power of my Immaculate Conception must go forth in new ways and I must first explain this gift. From the very beginning, the Lord conceived me. I was always in his mind as the mother of His Son. When sin entered the world, I took on another role. I was the Woman, the Woman whose Son would crush Satan’s head and the Woman Clothed With the Sun.

Yet, I myself was to be conceived like everyone else, as a descendent of sinful Adam. I would be tainted by original sin. In light of the great mystery of Jesus, this could not be. So, the Father himself had to intervene with the greatest grace. I was physically conceived like everyone else, but as my soul came forth from the Father’s hand, he plunged me into the Holy Spirit (who would be my spouse).

Satan believed that by leading the first parents into sin, that he gained power over all their children, the entire human race. By this Immaculate Conception, for the first time, he had no control over a creature. I was not his. I was plunged into the Holy Spirit. This is the mystery of the Immaculate Conception. This immaculate gift is the door out of sin and darkness, a surprising escape over which Satan has no power. The Immaculate Conception is everyone’s door to escape Satan’s darkness. With these words, I begin to reveal the great mystery, the only road to peace.

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 10/8,9/14 ★ My protecting hand will be upon everyone who is sealed with my Immaculate Conception.

4. Plunged Into the Immaculate Conception Oct 8th, 2014 
- Mary

The time has come to reveal the great mysteries placed in my heart from all eternity. These mysteries are linked to the darkness that now covers the world and can be seen by all. O reader, search into these mysteries for they are God’s saving actions for the present moment.

I was sealed with the Immaculate Conception and plunged into the Holy Spirit at the first moment of my conception. Even in my mother’s womb, I was filled with the greatest light. Love for God overwhelmed me and I frequently leapt for joy, just as John the Baptist leapt in Elizabeth’s womb.

While I was in the womb, God was revealing his divine plan. All during my life, I saw this plan unfold, and as the gospels say, “I kept all these secrets in my heart.” Then came the culmination. As I was about to give Jesus back to the Father, he entrusted the whole world to me. “Woman behold your son”, he said (Jn.19,26).

Suddenly, every person in the world was placed in my womb and I was asked to give birth into life eternal for all. “What can I do?” I thought. Then, I realized what had happened to Jesus. He was plunged in to the mystery of the Immaculate Conception. This favor was the only way the Father could prepare me for being Jesus’ mother. I realized that the Father had created me without sin, not just for Jesus but for every person born into this world.

I speak of all these favors for you to know. I was conceived immaculate for you and I want to plunge you into my Immaculate Heart. These mysteries must be known to realize the Father’s plan. While the world is plunged into darkness, all can be plunged into my Immaculate Conception. 

5. Repeating the Gift of the Immaculate Conception Oct 9th, 2014 
- Mary

My protecting hand will be upon everyone who is sealed with my Immaculate Conception. The Father plunged me into the Holy Spirit before he sent me into my mother’s womb. This seal prevented the Evil One from gaining any control over me. This immaculate seal exercised a constant power over me, touching my body, my senses and all the faculties of my soul. The daily events and decisions had a much different effect upon me. Let me explain.

I experienced life on earth like anyone else, the normal growth of my body, the cares, the sorrows and the daily joys. However, everything within me was perfect because I had been conceived without sin. Darkness, disorders, fears, unjust anger, moods and so many other inner turmoils that plagued everyone else, had no power over me. I was sealed with the Immaculate Conception. All know that I deeply loved Jesus and saw him nailed to a cross, a suffering which I experienced daily because Simeon had prophesied that my own heart would be pierced with a sword. Although not spared these sorrows, because of the immaculate seal I was able to persevere because I enjoyed an unbelievable inner peace.

This is my gift to the whole world. The events will come. They will affect the good and the bad. (These are events that need not have happened if only my words were obeyed) because mankind has made its decisions. However, those sealed with my Immaculate Conception will share fully in the inner peace and, more important, in my perseverance to the end.

Let me repeat. “In these trials, I will never, never abandon my children. That is why I am revealing these secrets kept hidden until now. I will pour out the powers of my Immaculate Conception. I will seal the whole world (if it believes and so desires). In this way, I will defeat the Evil One just as the heavenly Father did when he plunged me into the Holy Spirit.” The gift is meant to be repeated according to the capacity of each person.

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 10/10,11/14 ★ Why is Mary Rejected?, a flaming torch that burns away the sins of the world, the riches of the Immaculate Conception must pour out upon the world.

6. Behold Your Mother Oct 10th, 2014 
- Mary

On Calvary, when Jesus said to the Beloved Disciple, “Behold your mother”, God’s plan unfolded before my eyes. I felt that the whole world was placed in my heart which had been prepared by the Immaculate Conception. I understood all my privileges and why I was so lowly. I understood all the events of my own life and all the mysteries of Jesus’ life. I saw all of history, the ages past and the centuries to come. I saw the long lines of human persons who would be born and die. I saw everything, just as I saw the great mystery of Jesus’ conception when explained by the Angel Gabriel.

Would I accept the Beloved Disciple as my son? Would I accept the whole world as my children? Would I be willing to experience their sufferings and sorrows, as I did with Jesus”? How difficult to explain that moment. I was to begin again. Start over. Be a mother to everyone until the end of time. I was prepared for this by the Immaculate Conception, except that these children would not be sinless as Jesus had been.

My Immaculate Conception was not to preserve their sinlessness but to bestow it. This is the mystery being revealed in these latter times, the riches of the Immaculate Conception must pour out upon the world.

There are two rivers, the river of hell and the river of my Immaculate Conception. In which river will mankind bathe? Which river will pull him along? Look at the world events! All can see clearly, the river of hell pulls mankind into its suffering.

There is another river, a river of grace flowing from God’s throne. This river, from the beginning, always flowed through my heart. This river is my Immaculate Conception and I want these waters to flow into your heart.

7. Why is Mary Rejected? Oct 11th, 2014 
- Mary

I want to cover the whole world in my Immaculate Conception. I want its power to enter every heart and to wipe away every sin. I want to bring about a new world by plunging it into the Holy Spirit. That happened to me at my conception and it can happen to everyone. This is the mystery I am trying to reveal.

Why am I set aside? Why am I rejected? Because this mystery of my Immaculate Conception is misunderstood. The mystery is not about me, but about the Father’s gift of the Holy Spirit. The Immaculate Conception was the Father’s first action in fulfilling his promise of sending a Redeemer. By extending the Immaculate Conception to the whole world, Jesus wants to do to you what the Father did to me. He wants to plunge you into the Holy Spirit. Did not Jesus come “to take away the sins of the world”? How will he accomplish this task? He will use me as his instrument, like a flaming torch that burns away sin with the most gentle touch.

How many images must I use? The message is clear. The mystery is now revealed. In this final age, the Father has moved me onto the world stage. What was hidden can be seen by all. At the very moment when the fires of hell lap up the world, the Father reveals the greatest fire. Through the mystery of my Immaculate Conception, God will send the Holy Spirit to cleanse the whole world.

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 10/12-15/14 ★ The economic disease is no more theoretical than the ebola virus. Every day it claims more victims,... I am placing before you two realities

1. Dishonesty in the Money Supply Oct 12th, 2014 
- Mary 

While the world keeps its eyes on the passing goals, changes take place every day which only weigh down the human heart. These forces are hidden but easily revealed. They are a growing stream, like infections in the blood, which slowly destroy life. As I enumerate and describe these deadly viruses, I will also be revealing the great need for the gifts that I have promised.

The first deadly virus is the dishonesty in the money supply, a disease that began slowly but is now totally out of control, beyond the powers of even the richest of nations. The sickness grows each day. The fever rises. No one responds. The solutions are too complicated and would require sacrifices which no one wants to make.

This is not like other problems which seem so real. Economic sickness does not kidnap, kill, execute or drop bombs. It shows up in numbers, on accounting sheets, as if the problems were only theoretical. The economic disease is no more theoretical than the ebola virus. Every day it claims more victims, strangling man’s ability to act freely and to release blessings in which all participate.

I will speak more to these issues.

 2. The Social Consequences of Lust Oct 13th, 2014 
- Mary 

 Hidden diseases must come to light, but often it is too late because the illness has spread and grown too strong. Therefore, I must reveal these sinful and evil powers that are sapping the strength of humanity. Later, all will see that I have correctly diagnosed these powerful forces that lie hidden in man’s blood stream.

A spirit of impurity imprisons mankind. From this comes disorder of every kind. Man is absorbed with his sexual powers and enshrines them like a goddess upon the throne of his heart. The inner disorder is multiplied by all the external stimuli that have so multiplied. At first society tolerated this misuse of technology. Now it welcomes it and protects. Enslaved to his passions, man sacrifices himself to this power of lust.

This is my teaching. Many discount this power of lust in causing the problems of mankind. They claim that the problems of lust begin and end with the person. This is not true. Lust releases powers within a society which causes great disorders. As a culture becomes saturated with lust, this lack of control extends to every aspect. Discipline breaks down. Disorders of every kind are tolerated. No one is held responsible. The human person withdraws from taking responsibility. Pleasures of every kind become man’s focus. Has this not happened? Look and see.

O reader, remove lust from your heart. Struggle against every sexual disorder. Do not grow discouraged. I will be with you in this daily battle. Do not give in. Set a high standard. Use the sacraments. Those who teach you a different road only lead you into greater darkness.

 3. The Stubbornness of the Human Heart Oct 14th, 2014
 - Mary

 By God’s will, I enjoy the fullness of his power in helping others. This is the mystery which I am revealing. Deep within man’s heart is a great obstacle which must be removed. Everyone, at the very center of their personality, carries the sin of stubbornness, a pride, a refusal to submit, even when someone is trying to help them.

This stubbornness is present from the beginning, from the very first “no” said by the child to his parents. With adulthood, this stubbornness grows imperceptibly, a false feeling of wanting to be independent and submit to no one.

Certainly, the person should not submit to evil and darkness, but here I am speaking of not submitting to love, to God’s love. This problem lies at the center of the human race. God is love and man more easily submits to Satan’s hatred than to God’s entreaties.

So, the Father sends the Woman! Does not a woman easily enter a person’s heart? She plots and plans. She waits for her opening. She prepares delicious food and carefully dresses to attract. She knows when to speak and when to keep silent. Suddenly, when no one else had been able to enter, she arrives at the very center of the heart.

O reader, I know your heart, your stubbornness and your fierce independence that, on so many occasions, have caused you to throw away God’s invitations and have thwarted his plans for your life.

The heavenly Father sends the Woman, clothes her with the Sun and places all his powers within her. Learn of me. See my ways. What has eluded you for years will suddenly be in your heart – an overcoming of your fierce independence and a total submission to God’s love for you. This will be the new day, the beginning of new life.

4. An Experience of Holiness Oct 15th, 2014
- Mary 

So many are unaware of this war which takes place within the human heart. The enemy gains a stronghold and then total control as a particular evil is allowed to expand. Many people take on the challenges of life but few accept the demands of purifying their hearts. I will show you what is needed.

The first gift is a conversion experience. This grace comes from my Immaculate Heart. I do not begin at the borders, the margins. I pierce to the very center, the core. I bathe in light. I reveal. I tear away the veils. The person cannot escape my light. They cannot flee from it because the light embraces them. Nothing else matters. They see what they never saw before. The kingdom of God has suddenly entered their heart. They do not know how it got there.

Although they had tried to be faithful, they never expected such a gift. They need only to accept it and pay the price needed to cooperate with their new call. They were lost but now are found. The gift demands everything but they see this as a small price to pay.

I am placing before you two realities, the hidden stream of sinfulness that flows in every human heart and the great experience of holiness that comes from my heart. This experience is the mystery that I am revealing. This experience of holiness is the only salvation for mankind and it is readily available in my Immaculate Heart. I was conceived without sin and I want to share this gift with everyone.

5. The Locutions – An Abiding Gift Oct 16th, 2014 

How many years have passed since we began this little path of the locutions? So many events have happened since then and so many new evils have appeared on the stage of human history.

All of this I spoke about clearly, especially the important role that the Syrian revolution would play in being the spawning grounds of new evils. I foresaw all of these evils and began to speak years ago so my voice did not just ring out after everything had happened.

Recall that I spoke of many future events. When President Obama was at his political height, I said that he would be plagued by scandal after scandal that would reduce his powers. I spoke of terrorist groups and their growing effectiveness. I spoke of the many young Muslims who would see terrorism as their only hope. I spoke of the growing economic disorders which no one could control.

These are the themes that lead me to my teaching today.

These are not passing evils which the human race has constantly encountered, overcome and moved on. These are defining evils which want to change the face of the earth forever.

These locutions also are not just a passing gift. They are the seal of my promise that I will not abandon the world. I will be with you as the world plunges into these events. The events will happen. They are chastisements from the heavenly Father, needed to purify the world.

However, they can be softened and some can be removed. Much more important, I can guide you and your family through these events. I will come wherever I am invoked. When large groups cry out to me day and night, I will visibly change the situation and shorten the trial, so all know that their heavenly mother has visited them.

 6. Enlightened By Darkness Oct 17th, 2014 

When the time comes for all of these events to unfold (and they will unfold one by one over a period of a year and a half) I will have prepared everything. Currently, the world sees only the evil forces, mounting their armies. They do not see what I am doing, because it is behind the scenes. I am preparing hearts. Some already know that they are an important part of my plan, like the visionaries at Medjugorje. Others know that I will use them, but they are unknown to the world.

This is my message, “Do not be afraid”. The extraordinary events of evil will be more than matched by the extraordinary outpouring of my love. This love is already pouring out, even though I have not been invoked. It is flowing, even though there have been no outward signs (and these, too, will be part of my plan).

Now, I can only speak and describe. I give words and promises. But a time will come when I will pour forth power and glory, gifts both interior and exterior, all that is needed. I speak now so your eyes are opened and you can see. This is my promise. As you see each moment that evil spreads, when you learn about the extending power of darkness, at that very same moment, I am pouring out the greatest helps into your heart.

Do not be blinded by the darkness (that is what usually happens) but let the darkness enlighten you. Whenever you learn of new darkness, let it preach to you, “Mary is giving me new graces and I must be more faithful”.

Go to Church. Go to confession. Be cleansed of your sins. Let your fears be removed. In this way, the world’s darkness will have no power over you. I can save the whole world but only if it listens.

7. Mary’s Path Oct 18th, 2014 

 What is the path through all of these events? Satan will believe that he has entrapped the whole world. I will provide a path for everyone which will be right at hand. I will visit every heart and enlighten every mind. It will be a time of a great coming together because people will need one another. To the heads of families, I will give great wisdom.

To my priests, I will give great zeal and extraordinary self-sacrifice and to the Church I will give great light.

This is the moment when the Church will become the light of the world and I will begin to fulfill my mission as the Woman Clothed With the Sun. A world cast into darkness will become a humbled world, a repentant world and the only light will be the Church.

I speak now because this cannot happen overnight. Years of preparation are needed. My message is “Begin now for much time has already been wasted. Do not wait for the darkness; let me clothe you in my light from this moment forward.”

All must begin, priest and people, young an old. Gather for the rosary. This is where I will begin, because Catholics understand this devotion. As you gather for the rosary, I will send many messengers of light. You will learn from them, all the many new and powerful devotions that I have revealed. Slowly, you will move ahead. As a person drawn by a powerful stream, you will be pulled more and more into my Immaculate Heart which is the new Ark of Noah. You and your loved ones will be safe, no matter now much it rains. But you must begin now. Too many delay and are unprepared. Begin now. Begin now. Begin now. 

8. Mary’s Heart Permanently Opened Oct 19th, 2014 

When I open up my heart, the gifts will flow out abundantly, every gift that is needed for every person on the face of the earth. Who will open my heart? The Holy Father will bring this about. He is the one to whom I have given this call so that the Church is seen by all as the true fountain of salvation.

All of this will happen as the world plunges deeper and deeper into darkness. At the same time, I will place in my Church new sources of light. Many will discount these rivers of light because they seem so small. However, they are little streams prepared to receive the great ocean that will pour forth. Otherwise, no hearts would be ready.

How often must I repeat the message? A time will come when the world will need my intervention. My coming will be internal and external. The internal gifts will be offered to everyone but if the person is not prepared, if they have no capacity to receive, then the ocean cannot fill them.

These locutions began years ago, long before any of these world events happened. They are a sign that I have foreseen and have prepared for this moment. My promises are true. When the Holy Father consecrates Russia to my Immaculate Heart, this will begin an uninterrupted flow of graces, unknown up to now, which will constantly flow. My heart will be permanently opened according to the new design of the Father’s plan. Unforeseen and unimaginable blessings will pour out. At the very moment of the greatest darkness, suddenly a road to peace will appear. All will know that my help came from heaven through the Catholic Church. This is the Father’s plan. 

9. Becoming a Traveler Oct 20th, 2014 

Take little steps into the light and suddenly a road will appear. This will be my road for you. It awaits you. It is prepared for you and will lead you through the coming darkness. Do not wait because you will not find this road once the darkness comes.

For every person in the world, I have prepared a road of light. It is not far away. No need to travel to foreign lands. The road comes to you. It is at your doorstep, even within your own home and among your own family. Let the world events preach to you. They can say it better than any preacher, but their message is only half the truth. They can say, “The darkness is coming” but they cannot speak of a road of light because that is the message hidden in my heart.

Let me bring all of these teachings together for you. Begin right now. Look into your heart. Discover the faith and the practices of faith that you already have. What practices have you abandoned and set aside? Start with these. They are familiar. Be faithful to them each day. By doing this, you will set out and start on your journey. You will become a traveler. A traveler looks and searches. He is not a home. He is not content. He must find his way.

When you become a traveler, I will guide your steps. You will find fellow travelers, who like you are searching. They are your road and you are their road. Join together in your searching. In this way, others can join with you and find their road. Do not separate. While you are together and helping one another I can protect you. 

1. The Middle East Oct 21st, 2014 

In the past, I have spoken about terrorism, saying that terrorist groups were small and fragmented, but that they would grow and come together as a more powerful force. The timetable of their violence would jump ahead because of the American withdrawal and that the Syrian revolution would not end quickly (as the other revolutions did). That it would continue and from Syria would come forth the destruction of stability in the Middle East. All of this is now before your eyes. It has taken place. The Middle East has become Satan’s boiling pot.

Now, I must begin to speak again. The Middle East is the sorrow of my heart. In sorrow, I pour out my words. At this point, there is no human answer. What could have been prevented now exists. The fires have spread too far and too rapidly. The groups have become too strong, too widespread, and too well known in the Muslim world. Their growing fame is their strong point, constantly attracting young Muslims who finally see a cause that has power against the West. This touches the deepest parts of the young, who grew up in hopelessness. It fans emotions that lead to great sacrifice. The young are swept along by an illusion of a new world, not knowing that violence never ceases.

So, I will begin to teach, to instruct, to enlighten so all the world can know the future of terrorism and the threats that it poses.

2. The Dream of the Terrorists Oct 22nd, 2014 

I must speak quickly about this threat of terrorism. The Middle East is like a caldron that burns deeply and many people see the West as their enemies. Their eyes are always on the West. Their minds are filled with the grievances which they hold against the West and their hearts are filled with hatred.

As the wars go on and the violence destroys their own countries, the fires of hatred grow greater. Fires send off sparks and great fires send their sparks flying in every direction.

Although the West is beginning to grasp the seriousness of the threat, so much has happened that the fires cannot be put out. Many have acted in hatred. They have joined together and have seen great destruction which, in their eyes, are good results.

The terrorists see themselves on a road, and this road leads westward to all the great cities of the world. They want those cities, first to terrorize, then to destabilize and finally to conquer and own. They do not yet have this capability, but it will suddenly be theirs if more powerful weapons fall into their hands and if they can extend their organization.

Need I say more about this terrible threat whose desires have no limit? I am the Woman of Fatima and I have promised world peace through my Immaculate Heart. When will the whole Church heed my voice? 

3. The Ebola Crisis Oct 22nd, 2014 

I will speak of the Ebola crisis. This epidemic is caused by the breakdown of governments and the corruption that so plagues Africa. It arises from the poverty and the social conditions of the people. These should never have existed. They are conditions brought about by sinfulness and selfishness.

Who will break these long-standing practices, whereby those who come to power serve themselves? They turn all to their own benefit, and literally rape their people. Do not blame these evils upon the Almighty God. They are afflictions that inevitably happen when people are forced to live in poverty. God’s blessing should have been flowing to these nations, but corrupt officials block progress and keep the people in a lowly condition. I will speak more to this topic.

There is a demonic hold upon Africa which must be broken so Africa can fulfill its role in the family of nations. People always expect its great emergence because it is blessed by so many resources. This will never take place until Satan’s hold over that continent is broken and the streams of grace flow freely.

I have begun my great work at Kibeho and the flames of my heart will go out from there. 

4. Poverty – The Seedbed of Evil Oct 23rd, 2014

All is separating, dividing and pulling apart because the rich have separated from the poor. I will not allow the rich to sit at a table filled with abundance while the poor are excluded.

So, where do the problems begin? With the disadvantaged because they are wounded and hurt. They lay by the wayside and when the Good Samaritan does not come for them, they are easy prey for those who seek only evil.

They cannot overcome violence nor the temptation to respond with violence. Their situation is an open door to those who would exploit them. Now, the harvest suddenly appears – terrorism in some areas, Ebola in others. Poverty is the seedbed and for so long, the rich nations have exploited the poorer ones, using every means to sustain their own lifestyles and taking no account of the lifestyle of the poor nations. Look at all these seedbeds and realize that the world of evil has many fields that have not yet brought forth their harvest.

These seeds have been sown for centuries and only now comes forth the full harvest. What can be done at this late date? What efforts can overcome evil that has so long been allowed to grow?

The answers are not easy. The road to world peace is not short, but if the world will just listen to me, at least it will find that road. Right now, all is confusion and millions are spent on weapons that destroy instead of addressing the poverty that enables the evil to flourish.

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 10/24/14 ★ that great sign which was seen and recorded by scientists. 

5. The Ultimate Question People Ask Oct 24th, 2014 

As all the problems break forth at once, the question arises, “What is this present age?” This is the ultimate question. Dare I give the answer? I must speak now, always with a message of hope. Let me begin this way. I came to Fatima because I foresaw this present age. I came in the middle of what was called the Great War and promised that the war would end successfully. However, I saw on the horizon a second, greater war, which I said would happen if people did not heed my voice. I even promised Lucy that great sign which was seen and recorded by scientists.

My messages went beyond that second world war and prophesied the destruction of nations. I must say clearly that this is the present age. The world has not yet reached that point and all that I have said can still be avoided, but the time is very short. I can no longer hold back my sorrow. I must continue speak. The present problems will open out to newer and greater ones. All will unfold in Satan’s plans unless the Woman Clothed With the Sun steps forward to touch earth. This is the remedy, the antidote chosen beforehand by the Heavenly Father.

Is this “present age” to be stolen from me? The heavenly Father had quite different plans. This was to be a glorious age, the Age of Mary, the age of peace, when Satan would be humbled and even conquered. Alas, this has not happened. However, the gift and the promise still exist.

Yes, this present age is the culmination of events but I will be with you, releasing my powers whenever I am invited, and, at some point, the fullness of the gift will pour forth.

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 10/25,26/14 ★ People will know that I have not abandoned them in these difficult hours.

 1. Having Your Own Locutions Oct 25th, 2014 

 In the midst of these problems, how do you find the way to peace? I will speak. Listen to my promptings. Where do I speak? In the quiet of your heart. I begin right now. Stop and listen. Do not fear if I chastise you. Some parts of your life might have to change. They are just obstacles that need to be swept away so you can see the road ahead.

I speak in these locutions but they are external words, general words of guidance for all the world. I promise to also speak to every heart. How do I speak? What words do I use? From reading the locutions, you know that I speak clearly and simply. I do not use big words but little words that even a child can understand.

You also know that I point out what needs to be changed but always with words of encouragement. You know that my words are filled with promises and hope. I speak gently and invite, so no one is scared away. This is how I will speak to you in your own heart.

Can I not pour out the gift of locutions upon the whole world? I do not mean that I will give you great words that should be published. I will give you little words to guide you on your path. Once in a while, I will give you words for others, for your family or your friends. At. times, I will want you to do a work for me. Then, I will speak more strongly in your heart, when you are better prepared.

How faithful you have been in reading these locutions. By doing so, you have learned to listen to my words spoken in your own heart. Be still. Pray. Go into your own heart. You will find me waiting there for you.

2. Places and Groups Dedicated to Mary

Oct 26th, 2014 


 How many Churches are dedicated to me. How many shrines and groups bear my name. This is where I will begin because it will be so clear that I am acting. Every place and every group that bears my name and has been placed under my care will be a place where my blessings will begin to pour forth.

I will pour out my gifts at these special places so faith will grow. People will know that I have not abandoned them in these difficult hours. So, let this word go forth. I will visit every place that bears my name. When people enter that Church or shrine, I will be there to meet them.

Let them bring their sorrows and their pains. I will console everyone. Tears will flow and peace will come. Hearts will be strengthened and the signs and wonders can take place. People will know that I have heard their prayers and listened to their sighs. Unexpected answers will be given. All of this is to stir up faith, to strengthen hearts and to give inner joy. As others learn that a place has become a great source of consolation, they, too, will come.

I do not point out one Church or shrine. The needs are too great. But the great shrines will grow even stronger because there my name has been constantly invoked. The crowds there will grow greater. I have planted this blessing on the very foundation of that Church or shrine. Those who named it had faith in me. Now, I want to release the hidden stream contained in that faith.

O reader, where is there a Church or shrine or group dedicated to me? Go there often and I will release this hidden stream into your life.

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 10/27-30/14 ★ This is my great promise. In this time of so many problems, I will bless, protect, guard and guide all who gather in my name. I will cover them with my mantle, protecting them in ways both hidden and seen. I will go with them wherever they go. I will guide their steps & keep them away from all that endangers them, in body or soul. 

3. Promises for Those Who Gather Oct 27th, 2014 

 All must gather. In the gathering I will manifest my presence and pour forth my gifts. Many will be converted. They will see what must be changed. I will call others to great works. All will be zealous for my name to be exalted. In the gatherings, I will pour out great faith, an inner gift of peace filled with confidence, a belief that I am able to rescue all who trust in me. I will place many gifts within the person. These gifts will be oil for the lamps which cannot be purchased at the last minute.

I will be with you. I will dwell in your hearts and pour out my strength but these gifts must be received now. The strengthening is today and every day. The secret lies in the gatherings. Begin in the home. Gather for prayer. I will visit you. If groups of families are of one accord, then let them gather in larger numbers. I will raise up many and bless their efforts to gather even more people in public places. Here, too, I will be present.

This is my great promise. In this time of so many problems, I will bless, protect, guard and guide all who gather in my name. I will cover them with my mantle, protecting them in ways both hidden and seen. I will go with them wherever they go. I will guide their steps and keep them away from all that endangers them, in body or soul. These are my promises upon all who gather each day in my name.

4. Freeing From Drug Addictions Oct 28th, 2014

I open my heart and invite everyone to see flames of love which leap up within. These flames will purify any heart which decides to enter. Do not fear, the flames are gentle. The warmth that you feel will console you and free you. I am opening my heart in this new way because so many have become entangled in vices that have taken control. There is no other means available to bring about the cleansing.

I speak now to those addicted to drugs. Some are deeply involved in heroin. Others have become attached to prescription medications. Some believe that they need to use marijuana to relax. To all of these, I offer these flames of freedom.

As I remove the addiction, you will not panic. I will substitute a new confidence, a peace which fills you and assures you that you can live without these drugs. I will take you quickly, but step by step. I know your fears and the hold which the Evil One has upon you. I will break that hold. This will be the first gift. You will enjoy a newly discovered freedom.

Where will you find this gift? Go to a church or a shrine that is dedicated to me. That will give you a special faith that I am there. When you go there, think of only one thing, that your heavenly Mother waits for you. Come often. Stay even for just a few minutes. That is all I need to bring you into the flames in my heart. Use the title of that place to ask for these favors. The name is very important, chosen by Church authorities.

5. New Chambers of Mary’s Heart Oct 29th, 2014 

The great mysteries unfold and the power contained in these flames of my love comes forth, only when I enter into a person’s life. I must now reveal the great mysteries, hidden for all the ages and made known in this special time.

I speak now to those who love me and serve me. I know your fidelity. I know your longing for me. But I say to you. You do not yet know me because so many mysteries that have been hidden will be hidden no more. As they come forth, you will see how small was the light that you previously had, like the light of the stars compared with the sun.

I will be everywhere. I will consume your thoughts and fill your affections. What you received up to now was little. What you knew about me was quite small. All will multiply – your knowledge, your faith, your love, your surrender. This will prepare you for the multiplication of my blessings and protections.

I declare a new day. Those who know me will understand that they did not know me. All of this will happen in the new light that I am casting upon the world. Do not judge as you judged in the past. Do not think as you thought before. The new light will open unseen vistas, new mysteries and deeper understandings.

I invite the whole world into chambers of my heart that, up to now, have been accessible only to the great saints. Read the books of all those saints who wrote about me. Their gifts will be your gifts.

6. Pouring Out the Great Gifts Oct 30th, 2014 

There are too many delays. Too much time passes. The great gifts are meant to flow out of my heart and into the hearts of all who believe. Instead, believers are caught up in other pursuits. They do not judge correctly. They do not see the coming collapse, when so much of what they now seek and hope for will be taken away from them.

Never have Jesus’ words been more important. “Do not seek what passes away. Lay up treasure in heaven.” The world you see will pass away so quickly. What existed will suddenly no longer exist. What stood so firm will stand no more.

This is not the time for buying and selling but for receiving the great gifts from above. These are stored deeply in my heart and are readily available. If I spoke of great penances or of long labor, I would understand your hesitancy. But I speak of gifts, of receiving, of being filled and blessed. I speak of the important gifts that you will need so badly. I will list them.

I will give to all the gifts of prayer, a constant attraction to come into my presence and to withdraw from the powers of the senses in order to enjoy the riches of the kingdom.

I will give you love for your family and forgiveness towards those who have hurt you. I will give you great hope. You will enjoy holy desires to accomplish everything. I will give you friends who will accompany you in the difficult times that lie ahead.

Finally, I will give you my presence, an experience that I am with you at all times and that you enjoy my special protection. These are the important gifts. Do not search for any others. If you empty your heart, I will gladly fill it to the brim. Do not wait. The time is very short. Receive these gifts today.

1. The Path of Hope Oct 31st, 2014 

I am the Mother of Holy Hope and anyone who enters my heart finds themselves filled with hope. They can give no reason for this hope because all the signs point to despair and ruin. Yet, this great feeling, that no matter what happens I will guide them through, permeates their being. They cannot account for this gift, nor even know how to bring it about but they are clothed in a hope that overcomes all despair.

Right now, people place their hopes in all that they have stored up. They watch their financial investments very closely and keep an eye on their assets. They calculate their income and weigh it against their debts. This is the normal course of human hope. But when the financial markets collapse, when fortunes are wiped away, when currency is devalued, when the foundations of the American economy are shaken and topple, where will be their hope?

Because of these problems, I speak now and say prepare! Yes, steps must be taken, but what steps. Without divine hope, you take the wrong steps. Let me teach you what to do.

First, stop putting your trust in material wealth. Jesus says that it is easily stolen away. Go to a church dedicated to me. I will be waiting for you. Present to me all of your financial responsibilities and I will give you very simple wisdom. Slowly, your attitude toward material wealth will change. You will place more emphasis on love for others and strong personal relationships. You will see where you have neglected these important foundations of security.

You will see that you and your loved ones need a much deeper practice of your faith. I will rekindle the religious spirit that alone can truly bind a family. You will dedicate less time to storing up material wealth and more time in seeking first the kingdom of God. Only then, will you be walking my path of true hope.