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Locutions to the World ~ May 2015 A divided America, The Silencing of Sister Lucy, the obstacles to Fatima & the Judases who betray the Church, the great daughter of Israel, Mankind is locked into a battle that it cannot win.

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 5/1-4/15 ★ America, Whose hand is guiding this turmoil?

1. A Divided America
May 1st, 2015

The beginning chapters have already begun and all can see that there is a growing frailty of bonds that unite. Divisions appear everywhere. These seem small at first but Satan does not lose any opportunity to shatter unity and peace. Even America, which felt it had healed its racial wounds, is experiencing new and surprising divisions. Where is this coming from? Whose hand is guiding this turmoil? This is the mystery I will address.

The Civil Rights Movement was deeply religious, rooted in the churches and supported by people of faith. Many were the religious hymns that encouraged the marchers and gained for them adherents from all religious backgrounds. This faith and these hymns kept everything peaceful. Respect led to great changes which have shaped America for 50 years.

Now, that faith has waned, on both sides. Where are the hymns? Where are the religious voices? Where is the mutual respect? Without the peace that only religious faith can bring, inevitably there is rhetoric and clashes.

I return constantly to this theme. Because America is uprooted from its faith, it is vulnerable to so many evils. These divisions will not go away and they cannot be solved by human leaders, who speak about “addressing the problems”.

America, I will address your problems. Lack of faith is your problem. Setting aside your religious fervor is your problem. Excluding religion from public life is your problem. By my words I am addressing your real problems. Continue to abandon your faith and only darkness awaits you. Faith was the great light that led you through two world wars and placed you at the height of your powers. Because you have abandoned what led you, you now grope in darkness.

Comment: If people do not eat, they get sick. If a nation sets aside faith, it gets divided. 

2. The Change In the 1960’s 
May 2nd, 2015

I must go deeper into the soul of America and reveal what is not seen or understood. America’s soul was, for so many centuries, immersed in the cool and refreshing waters of faith. As the soul of America flourished, its powers grew and its role among the nations expanded. Supported by its religious faith, America truly blessed the world and twice restored world peace. For decades, faith in God had guided America. All of these blessings came because America was a country filled with churches and with people who lived by faith.

Suddenly, changes came which uprooted America. The 1960’s brought a break from this tradition, a lack of continuity and a searching for a new identity, epitomized by two events. The assignation of President Kennedy brought a shock to the political system and the forces of Woodstock cut America from its moral roots. Such has been America’s course ever since. It constantly reaches out for some truth or for some reality which would regain the former glory, but none is found.

Years have passed. New generations have arisen which know nothing of the former years of faith. They have never tasted the blessedness of worshiping God or the security of even knowing right from wrong. All is confusion. America is adrift. The voices of the preachers fall on ears that cannot hear and on hearts that do not even know how to respond.

I should end here, but I must go on. The future of America will be more and more divisive because faith, which brought a unity is so weak. People no longer see themselves as brothers and sisters with a heavenly Father. They can only see themselves as groups with competing interests.

Comment: Our Lady does not offer any solution. She merely outlines the problems.

3. A Weakened America, Devoid of Faith 
May 3rd, 2015 

There will be many more chapters to this story of an America that is torn apart. All eyes have looked for so long to the Middle East and the turmoil of ISIS and Yemen. However, Satan’s plan of destruction, aided greatly by the loss of faith, is active everywhere.

He always probes, finds the soft spots left unprotected, sows his evil and waits for his harvest. An America uprooted from the soil of faith, an America that has chosen to become secular, is any easy prey for his evils and so many evils have been sown.

Faith is a light and it provides a direction. It forms a people, unites them, limits evil and places barriers that protect. Faith provides a common understanding, a oneness, and a unity. Within the framework of faith, diversity exists but does not destroy the overall unity.

By faith, a country is a family, sharing the same goals and guided by mutual understandings. Freedoms flourish because people trust one another, knowing that all believe in the same heavenly Father.

America was built upon such faith, but this faith is now shattered, rejected and set aside. A secular America is arising. Sunday has been secularized, a time for buying and selling, and endless sports. America is a weakened body, subject to many new infections.

How important this is to Satan’s worldwide plan. You must see that all the evil is linked together. Satan’s plan is diverse. A weakened America, beset with its own inner divisions, is unable to lead and protect.

Comment: We often do not grasp that America’s lack of faith weakens her worldwide leadership.

4. Hidden Forces in America 
May 4th, 2015 

What does the future hold for America? America brings together many cultures and is filled with a diversity of tongues. In reality, many nations are gathered together – E Pluribus Unum, “One coming forth from many” is its national motto.

All is held together by its constitutions and its laws, especially by respect for its elections. Diversity yields to unity when all accept the winner of an election. This oneness was created in faith and has been held together by faith, by a full acceptance of the laws and processes. Now, that base of faith has shrunken and its power to affect the nation has weakened. Other forces have arisen, selfish forces that have no qualms. They would readily destroy this nation and its political systems for its own advantage.

America is so confident that it is a democracy, a shining city upon the mountain, a model for the rest of the world. It never dreams that its institutions could be endangered.

A constitution and laws are merely words written on paper if the hearts of the people lie in darkness. America, you are moving quickly into this darkness. Especially, your young people have been deprived of this light of faith.

I must come. I must come to America, the child of my womb and the son closest to my heart. Soon, the pope will come to your shores. Listen to his words. Take them to heart. Do not let his coming be just a media event. Your problems need a deeper response than mere passing attention.

Comment: Our Lady reveals America’s soul and shows her special love for this country.

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 5/5-7/15 ★ the antichrist & Satan’s plan. A divided America

5. Splintering and Dividing
May 5th, 2015 

Without this unity of faith, the future of America will be filed with splintering and dividing. People will seek unity in the constitution, laws and elections, the usual means of oneness. These will not be able to overcome the powers of division that lie hidden in the soul of America and will begin to come forth.

Why do these forces arise now? This is Satan’s plan. A divided America cannot fulfill its role of gathering the nations. Adequate responses will not be made to world problems. All will realize America’s inner weak nesses.

All these evils are but a preparation for the events that will erupt from within. So many economic safeguards have been ignored. So many problems that cried out for attention have been overlooked. These problems will unite, place more pressure upon the fragile unity and lead to more outcries that will accelerate the divisions.

This is not a pretty picture and it has not yet come forth. Leaders will arise who will try to deal with these problems. Some will love America and honestly try to bring solutions. Others will just use this situation for their own political gains, exploiting the problems and not alleviating them. With their rhetoric, they will attract many and will complicate the divisions.

Forces will go in so many different directions. Circumstances will add to the problems and hasten division. America will find itself where it never thought it could be – a divided country seeking to regain its unity.

I am not speaking here of a total break nor a lack of continuity with the past. I am speaking of the future storms which America will face. O America, choose your leaders wisely. Place your country in the hands of those who will protect its unity and who are willing to sacrifice political expediency for the true future good.

Comment: Our Lady brings this series to a close. She has tried to warn America.

1. The Lord of History
May 6th, 2015 

I do not want the collapse of society or outbreaks of violence. However, mankind has allowed these seeds to be sown. When these inner forces break forth, all will see what was hidden. Indeed, people are beginning to see. What was hidden is becoming known until it is clear to everyone that the world is not what it used to be.

I will speak again of this current situation, of a world wrapped in fear, aware of growing destructive forces and of severe inner weaknesses. What will happen? Who will come to save mankind? What can be done?

Human life flows from one day to the next. The human person rises each morning with the burdens of the day before. Life has a continuity of joys and sorrows, light and darkness, until something new enters which changes the whole picture. If this is good, the person rejoices. If it is bad, the person tries to cope and to change.

It is the same with society. It, too, has its own life (almost like the human person). The difference is that all share in this life. There is a common history and a sharing in the events of good or evil. No one can detach themselves from society. All live in this stream and all are affected by the way it flows.

Jesus was extremely interested in all of human history. He sent his disciples to the whole world and promised to be with them until the end of history, when he would come again in His glory.

I want to teach one consoling truth. Mankind is not alone. He is not set adrift on the turbulent ocean of history. Jesus lived in history, died in history, rose in history and is the Lord of history. The history of these coming years has not yet been written. Will they be years of victory or defeat, years of light or darkness? All of that is still to be decided.

Comment: Without faith, mankind believes he is alone. With faith, man knows that God is with him. 

2. The Forces Contained in History 
May 7th, 2015 

Who can describe all that is buried in the heart of human history? Heroic deeds and sinful acts are side by side. Powerful cultures have come about which daily form and even control human hearts. These are the complex forces which man faces each day of human existence.

All human history constantly flows, inevitably moving forward to some unknown future, shaped by forces that are not seen and are unknown to many. People become instruments of these forces, willingly or unwillingly, knowingly or unknowingly.

I speak to reveal the greatest force of all in human history, the love which the heavenly Father has for mankind and the great gift of Jesus whom He sent because He so loved the world. I also speak of another act of the Father’s love, hidden for many centuries. Foreseeing that an age will come in human history when the evil power gained by man will reach a point where mankind would control destructive powers able to destroy earth itself and remove human life, the Father decreed that his gift of Jesus would be given again to the world in a new and completely fresh way. The gift is not new because Jesus is His Beloved Son. However, access to the gift and the outpouring of the gift will be new, as will be the signs and wonders associated with the gift. I speak because this newness is surprising and many familiar with the former ways might not know how to respond.

All can see the uniqueness of this age, that mankind controls nuclear weapons. All cannot see the newness of the Father’s gift. The Father has not abandoned the world. The Father has not been surprised by these developments. The Father has not been caught off guard. He foreknew. He planned. He acted. I am revealing this mystery planted in my Immaculate Heart.

Comment: Jesus is God’s answer and He is always finding new ways to come to us.

The Trisagion Prayers

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 5/8-11/15 ★ the great daughter of Israel & the greatest work of the Spirit, Mankind is locked into a battle that it cannot win. The foe is too intelligent & too powerful

3. The Gift of the Locutions 
May 8th, 2015 

All is being swept away. Now, mankind comes face to face with an enemy which has for so long lurked in the shadows. The heart of man realizes that something is not right. Human history should not go from one crisis to the next. Usually, periods of peace follow the great victories of war. This is not the way human history has unfolded in these recent decades. Even before a crisis is solved another emerges, like children giving birth to new children. Now, the truth must be faced.

Mankind is locked into a battle that it cannot win. The odds are too great. The foe is too intelligent and too powerful. Devoid of faith, mankind does not see or understand. So, I must pull back the veil. Let my words open your eyes. They are not words of fear but of hope. I am with you. The heavenly Father has sent me. I have appeared in many places and I speak every day. Let all of this be a sign to you.

As human history plunges from one crisis to the next, as the events unfold, all will need the greatest of faith. Some will try to have this faith and will fail. Others will be wise. Instead of trying to have faith, they will just come to me. These locutions will have taught them the way. They will enjoy light because they are strengthened by these locutions. O little ones, just read and read. Read these locutions every day. In this way, hope will enter your heart. Light will fill your mind. The events will not confuse you or cause you fear. Little do you know all that I have accomplished in your hearts by your fidelity to these locutions.

Comment: By reading the locutions each day, we gain Our Lady’s faith and hope. 

4. The Age of the Holy Spirit 
May 9th, 2015 

I do not want violence and war, the collapse of structures nor the destruction of nations. Human life is too precious to be swept away. The heavenly Father is infinitely patient, always foreseeing the good which can come forth from evil. This is the great mystery of Jesus’ death. The Father allowed his own creatures to torture and to kill his Son. Study this mystery of the cross and you will easily learn God’s plan.

Jesus did not come to Jerusalem like a conquering general, ready to use force and power. He came as the Messiah, containing within himself the great mystery of God’s Holy Spirit. He had already told the apostles that it was important for him to die, to go, to leave, to return to the Father so the Paraclete could come. Only the Holy Spirit would forever change human history. See Jesus’ death in this light. The gospel says, “He bowed his head and sent forth his spirit”. Later, after rising from the dead, Jesus “breathed on them and said, ‘Receive the Holy Spirit’”.

I must speak of the Holy Spirit, my spouse, who came upon me twice. First, he formed in me the physical body of Jesus. Then, at Pentecost, as the disciples gathered with me, he came again and formed the mystical body of Jesus, the Church.

This is the great mystery. He who finds me, finds the Holy Spirit. He who comes to me, receives the Holy Spirit. So often I proclaim that the heavenly Father has brought me forth in this Final Age as his special plan for world peace. I am not the source of world peace. World peace comes only from the Holy Spirit. He is a wind that blows where he will, but he is also a Person who has chosen to abide in my Immaculate Heart. I will speak much more because this must become the Age of the Holy Spirit.

Comment: Many often forget the close relationship between Our Lady and the Holy Spirit. 

5. Mary-Possessed By the Holy Spirit 
May 10th, 2015 

The time is so short and so many preparations must still be made. We must move along quickly. The fastest path is to understand the Father’s gift of the Holy Spirit. So often, the Spirit is put aside, as if he is a wind, or a dove. These were just symbols to express a certain aspect of the Spirit.

Jesus gave the Spirit his real title, the Paraclete. He explained the Spirit’s tasks and even said that it was important that He go to the Father so the Spirit could come. “I have come to cast fire on the earth”, Jesus said. He fulfilled his promise when the Spirit’s tongues of fire descended upon all of us gathered in the Upper Room.

When I speak of God’s help, or God’s presence, I am speaking of a new reality. Just as Jesus died in history, so there was a moment in history when the Holy Spirit was poured out. This is the mystery which I want to take into my hands and share with you.

From the first moment of my conception, the Holy Spirit possessed me. I was his first born in time. He had already been working among the prophets, kings and people of Israel, but none of them, even the great King David, did he fully possess. I was the summit, the great daughter of Israel and the greatest work of the Spirit until that moment.

How the Spirit cherished me. Each moment He filled with more divine life than the previous moment. Always, he was lifting me up to the greatest divine union, day after day, year after year. All was done perfectly, without a single lapse. Not a single outpouring of his divine fire was lost. I kept all things in my heart.

Higher and higher he lifted me, into depths of the Trinity unknown to any saint and hidden even from the angels. Finally, he brought me to a place of the Trinity where I heard words, not mystical words that cannot be expressed but simple words that even a child can understand, “You will conceive and bear a son, and you shall call him Jesus”. God used an angel to say those words but they were really said as my soul was in the most hidden and secret place of all – the inner life of the Father, Son and Spirit.

Comment: Our Lady explains her own life with the Spirit.

6. Human History and the Holy Spirit 
May 11th, 2015 

Every gift flows out to mankind from the inner life of the Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. If these gifts were ever to cease, all of creation would end immediately. First of all, from this inner life, came creation. Then, the Word of God came forth, conceived in my womb and born at Bethlehem. Then, as the beginning of the Final Age, the Holy Spirit descended upon the apostles.

Has everything been given? Can God bring forth nothing new? Quite the opposite. Once the Spirit was given, the door to all that is new was permanently opened. The Spirit who spoke from time to time to the Old Testament prophets, and from time to time stirred the kings of Israel to action, came and abided upon the world.

His new presence was quickly perceived as the apostles praised God in new tongues, preached fearlessly and worked miracles in Jesus’ name. Such was the new life flowing out to all who were baptized. These were proofs of the new abiding presence of the Holy Spirit upon creation.

The Spirit now abides in history to bring forth the new and to renew the face of the earth. He is the Father’s gift to preserve the Church until the end of time. He is, especially, the permanent presence of the Father and Jesus, inserted forever into human history. These are the mysteries which I must explain because no one understands.

Human history can never be totally lost because Jesus has buried the Holy Spirit in the heart of history. His power goes forth every moment. The Holy Spirit is the Father’s promise that human history will never, never be destroyed by human hands. It will exist until Jesus comes again. However, a gigantic question looms. How is the power of the Holy Spirit released into human history? This I will explain.

Comment: Out Lady provides a unique teaching on the Holy Spirit’s role in history. 

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 5/12,13/15 ★ Satan already knows his defeat. He rages, & increases his attacks

7. The Spirit Restores All of Mankind
May 12th, 2015 

The time is so near at hand. What can mankind look to for his security? This is why I must teach and explain.

The Holy Spirit is the Father’s hidden gift. He assumes no human nature as Jesus did because his role is quite different. He acts everywhere and at once. He is not limited by national boundaries. He is not dependent upon human means of communication. His power breaks forth anywhere and everywhere.

He can use those who do not know him. He helps the lowly and controls the powerful. He shapes history even when he is not invoked. Those are the secret and hidden acts of the Spirit. They are great but severely limited when people do not know him.

His power is much greater upon those who understand and invoke his help. He teaches people about his gifts and instructs them in his powers. As they welcome him and invoke him, his presence and powers multiply. This is the heavenly Father’s dream and the hope of Jesus. The whole world and all of human history, both creation and mankind, were meant to return, as far as possible, to the original creation in the Garden of Eden. Mankind was meant to be filled again with grace and preternatural gifts.

This great return was prefigured in Jesus’ ministry. The sick were healed. The possessed were freed. The dead came back to life. That was just a small picture of what would happen all over the world when the Spirit would come and the gospel was preached. God’s power would be unleashed within human history.

When I speak of my Immaculate Heart and the great benefits that will flow out to the world, I am really speaking about the Holy Spirit. He, alone, is the Sanctifier, the one who makes all things new.

When I speak of a New Age, I am speaking about the Holy Spirit. When I make promises, I am speaking about the Holy Spirit. All of my apparitions are really gifts coming from this Spirit of Jesus. Even these locutions flow from his lips. So much more to teach.

Comment: Our Lady provides an excellent theology of the Holy Spirit which brings unity into the diversity of the Spirit’s actions.

8. The Holy Spirit and Fatima
May 13th, 2015 

The Father sent Jesus into human history to save mankind from both the powers of darkness and from human evil. The concluding moment of divine grace would be the sending of the Holy Spirit, the definitive promise of the Father that He would never abandon human history.

The Holy Spirit manifested his coming in great signs. His coming was not hidden. All of Jerusalem was made aware and thousands were baptized. The gift was faithfully recorded and is known to everyone.

What does this mean to modern man, as he falls into one crisis after another and as the stakes grow even greater? Mankind has gained for himself the most destructive powers ever known. He holds in his own hands the capacity to destroy himself. He is prodded along this path by Satan, with whom he willingly cooperates.

I am revealing another person, the Holy Spirit, deliberately sent into human history as the Father’s response to evil. I want to awaken everyone. I want all to know the Holy Spirit. He waits, like a gigantic fire, ready to be poured out for the world’s salvation.

Whoever restrains me, restrains the Holy Spirit. Whoever sets me aside, sets aside the Holy Spirit. Whoever invokes me begins to enjoy my Spouse. Whoever exalts me, finds the Holy Spirit.

This is the great mystery that I am trying so desperately to reveal. 98 years ago today, I appeared at Fatima. It took a while for the three children to understand. It took even longer for the people to believe. Gradually, faith spread. Month after month, more came. The communist authorities destroyed some of the gift but the people’s faith continued to grow.

The Dance of the Sun, and all the phenomena that accompanied it, came from the Holy Spirit. After that, wherever Fatima was exalted, the Spirit was free to act. When Fatima was set aside, my spouse, the Holy Spirit could do no great works there. What should have been a century filled with the powers of the Holy Spirit, became instead a century of darkness. When the Catholic Church understands and sets the Fatima gift on the lampstand, the full age of the Holy Spirit will begin.

Comment: Mary shows the relationship of the Holy Spirit with her great feast of Fatima.

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 5/14-18/15 ★ these are the most dangerous moments in human history, the role of Pope Francis, Fr. Gruner, the triumph of my Immaculate Heart has begun.

1. Three Thoughts of Our Lady’s Heart
May 14th, 2015 

I must move deeper into the feelings and hopes of my heart. I want all to join me there so that the darkness will not overcome. Much of the darkness is easy to see because it comes forth in violence but I must bring to light the hidden darkness which is more dangerous.

First, there are the alliances, the bonds between those dedicated to violence. They plan. They share resources. They march together (each for his own selfish end). I spoke before of this “coming together” that would move terrorism to the next level.

Second, I must speak of the West, with its economic prowess. Here, also, are alliances. Powerful and rich leaders are dedicated to their selfish interests. They control. They are always in charge. To manipulate wealth is to murder. When the poor are condemned to live their whole lifetime in squalor, without access to medicines that could save their lives, is this not murder from above? When poor nations are saddled with unpayable interest rates, do not many people die of starvation? These unholy alliances of the rich and powerful constitute just another form of violence – economic violence.

Finally, I come to my Church and a pope who tries to lead the Church to the margins, to the poor and the outcasts. Follow him. When the Church is aligned with the poor, it will become more and more a Church of my heart. No one else stands there. No one else goes there. The poor are forgotten, an afterthought, given the worst scraps left over from the tables of the rich. Much can be done. If the poor are fed, I will provide a surprising abundance. If the world invites all the poor to the table, great calamities will be avoided.

Comment: Our Lady’s three thoughts are very crucial to world politics.

2. The Role of Pope Francis 
May 15th, 2015 

I want to speak of the great mystery of the papacy and what is happening before your very eyes. World leaders are being plunged more and more into darkness because they, and their people, have abandoned the light of faith. Everything is secular and technological, while the human hearts desperate need of God is ignored.

However, there are many lights of faith, the strongest of which is the papacy. Pope Francis sees these many lights and tries to gather them together so they might shine as one. By reaching out and involving others, he is protecting himself. He does not try to stand as a lonely figure, but welcomes all the lights to join together.

He also knows the issues that are important to people of good will By addressing these issues, he also puts forth an invitation to faith. In this way, even more join him, sometimes in spectacular breakthroughs. All of this serves a purpose. The papacy is constantly lifted higher and higher and there accrues to the office greater and greater moral authority.

All of this is my plan which will culminate in the next pope who will be filled with an even greater wisdom and who will consecrate Russia to my Immaculate Heart.

You can see that all of these events are so very close. Everything will happen so quickly. You must know that I am with you and you must draw closer to me every day. There is so much more to say.

Comment: Amid the darkness of the world scene, we can see Our Lady’s plan unfolding in Pope Francis.

3. Father Gruner and the Wine of Fatima
May 16th, 2015 

Everything is locked up, awaiting its time. Some forces (good and evil) are never released. I want to explain these mysteries.

Every moment, graces flow from the Trinity to the world. However, many graces lie unopened. Their time comes and their time goes. They never bless humanity. This causes many other blessings also to be lost because one blessing is meant to prepare for another.

So that the blessing of Jesus would not be lost, the Holy Spirit perfectly prepared my heart, and I received the world’s Savior without any diminution of the gift. The gift of Jesus came perfectly, both in its power and in its time – the fullness of time. The Church was born on Pentecost at the right time. After that, graces were always given at the right time, like Jesus’ appearance to Paul on the way to Damascus. Every grace had its moment in God’s time and every generation was to accept its moment in history.

For this present generation, God has gifts, perfect gifts, at just the right moment. Their time comes. If accepted, the gifts open and bless. If rejected, the gifts die, like withered grapes that have never been sent to the winepress.

The great gift for this time is Fatima and for so long it has remained on the vine. The priest who spoke out so fearlessly has died, yet his message lives. If only my gift had been received by willing hands, I would gladly have allowed it to be crushed and its blessings pour out like wine. Now it withers. A time will come when the wine of Fatima will flow into human history. Many will say that much time has been lost. That is true. However, during this century, many forces of evil have also not been opened. Otherwise, there would be no humanity to receive the Fatima gift. All is not lost. The Father has many ways to bring about his plans.

Comment: Our Lady mentioned a priest who spoke out fearlessly. This was Father Gruner.


4. The Key to Mary’s Heart
May 17th, 2015 

The piercing of my heart began when I presented Jesus in the temple. This piercing will continue until the end of time. I accept this suffering for the good of my children. Now, I reveal the great piercings caused by today’s world. Enter into my heart and see its piercings.

So many of my baptized children lay wounded along the wayside, unable to complete their journey and so in need of the Good Samaritan. So many cultures are bathed in darkness where the name of Jesus cannot be pronounced. So many weapons are waiting to fall into the hands of those who would use them quickly. So many leaders have hearts which I do not own. So many of my children are deprived of my light and are unable to see clearly the right road. So much money spent by the rich. So many poor shunted aside by false economic systems.

The list can go on. I could speak about each nation and the piercings which they cause. I could speak about each world leader or describe each of their failures.

I say all of this so you can see the innumerable piercings of my heart. All of these I would gladly accept a thousand times over if only my light was going forth to the world. My greatest suffering is that the light does not go forth. It is still locked in my heart. Has no one a key? Can no one open the door? Must I carry the light of God and realize that it will never light up the world?

I have given this key to my chosen son. I have guarded him and he has guarded the key. Someday, all the light in my heart will be released upon a world that has fallen into darkness. The whole world will know, beyond any doubt, that the triumph of my Immaculate Heart has begun.

Comment: Our Lady uses the powerful symbol of a pierced heart that carries light for the whole world, but most be opened.

5. The Financial Scandals
May 18th, 2015 

In the greatness of my sorrows, I pour out all that is upon my heart, the burdens which I carry. Come, share my sorrows and understand.

So many evil powers have found their way into human life. These powers, joined to the improved means of communication and the great destructive weapons that are now available, make for a deadly mix. They have brought the world to this point which most people can understand, the most dangerous moments in human history. Even this is not the greatest burden which I carry.

My greatest sorrow is the blindness that has entered my Church, coupled with intrigue and the joining of forces that has had its own agenda. Hearts unite around the selfish goals of a desire for power and a lifestyle not in keeping with the gospel. Yes, I must say it clearly. Networks of evil penetrated the Church. With their hearts consumed by these earthly goals, they formed groups which used the Church instead of serving the Church. All of this is not new. The headlines have revealed the financial scandals.

These networks were not devoted to me. These people carried no true devotion to my Immaculate Heart. While intent on their own financial security and funding their lifestyles, they set me aside and rejected my gifts.

Pope Francis is confronting these evils and bringing about financial responsibility. I will bless these efforts. When the darkness of greed is swept away, the Church will realize that the great gifts of my Immaculate Heart must be exalted.

Comment: Our Lady links the Church’s financial scandals with the setting aside of devotion to her Immaculate Heart.

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 5/19,20/15 ★ all the obstacles to Fatima & the Judases who betray the Church 

Children of My Divine Heart, I love you with an everlasting love. Draw near to Me. Abide in Me. Find rest in My arms of love. I will keep you from all harm. Fear not. Do not let your hearts be troubled. Rejoice in Me. Satan wishes to have victory over your thought patterns. Trust in Me. Do not give in to discouragement, or fear. You are mine. As heirs to My Kingdom of Love, you must not fear. Walk in faith. I will guide you. I will protect you from all evil. Call down My protection, and ask Me to encamp My angels all around you. I will. Make use of all weapons at your disposal. This will ward off demons. Most battles are spiritual in nature. You would do well to remember this. Attack the root with prayer, and problems will disappear. Pray, Beloved, pray. Pray each day. Do not tire of prayer. Pray with your hearts. I need your prayers. Be filled with My Spirit, and pray with the angels, the souls of purgatory, and the communion of saints. Fast when possible. I bless you now. I leave you My kiss of peace. Shalom message to Jabez 5/21/15 

6. A Door Still Open
May 19th, 2015 

From beginning to the end, from creation until the final coming, all of God’s mysteries pass through my Immaculate Heart because God’s Word became flesh within me. Those who find me, find life because Jesus is there. 

Why die of thirst in a desert, when living waters are so easily available? How different would be the world’s history if only it passed fully through my heart instead of taking the tangled paths created by man. These are the mysteries I want to explain. 

When the original creation descended into the darkness, the heavenly Father conceived of a new creation. When sin entered the world, the Father decided to create another world, a woman taken from the same soil, but sinless from the first moment of her conception. 

Human history had a new path, a sinless path freed from corruption. That path, hidden for many ages, (as was the mystery of Jesus) was opened completely at Fatima. An invitation went forth, orchestrated by heaven itself. Great promises were made. Nothing has changed. Nothing has been revoked. My Fatima heart remains wide open, a new creation formed in my sinless heart and freed from the sin of Eve. This is the path to world peace and personal peace. 

How few have entered that door! Many have never heard the message. Fatima is seen as one of many doors, able to be chosen or left behind. It is called “★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 5/20,21/15 ★ America is kept in the dark, ISIS in Europe & America, The Silencing of Sister Lucy, silenced because her words did not agree with those who wielded power in the Church. optional” and “private revelation”. 

All of that must change. These locutions will become the great voice of Fatima, making it so attractive that the whole Church will begin to realize all that God had done when He created me sinless. 

Comment: Our Lady reveals two mysteries. When God created her free from sin, He began a new creation, which was opened completely at Fatima. 

7. Our Lady’s Judases
May 20th, 2015 

Now I come to the deepest wound. Has there been a Judas in my life like with Jesus? Has there been anyone whom I chose, whom I drew close to myself, to whom I have revealed my secrets and who, in turn, has betrayed me? Sold me out? Sadly, such people exist. They have been in high places. They have had important positions. They have set me aside to gain their goals. They have conspired with others. 

I have been an embarrassment to them, a piety that seemed only for those who could not understand the theological truths. They did not want to be identified with Marian piety. They would write their books and give off their theories, as if the people needed their knowledge. But me you did not find among their thoughts. They betrayed me, shutting the doors and leading many on fruitless journeys that led to nowhere. 

I do not say this to condemn, nor have I dared to mention names. That is not my purpose. I speak so that these blindfolds can be removed, and so that the sterility of their thinking no longer destroys the harvest that can come forth. 

In these locutions, I place forth a deep and fruitful theology, one that goes far beyond the light of reason, even reason guided by ordinary faith. I open up great vistas of truths. I speak this way to attract everyone, both the simple soul who delights in my truths and the educated person who realizes that my teachings go far beyond the usual theology books. 

I want to sweep away all obstacles to the Fatima messages, especially those that arise from any complaints about their theological depth. I am reopening Fatima. I am presenting it again, clothed in the deepest theology. I will not allow Fatima to be set aside, even if I must personally debate all those who dismiss it as merely personal piety. They are my Judases.

Comment: Fatima is not based upon some backwater theology that cannot hold its own with great thinkers.

LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 5/20,21/15 ★ America is kept in the dark, ISIS in Europe & America, The Silencing of Sister Lucy, silenced because her words did not agree with those who wielded power in the Church. 

1. ISIS in Europe and America
May 20th, 2015 

 I want to speak about ISIS and especially the joining together of terrorist groups. Their oneness and the extent of their operations give them new power.

This terrorist fire is ready to jump to Europe, which is vulnerable to these arrows of fire because it is so close. Soon, so very soon, the fires of Middle East violence which have spread to Africa will leap over the Mediterranean Ocean and land in Europe, especially in Italy.

There are no walls to contain these fires and they will find little resistance. People are not mobilized or joined together for war the way ISIS is. The gains will be surprising, not just in isolated attacks but there will be the actual presence of ISIS on European soil.

America is kept in the dark. Much is hidden concerning the full threat from ISIS. All of this secrecy covers failed policies. This cover will soon be ripped away.

The ISIS attacks on America will confront the country much more than 9/11. At that time, Osama Bin Laden was heading a loosely-jointed coalition of terrorists. The situation has greatly changed, especially in the size, the sophistication and the unity of these forces.

Comment: Our Lord’s warning is very clear.

8. The Silencing of Sister
May 21st, 2015 

The human heart is filled with so many feelings. Memories are stored there, often hidden and slow to come forth. For my children, I gladly bring them forth so they can share my thoughts.

What is it like to be shunted aside? During my lifetime, I lived in obscurity. This was the Father’s plan. I was to be His witness and keep everything in my heart. How faithfully I fulfilled that task.

For a witness, there is a time to observe and a time to testify, a time to store up the gifts and a time to pour them forth, a time to be hidden and a time to come forth so all the world can live in light and truth.

The time of my being hidden, of staying in the shadows and of being unknown is over. It no longer serves the Father’s plan. This complete hiddenness was definitively removed at Fatima. There, I was the Woman Clothed With the Sun. The great gifts were meant to flow forth and bless the whole world. Imagine the suffering of a witness whose words are set aside, who is not taken seriously, as if I had nothing of importance to say to the Church and to the world.

I chose the three children of Fatima. Two were meant to come soon to heaven. Lucia was to stay as my messenger, a living witness, able to explain and to bring forth new light. Instead, she was silenced. I will say this openly. She was silenced because her words did not agree with those who wielded power in the Church. I kept her on earth for decades. She was to speak out, to help, to guide, to be the living magisterium of the Fatima messages. There would be no going astray. Nothing would be derailed. She was there to offer authoritative guidance and she was silenced. When Lucy was silenced, I was silenced. She was my living voice. No wonder the Fatima gift fell into obscurity, seen as the apostolate of just a few.

Now I have raised up another living voice, these little locutions. They will not be silenced. They are my words to the world. Through them, Fatima will live again, the full Fatima, the Fatima that would have existed if the original messenger had been allowed to speak and to testify.

Comment: The sad history of Fatima is the silencing of Sister Lucy. In 2000 when the Fatima secret was supposedly revealed, Sister Lucy was not allowed to be present. Instead, others gave their opinions which destroyed the message. This false declaration is still a matter of record and has never been officially reversed. The false claim is that the Fatima vision of the pope, bishops, priests, sisters and many others being killed was fulfilled when Pope John Paul II was wounded (May 13, 1981). The people were told that the vision dealt with a past event and to forget about Fatima having anything to say about the future.

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 5/22-27/15 ★ From this moment on, all human leaders are helpless, totally unable to turn back this fullness of evil that will engulf the world. 

1. The Word and the Fire
May 22nd, 2015 

I do not want any delays. The word must go forth as quickly as possible. It is time for a worldwide awakening that can come only from a word and a fire. The two must go together.

A word without a fire is lifeless. A fire without a word will burn uselessly. I will send forth my word through these locutions and through all who multiply them in various ways and in different tongues. The fire must come directly from my Immaculate Heart.

On Pentecost the fire descended and the disciples spoke in various tongues. The word and the fire went forth to the whole world, from one city to another. How slow that seems today, when a word can go forth to the whole world instantly, in the blinking of an eye.

Let no one be discouraged. We are in a new situation. The means of world-wide evangelism are in place. All you need is the word and the fire. These, I will supply. Just as God supplied the sacrifice for Abraham so that Isaac could live. so I will supply the word and the fire so the Church will live.

Be awake, cooperate, receive the word and the fire. Then, go forth with these. All can quickly be engulfed if everyone plays their part.

Comment: Our Lady will certainly expand on these encouraging words. 

2. Events Like Lightening
May 23rd, 2015 

The events will be like lightening in the sky, sudden, unexpected and lighting up the heavens from one end to the other. Does not lightening usually follow the rumblings and the thunder? Are there not many such stirrings in today’s world? Even so, the place and the time of the lightning remain totally unknown. When it flashes, light flies in every direction.

I use this as a symbol of what will occur this year, lightning bolts that totally fill the sky so all will know instantly. These are fires of destruction, hitting a certain part of the world and leaving its mark. Other nations will just continue on, grateful that the lightning struck elsewhere.

These lightning events are signs, to awaken the whole world, warnings that all must repent. The lightning will be repeated, always closer in time and even more powerful. I will use these signs as an awakening.

But what good is it for a people to awaken and have no idea of what to do. After these lightnings, these awakenings, I will speak more forcefully than ever. Having awakened my people, I will guide them. I will explain why all of this has happened. I will again and again chastise the leaders who have allowed this. I will point out the roads that led to this.

My most important teachings can only be given after the events. People will see that much has been lost. My message, after the lightning events, will be quite different. There will still be a short period of time to run for safety. I will be there through these locutions to light the way.

Comment: Jesus also spoke of lightning. Our Lady predicts surprising events in 2015, but these will be warning events, giving us time to seek her paths.

3. A Voice Going Forth to All the World
May 24th, 2015 

I will not allow the victory gained at the cross to be taken from my hands. Nor will I allow creation which came from the Father’s hands to be seized by another. This is the battle now being waged.

Whose voice will be heard? What path will frail and fragile mankind take? Will the voice of death or the voice of life shape human history? These are vast questions which are being answered every day. Choices are made. Steps are taken. A path is walked. All is determined by the voice that mankind listens to.

How shrill and oh-so-powerful is the voice of darkness. This voice of darkness speaks everywhere, in every aspect of human life, education, morals, politics, economies, wars, weapons, family life. This voice speaks in the quiet of the human heart and in the loudspeakers of mass communication. Can no one silence this voice? It would be easier to count the grains of sand and to know the number of the stars. Such is the helplessness of mankind at this moment.

How pitiful are his efforts! A little light here a small victory there. However, when the voice of darkness is everywhere, do you not perceive? Do you not hear the voice?

The Psalm says, “Their voice goes out to all the earth”. This is God’s promise and I have come to fulfill His words. What is the solution to this world-wide, powerful Satanic voice that constantly claims more victories? Only God’s voice that goes out to all the earth. I am that voice. Clothed with the sun I went forth at Fatima. I was meant, like the sun, to go from one end of the earth to the other, but this never took place. The promise still remains. My voice will go forth. These locutions are preparing the way.

Comment: The voice of darkness is heard everywhere. No one can silence it. A greater voice is needed, that is also worldwide. 

4. The Fullness of Evil and Good
May 25th, 2015 

There comes a time of fullness, when all the events can no longer be contained. What was hidden becomes seen and then, everyone realizes that this is the “fullness of time”. Such is the nature of both good and evil.

There is the question of time. Which force arrives first? Which claims the victory? Is there time for retaliation, for reconquering what has been lost? All of these are burning questions which I will answer.

In the Middle East, this fullness of time has already come. The events have not been contained. They have spilled out now for years, after the relative stability was broken open by the Iraq war, a great evil which should never have happened.

Suddenly, all the other evils began to surface and spread. The Middle East is engulfed in flames which have spread to Africa and will soon spread to Europe.

Learn from this lesson. Many other evil forces are boiling, in many other lands and in many aspects of human life. These evils just await a moment, a foolish decision or a combination of events to have their fullness of time also. Evil can be covered over for only so long. It forces itself to the surface, just waiting for its time. From this moment on, all human leaders are helpless. They are totally unable to turn back this fullness of evil that will engulf the world.

I must speak about another fullness, a good planted centuries ago in human history by the heavenly Father. This good, also, has been hidden but is slowly making its way to the surface, nurtured by the faith and sacrifices of so many, awaiting its breakthrough moment.

This is my promise. Although evil will break through first (and has clearly done so) and will win its victories (many have happened), when the loving fire of my Immaculate Heart is allowed to be released, the tide will turn. Unfortunately, there will have been many defeats, and much will take place that should never have happened. However, evil will not conquer the world. None of this will be accomplished by man. The victory will clearly belong to my Immaculate Heart and to the Catholic Church.

Comment: Our Lady speaks of past and future events, always ending with hope.

5. The Helplessness of Mankind
May 26th, 2015 

Who can plot the future? Who can even outline a picture of these events? So many forces interact. The kingdom of God and the reign of darkness clash on the battlefield of human history.

Defeats are usually followed by victories. However, because mankind is so weak this is not happening. These years are not the usual times. The foe grows stronger. Mankind grows weaker. The ability to respond and to fend off the evil lessens. The body grows even more infirm. The sickness is deep and even spreading. More parts of the human race are touched by so many evils.

I must speak because no one understands. These are not usual times, when forces are present which will restore the world. My word is this. The forces to restore mankind to health and to destroy the infections are dissipating quickly. Mankind has no reserves to fall back on, like a spendthrift who has dissipated his money. In the near future, the helplessness of mankind will be evident, as all the evils come forth, in every area of human life.

Do I preach hopelessness? Yes, the hopelessness of a mankind who depends upon his own resources, of a mankind who has left the Father’s house like a prodigal son. This is mankind’s present path and he will continue to walk it because he knows no other. He has banished the light of faith.

What will I bring? I will bring light, a totally undeserved light. By that time powerful mankind will have been humbled. Many will be destroyed by total despair. Others, however, will say, “Let us return to the God whom we have forsaken”. For these, I will come. Watch. Wait. Seek. Ask. Do not wait for the collapse of all hope.

Comment: Mankind does not realize where it is because life seemingly just goes on. 

6. Mankind Has Wandered
May 27th, 2015 

All is cast asunder. One by one all the bonds of security are removed. What was meant to protect, no longer exists. The smallest shaking can turn everything into chaos. Such is the state of the world. Mankind has no idea of its perilous state. So, I must speak.

At one time, many nations were under God and enjoyed His protection. Leaders, laws, and the people themselves knew the path of light. Works of darkness were unthinkable and quickly rejected. Society walked in a light which all enjoyed. Mankind has wandered. Like children chasing butterflies, the world has been lured into this moment, a very perilous moment.

Everything looks the same. Life goes on as usual. People buy and sell, marry and give in marriage. Each person awakens to the daily tasks. Yet, something is wrong. Who perceives it? Whose words can describe and define? Who would listen to the words, anyway? What good would they do?

Who can stop the present decline? Who can address these problems that have grown so enormous? If world leaders are helpless, then who can act? If things are bad, who can turn them around? “Come, let us enjoy the good life until the disasters happen. Who knows, maybe nothing will occur.” Such is the thinking of many. Their ears are deaf and their hearts are consumed.


O reader, are you among them? Is that the way you feel? Or, have my words enlightened you and given you hope. For you, I speak once again. Write these words on your heart. I will save everyone who turns to me. I will protect all who call on my name. Events will come. They will change the face of the earth but the little ones who hear my voice, I will be able to gather.

Am I giving these secrets only to you? Not at all. The locutions are available to all. Anyone can read, but only a few believe. Words, words, how many words I pour out. Yet each word is true and filled with my love.

Comment: Our Lady’s words contain God’s light and power. 

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 5/28-6/1/15 ★ The Breaking Point of History, Soon ISIS will come to Europe, especially to Italy, The West walks on thin ice

1. Where Is Mankind?
May 28, 2015

Can light enter into this demonic darkness that enslaves the world? An awakening is needed. A piercing and comprehensive light that shows man where he is, how he arrived at this point, and, most important, how he can be saved. What a task. Yet, I will undertake this work.

Every day, mankind inevitably moves into greater demonic darkness. He decides but does not see the consequences of his actions. Having set aside God’s commandments, his only light is his interior disorders. Nothing restrains them. He has made himself a god, deciding for himself what is right and wrong. This is how mankind has come to this moment.

Another force is also at work. Mankind does not believe in the demonic world and feels no need for God’s powers. This total blindness allows Satan to have free rein. The smoke arising from the 9/11 Twin Towers revealed his presence and showed forth his powers to destroy. Every single moment his powers are destroying the earth.

Such is mankind’s state, lost in darkness, guided by his own inner disorders, subject to satanic powers, and helpless. Now, would anyone dare declare the greatness of mankind? Would anyone dare speak of the world’s wisdom? Mankind has miscalculated, overreached, underestimated his adversary, released disorders, praised his own wisdom, charted his selfish course, set aside almighty God, destroyed his commandments and is totally ignorant of where his journey has taken him.

There is a light, but to follow its road will require much. I offer a door, but it is narrow, and I provide a safe path, but it is steep. This is not a journey of one day or one year but it is the only path. How will the world ever learn this road? Locutions are not enough. I must raise up a living voice, known to all, and loved by everyone. Soon, very soon, I will bring him forth.

Comment: Our Lady, often describing mankind’s failures, always offers her special help. 

2. Generations Pass Away
May 29th, 2015 

Human history inevitably moves forward. The heavenly Father created this mystery of time, with a beginning, an end, and a constant moving on. Nothing stands still.

Mankind does not grasp how inevitable it is that today will cease to be and must give way to tomorrow. No one can cling to time, hold on to it or save it up. No one has time. Rather, time rules. Time possesses each person, each nation and the whole world.

Everyone passes away, kings and rulers, rich and poor. New generations arise because other generations no longer exist. The world passes into new hands. It always has new owners, who mistakenly believe that they control the world when really they are just renters, passing through like everyone else. Each generation changes the flow of history and passes on a world that is changed. This is the mystery that I must explain.

A generation filled with faith passes on a transformed world, bathed in God’s light. The new generation is born into the light and knows no darkness. A generation of darkness has no light to pass on. The following generation has no experience of the light and is caught up in the powers of darkness.

This is today’s world. The older generation experienced the light but the younger generation was handed darkness. The darkness grows and grows. Lights are extinguished because the secular spirit does not tolerate them.

Here is the question. How can a generation born into darkness come into the light? Who can strike a match? Who can light up the world? Who is willing to be consumed by a fire so the whole world can see? This is what I look for, people willing to accept the divine fire placed in my heart.

Let everyone come. To all I will give my fire. They will scatter the darkness and offer God’s light once again to the younger generation. Only I can bring this about. Any other solution wastes precious time.

Comment: The new generation receives only darkness. Only Our Lady’s gift can restore light. 

3. Light, Light and More Light
May 30th, 2015 

Light, light and more light. That is what mankind needs. First, I must light up the heart. Then I must light up the path. Finally, I must light up the goal. Only then, will the human race have all the light that it needs.

In your heart, God has placed a desire for perfect happiness which only He can fulfill. This happiness cannot be gained in time. You cannot be perfectly happy on earth because you are forced to live in time. All passes away. One day gives way to another. One stage of life yields to the next. Your own heart, which yearns for a perfect happiness, cannot achieve that goal on earth. That is the first light.

What path should you take? Do not accept what the world offers. Accepting its invitation and plunging into its pleasures offers only frustration. One goal gives way to another. Youth passes. Situations change. This is certainly not the path of light.

The true lights are within you, the goals for which God has created you. To understand these goals you need light, light and more light. This is what you need and what I promise. My light will fit your exact situation and be exactly what you need. You must never walk in darkness.

Comment: We do not realize how dark is our path and how much we need Our Lady’s light. 

4. A Perilous Road
May 31st, 2015 

No one can turn back. All must move ahead and play a part in human history until their time on earth ceases. This is the great mystery of human life. All are joined. The human race walks together. All are bound to one another for the short time that each person lives on earth.

When a helplessness and an inevitability set in, people feel trapped. They are unable to decide because they are dragged along by powerful forces, and feel helpless to reverse the tide. New and powerful forces have been released. A harvest sown in the past is now coming to fruition. I must speak out.

These daily forces push the human race along a very perilous road of its own powers. It cannot turn away. The only solution is to reveal a different path, a road of light. But how many can even find this new path? It is not the mainstream, nor the cultural path taken by society. Yet the whole future of the human race depends upon millions finding my path of light. Two things are needed. First, there must be extraordinary interventions coming from heaven. Second these interventions must be preceded by extraordinary fervor to prepare for the interventions.

Comment: The human race has passed a point of no return. What should we do? We must find Our Lady’s new path.

5. The Growing Unity of Terrorists (Special Locution)
May 31st, 2015 

In the past, I have said three things. First, the terrorist groups were weak and scattered but they would come together. The great danger was that they would be united.

Second, that the war in Syria was the fuse for the Middle East explosion. The Syrian revolution would not end quickly as did the revolution in Egypt but would continue for years. This lengthy revolution would destroy the structure of stability that did exist in the Middle East and would even erase national boundaries.

Third, the American withdrawal from the Middle East would move up the timetable of destructive events.

All three have happened and been proved true. ISIS and other groups affiliated with it, have taken on a new life. They are virtually unopposed, free from any serious threat to their existence and to their ambitions. Soon ISIS will come to Europe, especially to Italy and all will realize that ISIS is no longer just a Middle East reality.

Although America is further away, the growing, centralized strength of ISIS in the Middle East will allow it to become a constant enemy of the stability of America. All of this could be changed if the policies of America would change. Unfortunately this will not happen.

Comment: Our Lady highlights two realities, the new reality of unified terrorism and the American policies of withdrawal. 


"To Mary, then, who is the Mother of Mercy & omnipotent by Grace, let loving & devout appeal go up from every corner of the earth ~ from noble temples & tiniest temples, from royal palaces & mansions of the rich as from the poorest hut 
~ from every place wherein a faithful soul finds shelter 
~ from blood-drenched plains & seas. Let it bear to her the anguished cry of mothers & wives, the wailing of innocent ones, the sighs of every generous heart: that her most tender & benign solicitude may be moved & the peace we ask for be obtained for our agitated world."