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LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD ~ Sept 2015 heaven & hell locked in mortal combat

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 9/1- 7/15 ★ The Pope’s Visit & the Coming Collapse ~ The collapse will happen while he is in America. This collapse will be the final warning which you must listen to

 1. An Evil in Man’s Bloodstream 
Sep 1st, 2015 

My words grow serious because the time is so short. I am not speaking of nuclear war but of the shaking of the established order of life. Many cracks appear, but with a crack the wall continues to function and life goes on. A collapse changes the order of things and claims everyone’s attention. Life cannot go on as usual. All is disrupted. The pieces must be picked up and put together again so life can continue as usual.

This is what the world desires – that life go on as before. However, life cannot continue in this way. An economic reckoning awaits the nations. There have already been little shakings, which are called “correcting the markets”. Would that your markets were able to be corrected!

The problems lie in the spirit of mankind and in the world leaders who have allowed this economic system to be formed by selfish interests and to move out from under God’s wisdom. The wisdom of man is folly and his greatest folly surrounds greed and money.

I look at the whole world and I see danger spots everywhere, arising from evil decisions made decades ago and multiplied in recent years. Now, I must speak to this issue, serious words, spoken to my children who will also be caught up in this collapse.

I can prevent nuclear war and if the Church turns to my Immaculate Heart, I will show the way to world peace. That is a future issue. The economic collapse is a different question. Millions of selfish and deceitful decisions have led to this moment. It is not a question of one nation or one leader. Every nation and people have shared in this evil. The problem is in man’s bloodstream. All I can do is to alleviate the suffering. I will be with you in every possible way when the collapse comes.

Comment: Our Lady’s words grow much more serious. As always, she promises her presence and her help.

2. The Coming Economic Collapse 
Sep 2nd, 2015 

There is no more delay. These events are at hand, already unfolding before your eyes. All see the shaking of the markets. Many try to analyze and to understand. Causes are assigned and steps are taken to stabilize and to shore up. However, the deeper layers of the economy do not provide a solid foundation. The foundations themselves are weak and ready to collapse.

Who understands the many flaws in the worldwide economies? Who has the resources to stabilize the hidden foundations upon which everything else depends? This is impossible. So, the collapse cannot be avoided. All realize that it is a matter of time. Sooner or later? Near at hand or far away? These are the questions. Dare I speak about them? I always, always think of my children.

Sometimes, in her great love, a mother speaks. At times, she keeps silent. At other times, she just says a few words. I do not speak as an economist, but as a mother. I speak so you know that I will be with you. I can no longer hold back my words. The foundations can no longer support the weight of world debt. The past decisions to constantly postpone the needed actions and to cover over financial responsibilities are about to have their effects. There will be a collapse. The weight is too heavy.

I will be present to all my children. I will not hold back the light needed for their decisions. I will pour out hope to sustain them. When my children see the new reality, they will no longer be blinded by their fascination with the world. Their inner light of faith will mean everything to them. They will also have my words as their daily guide in the darkness.

Comment: Our Lady is reluctant to speak these words. Yet, she must speak for her children’s welfare.


3. The Pope’s Visit and the Collapse 
Sep 3rd, 2015 

I cannot say that the economic collapse is distant when really it is near, or that it will be short when really it will be long, or that it will be easy, when really it will be quite difficult. Only truth gives the light needed for hope. So, I will now speak words of truth.

This collapse has been a long time in coming, preceded by many incidents that should have awakened the world. God is not the cause of the collapse and the collapse is not a divine chastisement. The collapse comes because of man’s free will and the choices he has made. The collapse has no purpose. It results from purposeless decisions made from self-interest.

The collapse will not come before Pope Francis comes to America but it will happen while he is in America. I deliberately brought the Pope to America, the world’s financial center, to be here when it takes place. I want him to be part of the picture. I want him to be present. His presence in America will be my sign that the Church is very important in saving mankind from its own follies. Toward the end of his trip, he will have to shift his message and address the new world situation. In this way, I will begin to exalt the Church as a beacon of light in the darkness.

During September, Congress will be voting on the Iran treaty. Terrorism and economic difficulties are the twin evils which will mark the years ahead. All of these good and evil forces, papacy, economic collapse and nuclear war will be merged in a single unforgettable moment, as they all come together in September, 2015.

Comment: This is an extraordinary locution.

4. A Flood – But Not Noah’s 
Sep 4th, 2015 

A change will come over the whole world. Many will be confused. World leaders will not know what to do. The full extent of the collapse will not be realized at first. Like a flood that claims more and more of the dry ground, people will think that they are safe from its effects. Then, they realize that the flood claims them and their homes.

I hate to speak of this. Yet, it is important for my words to go forth. So much of human life will be touched by these waters of debt. Even so, some areas of the economy will continue, even though it is serious. This collapse is not like the floods of Noah that covered the whole earth.

Most important, how will mankind respond? Will the bankers again tinker with the books? A change here, a change there and all will be as it used to be. Such will be their wisdom but my words go much deeper.

This collapse will offer to the world a great invitation, while there is still time. A new reality will set in. Mankind will have a new perspective. Many, many will just continue as before, cursing what has happened and intent on restoring the previous order. Others will be more perceptive, especially as they listen to my words.

“This is not the time to rebuild but to repent. It is not the time to build new economic skyscrapers but to lay a new foundation of faith deep within. It is time to restore the structures of faith. This collapse will not be the end but it will be a final warning. Other warnings have not been heeded. This warning, you must listen to.”

I have so much to teach. I do not expect you to understand on your own! I do expect you to act according to the words I give you.

Comment: Our Lady gives two truths. The floods of this collapse will be extensive but they are not the floods of Noah which destroyed the whole earth.

5. Our Lady’s Light in the Darkness 
Sep 5th, 2015 

Every effort will be made to have life go on as before. But life should not go on as before because the disorders brought about the collapse. New foundations are needed. Can this happen? Can a people who have strayed so far and have wandered so deeply into the darkness, see a new light? Not by themselves, nor by their own efforts.

So, I must come upon the scene with the most powerful lights. New lights must suddenly shine. Unexpected lights. Words from heaven. People to guide and new voices that speak my messages.

Have I not already begun? Do not your ears already hear my words? Have not these locutions gone forth for years? Will you be surprised? Not at all. I have told you ahead of time. Will I suddenly stop speaking when all the world is ready to listen? I have spoken for all this time to prepare for this moment.

In the middle of these times of darkness, when mankind is filled with confusion and ready to despair, my greatest lights will suddenly shine. Satan is not the only one who is ready. I, too, am ready and soon the full battle will begin, but only after my lights fill the world.

Then, the opposing forces will be clearly drawn up. Satan will have his terrorists, his nuclear Iran and all the confusion caused by the destruction of stable structures. I will have my messengers, my lights and my presence, coming upon all who turn to me in faith.

My greatest gift of light will shine forth as Satan’s darkness grows and grows. Then, all will see the great glory of the Catholic Church and how I will use her to bless all mankind.

Comment: The battle lines have not yet been drawn.

6. Gifts After the Collapse
 Sep 6th, 2015 

As expected, the world will mourn its losses and grieve much over the riches which it used to have. I, too, will grieve over the many good people caught up in this suffering. I will grieve over the great hardships which will be caused and over the sadness and depression which many will feel because it is the moment of accounting.

I must speak of another result, the clearing away of all illusions and a willingness to live in God’s wisdom. How can a foolish, crushed, fallen world ever rise to a new level, when it would not do this in prosperity? Will not people be mourning? Will their hearts not be so burdened? Will they not curse God, claiming they are innocent, and refusing to see the truth? This is Satan’s plan. He wants to strike a blow at the human spirit so mankind never lifts its eyes to the Almighty. Despair, hatred for God, darkness – these are always effects of a tragedy. Such would be the state of man.

However, in the moments of the collapse, I will send forth the greatest light. All the promises that I have made in these locutions will go into effect. More important and greater gifts, hidden until now, will begin to surface.

How often I have spoken of the Catholic Church and its new role in world affairs. How often I have spoken of the Fatima gifts that have not been opened. How often I have spoken of my priest son whom I love so much and whom I have anointed. When the collapse comes, know that all of these powerful gifts that I have stored up for the world, will begin to be opened.

Comment: Our Lady promises helps and has often spoken about these special gifts.

7. The Final Warning 
Sep 7th, 2015 

How serious will the collapse become? Much depends on the decisions made by worldly leaders. Unfortunately, many decisions will not be made in truth. They will not face the problems or build a true foundation. They will try to “get by” and “get through this situation”.

This collapse is not a temporary situation of a true economy, but the normal result of a false economy, based upon money that does not exist and the accumulation of debt. All of this happened when the West walked away from God. When the light of faith was left behind, mankind entered into darkness.

This collapse will be the final warning. So that my message will be believed, it will take place while the Pope is at the world’s financial center. After the collapse, many secular voices will be raised, decrying what has been allowed to happen. These voices will be too shallow because they do not understand.

My deepest question is this. Will the response be like it was after 9/11? Will it just be a week or two of fervor, when all the churches were filled? For a short time, the people looked to God but soon returned to their normal ways. This collapse is different. This is the final warning. If you return to what was, if America does not return to faith, then you will have no hope.

Yet, does a mother allow the child of her womb to struggle alone. Does she not bend over and offer her help? In the middle of the despair, I will place new seeds of hope. The future does not lie with those who will attempt to rebuild a corrupt economic system, but with those who say “Let us be taught by God”.

Comment: Our Lady gives clear guidelines of true and false rebuilding. 

ABSOLUTELY URGENT ★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 9/8-12/15 ★ when the Holy Father is in America, The final warning will hasten the moment of the consecration of Russia, the clear sign of God’s saving actions for the human race.

8. The Effects of the Final Warning 

I have opened my heart and spoken my words for all the world to know. I have not held back nor have I softened the message. This collapse, although not the end, is the final warning. What do these words mean, “Final Warning”?

First, there will be no further warning, no more moments when the Heavenly Father keeps back the deluge. Second, the decisions made after the collapse will be much more important than the decisions made before. Do not bemoan what has happened. Do not wail over the past. A warning, especially the final warning, is a great gift. A warning shows there is still hope, that action can be taken and that all is not lost.

When the collapse comes, many will believe that it is too late because too much has fallen apart. A warning is just the opposite. It says that there is still time. God’s final warning also says that solutions exist. In all the darkness, a path of light is available. A door is able to be opened that leads to freedom.

 (Hit by Run on Deposits, Banco Popular Denies it’s Looking for Rushed Takeover to Avert Collapse May 12, 2017 )

The final warning will drive home a lesson that superficial and short-term solutions are lies. A final warning touches every heart and people realize, “This is it. We cannot postpone the radical commitment to God’s Word, to His Church, and to His plan”.

When that grace settles into the heart of a person and into the heart of the Church, the final warning has gained its purpose. All are ready to receive the favors that I have been withholding until they could be received. With the final warning and with the needed response to that warning, I can begin to release all the favors that I have had to withhold.

This final warning will hasten the moment of the consecration of Russia. Do not blame the Holy Father for not making this consecration. The whole Church is held liable. After the consecration, I will release unimaginable gifts, blessings without end. If the Consecration had taken place earlier (and indeed it should have been completed by now) the Church could not have received these favors because the people’s hearts were not ready. The final warning will change all of that.

Comment: In this one locution, Our Lady gives many extremely important revelations. The consecration of Russia should already have taken place. The various popes are not responsible for this because the whole Church’s heart could not have received. When the final warning changes our hearts, the consecration will be made and Our Lady will pour out favors which we have never seen.

9. The Role of Pope Francis 

Pope Francis will understand the new situation and will adjust the goals of his papacy. He will not understand the fullness of all that is to happen but I will help him in this new moment for the Church. (This fullness will be so great that no one will grasp all that I intend to do.)

He will not be the Pope who will consecrate Russia to my Immaculate Heart (This task will fall to his successor.) However, he will be the Pope that helps the Church accept the graces flowing from this final warning. 

( 3. The Pope Dies in Jerusalem ~ Locutions, 02/09/2011 )

Because he is able to touch many hearts, I will use his voice and his own heart. I will give him light to correctly interpret these events so the graces associated with this final warning prepare the Church for the moment when Russia is finally consecrated.

I do not speak these words lightly. The months after the final warning must not be frittered away with overwhelming anxiety nor by a total concentration on trying to restore life as it previously was (although charitable works must certainly multiply).

My words on all of these issues have been very clear. After the final warning, I will pour out great graces which will prepare for the next Holy Father and for the consecration of Russia. Pope Francis will lead the Church during this year into a profound repentance and expectant faith. His role is very important and his widespread acclaim will accelerate this Church renewal. Then, I will be ready to exalt my priest son who will consecrate Russia so the greatest graces can be released.

All can see my plans as I assume my role as the Woman Clothed With the Sun and the great battle with Satan commences.

Comment: Our Lady outlines more clearly her plan and the role of Pope Francis.

10. Millions Will Listen 

Although the time draws near, life goes on as usual. Only a few signs appear that indicate the problems that lie ahead. Yet, it is now that I must speak. How urgent are my words. Many have no idea of the urgency of the times or the need for my words. After the events, this will change. This will be one of the important graces of which I have spoken.

During these years, many have learned about my locutions and have become zealous in reading and spreading them. However, when compared to all the world, their number is quite small. When the events begin, many, many more will look to these little locutions for the light and hope which they so much need.

I will not disappoint them. The locutions will become stronger and filled with the greatest light. I will know everyone whom they are helping. I will direct my words to their individual situations. Only the Woman could do this. I will speak simple words to millions and yet my words will be individual, touching each one’s heart.

Thousands will read today’s locution. After the event, millions will read them, so great will be the graces that I pour out.

Much more important will be the favors coming from these words. Today, walls surround so many hearts. I shout. I cry out. I whisper. I use every possible means to penetrate their souls, but all my methods are useless. Too many walls. Too much security. No felt need for God’s help.

After the events, the walls will collapse and my tiniest whisper will be like a booming voice. My slightest word will be received with the greatest thankfulness. After the events, there will be no walls to keep out my favors. The great blessings can begin.

Comment: Our Lady describes humankind’s new openness and her greater blessings.

11. Cana – The First Sign 

No time to waste. Do not delay. Do not say, “Let us see if all of this happens as Our Lady has said”. Is not my word firm? Do I not speak to prepare my children? Others might question but my children must believe.

The weeks ahead are very important. They are not to be wasted in idle speculation. In the coming days, I will tell you exactly what you need to know. These will be very special words. Set your wild imaginings aside and ponder my words.

First, you must walk very closely with me, much closer than you have ever been. These weeks are filled with my greatest favors, especially for those who understand and believe. Do not omit your rosary. In those moments I will come, meet you and give you light.

Second, the collapse will not come out of the blue. The signs of economic difficulties have already appeared. The experts study the trends and try to explain the causes. However, although the collapse will certainly be due to human causes, what will happen cannot be forecasted by human experts. Their minds do not see the extent to which the economic structures have been weakened nor can they predict the responses to the initial difficulties. All that you need to know is that an economic collapse will take place while the Holy Father is in the United States.

Third, I have deliberately brought him to these shores so that the events will be associated with his visit. This is my clear sign of the role of the Holy Father and of the Catholic Church in the reconstruction of society and of God’s saving actions for the human race.

Fourth, this collapse and the presence of the Holy Father are only the beginning of the events. The collapse is Satan’s action and the Holy Father’s presence is my action. These actual events will show what I have been saying during these years of the locutions. The present world events are just the manifestations of the unseen battle being waged by Satan against the kingdom of Jesus. Because the world has lost faith in Jesus’ kingdom, it cannot understand or explain what is going on. Even worse, the world aids and abets Satan and, by past decisions, has brought on this collapse.

Even when the events happen exactly as I have said, many will still not believe my words. However, millions of people (of all faiths) will begin to believe. The events will be like Cana of Galilee, the first of Jesus’ signs which helped his disciples to believe in him. Such will be the events when the Holy Father is in America. I have deliberately brought the Holy Father to America so all the world will see my sign.

Comment: Cana is an excellent example because the Holy Father’s presence in America at the time of this event will be Our Lady’s first sign, as changing water into wine was Jesus’ first sign.

12. The Hour of the Woman at Cana 

I will reveal all my heart’s secrets so the whole world can clearly understand what is happening. Each word will add a stone of faith until the whole building is completed.

At Cana of Galilee, this couple which had no more wine, are a symbol of Adam and Eve who lost divine life and could not pass it on to their children. When I spoke with Jesus he called me “Woman”. How important that title is. He told me that this was not His hour. However the couple had no wine and the saving action could not wait. All of these mysteries, I will now explain.

The loss of wine is a symbol of Satan’s hour, depriving the human life of its joy. If I were to sit idly by and allow these events to happen, the collapse would truly be his hour and would lead to many other events which he has already planned. All of you must see this event with the eyes of faith. The evil is certainly Satan’s hour but my words reveal that it is also the beginning of my hour. All the mysteries that I have spoken about will begin.

When the wine runs out, when great grief comes upon so many, you must understand that this is the hour of the Woman Clothed With the Sun. Everything that I have waited and waited for will begin. Contained in my hour will be the fullness of Fatima, the consecration of Russia and the fulfillment of the Fatima visions.

When Adam and Eve sinned, the heavenly Father responded by saying “I will put an enmity between you and the Woman” (Gen.3:15). When you see these events know that you are witnessing the beginning of the hour of the Woman.

Comment: Cana was going to be a place of sorrow until the Woman intervened.

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 9/13-15/15 ★ all my children will have their great sign, The events will have a profound impact on Pope Francis, there will be no turning back. 

13. The Role of Pope Francis 

I want to speak of Pope Francis whom I have raised to the Chair of Peter. Each pope brings his own personality. However, each day, graces pour into the popes to lead them in a definite direction. Each pope brings his personal thoughts but these are quickly subjected to the Holy Spirit’s purpose in raising him to the papacy. I want to highlight these gifts and put them in the context of what the future holds.

I have often said that I want the Church and the papacy to have a stronger and larger role in world governance. The world leaders have rejected this idea and deprived the Church of the role it had enjoyed for centuries.

I have been bringing forth popes with great charisms who have captivated the minds and hearts of so many. Pope Francis is certainly one of these. His greatest gift is to win over hearts, to help people to see the Catholic Church in a new light. This has been his role up to now. In the October Synod of Bishops, he hopes to widen and to spread out the net even more (although he is well aware of the danger of breaking the nets themselves).

These two gifts flow from his personality and from deeply held convictions. They are not superficial nor the result of overnight thinking. He knows this path and he knows how he wants to have the Church reach out.

As great as these are, they are not the special, unique gift of his papacy. They are gifts which flow from below. The greatest gift will flow from above. After the event my heavenly purpose in choosing him will begin to come to the foreground. This event will be definitive. New papal graces will pour out and I will lead him on a new search to discover the Church’s role in this new situation

Comment: The events will have a profound impact on the path taken by Pope Francis

14. The Two Armies 

I bring my children into the full light, so that even in great darkness, they can see that my plan is unfolding. When the events begin, while Pope Francis is in America, all my children will have their great sign that the plan of Fatima and the role of the Woman Clothed With the Sun have been released.

After this event, there will be no turning back. Heaven’s powers will be released. I will come, more and more, onto the world stage. The battle will begin because war has been openly declared.

This means the clear joining of sides. Both armies, good and evil, will gather in battle array. All will be forced to make a decision. Whom will you serve? Who is your king?

It will seem that Satan’s army is much larger and that darkness will certainly win. That is why I must come onto the scene and give forth many clear signs. How can my children enlist in the army if they never see the general and they do not know their king?

I will recruit by signs and by words which interpret the signs. All will experience these signs but, only those who know my words, can interpret them correctly.

You are entering a period of great faith. There will be both darkness and signs in which you can only walk by faith. Other lights will be taken from you. I will train you. I promise you sufficient signs outside of you and enough faith within you. Listen to my words. They will guide you in the darkness that is coming.

Comment: By the September events, we will know that Mary begins her tasks as the Woman confronting Satan’s army.

15. Interpreting the Events 

As the time grows closer, I must pour out greater gifts of light and understanding. World leaders are concerned with difficulties coming from every side, totally unable to cope with these problems.

In the midst of all these social upheavals stands the world’s economic system, filled with its great weaknesses. The financial resources are not present to deal with the demands, caused so much by the ongoing Syrian revolution. All of these factors will lead to civil unrest that will also be beyond the power of governments.

My words, spoken years ago, that the Syrian revolution would light the fuse by causing structures to fall and stirring unrest are being fulfilled. This instability flows everywhere, with great suffering and no end in sight. This multiplication of problems is Satan’s plan, constantly diverting attention as leaders are forced to confront constantly new disruptions. (Concerning Syria, locutions were give on February 12, 2012, August 23, 26, 27, 2013 and September 2, 4 and 6, 2013. ~ sidebar)

The events in September will bring all to a head, a culmination of many weaknesses that breaks out, like a pot that finally boils over for all to see.

This is my teaching. Satan sees it to his advantage to manifest his power in order to encourage those who want to overthrow the West. They will take great joy in the collapse and will see their timetable moved up by many years. They will see the great vulnerability of the West which has allowed itself to become so weak. This will only add to the woes.

However, my children will see the events quite differently. The events will be a sign to them that I have actively begun to assume my role as the Woman and that all I have prepared will also begin to manifest its power. How important are my words to interpret these events.

Comment: How much we will need Our Lady’s words to guide us.

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 9/16-19/15 ★ “the breakthrough moment”, principalities & powers locked in mortal combat, the human race is the prize 

16. Led By the Woman

So many forces converging from so many directions! Has anyone seen or foreseen such a moment? Yet, none should be surprised. I have spoken often of the uniqueness of these times, when all the evil planted for centuries comes to fruition and all the good promised so many times in my apparitions comes to the surface.

This is what the world is witnessing, a culmination and a crisis, a cross roads, a breaking forth, a release of good and evil powers, locked in mortal combat.

I say all of this so the world realizes that these forces are beyond all of its resources to respond or to push them back. You are not fighting against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers.

Refugees flee the Middle East. Iran builds its nuclear weapons. Putin extends Russian influence. Nations slip more and more into debt. Where will this all end? All must see human history is locked into mortal combat. Heaven and hell are at war. Each struggles to gain control of man’s heart. The human race lies helpless. Yet, the human race is the prize which goes to the winner. I cannot speak any more clearly.

I must recruit my army. To do this, I must come upon the human scene with both signs and words, signs for all to see and words that teach and explain. I must be more present, more seen, more visible, more active among my children so that, in all the events, they grow in faith, knowing how close I am to them and how great are my helps.

Come, we must begin to walk this new way. We are pilgrims on a journey of faith. Fortunately, you will be led by the Woman Clothed With the Sun.

Comment: Our Lady continues to highlight this present age, marked with so much evil but also the recipient of so many helps. 

17. The Mission of the Woman 

Overwhelmed by the difficulties, mankind will seek various answers. Many will seek out false paths that will lead nowhere or to greater ruin. Such is the nature of man, to seek security and to find it from his own powers. But this will be different and soon man will see that his many solutions are inadequate. This will lead either to a state of despair or a time of faith.

Man does not come to faith by his own resources. He needs heaven’s helps. As I speak so clearly, I bring heavenly aid. I come as close to man as possible. I offer the clearest teachings and the greatest lights, ready to penetrate the deepest part of his intellect and to bathe him in an enormous hope. All he must do is to open himself to heaven.

This will be the state of the world, filled with the greatest satanic darkness and, at the same time, filled with the greatest heavenly lights and graces ever given. It was for such a time as this that the heavenly Father began what is called the Age of Mary.

So, the road will be clearly marked out and the Church itself will quickly embark on this surprising path, placed there from the beginning but only now manifested in its fullness.

Yes, from the beginning, because I stood at the foot of the cross and Jesus again called me “Woman”. “Behold your son”, he said. This was the beginning of the mystery, whose fullness will soon unfold. Then to the beloved Disciple, “Behold your mother” and he took me into his home.

The Catholic Church has always held me in great honor but only in these days will it fully realize the gift that I am. The Church will lift me high and honor me as never before in its history. I will also draw Israel and all the other churches into a unity which no one can conceive. Do not be overwhelmed by the darkness. Realize that heaven has prepared a surprising path.

Comment: Our Lady unfolds the great mystery of the woman. 

18. The Woman – Present in the Dark Moment 

A moment happens. A breakthrough which no one foresees. Looking back all can see what has led to this moment. I am speaking about such an event, buried now in human life but so soon to break forth.

Many evils have been planted in human history. All of these are coming to the surface. Need I mention them all – the children who never saw the light of birth, the weapons sold to the highest bidder, the trillions of dollar spent which did not exist, the false agreements and the secret decisions that forged selfish alliances. All of these lie buried, waiting to break through.

I hold all of these in my heart. They are my sorrows. Because I hold them, the heavenly Father holds back his chastising hand because He would need to harm His beloved daughter. Yet, these evils must be purged. They cannot remain and fester. So, there is another solution, a different way.

That is what I call “the breakthrough moment”. This is not God chastising. It is the normal result of sinful and foolish decisions. That moment will confront mankind, like a moment of truth when all must look and see, no longer able to postpone or look away. All will be exposed in a blinding moment of truth.

I will be there. I will enter into that moment. My voice will go forth, stronger than ever, calling my children and telling them to come. I will offer my salvation to all. I will save all who listen and respond. That is why I speak so clearly every day. My words will be the greatest light in the greatest darkness.

Comment: Our Lady explains, prepares and promises her helps.

19. The Beginning Flashpoint 

Every collapse begins with a flash point which cannot be known ahead of time. Surprising factors converge. The pressure is too much and the breakthrough happens. Afterwards, the reasons for the event are clearly seen.

Now, I must speak, even though my words are accompanied with great sorrow. The structures are so weak, vulnerable in many places. These structures are overburdened with a staggering debt which constantly saps the vigor and daily weakens the economy.

So, what I am speaking about is no surprise. It will not come from above (from heaven) but from below (from earth). It will not destroy everything. It is a warning, not the final destruction.

It is a beginning event and in the years that follow, many more such events are planned by Satan. They are meant to follow one another. These events are evils of every kind – wars, attacks, collapses, civil strife – things which are already taking place before your eyes.

This present flashpoint is meant to be the door which I use to enter the world stage and begin to take my place. Again, I say “begin”, because I will come step by step. The Church must welcome me. Catholics must find new hope in me. All the world must begin to believe that I am the Woman who holds all of history in my heart.

This is the beginning, not the end, a special beginning. Humankind will be given a final opportunity to accept heaven’s gifts.

Comment: Our Lady stresses three main points. This flashpoint comes from below (weakened structures). It is the beginning. Mankind still has a chance to choose heaven.

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 9/20-24/15 ★ heaven & hell locked in mortal combat, O foolish Satan, you do not know how the Almighty God is using you to bring about His plan 

20. Mary’s Embrace of Humankind 

It is not good to delay any more. Constantly the timetable has been pushed back. The reckoning has been delayed by the clever scheming of those who do not want the truth to come to light. This has only multiplied the problems and complicated the solutions.

It is best for the dam to break now rather than later. The greater the delay, the greater the harm. So, it must happen now while there is still time because the economy is not the only ill facing mankind.

Why allow the world to go along its merry way, constantly multiplying its debts, when it faces enemies on many sides? The world must be awakened, jolted and made ready to hear my voice.

Hearing my voice, awakening to my presence, realizing my closeness and accepting my help are the good effects. These can no longer be postponed. The world is safe only in my arms. I would embrace humankind, every single person, every group and every nation.

The Catholic Church retains a deep stream of devotion. Many saints have exalted me. My apparitions have awakened many and fostered this devotion. Yet, all of this is woefully inadequate.

I want to fully release my powers upon the Church and the world. I want to assume the role which the heavenly Father has given to me. As yet, only a few have had small glimpses of my power and even fewer understand my full prerogatives.

The breakthrough can no longer be delayed. Too much time has been lost. I must come in a fullness never seen or experienced before.

Comment: Our Lady points out two realities, the many problems faced by humankind and the great powers that have not yet come forth.

21. Revealing Our Lady’s Hidden Powers 

The powers hidden in my heart are about to explode upon the Church because the Church has always held me in its heart. This is where I must begin because the world would not understand my actions. As the Church receives, accepts and cherishes my powers, they will also become visible to the world. Both the Church and the world will be taken up into my heart where all will be safe. I say this because no other safe place will exist. My heart will be the only refuge for all.

In the fullness of time, God sent Jesus “born of a woman, born under the law” (Galatians 4:4). I received Jesus into my heart and He made it a safe dwelling for the whole world. This is the mystery whose time has come, the saving power of God manifested fully, prepared for by all of my apparitions, explained by all of the messages of Fatima, and now, about to become a great reality.

I have given the key to this mystery to my priest son and have explained to him so many of its details. He will unlock the door, so all will have access. No longer will the mystery be hidden or obscure. It will come into the fullness of the noonday sun. All will see. All will be invited, time and again. Access will be unlimited because the mystery will be placed on the lampstand.

The light of Jesus will shine forth from the place where it was first enkindled by the overwhelming fire of the Holy Spirit – in my Immaculate Heart. All will return to the original mystery when I said “Let it be done to me according to your word” (Luke 1:38) and “The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us” (Jn. 1:14)

Comment: We have not seen the full powers contained in Our Lady’s heart because they have not yet been fully manifested.

22. The Church, the World and the Woman 

All the preparations are complete. Today Pope Francis arrives in America. What shall I say of this historic visit? On the surface, will be all the events, the parades, and his words, given with great sincerity.

At a much deeper level, there will be a trembling which few can understand. A war begins, heaven and hell locked in mortal combat, a shifting, a tremendous shifting which is so important for the future of the Church and the world.

I always link the two, Church and world. Both exist in time, side by side, moving through human history. They affect one another. They do battle, even though they are meant to help each other. Oh, all the stories I could bring forth of this relationship between the Church and the world.

There are two levels to the papal visit. On one level, the world will welcome him with open arms, listen to his words and applaud his efforts. He will be acclaimed and will gain access to the most powerful bodies in the world. This will be what is reported.

I, however, must speak of a much deeper level, what faith reveals. I will use this papal visit for my moment to declare that I am the Woman into whose hands both the Church and the world have been entrusted. I will do this through all the events, both of the Church and of the world, which will happen during the papal visit. After these signs have been given, I will explain their meanings.

Comment: During this papal event, the Church and the world will be united in a unique way. Our Lady will use this week for her purposes.

23. Whose Moment is This? 

The time is opportune. All eyes are fixed upon Pope Francis. Other concerns are set aside for this moment. This is my moment. As the forces of evil crash in upon the world events, all will see what my words have described. These events come from hell’s infernal powers and from fires that mankind has allowed to burn freely. Years ago, I spoke of the fires of Syria, that they would not be extinguished and would overflow, totally disrupting the Middle East. All of this has taken place.

Now, I return to the other infernal fire, burning strongly beneath the surface, the infernal fire of economic weaknesses that have proliferated. This, too, waits only for Satan’s pernicious moment, when he turns the world’s attention to himself and to his plans of destruction.

This is too tempting for Satan. He, foolishly, moves up his timetable, when really he should wait a while longer. He will not allow Pope Francis to have the world stage all to himself. Satan will want to crash the party, reveal his powers and announce his presence.

O foolish Satan, you do not know how the Almighty God is using you to bring about His plan. This only seems to be your moment, when really this is my moment. I need say no more.

Comment: God constantly uses Satan’s moments for His plan. This happened at Jesus’ death and happens often in Church history. Concerning Syria, locutions were give on February 12, 2012, August 23, 26, 27, 2013 and September 2, 4 and 6, 2013.

24. A New Spring in the Desert 

Will I be silent now? Should I put away this little instrument that has helped so many? Shall I set it aside, as if I can discard what is so close to my heart? Troubles and problems, wars and uprising, blessings and favors – about all of these I have spoken for so many years until many have come to listen with believing hearts.

No, I will not be silent. Instead, my voice shall pierce heaven’s secrets and the thoughts of my heart, held back until now, will begin to flow.

Come, a new era is beginning. I am about to bring forth a moment which I have always promised. A spring will rise in the desert from a little known place, (like a new Bethlehem). This gift is about to unfold, quickly, by surprising events within the Church.

There will be two series of events, one series in the world and the other in the Church. The first will lead to the second. A new openness will fill the Church. From now on, heaven itself will control the Church. The Church will set aside any worldly thinking, any compromise with worldly methods (even those that seemingly advance the gospel). The Church will walk only on heaven’s road because no other road will lead to my Immaculate Heart. In this heart, I hold the whole world with all its history, the whole Church, with all its saints and the King of Kings Himself. Let me open this door, today. Once I have opened the door, no one will close it.

Comment: As the great problems sweep over the world, Our Lady speaks of a new role of heaven in the Church.