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Locutions to the World ~ May, June 2012

May 1, 2012 The Economic Future

What lies in the future?  What will be the path of mankind?  Who would dare to predict the future when so many factors are in such a deplorable state?  Yet, I must help my children.  I will reveal what they need to know and what they need to believe.

Future Jolts

Severe jolts are ahead which will create a new state of economics.  It is one thing for a building to be weak and quite another when it collapses.  When a jolt comes, the weak buildings collapse and can no longer be used.  Other resources must be found.  This is what I have spoken of before.  The events will all be linked together in Satan’s plan, like a general planning his strategy of war. When these buildings collapse, the resources needed to replace them will be long gone, wasted by those who did not care about the future.  People will run for help but when they arrive, nothing will be there.


As this momentum increases, people will seek relief and find none.  Then, panic sets in.  This is Satan’s plan, that panic grip the hearts of people all over the world.  This is how financial crises play their way out.  The original shortages cause anxieties.  When the anxieties find no relief, they turn into panic.  Panic causes greater scarcities because people protect their money.  Soon, the system shuts down.

Economies depend on confidence, on people believing that the economic system is sound and will continue to function.  When this confidence is removed, the usual flow of money ceases.  The economy comes to a halt.  Goods and services do not flow freely.  Everything is stopped dead in its tracks.  This is what Satan has in mind.  He wants to squeeze the life out of man, burden people, and discourage them.

Last Minute Repentance

World leaders will grapple with these problems but they are the very ones who caused them.  Their usual solutions will not solve what they have created.  This is last-minute repentance in the face of the inevitable.

Comment: Mary explains what will happen.  In this locution, she provides no instructions.

May 2, 2012 Reversing Selfishness

To cause evils Satan uses multiple instruments, each one fashioned for a particular evil.  Satan uses every selfishness of mankind to bring about total destruction.  Wherever there is selfishness, Satan lurks in the wings, seeing if he can exploit it.  My task is to blunt his efforts and, to reveal his schemes.  I must remove selfishness from the human heart so that he has no entrance.  How can I do this?

Because man instinctively turns to his own self-interest, some other power must come against this.  Otherwise, the initial impulse gains strength and control.  As this selfish drive is constantly given sway, it controls the person.  It can also control a society and a nation, because selfishness comes in waves as the expected response and the natural reaction.  When someone points out an unselfish path, an outrage breaks out.  People want their own way.  Nations are caught in the selfish interests of their people and the person who would ask for a different path is shoved aside.  As a result, all is brought to a halt by selfishness.

Reversing the Direction

I preach a different message – a message of repentance, a putting aside of selfish interests.  “Tomorrow” people say.  “Today I must care for myself.”  O reader, I ask one thing of you.  Not tomorrow but today, set aside your selfish interest.  Bend down to help the lowly.  Use your resources for others.  You cannot reverse the selfishness of the world, but you can reverse the direction of your own path.

Comment: To remove our inner selfishness is the great task of mankind.

May 2, 2012 A New Possibility for Mankind

Everyone will suffer.  Everything will be different, as will be the responses to this crisis.  Some will cling to their possessions, not at all accepting this change.  They will grow bitter, thinking of what they used to have and the freedom that their money bought.  Now, that lavish lifestyle is gone.  Others will bemoan their losses and wonder how they can continue.

Hope and New Condition

But those who listen to my word will live by faith.  They will realize that all of this suffering comes from the Evil One who has used people to bring about this financial disaster and still uses people to make matters worse.  They will see this as a call to repentance, for sorrow for their sins.  I will fill them with hope, an unswerving hope, and a hope in the face of the greatest difficulties.  They will look at their children and realize that their lives are changed forever but they will also see that the lessening of material prosperity allows for an increase in faith.

For those who listen to my word, all of these financial difficulties, that change the landscape of the economy, will lead to a new culture, in which faith can grow and God can once more assume his rightful place as protector of the family.  A new condition of mankind is possible, but only those who listen to me will take advantage of the spiritual blessings that can result.

Comment: Mary speaks clearly of economic crises that will cause some people to despair and other people to turn to her.

May 3, 2012 Snatching the World from Satan’s Hands

I have been speaking now for a long time, giving many teachings to my children.  Today, I want to bring forward into great clarity, the central message that underlies all that I have said.  This is the foundation.

I am the Woman Clothed with the Sun and I so much want to come completely onto the scene.  This is the world’s only salvation because when I come on the scene, Satan is cast out.  I am clothed with the sun.  He is the Prince of Darkness.  When the sun rises, the darkness must give way.  Light is more powerful than darkness, which only gains power when the sun sets.  All of the problems, both in the world and in personal lives come from the presence of darkness which can easily be dispelled.

Rejecting the Supernatural

However, there are too many errors and too much false teaching.  “We do not need the supernatural” says the world.  “We have the power in our own hands”.  Yes, you have the power to destroy the whole world, to kill the unborn, to construct unjust economic systems and to spend money that you do not have.  This is your power and you exercise it every day.  O world, you do not have my power.  I alone can cast out the satanic powers that are hidden from you. I alone can free the world and each human heart from the darkness that has come.

Mary’s Message

This is my message to you, which I cry out on the rooftops of the internet.  Listen carefully to my words because I will not have much more time to warn you.  “You are overwhelmed with a growing darkness and are coming to a point of total darkness.  The lights of the world are being put out.  Behind the scenes, decisions are being made in many places.  These are various decisions, made by different people who do not even know each other.  There are decisions to build nuclear weapons, decisions to launch them and decisions to prevent their launching.  There are decisions to change the world’s economic systems, to buy elections, to create new political structures.  These leaders act in darkness and in their own self-interest”.

Snatching the World

Everyone who does not call on me walks in darkness.  That is my clear message.  I am the Woman whom the heavenly Father has Clothed with the Sun.  He has deliberately made this decision.  He has deliberately brought me forth at this crucial moment of darkness because He wants to surprise Satan whose plans are now coming to a point of worldwide destruction.  The Father has raised me up to snatch the world from Satan’s hands, at the last minute, so to speak, when it seems his victory is inevitable.  Everyone who calls on me, I will bring into the full light of the sun.  Whoever rejects me, can fall into darkness.

Comment: This message certainly is central, summing up what Mary has been saying.

May 4, 2012 The Two Fires

There are two fires, the fire of God’s love and the fire of hell.  The fire of God’s love has brought forth all of creation.  The fire of hell is a sworn enemy of God’s love and uses its power to destroy all that God’s love has brought about.  O reader, this battle is taking place every moment, right now in your own life.  Yes, two fires are burning.  One creates you and the other destroys you.  One blesses you and the other curses you.

Opposing Fires On A Battlefield

Your life is a battlefield, with two opposing fires, sworn enemies of each other, contending for you.  You are an eternal prize and will spend forever and ever in one hand or the other.  Which fire do you choose?  Here again, a problem arises.  The enemy has friends within the walls of your castle, and sometimes you have fed them by your sinful choices and selfish desires.

So, this is the state of your soul.  The demonic fire wants to destroy you and your desires feed that fire.  O reader, if you could only see your perilous state.  You are not safe. You can never, never claim final victory until you are with me in heaven.  No place on earth offers you asylum from the fire.  I paint this picture in stark reality.  I do not tone it down.  I use vivid colors because I want you to face this truth.

A Trophy

Your soul is at stake.  You are the object of the devil’s deepest desires.  He wants you as his trophy to display to all in hell.  He especially seeks those who are deeply rooted in religious upbringing.  He covets souls who have been faithful to God for years and have even brought many others to God.  These are his special prizes.  I am not talking here to hardened sinners, although they can benefit from my words.  I am talking to the devout person, even to those who have consecrated their lives in service to the Church and have even accomplished much.  Satan has his eyes on you as a splendid victory, giving him great joy.

I do not end my message on that note.  Rather, I speak of God’s fire.  Reader, you cannot save yourself.  The demonic forces coming against you are too strong and too intelligent.  You must fight fire with fire and accept God’s fire as the gift of my heart.

Comment: If people were more aware of Satan’s fire, they would be much more anxious to seek God’s fire.

May 5, 2012 Mary, Help Me

So many of my children are destroyed because they do not know all the places where they can be attacked nor do they understand all the helps that come from heaven.  This is my teaching.  Each person is very vulnerable in many ways.  They need an environment which provides for their physical needs.  They need emotional help from others.  They need to be taught values and morals.  They need a culture which supports those values.  All of these can be attacked and even destroyed.  Then, the person becomes vulnerable to the Evil One.

So Vulnerable!

They also are vulnerable to their own thoughts and feelings which lead astray.  They are vulnerable to false friendships that lead into darkness.  They are vulnerable to past memories and guilt that lies buried in their memories.  They are vulnerable to passing attractions, to addictions, to suggestions and to allurements that abound everywhere.

O reader, how vulnerable you are!  You think that you stand strong, but neither the legs you stand on nor the ground you stand upon is strong.

An Accident Victim

So, I must speak of heavenly helps.  Yes, heaven wants to help you.  That is my constant message.  The help begins as soon as you realize that you need help and call out to me.  An accident victim says to the rescuer, “Help me”.  Then, they point out their need.  The rescuer acts and also tells the victim what they must do to cooperate.

It is as easy as that.  Say, “Mary help me”.  Then, describe in a few words what is your dilemma.  After that, be still.  First, you will feel my love and the power of my presence.  Then, you will hear my words, telling you what little steps you can take, to be lifted out of the problem.

Use this method every day.  I love to hear you say, “Mary, help me”.

Comment: This is easy and practical advice.  Every day, in any situation, we should say, “Mary, help me”.

May 6, 2012 The Worldwide Warnings

As I open my hands, gifts of every kind pour forth.  Yet, so many are not even aware that this happens and they do not know where to look.  Even worse, they do not see their need for my gifts.  Yet, these are the gifts that mankind needs so much.

Man does not see or understand.  He does not grasp his present state, what is happening and what will happen soon, yes, so very soon.  He does not see the armies of Satan which are increasing in number, in evil intelligence and in mass weapons of destruction.

Addicted and Tranquilized

Not seeing, he continues along his merry way, interested only in his bank account, his endless entertainments and his constant pursuits of passing goals.  That is the life of man upon earth, when really that life should be so very, very different.  It is like speaking to an alcoholic who has no desire to leave his addiction behind.  Now, the whole world is addicted, tranquilized by all that is now available, taken up into a false world, and unable to come to grips with reality.

An Attacking Army

That reality will soon break in, wanted or unwanted, prepared for or not.  The breaking in will be harsh and cruel, not leaving anything in its wake.  The breaking in will be devastating, like an attacking army which finds its prey sleeping and unprepared, easy victims to its lethal assaults.  How much more clearly can I describe the condition of mankind, totally unprepared and with little interest in changing?  What will I do?

Worldwide Warnings

I will send warnings, yes, worldwide warnings that I have already prophesied at Medjugorje and other sites.  These warnings will call everyone to repentance and change.  The warnings are soon.  O reader, do not wait for the warnings.  I am right now offering you those same gifts.  At the time of these warnings, the message will be the same.  Sin is a deviation from God’s commandments.

Repentance is a turning away from sin so God’s grace can fill you.  The message is quite simple.  Respond now.  Where do you sin?  Turn away from it.  I will be there to help you succeed.

Comment: The first three secrets of Medjugorje deal with worldwide warnings.  They will come soon.  Act now.

May 8, 2012 Man-made Fertilization

How quick is man to judge and to think that he has all the answers.  Really, his heart is empty and he is concerned only with things of earth.  To judge correctly, man must turn his thoughts to his Creator and seek the judgment of God upon all human actions.  Wisdom comes from on high.  When mankind sees reality as God does, then his judgments are true and accurate.

Man, the Creator

Otherwise, he is judging as if he were the Creator, as if he brought about reality.  This is foolishness.  God has never allowed man to create.  He has kept that power to himself.  He has never allowed man to write the rules that govern his creation.  He has imbedded these rules into nature itself.  He has embedded into nature the sacredness of all human life.  Man cannot change this.  Man does not create the human person and man cannot say who lives and who dies.

Man, the Invader

Now, modern man has become like the creator, believing that he has the right to fertilize human eggs outside of the sanctity of married life.  He invades the very heart of God’s creating moment and declares, “I have a right to be here.  I have discovered how to do this”.

O man, who has invited you into the intimacy of man and woman?  Who has told you to intervene in the very process by which human life is transmitted?  Who has given you the right to produce test tube babies and fertilized embryos, when God created the holy act of marriage?  You do this because you no longer look to heaven.

Comment: Mankind thinks that because it can do something, it has the right to do it without looking to God for guidance.

May 9, 2012 A Society Within A Society

When the events begin and the armies of Satan are unleashed, everything will happen very quickly, like a blitzkrieg that attempts to begin and end the war quickly.  Everything will be calculated to make people fear and to attribute to these armies more power than they really have. Satan wants a quick and sudden surrender so he is not unmasked.  He will pretend to have power that he does not have.

Those Who Surrender

Many will surrender.  Those who have no beliefs, for whom earthly life has always been an accommodation, a getting along will quickly surrender.  Those who have never allowed strongly held beliefs to stand in their way will be among the first to surrender.  Secondly, will be those for whom religious beliefs are not strong.  They also will say, “It is hopeless”. Sadly, they will surrender their beliefs.

Those Who Stand Firm

But, those whom I have instructed by these messages will be ready to resist and even to fight back and to gather others to their cause.  They will rise up.  They will not hide.  They will not be cowards.  Their voices will be raised.  Some, who believe but are wavering, will take heart that some are ready to take a stand.  So, they will be attracted to join.  Theirs will not be an immediate victory.  Just the opposite.  They will be persecuted, marginalized and moved out of key positions.  Yet, they will never surrender their beliefs.  They will never go along.  For this to happen, the lines must be firmly drawn.  It must be around issues on which they will never compromise.

As they persevere, something new will be created, a society within a society.  A society of light within a society of darkness.  A society of truth within a society of the lie.  This little group will be the saving society and anyone, if they wish to pay the price, will be free to join them.  They will only survive because they bond together in charity (as I have so often mentioned).

Comment: Mary speaks of a fundamental shift in society where her children must bond together to survive in their faith.

May 10, 2012 How to Enter the Ark

As the events unfold, all will understand how important are my words.  Now, while the world goes merrily along its way, my words are shoved aside as useless and of little value.  Yet, some will cherish my words and say, “These are important and we cannot set them aside with a wait-and-see attitude”.

The world will not be the same because some fundamental changes will take place that man cannot control.  Resources will grow thin and man’s selfishness will make everything worse.  One evil will lead to greater evils and people will ask, “When will this end?”

A New Ark

I speak from a mother’s heart, from great concern for the human race.  These are all my children and I would care for everyone, whether they know me or do not yet know me.  I must become known before all these events begin because I am the new Ark of the Covenant.  Therefore, I speak and speak (almost endlessly) because I want the world to know my heart and that the Father, foreseeing these events, wants to provide this new Ark.

Difficult Events

I cannot give this teaching any more clearly.  Very, very difficult events are ahead.  They will certainly come.  They will affect the whole world, some places more than others.  I will be in the middle of these events, helping all who come to me.  Right now, I will teach you how to come.  Begin now, because when the flood comes it is too late to learn how to swim.

The Powers of Your Soul

Coming to me begins in silence, when your heart turns away from the constant distractions.  When is the last time you have tried to be silent?  The last time, you have tried to pray?  I can be all around you but if you are not still, you will never experience my help.  So, I say these words: quiet, silence, withdrawal from the world, a time of retreat, a time of peace, an attempt to pray, a calling out to me.  They all urge you to do the same thing, to allow the powers of your soul to experience that I am with you.

Learn this gift.  When the events begin, you will say, “Mary is all around me.  I can feel her protection.”

Comment: Mary wants you to learn immediately how to experience her saving presence.

May 11, 2012 The Door to Nuclear Weapons

Some doors should be opened and other doors must remain closed.  Some believe that mankind should explore everything, but God forbids many things.  He wants those doors to be closed forever.

This is strange.  If everything that God has made is good, then why should he demand that the door be closed?  Yet, he did this from the beginning.  He created the tree in the middle of the garden but told the first couple not to eat of it.  It was a closed door but they, foolishly, opened it.

A Terrible Door

Today, I speak of an important door that should never have been opened, the door to atomic weapons.  What a terrible door!  All agree.  The human race would be far better off if atomic weapons had never been born.

After this door has been foolishly opened, mankind searches for how to close that door and destroy the nuclear arsenals.  Now, the door opens wider and wider.  Nuclear arms proliferate and soon they will fall into very irresponsible hands.  Yet, man does not listen.  They keep saying, “We do not need God.”

A Nuclear World

O man, you do not need God?  Then look at your planet filled with nuclear arms.  Can you close this door by yourselves?  Can you wipe nuclear arms off the face of the earth?  Can you who opened the door against God’s will, now close the door by yourself?  You refuse to accept restrictions.  You say, “If we can open the door, we will open it.  We will not let God tell us to keep the door closed”.  You have opened human life to so many wrong doors.  You act like the first couple who foolishly opened a door that God had forbidden.  When will you learn?
Comment: Mankind thinks he is almighty with the right to open every door.

May 12, 2012 Why Has God Waited?

I give you bits and pieces because it is difficult for your minds to grasp the whole picture.  Yet, even the bits and pieces are clear if they are put together. Let me begin.

First, the world is coming into very difficult times.  Many realize this from natural knowledge.  They see all the problems that loom on the horizon.  I speak from supernatural knowledge.  Man has turned his back on God, has followed his own paths and has decided to fashion his own world.  This has unleashed a torrent of sins and a wiping away of all moral constraints.  When immorality goes uncorrected, society degenerates so God must act, quite openly and decisively.

Why Has God Waited?

Why has the heavenly Father waited so long?  This is the great mystery which I frequently explain.  The heavenly Father must be just.  He must correct every wrong in exactly the way it should be corrected.  However, if people plead with him, he can allow his mercy to bind his hands for a while.  Many souls understand this.  They join in this task of holding back the mighty arm of God.

Prayer and Sacrifice

I say this so often to so many.  I need people to join me in prayer to hold back the avenging arm of God.  I also need people to repent and move away from their sins so that Almighty God sees that this mercy leads to repentance and not just to greater sins.  So, I ask you to repent of your sins and to join me in prayer and sacrifice to stay the Father’s arm of justice.  He does not want to punish his children, but sometimes they leave him no alternative.

Comment: Mary’s teaching is basic to all the Marian apparition messages that prayer and sacrifice gain time for mankind to repent.

May 13, 2012 The Great Signs

There is too much darkness and confusion in the world for anyone to see clearly.  When I send my prophets, their message is analyzed according to human reason.  Then it is distorted and rejected.  In this situation, no one can fully understand or perceive the truth.  So, I myself speak, in very simple words.  I do not want these analyzed by your mind but received by your heart.  Let us begin.

Man will finally accept the word of God, only when he is trembling and shaking because he has seen divine signs.  Even then, many will harden their hearts, refuse to repent, and lose the last chance that they have for eternal salvation.  To avoid this, I must speak now to prepare your hearts.

Extraordinary Signs

There will be extraordinary divine signs, able to be seen and experienced by all.  These signs will call the world to repentance.  They are not meant as curiosity pieces or objects of ridicule.  They will be living, powerful, divine signs marking my presence and calling attention to my messages.  These signs will fulfill my prophecies and show to all who believe that I am present to help the human race in the time of trial.

The signs will also point to all the many teachings and instructions that I have given.  The signs will be powerful and accompanied by inner lights which everyone in the world will experience.  There will be a universal call to repentance.  Many will not understand what is happening because they have set aside the things of God.  Yet, even to them, these lights can be beneficial.

A Decisive Moment

What a moment that will be!  A decisive moment for mankind.  The benefits of that gift are not guaranteed.  People must take advantage of the gift and repent of their sins.  Otherwise, the inner light will just stand in judgment upon them – that God has given them such a great gift and they rejected it.  I speak so all will accept the light.

Comment: At Fatima, the sun danced, a prophetic sign of the inner divine illumination that Mary has frequently revealed.

May 14, 2012 Taking Off Your Blindfold

Man does not understand the forces that shape his soul and the importance of his decisions.  So, he is carried along, almost blindly.  Every day, he makes important decisions that affect his eternal destiny.  He does this as if he had a blindfold on.  Yes, that is how foolish is modern man.  He is blindfolded and he does not want to take the blindfold off.

He is unaware of the powerful forces that move him and shape his life every day.  But, it is not his earthly life that I am concerned about.   These mistakes can be corrected.  It is his heavenly life and his eternal destiny that concerns me.  So, let me remove the blindfold.

After Death

I take you, reader, to your death.  The moment after you die, you will come into the presence of Jesus and will be filled with total light.  Nothing will escape your vision.  You will see your soul as Jesus does.  You see that your soul is immortal.
You will see your earthly life, which is now behind you.  You will see what you have chosen and why you made those decisions.  Everything is fixed and unchangeable.  So many questions will arise within you.  Why?  Why did I allow this to happen?  Why did I walk down the road away from God?  Why did I not take the opportunities that were offered to me?

This is why I teach you while there is still time.  So, listen.  You do not understand the forces that are shaping your soul.  You are blindfolded and making many wrong decisions.  I will help you to be freed from the grasp of these evils that are leading you to hell.  You must let me change your life by my powerful intervention.  I want to remove your blindfold.  Do you want to see?  Ask me, “Mary I want to see”.

Comment: Everyone must ask Mary to help them to see.

May 15, 2012 A Place Prepared For You

Do not turn your back on God.  Do not even allow yourself to be led off the path.  Your Savior and Redeemer has prepared a place for you.  Everything is ready.  The banquet is prepared and your place has been purchased.

Your Inheritance

You have a heavenly inheritance, paid for by the death of my Son.  No one can take this away from you.  These riches are yours and you need only to seek them.  They are within your reach because I hold them in my heart.

All that has been accomplished!  Everything that has been purchased!  Do not turn back because heaven is yours if only you persevere on the road.  These promises are true.  They come from the mouth of Jesus, himself.  “I go and prepare a place for you and I will come back to take you to myself (Jn. 14:2).
At the moment of your death, when your earthly life comes to its end, my Son will come for you.  Do not allow yourself to be led away from the road that leads to eternal life.

May 17, 2012 Why Does Satan Delay?

I know exactly what I must do.  Everything is clear before my eyes.  I see the forces of evil and how they are aligned.  I see the plans that have been drawn up for centuries and those whom Satan will use.  Nothing escapes my eye, because the Almighty One has revealed everything to me.  I am the Woman Clothed with the Sun.  To me, the Father has given power to conquer the Evil One and to set the world free of his darkness.

Why Delay?

I see the time that is so short.  The beginning phases have already taken place but few are aware.  The troops have been moved into place.  It is just a matter of the general, Satan, giving the command.  Why does he wait?  His troops are overwhelming and his prey is unsuspecting and unprepared.  What is the matter?  He is making a mistake.  He is not satisfied with what he already has and what he could easily snatch away.  He sees what is outside of his grasp.

The Little Ones

Who are these?  These are the thousands of “little ones”, my little ones.  Those who have listened to my words.  These are the “children of light”.  They are not the thoughtless children of light who do not fully value the light.  These are the enlightened souls.  They cherish that light, value that light and will never sell the light.  They are like the five wise virgins who would not share their oil, lest they would not meet the bridegroom.  These are Satan’s greatest envy and he does not yet have them.  They are not in his grasp and they are not even within his reach.

Loses Time

So, he waits.  He even loses time.  He willingly gives up other opportunities.  He is furious that they escape his net.  He tries other strategies, but I know them all and I warn my enlightened souls.  They listen to me.  They follow me.  In this way, they stay out of Satan’s reach.

O reader, this is why I speak.  Without my words, you would not survive his plans.  Open your eyes to the dangers and you will never trust your own powers.

Comment: Mary shares her spiritual vision that encompasses everything.

May 18, 2012 Searching for the Children

I come looking and searching for my children.  They are lost and cannot easily be found.  I know where they are and I can come to them but their eyes are so blinded and their hearts are so entangled, that even my closest presence does not awaken them.

I speak to them but they cannot hear.  They are deaf to the words from heaven.  This is my dilemma and I must act quickly.  The time of trial is so close at hand.  They are asleep in the garden and will soon run away at the slightest show of force.

False Interpretations

In my desperation, I will take extraordinary means.  Some will see my hand in the coming economic collapse.  Do not interpret it that way.  The collapse comes from the hands of men and the intellect of Satan.  Some will see my hand in the wars which will break out, but the wars come from greed and anger.

My children do not look for my hand in all the evils that befall mankind.  These evils are the products of sin.  The Heavenly Father permits them only to remove the fuel for greater sins.

Study the Cross

The world is entering into a period of the greatest mystery of evil since my Son was nailed to a cross.  Study the cross.  Only the cross can unlock the mystery of evil so that you understand.  What must you understand?  That powers of evil are rampant and they must be resisted.  Look at the cross.  Learn its lesson.  Evil always, always tries to destroy the good.  Now, see your foolishness in cooperating with evil.  That is called sin.

I search for my children but they cannot hear me.  What can I do?  If I help them to repent of their sins, their eyes will open and they will see me at their side.  Repentance is my extraordinary means.


When the events begin, all will see how the modern world is so vulnerable. All of their systems are interconnected, with a great dependency on one another.  To touch and destroy one part leads easily to destroying another. Such is the interdependency of the modern world.

But, some aspects I have guarded. I have kept them in great simplicity. I have led people to make decisions in truth. They have not shared in the great wealth that has flowed from this new interdependency. So, they will not feel all the effects of the events. They will be safeguarded.  Safeguarded also will be those who listen to me and act now. Some steps can easily be taken.  They are right at hand. Begin now. I will build a different interdependency.

Faith and Love

Faith and love must be the chains that bind you together, the common ground which everyone can hold on to.

First, the rosary must be prayed with husband and wife and within the family. This practice, which has been set aside, must quickly be taken up again before it is too late.

Second, let the rosary expand. Let families and individuals gather often to recite the rosary.

From this small beginning, the foundation will be placed for greater sharing and interdependence. The rosary breaks down the sinful powers in each person and leads to openness and trust. Community can be built. This is the goal before the events happen.

O reader, do not remain isolated. Yet, how do you begin to meet and to trust others. The rosary will be the chain of unity.

Comment:  The rosary is the great Catholic prayer. It binds people when they say it together.

May 20, 2012 Being Clothed with the Sun

With all the stirrings, and all the events and all the problems, what can anyone do? That will be the hopelessness that descends upon mankind. There is no one to whom the world can turn. Even the most powerful world leaders will have no power at all.
But I am the Woman Clothed With the Sun and the heavenly Father has given me great powers. The Sun represents the fullness of God’s powers and I will clothe my children with my Sun. It will be a blanket of protection which will blind Satan and keep him from laying a hand on you.

A New Devotion

This is the new devotion that I will teach you now, before everything begins. First, you must call me “Woman”. This is not disrespectful. It is what Jesus called me at Cana, “Woman, what is that to me and you?”, and at the cross, “Woman, behold your son”.

I am both mother and woman. As mother I care for my children. As Woman, I leave the home and go out into the world, exercising the fullness of power given me by the heavenly Father.  Ask me to clothe you with the Sun. I will gladly do this. Being clothed with the sun, you must allow me to withdraw you from all worldly darkness. You must allow me to make you a child of total light.

A Constant Light

Also, you cannot go from light to darkness. My sun does not set. There must be not even one moment of darkness. “Being clothed with the sun” means a total commitment to light and a total shunning of all that is dark.

Clothing you with the sun is like any of God’s spiritual gifts. It is given as soon as you ask and is meant to constantly increase as you value the gift.

Begin now. Ask for this divine sun. Accept it fully. Give it power in your life and always ask for more of my Sun. You will see the effects immediately.

Comment: Mary is not just “clothed with the sun”. She will clothe you with her sun.

May 21, 2012
The Mysteries of the Woman

When my son was on this earth, people said many silly things, as if he were John the Baptist risen from the dead, or Elijah or one of the prophets. The truth of who he was stayed buried in the circle of disciples to whom He slowly revealed himself by signs and wonders and teachings.

The first sign came at Cana. From the beginning I was immersed in the mystery. After that, I did not travel with him. It was not the Father’s plan that I should be engaged with Jesus in his active ministry. However, when the events were about to draw to a close, the Father wanted me at the cross.

Two Occasions

On both occasions, at Cana and at Calvary, Jesus called me “Woman”. The second time, the Beloved Disciple heard that title, as he took me into his care.  The title stayed in his heart and he often asked himself, “Why would Jesus call his mother, ‘Woman’”? This is the great mystery which I am trying to unfold to all the world, a mystery hidden for all ages, even though well attested to in the scriptures. This is a mystery kept secret, known but unknown, a gift given from the very beginning when God said, “I will put an enmity between you and the woman; between your offspring and hers. He will strike at your head, while you strike at his heel”. Yes, given at the beginning but not yet opened.

What mysteries are contained in that title “Woman”! What powers of God have not yet been poured out! I am the Woman. Jesus, himself gave me that title, not once but twice. His words are the key into the great mystery.

Is not every woman a mystery, a sealed garden which invites the Beloved to come and seek, to search for her inner treasures? What mysteries lie in the heart of a woman? What love can pour out? What life she can nourish and sustain! She holds mysteries of life in her body and mysteries of love in her heart.
How deep are the mysteries which God has placed in my Immaculate Heart as he established me as the Woman Clothed With the Sun.

Comment: Mary begins to reveal the great mysteries contained in her title, “The Woman Clothed With the Sun”.

May 22, 2012 The Uprisings and Afghanistan

Do not be fooled by the calm that covers over the problems which lie right beneath the surface. Too many decades have prepared for this year. Yes, this year will be the time when what has been planned for centuries will break out. The interdependence of nations and the worldwide communications, the new weapons will combine with the age-old feuds and anger.

Formerly, I spoke about the uprisings in Egypt and Libya. I said that they were only the beginning, the first round of evils that would burn away protection around Israel. I said that they would burn themselves out when the fuel for those fires was consumed. Now, this has taken place and the designs of the Evil One have been fulfilled in these nations. They are really plunged into greater darkness than was present under the dictators, because the Muslim power has taken new life and will spread. It is not the power of old dictators who ruled for years and would have inevitably stepped down. The Muslims are a young power, new and fresh on the scene, seeing these nations as new place of victory and triumph. They will be a rising force.

Satan’s Next Move

Now that this has been accomplished, what will be Satan’s next move, the next piece of his plan? The leaders have come together in Chicago. They have shook hands and agreed. NATO will pull out of Afghanistan more quickly than expected. They congratulate themselves on a job well-done. What a mistake! Soon everything will fail. The governments are not stable and the terrorists are ready to return. If they have fought so well when the foreign troops were on their soil what do you think they will do when the troops are removed? Will they suddenly surrender? Will they have a change of heart? The words from Chicago are music to their ears and they are dancing for joy. They see the reality. These lands will belong to them. This is the next piece of Satan’s puzzle.

Comment: Months ago, Mary prophesied that the fire of the uprisings will die out as the discontent is consumed. Now she speaks of future problems for Afghanistan.

May 23, 2012 Piercing the Darkness By Special Signs

The mind of God sees every human person. All have their place in his plan. All are loved by him, but all are not equal in his sight. He created the nine choirs of angels, some mightier than others and some with tasks closer to his throne (all for his honor and glory). He loves every human person but he created each one individually, assigning a place in the Mystical Body of Christ and a task to be accomplished in the short time the person lives on earth. All must be done according to God’ design because, only in this way, does each person find their happiness and fulfillment.

Lucifer – From Light into Darkness

Mankind, however, has lost its way. How can people find their place in God’s plan, when God Himself is set aside? When man’s plan is substituted for God’s plan? This took place also in heaven when the great angel, Lucifer, said “I will not serve.” He rejected God’s plan (which is filled with light) and fell into complete darkness. That is the present state of the world – a growing darkness and walking away from God’s light.

How long can this continue without severe consequences? The effect has already been felt in the wars and turmoil of the 20th century. Now a new century has dawned and the pace away from God and into the darkness increases. Mankind is no longer walking into darkness, he is plunging and falling into a hopeless darkness, where he will never find his way back into God’s light.

A Public Presence

That is why I must come on the scene, but not in just a hidden way, speaking to the hearts of my children. I must come in an open and public way, as the Woman Clothed With the Sun. When mankind followed God’s laws, my inner light for each soul was enough. Now, however, total darkness covers mankind and inner light is not enough. Now, I assert my title and my task as the Woman Clothed With the Sun. There have already been public manifestations of my presence at special places of apparitions. But even this is not enough. I must multiply the light and the divine signs. Only in this way can the great darkness be pierced and mankind be called again to follow God’s plan.

Comment: Mary continues her explanation of being the Woman Clothed With the Sun. She promises greater signs to overcome the darkness.

May 25, 2012 Heroic Charity

I must speak quickly and simply because so many babble away. They seek to confuse and turn people’s eyes away from truth. I speak so that reality is laid bare. No need for many words. Let us get straight to the issue.  Mankind is no longer in control of his own destiny. He has sold the house and turned the keys over to another. He has sold his own soul and can no longer maintain that he is master of his own destiny. His is a boat set adrift in a powerful ocean.  He has chosen this course by turning his back on God who alone can save him.

Unleashed Forces

Now, forces will be unleashed and come upon the earth that he has never dealt with before. For these, he has no answers. The usual sources of stability – the central banks and the powerful nations – will themselves be caught up in this powerful tide.

All will not be lost for one reason. I will save a remnant. I will also provide for them. They will know that I have done this because they listened and called upon me. They are not the strong and powerful, the rich and influential. These will be the victims of their own collapse.

Who Will Be Saved?

I will save the humble, the lowly and those who have little resources. I will save the peacemakers and those who seek the good of the land. I will not hold back my hand from anyone who extends a hand to others. In these difficulties, those who share with others will have enough and those who gather with others will be comforted. Do not hoard, but help. Do not withdraw, but go out and see who is in need. To those who feed the hungry, I will give more. Those who cling to their food will lose what little they have.

The human race will survive by charity, thoughtfulness and self-sacrifice. Many people will be heroic. It will be the age of great heroes. People will realize, “We must help one another if we are to survive”. A new charity will spring up and all of this will prepare for greater blessings from heaven. This is the wisdom needed for the times ahead. Blessed are those who heed my words because they are words of life.

Comment: Mary has spoken before but never so directly. Heroic charity and sacrifice will help her remnant to survive.

May 27, 2012 Overcoming Decisions Made in Darkness

I take you by the hand and I lead you into the mysteries, so all may see. I pull back the veils, especially the veils of darkness that cover over the iniquity.  If only the whole world could see the secret decisions made by those who wield great power. Formerly, those who had great power were also people of faith and the Church was an invited guest, not to gain anything for itself, but to see that fairness and justice was meted out.

Evil Covered in Secrecy

Now the Church is excluded and the decisions are governed by self-interest. If the truth were to come to light, the people would be outraged. So, all is covered in secrecy. In secrecy there is the darkness of evil. When everything comes to light, it is too late to reverse the disorders. Decisions made in darkness lead the world into deeper darkness. What can I do?

The answer is light. All must be brought into the light. Darkness needs partners, people who are willing to share in the darkness. It needs collusion and secrecy. Sealed lips are the hope of darkness. This is what I will do. I will unseal the lips of those who see the decisions made in darkness. I will stir in their souls. I will flood them with light and courage. I will show them what to do and will help them to persevere in their course.

Discrediting the Darkness

The forces of darkness will come against them. They will be discredited, even removed from their position. Yet, they will be mine and they will not give in. They will speak and speak until they are heard and the decisions of darkness are toppled. How many people will be saved by those who speak up because they are revealing the deeds of the powerful and the rich who control so much of the world?  I will put the mighty down from their seats of power and raise up the lowly.

Comment: Selfish decisions made in darkness are a tremendous source of evil. Society is so much better off when truth is revealed.

May 27, 2012 Pentecostal Fires

As you look behind all of creation, and go behind what is seen and touched, you come to the beating heart of God, the love that flows forth in the beauty of the skies and the flowers in the field. From this beating heart comes forth only beauty and life. If so, what has happened to creation, with its ugliness and death? These must come from a different heart, a heart powerless to create but wanting to destroy creation.

Human life experiences two forces and they are often confused. This is the state of mankind, created by the loving heart of God but victim to the destructive desires of the Evil One.

Sending the Holy Spirit

In this struggle, the Father poured out upon creation the deepest gift of his beating heart. He sent his own Holy Spirit who descended this day upon those instructed by Jesus, the disciples. They understood what was happening. When they prayed in new languages, others could see that something new was taking place. When these others were baptized, they, too, received the same Holy Spirit. The Church was born, the community that understands and preaches the Spirit of God.

Has anything changed? Has the heavenly Father withdrawn his Spirit? Not at all. He wants to pour out the Spirit upon all flesh.

This is why I want the whole Church to invoke me as the Woman Clothed With the Sun. When that happens, a new era of the Holy Spirit will begin. There have been many new outpourings of the Holy Spirit. The manifestation of tongues is now frequent and used by many Catholics. However, much of the Spirit’s fire has been quenched, unable to be received adequately and, in many cases, not understood.

A Second Outpouring

Come, accept me as the Woman. I first received the outpouring when the Spirit formed Christ’s physical body. I was there for the second outpouring, when my spouse, the Spirit, came upon me again in the fullness of his Pentecostal fires.
O Church, invoke me as the Woman Clothed With the Sun and the Father will send the Holy Spirit in the greatest way since that first Pentecost. The fires are not dead. They still burn in the Father’s heart and he would pour them forth.

Comment: Mary makes this direct connection between her role as the Woman Clothed With the Sun and a fresh outpouring of the Spirit.

May 28, 2012 Building an Airfield of Hope

I must give messages of hope before the storms come, so the hearts of my people are correctly formed. Otherwise, the scope of the problems will overwhelm them. Just as a plane cannot land unless an airstrip has been built, so my heavenly blessings cannot enter the human heart unless hope has prepared the way.

With these messages, I am carving out a place of hope in the hearts of the readers. Let nothing destroy this hope. It is not based upon material blessings but upon your Mother’s words. Let us begin.

I am the Woman Clothed With the Sun and the heavenly Father has given me all power, especially in the darkness of worldly upheaval. When the upheavals begin, people will ask, “Will anyone save us?” Certainly, no one on earth will have this power. “Will heaven save us?” they will ask. Then, you will remember the Woman Clothed With the Sun and why I have so stressed this title. The title will awaken hope in your heart.

Name On Ship

I am the Woman, who stood at the cross. At the cross, my Son gave the whole world into my care. “Woman, behold your son”. Ever since then, I have held the human race in my Immaculate Heart. How many disasters I have set aside. How many times I have directed the history of the world, like leading Columbus to the new world. Did not his ship carry my name, “Maria”?  It has always been such. When people invoked me, my intervention became even more direct and known.
Now, I am taking the initiative and speaking out even before the disasters begin. I want to plant a firm hope in your heart. Do not fear, little ones. I am your Mother and I am the powerful Woman.

Comment: Mary is trying to build a strong airfield of hope so the heavenly planes of her blessings can land in our heart.

May 30, 2012 The Hearts of the Father, Son & Mary

Whatever is in my heart will live and flourish. Whatever is outside of my heart will die and wither. This is the way it has always been. My heart is the secret of life, a secret which I now reveal to the whole world.

All creation comes from the heart of the heavenly Father. When sin and death entered the world, the Father promised a Woman who would give birth to a son.
For centuries, this was the Father’s goal, to send his only-begotten Son into the world so the world, dead in its sins, would be offered life in the heart of his Son. Whoever has the Son has life (Jn.1:4). Without him, there is no life.

The Three Hearts

Now, the Father reveals another part of his plan. This has been hidden for ages and is not revealed in its fullness. God has willed that his Son’s heart which contains the Father’s heart, should be placed in my heart. Just as his Son’s body was placed in my body by the great mystery, so his heart was placed in my heart by an even greater mystery. The Father wants to exalt my Immaculate Heart because, by his free choice, his own heart and the heart of his Son have chosen to dwell there. Whoever finds me, finds life. This is the great mystery which I will reveal again and again.

Comment: Everyone wants fullness of life but they seek life in the wrong places. The easiest place to gain life is Mary’s heart.

May 31, 2012 Stripping People of Authority

I see the whole world. I see every heart and everyone’s situation. All is clear to me. This is the heavenly Father’s gift, so I can fulfill my task as the Woman Clothed With the Sun.  The task is not easy because of what I see. In heaven, I see God’s glory and all the angels and saints rejoicing forever. But on earth, I see so many hearts that have been deprived of eternal life. I see dark forces that act like obstacles to divine light. I even see some who are actively involved in destroying the light. I see some, who have great power using their authority to further the kingdom of darkness, even though they do not know what they are doing.  This is the darkness that I see upon the earth, a powerful darkness that is spreading and ensnaring many who used to be in the light.

Disarm the Enemy

I also see the children of light. By this term, I mean those who are rooted in light and who deeply love the light. Before my eyes, spreads a gigantic, daily battle, in which the forces of darkness are great and the forces of light are small and weak. So, I must act. I cannot let the battle continue in this way. I must disarm the enemy and embolden my children.

This is my plan. I will begin with those in power who further the kingdom of darkness. I will strip them of their authority. This has already begun. The wheels are set in motion but this is not enough.

I will raise up my children of light and I will have them standing in the wings, so when I topple those now in power, they will be ready to assume the mantle of justice. Enough is enough. I will do this on every level of government. Then, I will begin the same process among non-elected officials and upon the titans of industry. Change must take place quickly.

Comment: Only a divine intervention can turn the tide back to the light.

 † † † † † † † † † † † †   † † † † † † † † † † † †   † † † † † † † † † † † †

June 1, 2012 Heaven’s Help

Not everyone understands the world of heaven, so I must explain. Heaven is filled with created beings called angels and saints. Like yourselves, they enjoyed free will and freely chose to be in heaven. Now they see all the people on earth and they want you to make the same decision. They are always praying for you, especially those who knew you or even brought you into existence. Their relationship and friendship continue in heaven.

God’s Helpers

They help you in so many ways. They know your weaknesses and they ask God for his protection. They always pray that you find God’s will and do it. They never want you to sin. They always want you to repent. They have their greatest impact upon you when you pray to them, especially if you were close to them on earth.

I say all this to open up a treasury, the great riches of heaven. Anyone is free to take these riches. I would like to cite a very special example.

Devotion to A Holy Person

Think of someone who was both close to you in life and also close to God. These could even be more than one (like a set of parents). Think about this person every day. Ask them, to help you on your way to heaven. You will be surprised what happens within you. Sins will drop away. Devotion will emerge from within your heart. Even external blessings will fall in your lap. Continue to ask their help all the days of your life and, when you die, you will join them in heaven. That is all that the saints hope and pray for.

Comment: Mary provides a very effective way of allowing the saints to help us.

June 2, 2012 The Light That Signaled World War II

The light in the night*. That is what Lucy of Fatima saw as the divine sign that mankind had not responded to my pleas for the Five First Saturday’s devotion. The pleas were made, but they fell on deaf ears, even among those in the Church.

What sorrow she experienced on that night. She, before anyone else, knew that war, on an unprecedented scale, would soon break out again. The fires of evil had not been dismantled by the power of prayer, especially the rosary.

This was my clear teaching at Fatima. I repeat. Wars and every destruction of man against man can be averted by the rosary. This is the prayer of peace which I have placed in the hands of my Church.

No More Evil

I do not want to speak of wars. I want to speak of wars that never took place and of destruction that never happened. Cannot the Church take up the rosary more forcefully? Cannot groups be formed that recite the rosary?

So, I will speak again. Wars and destruction, great wars and enormous destruction lie ahead but all can be averted if my Church takes the rosary into its hands.

O reader, do not wait for the Church. Take up your own rosary and let your family take up its rosary. Every single bead is a step to true world peace.

Comment: Nothing could be clearer. We have an option – the rosary or war.
* Anyone can check the facts. On the night of January 25/26, 1938, a light (called by scientists an “aurea borealis”), lit up the sky of Europe. Our Lady had told Lucy that when she saw such a light, the war would begin.

June 3, 2012 A Rich Woman Amid a Disaster

I am trying to pull all of the world into my Immaculate Heart, the Ark of the Covenant, where all can find a place of refuge. My heart is the only place that is safe in this world and I will protect those who enter. For others, I must search and try to find them.

Let us say that a disaster happens, but a rich woman with all of her resources wants to help. She goes through the streets of the city and invites all to come to her home. Those who enter receive the finest care. Those who refuse to enter, she does not spurn. They, too, like all the inhabitants, are in her heart. She plans how she can help them even though they remain in the devastated city. Some, who receive her aid, see her love and they, too, enter her home.

The Rich Woman

I am that rich woman. In my heart, the Father has placed all that man needs. In my heart, I can give total care. Yet, to even those who do not yet know of my heart, I go forth by these messages. Through these words I offer you, O reader, all that I can. Hopefully you would ask. Who is this woman? What does she mean by this invitation to enter her heart? By these stirrings, I invite you to come closer and receive all the help I can lavish upon you. Let the messages reveal the Woman Clothed With the Sun who has come to help you. Look for me and I will be there. Seek me and I will lead you on a special road into my heart. That is my goal.

Comment: Mary fills her messages with hope to encourage the reader to search for the source of that hope.


As I begin to put my people in places of authority, a new era of justice will begin. This will replace the present confusion. Too many things are allowed to take place in the name of freedom of expression and freedom of thought. Truth exists. The purpose of freedom of thought is to arrive at truth. On truth, a solid foundation can be built, and only there.

Otherwise, man makes up his own truths, creating them from his own heart, according to his own desires. These, so-called truths, are bent and shaped according to the whims of the human heart. These are personal desires, not objective truths. The human heart becomes its own guide and, foolishly, leads itself astray.

So many forces of confusion fill the air. People do not know the direction of truth. They wander like sheep without a shepherd. So, I must guide them by my words.


First, listen to the Church. She speaks of right and wrong in very clear words. For many people, the words are too clear and they do not want to hear. Do not join their numbers because they are rejecting the light established by my Son.
Read the Catechism of the Catholic Church. There you will find the clear and simple teaching. No one can claim that these words are not available. Go to the internet. Download them, if you wish. They will enlighten your eyes to the truths and these will be written in your heart.

Comment: Truth dispels confusion. A sincere heart seeks truth. Mary stresses the Catechism as a sure source of this truth.

June 5, 2012 The Story Within You

What will be the end of the story? How will the history of mankind end? What will be its conclusion? This great mystery has already been revealed. My Son will come in glory and all the nations will be gathered before him in judgment.

That is the ending, but what will happen then? Billions of people will be born, spend their time on earth and die. This is the great mystery of human life.

Decisions are made. Forces, good and evil, come upon the scene. People are moved to the left or the right. Everything is recorded, both in the souls of every person and also in the hearts of others. The person retains his own memories and society has its memories, some of which are recorded for posterity.

The Great Inner Story

Each day the story goes on. It is called human history. But, within this history a more important story takes place in each human heart. It is the story of God with man.  Every human heart is lonely because it thirsts for God. This is the insatiable quest of the human person. God does not hide himself. Jesus has come to earth and lived among us.  The mystery of human life is my Son, Jesus. He will bring history to an end but, before he comes in glory, he comes quietly, to every human heart. He asks the person to believe in him, so he can flood the person with the riches of God and prepare him for eternal life. This must happen before death.

The importance of human history is not what happens on the battlefields of wars but what happens in the human heart, the battle over who will possess your soul. Will my Son, Jesus, possess your soul and prepare you for his coming? That is the great question of human life and I speak so you never forget. What is within you is the most important story of human history.

Comment: The human heart, accepting eternal life from Jesus Christ, is the most important part of human history. Mary is speaking about your heart.

June 6, 2012 The Greatest Battle

I do not turn my eyes away from my children, not for one second. They are always in my heart even when I am not in theirs. Yes, there are many moments when my children place something or someone else on their hearts. I do not leave them, even when they shove me aside.

Personal Selfishness

I do not live in their hearts to rebuke them but to protect them from the dangers of evil choices. Who else cares for them? Does the world, with its enticing goals, really care about their happiness? Certainly, the Evil One seeks only their destruction. The most important enemy, however, is their own selfishness, which assumes the garb of happiness. It is always calling to them, “Come over here. Seek this pleasure. Gain this position.”

Selfishness proposes to their minds ways to take advantage and to exploit the situation. At every moment, it looks out for self, and makes the person “Number One”, as they say. All of this selfishness leads to a great downfall. It builds a wall between the person and others. This destroys relationships.

Destroying Selfishness

I have come to destroy the wall of selfishness in every human heart. O reader, how free you will be when I have cleansed you from the inner powers that drive you to always serve yourself.
Here is what you must do. Invite me into the center of your heart. As your selfish desires arise, you will see that I do not want you to follow them. If you lay them aside, you will have won a victory. Soon, you will be a different person, having won the greatest battle of your life. You have defeated inner selfishness.

Comment: Spiritual writers speak often of self-love and that so many let it run rampant.

June 7, 2012 A Safe and Easy Path

I am the Woman and I want to lead you. In me dwells the wisdom of God, a wisdom which finds secret paths that will keep you safe. The road to heaven can be much easier, safer and faster if you would only let me lead you. That is why I speak so frequently.

The heart of man is a place of turmoil, where contrasting forces battle. Even man himself does not know what is happening within. In the Ages of Faith, man had eternal guides. The towers of the great Cathedrals pointed upward to heaven and man knew that his destiny was to seek the things above. His culture was formed by the Church and the commandments of God.

Need For A Clear Voice

He could contrast his inner turmoil with the ideals of faith and try to bring his heart into line with truth. Now, man has no one to guide him, no voice that resounds in his soul saying “Do this” or “Avoid that”.

So, I must speak. I say, “Come this way. Take this path.” I give simple words that are easy to understand, but they are enough. Follow them and you shall find life.

Comment: People find morality very difficult. Somehow, Mary makes it much easier. We just need a willing heart.

June 8, 2012 The Stumbling Blocks

The way that I lead people is not difficult. I remove all the rocks and stones, making sure that they do not stumble. My path is not dark or obscure. People can easily see their way. All that they need is a firm will to walk in truth and goodness. These, I cannot compromise. I cannot contravene the will of God.
God has a plan for every person, to bring that person to a holiness of life so they are capable of living in his presence forever. God has revealed his laws so man knows what goodness of life is.

These laws are man’s stumbling blocks. His selfish nature rebels against them. This rebellion leads him to reject God himself and to walk on his own road. But all of this is foolishness and leads to man’s destruction, in this life and in the next.

Clearing Away the Stumbling Blocks

So, I make this promise to clear away the obstacles and to make the road smooth. I cannot change the road’s direction. It must lead to God by truth and goodness. I will, however, make the road easier to walk. Virtue will not be difficult to practice and vice will exert no power. This is my secret and why I invite the whole world to come into my heart.
O reader, you do not need to reject God. I can overcome your selfish nature that so quickly rebels and holds you back from coming into his presence.

Comment: Most people want to be with God. They are turned back by moral demands which can easily be kept with Mary’s help.

June 9, 2012 A Woman in Travail

How many miles the human race must still walk before time ends and all history is completed. My Son, Jesus, will determine that moment because the Father has given him all authority. Jesus must wait until all the places in heaven are filled according to the Father’s plan.

In the meantime, I am a Woman who is in labor, bringing forth my children into the eternal day of life everlasting. My birth pangs are not over. I am still in travail until all is accomplished. Even if this is for centuries and centuries, I will be here, bringing all my children to new life.

Now, the hour is dark and many do not possess eternal life. For them, my sufferings are in vain. They will be stillborn and I will suffer the greatest sorrow of a mother, to dream about new life and then to see it slip from my fingers.
This is my sorrow. How many tears I shed. Earthly mothers gave them earthly life. But, I am a heavenly mother and I cannot force heavenly life upon them. I speak. I explain. I urge. But, the person must embrace me.

This is the great difference between earthly and heavenly life. No one chooses to come to earth, but everyone must choose to come to heaven. The decision is made only by you.

O reader, heavenly life is yours, paid for by the death of my Son on the cross. To receive this life, you must choose Jesus Christ as your Lord. You must come to know him and to love him. You must receive his Holy Spirit and live according to his word. Then, you will possess new life, heavenly life.

You will be a new person, a new creation. You will cast aside the things of darkness and live, even on earth, in great light. You will experience Jesus’ presence in your heart and live in a new world called “the kingdom”.
I suffer for you. I am in travail for you. However, all is worth it if only you are born again to eternal life.

Comment: Mary weeps, not from the pain of childbirth but because so many are stillborn. She will do everything to bring us heavenly life.

June 10, 2012 The Divine Illumination

I do not want the Church to spend its energy going around in circles or constantly getting off the path of true devotion. Coming to God, arriving in his presence and living in his face is meant to be clear and straightforward, available to all and easy to understand and accomplish.

I, the Woman Clothed With the Sun, am God’s divine secret. My light is powerful and can be seen even in the greatest darkness. I do not want any soul to be lost. For this purpose, I shine this great light of my teachings.

The soul must be right with God, honest and upright in the depth of its being. Catholic practice must not be on the surface. My light must pierce to the heart and people must accept the full light, even if it reveals their sins and failures.

A Piercing Light

Often, when I speak of light, people think of it as a guiding light. That is too superficial. My light is a piercing light, going right to the heart, exposing all the darkness that claims every human heart. This is the problem of mankind. People walk in great, inner darkness and they do not seek the only light that can free them.

In heaven, everyone is filled with light. All are purified. They see the great beauty of their souls. However, this glorious state only comes about by an infusion of divine light. This is my revelation. I am ready to pour out that divine light upon the whole world. I have already begun, in isolated cases. I will multiply this gift, especially among those who call on me and are somewhat acquainted with this experience.

By this inner light, I will bring about great saints in great numbers. I must do this now.  This is my plan to overcome the future darkness.

Comment: Mary is speaking of a special divine illumination. Some have already experienced this. She promises to make it more widespread.

June 14, 2012 Mary’s Road

Do not turn back from the road of trust and full confidence in me. No other path to life exists and great are the forces that would lead you off this road.
First, there is the forbidden fruit of the world. To pick this, you must leave my road because nothing forbidden can be found on it.

Second, there are your personal sins. When you walk this road your sins become evident to you. This clarity is given to you so you can seek forgiveness. Then, you will rejoice in the goodness of this road.

Third, there are the fears concerning the future. What will this road demand of you? Really, it is the easiest road, devoid of problems caused by your selfishness. And, I am there to help you.

No Compromise

I cannot compromise this road. It is the narrow road that Jesus spoke about and invited his disciples to walk. I cannot change his road to accommodate your sins but I can remove your sins so you can walk this road.

This is where people turn back because they want their sins. They cling to their sins even though they cause so many problems.

To Sinners

I do not speak now to the saints and to the devout. I speak to those who are mired in sin, to those who do not see themselves as devout or practicing their religion. I speak to all who have abandoned the faith of your childhood. I even speak to those deeply mired in the most serious of sins. Yes, I speak to all of you.
You can walk my road. I want you on my road. Mine will be the joy of a mother who sees her child return home.

You might not yet feel at home in a Church but you can feel at home in my heart. I want you there. That is where we will begin!

Comment: Mary speaks to a definite group of people, those who know they have wandered off. She wants them back and will do everything to get them back to herself.

June 15, 2012 Receiving Jesus’ Heart

Before true change comes about, man must put aside many concerns. Too many useless goals preoccupy his mind and capture his heart. As a result, he has no time and interest in the only goal that really matters, the salvation of his immortal soul.

Forgetting the Purpose

He pushes this goal further and further away. What should be first, he makes last and eventually, finds no interest at all in eternal life. Man has forgotten the very purpose of his creation. He is called to live forever with God, but he forgets God. He can live forever in heaven, but he gives his heart totally to the goods of earth.

How easily the human heart is trapped, pursuing goals of little worth – some pleasure here or some entertainment there. Soon, this becomes life’s purpose. The human heart filled with passing goals is an empty heart. It has nothing to show for all its great efforts. It has been diverted and detoured, far, far away from its true love. What can be done for the human heart?

The Great Gift

O reader, to gain your heart for himself, my Son, Jesus, allowed his heart to be pierced. This was his final gift to man. Now, I reveal a great secret.

Knowing the frailty of the human heart, Jesus offered his own heart. You can have Jesus’ heart. He wants to place his heart in every human person. This is eternal life. This is the Father’s plan. This is why I was asked to be the Mother of God.  Jesus wanted a human heart, so he could love the Father with that heart and, then, give you that heart so you could love the Father.

Just ask Jesus. Say, “Jesus, through Mary, give me your heart”. Slowly, his heart will fill your heart and his desires will replace your desires. This is eternal life.
Comment: Mary explains the problem. The human heart gets filled with useless goals. She describes the unbelievable gift. Jesus will give us his heart.

June 16, 2012 The Middle East Chaos

I repeat my words because many do not grasp the gravity of the situation. The Middle East is in chaos and this chaos will spill out. At this point, it seems like the problems are only in Syria. However, other countries can easily be drawn into this conflict which will spread rapidly because of the tribal and religious divisions among the people.

No Stability

Nothing is stable. No country has a firewall of protection. Every country will be affected. Safeguards against the terrorist groups will be greatly weakened. They will grow bolder and act more aggressively. What will happen when governments topple and atomic weapons fall into the hands of terrorist groups? I have already spoken of this before.

No Repentance

Still, the world goes on, as if nothing will change. There has been no turning to God and repentance, no beating of the breasts or seeking pardon.

Repentance was common in the Ages of Faith and God was pleased. Even though man had strayed, his repentance always found an open door in God’s heart. That door remains open but no one says, “Let us return. Let us enter God’s heart”. The world and world leaders go their merry way, seeking only to be re-elected and serve another term. The grave crisis is at their door and they do not even see it.

The Next Few Months

Well, I see it and I alert everyone. In the next few months, the world will shake. Events will spill out, one after another. Each event will carry its bad news. The world will hear the bad news. Will the world repent and turn to God?
This is why I speak and, even repeat my words. So listen clearly: “These events do not come from God. The come from Satan who controls the hearts of many. He uses them to spread his violence and death. I am the Woman Clothed With the Sun. I am Satan’s enemy and I know how to thwart his plans and to save my people. These months are urgent. It is not the time for eating and drinking, buying and selling. It is the time to set aside earthly distractions and to come before God. I will lead you and go with you. Return to mass, even every day. Pick up your rosary. Return to family prayer. These are the appropriate actions in this crisis.”

Comment: Our Lady is very clear. The Middle East will spill over. Every believer must change and come before God.

June 17, 2012 When Hope Is Shattered

In difficult times, many turn back. They abandon their hopes and allow their dreams to be destroyed. This rips apart the fragments of their lives, leaving all in shreds. They have lost the dream that brought together all their forces for the single goal.

This also destroys relationships. People gather because they share a goal. When hope is lost, all fragments. The person has no inner oneness and society possesses no hope that brings its people together. Once hope is shattered, who can piece it together, who can restore its power? Shattered hope is like a mirror broken into many pieces. Who can restore its beauty?

Hope is my gift. I hold this in my heart for anyone who wishes to take it. I pour hope upon all who come to me. Hope is my secret. My children can go through many sufferings and disappointments without losing hope. Even if their hope gets shattered (usually when they forget me and walk away), I can restore hope if they return.

When people have many material goods they set hope aside and place their security in their possessions. But what happens when their possessions are taken away? They have forgotten how to hope. They never needed God’s help. They never needed to hope. They are isolated because material goods took the place of people. When people have little, they stay together in hope. When they have much, they separate in independence and self-security. Then, they are not ready for hard times.

I am trying to prepare you for the hard times that you will face. Set your material goods aside and pick up once more your religious hope. Be drawn into the gift that I offer you by these messages. It is an inner gift, the spiritual stirrings in your soul. Do not be surprised by your new desires for a life with God. I am placing them there because you read my messages.

Read them often. Read them slowly. Many sentences will touch your heart. I provide everything and I ask from you only the effort which you can easily give.

Comment: A person and a group (such as a family) can survive anything with hope. Without hope, everything comes apart.

June 18, 2012 Pitfalls and Darkness

How many and how great are the pitfalls that can entrap anyone, holding them captive even for a lifetime. Yet, man wants to walk around blindfolded, not desiring the divine light which could easily fill his soul and help him to avoid these pitfalls. O reader, do you want God’s light? Just ask me. I am the Woman Clothed With the Sun and I share God’s light with everyone who seeks it.

The Commandments

However, man deliberately closes his eyes. He has no interest in God’s light. He sets aside the bible and the clear teachings of the Church. He allows his heart to be filled with the world’s darkness. He falls into some pit. This is inevitable. In modern life, pitfalls dot the landscape and the person must navigate them, watching closely not to be entrapped. This protecting light comes from God’s commandments.

Even if a person does not see what lies ahead, if they always obey God’s commands, they will not even approach these pitfalls. Their obedience safeguards them from numerous trials.  Compare this with the person who compromises, who knows God’s law but is not firmly committed to keeping the law. Yes, this is what is needed, a firm commitment. So, I say, “Never compromise. Do not even take the first step down the road of darkness. You endanger everything – your eternal place in heaven and your years here on earth. So many have fallen in an unsuspecting moment.”

Sources of Light

Here is my plan. First, search out the sources of light. Read God’s word. Find people who love God and be with them. In this way, you will live in a culture of light and will quickly spot the darkness. Second, you must be aware of the sources of darkness in your life and get them out of your life. Get rid of them as completely as possible. Do not count the cost. No sacrifice is too high a price.
O child of God, in the world you will only find pitfalls and darkness. To find light, you must turn to me. That is why I speak.

Comment: Mary’s warning describes modern life. She wants so much to pull us away from the pitfalls.

June 19, 2012 A Point of No Return

No one knows what lies in the future. These secrets are held in the Father’s heart. He sees these future events but he does not determine them. He allows human history to flow from human hearts and human decisions. This is the way it has been since the beginning, even though the original choices of man were sinful and led the human race away from God.  At times, God was tempted to wipe man off the face of the earth and to begin again, but, time and again, he has accepted my pleas for divine mercy.

Now, we arrive again at that stage when sinfulness has brought the human race to a turning point. Will it be a point of no return, from which the human race will never free itself, or, will it be a last minute victory, a surprising victory over the forces of evil. What will this year hold? This is a vital question. The decisions made this year will affect mankind for decades.

Watershed Moments

There are watershed moments, when contending forces reach their peak. One wins and the other loses. One dominates and the other loses all his power. One claims victory and the other must surrender in defeat. Sometimes, the difference between victory and defeat is very small and, with a little more effort, the victory could have been won. These are all the variables in what is taking place and going to take place.

What will happen? The question is still to be answered, but day by day, the options to victory narrow. The human race is losing time and is running out of opportunities. These must be a massive reversal, a world-wide return to God. This is beyond the power of man. A worldwide return is totally a gift from heaven, a new moment and a new opportunity. I promise to give the human race this moment when the light of God fills every heart and each person has the chance to again choose the light. Do not just wait for that moment. Prepare for it. Set aside the things of darkness in your life. Right now I call you into new light.

Comment: Mary speaks of a moment of divine illumination. But do not wait. Mary will give divine light to all who seek it.

June 20, 2012 Sharing in Mary’s Task

When an opportunity opens up, you must be prepared and ready to take it. This was the secret of the saints. They were always ready and eager to do God’s will. They did not lay back. They were in the forefront, always seeking to do more. I gained every possible grace for them, and they accepted every grace, even when it demanded great sacrifice.

The Call to Sacrifice

Come, let me reveal to you the road that very few travel, the road of sacrifices. This is a special road which blesses every life. It is a hidden road, known by few and loved by even fewer.

I walked this road of sacrifices because God called me to be the Woman Clothed With the Sun. There are others whom I call to share in this task of casting light on the world. This will be my great gift. I will light up the whole world, not just with special signs (these, too, will be included) but with an inner light. Each person will receive this light within their own soul. Everything will be revealed to them, their sins, their choices, their graces, their special moments in the past. Who will help me cast this light? I need souls who will sacrifice themselves for my plans.

Time of Special Graces

This is the time of the greatest graces that God has ever offered the world through His Son, Jesus. The greatest graces are given more abundantly than in any era of the Church.

I want to open your eyes. What was reserved for the few is now available to the many. Graces that were hardly known or mentioned are now commonplace. I cannot say this too clearly. This time is very special but I need special souls who are willing to sacrifice for my cause so I can fill the whole world with light and many will respond.

There are many types of souls. Some receive grace but also win grace, even the grace of eternal salvation for others. This is the great task – to save souls. How many helpers I need! Will you, reader, be one? Offer yourself. Pray, “Mary, I want to help you to save souls”. That is enough. Say it often. Renew your offering. I will teach you what to do next.

Comment: We are in a time of very special graces. Mary is trying to save souls and she needs helpers.

June 21, 2012 Who Can Divert the Flood?

The human race moves ahead, always confident that it can solve its problems and resolve its crises. Structures of governments and agencies are put in place to assure that human life flows harmoniously. Structures are everywhere, not just national governments but United Nations and regional groupings of countries.

Releasing the Floods

But, when the floods come, what structures will be adequate and, in some cases, what structures will remain standing. All will be changed and a crisis of despair will pour across the nations.

I have said this clearly. The floods have not yet been released. The waters are still contained within their boundaries. But will this remain? Who is shoring up the walls? Who is sacrificing for the common good? What leader is on the scene, or even on the horizon, who can divert this flood?

The First World

I speak in very clear images. What do they mean? There is a flow of human events and areas of the world where life seems secure. The people live without daily turmoil or in fear of their lives. They plan their futures and believe that their future will be stable. They do not foresee any shaking of their economic and political structures, nor do they see any enemy on their borders menacing their safety. This describes a significant part of the world, usually called “The First World”. Upon this solid structure is based the Second World, which seeks to gain the same political and economic security so its people, too, can have a safe and foreseeable future.

This is what I am talking about. When the floods come, whole nations that seemed secure will find that they have built their houses on sand and these houses will not stand. Whole nations will plunge into chaos.

The poor people. They will be hopelessly trapped in conditions that they did not create. This is why I speak. Reforms are needed but they are not enough and they are constantly put off. What is needed is reform of the human heart, especially the hearts of world leaders. My people, you must choose the right leaders. They must be reformed in their heart and dedicated to the truth. Anything else is too superficial.

Comment: Mary again speaks of future dangers that no one is preparing for. People must choose leaders whose hearts have been changed by God.

June 22, 2012 A Call to Arms

Let no one say that I have not warned the world. I have spoken time and again, at Fatima, Kibeho, Medjugorje, Akita and so many other places. I have spoken to so many and in so many ways. To the children at Fatima by visions and to Fr. Gobbi by locutions. A whole body of literature, filled with my teachings, has sprung up in the Church. Why this rapid spread of my word? Cannot the Church piece things together? How many signs are given so clearly! I will not abandon my Church. I will not abandon my children. I will not abandon the world that tries to call upon me. Abandon them to what? To the trials that are ahead, which lie right around the corner?

Cosmic Powers

As the fires of destruction burn more brightly, I will increase my words. I will always help you, but you must turn to me. Yes, run to the Woman Clothed With the Sun, the Woman to whom the Father has given cosmic powers. Do not say that I work only within hearts. I can stop wars, prevent disasters, and remove the very weapons that can destroy the earth. My help will come to those who ask. First, I must place faith in hearts, so people say “Mary can help us”. Second, I must place fidelity. They must cry out night and day. Third, I must place universality. All must call on me. I want no one sitting on the sidelines with their arms folded say “I’ll wait and see”.

When will the churches be filled – day and night? What needs to happen so the Church gets the message? I speak to the Church because, at least, you give me a hearing.

Pastors, come before me with your people. Forsake your other tasks. They bear little fruit which is quickly swept away. Call an assembly. Come before me with hearts lifted up. I want a praying Church, an adoring Church. I want a Church on its knees and filled with repentance for all the sins of the world. If I get that kind of Church, I will work miracles in your sight.

Comment: Mary gives a definite call to arms and the Church, with its pastors, must listen.

June 23, 2012 The Promises of the Woman

The options narrow. What could have been accomplished, even a decade ago, is not longer available. The longer the wait, the more Satan has the field to himself. The more he can claim and the more he controls. Less and less is left to be rescued. Cities are burned and people go into captivity. Hope is lost for the people who would have responded. Now, they see no reason to resist, or to gather, or to enter the battle.

When will my Church awaken? When will they begin to call upon the Woman Clothed With the Sun? I will gather your spiritual armies. I will collect your holy people. I will instruct them in the depths of their hearts. I would release a Flame of Love that will blind Satan and set the captives free.

A Dedicated Army

I am ready to take extraordinary steps and pour out unheard of graces. I will raise up my children to prophesy in my name. This is what I am trying to reveal. The world and the Church need extraordinary help, however, I am ready to pour this out. But the people must be told that I am the Woman whom the Father has clothed with cosmic powers. I demand an army, not people who come and go. I demand total dedication and complete sacrifice of self.

This is not the time for part-time disciples, or for timid believers. I will be with them totally but they must be with me totally. There are no vacations. This is an all out war and it has already begun but my Church has not sounded the trumpet or called to arms.

I am ready to lead. When is the Church ready to follow? I will set out shortly even if my army is small. If my Pope does not blow the trumpet, I will blow it for him.

Comment: Mary does not speak in a vacuum. World events are spiraling out of control.

June 24, 2012 The Secrets of Medjugorje

I turn to you, little ones, who believe in my word. I do not speak now to the world, nor do I even speak to my Church. I speak, rather, to those in the Church who have a special devotion to me, to those who are aware of the Marian Age and who have prayed and sacrificed for this Age of Mary.

Thirty-one years ago, I began my special visions to the children at Medjugorje and I have appeared there ever since. I have always been faithful to my promise that I would appear every day until each visionary has received my ten secrets. Then, the secrets will begin to happen, announced ahead of time according to my plan. These visitations and these secrets show that I am the Woman Clothed With the Sun. I know what will happen and I can prepare my children for what will happen.

In the great fervor of this little village of Medjugorje much has already happened. Millions have gone there and had their faith renewed. Many have changed their lives. All have come away with new hope.

A New Stage

Today, I want to speak about a new stage, a quicker and more extensive way of spreading the graces of Medjugorje. Even with the widespread popularity, the little village is still unknown to many. Also, the extraordinary graces are held too tightly. They are not fully released in my Church. I will cut the strings and unloose the bonds. I have never wanted these strings and these bonds that have limited the flow of graces.

I must do this, especially because the time of fulfillment is so much closer. In the beginning, the secrets were decades away. Now, that is no longer true. Their fulfillment is at hand and they cannot just happen. There must be a spiritual fervor so all the blessings of Medjugorje can be received. I say this so often. When heaven pours out its blessings, the Church must be ready to receive. Receiving requires preparing. Preparing requires fervor. Fervor requires a firm determination to set aside everything else. Study Medjugorje. Read my messages and prepare your hearts. The time of fulfillment is not far away.

Comment: Many have been spiritually and personally blessed by Medjugorje. Mary now wants a new stage of fervor.

June 25, 2012 Mary’s Emergency Lights

Do not wait. The time is so short. The events will spill out, one after another, with increasing swiftness. Many will be swept away, especially those who have not built their lives on the solid rock of my word.

In these events, you will know what to do. You will say, “My mother has prepared me by her words. I am to take refuge in her heart, which is Noah’s Ark”. Then, I will enlighten you. You will see the steps you need to take to protect yourself and your family. Do not think that this cannot happen. I am not speaking about the events. These will certainly happen. I am speaking about my saving action upon all who listen and act upon my word.

Instructed Ahead of Time

Do not grow fearful. Are not buildings equipped with emergency lights, so in the midst of a power failure, all is not dark? So, when the lights that you now have are darkened, my light within you will begin to shine. That is why I must instruct you ahead of time and you must learn now how to walk in my light within you. When the events begin, it will be the only light that you have. My light will be enough, but you must learn now how to receive this light and how to follow this light. Do not put this off. It is like a person learning to swim before the floods come.

Comment: This time, before the events, is very important. Reader, let Mary develop your spiritual powers so you become sensitive to her inner light in your soul.

June 26, 2012 The Tabernacle of the Holy Spirit

I open doors of graces that have been closed up to now. Has not the world stumbled upon greater powers of destruction? Does not man have greater powers than before? How can my Church be effective in the modern world unless I, too, unleash greater gifts, a greater intimacy with God and greater powers of service? However, few will discover these unless I speak. So, I announce to the world a new era of the Holy Spirit which will be inaugurated through my Immaculate Heart.

When I speak of my Immaculate Heart, I am really speaking of the Holy Spirit who dwells there, as a host in a tabernacle. Is not the host be adored? And where is the host? In the tabernacle. No one adores the tabernacle, even though it is beautiful and artistically formed.

The Value of the Tabernacle

The true value of the tabernacle is to help the people know where the host is. So, please, do not adore my Immaculate Heart. It is only a tabernacle, beautiful and artistically formed by grace. Its value is to help people to know where the Holy Spirit abides.

At times, the host goes forth to sanctify the people in the mystery of Holy Communion. So, the Spirit goes forth to pour out all his gifts, but then he returns to my heart to take up his continual abiding. All can know the secret. If you want to worship and adore the Holy Spirit, come to my Immaculate Heart.

Comment: This is a very deep teaching, explaining so clearly why devotion to the Immaculate Heart is a certain door to the Holy Spirit.

June 28, 2012 Do Not Forget the Unborn


Everything continues to unravel, all that my hand had tightly brought together as I formed America. I rooted her in the religious traditions of her ancestors. I gave her the clearest of Constitutions. I spread before her this land, from sea to shining sea.

I appeared to General Washington and told him of my care for the Republic. Now, the Republic unravels at an amazing pace. Interest groups rise up. Politicians swerve off the mark. My people are scattered. Everything is coming apart.

Ills will come upon an America whom I love and whom I hold deep in my heart. She will be buffeted from every side, but it will be the internal strife that will most quickly rip her apart. Her unity will be in jeopardy. The Constitution itself, will be greatly tested by all the forces pulling in so many different directions. I have spoken before and I will speak again. A Constitution that does not protect the unborn is no Constitution at all.

A Disintegrating Constitution

Repair your Constitution, America, before it is too late and the forces of disintegration take firm hold. You do not see this. It is hidden from your eyes. You think all is well when the hidden foundation of your society is rotting away.
How many aborted babies do I need to count? Their number mounts higher every day. They weigh heavily on the scales of justice and you are found wanting on the other side. I knew their names. They are written on the walls of my heart, like you inscribe your deceased war heroes on your walls.

Who speaks about them? Are they a serious issue in your political campaign? They have been knocked down the ladder of political priorities. But they still stand at the top of my list. Those politicians who seriously take up the cause of the unborn, I will place in my heart and I will guide them through the Halls of Congress, placing them in important positions. To the voters and to the candidates, I say “Do not forget the Unborn”.

Comment: Mary correctly brings the abortion issue to the center of the agenda.

June 29, 2012 The Heart of the Church


“Upon this rock I will build my Church”. How I have guided the Church all through these centuries, always keeping alive the light of faith. There were so many tortuous moments, so many times when the Church could have failed. Now, it stretches throughout the world and is present in many cultures. This is its security, to be planted in diverse soils. Therefore, when the Church is threatened in one culture, it can thrive in another. This always happens. The Church decays in one place and flourishes in another.

Yet, is this enough? Does not the Father give life? Why should the Church not experience a full life in all of its members? What is flourishing will flourish even more and what is decaying will return to full life?

A Weak Flow of Blood

The secret lies in the heart and in the flow of blood. When the heart is weak, the blood flows too slowly and the body grows weak. From that, comes the lessening of the Church’s vitality and an inability to make new members or even to sustain the life of existing members. I must renew the Church at its heart. Then God’s life will reach to the ends of the earth.

So many waste their time trying to strengthen an arm or a leg and they waste their time. I will teach you how to renew the Church’s heart.

First, the heart is hidden, at the very center of the body. Only hidden acts can renew the heart. The heart beats loudly in the silence of the body. So, the Church must enter into a profound silence. The Church’s heart must beat as one with my heart. This makes the hiddenness and the silence to be effective.

The Church must listen to my heart so that its heart beats with the same rhythm, with the same love. I will quickly heal and strengthen the Church’s heart only if our two hearts are placed together. This is the deep mystical gift I offer today. Place your heart next to my heart. New life will flow and all will be made young again.

Comment: The Church is 2000 years old but can always become new by Mary’s heart.

June 30, 2012 A Worldwide Experience


No one knows where to turn. There are no answers on any side. The human race has taken its own path, fueled by the selfishness of nations and people. What else can be expected? Man without God has only illusory lights and false goals. Without God, man chooses only earthly goals. Passion and selfishness guide his choices and man always believes that he can figure out the right answer.

Everything goes astray when the human heart strays. A brilliant intellect only complicates the problems even more.

Can Mankind Be Saved?

As mankind hurtles to the inevitable where forces beyond his control and beyond his intellect have foolishly led him, the question is always the same. Can mankind be saved? Can the human family avoid an atomic conflagration? Can the forces of greed be turned around so that economies do not collapse?

These are not superficial questions, answered by legislation or treaties or conferences or the coming together of nations. These are profound questions. They began from the disorders of the human heart and they can only be solved by a conversion of the human heart.

A Worldwide Preacher

Yet, who can bring this about? What preacher can bring mankind to its knees? Who can bring about a massive repentance and a turning back to God? Who can renew mankind and reestablish the whole human race in a new innocence?
There must be a divine intrusion, a special saving moment, a worldwide, interior experience that touches every human heart. This is my goal as the Woman Clothed With the Sun. It will not be easy. It will not be the work of one moment or of one day, but this is the only solution. Come, let us begin. Let us prepare. To all who ask, I will pour out my great light of repentance.

I will begin with the little ones who already look for me. I will increase their light so they are totally absorbed in me. This will be the first step.

Comment: Mary speaks of gigantic problems and gigantic solutions that begin now.

the Coming Tragedies & America's Future, The Passion of Jesus July 1 ~ Sept.3,2012