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Locutions to the World ~ Nov. 6 to Dec.30, 2012

The Coming Darkness (November 6 to November 9, 2012)

November 6, 2012
The Future Months

I see all the events, exactly as they unfold. Nothing is hidden from my eyes. I see the great hopes in the hearts of some and the great evils in the hearts of others. This is the battleground, the heart. All the events come from man’s heart. An evil heart brings forth destruction. A hopeful heart brings forth life.

Which will it be in the months ahead? Who will gain the upper hand? What forces will prevail? This is still to be decided by the free will of man. Yet, much is already set in place. Much has already been decided by past choices. Many have been won over to the side of darkness and cannot escape. They are entrapped. Many in the light do not know exactly what to do. This is the current state of the world.


Jesus and I are there. We are always there. Yet, we allow some events to be decided by the free choices of mankind. In this hour, however, this cannot be. Too much is at stake. Too many lives and too much destruction.

So, we are moving into a new relationship with mankind. He is still free. He can reject this new gift but we must offer it. We will come. We will help and intervene. We are ready to change the very course of history itself. We cannot violate man’s freedom, so man must freely invoke our help. This is my revelation. Jesus and I are completely ready to rescue mankind in this terrifying moment. We ask only that mankind seek our intervention. If mankind seeks our help with all his heart, we will come. If not, then the great forces of destruction will be unleashed by the Evil One and mankind will stand alone and frightened against this powerful enemy.

November 7, 2012
Has God Abandoned Us?

I speak because I will not leave the world in darkness, nor will I abandon it. All must believe that no matter what events occur, I have not abandoned mankind to the forces of evil. This is what you will see in the months ahead. You will see the full power of evil unleashed, so much so that many, even those with great faith, will ask “Has God abandoned us? Is he doing these things because of our sins?”
I must repeat some truths that have already been explained. Man needs my protection because he faces enemies which are much more powerful than he is. However, when man turns his back to me, and even worse, when he walks away from me, he withdraws from my protection and is vulnerable to the Evil One. I do not bring about the evils that destroy so much of human life. Man chooses to walk where he should not walk and to go where I have told him not to go.


Why does man not listen? Why does he choose a road that leads him away from light and into darkness? He walks in that direction because he is blinded to the consequences. He is like a man eating a rich dinner who has no idea of what it will cost him. Mankind makes choices while totally ignorant of their consequences. This is a mankind hurtling into the deepest abyss of darkness and suffering. Do not blame God for what will happen. The violence will be inflicted by man against man, just at the Evil One desires. No one listens to Jesus and I, even when we will save them from the cruelest suffering. Yet, some will listen. These we can save!

November 8, 2012
Removing the Barriers

The trials that will quickly come upon mankind are not due to any divine severity. Man has walked away from light and truth. He has fallen into the darkness of his enemy, the Evil One, who places selfish thoughts and desires in his mind and heart. He also enlightens man how he can easily accomplish these goals. Obviously, these decisions stomp upon my laws and violate my commandments. This is exactly what Satan wants. He knows that my laws are for man’s benefit. They are barriers which I put up so that man does not go over the cliff. When man removes the barriers, there are no safeguards and many plunge to destruction. Whose fault is this? Did I not give my laws? Did I not set up the safeguards? Blame those who chose that path and blame those who chose them as their leaders.


I will not be quiet. I will shout from the rooftops of the internet. My voice will carry to the very ends of the earth. I say to the whole world that the darkness is coming because mankind has turned his back to God’s light, which alone can lead him to peace. There is no peace. War is on the horizon. The weapons are constructed, and will soon be in place. The anger boils over. The conflicts cannot be resolved. It is only a matter of when and where.

No superpower is ready to act. America and Russia have a false friendship brought about by the Evil One to neutralize American power. The stage is set for the lesser powers to fight it out, much to the destruction of man. When it breaks out, who will limit it when no one takes responsibility? Do not adults intervene when children are destroying one another? But these adults have been duped into non-intervention.

November 9, 2012
The Elected Leader

Now the path has been chosen and the leader once more put into power, but not for long. I will strip him of his power and I will reduce him to a helpless and severely flawed leader. Many who supported him will walk away. Others will turn on him. I cannot allow someone who has so openly violated my commandments and taught others to do so to go unpunished. The punishment must take place for all to see because his sins and his sinful decisions have been seen by all. How can I roll back this massive darkness of evil? Only by coming against those who have brought it about. The election is over but the accountability to my justice is just beginning.  I will begin quickly to reduce his popularity and power.


I will restrain my tongue no longer. I will pour out the words of my heart. My children have gone astray, led into the deepest darkness. They do not realize the peril or where they have been led. It is darkness but they think it is light. They cannot see what is ahead. I weep until there are no more tears in my eyes. Yet, in my heart is one whom I will use as a light to the nations. He will be my surprising light. He will release the light of Fatima and mankind will again have reasons to hope.

The Future of America (November 10 to November 12, 2012)

November 10, 2012
The Election Day Decision

There are steps that a nation takes to become blessed and steps which it takes to lose its greatness. These are the choices and decisions, made at many different times. However, at some moments, there are key decisions, turning points when a nation can choose either direction, like a person standing at a crossroad.
America stood at the crossroad on election day and chose the path of deep darkness. It will plunge now into that darkness. There is nothing to hold it back. There are no more restraints. They have chosen a political party which openly denounced my commandments and trampled on my laws. They have said, “This is the party of our choice”. If that is the party of your choice, then you must go where that party takes you.


People stumble and fall but they are able to get up and start again. However, when people choose a direction, they will continue in that way unless there is a change of heart and a change of mind. “We have made a mistake. We must turn around.” America, you cannot turn around. You have held an election. The candidates will be placed in their offices. They will be your leaders. You will go where they take you. You have given them their mandate. I will save the little ones, those who come to me and those who do not agree with this direction. These I can save. The country itself must follow its leaders.

November 10, 2012
True Leaders

It is time to move on, to see what can be gathered among the ruins. Who is there who will speak for the righteous, especially for the unborn? Who will be their voice? Many will come forth, wanting to carry the standard, but whose hands are worthy, whose heart is clean? This is what I demand. I want my leaders to have hands free of bribes and hearts free from evil. I call many to serve. Let them come forth. I need only their good intentions and a willingness to be purified in my blood. This is the path to true leadership – to be a disciple of the Lamb who was slain.


There is always a future, a time to move on because the great gift of my Son’s return in glory has not yet happened. Only then, will the Father’s plan for creation be fulfilled. So, I say these parting words to those who have listened. Never let your hearts be troubled. Behind the darkness, indeed at the very moment of the greatest darkness, I will come for you. I will be with you and I will remain until my Son returns in glory. Let us await him together in great hope. Come, Lord Jesus.

November 11, 2012
A Country Without Restraints

Shall I describe the road that lies ahead for America? The deficits will soar. The banks will not know what to do. The currency will lose its value. The economic system will shake. All because you have chosen a leader who shows no restraint in any way. Everything has broken loose. The barriers of my laws are cast aside. America rewrites the commandments. If there is no restraint concerning my laws, why should there be restraint in spending money? Americans voted for the Democratic Party because they wanted no restraints on their lifestyle. That is what they will get – a country with no restraints.


It is too late. You have voted. Where will President Obama take this nation? There will be surprising roads. He knows where he wants to take America. He has not yet seen how to do it. He ponders his strategies and weighs his options. He does not have much time. The goals are gigantic ones and many would oppose him, so he must plot carefully and keep his true goals hidden until they come in sight. Then, he can reveal all. There is so much hidden and stored deep in his heart. America does not really know all that is there.

November 12, 2012
America’s Place in God’s Heart

Yet, my hand remains upon America, my hand of blessing and protection for all those moments of kindness and thoughtfulness, past and future, which flow from her generosity. America is my only hope in a world that will be plunged into great darkness. America has always held a special place in my heart and I am not about to displace her with another. She is my love, chosen from the beginning of her birth as a nation. Would I abandon one whom I have chosen? Would I set aside my first born? I banish such thoughts from my mind.

I will work with America. In the day of her darkness, I will not abandon her. In the days that she turns away from me, I will not cut her off or reject her. I will await her. I will await her return and she will once more embrace her Maker, as she did in the beginning. The ties are too great, too strong, too long lasting to be shredded in these moments of her foolishness.


Now, I must bring this teaching to a close. America, you have been a foolish child, rejecting your heritage and being led to a pasture where you will feed upon poisonous herbs. Such will be your fate until your sickness grows and you are near to death. But I will not leave go of you, nor will I allow the wolves to devour you. Yes, those wolves who would steal your greatness and leave you lying half-dead by the roadside, are at your door. I will come, like the Good Samaritan when you are deeply wounded. I will care for you and nurse you back to health. All of this will be in time for you to fulfill the great destiny for which you were founded.

America, you have not yet reached your greatest moment. The truly great moment of your history, the moment when you will save the world still lies ahead.

Divine Invitations (November 13 to November 17, 2012)

November 13, 2012
An Invitation to Faith

I speak to the world because some will listen and be saved. How many will be saved? I was asked that question and I said that people must enter by the narrow gate and walk the narrow road. Many think that the road is wide. However, the wide road does not lead to salvation and, indeed, many walk that road.

I speak and many do not listen. Yet, a few take my words and find eternal life. Those who find my road need a special light because the light in the world leads only to darkness. A person cannot find the road to life unless he receives this special light called faith. Once he receives faith, he must cherish it above everything else. He must live by this light and even be willing to die for his faith. That is how important this gift is. So, reader, cherish faith above everything else. Live by faith and you will live forever.


I nourish this faith in all believers. I protect it and never let this light go out or be stolen. Nevertheless, many who receive this light in childhood, lose it as adults. They set it aside as unimportant. They grow concerned about so many other goals. They do not find time for the practice of their faith. Yet, in their hearts, the roots of faith are still planted.

For others, the seed of faith has never been sown. Their hearts are like rocky soil that cannot receive the seed. These, and many other causes, block the seed of faith that is so essential to eternal life. By these words, we will send forth a fresh invitation to the whole world to believe.

November 14, 2012
An Invitation to Surrender

I ask for a commitment of the heart, a full, total dedication that leaves no stone unturned in seeking my interests. I ask for great hearts that do not count the cost. With these hearts, I can do great things and bless many.
I call all to this level of faith. To everyone, I extend the invitation. If, right now, you experience some desire to surrender yourself completely, then read on. These words are for you.


Do not be afraid of Jesus’ invitation, as if the cost might be too high and you cannot make the sacrifices that are needed. These thoughts come from the Evil One. Just set out. I will be with you. When you grow tired, I will refresh you. When you grow weary, I will console you. When you seem surrounded with darkness, I will come with my light. Together, and only together with me, can you reach the goal of faith, your heavenly home.

This is not a short journey, a journey of a day, a week or even a year. This is a journey of a lifetime that ends in eternal life for you and for many others. Let us walk together.

November 15, 2012
An Invitation to Receive

I have many treasures of my heart that I want to place in your heart. Do not be concerned that you are unworthy. I have chosen you to receive. You are reading these words. They are my invitation and my assurance.
I place my gifts in your heart because that is where they belong. They do not belong in my heart. They are gifts, meant to be given away. When in my heart, they remain wrapped up and do no good. When I give them to you, I expect you to unwrap them, learn what they are for, and use them for yourself and for others.

How much I want to distribute these gifts! Do not be surprised that I have chosen you to receive.


All that you read here is encouraging. All the words lift up your heart. They tell you that all can and will be accomplished if only you agree. This is true. God can do all things and wants to give every blessing. He needs you to believe and to open your heart, so you can receive. After you are filled with the blessings, you have a responsibility to open them, to see how they can help others and what you must do. However, this is a great privilege – to receive and to distribute blessings that come from Jesus’ heart. So many try to distribute their own blessings. No one gets helped and soon the person is empty, having nothing more to give. You are to give only what Jesus give you to distribute. First, you must receive from his heart. Then, you can begin to share with others.

November 16, 2012
An Invitation to Love

My first and greatest gift is for you to love me with all your heart. I give this gift freely and without reserve. It pours out of my heart and can be received by all. This love changes you, and gives new direction and meaning to your life. This love was the fire that led all the saints on their path of holiness. Do you want this fire of my love? I am ready to give it to you right now. Just open your heart and ask. “Jesus, please give me the fire of your love”.

Good! You have said the prayer. Now we can proceed to other gifts.


This fire must go everywhere. Do not limit its power or place obstacles to its life-changing purposes. Let the fire touch your sins and consume them. First, receive forgiveness for your past sins. The fire consumes these quickly and instantly. Then, receive a fire that will protect you from future sins. This is given to you over a longer period of time. Let the fire extend to others in the way you speak and act and even feel towards them.

Finally, let the fire bring you peace and joy. You are on the right road. You have allowed the fire of my Son’s heart to purify you and to lead you out of darkness into his new light. I will be with you in your new life. I was the first to receive this fire.

November 17, 2012
An Invitation to Serve

Love leads immediately to a forgetfulness of self, to the ability to set aside selfish desires and proud thoughts by which you think yourself to be better than others. Love bestows a spirit of service, a desire that all be blessed as you are blessed. Love is a river that flows out from my heart. After this love is received, the river must not stop with you. It must flow out to all others. In this way, the whole world can be blessed, beginning with those whom you meet every day.


Now you are making progress. You see where this river of love leads you. Do not be afraid. It is a new world, a new land, a new territory. Jesus and I have gone there ahead of you. Be kind to everyone. Forgive those who hurt you. Do good to those who take advantage of you. Do not strike back or take revenge. There is a new path. After a while, you will grow familiar with this path. You will see the folly of your former path and will rejoice that love has changed your heart. Love, only love, can purify the world. That is why I offer this gift so freely.

The Woman Clothed With the Sun (November 19 to November 26, 2012)

November 19, 2012
The Case Against Mankind

Let the court convene. I will speak of all that I have done for mankind and all that mankind has done to me. Then all will see that the days of retribution that lie ahead are not at all equal to the injustice that has been done to me.
In me, all things were created, all the heavens and all the earth. Yet, man turned away and used all that I had made for his selfish goals. I made the world for all to prosper, but the powerful set aside the weak and their cries reach my ears. If I remove the wicked, others more wicked than they rise in their place.

So, I became a man to teach the world how to love, for man had forgotten. I spoke of love, but others thought of violence. Violence prevailed and I died on the cross. Such is the first part of my case against mankind.


The times are very, very serious. These are the days of divine retribution. For so long, I have tried to postpone these days and the heavenly Father has mercifully listened. I have tried to soften the divine blows that are justly awaiting mankind and the heavenly Father has mercifully listened.

Yet, this divine justice cannot be put off totally. Some measures must be taken to bring mankind to its knees. I have pleaded with the Father, to give me one more chance to bring about the repentance of the human race so that these actions of divine justice can be lessened even more.

November 20, 2012
The Ultimate Weapons of Destruction

Now, I come to the present day when my name is known everywhere. In every country and on every continent, my name has been preached and the story of my love and sacrifice for mankind is known.

Yet, the world still does not listen. It walks in a darkness which it finds so attractive. The sins of man multiply. As the power of man increases, his power to do evil multiplies. Man has in his hands the ultimate weapons of destruction and some threaten to use them. Man is entering the greatest stage of darkness, a darkness never before realized in all of history. Yet, he is totally unaware of what lies ahead so soon. That is why I speak so clearly in this extraordinary way.


What can I do when mankind refuses to listen and to turn back? I must give a warning, like a shot across the bow of a ship so that it turns back, a warning that is great enough to awaken the whole world but soft enough not to destroy the world, a warning that alerts and gives time for repentance.

Yet, when I give the warning, will there be preachers who will speak the truth or will they assign the causes to other factors. Will anyone say, “We have sinned, let us repent”. Or will the world continue in its ways of buying and selling, eating and drinking? Will no one say, “Let us call out to God day and night so he will give us swift justice?” Even so, I promise to give a warning and then a time for mankind to turn to me. At least some voices will be raised. Some will repent. Some will turn to me. These I will save.

November 21, 2012
Consecrating Russia to the Immaculate Heart

I say “Turn back” but my voice is drowned out by a thousand other voices that cry out “Go ahead”, even though mankind is totally unaware of what lies ahead. First, I will tell you what lies ahead. Mankind continues to build weapons of destruction. These weapons proliferate. Attempts to limit them are inevitably compromised. No one is in charge. Everyone lives for their own self-interest. So, the causes of multiplication are everywhere. No one can lead mankind down a path of peace, where these weapons are destroyed forever. That is precisely the gift that the heavenly Father has placed in the heart of my mother, but this gift of Fatima is not opened, even by my church.

So, I call upon my Church to open the Fatima gift as quickly as possible. Consecrate Russia to my mother’s Immaculate Heart. When this is done, the power and light of Fatima will be released upon a world steeped in darkness and on the verge of nuclear disaster. When this consecration is fulfilled, I will raise my voice in powerful ways to call the whole world to unimaginable conversion. Peace will come, just as my mother has promised.


All is not hopeless. The heavenly Father has provided the needed help for these ages of darkness. Even the greatest darkness, the darkness of midnight itself can be turned into the light of the noonday sun. Does this not happen every day of the year? Is there not a midnight followed twelve hours later by the noontime? This can also happen in the day of history. I am the Woman Clothed With the Sun. If mankind would just invoke me, I would change the night into day.

Preparing For the Events (November 22 to November 26, 2012)

November 22, 2012
No Time to Waste

Do not tarry. Do not wait. The time is at hand. The forces of evil can no longer be kept back. Soon, so soon, there will be the gigantic breakthrough. The walls can no longer hold back these powerful forces that have found renewed energy as they have come together and intertwined.
Certain forces of evil were restricted because they were isolated from each other. Now, the evil of one movement joins with the evil of another. They feed and nourish each other, offering what the other needs to effectively unleash their evil. This is what is waiting in the wings, so soon to come into full view.


Do not wait. I will prepare you and shelter you. Run quickly into my Immaculate Heart. You, who do not say the rosary, take it up quickly. You, who do not use the sacrament of confession, go quickly to the priest. You, whose life is in disarray, return to mass. There I will give you an abundant and extraordinary grace of personal conversion.

You, who are at odds with your family, reconcile. You who are locked in an addiction, seek to be free. I will visit you with extraordinary graces and will send others who will help you. I speak to all whom these events will catch unawares. It is not too late. Even if you have only turned to me a few days before the events, even if it is just a very short time that you are on your new road, it will be enough. You will have found the right road before the events. When the events begin, it will be very, very difficult to choose the right road. Begin now.

November 23, 2012
The Events Will Speak for Themselves

I sound the alarm but no one listens. It is drowned out by a thousand other concerns. The buying and selling dominates. It is always the economy that matters, while heavenly riches are set aside. A time will come when I will be silent and allow the events to speak for themselves. People will listen then because everything will be hushed. I speak now, so that some will receive this seed of my word.


When the confusion begins, there is only one hope – that the children remember the words spoken by their mother. Every loving mother foresees situations that can affect her children. She speaks of them, describes them and tells her children ahead of time how they must act to be safe. These are the words which I speak right now.

My children, in the confusion that lies ahead, you must first remember that I am with you. Especially in these days, I offer you my light. I will continue to speak to you, both through these locutions and in your own hearts. As you read my words and hear my words within, you will know that I speaking. Follow those words and you will be safe.

The confusion will not lift immediately. It will grow stronger as people realize all of the effects of the events. You must not lose heart. Follow my words and gather your loved ones so they also walk in my light. You must believe that I am with you and will save you. Do not lose heart in the trials.

November 24, 2012
Preparing for An Emergency

I will speak now because when the events happen it will be too late. The conversion of hearts and the preparations must be done now, while everything is still in place. The plans must be laid and the light must be given ahead of time. Does not a family plan for an emergency? So, I give you my plan.

There must be some intimacy with God, a familiarity, a hope in God’s Providence and a capacity to see his loving care. During these days, stay close to the heavenly Father. Do not wander. Do not give yourselves to other cares. Take even a few minutes. Go to your room. Close the door and speak to the Father in secret. I will be there and I will bless your attempts, even though they seem so little to you.


My little children you must believe that whatever happens, I can keep you safe. The Evil One wants to use these events to bring you to despair. When you have no hope, then you easily fall into his hands.

Do not let this happen. By hope, remain in my hands. The Father has given me all the power needed to save all of my children. He has given me all the knowledge needed to know every difficulty and every solution. All you must do is come to me and abide with me. As you do that, I will enlighten you. I will show you exactly what you are to do when these events begin. I will continue to show you as the events continue. I will be with you from beginning to end.

I must speak now, before the events happen. When they begin, you will already have my word.

November 25, 2012
Extraordinary Events and Extraordinary Helps

You must learn to hear my voice now. When the events come, I will speak to you and guide you. Before then, you must grow accustomed to my voice. Many would see this as extraordinary, but the events will be extraordinary and the helps that you will need must also be extraordinary.

I warn you. You cannot hear my voice if you remain in noise, confusion and entertainment. I am asking you to withdraw, to find some solitude. Yes, I want solitude. Go to your room if that is the only place you can find. Go to a church, if possible. Come before the Blessed Sacrament. Multiply these times of solitude. Go to daily mass. While Noah was building his Ark, the others were buying and selling, caught up in the usual activities. They were not prepared. It cannot be the same with you.

My words are clear. Certain events will happen that will shake the world. People without faith will be thrown into total confusion. People with faith will be tested. If their faith is shallow, they will despair. If their faith is built on rock, they will survive. Now is the time to build on rock. You must learn to speak to the Father. I will be there.


We always speak of the events, but we see these events so clearly on the horizon. Do not be curious. Do not ask, “When will this happen?” or “What are these events?” Curiosity is useless. Only faith is needed.

By faith, you will say, “Jesus and Mary are speaking to me. I must listen to their words and act upon them”. When I give my words, I also give inner light. Each person must ask me, “Mary, please show me what to do”. The light will come. The first steps will be clear. Take them and you will be on the right road. The important word is “now”. Ask now and take the steps now. The events are very close at hand.

November 26, 2012
Events That Change Earth

All who hear these words can put them into practice. They are not difficult. If you make a little effort, I can offer you the help that you will so much need.
No need to despair or to search in vain. I will come to you, wherever you are. I will offer you all the help that you will need in these events. I must speak in this way. I must constantly mention these events because they will change your life on earth. You will need these extraordinary helps that I am so ready to provide.


We have spoken enough about these events. By these repeated words, the message is very clear. The road ahead will not be the same as the road you are now walking. New and much greater difficulties will confront all of mankind. Each part of the world will experience these difficulties, each according to its circumstances.

Some parts will be at the very center of the events and these will experience the greatest sufferings. Other parts will be at the edge, somewhat protected. Yet, all will experience a new moment of darkness and confusion.
In these dark moments, we are ready to offer extraordinary helps to all who call upon us. That is why we speak so clearly, before the events happen. Do not wait. Do not postpone that special moment of turning to me. I will lead you to Jesus.

Describing Future Events (November 29 to December 4, 2012)

November 29, 2012
The Coming Darkness

Just as the sun sets each day and night comes, so the sun is setting upon the world and the night with its powers of darkness, cover the globe. These are not material powers but destructive, evil powers, descending upon the earth like night descends when the sun sets.

Unfortunately, there is no timetable. No one can say “The darkness will last so many hours until the sun rises again”. But I will not let the world remain in ignorance. I will give my word, a clear and truthful word. All during the darkness, I will raise up a clear and prophetic voice which all will hear. This will be your light while the darkness is still with you. Follow this voice. You will know which one it is. The same voice that I have used before the darkness, I will use during the darkness.


It need not be this way. The events could have been avoided and even now they can be softened. Yet, they will come. It is inevitable. Mankind has wandered into a jungle and will not suddenly find open pasture. My Son’s pasture lies in the other direction, where mankind did not want to walk.

So, it has taken this road which has constantly entangled man in a thousand evils, each one greater than the other. Now, he is hopelessly lost, unable to find his way back. That is why the events will happen – to clear away the jungle so man can see how far he has wandered from God’s path. The events are an invitation to return. Much will be cut away so each person can see.

November 30, 2012
Saving the Little Ones

Soon the sun will set and many will ask, “Will it ever arise again”? Such will be the darkness of those times. Yet, the little ones will not lose faith. They will know that I am with them, never allowing them to succumb to the darkness. How can this be? Why are the little ones saved? All can be saved. I stretch out my hands to lift up every person, but only the little ones take my hand. They are little and know that they do not have the strength. They are little and they believe I can do all things. They are little and seek only to walk my path. That is why I can save the little ones.


Never despair. Never, never despair. My helps are so great. They are everywhere and at every moment. I always come for you. I am always near to you. I am even within you, always speaking in your heart. Do not turn to the darkness. Turn to me. Do not think about the darkness. Think about me. In this way, I will have power over you, not the darkness. My words are clear enough. Even though the darkness comes, even though you are surrounded by darkness, you must not fear. I am with you with my light and my powerful love.

 † † † † † † † † † † † †   † † † † † † † † † † † †   † † † † † † † † † † † †

December 2, 2012
The Only Hope

How dark! I do not even want to speak of the darkness. However, I must speak so everyone knows that it will overwhelm and will spread everywhere. No one will escape the darkness. However, those who call on my name will receive a different light, never before available. The light will be within the person and also in the middle of groups that gather in my name. I am the only hope and, therefore, I speak so often of the darkness. I will say it again. I am the only hope. Blessed is he who has found me before the darkness begins. Later, it will be far too late.


The light is in my heart and all who want the light must go there. The door of my heart is always open to those who seek to enter. Some try to enter only to discover my secrets or to find out about future events. The true seekers are those who want a place of refuge in the darkness. To all of these I open my heart totally. I am the enemy of darkness. I want no one to be captured and in chains to the darkness. I speak so everyone has a chance to enter my light and be safe.

December 3, 2012
A Deeply Imbedded Darkness

The causes of this darkness are already imbedded deeply into the heart of mankind. Even though they will cause great pain and confusion, they must come forth so their power can be ended. It is better this way than to allow these powers to grow even greater and explode deeper in the heart of mankind and human history. Now is the time to deal with them, while the human race can still be saved.

To many, these words are not clear. However, when the darkness appears, all will see the evil that is deeply embedded in the hearts of so many. This is the evil of hatred and anger that has festered for so long a time, an anger that has led to weapons and the weapons to a clear desire to use them.


The time is at hand, no longer able to be postponed. Those that are prepared by faith will survive. Those without faith will not be able to reconcile all that happens. There will not just be one event, but a series of events, one preparing for the next. One removes the restraints and the next event takes advantage that no power exists to restrain its evil force.

The events begin in one area of society but quickly have effects in other areas. All the parts of human structures are weak and vulnerable. Sin has done this, weakening powerful structures that should be able to withstand the impact. However, they are not built on the rocky ground of truth but on the sand of greed and selfishness. All of mankind is like paper ready to go up in flames. However, I will not allow this. I will raise up my special son who will have the light of Fatima. This is the light that will save the world from the coming darkness. How long must I wait until my Church exalts my light?

December 4, 2012
Seeking the Greatest Revenge

What can be done when man freely chooses a path of anger and destruction, and uses all his talents to reap the greatest revenge? When he feels he is fully justified in trying to right the wrongs and injustices of the past? He is so convinced that his path is righteous and just. Who can disarm him, so his anger does not destroy? No one is ready to accept that role, even though it is just and true. These are the conditions in which the world lives each day, a situation freely chosen by man because they have rejected my path of forgiveness, truth and reconciliation. Blessed is the person and the nation which is not caught up in this mighty river of anger and revenge.


Slowly, ever so slowly all this evil has been put into place, first in the hearts of men and then in the weapons man has built. Both elements are present. There are weapons and the deepest desires to use the weapons. There are cravings to wipe out the enemy, Israel, and the goal of reclaiming the land and all it now contains.

This goal is so much more in reach as the protection around Israel, especially Egypt, has been stripped away. So, the virgin daughter Israel lies almost naked before her enemies. Even with all her weapons, she is like a lamb that can easily be slain. Only a great intervention of God will save her and guarantee her a future existence, even a glorious future existence. This is the great challenge of faith, to believe that Israel will be saved, that Jerusalem will finally fulfill its task as the mother of both Israel and Christianity, when a union will occur because the Catholic Church has seen God’s plan for Jerusalem and has believed. These are the events which lie ahead, soon to be fulfilled.

War and Peace (December 5 to December 9, 2012)

December 5, 2012
Do Not Delay

Do not wait until it is too late. The fires will spread quickly, from one place to another. These are the fires of hatred and destruction. The oil of anger is everywhere and as soon as the flame is lit, there will be no walls that can keep it contained. Many who think themselves secure will suddenly find the fire at their doorstep and themselves locked in a house that they thought would keep them safe.

No one will be able to claim an untouchable piece of ground. The flames will sweep so quickly. Why do I say this now? So all will know that I have spoken ahead of time, when all seemed calm and no one would suspect what is ahead.
My message is always the same. Turn to me now. Do not delay. Later, will be too late.


I sound the alarm, an alarm that must be heard around the world, both in the hearts of people and in the places of power. Wake up! See what is about to occur. What you thought was at peace, is not at peace. What you thought could never be touched, will quickly fall. O world, you are not ready. You have no idea. My words asking you to repent, to turn back to the Lord, have gone unheard. So, I can only gather those who come to me. I can only protect those who call on my name. These I will save.

December 6, 2012
The Many Signs

No one knows the day or the hour. Only the Father. Yet, signs and warning can be given that alert hearts and help them to prepare for the hour, whenever it might come. One sign will be the weather – at times, violent storms and hurricanes. These are often seen as natural phenomena but there are forces behind them.

There are the signs in human life – strange events, people who are led to unusual acts of cruelty and people who seek notoriety by their evil deeds. All of these have already happened but no one has seen them as signs of future evils, harbingers that something very serious is out of order.


I will speak of the human heart and how twisted it can become. Having turned away from its Creator, it also turns away from God’s beauty in creation. It turns to what is twisted and depraved. It exalts forms of art that shock and deform nature, bringing it down to its basest and grossest levels. All of this, you have also seen happen in your midst. Sacred things are profaned in art and what is holy is shredded and torn asunder. Nothing is seen as worthy of veneration. This, too, you have also seen. All of these are signs of a society that has fallen deeply and which grovels in its wickedness. Read the signs. They are everywhere.

December 7, 2012
Resolutions and Anger

All the earth is troubled with stirrings that have never happened before. In different places, there are outbreaks of revolutions, followed by suppressions. In other places, there is the storing up of unneeded weapons, obviously to be used against a perceived enemy. These are signs obvious to all.

Beneath the surface, hidden in the hearts of so many are the fires of anger and rage. These boil over, are suppressed and then become hidden again, only to wait for a more opportune moment when the enemy is weaker.

These are the more obvious signs that peace is like a faraway dream. Today, who even thinks of peace when war is everywhere? The forces of war are like the waves of the ocean. Who even thinks that these waves could ever grow calm?


We have not yet reached the true depth of the wickedness of man. These forces are still in the ascendency, new anger, new events, new memories, new reasons to take revenge. Bridges of peace are burned. People can never return to the former ways of peace and reconciliation.

Mankind marches along a read of violence and destruction. He thinks of nothing else. He wants the grievances of years and centuries to be settled quickly, according to his own design and by his own power.

These are the forces that grow every day in the Middle East and will continue to grow. Violence is the only road that anyone sees as a solution. Supposedly peace will come only when the enemy is wiped away. Is not my description true?

December 8, 2012
Centuries of Anger

I speak over and over about the fierce fires that burn in the hearts of so many. These fires are buried deep in the memories of decades and even centuries, placed there by the Evil One, who waits and waits. He allows some of these fires to surface but many he keeps hidden so they can grow stronger. He wants a great conflagration that will spark many, many smaller but longer lasting ones. His plans are in place. He just awaits the opportune moment, waiting and hoping that he can ensnare even more into his fires.


We could go on and on, multiplying description upon description. This is enough. The picture has been drawn. The fires of violence are already burning in the Middle East. Other forces of far greater violence have not been unleashed. Weapons of every kind and of diverse powers lie in the hands of many and grow every day. The supplies flow from outside, from those countries which have special interests. Such is the state of affairs. People armed against others, even their fellow countrymen. Neighbor against neighbor. When will it end? Must so many be killed so peace comes only to those who survive? Whose plan is this? Certainly, this is not how the heavenly Father wants his children to act. The world has turned away from the Prince of Peace and wonders why there are so many wars? I must speak of the ways of peace. Some will listen and new paths will open, surprising paths that man cannot see unless I show him.

December 9, 2012
Importance of Jerusalem

I speak from a heart that is broken. The very places from which the great message of peace should go forth have become the places of greatest violence. All of this is to destroy the plan of the heavenly Father who wants peace to begin in Jerusalem. That is the sacred, the holy city, the city that I entered on an animal of peace.

No one sees this mystery, nor the great importance of Jerusalem. Someday, Jerusalem will be exalted. When Jerusalem is exalted and the nations come to Jerusalem, peace will reign throughout the world. In those days, the world will bow to Jerusalem saying, “The Lord of Lord was crucified here. The Sacred Blood was shed here. This is the true way of peace”. Mankind has lost its way because it has set aside my death. Let my crucified body be lifted up once more in men’s hearts and peace will come.


The plan of God comes forth so slowly. It takes so many tortuous roads because man does not perceive and is not ready to put into action. Yet, this plan cannot be set aside. Even as the human race hurtles down fruitless paths and careens out of control, the plan of God moves to fulfillment. His plan is for peace not bloodshed, for harmony, not contention. It must be God’s plan, established with all of its wisdom. Otherwise, peace will not remain.

The time is coming. All of the turmoil is like the pangs of birth. The tremors are the pains themselves. In all of the shedding of blood, something new will be brought forth.

It was not meant to be this way. The pangs of childbirth were not part of the original creation. Peace could have come so much more quickly if mankind had only accepted my Son, Jesus. That is the ultimate goal, that all the world will proclaim Jesus as the Lord. This will take place first in Jerusalem. From Jerusalem will go forth the saving word to all the nations.

The Road of Technology (December 10 to December 14, 2012)

December 10, 2012
Difficult Teachings

No one knows the depths to which mankind will fall so quickly. When a collapse comes, who can tell where the bottom is, or who will survive? All must stay prepared. They must wait and watch with expectancy, with the hope that I will extend my hand. All those who trust in me, will be able to grasp it.

How quickly everything will happen. So many will be caught unaware, not ready at all. How can I speak of these misfortunes? How can I describe them? More important, how can I prepare those whom I love? How can I explain that I will be with them? That they must not lost hope? These are the difficult teachings that I will provide. They are hard words only because the situation will be extremely difficult and the effort needed to persevere will be very extended.


In any catastrophe, a mother gathers her children, especially the young ones. The older ones she sends on missions to gather what is needed. The mother plans and looks ahead. She knows what must be avoided. Above all else, she calms the children, knowing that their fears can multiply.

I will be that mother. All I can say is this. When the catastrophe strikes, you must come to me, believe I me, turn to me, seek my advice and trust in my help. Tell others to come also. All must gather, with the rosary in their hands. All must raise their voices to me. There must be a new closeness – to me and to each other. Individualism must give way to community. All must help each other. Join your hearts in the common struggle. This is the only way to survive.

December 11, 2012
Down the Road

Too many put things off. “Down the road”, they say. “Certainly things will be difficult down the road”. But “down the road” is already here. The human race has walked “down the road”. Things cannot be postponed forever. The day of reckoning comes and when it comes it is not “down the road”. So, I must speak more clearly than ever before.

Mankind has been entrapped, led from one evil to another, never trying to turn away, accepting evils that before were always banished. What was unacceptable in one decade became quite acceptable in the next.

Never, never did mankind turn back. Never did he say, “We must return to the living God who will teach us right from wrong”. There was no interest in this holy road that would have avoided what was “down the road”. Now, for decades, mankind has walked this road that has led him into a darkness which contains the greatest consequences.


No one need turn away in despair. If one road is blocked, we will find another. It is only important to keep walking and not to give up or grow disheartened. If you keep walking, I will join you with others. You will meet them on the way. This is the road of hope.

Others will walk a road of despair. Do not join them. Do not even think of joining them for a single instance. The road of the true hero is the road of hope. It is the road of survival for yourself and for others. Some will be ready to despair until you meet them and give them my message of hope. You will say, “The Virgin Mary has already spoken to us. She will guide us. We must walk together. Whoever walks with us will be saved”. Yes, I will hold you tight and I will save you and all the others.

December 12, 2012
Cries for Divine Help

What will happen now? Mankind knows only how to walk forward into the greatest darkness. Like an alcoholic who knows only to keep drinking, mankind only knows the road of evil. What is needed? What will save mankind? Only the greatest divine intervention will suffice. Yet, mankind does not want God to intervene. No one cries out day and night, seeking God’s intervention.

Such is the state of mankind. He is intent on a road that leads only to greater and greater darkness. He knows nothing else and possesses no solutions. With all of his technology, he is absolutely helpless. I will leave him there. I will allow him to remain helpless. Then, the first cries asking for divine help will rise from his non-believing heart. I will hear him and come.


How did mankind ever come to this point? What were the moments in history that led him astray? Remember that moment when the goddess of reason was exalted? When the articles of faith were replaced? Go back to that moment. Mankind decided to take human life in his own hands. “We will decide our future”. They stole history from God’s hands. They no longer needed faith. Reason would become a better guide.

Like the Prodigal Son, you asked for your inheritance and walked away from the Church. You left your Father’s house of faith to walk the road of reason. Now you live with the pigs and reject the bread of angels.

What can I do? I can only let your problems multiply until you come to your senses and decide, “I must return to my Father’s house”. When you return, I will be waiting for you and the Age of Faith will begin again. Until that moment, there is no solution for the problems that you have created by your decision to reject the Faith and worship reason.

December 13, 2012
The New Idols

Mankind is so alone. He has surrounded himself with all of his inventions and amuses himself with images, thousands of images every day. He pretends that these are real. Can he embrace his own images? Do the images feel and return love? All is programmed. Nothing flows from a human heart filled with emotion and thoughtfulness. Mankind has immersed himself in lifeless images. These are the new idols that he worships. They entertain him and fill in his hours. Saturated with these images, he has lost the capacity for human love and the binding of hearts that come only from human relationships.

Such is the state of man. How can I call him away from these electronic images that have become the new false gods? How can I bring him back to true love?


Mankind sits alone on the dung heap of all of his inventions. They have piled up, one after another. They have attracted him and drawn him away. They now enslave him. He cannot do without them. He cannot turn them off. They speak to him all day long. They delight him and entice him. They also change him and form him. They have created a new man, a different mankind. He is losing his image of God and is becoming the image of what he worships. His mind is filled with a thousand images, all that have entered his heart this day. They live there and act there. They have power over him. They form his opinions and tell him what to purchase.

He thinks that he sees these images and then forgets them. Really, they take root in him. They are false voices always clamoring for attention. These electronic images have totally changed mankind. He is a new person created in their image and likeness. He is totally unaware of their power over him. They erase the image of the living God and make him forget the One who created him.
The fullness of this idolatry has not yet been reached. The person has not yet appeared on the scene who will use these worldwide powers of communication to try to lead the whole world astray. However, that moment is closer than anyone suspects.

December 14, 2012
The Living God

I must pour out a new gift, which attracts man and lead him back. I cannot just say “Come away from the false idols of your electronic images”. I must claim his heart again and draw him back. He must rejoice in being in my presence. How can this come about unless I reveal my presence? I will begin to do this in the depth of the human heart.

Each person, as they turn to me, will experience my presence within. The warmth of my love will reveal who it is. There will be an outpouring. So I offer to you, O reader, this invitation, “If you put away the sources of your images and seek an inner quiet, I will come to you. I will pour out the warmth of my Holy Spirit. I will bring you back to your first love. No more will you rejoice in these idols made by human hands. You will worship the living God who dwells in your heart”.


Again, we come to the end, able to offer you only a picture and an invitation. That is all that words can do. They invite you. Your heart must say, “This is what I seek”. That is the beginning. A seed can be placed within, an attraction for God that breaks forth in spiritual desires. Let us say this prayer, “O God, I want to worship only you. I will put aside my false idols so you can place the Holy Spirit’s fire in my heart”. It is accomplished. The Spirit is given. Now set aside those idols and give your time to the living God.

Why the Violence? (December 15 to December 17, 2012)

December 15, 2012
The Power of Past Decisions

Mankind is mired in its own decisions, those made long ago and those made just yesterday. They all pile up. None is set aside. All continue to have their power. Who can set mankind free of its past? What power can deliver him?

To forget the past gives these decisions hidden power, like buried memories that refuse to come to light. Yet mankind refuses to see its sins and closes itself to repentance. These hidden powers force mankind to repeat the past evils in greater ways and in more powerful dimensions.

I stand as man’s liberator, able to purge and cleanse. However, mankind avoids me and claims no need to come to me. I await and welcome every repentant heart.


There was no darkness as mankind came forth from the heavenly Father’s hands. Mankind chose the darkness and it entered his heart. Every human being must battle the forces of darkness which lie within. So many are unaware of this original sin and the personal sins that multiply the darkness. Mankind creates a culture of darkness, which exists within and without, a darkness which constantly multiplies.

Where is the light that can cast out this darkness? My Son, Jesus, is the light of the world, but he, too, was cast out and crucified. The heavenly Father raised him up in the mystery of Jesus’ rising from the dead. This is what we will explain to the world.

December 16, 2012
The Needed Purification

The human soul must be cleansed and set free. This is my liberating action which mankind despises, seeing no value in this cleansing. Yet, this purification is exactly what man needs. Without this purification, man is bound to continue even more quickly down his self-destructive path. He cannot help himself. With each passing decision he becomes more addicted to the evil. Man’s problems are within himself and only I can purify the person’s inner spirit.


There are some moments when this evil hidden within man comes to the surface and explodes in violent acts. All are taken aback, wondering how this can happen. O foolish world, you are sick and you refuse to name your disease. You have a doctor and you banish him from your society. You must deal with the violence that lies deep in every person’s heart. You must deal with it alone. You must grapple with a power that is far beyond you. If my words are not enough, then let the violence that constantly erupts before your eyes preach to you. America, I speak to you as a sorrowful mother who has seen too many of your children killed. Until you fall to your knees, violence will always erupt in your cities.

December 17, 2012
Violence Does the Preaching

Now is the time to speak no more. I will let the violence speak for itself. What is going on in the hearts of mankind? All is disturbed and troubled. The violence which mankind sees now will not be the end. Violence has become endless, one sad story after another. How many chapters does mankind need to read until it comes to the conclusion, “We must seek God’s help or we will end up destroying ourselves”? There is no need to keep speaking. The violence itself will preach to you saying, “This is the world when the power of God is set aside”.


I want to bind up the wounds but new and greater violence lies ahead. Therefore, I must speak to those who will listen. Soften your heart. Forgive anyone who has hurt you. Remove harsh words from your speech and renounce violence. Do no strike back and do not retaliate. Take no vengeance. Speak a kind word even when kind words were not spoken to you. Do this and you will be an invitation of peace to all. It is not easy.

Human History (December 19 to December 23, 2012)

December 19, 2012
The Flood Waters

I will never grow tired of speaking to my people because some will hear and act on my word. The time is so near. The evil can no longer be held back. It will burst forth, like a flood breaking through walls that have held it back for so long. The waters are too powerful and the protection is too weak. So, inevitably, the floods will come.

People will flee and try to find safety. However, if they flee to what the world offers them, they will find no safety. If, however, they come to me, I will keep them safe. That is why I do not tire of speaking. I see the events that are right ahead, the havoc that will be brought, the panic and anxiety that will come and the futility of worldly safeguards giving any protection.


As floods begin people, still nourish hope. However, as the flood waters rise, they begin to see all that is endangered, even their own lives. They also see that their best-laid plans are no plans at all. They were deceiving themselves about the seriousness of the problem.

This is the true picture that I must describe. The flood waters that will so soon be released will go beyond anyone’s imagination. Everything will be jeopardized. The beginning events will seem manageable. However, people will not realize that these are only the beginning events. The truth has been held back. Governments will try to respond but they have been weakened by dishonesty. Their resources will be swept away. After a short while, people will see that there is nowhere to turn. The world cannot adequately respond to these events.
Then, I will come upon the scene, offering all the graces which the Father has placed in my Immaculate Heart. The battle will begin between the Woman Clothed With the Sun and the dragon.

People will see what I have been saying all along. The battle is between the hidden spiritual forces of light and darkness. Many people have been deceived. They have acted in darkness and have cooperated with the Evil One.

This will be a time of repentance. All will have the opportunity to renounce the darkness and choose the light. Those who do so will be saved. Those who do not cannot be saved. That is why I speak. All must see that the battle is spiritual, and they must choose the light.

December 20, 2012
God’s Helps

What can I offer to those who believe and trust in me, to those who follow my word? First, I say, “Do not be afraid”. Fear causes even more destruction and leads to irrational acts. Only the peaceful person will persevere. That is the goal – to persevere until these times are over, when the forces of evil have been spent and I can come to rescue and save.

Ahead of you are not just destructive events (and they are many). There are also saving events, when I act in a very direct way to shift the tide of history. My people must believe these words. They must never tire of raising their voices to the heavens, especially in large assemblies of praise. These gatherings will prepare for my divine intervention.


The light will come immediately in the hearts of all the believers. I will be with them and they will be very sensitive to my inner guidance. They must not look for visions or apparitions. These will come later when more extraordinary means are needed.

In the beginning, there will be a tiny light. As each person believes in this light and follows it, the light will grow. Each person will need others. All who enjoy this inner light must gather in light and call others to this light. All who join them will also receive the light. This will be a saving light which helps all who remain faithful to the group to survive the darkness. Trust my words. They are the first rays of light.

December 21, 2012
A Summary

Some will not hear my voice because the world will try to block my words. The believers must make them known. All the words should be read and studied. In this way, every person will gain a certitude that they are true words.

I speak of many things – of the forces of good and evil, of the growing power of evil that has gone unchecked for so long, of the inevitability of the evil breaking forth and disrupting human life. However, I also speak of my saving actions. I tell people not to fear but to cling to my words. I tell them to take no revenge and not to resort to violence. Their safety and security lies in helping one another and in trusting my divine help (which will be everywhere). These are my words and they must be known by all.


I am a mother who saves all my children, but they must stay close. They must gather and pay attention. Listen closely. Those who trust in their own resources and try to save themselves will be caught in deception. Do not trust in your own powers. They are totally inadequate. The forces are too powerful and will be too long-lasting.

In every heart, I place goodness. As the trials continue, this goodness must grow. There must be greater faith in my words and greater love for one another. My saving actions will be in your own hearts. My lights will be in your own minds. From the very beginning, do what is true and just. Your feet will be set on the right path. Do not swerve from this. You will see others who lose hope and begin to act quite differently, trying to save themselves and forgetting others. This is a deception. Being safe will result from an intense practice of the virtues and even heroic acts. In all of this, I will be with you and I will be a mother who takes pride in the goodness of her children.

December 22, 2012
The Importance of Fatima

I come now to the final words, words that must be spoken. The time ahead will be filled with difficulties that have not been seen until now. These difficulties will have a center, but their effects will go forth everywhere, unable to be contained and not limited by national borders.

Efforts to limit them or to restrict their effects will have little or no effect. All of mankind will be puzzled by problems that seemingly have no solution. What lies further on, as these problems grow, I will not try to describe now. However, I do say this. These problems come from the Evil One and have no human solutions. They will give way only when the Virgin Mother is invoked as Our Lady of Fatima. She is the heavenly Father’s response.


No one will take from me what the Father has placed in my Immaculate Heart. In my heart is the victory, the triumph over the Evil One. Many have searched for this in other places and refuse to accept what I said so clearly at Fatima, “My Immaculate Heart will triumph”. The victory lies in one place. This power of victory still remains there. It will not be moved. It will not be given to another devotion. It cannot be stolen because the Father has decided to gain the victory in this way. Everything else is fruitless. Only the consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart will turn the tide and begin the triumph. How many more times do I need to explain and to exhort? The heavenly Father will not change his plan to accommodate human thinking. The word is so definite that no one can mistake their meaning.

December 23, 2012
The Drama of Human History

All ask how this will end. The answer lies in the hands of the human race. God does not write history. He does not tell each person the role they are to play. He creates each person and has a reason for each person’s existence. All, however, are free. As they freely act on the stage of life, human history evolves and comes forth. How does God guide history if all depends on man’s free will? He stirs up his chosen ones. He places great desires in their hearts. He enlightens their minds, shows them what to do and blesses their undertakings. Some he makes warriors who destroy evil. Others, he makes builders who provide for many. Still others, he calls in a special way to himself so they can guide all in his ways.
You, reader, I call to this special task. You are on the stage of human history. You have a free will and some years left in your life. If you are willing to offer yourself, I will raise you up to save human history.


The challenge is gigantic. Do not be overwhelmed by all the evil that you see. Come to me and I will prepare you, just as Rebecca prepared Jacob for his father’s blessing.

Everything lies in the blessing. The blessing has power, light, protection and wisdom. All is contained in the blessing which is waiting for you in my Immaculate Heart. How often must I repeat the same truth? My Immaculate Heart is the secret to world peace. I will empower all who enter with the greatest gifts.

The Final Words of the Year (December 24 to December 28, 2012)

December 24, 2012
Clouds Filled With Rain

No one sees what lies ahead. The future is hidden in the heavenly Father’s heart. Some things must be revealed so people can know that the Father cares for them and will provide. His testimony is his word and when the word is fulfilled people know that he is watching over them.

Right now the sky is filled with the darkest clouds and the rain seems inevitable. However, even at this point, my word can blow them away without a trace of rain. Yes, even at this late date, all things are possible, but who will have the faith to cry out night and day? When my people turn to me, I will hear their cries. As yet, no one grasps or understands how close and how powerful is the darkness.


Can we speak any more plainly than this? The darkness is powerful and it is everywhere. The flood waters are about to fall upon the whole earth. All will experience this darkness. There will be no light in anything that the world provides. Light will exist, but only in my Immaculate Heart.

Do not trust what you have trusted until now. Those safeguards will not be enough and when they are washed away you will appreciate the importance of my words. You will say, “Our Lady told us this would happen”. In this way, fear will not capture your heart. You will have faith and believe even with the events that happen.

December 25, 2012
Always With Us

All is not hopeless only because I have come into the world, born of a virgin mother. I dwell with mankind and abide with him. I will not withdraw, even though mankind withdraws from me. To withdraw would be to surrender the world to the Evil One and to lose the hard-earned victory paid for by my death.
I will never do that. I will never withdraw. I am with mankind until the end of the world. It is mankind who withdraws, who does not want me, and who rejects me every day. This is my great sorrow. I see what is ahead for the human race as it walks away from me. There comes a point where many will never find their way back. They will be lost forever. That is why I must act soon. Everything has been held back so people would have a chance to repent and turn back.

Instead, more and more are being drawn into the road of darkness. So, the Father can no longer delay the needed remedies.


On this night, centuries ago, the world lay in darkness, when I gave birth to Jesus. The darkness was profound and widespread. The light of Judaism had grown dim and most of the world lay in idolatry.

When the child was born, the day of light and victory began. The light spread to all of Israel as Jesus preached and proclaimed the kingdom. The world put out the light. He was killed, only to rise into an eternal light that will always exist. Jesus is risen. He is the light of the world. The gift remains.

However, mankind has changed. “I am a secular mankind” it has proclaimed. What does “secular” mean? It means a world that has decided to return to the darkness, as if I never gave birth to Jesus and as if he never redeemed the world or rose from the dead.

So, I address my words on this sacred night to the “secular person” and to the “secular culture” and to the “secular world”. I say these words slowly and deliberately, so you can listen carefully, “Very, very soon events will happen and the secular world that you have created will face problems that cannot be solved. Every secular solution will only multiply the problems. Every secular leader will put forward nonsense, which is no solution at all.

Some will be defiant and march forward deeper into the problems. They will be totally destroyed, proud men who are ignorant. Others will be confused and hesitant. Others will despair and give up hope. Some, however, will hear my voice and my invitation to come close to me. These I can save.

Why has the human race come to this point? Because it has decided to be secular, even militantly secular. That is your choice. As long as you cling to your choice, I can do nothing for you except to invite you to come to me for help. I will never, never remove that invitation.

December 26, 2012
The Sacrament of Confession

With these words, I try again to call people to repentance. I will be very specific and give clear direction. The sacrament of repentance is confession of sins to a priest. This sacrament has not changed and the necessity of using it has never been removed. It contains all the helps needed to reform your life. Use it monthly, if not more often. This sacrament will bring about a true conversion in your life and you will be prepared for whatever lies ahead.


People languish along the roadside, like the man who fell in with robbers. Jesus is the Good Samaritan who would gladly bind up their wounds and pay for their full recovery. I speak to restore belief in the sacrament of confession. Go to the priest. Unburden your soul. Confess your sins as best as you can. I will guide the priest. He will speak kind words and encourage you. You will rise from your illness and we will walk together. Hurry now. The hour is late and you must not delay.

December 26, 2012
The Final Word

My heavenly Father always has the final word. He allows men to speak and act. Each person determines the role that they play. However, only the Father has the final words. After all have spoken and acted, when all have made their decisions, he intervenes, and brings the story to serve his glory and man’s well-being.

This is slow and often unseen, but the Father is always working his way into human life. He asks some to help him. When they fail to do so, he seeks out others, always pressing on to his goals. Do not be fooled by his patience, nor be dismayed that he always waits for people to cooperate. These are the means he will always use until the end of the world.


The year draws to a close but the problems carry over. So soon, man will awaken to all the harm that has been caused this year. However, the Father refuses to take away man’s free will or a nation’s free will. He will attack the problems in his own way, by raising up those who hearts are firmly committed to the spread of his kingdom. This coming year will be a time for raising up the most important of all leaders.

December 27, 2012
Bringing America To Its Knees

The chastisements result from the unrepented sins of the world. They are the only remaining means that can purify. They are used only when all else has failed, when mankind responds to no other voice, except to a total disruption of his normal activities. When all activity is stopped in its tracks and when man is blocked in his daily life, then he is willing to listen.

This has happened many times, but America has not listened. It has continued to march on its defiant path. If what has happened in the past was not enough, what will be needed in the future? What will bring America to its knees in repentance?


For so long, America has walked away, now with an ever-quickening pace. Before, people would at least question. They would ask, “Is this the right path or are we offending God?” Now, all restraints have been shattered. The question of God’s law, of “right or wrong” is not asked. Man feels free, without any restraint, to do whatever is within his power. What are the consequences of such decisions? The waters of sin pile up until the walls burst and no one can stop the floods.

December 28, 2012
America, the Rebellious Child

I want to speak of repentance, a turning back to God. America has walked away. It has chosen a path of sin. This decision has been made many times by the officials whom it has elected. By their public decisions, they have set America on a course that is at cross-purposes with God’s design. America wants to go where God does not want it to go. It is a rebellious child, unwilling to listen. The country conceived with divine promise has forgotten its heritage and has exchanged it for another. Only after much suffering and sorrow will I be able to recall America to its original greatness.


The sins are too numerous to mention and the number caught up in them grows every day. Nothing is sacred to America. All has been secularized. Man places his hands on what is forbidden and says, “I can do this if I please”. America has carved out a new religion. She sacrifices to her contraceptives and worships at her abortion mills. No divine laws are left standing. All has been overturned. How can America repent when it does not even know the way back to God?

December 29, 2012
Begin Again

Let us begin again. That is always my invitation. I am always ready to begin again and to start over. No matter how many times a soul has walked away and offended me, I am always ready to begin again. To you, reader, who have walked away so many times, I speak so clearly. Return. Come back. I will begin again. Even if your sins are scarlet red, I will make them white as snow. It is never too late. Never say, :”It is too late”. While you still breathe. While you still are alive, it is never too late.


Soon, this year will end and all will be history, part of a past that is completed. But this is not so with me. With me, all can be changed. All can be forgiven. All can be washed away. If this has been a year of sin, come to me with tears in your eyes, and what you cannot change, I will change. I will plead with my Son, Jesus, who always hears my prayers for forgiveness.

December 30, 2012
Shortening the Trial

I speak now to the discouraged soul who finds the burdens of life becoming too heavy for them. By my words I want to lift up your hearts. Do not take your eyes off of your heavenly riches. No matter what burdens you carry on earth, this life will end. The burdens are not forever. Also, I promise to shorten every earthly trial. I always do this for the elect, so that they can persevere. Keep your eyes on heaven and I will shorten the trials of earth so that you never turn away. This is my Divine Providence.


I must speak to the problems which so many experience because life has changed. Evils have been introduced that never existed before. Insecurity has invaded so many lives. The very foundations of life seem to be shaking. What can the average person do when the problems exist on such a grand scale?

I say this. Even if the foundations collapse, I can still save those who trust in me. Life will change. Everything will be different but I still have the power to help and to console. In all of the economic collapse, come to me. In all of the shaking of the foundations, turn to me. Let others turn to their own financial securities. You turn to me.

The Sickness of Toleration, The Day of Infamy Jan.1 ~ Feb.10, 2013