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Locutions to the World ~ Dec. 2014 the Church will prepare for Russia’s consecration in 2016.

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 12/1-3/14 ★ and the world races to its own destruction.

 5. Extraordinary Unshakeable Faith 
Dec 1st, 2014

 Not everyone will understand what is happening when these events begin. Many will not see any hope. Others will curse and even blaspheme. It will be the special person who will be able to see a road that leads to peace.

Hidden deeply in my heart is light, special light for the days of darkness. I will not reserve this light for special people. Everyone who now reads this locution is ready for the light. First, I must explain.

The first effect from this light is to know that I am present. This is the moment of my visitation, my coming to you just as I came to Elizabeth. I am not alone. I carry Jesus within me. Without my saying a word of explanation, Elizabeth knew the mystery, “Who am I that the mother of my Lord should come to me?”

In this great light, you, too, will know that I have come to you. I, the mother of Jesus, have come to you. You will have total faith. Nothing will shake that complete confidence. Even in the middle of the events you will stand firm, living one day at a time and having no fear of tomorrow (which is always useless). I will give this extraordinary, unshakeable faith to everyone who welcomes me like Elizabeth did.

6. Believing Before Seeing 
Dec 2nd, 2014 

I want to pour out my gifts like a mighty river, but why waste these waters if hearts are not ready to receive? Before everything else, I must pour out the gift of faith. O reader, how I want to stir up your faith, deepen your faith, activate your faith so you can receive. Let us begin.

You see for yourself the problems which the world faces, unsolvable problems for a world that has few resources to respond. These problems will grow. They will multiply. They will interconnect and will evolve into greater problems which will seem totally resistant to any solution.

The Church is on the sidelines. While the world moves along its own road, the Church is a voice crying in the wilderness. Her voice is not heard in the marketplace and she brings no great power to the world stage. Will this state of affairs continue, to the total detriment of the world?

Here is where I pour out new faith. True faith is to see with supernatural eyes what cannot be seen and to believe with supernatural faith what does not yet exist.

Faith is the only way that God enters the world. Jesus became a man because I believed what I did not yet see (that the Holy Spirit would make me God’s mother). I need the Holy Father and all the bishops and all the Church to see that I will come upon the world stage only when they believe. Otherwise, I sit on the sidelines and the world races to its own destruction. I want to do a new thing but I need people to believe before they see my actions.

7. Clothing You With Light 
Dec 3rd, 2014 

Because the works of evil, the great designs of the Evil One, will increase and because world leaders do not know to turn to me for help, I must protect those who do believe. Later, after Russia is consecrated to me and the Holy Father has turned all the eyes of the world upon my saving role, I can act in universal and visible ways. For now, I can act freely only in the hearts of those who believe. Why should I wait? Why should I leave those who believe shorn of protection.

Like a mother clothing her children for a walk in the snow, so I will clothe my children. The first piece of clothing is light. Each person will understand. They will see the ways of evil which are at the door and are everywhere. In my light, they will turn away from evil. Even more, they will remove these causes of evil from themselves and their children.

This light will also show them the road. This path is not easy to discover. Years ago, when the culture was filled with light, the roads to light were many and easy to follow. Now, they are few, hard to find, and not easy to walk. This is my promise. If you ask, I will give you the needed inner light. You will become acutely aware of the ever-expanding darkness. You will say, “I must seek the road of light”. You will search. You will find others. You will also find new paths of light. Do not hesitate. Begin immediately. The inner light and the paths which you find are my gifts.

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 12/4,5/14 ★ the darkness will come from many useless solutions. This darkness will be Satanic & only the Woman can defeat him. 

8. Enlightened Confidence 
Dec 4th, 2014 

When the world comes to the edge of the cliff, what happens then? Some continue to move on and plunge to their destruction. Others are filled with panic and are paralyzed with fear. Some, having been prepared by these locutions, will say, “Mary has always spoken about this moment. She has prepared us well. We are not to fear. We must act according to her word”. 

How will I describe this great gift that flows from my heart right now? It is not a gift that you should receive when the world comes to the edge of the cliff. It must be received beforehand, like the oil needed for the lamps to meet the Bridegroom. 

I will call this gift enlightened confidence because it contains two powers. The person is filled with light. They know what to do, even in the greatest darkness. They also experience no panic or anxiety. They are confident that I have prepared them and will guide them. 

How do your receive this enlightened confidence? Slowly, daily. By many moments spent in my presence. By the Eucharist. By little sacrifices. By trusting me more. By choosing my ways. By removing yourself from every aspect of the world’s darkness. By fidelity. By loving your family. By reading about me. By helping the poor. By living with truth. Especially, by hearing my voice speaking in your heart. 

Come. We will learn together. Light brings new confidence and confidence brings greater light. They go together, like your right foot and your left foot. One step at a time, we walk this road of enlightened confidence.

9. Destroying Your Kingdom 
Dec 5th, 2014 

Remain with these teachings that I have given to you. Each one contains my gifts. You will need all of these because the darkness will come from many useless solutions. This darkness will be Satanic and only the Woman can defeat him. By these teachings, I wrap you in my mantle of protection and guide you. Let me speak of both Satan’s darkness and of my light.

Not since the death of my Son, Jesus, has Satan had such a control over the world. Step by step, he has plotted this moment. At times, his plans were delayed because someone, like Pope John Paull II, rose up to push back the darkness. Yet, his darkness has never been fully overcome, just pushed back and delayed. He has not been slain or bound up. He still roams the world seeking the ruin of souls. This is what lies behind all the current problems.

No one, not even the Holy Father, can destroy Satan’s kingdom and rout the enemy. The Father had given that power only to me, as his first-born daughter and the mother of his Son. This is the great mystery, whose many parts I have been revealing. Keep all of this in mind. Never forget my words. They will be the only real light in the coming darkness.

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 12/6,7/14 ★ The Crisis of 2015, This is the year of the events. 

1. The Crisis of 2015
 Dec 6th, 2014 

These words must be recorded now so all the world will know that I have issued the gravest warnings. The words must go forth, published openly, “written on the walls” so to speak, so that when they come true, all must say that I had been a true mother and did not hold back my wisdom.

This is the year of the events. Many, many dangers are present. They are already in the headlines, but I am speaking of new events, surprising events which no one foresees. This is already happening in the racial divide that is now appearing in America, when all thought that the issues had been resolved by the Civil Rights legislation. That is only the beginning of new events.

These forces are already imbedded in human history, forces that will divide and separate, forces that will break forth in great destruction.

The greatest events will be the collapse of the economic structures. This will lead to even more enormous problems. There will be rivalries among nations, breakups of friendly cooperation that has been in place for years. The causes of these divisions will vary but when you see various nations pulling away from each other, when you see relationships being strained and even broken, then you know that I have told you ahead of time.

All of these divisions come from the Evil One. The divisions are not the final steps, but they prepare for greater problems. When nations are together in peace, they can overcome and work out difficult situations. When they are separated by divisions, they cannot adequately respond to new crises, those which they did not foresee.

2. Russia Destabilizing the European Economy 
Dec 7th, 2014 

I plunge you into the great mysteries and reveal all that is possible because I can no longer hold these events in my heart. Like a sorrowing mother, I must speak to relieve the burdens. 

Russia will continue to persecute my people in the Ukraine. The sanctions will not turn Putin back. Even though they inflict great wounds, he will absorb the punishment, like a fighter who will not give up, 

Russia will become like Syria, a constant source of disruption. However, something even deeper is happening. Just as the Syrian revolution has destabilized the Middle East because it has perdured for many years, so will Russia become to Europe. Russia had become an important part of the European economy. President Obama insists upon economic sanctions and refuses to aid the Ukraine militarily. He is weakening the European economies. This is the long term fallout from the sanctions, which will have many repercussions as other problems come forth this year. 

All of this is not foreseen but I see Satan’s plan all too clearly. He hides his real goals and gets nations to walk along his paths. This year it will be step by step, one event at a time with each event linked closely to what has happened and will happen. 

Man’s intellect is no match for his. Human solutions are like paper walls placed in his fires. Only the Woman Clothed With the Sun knows the true path to peace and I am trying to enlighten the world. 

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 12/8,9/14 ★ Remember my words and you will understand this coming year. 


3. The First Decisions of Human History 
Dec 8th, 2014 

I enter into these coming events with the sorrow of a mother. My one goal is to protect my children. First, I must have their attention to instruct them. Second, I must show them the path to safety and peace. Third, I must act in history, forming the events and shaping them. This is what I want to explain – the forces present in human history and how I intervene.

The heavenly Father created the world and the human person. With that decision, human history began. Time had already existed but there had never been a human history, a history of free, intelligent beings living on earth. Earth was not God’s first creation. Angels already existed and the angelic decision of “yes” or “no” had already been made.

As human history opens, the first parents are beloved by God. They will be the source of all other human beings that will come forth. This is not true of angels, for each comes totally and directly from God’s hand.

Imagine the importance of this first man and woman, the font of all human life. Their decisions were so important. They had the ability to pass on spiritual life, the riches placed in their own hearts. But this did not happen. Satan stole these riches. They surrendered them so easily. These were the first decisions of human history.

4. The Shattered Dream 
Dec 9th, 2014 

Once sin entered the world, the Father’s plan was shattered into a million pieces. All that he dreamed and all the blessings he wanted to bestow had been lost. How would he restore the gift? He chose a woman. She would be the new Eve, the mother of the living (Gen.3:15). This was the Father’s plan from the beginning. What I am teaching is based upon the ancient promise which is now coming into reality before your very eyes.

Yes, before your very eyes! You will see these events and understand where they come from. They are manifestations of sins which have been buried within human history for centuries. Now is the time for them to come forth. They come forth so they can be purged, like a human body suffering from a great fever.

Who will guide poor humanity through these manifestations? I am the physician, a mother bending over her sick child, at once comforting and healing, planning each step until the illness is purged.

Remember my words and you will understand this coming year. I will be at the bedside of mankind until he is well again. Blessed are those who see, who believe and who know to seek my comfort. 

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 12/10/14 ★ Day by day, the trap is set, A moment will come when the trap is closed & the world will see itself captured 

5. Satan’s Traps 
Dec 10th, 2014 

“I must tell my children. I must warn my children. I must protect my children”. These are a mother’s thoughts when she learns of dangers. They are my feelings that lead me to pour out these words.

World leaders do not act in faith. People, also, do not allow faith to illumine their decisions. All is done from the human intellect which casts a very shallow light. It sees only the surface and never penetrates. It cannot perceive the forces buried in human hearts nor can it confront evil. Decisions which arise from expediency cause a thousand missteps and lead into Satan’s traps.

All will become so evident, like an army which has been cornered because of the foolishness of its generals. Day by day, the trap is set and the world, enticed by false goals, eagerly enters. A moment will come when the trap is closed and the world will see itself captured by forces that are suddenly and surprisingly released. All is clear to my vision – the time, the moment, the places, the causes and the results.

Like a mother, all I can say is, “Stay close to me. The forces are too complex for me to give you directions. But if you stay with me, I will keep you safe. Now is not the time to wander. Do not set aside the graces I give you today.” The time is short and there is so little opposition to slow down Satan’s timetable. He waits only because he sees greater opportunities if he does not rush ahead. Do not be fooled by the delay. He wants to entrap the whole world and is merely waiting until he has greater control over a few important centers of power. 

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 12/11/14 ★ tomorrow is quickly becoming today, the future is becoming now. 

6. Always Saying “Tomorrow” 
Dec 11th, 2014

From all of these events, a great gift will come forth. Mankind will be humbled because the foolishness that seemed like wisdom will be exposed. As each of the events happen, people will ask, “Why did we build our house on sand?” and “Why did we not walk in truth”? Debts are postponed as if tomorrow does not come. Yet, tomorrow is quickly becoming today, and the future is becoming now.

This is today’s theme. The economic system has been built on a million tomorrows. Everything will get paid tomorrow and the burden of debt grows. Prosperity reigns because no one pays for it. All is postponed. Credit flows like the flood of an overflowing ocean.

How long until the crash? It is constantly postponed by measures that will only multiply the problems when they come. “Not on my watch” say the political leaders, so they pass the debt on to future generations, who are ill-prepared for any acts of saving money.

Now, I must speak from my heart. The debts grow, not just in one country but in many at once. They all accumulate. The weight quickly becomes too much to bear. The breakthrough happens, small at first. However, so many economies are weak and all are interconnected, that the small beginnings lead to unforeseeable results. Suddenly, comes the collapse which no one could have foreseen and for which there are only a few inadequate answers.

Mankind will go on from there, constantly trying to solve its problems by the light of reason, believing that faith has nothing to do with economics. Yet, it is the lack of faith in God’s ways that has led mankind on these roads in the first place.

At this time, I will still be on the sidelines. Other events will have to occur before I will be fully invoked by the Church. Yet, that day of consecrating Russia to my Immaculate Heart will take place, although, it will be late.

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 12/12-16/14 ★ A series of events will occur that will change much of human life. The events will reflect the sins of mankind. God will not cause them.

7. New Light For the Darkness 
Dec 12th, 2014 

Mankind must be washed, cleansed and purified. Otherwise, he cannot receive the great graces that are stored in my Immaculate Heart. If mankind turns to me, a way will open up for this purification to occur quickly and even with a great joy. Do I not know the ways of good and evil? Has not the heavenly Father filled me with wisdom? Am I not trying to pour out this light upon all?

I will not allow anyone who turns to me to be lost. When the events begin, I will gather them into the secret recesses of my heart. They will find others also gathered there and together, they will persevere.

So much will change. The mighty and the strong will find great difficulty in coping but the little ones will enjoy my protection. Let these words be imbedded in your hearts, “Our mother, filled with wisdom, can guide us through the darkness”.

So much is hidden from your eyes. That is why you need a heavenly mother to guide your steps. In the events that lie ahead, many who are powerful and rich will not know what to do. But, the little ones whom I guide will walk in the greatest light.

All that I ask of you is to walk in truth. In your life right now, are pockets of darkness, the little lies that allow you to make selfish decisions. Are you ready for the full light? Can you walk in perfect light? Of course you can because I will lead you. When the events begin, you will be guided by this new light which I give you today. 

8. These Words Prepare You 
Dec 13th, 2014 

When the events take place, people will see that my words are true. They will have great faith and prepared hearts. Right now, you have no need for the special words. The purpose of speaking now is to prepare you to have faith so you will believe my future words. Right now, your lives continue on as usual and you do not need my special words, which I reserve for the darkness.

These events have no exact timetable because they do not come from God. They result from evil embedded into human history and into human hearts which can freely choose. If people choose prayer and repentance, the effects will be less and will come later. If people choose selfish goals and sins, the effects will be greater and come sooner. The events will reflect the sins of mankind. God will not cause them.

By these little locutions, I have prepared all who believe. A series of events will occur that will change much of human life. By telling you ahead of time, I give you faith so that, in the middle of the events, you will believe my daily words and I can lead you. Peace. Always peace. The Lord is near. 

1. Retrieving Abandoned Lights 
 Dec 14th, 2014

I would bathe the world in quite different events. History does not have just one road, a path that leads only into darkness. That was the only road before Jesus came. Now, a new path lies before mankind.

Unfortunately, that path has been concealed and covered over. People have set aside their light of faith. It lies abandoned by the wayside. They have been captured by all that is new, all the promises of a world built upon science.

I have picked up all these abandoned lights of faith. They are not lost forever. I have saved them in my heart, waiting for the moment when the events of darkness shatter the false illusions which have captured so many.

That moment will come. The great illusions that science can produce a heaven on earth without the help of faith will be broken. Many will submit totally to despair. Others will seek their lost torch of faith. They will find it kept safely in my heart.

Why not seek it now? Why wait until the dangers encircle the earth? That is what I will explain now. O reader, I offer to you a new torch of faith. I will place it quickly in your heart. You will cherish it and will never abandon it again. Hold on to this light and it will never go out. You will need it for the darkness.

2. What God Did For Our Lady 
Dec 15th, 2014 

I want to reveal every secret in my heart. Only in this way, will the world enjoy enough light to overcome the darkness. I will begin with all that God did for me.

I am joined to God’s Son, more than any mother to any child. This union comes from both nature and grace. I am joined by maternal love, the greatest love any mother has for a child. I am also joined to Jesus by my Immaculate Conception. From the very first instant of my existence, Jesus flooded me with his Holy Spirit. Not one inch, not one hairs’ breadth separated us. No other creature is so intimately joined to Jesus. The Father gave to Jesus’ humanity (which he received from me) all the divine powers. Jesus shared with me every possible gift. “I will use you as my instrument” said Jesus.

Can the Father do this? Can He bring a woman so close to himself through the humanity that the Spirit formed in her, that He makes her an instrument of all his graces? Who dares to say that God cannot do this while at the same time allowing me to be a creature, infinitely below Him? Once this is understood, I can reveal all my secrets.

3. The Heavenly Fire’s Powers 
Dec 16th, 2014 

There are two fires. You see the fires of hell which lead mankind to wars and destruction. Still hidden are my fires of heaven. Fire should be fought with fire but until now the fires of heaven burn only in my heart. How I long to pour out these fires upon the whole earth.

This heavenly fire has three gifts. What can this heavenly fire do? Love is its greatest gift and will be so much needed when the events begin. In those days, people must love one another and care for one another. People will experience gigantic losses and will need a support that no government can provide. Only love from others will supply their needs.

This fire also gives light. So much will be different. The former wisdom will not suffice. New lights, new directions and new initiatives will be needed that can only come from my fire.

Finally, my fire will protect. This is the most important. As Satan unleashes these events, one by one, the usual walls that protect society will crumble. Satan will be like an enemy attacking a city which he can enter easily. I will surround every person who calls on me, with my fire of protection. Although the walls collapse I will keep them safe, individually and collectively, privately and especially as they gather.

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 12/17-20/14 ★ Putin is dangerous, the future is now, Satan is ready to put everything on the table, to release all the evil he has stored up for 2000 years. 

4. Putin Is Dangerous 
Dec 17th, 2014 

I open up all my heart to the whole world. I hold back none of my vision nor any of my secrets because the time is so short.

For years, I have been appearing to chosen souls, revealing to the world through them the teachings needed for the future trials. These are well known and I invite the reader to study my revelations, especially at Fatima. You will see that in these present locutions, I am not saying anything new. The warnings have been on the table for decades. Yet, so many have not heeded my words.

The Fatima warnings spoke of future events and now, almost 100 years later, they have not yet happened. My words now are that the time is very short. The events are on the horizon. Although they have not yet happened, the events are beginning to come to the surface. Putin is at the center of some of these events. He himself has no set plan. He is totally guided by the Evil One who is always using him to disrupt. Putin is dangerous because he has so many resources at his disposal and because he is willing to risk everything to regain Russia’s former stature. 

5. Stop Limiting Our Lady’s Power 
Dec 18th, 2014 

Stop limiting my love. Stop limiting my power. Stop limiting my presence! I speak so you throw off these limits to your faith. The heavenly Father has placed every gift in my heart. Do not be surprised at this. Did He not place His only Son in my womb? Did He not overshadow me with His Holy Spirit? Now, He has given me a command to be with the world in a new way. This is easy to explain.

The Word, the eternal Son of the Father, was always with the world. Through Him, all things were (Jn.1:13). But in the fullness of time, the Word became flesh. This was according to the Father’s will. The Son was told to be with the world in a new way.

Now, at this time and at this moment in world history, the Father has commanded me to come to the world in a new way, so He can reveal treasures that He has hidden in my Immaculate Heart and to release new powers that have never been given before.

All of this is the Father’s plan to aid the world as it enters a time of great tribulations. I speak these words now as promises waiting to be fulfilled. The time is now but the gifts must wait until people stop limiting my love, my power and my presence.

All will break through, like fresh streams, surprising everyone. When this happens, you must believe. You must go and drink from those new streams. Otherwise, the Father’s great gifts will be wasted.

6. The World’s Communication Systems 
Dec 19th, 2014 

There are no limits and there are no walls – all have access to the unlimited riches of my heart. Why hold back? Why try to save for the future when the future is now? Satan is ready to put everything on the table, to release all the evil he has stored up for 2000 years. Why, then, should I do less? Why should I hold back my gifts? This is the moment. All comes to a flashpoint. Suddenly and without warning. A breakthrough here. Another there. Suddenly, many at once, all interconnected, all planned by a great intellect that is totally saturated in evil.

Why, then, should I hold back? Why would I not give every power and every protection to my children? This will surprise Satan. He does not know these gifts which are hidden in my heart. He has never faced them before. They will puzzle and confuse him. They will blunt his powers. In spite of the destruction, people will not despair. They will not give up.

I am speaking very clearly. The world has built very sophisticated and complicated systems which can easily be rendered powerless. The world now depends on those systems, like a sick person dependent on machines to sustain his life. What if these systems are rendered powerless? What will result?

Widespread confusion, turmoil and despair. That is why I reveal these new gifts. My children will be protected, but only in my Immaculate Heart. Go there and stay there. Let the churches be open for my people to come. Let the priests, religious and lay ministers be there to pray with them. I will be there. How much I want my priests and people to gather! This is not the time to scatter. I have spoken clearly enough for now. As the events get closer, my words will become sharper and more pointed. 

7. The Moment of the Great Battle 
Dec 20th, 2014 

The army of darkness gathers on the horizon. However, the daylight has not yet arrived and they cannot be seen. This allows the forces of evil to spread out according to their plan. They take strategic positions so that when the attacks begin there will be no escape. They will capture and control. Their goal is to inflict sufferings upon mankind, so that despair and helplessness seize the hearts of all. In this way, their victory will be more complete. They know what they wish to accomplish. They want to cut mankind off from the Creator and to cast everyone into disbelief. They are not interested in capturing material earth but in claiming immortal souls.

They want to destroy man’s spirit and cut him off from his life-giving relationship to Jesus and the power of the resurrection. Once that occurs, he will have successfully overcome the defeat he suffered when Jesus died on the cross. How he has waited for this moment! Through all the ages, he has planned this. Anyone believing that these are normal times and normal problems, is deceived. This is the moment of the great battle, when Satan uses his entire army. The battle will be fierce. The struggle an immense one. The victory great; but only with my help can anyone be saved.

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 12/21,22/14 ★ The greatest fools are the rich & the powerful., At this present time, humanity is walking a road that is so dark, it will lead to permanent & disastrous changes to earth

1. Today Vanishing Into Tomorrow 
Dec 21st, 2014 

Human life takes place within time. One moment opens out into the next in an endless series. No one can stop this process because God has created time. Man, therefore, is helpless. He can record time and assign a date to today, but he cannot stop today from vanishing and giving way to tomorrow.

A person who appreciates the passing nature of earth and the short moment of every life can grasp what I am saying. A world which lives by faith understands that no one can hold on to today. No one can build a permanent earthly city.

A world without faith is foolish and spends all of its time trying to build permanency upon the shifting sands of time. Satan uses this foolishness to build his cities and gather his armies. He has brought human history to this point where humanity has left behind the light of eternity and has chosen the darkness of time.

How many false beliefs flow from this foolishness, as if time heals all wounds, or that problems will be solved in due time, or that time is a cycle in which darkness is always followed by light and problems always have solutions.

My message is clear. Time is not an inevitable cycle. Time is a story, with man’s free will playing an important role. Time is a road and man has chosen the road of darkness. The light does not come automatically, like day following night. At this present time, humanity is walking a road that is so dark, it will lead to permanent and disastrous changes to earth. I cannot and will not allow that to happen but man must stop thinking about the passing goals of time and begin to seek the changeless riches of eternity. To act otherwise is complete and total foolishness. The greatest fools are the rich and the powerful.

2. Manifesting Her Presence 
Dec 22nd, 2014 

All history is in my hands. I know the movements of every heart and of every event. I see all that has happened and all that will happen. Nothing is determined. Events are shaped by human decisions. This was God’s plan from the beginning.

I am not a passive spectator, who merely watches the drama unfold. I am the Woman Clothed With the Sun who has power to intervene. I am part of human history. I was born into the world and lived in the world as everyone else.

My role now is more extensive and, in the Father’s plan, I must assume greater and greater responsibilities for the safety and protection of humanity. I have been announcing this plan for years but now it its taking place, right before your eyes.

As one event leads to another, as one problem begets greater ones, you can see the importance of my coming on the scene, of making myself known, of lifting up my special son and of manifesting my presence all over the world.

Right now, I am only interested in you, the reader. I have led you to these locutions and I want to give you extraordinary blessings. Others, who do not know me, will receive later. You will receive now. You do not understand everything but you want to receive. You have read all of my promises. You have studied my ways. Most important, you believe. Why should I delay? You are prepared to receive.

Close your eyes. I am with you. Experience my presence. Do not move. Stay still until the gift is complete. Repeat this often. Each time, I will act more deeply within you.

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 12/23-26/14 ★ The Year 2015

3. The Year 2015 
Dec 23rd, 2014 

See what springs forth, surprising waters which no one can imagine. These waters are still hidden and can only be explained when they come to light and are seen by all. I do not hold back my words but speak as clearly as possible.

2014 has been a year of turmoil, of the appearance of many evils. However, life has continued on. The struggles are confined to certain areas of the world or to certain parts of society. The protecting walls built by man to assure a normal life have remained in place. There have been no breakthroughs.

2015 will be quite different. Even in the first six months of the year, new and different events will break through. However, not to the extent that life is totally disrupted. It will seem like these problems have been adequately responded to so that normal life can continue, even though limited.

In the Fall, however, the great problems will break forth and all will see that human life has seriously changed. This will be the mood as the year comes to an end.

All of these events will serve a purpose. They will awaken the Church that it needs my help and those voices which have been declaring that the messages of Fatima must be studied more closely will be given a greater hearing.

4. One Hundred Years of Fatima 
Dec 24th, 2014 

When the waters burst forth, who will tell them where to go? They will have a mind of their own, going where Satan has plotted for so long. They will be released at different times and different places. Such will be the coming year of 2015.

I will plot out this year for you. In the early months, new flood waters will break through. There will be human responses that seemingly work for a time limiting the effects. It is only in the latter months of the year that the great floods come and continue for the first half of 2016.

By July 2016, the world will see what has happened. On July 13, 2016 will begin the one hundredth year of my speaking about the consecration of Russia. How important will be that year, leading up to the one hundredth anniversary of my appearing at Fatima (2017).

As these flood waters rise, let the voice of Fatima grow louder in your ears. What other voice should you listen to?

5. The Spurned Gift of Fatima 
Dec 25th, 2014 

As the days and the months stretch forth, the mysteries will be seen by all. In the next few years, leading up to the 100th anniversary of Fatima, all will be revealed. The mysteries of evil buried within human history and human hearts will slowly come to the surface.

In the beginning, many will see these events in the old perspective. However, as they continue to surface, the eyes of many will be opened, especially the eyes of the Church and of the Holy Father. It is no coincidence that these events will occur as the anniversary approaches.

Should not this 100th anniversary (1917-2017) be a great time of rejoicing, a time when the Fatima gift is poured out in its fullness? That was my plan. This entire century was meant to be 100 years of blessings, all leading up to the anniversary. A blessing that has been rejected becomes an accusation. A gift spurned becomes a great issue.

If the Church and the world had only listened, if they had fully welcomed the Fatima gift, there would have been no World War II, no atomic bomb, no arms race, no Cold War. Russia would have been converted. A great period of peace would have begun and the whole world would know that the 100th anniversary would become a time of the greatest blessings.

Now, the anniversary looms on the horizon as an unfulfilled promise, rejected by those who should have had faith. What will I do? What will happen in these next 2 ½ years? This is not settled. However, the quicker the Church fully responds to Fatima, and as devotion to the Woman Clothed With the Sun multiplies, the blessings will come. Otherwise, Fatima remains a gift that is still rejected.

6. New Powers Flooding Forth 
Dec 26th, 2014 

Some powers that shake the existing order have already been released. These prepare the way. They occupy and distract mankind who then cannot see the greater difficulties which lie ahead. Currently, the world focuses upon the external threats of terrorism and Russia, while totally ignoring the internal problems of morality, abortion (which kills far more than all the terrorists) and spending.

2015 will see not just the continuation and expansion of the 2014 problems, but new powers that break forth. These are more internal to economic systems and the daily life, new leaks and new breakdowns in society, new divisions among people. Governments will be exhausted, unable to adequately respond. The 2014 strains upon their resources will have weakened their ability.

All will stretch and stretch until the resources cannot stretch any more. At that moment, comes the breakthrough, the flooding where no one suspected, for who can foresee the path of a flood?

What voices will be raised to give light. Who will be able to guide the world on these dark hours? In this very darkness, my light will shine. Do not wait. Time spent in devotion prepares the soil. The effects in coming together in my name are indispensable. 

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 12/27-30/14 ★ Mankind is now entering a very dangerous time.

7. The New Year 
Dec 27th, 2014 

How many events will flow forth this coming year. They will be linked, one to another. Yet, at the same time, they will flow from the free choices of humanity. This is the great mystery. Time opens out. Day follows day. Time gives each person a chance to decide, one decision after another.

Some persons, however, hold great power and their decisions affect millions. Also, ideas, such as terrorism, dominate many hearts at once so that thousands act in unison. Systems have been built and nations work within these systems.

Human life is complex and each day it depends upon many factors for its very existence. Whole nations can be wiped out and grave crises suddenly arise. This is the picture of life upon earth. Time moves on and the world is subjected to many forces that bring about change.

A new year is about to begin. As far as time is concerned, 2014 will flow quite unnoticed into 2015. The early days of the New Year will flow as if it were 2014, but not for long. 2015 will be much different. There will not be continuity but a breaking off. There will not be a smooth flow but troubled waters. There will be war in places that are now enjoying peace and instability, in nations that seemed to be strong.

A shaking will take place, followed by a settling. Then a second shaking that will be more serious. By the end of the year, life will be much different. Even as 2016 opens, the full battle between Satan and the Woman will not have been fought. 

8. The Blessings of the 100th Anniversary 
Dec 28th, 2014

As the new year begins, the events will happen slowly. Most important, people will not recognize their importance or how these events prepare the way for others. The events will be new and surprising sources of unrest and breakdowns.

Even as it becomes evident that this new reality will not pass quickly, people will still not grasp the importance of this year. Only toward the end of the year will the events take place that will seriously change the existing structures. Even in these cases, people will not see clearly. They will believe that the change is temporary and can be rolled back.

Only as the year ends, will people see the decisiveness of these events. Even here, their full force will not have been released, for there will be the years leading up to the 100th anniversary of Fatima

I continually see these coming years in the light of that anniversary. A while ago, the world focused on 2000 and the new millennium. Human life moved into the new millennium without any serious change. The 100th anniversary of Fatima will be quite different because I will not abandon my children or my Church.

9. Opening the Fatima Gift 
Dec 29th, 2014 

In the beginning, many will be confused wondering why many opportunities have been cut off. This is the first stage. Then, they will see that the wounds to society are even deeper and that life itself is endangered. This will be the progression of events in the next few years leading up to the 100 years of Fatima revelations.

Mankind need not walk that path. Another is available, a true path to peace, the path of Fatima. All must read the story of the three children, of the appearances and of my requests. There is also the great promise, “In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph”. It will be late, but Russia will be consecrated.

Do not wait. Consecrate yourself and your family. Read. Learn. Live the Fatima message. Fatima is God’s gift, the short cut, the easy way. Fatima is filled with my love and my tenderness. I visited the earth to protect you. I spoke so you might listen. I gave signs so you would believe. I did all of this for you. Please, open my Fatima gift.

11. Russia Will Be Consecrated
Dec 31st, 2014 

The decisions are made. The story of this year is written. The book is closed, only to open quickly. Time does not stop, not for a single moment, like an unending stream. Mankind lives one moment at a time, able to see the past and experience the present, but incapable of seeing what lies ahead in 2015.

This year will be filled with wrong roads and terrible decisions, all because man’s heart is so separated from God’s will. A rude awakening awaits. Severe jolts of great warnings. Who will heed the message? Who will even know the message? That is why I speak. What good are chastisements unless accompanied by a message that shows the way to mercy?

The chastisements will come, inflicted by man himself, who holds great destructive powers in his grasp. Some of these will be warning blasts which signal deeper troubles ahead. In the long series of these events, there will always be my clear voice, showing the way. During 2015, my voice will grow much stronger. The urgency of my message will be seen. However, Russia will not be consecrated to my Immaculate Heart. Even so, as these events occur, a great stirring will begin in the Church which will prepare for Russia’s consecration in 2016.